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Vol. II. 



T. F. KIRBY, M. A., F. S. A. 

lton5on : 


'cfOlinrljcBlcr : 


!^' OCT yi962 





Preface - vii 

Official Instruments i 

Crown Writs and Returns 561 

Appendix I 621 

Appendix II 630 

Index 633 


Pages 219, 225, for " P.iniplona," retid " Pampelonne in Navarre. 

Page 264, cancel footnote. 

Page 362, /I/r "deaconesses," read "deanesses." 


Parts III and IV of Wykeham's Register are dealt with in 
this volume. They are bound up in one volume of 414 leaves, 
14^^ ins. high by 10 ins. wide, written on both sides, with an 
average of 45 lines to a page. Part III contains a variety 
of instruments concerning the internal administration of the 
Diocese. Part IV contains instruments from without, such as 
crown and judicial writs, privy seals, and writs of summons to 
Convocation or Parliament, with a few miscellaneous documents. 
In both parts, more than 1800 documents are recorded, mostly 
uninteresting. The interest of any legal document consists in 
its effect, and not in its form. 

The Register, although apparently perfect, must not be 
regarded as a complete record of the business of the episcopate. 
Some instruments, such as institutions, ordinations, and moni- 
tions of divers kinds, were inrolled as a matter of course ; 
others were not, unless the parties required it. Thus we find 
the admissions of the first fellows of Winchester college (p. 456) 
and not the charter of foundation of the college ; the swearing 
of canons of Southwick to say masses for the repose of the 
souls of Wykeham's parents in the chantry founded by him in 
Southwick priory church (p. 349), and not the foundation deed 
of the chantry in which the masses were to be said. 

Any episcopal register necessarily exhibits the demerits 
rather than the merits of the clergy of the diocese. Among the 
.shortcomings of Wykeham's clergy absenteeism is conspicuous. 
Monitions to reside, both general and particular, licenses of non- 
residence, and dispensations from the obligation of residence, 




occur throughout Part III. Such licenses and dispensations 
were often granted in order to enable a young rector or vicar 
to finish his studies at cmc of the Universities, and were made 
subject to a proviso that the church should be efficiently served, 
and the accustomed hospitality of the parsonage house main- 
tained during the absence of the incumbent (see an example, 
p. 14), To relieve wayfarers was in Wykeham's time, and 
eaHicr, the duty of every beneficed man. It will be seen in 
the case of the vicarage of Taunton (p. 420) on what a scale 
provision had to be made for the performance of this duty in 
a populous place. 

The frequency of exchanges, alluded to in the preface to 
\'ol. I, may have been due to something more than the 
restlessness of a celibate clergy, if we attach much weight to 
archbishop Courtenay's denunciation of " choppe churches " 
(p. 431). These were a class of clerics who, according to the 
archbishop, lived chiefly in London and occupied themselves 
in exchanging benefices for their own advantage. Either the 
archbishop's language is exaggerated, or dimissory letters were 
too easily obtainable. 

The clergy bore their share of the burden of war with France 
in person as well as in purse. Mandates pro arraiacione cleri 
occur repeatedly, summoning the clergy and their people to 
arms for the defence of the coast of Hampshire, or of the Isle of 
Wight, which was actually raided in August, 1377, when the 
French came as far as Arreton (p. 273). A tenth was the usual 
war-tax, and it was levied on the taxacio or assessment of 
assessed benefices, which was always lower than the gross annual 
value, like " rateable value " in the present day. The machinery 
of collection was simple. In the province of Canterbury, 
whenever a tenth was granted by Convocation, the archbishop 
directed a mandate to the bishop of London, the bishop of 
London circulated it amongst the other bishops of the province, 
and the bishops of the province appointed collectors for each of 
th«ir archdeaconries. Tenths were collected without difficulty ; 

Preface. ix 

but when the king imposed through Convocation a subsidy of 
;^50,ooo (p. 129) very great difficulty was experienced in collect- 
ing it, owing to the unaccustomed form of the impost, and to 
the fact of benefices not previously assessed, and the incomes of 
the stipendiary clergy, being included ; and the consequent delay 
in remitting the quota of the diocese seems to have afforded a 
handle to the political opponents of the bishop (pp. 577, 578), 
Df which they were not slow to avail themselves. 

Demands on the part of the pope had also to be met. There 
ivere procurations occasionally for the support of his nuncios, 
and in the year 1375 a subsidy of 100,000 florins towards 
expenses incurred in resisting invasions of the territory of the 
:hurch. An appeal of Gregory XI to Wykeham to use his 
influence with the clergy to get this subsidy paid (p. 244) seems 
to have met with success (p. 246). The pope rested his appeal 
on the ground that the clergy of England were rich, and that 
the realm had not suffered from invasion. Let us .see how rich 
the clergy were then. It will be seen (p. 129 note) that two 
tenths and half of a third tenth — that is to say a levy of twenty- 
Five per cent. — were deemed sufficient to raise the subsidy of 
^50,000 granted in 1371. The assessable income of the clergy 
ivas therefore four times that sum, or ;^200,000, equivalent to 
;{^2,400,000 per annum in the money of our day. It appears 
'p. 247) that the bishop^s quota of the halfpenny in the mark 
levied in 1374 for the expenses of a mission to Flanders was 
^9. 6s. o\d. It may be inferred that his assessable income was 
^2976. 1 35. 4^., say ;^35,720 in our money. And this did not 
include fines, heriots, wardships, marriages, fruits of vacant 
benefices (of which he was entitled by custom to one half), and 
Dther casual sources of income. A procuration of a farthing in 
the pound on the goods of the bishop and clergy of the arch- 
deaconry of Winchester yielded >^20. 3.?. o\d. (p. 228), indicating 
a revenue of ^232,140 in the money of our day. The pope 
was not wrong when he described the clergy as rich. 

The interests of the parochial clergy were guarded in various 

X Preface. 

ways. A priest who atlministcred the sacrament of the Holy 
Communion to one of another ixirish without the leave of the 
incumbent incurrctl the greater excommunication (p. 365) ; 
parishioners who went to morninj; mass at a convent church or 
neighbouring chapel (pp. 220, 389) were admonished to attend 
the parish church ; and parishioners who set up a chapel of 
their own three miles from the parish church were put under 
interdict and their chaplain was inhibited (p. 281), not on the 
ground of heterodoxy, but for subtracting the dues of the 
parish clergyman. 

Cases of purgation occur here and there in Part III. Where 
one who was a clerk was indicted at the assizes, he was claimed 
by a representative of the bishop, who attended for the purpose, 
and committed to one of the bishop's prisons, where he lay, 
often for years, until an inquiry was directed ; and then, if it 
appeared that the charge was not substantiated, or not a serious 
one (p. 305), he was allowed to discharge himself on oath, and 
go free, if the compurgators attending the inquiry so decided. 
This was the " privilege of clergy " in criminal matters ; in civil 
matters, such as debt, the privilege was got over by the Court 
directing a writ to the bishop, who thereupon cited the clerk, 
and bound him over to appear in the action (p. 250). 

The episcopate of Wykeham is chiefly memorable for his 
reconstruction of the fabric of the cathedral and the foundation 
of the two St. Mary VVinton colleges. It will be seen in the 
course of this volume how the bishop began to make prepara- 
tions for work on the cathedral as early as the year 1371 ; how 
work was suspended, and the citizens began to carry away the 
materials ; and how twenty-three years later, after he had built 
and opened both his colleges, he returned to his work at the 
cathedral. Amongst instruments relating to his colleges will be 
found a contract with a teacher (grammaticus) for his school, 
dated in September, 1373, in which his school at Winchester is 
mentioned as already in existence at that early date (p. 195) ; 
evidence that the boys of that school were boarded somewhere 

Preface. xi 

in the parish of St. John, without the ancient city boundary ; 
and evidence of a preference for scholars from the parishes of 
Dovvnton, Wilts, and Broughton, Oxon., which was not retained 
in the final edition of his statutes issued in the year 1400. And 
here it may be convenient to remark that the formal opening of 
his college at Winchester took place on Saturday, the 28th of 
March, 1394, and not on the 28th of March, 1393, as stated by 
bishop Lowth and other writers. Wykeham was at Wolvesey 
on the 27th of March, 1394, so that he may have been present 
at the opening ceremony, which took place at nine o'clock on 
the following morning, according to Heath's MS., printed in 
Moberly's Life of William of Wykeham^ Appendix E, p. 333, 
second edition. 

Evidence of the bishop's wisdom and goodness of heart will 
be found in his dealing with the cases of the absconding friar 
(p. 19), and the nun who had gone astray (p. 114). In the case 
of Marion de Rye (p. 'jj)^ which was a case of heresy, he appears 
in a sterner mood. He is a shrewd man of business in his 
settlement of accounts with the executors of his predecessor 
(p. 151), and a stickler for form in the amusing correspondence 
between himself and his old friend archbishop Sudbury (p. 239), 
on the question who should circulate the archbishop's mandate 
while the see of London was vacant. His tenacity of purpose 
is shown by the way in which he fought the case of St. Cross 
hospital (pp. 28-59) for seven years, until the liability of the 
master to account for the receipts and expenditure of the charity 
was established. 

As many documents have been transcribed at length as space 
would admit. The editor has endeavoured to give the short 
effect of the rest ; where so many documents are common forms 
one or two may serve as examples of a class. This is especially 
true of such documents as writs of summons to convocation and 
parliament, and of the mandates consequent on such writs. Few 
wills are inrolled, the fact of probate in many cases being all 
that is recorded : but where a will is inrolled, a version of it in 

xii P ft' face. 

English is given in order to save space. One will, tliat of sir 
Luke de Ponyngcs (p. 256), is given in the original Latin. 

An itinerary of the bishop, antl a short account of some 
hospitals and religious houses mentioned in this volume and not 
in volume I, will be found in the Appendix. 

In concluding his task the editor desires to repeat his thanks 
to the Lord Rishop of the diocese for continuing until now the 
privileges afforded b}- his lamented predecessor ; and to acknow- 
ledge once more the courtesy of Charles Wooldridge, Esq., the 
diocesan registrar, during the preparation of this volume. 

T. F. K. 


Feb. 2^, 1899. 




[la.] Incipit tercia pars registri reverendi patris, domini 
Willelmi de Wykeham, Dei gracia Wyntoniensis episcopi, in 
qua describuntur bulle et litere apostolice, mandata dominorum 
Cardinalium, litere pro convocacione cleri, et commissiones, et 
alie litere ac alia memoranda tempore suo executa, et execu- 
ciones eorundem, licencie non residendi, et dispensaciones super 
defectu natalium, cum aliis ibidem particulariter designatis. 

Here begins the third part of the register of the reverend Father, 
Lord William of Wykeham, by the grace of God bishop of Winchester, 
containing bulls and apostolic letters, mandates of Cardinals, letters of 
summons to Convocation, commissions, letters, and other records of his 
time ; likewise licences of non residence, dispensations in cases of 
illegitimacy, and other matters particularly set forth. 

Enthronization of the Bishop. 

On the 1 2th June, 1368, Raymund Pelegrini, canon of Anjou 
and vicar-general to Cardinal Peter, archdeacon of Canterbury, 
issued a commission to Thomas de Pechy, abbot of Hyde, 
William Clyve, abbot of Chertsey, m. William Askcby, arch- 
deacon of Northampton, and ds. William de Mulsho, dean of 
St. Martin le Grand, empowering any one or more of them to 
enthrone and install the bishop. 

Notarial certificate of his enthronement and installation by 
the archdeacon of Northampton in the presence of the prior of 
St. Swithun's, the abbots of Hyde and Chertsey, Sir John de 


2 Wrkr/tnjns Rtxisf^r. 

Clyntonc. Sir Hcrnard Brocas. and Sir John dc L'Isle, kts., and 
others unnamed in multituditte copiosd on the 9th July, 1368, as 
certified by John de Corf and John de Kelleseye, notaries of the 
apostoh'c see. 

Memorandum, quod venerabihs et discretus vir, m. Willelmus 
de Askcby, archidiaconus Norliamptoniensis in ccclesia Lincolni- 
ensi, constitutus pcrsonaliter in ccclesia Cathedrali Wyntoniensi 
in mci notarii publici et tcstium subscriptorum presencia, per- 
lectA primitus commissione venerabilis viri, m. Raymundi Pele- 
grini, canonici Andej^avensis, reverendi patris domini Petri, tit. 
Sancte Marie Nove diaconi cardinalis, et archidiaconi Cantuari- 
ensis procuratoris, prcfato m. Willelmo in hac parte facta, cuius 
commissionis tenor est talis : — 

" Raymundus Pelegrini, canonicus Andegavensis, reverendi in 
Christo patris, domini Petri, Dei gracia Sancte Marie Nove 
diaconi cardinalis, ac archidiaconi Cantuariensis vicarius et pro- 
curator in Anglia generalis, ad infrascripta habens plenam 
potestatem, venerabilibus patribus et discretis viris abbati de 
Hyda juxta Wyntoniam, abbati de Certeseye, m. Willelmo de 
Askeby, archidiacono Norhamptoniensi in ecclesia Lincolniensi, 
et domino Willelmo de Mulsho, decano S. Martini Magni Lon- 
donensis, salutem in Domino sempiternam. 

" Ad intronizandum venerabilem patrem, dominum Willel- 
mum, eadem gracia episcopum Wyntoniensem in sua ecclesia, 
ipsumque in suam sedam episcopalem installandum, ac ab eo 
nomine dicti domini archidiaconi petendum, exigendum, et 
recipiendum omnia et singula, que racione intronizacionis et 
installacionis huiusmodi dicto domino archidiacono de consuetu- 
dine apostolica debentur, ac omnia alia agendum et expediendum, 
que circa premissa fuerint necessaria seu etiam oportuna, vobis 
conjunctim et divisim, et cuilibet per se, committimus vices 

'* In quorum testimonium presentibus sigillum nostrum ap- 
posuimus. Dat. London., duodecimo die mensis Junii, a. d. 
millesimo ccc"'" sexagesimo octavo ": reverendum patrem domi- 
num Willclmum, Dei gracia Wyntoniensem episcopum, in ipsa 
ecclesia intronavit, et eum in sede sua episcopali ibidem instal- 
lavit, posuit, et collocavit, et eum in corporalem possessionem 


Official fnstrumeyits. 3 

dicte ecclesie cum omnibus juribus et pertinenciis suis induxit, 
verba talia sic dicendo : — 

" Auctoritate ecclesie Christi Cantuariensis te, dominum Will- 
elmum, episcopum istius ecclesie rite electum, confirmatum, et 
consecratum, in possessionem eiusdem cum omnibus juribus et 
pertinenciis suis induco et intronizo. Dominus introitum tuum 
custodiat et exitum tuum ex hoc nunc et usque in seclum." 

Et statim precentor incepit solempniter cantare Te Deum 

Acta sunt hec nono die mensis Julii, anno domini millesimo 
ccc™° sexagesimo octavo, in loco predicto, indiccione sexta, pon- 
tificatiis domini Urbani pape quinti anno sexto, presentibus 
religiosis viris ff. Hugone,^ priore ecclesie Cathedralis Wynton., 
Thoma,- abbate monasterii de Hyda, Roberto,^ abbate monasterii 
de Certeseye, ac nobilibus viris Johanne de Clyntone, Bernardo 
Brocas, Johanne de Insula, militibus, et aliis religiosis et secu- 
laribus, in multitudine copiosa, et Johanne de Corf et Johanne 
de Kelleseye notariis publicis et apostolicis, ad hoc rogatis et 

Ceremonial of Installation. 

Sequuntur modus et forma traditi per prefatum Raymundum, 
procuratorem dicti archidiaconi, per quos procedi debeat ad 
installacionem episcoporum provincie Cantuariensis, sub hiis 

Episcopus discalciabit se in aliqua ecclesia vel domo ecclesie 
sue Cathedrali contigua, ad quam ecclesiam suam idem archi- 
diaconus vel suus procurator ipsum conducet, et facta devocione 
sua in eadem intrabit in vestibulum, et exutus capa, capucio, 
birreto, cirotecis, que unus ex familiaribus archidiaconi una cum 
botis et capella saisibit pro domino suo predicto. Et idem 
episcopus pontificalibus indutus per ipsum archidiaconum debet 
adduci ad sedem, in qua debet intronizari, et ipsum episcopum 
reverenter amplexando et sic dicendo " Auctoritate ecclesie 
Christi Cantuariensis te, dominum Wiiielmum, in episcopum 
istius ecclesie rite electum confirmatum et consecratum, in 
possessionem eiusdem cum omnibus juribus et pertinenciis suis 

* Hugh de Basynge (1361-1384). ^ Thomas de Pechy (1362-1381). 

3 Not Robert, but William Clyve (1361-1370). 

B 2 

A WvH'^/Kim's Register. 

induco ct intronizo. Dominus introitiim tuum custodiat et 
exitum tuum ex hoc nunc ct usque in seclum," et ipsum 
scdcrc facial in scdc prcdicta, prccentorc incipiente Te Deiim 
Laudamus. Miis completis, idem episcopus preparabit so ad 
cclcbrandum ma^nam missam in eadcm ccclcsia. 


Horc follow the mode and form of installing bishops of the province 
nf Cftnterbury, accoi-ding to instructions received from Raymund Pele- 
^ini, proctor for the archdeacon of Canterbury. The bishop shall 
chnnpo his shoes in some church or building near the Cathedral church, 
to which tlie archdeacon or his proctor shall then conduct him ; and 
after making his offering, the bishop shall enter the porch, and there be 
stripped of his cope, hood, cap and gloves, which one of the archdeacon's 
people shall seize as his master's perquisite. And then shall the bishop 
be robed in ])ontificals, and the archdeacon shall lead him to the throne, 
and embracing him reverently, shall say, " By the authority of Christ's 
church of Canterbury I induct and enthrone thee, lord William^ duly 
elected, confirmed, and consecrated bishop of this diocese, into possession 
of the same, and of its rights, members, and appurtenances. The Lord 
keep thy coming in and thy going out from this time forth, now and 

And, as the bishop takes his seat on the throne, the precentor shall 
begin Te Deum Laudamus, which sung, the bishop shall make himself 
ready to celebrate High Mass. 

[lb.] Powers conferred on archdeacon of Winchester's 

Willelmus, permissione divina Wyntoniensis episcopus, di- 
lecto nobis in Christo m. Johanni Corf, canonico Wellensi, 
clerico nostro, salutem graciam et benediccionem. De vestris 
consciencie puritate ct circumspecta prudencia plenam in Domino 
fiduciam obtinentes, ad cognoscendum, procedendum, statuen- 
dum, et diffiniendum in quibuscunque causis et negociis, sive ex 
oflficio nostro, sive ad partium instanciam, in curia nostra pen- 
dentibus indecisis et etiam de novo inchoandis, dictaque causas 
et negocia audicndum et fine debito terminandum cum suis 
emergcntibus, dependentibus, incidentibus, et connexis, vobis 
tenore presencium committimus vices nostras, cum cuiuslibet 
cohercionis canonice, et exequendi que in hac parte decreveritis, 
potestate. — Southwark, 20 October, 1367. 


Official histriDfients, c 

Purgation ^ of Roger Dykeman. Dykeman was indicted for 
stealing from the garden of Thomas Mihvard, in Aldgate St., 
three sheets, a tablecloth, and a towel, value ^s. ; and claiming 
the privilege was committed to the custody of the bishop.- 
Commission to the dean of Southwark to hold the inquiry, and 
if the charge appears not to be of a grave character, to cause 
proclamation for opposers to be made. 

Willelmus etc. dilecto in Christo filio decano de Suthwerke 
nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. Cum nuper Rogerus Dykeman, cleri- 
cus, fuisset super eo, quod quoddam gardinum Thome Milwarde 
de Algatestrete in Comitatu Midelsex, intravisset, et ibidem 
tria lynthiamina et unam mappam cum manutergio, precii 
quatuor solidorum, de predicto Thoma felonice furatus fuisset, 
indictatus et diffamatus, et super hoc coram senescallo et mares- 
callo ac Thoma de Frowyk, coronatore hospicii domini nostri 
regis, impetitus, tandem custodie nostre carcerali per eosdem 
senescallum, marescallum, et coronatorem, tanquam clcricus 
extitit, liberatus, uno modo vel alio juxta leges ecclesie in foro 
nostro ecclesiastico judicandus : ^ 

Nos volentes super predicta infamia effici certiores, vobis 
committimus et mandamus, firmiter injungentes, quatenus super 
prefata infamia, an sit gravis vol Icvis, et a quibus fidedignis 
vel emulis dicti Rogeri ortum habuerit, per viros fidedignos 

1 This was early known as the benefit of clergy. The privilege of clerks in this respect 
was confirmed and enlarged by Stat. 45 H. Ill, A.u. 1261. which says that clerks shall not 
be unjustly seized or detained from the ordinary, under pain of excommunication, following 
the Constitution of Boniface of the same year (Gibs., p. 1121). By Stat. 3 Ed. I, o. i, 
clerks convicted of felony shall be delivered to the ordinary, and by Stat. 9 Ed. II, c. 16, 
the ordinary demanding this privilege shall not be denied, even in case of clerks confessing 
felony. And see Stat. 25 Ed. Ill, c. 4. But by Stat. 3 Ed 1, c. 2, a clerk so delivered to 
the Cusiodia Carceralis of the ordinary (who had, as we shall see presently, to provide a 
prison for his reception) shall not depart without due purgation on oath. I'urgation, says 
Ayliffe (Parcrgon, p. 448), is where a clerk in orders that is "defamed " or accused of any 
crime, and being a churchman cannot be convicted thereof, is compelled to show his own 
innocence by the oaths of a number of " Compurgators" or credible persons inhabiting 
in his neighbourhood, he swearing first that he did not commit the crime, and they 
swearing after him that they believe him to be speaking the truth. Purgation was not 
enjoined upon bare suspicion ; and the ordinary might hold the preliminary incjuiry into 
the truth or falsity of the charge, and then not enjoin purgation, if he did not find grounds 
to warrant it (Gibs., 1132). The practice in Wykeham's time seems to have been as 
follows, .'\fter a clerk had been committed to the bishop's custody, the official held an 
inquiry : and if the charge appeared to be not a serious one, or not well substantiated, 
purgation was allowed. It was only by purgation that such a clerk could have his 
discharge, and many of them lay in prison for years before the bishop judged that the 
time for the inquiry had come. 

2 By the Constitutions of archbp. Boniface, A.U. 1261, every bishop shall have one or 
two prisons to receive criminous clerks (Gibs. 1032). 'i'he prison in this instance was 
probably at (juildford. The clerical prison for the archdeaconry of Winchester was at 

6 Wykehaifi's Kr(^is/gr. 

ct juratos ac diHp[enter cxaminatos prudcnter ct soHcite inquir- 
atis ; ct si per eandcm inqiiisicionem dictam infamiam inveneritis 
fore levcm, faciatis in ecclesiis dccaiiatiis predict! tribus diebus 
dominicis scu festivis inter missarum solempnia palanri ct publice 
prcxrlamari in gcncre : et si qui aparuerint in specie, peremptorie 
citari omncs ct singulos qui dictum Rogcrum super prefato 
criminc accusarc voluerint, scu contra purgacionem eiusdem 
Rogcri quicquam canonicum obicere, quare ad recepcionem 
purg;acionis eiusdem Rogeri in hac parte procedere minime 
dcbcamus, quod compereant coram nobis vel nostro ad hoc com- 
missario spcciali sccundo die juridico post festum S. Hillarii 
proximo futuro in ecclesiA nostra Cathedrali Wyntoniensi, quic- 
quid in hac parte contra dictum Rogerum obicere voluerint 
prop>osituri, allegaturi, et accusacionem suam, si quam super hoc 
instituere decreverint, prosecuturi, facturi quoque ulteriiis in dicto 
ncgocio et reccpturi per omnia quod qualitas dicti negocii exigit 
ct ordo dictavit racionis. 

Dcnuncietis insuper eisdem palam et publice, seu denunciari 
faciatis, quod sive in dicto termino comperuerint sive non, 
ulterius in dicto negotio, quantum de jure potuerimus, procede- 
mus, ipsorum absencia seu contumacia non obstante. De diebus 
vero recepcionis presencium proclamacionum citacionum et de- 
nunciacionum vestrarum, modo et forma earundem, et si quem 
in hac parte oppositorem seu contradictorem inveneritis speci- 
alcm, et qualiter premissa omnia et singula fueritis executi, 
una cum nominibus ecclesiarum quibus facta fuerit execucio 
predictorum, nos aut nostrum commissarium dictis die et loco 
clare et plenarie certiores reddatis literis vestris patentibus 
habentibus hunc tenorem. — Southwark, 20 Nov., 1367. 

The dean of Southwark made a return, 20 December, that 
he held an inquiry and caused proclamation to be made in the 
churches of St. Margaret and St. George, Southwark ; St. Mary 
Magdalen, Bermondsey ; and Rotherhithe, but no one came. 

[4a.] Commission to John de Wormenhale (Vol. I, p. i) 
and John de Ware to receive above return, and in the absence of 
opposers (as was the case) to admit Dykeman to purgation by 
the oath of twelve clerks of his own order : — 

Official Instruments. y 

Ad recipiendum certificatorium proclamacionum et accionum 
tam officialis archidiaconi Londoniensis quam decani de Suth- 
werke in hac parte solempniter factarum, et ad audiendum 
quoscunque dictum Rogerum super premissis accusare volentes, 
seu quicquam contra ipsum objicientes seu allegantes et dicentes, 
seu se velle dicere, objicere, vel allegare, asserentes ; et super 
hiis omnibus tam dicto Rogero clerico quam aliis quibuscunque 
justicie plenitudinem per omnia exhibendo, necnon in eventu 
quo nichil contra eundem Rogerum super premissis per modum 
accusacionis vel aliter dictum vel allegatum fuerit vel objectum, 
ad indicendum eidem Rogero purgacionem super premissis cum 
duodecima manu clericorum sui ordinis habendam, dictamque 
purgacionem solempniter et debite faciendam in forma juris 
admittendum, ipsumque bone fame sue restituendum et re- 
ducendum, et omnia alia et singula facienda et expedienda in 
premissis et quolibet premissorum que ca contingunt, et que ad 
eorum execucionem plenariam, justam, et debitam de jure vel 
consuetudine requisita, eciam si commissionem exigant speci- 
alem, vobis communiter et divisim vices nostras tenore pre- 
sencium committimus, etc. — Southvvark, 3 Jan., 1367-8. 

[2a.] Prioress of Wintncy licensed to receive Sir John 
Foxley's sister as a paying guest.^ 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis in Christo filiabus priorisse etc. s. g. 
et b. Fusis nobis precibus per dilectum nostrum dominum, 
Johannem Foxele militem, vicinum vestrum- et amicum, favora- 
biliter inclinati, ut Beatrix Paynell, soror sua, mulier Deo devota, 
ut asseritur, et honesta, a die date presencium usque ad festum 
S. Johannis Baptiste proxime futurum in domo vestra predicta 
morari possit suis sumptibus propriis et expensis, absque tamen 
dispendio religionis vestre, vobis eam recipiendi, et sibi inibi 
morandi licenciam, quantum ad nos attinct, tenore presencium 
concedimus specialem. — Southvvark, 20 December, 1367. 

^ The rule of St. Henedict forbad visitors to a house of that order (such as Wintney 
Priory was) being received, even on payment, without special license. The bishop niu^t 
have had this rule in his mind when he prescribeil in his stntules for Winciiestcr (,'ollej;e 
(rubric xvii) that no stranger shall be at liberty to stay more than two days within the walls 
of the College, even on terms of payment for his commons. 

2 Sir John Foxley lived at Bramshill, about four miles from the priory. The great 
house there was built by his father, Thomas de Fo.vley, who had the conuuission to build 
at Windsor for Edward III in 1351. 

3 f Vykehi i m ' j Rr^istcr, 

Commission to inquire whether the chantry of West Stratton 
be vacant and who is patron. 

Willelmus, etc., dilccto fiho archidiacono nostro Wyntonicnsi, j 
vcl eius officiali, s. g. et b. Volentes certis de causis nos ad hoc 
moventibus de vacacione cantaric perpetuc de Weststrattone ^ 
infra parochiam de iMucheldevrc, nostre diocesis, et de jure 
patronatus ciusdem, effici certiores, vobis conjunctim et divisim 
firmitcr injungondo committimus et mandamus, quatenus, rogatis 
primitus ad hoc de jure rogandis, tam de vacacione dicte cantarie, 
quaUter ct quo tempore inceperit vacare, quis erat ultimus capel- 
lanus in cadem institutus, quis vel qui sit patronus aut sint 
patroni eiusdem cantarie, et quis ultimo presentaverit ad eandem, 
in quibusve porcionibus consistat, cuiusve valoris annui sit aut 
taxe, si taxata fuerit- necnon, si sit porcionaria aut pensionaria,^ 
et si sit, cui aut quibus, et in quanto, ac de aliis articulis in hac 
parte debitis, et circumstanciis consuetis per rectores et vicariis 
dccanatus in quo dicta cantaria consistit, inquisicionem facias 
diHi;entem. Et que per eam inveneritis, nos per literas vestras 
clausas, harum seriem continentes, sigillo vestro signatas, huius- 
modi expedito negocio, distincte et apte certificetis, vel certificet 
ille, qui premissa fuerit executus. — lb. 14 October. 

Rector of Puttenham appointed sequestrator for the arch- 
deaconry of Surrey.* 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio m. Roberto, v. ecclesie de Foten- 
ham, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. De vestris fidelitate et industria 
confidentes, ad colligendum, custodiendum, et sequestrandum 
medietatem quorumcunque fructuum, reddituum, et proventuum 
beneficiorum ecclesiasticorum quorumcunque, que per seculares 
clericos solent regi in archidiaconatu Surreiensi, nostre diocesis, 

1 The patron in 1398 was John le Wayte. Vol. I, pp. 217, 237, 242. 

' Benefices under a certain annual value were early discharged from tenths. See 
Appendix I to V^ol. I, passim. So by Stat. 5 Anne, c. 4, all livings under ^^50 annual 
vailue are discharged from first fruits. A similar exemption from land tax (the successor 
of tenths) exists in the case of certain livings under ;^i5o per annum, 

' Whether the endowment was a portion of tithe (Vol. I, p. 23 n.) or a pension charged 
on a benefice. 

* The sequestrator's duties are set forth in this instrument. The chief duty of this 
officer was to collect the Bishop's portion (in this See a moiety) of the fruits of vacant 
benefices, which were his by custom. It is provided by a Constitution of Othobon 
(a.d. 1268) that bishops shall not take the revenues of vacant churches in their dioceses, 
udIcss they have a right by privilege or custom. — Gibs., 748. 

Official Instruvients. 9 

qualitercunque vacancium, et eorundem custodiam, dum vacave- 
rint, pro parte que ad nos pertinet debite supportandum, de 
fructibus etiam, reddilibus, et proventibus huiusmodi ct aliorum 
beneficiorum ecclesiasticorum in dicto archidiaconatu qualiter- 
cunque vacancium, ad nos de jure vel consuetudine spectantibus, 
inquirendum, huiusmodique fructus, redditus, et proventus vice 
nostra scquestrandum, ipsiusque sequestri custodiam, quibus 
vobis expedire videbitur, committcndum, nccnon sequestrum in 
quibuscunque casibus nobis de jure vel consuetudine concessis, 
interponendum. Ad inquirendum insuper de bonis intestatorum 
quorumcunque decedencium infra dictum archidiaconatum, vel 
alibi, habencium turn bona ibidem tempore mortis sue, et ad 
quorum manus bona huiusmodi devenerint, ipsaque bona scques- 
trandum et colligendum et salvo custodiendum, ac quorumcunque 
rectorum, vicariorum, et aliorum subditorum nostrorum archi- 
diaconatus predicti decedencium testamenta, quorum probaciones 
ad nos de jure vel consuetudine pertinere dinoscuntur, in forma 
juris approbandum ; intimaciones eorundem admittendum, et re- 
cepto calculo eorundem acquietacionem faciendum, probacionibus 
testamentorum militum et dominarum in dicto archidiaconatu 
decedencium nobis specialiter reservatis ; necnon ad exequendum 
omnia alia et singula, que in hac parte necessaria fuerint vel etiam 
oportuna, prout nobis de premissis respondere et racionem reddere 
volueritis, cum requisiti fueritis, vobis vices nostras committimus, 
cum cohercionis canonice potestate, vosque nostrum sequestra- 
torem generalem per archidiaconatum predictum deputamus per 
presentes, quamdiu nobis placuerit valituras. — Ib.^ 2 November. 

[2b.] A similar appointment of m. John de Ware, r. of 
VVonston, for the archdeaconry of Winchester. 

Appointment of John de Molyngtone to be Apparitor- 

1 By the Constitutions of Archbp. Boniface, A.D. 1261, apparitors coming to the houses 
of clergy shall demand nothing, but take thankfully what is set before them ; and shall not 
denounce sentences witliout the Idlers of their njasters, upon pain that the sentences be 
null and the apparitors punisiied. And by a Constitution of Archljp. Stratford, A.D. 1342, 
bishops shall have but one riding apparitor, and an archdcicon but a walking one, for each 
deanery, who shall not be burdensome to the clergy, upon pain of suspension of arch- 
deacon as well as apparitor. And later, by Canon CXXXVlll of 1603, the number of 
apparitors is restrained, and it is decreed that apparitors shall execute their office in 
per-son, and not be promoters or informers for the court, or take undue fees (Gibs., 997-8). 
It was an unpo|Jular and sumeliuies daiigcious office to hold in the bishoji's day. 
Molyngtone was killed in the execution of his duty, as will be seen further on. 

lO Wykehams RegisUr. 

Willclinus. etc., dilccto nobis in Christo Johanni Molyng- 
lone, litcrato, s. g. ct b. Ofticium apparitoris nostri principalis 
in diocese nostra Wyntoniensi, ut illud debitc excrccas, ct 
absque acccptacione pcrsonarum ct sordibus munerumi ipsum 
ubilibct in nostris civilatc ct diocese fideliter excquaris, juxta 
consuctudinem in huiusmodi officio exercendo hactenus usitatam, 
tibi de fidelitate et circumspccta prudencia plurimum com- 
mendato committimus, et te apparitorem nostrum principalem 
usque ad nostrc voluntatis bcncplacitum constituimus ct spcci- 
alilcr dcputamus, reccpto per nos a tc juramento corporali in 
huiusmodi officio consucto prcstari, quod prudenter et fideliter 
excqueris officium prclibatum. Mandamus insuper universis et 
singulis subditis nostris, ut tibi tanquam apparitori nostro huius- 
modi in hiis, que ad idem officium pertinent, pareant efficaciter 
et intendant. — /A, 19 January, 1367-8. 

Excommunication denounced against trespassers on the 
estates of Waverley abbey. 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis archidiaconis nostris, eorum 
officialibus, decanis, ecclesiarum rectoribus et vicariis, ac capel- 
lanis parochialibus per nostram diocesim constitutis, s. g. et b. 
Experiencia docente didicimus, quam sit exuberans contra viros 
ecclesiasticos, presertim religiosos, malicia plurimorum, dum suis 
finibus non contenti ad illicita frena relaxant, nee attendunt, 
quam sit eis in clericos sive ecclesiasticas personas et bona 
ecclesiarum interdicta potcstas. Hoc sancti patres^ prudenter 
intelligentes provide statuerunt, quod si quis de domibus, 
maneriis, grangiis aut locis aliis ad archiepiscopos, episcopos, 
aliasve personas ecclesiasticas, vel ad ipsas ecclesias pertinentibus, 
quicquam preter voluntatem aut permissionem dominorum, vel 
eorum qui sunt huiusmodi rerum custodiis deputati, consumere, 
auferre, vel contrectare presumpserit, abstrahi, consumi, vel con- 
trectari fecerit, seu huiusmodi abstraccionem, consumpcionem, 
vel contrectacionem nomine suo, vel a familiaribus suis, factam 

' Where the law imposes a duty upon an officer, he cannot claim a remuneration for 
fulfilling it, unless the law has expressly conferred such a right.— 4 Comyns Digest, tit. 
" Extortion," 428. 

* By a Constitution of Archbp. Boniface, A.D. 1261, invaders of the goods and liberties 
of the church shall be declared excommunicate ; and, not restoring in one month, be put 
under interdict. — Gibs., p. 13. 


Official Instnimcnts. \\ 

ratam habucrit, sic ipso facto tanquam violator libertatis et im- 
munitatis ecclesie maioris excommunicacionis summam incurrat. 

Exparte cum religiosorum virorum abbatis et conventus de 
Waverlegh, ordinis Cisterciensis, nostre diocesis, graviter con- 
querendo nobis extitit intimatum, quod nonnulli, quorum nomina 
ignorantur, domus, maneria, grangias, et loca alia ad ipsos et 
eorum prcdictum monasterium spectancia in nostra diocesi con- 
stituta ingredientes, bona ipsorum religiosorum in dictis eorum 
locis existencia preter et contra ipsorum et custodum eorundem 
permissionem et voluntatem auferre, abstrahere, consumcre, et 
contrectare presumpserunt, abstrahi, consumi, et contrectari 
fecerunt, seu huiusmodi abstraccionem, consumpcionem vel con- 
trectacionem nomine suo, vel a familiaribus suis factam ratam 
habuerunt, dictam maioris excommunicacionis summam incur- 
rendo. Super quibus dicti religiosi sibi petebant per nos de 
oportuno remedio providere. 

Nos igitur, volentes constituciones sanctorum patrum super 
hiis editas execucioni debite, prout nostro incumbit officio, 
demandare, vobis universis et singulis etiam divisim firmiter 
injungimus, quatenus omnes et singulos prefatos excessus contra 
libertatem ecclesiasticam, ut premittitur, committentes, seu com- 
mitti facientes in dictum excommunicacionis summam incidisse, 
et sic excommunicatos fore, quociens per partem dictorum religio- 
sorum fueritis congrue requisiti, in ecclesiis et locis vobis subditis 
palam et publice in genere nuncietis, seu faciatis per alios nunciari ; 
de nominibus insuper et cognominibus omnium et singulorum 
dictos excessus contra libertatem ecclesiasticam, ut premittitur, 
committencium, quociens opus fuerit, solicite inquiratis, et nos 
inde clare et specifice certiores reddatis, per dictos rcligiosos 
requisiti, literis vestris patentibus habentibus hunc tenorem. — lb. 
20 Jan. 

[3a.] License for collectors^ of alms to maintain the lights 
on the altars in Winchester Cathedral. 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis abbatibus, prioribus, archidia- 
conis, et eorum officialibus, et decanis, rcctoribus, vicariis, et 

1 Quaestores. Qui in ecclesiis inter officioruin divinoruni soIeinni;i pro se vel aliis 
elemosynas deposcunt (L)u Cange). These letters of licence were the original of briefs, 
which Dr. Johnson cicscribcs as "letters patent, giving license to a charitable collection 
for any public or private loss." — See JStat. 4 and 5 Anne, c. 14, 

12 Wykf/iam's Register. 

capcllanis parochialibus. excmptis ct non excmptis, per civitatem 
et dioccsim nostram Wyntonienscm constitutis, s. g. et b. Et 
si quibuslibct pictatis opera debeantur, domcsticis tamen, et hiis 
a quibus bcncficia ampliora reccpimus, ea primo tenemur ex- 
solverc ex ordine caritatis. 

Cum igitur ccclesia nostra Cathcdralls Wyntoniensis sit 
mater in Christo omnis civitatis nostre et etiam diocesis et 
subditoriim, eosdcmquc oriri tales filios affcctu materno studeat, 
habundantibus suffragiis Deo negocia commendare dignum est 
ipsam, in suis oportunitatibus filiorum suorum provisionibus con- 
gruis consolari. Vestre igitur devocioni vobis omnibus supplica- 
mus, vosque animarum vestrarum salute exhortamur in Domino, 
et nichilominus in virtute obediencie firmiter injungendo mon- 
emus, quatenus cum vel procuratores seu nuncii dilecti filii 
sacriste ccclesic nostre prcdicte ad vos, ecclesias, locaque vestra 
venerint, fidelium elemosinas in subsidium luminarium eiusdem 
ecclesie et aliorum Deo acceptorum operum eidem sacriste 
incumbencium petituri, ipsos studeatis benigne accipere et 
tractari, et huiusmodi ecclesie nostre negocia intra missarum 
solemnia et extra, ac omnibus aliis horis et locis competentibus, 
quocicns et quando sibi meliiis videbitur expedire, populo per 
se permittatis exponere, vel vos, si hoc voluerint, exponatis ; 
nullusque in ecclesia, ad quam pro huiusmodi ecclesie nostre 
exponendis negociis venerit, die illo missam clam vel palam, per 
quod dictum negocium impediri poterit, vel eidem prejudicium 
aliquod irrogari, celebrare presumat, nee quivis questor alius 
admittatur; ac singulis annis a septuagesima usque pascha ipsius 
ecclesie nostre huiusmodi negocia cessantibus interim quibus- 
cunque aliis questoribus premoneri volumus et etiam precaveri. 

Et quicquid huiusmodi in gracia dicto tempore collectum 
fuerit, seu colligi poterit in futurum, huiusmodi procuratoribus 
seu nunciis sub pena excommunicacionis maioris integre liberetis,^ 
coUectas insuper inter vos factas per questores alios tempore 
supradicto auctoritate nostra per vos et vestrum quemlibet 
volumus scquestrari, ct sacriste ecclesie nostre predicte in eventu 
integre liberari. 

» The practice of taxing special collections for local wants was not unknov\n, it would 
&eem, in Hie bishop's time. 

Official Instr7(y>ients. 1 3 

Vosque rectores, vicarii, et capellani parochiales, tanquam 
obediencie filii, parochianos vestros in ultimis laborantcs cum 
solicitudine debita in remissionem peccatorum inducatis, ut de 
bonis a Deo sibi collatis luminaribus dicte matris ecclesie 
convenientem in suo testamento rclinquant porcionem. Et si 
aliqua ecclcsia nostrc diocesis auctoritate nostra fuerit interdicta 
seu pcnitencia viris aut inhibicio nobis subditis pro commissis 
injuncta, die quo contigerit dictos procuratores seu nuncios vel 
unum eorum predicte matricis ecclesie negociis expediendis 
ibidem adesse, interdictum huiusmodi, quo ad diem ilium, relaxa- 
mus, et penitenciam illius diei remittimus, ob reverenciam ecclesie 

Et ut ad id mentes vestre et aliorum fidelium propensiiis 
excitcntur, de Omnipotentis Dei misericordia et gloriose semper 
Virginis Marie, genitricis sue, beatorum apostolorum Petri et 
Pauli, sanctorumque confessorum Birini, Swithuni, Athelwoldi, 
et Hedde, patronorum nostrorum, necnon omnium sanctorum 
meritis et precibus confidentes, omnibus nobis nostre diocesis 
subjcctis et aliis, quorum diocesani banc nostram indulgenciam 
ratam habuerint et acceptam, de peccatis suis contritis peniten- 
tibus et confessis, qui ad dictam ecclesiam nostram cathedralem 
causa devocionis seu peregrinacionis accesserunt, et ad venera- 
cionem reliquiarum seu sustentacionem luminarium dicte ecclesie 
et ipsius fabricam de bonis sibi a Deo collatis contulerunt seu 
legaverunt subsidia caritatis vel aliquo alio pietatis titulo manus 
porrexerunt adjutrices, quadraginta dies de injuncta sibi peni- 
tencia miscricorditer rclaxamus,^ ratificantes omnes indulgcncias 
a quibuscunquc patriarchis, legatis, archiepiscopis, et episcopis 
Catholicis huiusmodi rei gracia rite concessas et nostris tem- 
poribus concedendas. — Ib.^ 18 January. 

[3b.] Dean of Winchester- and ds. John Holewale, warden 
of Holy Trinity Chapel (vol. i, pp. 134, 410), Winchester, ap- 
pointed to claim clerks incarcerate in the city of Winchester or 
the county of Southampton. 

' An indulgence is a remission, granted by the Church, of the whole or a part of the 
temporal punishment due for sins already forgiven. An indulgence of forty days represents 
a remission of as much of the temporal punishment as would have been remitted by means 
of forty days of canonical penance. 

-' The Rural Dean is here meant. 

I.J Wykcham*s Re^ster. 

Willclmus, etc.. dilcctis in Christo filiis clecano Wyntoniensi 
ac Johanni Holcwale, custodi capelle S. Trinitatis Wyntoniensis, 
s. g. et b. Ad petendum, cxii^endum, et recipiendum vice et 
auctoritate nostra a quibusciinquc justiciariis domini nostri regis 
Anelic illustris ad libcnicioncm <^aolc civitatis nostre Wynton- 
iensis scu alibi in comitatu Suthamptone, nostre diocesis, depu- 
tatis et ctiam constitutis quoscunque clericos ibidenn incarceratos, 
quibuscunque criminibus irretitos, vobis conjunctim et divisim, 
et cuilibct vcstrilm insolidum, tenore presencium committimus 
vices nostras, vosque, et vestrum quemlibet, ad premissa facienda 
nostros constituimiis et facimus attornatos speciales. — lb., 12 

A similar commission for archdeaconry of Surrey follows. 

[3b.] Licence of non-residence for one year granted to 
rector of Bentworth (vol. i, p, 4), to study in University of 

Willclmus, etc., dilecto filio r. ecclesie de Bynteworth, nostre 
diocesis, presbitero, s. g. et b. Ut per unum annum a die date 
presencium continue numerandum ab ecclesia tua predicta ab- 
sentare et in universitate Oxoniensi studio literarum insistere, 
fructusque ecclesie tue predicte interim percipere, ac eos alicui 
persone idonee per idem tempus ad firmam dimittere licite 
valeas, liberam tibi tenore presencium concedimus facultatem, 
proviso quod dicto anno finito ad ecclesiam tuam predictam 
redeas et in eadem resideas, ut teneris, ac procuratorem idoneum 
ibidem in medio tempore dimittas, qui nobis et aliis ordinariis 
tuis ' congrue respondeat vice tua, quodque eidem ecclesie tue 
interim laudabiliter deserviatur in divinis, animarum cura nulla- 
tenus negligatur in ea, ac domus rectorie tue interim non subjici- 
antur ruine, et absencia tua largicione inter pauperes parochianos 
tuos eroganda debite compensetur. — lb., 13 February, 1367-8. 

[4a.] Hamble Priory .2 

1 The archdeacon and rural dean. 
' This little priory, at the junction of Hamble Creek with Southampton Water below 
Nelley, was founded by William Giffard, bishop of Winchester (1098— 1128), in honour of 
Sl Andrew. It was an alien priory, belonging to the great Benedictine House of Tiron 
or Turon, in the Orleannois, about sixteen miles S.E. of Tours. The bishop bought the 
priory, with its appendant churches of Hamble, Hound, and West Worldham, in the year 
1391, and gave it to his newly-founded College at Winchester in the same year. 



Official Instalments. 15 

William dc Monastcriis, the prior, admonished to come into 
residence within six months and keep a substitute in the mean- 
time . . . quod infra sex mensium spacium a tempore moni- 
cionis huiusmodi continue sequencium numerandum ad prefatam 
ecclesiam de Hamele, quam sic dereliquit et dimisit taliter 
desolatam, personaliter redeat et accedat, et faciat in ea residen- 
ciam, ut jura exigunt, debitam, continuam, et etiam pcrsonalem, 
et alia onera omnia eidem ecclesie incumbencia agnoscat, et 
interim talem capellanum idoneum ad celebrandum divina officia 
in ipsa ecclesia et curam animarum gerendum in ipsa, paro- 
chianisque ipsis omnia sacramenta ecclesiastica, per curatum 
parochialem consueta impendi, eis interim ministrandum ex 
habundanti, ut animarum predictorum parochianorum pericula 
prudencitis evitentur, tenore presencium deputamus, cui pro sus- 
tentacione sua volumus interim de fructibus et proventibus dicte 
ecclesie congrue provideri. — lb., 14 January. 

[8a.] This monition had no effect ; and it appearing that 
the prior was in foreign parts, a commission went to sequestrate 
the temporals. 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis official! nostro ac m. Johanni de 
Ware, sequestratori nostro, s. g. et b. Cum tam per inquisi- 
ciones generales per vos officialem nostrum more solito in nostra 
diocesi solempniter celebratas et rite factas, quam per famam 
publicam et vulgarem fuisset nostris auribus intimatum, quod 
f Willelmus de Monasteriis, monachus monasterii de Tironio, 
Carnotensis diocesis, dudum per abbatem dicti monasterii ad 
prioratum ecclesie de Hamele, nostre diocesis, loci diocesano 
prescntatus, et per ipsum ad ilium admissus et institutus in 
eadem ac pacificam possessionem ipsius adeptus, ad partes 
remotas absque nostra licencia temere se dimisit, et quamplura 
bona ipsius ecclesie dc Hamele secum, ut dicitur, asportavit, 
dictam ecclesiam, curam et regimen eiusdem, relinquens penitus 
desolata preter et dcserta, et ob hoc ipsum fratrcm Willelmum, 
ut ad dictos prioratum et ecclesiam infra certum terminum 
competentem redeat, curam et regimen corundcm subiturus, et 
facturus in eisdem sub pena juris residcnciam continuam et 
etiam personalem mandavimus et fecimus moneri peremptori^ et 
citari, juxta juris exigenciam et canonica instituta. 

l5 Wykfhtim's Rtxisfrr. 

Set nos zelantcs pro indcmpnitatc dictorum prioratOs et 
ecclesie, ac ut ciira ct regimen animarum corundcm debits 
supportcntur. ct ne bona ccclcsiastica icorundcm per manus 
cxtcrorum interim dilapidcntur vel etiam consumantur, de quibus 
ex nonnullis pcrspicuis indiciis verisimiUter formidatur, ex nostri 
pastoralis officii debito uberius ordinare, ne super defectu aut 
ncj^liiTcncIA in discrcto examine inde arcitis arguamur, omnes et 
singulos fructus, redditus, et proventus dicte ecclesie obvenientes 
et adventures ex causa prcmissa tenore presencium sequestramus, 
vobisquc communiter et divisim committimus et mandamus 
quatenus cosdcm fructus, redditus, et proventus ex causa pre- 
dictA auctoritate nostra eciam scquestretis seu facias sequestrari, 
et sub tuto custodiri sequestro, quousque aliud de ipsis direxeri- 
mus disponendum. 

Et dictum nostrum sequestrum, ne quis ipsius ignoranciam 
valeat probabiliter allegare, faciatis in dictis prioratu et ecclesia 
solempnitcr et debite publicari. Inhibeatis insuper auctoritate 
nostra quibuscunque personis laicis, tam in genere quam in 
specie, quibus de rebus ecclesiarum disponendi nulla est attributa 
facultas, quibus manet necessitas obsequendi, ne de bonis, fruc- 
tibus, aut proventibus dicte ecclesie quicquam auferant vel 
disponant, seu se de ipsis aliqualiter intromittant. Contradictores 
quoque et rebelles, seu vos in execucione premissorum quomodo- 
libet impedientes, auctoritate nostra per quascunque censuras 
ccclesiasticas canonice compescatis. 

Ac ne animarum cura in dicta ecclesia interim cum gravi 
periculo negligatur, vobis divisim committimus percipiendo, qua- 
tenus alicui honeste ac idonee persone ipsius absentis vices in 
dicta ecclesia committatis, que ipsius ecclesiarum animarum 
curam et regimen interim valeat supportare, et eidem ecclesie 
deservire laudabiliter in divinis ; cui de ipsius ecclesie fructibus 
et proventibus porcionem congruam assignetis, unde possit con- 
grue sustentari, ad quod de dictis fructibus superesse contigerit 
in utilitatem ipsius juxta datam a Deo vobis prudenciam fideliter 
convertentes. — lb., 28 January. 

[lOb.] Warrant to harvest and sell the crops on the priory 
farm, directed to John Tannere. — Wolvesey, 17 July, 1368. 

Official Instruments. 1 7 

[59^-] Resignation of the Prior. 

Terciodecimo die nnensis Novembris, a.d. millesimo trecente- 
simo Ixxj, venerabiljs : .. . . Willelmus episcopus Wyntoniensis 
loquebatur et tangebat in manerio suo de Waltham domino priori 
Wyntoniensi de resignacipne prioratus de Hamele, et idem prior 
xiiij""* die dicti mensis, anno et loco predictis, misit prefato 
domino instrumentum publicum super resignacione predicta sub 
sigillo suo in quadam papiri cedula interclusum ; quam quidem 
resignacionem dictus pater in capella manerii sui de Waltham 
coram discretis viris, magistris Thoma de Sheptone, legum doc- 
tore, Johanne Essex, et Johanne de Kelleseye, notariis publicis, 
testibus ad premissa vocatis specialiter et rogatis, admisit, 
acceptavit, et approbavit viva voce per decretum. 

Grant of custody of the spirituals of the priory : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis f. Willelmo de Salariis, monacho 
de Tyronio, Petro de Punsewade, et Thome de Driffelde, s. g. et b. 
Cum prioratus de Hamele ordinis S. Benedicti, nostre diocesis, 
per resignacionem f Willelmi de Monasteriis, nuper prioris 
eiusdem, in manibus nostris factam et per nos admissam, ad 
presens notorie vacare noscatur, cuius custodia, in spiritualibus 
precipue, durante vacacione ipsius, ad nos de jure et consuetudine 
antiqua est notissimum pertinere. Nos volentes cure animarum 
dicti prioratus et ecclesie ipsius ex nostro officio salubriter pro- 
videre, evidenti utilitate et urgenti necessitate dicti prioratCls 
per nos pensatis et plenarie consideratis, custodiam prioratiis 
predicti in spiritualibus vobis conjunctim committimus per pre- 
sentes, quousque aliud super hoc duxerimus ordinandum. Ita 
quod ecclesie de Hamele et cure animarum ipsius faciatis in 
divinis officiis et sacramentis per capellanos idoneos congrue et 
laudabiliter deserviri, ac omnes soluciones ac pensiones, porciones, 
et redditus tam domino nostro regi, quam personis aliis quibus- 
cunque de jure vel consuetudine in hac parte dcbitas pcrsolvi, et 
omnia alia onera ordinaria et extraordinaria eidem prioratui 
incumbencia plenarie supportari, et quod de omnibus fructibus, 
redditibus, et proventibus spiritualibus dicti prioratCls, quos ultra 
stipendia dicti capellani parochialis in manibus vestris supercsse 
contigerit, nobis vel deputandis nostris, cum super hoc fueritis 
exacti, debitam plcnam ct fidclcm tcncamini rcddcrc racioncm. 


1 8 Wykehams Register. 

Vobis quoquc districtc mandamus, quatcnus in premissis tam 
prudcntcr et solicit^ vos gcratis, quod vestrum officium huius- 
modi Deo ct hominibus sit acceptum, et ne clamor seu querela 
super hiis pulscnt futuris tcmporibus aures nostras.— Waltham, 
15 Nov., 1 37 1. 

[4b.] I'rior of Christchurch Twynham enjoined to name a 
coadjutor^ on the ground of failure of eyesight: — 

W'illchnus, etc., dilccto filio Henrico, priori Christi ecclcsie 
dc Twynham, etc., s. g. et b. Cum cuilibct clerico beneficiato 
egrotanti, morbo incurabili sic vexato, quod ad beneficii sui 
ccclcsiastici et sui ipsius regimen redditur impotens et inutilis, 
dandus sit juxta sancciones canonicas coadjutor, et de fam^ 
publica perambula et vulgari rcferente sit nostris auribus 
inculcatum, quod tali et tanta oculorum cecitate Altissimus, 
prout sibi placuit, vos percussit, adeo quod officium regiminis 
prioratus vestri prcfati et cure animarum eiusdem tam in 
spiritualibus quam in temporalibus non valetis ex ilia causa 
debite regere, vel aliqualiter exercere ; cumque ad nostrum 
officium pastorale pertinere noscatur pro debito regimine prior- 
atus predicti ex causa predicta prioris debito officio destituto, 
ne in spiritualibus vel temporalibus per nostrum defectum, 
culpam, et negligenciam collabatur, statim persone vestre et 
gregis vobis commisse regimen congrue providere ; vobis tenore 
presencium firmiter injungimus et mandamus, quatenus infra 
vj dierum spacium a tempore recepcionis presencium continue 
numerandorum, quos propter periculum anime vestre et prior- 
atus predicti dispendium citius et caucius evitandum, sic 
duximus statucndum, moderandum, et eciam assignandum, unum 
vel duos viros idoneos et honestos ac sufficientes pro huiusmodi 
onere supportando, per quos persone vestre et statui prioratus 
eiusdem debite et fideliter consuli valeat, ut convenit et oportet, 
curetis eligere, et nobis infra alios sex dies extunc sequentes 
per vestras literas specialiter nominetis, ut eos super regimine 
persone vestre et prioratus eiusdem bonorum spiritualium et 
temporalium ipsius coadjutores ordinare et ponere ad laudem 

* Properly speaking, a coadjutor is given to a bishop to be an assistant during life in 
matters of jurisdiction ; but in our ecclesiastical records there are many instances, early as 
well as late, of coadjutors given to other dignitaries, and also to incumbents of benefices. 
—Gibs., 137. 

Official Instruments. 19 

Dei et ipsius prioratus regimen, prout nostro incumbit officio, 
valeamus — Southwark, 20 Jan., 1367-8. 

[loa.] Peter Travers appointed coadjutor: — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio f. Petro Travers, canonico ecclesie 
conventualis Christi ecclesie de Tvvynham, ordinis S. Augustini, 
nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. Cum dilectus filius f. Henricus, prior 
ecclesie memorate, adeo morbo cecitatis incurabili sit percussus, 
et utrorumque oculorum lumine nutu Altissimi destitutus, quod 
ad sui ipsius et confratrum suorum ac dicte ecclesie regimen 
insufficiens redditur et impotens est effectus : — nos, ad quem 
cura animarum prioris et confratrum predictorum noscitur 
pertinere, volentes indempnitati ipsorum et ecclesie predicte 
de oportuno remedio providere, te, de cuius vita et conversacione 
honestis ac in spiritualibus et temporalibus circumspeccione 
provida coram nobis laudabile testimonium perhibetur, ad hoc 
per f. Henricum priorem predictum electum et nobis speci- 
aliter nominatum, coadjutorem eidem f. Henrico priori tenore 
presencium constituimus et eciam deputamus, recepto a te 
juramento de fideli et pleno inventario omnium bonorum 
spiritualium et temporalium omnium ad dictam ecclesiam 
conventualem pertinencium, ubilibet receptorum, et super toto 
statu eiusdem ecclesie, in quo jam existitis, per usum et in pre- 
sencia conventus dicti loci, vel maioris et sanioris partis eiusdem, 
infra viginti dierum spacium a data presencium continue numer- 
andorum per modum indenture inter te ex una parte ac dictos 
priorem et conventum, pro securitate fideli mandamus et volumus 
remanere, ut possis de eisdem futuris temporibus, cum exactus 
fueris, reddere fidelem et debitam racionem, reservata nobis 
facultate f. Johannem Wodenham,^ concanonicum dicte ecclesie 
ad hoc nominatum et electum, coadjutorem eidem f. Henrico 
consimiliter deputandi. — Farnham, 20 June, 1368. 

[5a.] Christchurch Twynham Priory. One of the friars 
absconded. The prior refused to re -admit him, alleging that he 
had been a sower of tares among the brethren, and was guilty 
of divers crimes. Commission to official and sequestrator to 
hold an inquiry at the convent, and reinstate the friar, circum- 
stances permitting : — 

i Elected prior and confirmed 20t!i July, 1377 (vol. i, p. 87). 

C 2 

20 IVyM'if^i's Rt'gister. 

Willclmus, etc., dilcctis filiis Johanni de Wormenhale, ofFlciali 
nostro. ac Johanni dc Ware, sequcstratori nostro in archidia- 
conatu Wyntonicnsi, s. ^'. et b. Nupcr dilcctum filium f. 
Johanncm Cosshaiii. concanonicum et confratrcm ccclesic rejTu- 
laris Christi ccclcsie de Twynham, ordinis S. Augustini, nostre 
diocesis. dictum ordincm in eadem ecclesia expresse professum, 
a criminc apostasie, quam contraxit, a dicta ecclesia professionis 
sue, abjecto suo habitu reglari, in habitu seclari temere re- 
cedendo, nccnon a maioris cxcommunicacionis summa, quam 
ea occasione incurrebat, ad dilectos filios priorem et convcntum 
dicte ecclcsie rcj^laris cum nostris literis misimus absolutum, 
mandantes eisdem, ut infra ccrtum terminum competentem jam 
effluxum eundem confratrcm suum in domum professionis sue 
prcdictc admittcrent, et eum fraterna caritate debite pcrtract- 
arcnt, salvis ipsius ordinis correccionibus et re^laribus disciplinis, 
prout in prioribus nostris inde confectis literis ^ eis directis 
noscatur plenius contineri ; set iidem prior et conventus nos- 
tris predictis literis literatorie responderunt, quod prefatus f. 
Johannes erat inter eos communis seminator zizaniorum, super 
et de diversis criminibus sacrilegii et adulterii ac fraccionis 
careen's ipsorum, et dcpredacionis bonorum spiritualium et 
temporalium eorundem multipliciter incorrigibilis, et coram eis 
in capitulo suo convictus extitit ac rebellis, et eorum monicioni- 
bus contrarius et incorrigibilis pronunciatus, et perpetuo fore 
ammovendus ab eadem ; et propter hec ipsum admittere rcnu- 
erunt. ipsum permittentes per vagacionis semitas, quo voluit, 
peragere, absque vite sue necessariis, et ad sinistram vel dextram, 
prout elegerit, dcclinare. 

Nos igitur, nolentes ipsius animam perdere, set salvare, 
quantum nostrum tangit officium pastorale, vobis committimus 
et mandamus, quatenus ad prefatam ecclesiam reglarem de 
Twynham personaliter accedentes, super dictis allegacionibus 
sive responsionibus, omnibus in hac parte de jure vocandis 
coram vobis legitime convocatis, vos in forma juris plenarie 
informetis, et raciones utriusque partium predictarum audiatis, ac 
quod justum fuerit super hiis per omnia decernatis ; et si nichil 
de institutis canonicis super premissis inveneritis obviare, quo- 
minus dictus frater Johannes ad dictam domum professionis sue 

* This letter is not in the register. 

Official Instruments. 21 

admitti debeat, ipsum in domum eandem reducatis, et reduci ac 
admitti facialis, ac salvis corrcccionibus et disciplinis reglaribus 
eiusdem ordinis eum rcstitui facialis ad eandem ; facientes quod 
super hoc decreveritis auctoritate nostra per censuras ecclesias- 
ticas observari. — Southwark, 20 Jan., 1367-8. 

Citation of prior and convent to shew cause why the friar 
should not be re-admitted. — Same date. 

[5b.] Circular forbidding the clergy to undertake masses for 
the dead outside their own cures.^ 

Willelmus etc., dilecto in Christo filio archidiacono Surrei- 
ensi, vel eius officiali, s. g. et b. Multorum fidedignorum 
querela ad nostrum perduxit auditum, quod nonnulli ecclesiarum 
parochialium rectores et vicarii se a dictis beneficiis suis, nulla a 
nobis petita licencia vel obtcnta, nimis temerarie se absentarunt, 
in locis aliis inhonestis evagantes, dicta sua beneficia divinis 
officiis et sacramentis ecclesiasticis reliquerunt penitus destituti, 
et annualia pro animabus defunctorum in locis remotis pro 
stipcndiis excessivis contra statuta sanctorum patrum indies non 
verentur celebrarc ; et quidam ipsorum pro huiusmodi stipendiis 
ecclesiis parochialibus et curatis divina officia subministrant, in 
animarum parochianorum suorum grave periculum et benefici- 
orum suorum desolacionem manifestam. Nonnulle insuper 
ecclesie parochiales et alia beneficia ecclesiastica dicte nostre 
dioccsis per non modica tempora vacavcrunt et ad presens 
vacare dicuntur, alii vero dictorum clericorum absencium tres 
vel quatuor missas in die non desinunt illicite celebrare. 

Nos igitur, super premissis omnibus et singulis superiiis 
enarratis volentes effici certiores, vobis mandamus, firmiter in- 
jungentes, quatenus de nominibus et cognominibus omnium et 
singulorum clericorum prcdictorum archidiaconatus nostri Sur- 
reiensis sua beneficia taliter deserencium annualia pro defunclis 
celebrancium ac ecclesiis aliis curatis officio capcllanorum paro- 
chialium dcscrviencium, ac eorum qui tres vel quatuor missas in 
die presumunt, ut premittitur, celebrare, una cum nominibus 

1 By a (Jonstitution of archbp. I'cckham, A.n. 1287, hciicticed priests shall not take 
upon themselves private masses for the dead to the neglect of their cwx^^.—Lyndwood, 
p. 228 ; Gibs., 458. An exception to this rule was allowed in the case of a beneficed 
priest engaged for one year ut specialiter celebret pro animft cuiusdam defuncti. — Lynd- 
woihi, ubi supra. 

22 Wyke/tains Kf/^i's/t-r. 

bencficionim sic vacanciuin. scnitatis rotulis et regestris vestris 
ac aliis informacionibiis ct documentis per vos receptis, prudenter 
et ccleritcr inquiratis, et ea in scriptis particulariter rcdigatis, 
nullo pcnitus prctermisso, ac nobis infra duodecim dies a dat^ 
presencium continue numerandos per literas vestras sub sigillo 
officii vestri signatas transmittatis interclusas. — 3., 8 Jan. 

[6a.] Non-resident clergy monished. Archdeacons to cause 
three proclamations to be made on Sundays and festivals in 
the churches of absentee clergy, enjoining residence within two 
months. — /d., 20 and 22 Jan. 

Bighton, Oxted, Lingfield, Mickleham, Cranleigh. Licenses 
of non-residence for one year to the rectors, in the case of 
O.xled on the service (in obsequiis commorando) of Alesia, 
Lady Neville. 

Archdeaconry of Surrey. License of non-residence for three 
years granted to archdeacon Edyndone in order to go abroad : 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio m. Johanni de Edyndone, archi- 
diacono Surreiensi, necnon rectori ecclesie de Ryngwode, vestre 
diocesis, s. g. et b. Tuis precibus inclinati, ut per triennium a 
die date presencium continue numerandum te a tuis archidia- 
conatu et ecclesia predictis ex causis racionabilibus et necessariis 
in locis transmarinis honestis licite valeas absentare, et fructus, 
redditus, et proventus dicte ecclesie tue de Ryngewode, necnon 
et ecclesie tue de Farnham archidiaconatui tuo predict© annexe 
cum integritate percipere, et eos personis idoneis per idem tem- 
pus ad firmam dimittere, tecum tenore presencium dispensamus, 
et licenciam tibi concedimus specialem, proviso quod animarum 
cura dictarum ecclesiarum nullatenus negligatur, quodque pro- 
curatorem idoneum in eisdem dimittas, qui nobis et aliis 
ordinariis tuis congrue respondeat vice tua, ac domus ecclesi- 
arum predictarum non subiciantur ruinis, ceteraque omnia eisdem 
ecclesiis incumbencia debite supportentur, et absencia tua ele- 
mosinarum largicione inter pauperes parochianos tuos nostro 
arbitrio moderanda et taxanda compensetur.^ — /^., 15 Feb. 

1 T*his was a usual condition, and where leave to let the church was granted, the bishop 
might assign a portion of the fruits to the poor, so that they should be no losers by the 
incumbent's absence ; and this, according to archbp. Peckham's constitution, was to be 
a '• pinguis portio," a fat slice of the profits, to be determined by four respectable 
parishioners. — Lyndwcod, pp. 132, 133. 

Official fustrnmcnts. 23 

[6b.] Licenses of non-residence for one year granted to 
the rectors of Lingfield and Mickleham on usual conditions. — 
lb., 20, 21 Feb., 1367-8. 

F. John Wonersh, of the Friars Preachers, Guildford, Robert 
Lemyngtone, r. of Arreton, and Peter de Daventre, r. of Streat- 
ham, h'censed to hear confessions, impose penance, and absolve, 
certain crimes excepted (vol. i, p. 121 n, and 157) in archdeaconry 
of Surrey. — lb., 11, 20, 22 Feb. 

Prior of Winchester Cathedral authorised to expel penitents ^ 
on Ash Wednesday : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio priori ecclesie nostre cathedralis 
Wyntoniensis s. g. et b. Devocionem vestram, quam ad salutem 
animarum procurandam habere dinoscimini, in Domino com- 
mendantes, ut quoscunque subjectos nostros ad vos declinantes 
solempnem penitenciam recepturos possitis hac instanti die 
cinerum in capite jejunii ab ecclesia cum officio debito in forma 
ecclesie consueta expellere, et eos die Jovis in cena Domini 
(Thursday before Easter) proxime sequenti solempniter reintro- 
ducere et restituere more solito ; et dictum officium vice nostra 
in omnibus exequi, licenciam vobis tenore presencium concedi- 
mus specialem, et super hoc commlttimus specialiter vices 
nostras, etc.- — lb., 8 Jan. 

[7a.] Similar commission to abbot of Chertsey.^ — Same date. 

Witley with Thoresley chapel.'* Bishop Edyndone having 
sanctioned the appropriation of this benefice to Dartford priory, 
reserving a congnia portio to the vicar, commission to m. John 
Corf, official of the archdeacon of Winchester, and Robert, r. of 

^ Ayliffe [Parergon, p. 413) describes this ceremony : — " In solemn penance, all the 
penitents that undergo public penance ought to appear before the church door on Ash 
Wednesday, sad and clothed in sack-cloth, and there ought also to be present the rural 
dean and likewise the priests belonging to the penitents, who are to make a diligent 
inspection of their conversation and enjoin them penance by certain degrees, according to 
the measure of their sins. After which the bishop is to introduce them into the church, 
and, lying prostrate, sing or read the seven penitential psalms. Then rising from the 
ground, he ought to lay them on the ground and sprinkle them with holy water l)efore he 
throws the ashes on them. Then covering their heads with silk he ought to declare that 
as Adam was cast out of Paradise, so are they for their sins cast out of the church. .After 
which he orders the ministers to expel them from thence." — See Decrees of Gratian, book v, 
chapter 50, distinction 64. 

- Renewed, 20 Feb., 1369-70, and 17 Feb., 1372-3. ^ Renewed, 24 Feb., 1375-6- 

* Now Thursley, on the Portsmouth Road between Milford and Hindhead. 

24 IVyke/uitns Rt\i^istrr. 

Puttenham, to hold an inquiry and report to the bishop on the 
real annual value of the benefice. — lb., i8 Feb. 

John de Shcpeye appointed chancellor of the diocese: — 

Willclmus, etc., dilecto nobis in Christo m. Johanni de 
Shcpeye, Icguni doctori, canccllario ecclcsie Lichfeldensis, s. g. et 
b. De vestris consciencie puritate ct circumspecta prudencia 
plcnam in Domino fiduciain optincntes, ad cognoscendum, 
proccdcndum, statucndum, ct diffinicndum in quibuscunque 
causis et ncgociis, sive ex officio nostro, sivc ad partium instan- 
ciam, in curia nostra pendcntibus indecisis, et de novo inchoandis, 
dictaque causas et negocia audiendum et fine debito terminandum 
cum suis emergentibus, dependentibus, incidentibus, et connexis, 
vobis tcnore presencium vices nostras committimus cum cuius- 
libet cohercionis canon ice potestate. — /^., 25 Feb. 

Discharge of executors of will of ds. Thomas de Keynis, 
dean of the royal free chapel of St. Stephen's, Westminster. — lb., 
27 Feb. 

[7b.] Probate of will of Peter de Wyght granted to 
Margaret his widow, John of the pantry, one of the executors, 
having renounced, and power being reserved for the other, John 
Frowyk, to prove. — lb., 26 Feb. 

Probate of will of Sir John Warde, kt., granted to dame 
Margaret the widow. — lb., 24 Nov., 1367. 

Probate of will of John de Norwych, capellanus, granted to 
Thomas Bernard, and on the following day to his co-executor, 
William Depenham. — Jb., 16, 17 Dec. 

Discharge of the executors. — /b., 11 Feb., 1367-8. 

Letter transmitting to m. John de Waltham, official of York, 
a bull of Urban V, object not stated : — 

Willelmus, etc., executor ad infrascripta per sedem aposto- 
licam deputatus, dilecto nobis in Christo . . . salutem et mandatis 
apostolicis subscriptis firmiter obedire. Literas sanctissimi in 
Christo patris et domini, domini Urbani, divina providencia pape 
quinti, more Curie Romane bullatas, sanas et integras ac omni 
vicio et suspicione sinistra carentes nuper recepimus, tenorem 
qui sequitur continentes, Urbanus, etc. Verum quia execucioni 

Official Instruments. 


literarum predictarum pcrsonaliter intendere non valemus, variis 
et arduis ne<^ociis regiis et aliis multipliciter occupati, vobis, de 
cuius fidelitate et circumspecta prudencia plenam in Domino 
fiduciam reportamus, auctoritate apostolica committimus et man- 
damus, in virtute obediencie, qua dicte scdi tenemur, firmiter 
injungentes, quatenus prefatas literas apostolicas juxta omnem 
vim, formam et effectum earundem exequamini in omnibus 
fideliter vice nostra. Mandantes insuper, quatenus expedito 
negocio huiusmodi, nos de toto processu vcstro in hac parte 
habendo, et quid feceritis et inveneritis et factum fuerit in pre- 
missis distincte, dilucide et aperte certificare curetis per literas 
vestras patentes et clausas harum et processes vestri huiusmodi 
seriem continentes, sigillo vestri consignatas, talem et tantam 
diligenciam adhibentes in premissis, ut cxinde per dictam scdem 
valeatis merito commendari. — lb., 5 Nov. 1367. 

[8a.] In the time of bp. Edyndone a question arose 
between the prior and convent of Merton as appropriators of 
the church of Kingston-on-Thames with the chapels of Ditton, 
Moulsey, and Sheen annexed, and the vicar of Kingston-on- 
Thames, as to the liability for repairs ; and was referred to the 
bishop, who decided that the appropriators should repair the 
walls and roof of the chancel at Kingston-on-Thames, and 
rebuild it when necessary, at their own expense, and that the 
vicar and his successors should bear all other burdens. It 
having been reported to the bishop that the chancels of the 
chapels arc in need of certain repairs and their roofs are defective, 
he directs the vicar to be cited. — Ih., 15 March, 1367-S. 

[8b.] Licence of non residence granted to William Aubrey, 
r. of Beddington (vol. i, p. 38) so long as he shall be in the 
service {quauidiu steterit in obsegniis) of Nicholas Kaerwent, r. 
ofCrondall (/7;., p. 117). — lb., \6 March. 

Probate of will of Robert de Cadyngtone, r. of Hcadlcy, 
Surrey {lb., p. 16), granted to William Ysmangere and Richard 
Hanham, the executors. — lb., 21 March. 

Remonstrance addressed to Sir William de Montacutc, 
carl of Salisbury,^ for quartering his people on the monks of 
Christchurch Twynham : — 

1 The second earl, b. 1328, d. 1397. — Did. Xat. l>i.>j., .xxxviii, 314. 

26 \V)Mtams R^^is/.-r. 


Willclinus, etc., nobili viro et strenuo militi Willelmo de 
Monte Acuto, comiti Sariim. s. t,^. et b. Vcstre devocionis pru- 
dcncium verisimiliter credimus non latere, quod viri religiosi, 
qui cuncta que in mundo possederant derclinquunt, et semet 
ipsos pro Deo contcnipnunt, nuUam presentis vite gloriam 
rcquirunt, ab huiusmodi mundi se accionibus segregarunt, mun- 
dum profcssione et opere dcserentes, sunt sub cilicio sacre 
religionis a strepitibus et offendiculis hominum secularium solicite 
protegendi, per quorum proximitatcm nimiam frequenter offen- 
ditur rcligionis observancia et dissolucionis materia generatur, 
et prcscrtim ex incauta respeccione et collocucione mulierum, quia 
non debet intucri, quod non licet concupisci. Vidit enim prima 
mater omnium. ^//^^ boJium esset ligmivi et ad vescendiim siiave^ 
ac pulcrtim oat lis, aspect nque delect ab He, tulit de fructic illius, 
et coifudit : ncque enim lignum vetitum contigisset, nisi illud 
primum rcspexisset incaute. 

Et ecce, quod nobilitati vestre ex cordis amaritudine dolentes 
referimus, quod gravem et horridam dilectorum filiorum prioris 
et conventus Christi ecclesie de Tvvynham, ordinis S. Augus- 
tini, nostre diocesis, querelam recepimus, continentem quod vos 
fere omnes domos dicti prioratus, contra ipsorum voluntatem, 
quandoque per annum integrum, aliquociens per dimidium 
annum, cum tota familia vestra utriusque sexus occupatis et 
detinctis, in ipsorum religiosorum et religionis oppressionem et 
molcstiam, ac inquietudinem vehementem ; ministri quoque 
vestri claves domorum huiusmodi in recessu vestro, ne religiosi 
predicti comoda percipiant ex eisdem, secum voluntarie deferunt, 
detinent, ac asportant, et alia fieri procurant indebite, per que 
ipsa religio turbatur, et plurimijm evertatur, nisi apponatur 
citiiis remedium oportunum. 

Ac hiis molestiis et injuriis ministri vestri huiusmodi non 
contenti, pluries procurarunt nativos et alios tenentes vestros 
trahcre dictos priorem et conventum ad hundredam et curias 
vestras super confictis gravaminibus, et etiam fabricatis ; et 
quamvis defensiones legitime pro parte dictorum prioris et con- 
ventQs contra huiusmodi conquerentes sint proposite, judices, 
propositi, et ballivi vestri ipsas admittere, audire, vel allocare 
recusant, et dampna sua huiusmodi conquerentes, ad simplicem 
assercionem ipsorum, in quantitate cxcessiva recuperant, prout 


Official Instruments. 27 

narrant, in gravem depauperacionem domus prefate, ct contra 
re^rni IcG^em et consuetudincm manifcstam. Et hiis dicti ministri 
vestri alias excogitatas injurias addiderunt, quod quamvis in 
curiis et hundredis idem prior pro se et dicta domo sua obtulit 
personaliter facere attornatum, ad sectam pro se in hundredis et 
curiis faciendam, ministri et senescalli vestri attornatum huius- 
modi admittere omnino recusant, in offensam legis regni super 
hoc salubriter ordinate. 

Et licet dudum prior dicti loci ad tempus concesserit 
graciose pontem fieri pro introitu et exitu commodosis domine 
Katerine, matris vestre jam dcfuncte, quo debuit et potuit secre- 
cius et honestiiis spaciari, ex hoc tamen sunt multa dampna et 
varia scandala dicte domui et religioni, tarn in spiritualibus quam 
in temporalibus, postmodum generata, ut pericula maiora exinde 
pervenire verisimiliter formidantur, nisi super hoc celere reme- 
dium apponatur. 

Unde nobis humiliter supplicarunt prior ac conventus pre- 
dicti, ne religionis observancia ibidem taliter depereat, et domus 
ipsa sic irrecuperabiliter destruatur, salubriter providere, et, quod 
similiter est deflendum, alia quadam enormia per gentes vestras 
infra prioratum predictum, que ad presens subtacemus, ut 
asseritur, committuntur, que religionis sacre graviter impediunt, 
deformant, et dedecorant honestatem. Cumque ad nostrum 
spectet officium advocatos, patronos, vicedominos, rectores, con- 
sules, magnates, et milites, et quoslibet alios compescere et per 
censuras ecclesiasticas, si opus fuerit, refrenare, ne ministeria 
religiosorum nostre diocesis presumant offendere, nee personis 
aut rebus ut huiusmodi viri religiosi Hberius et quiecius virtu- 
tum Domino valeant famulari, vosque patronus eiusdem loci, ad 
quem ex vi juris patronatus, necnon ex vinclo ordinis militaris, 
noscitur pertinere, viros ecclesiasticos, presertim religiosos, ab 
injuriis, oppressionibus, et aliis molestiis in suis necessitatibus 
potenter et viriliter, defensare, ad hoc exurgere tenemur contra 
ascendentes ex adverso.^ Vestre igitur devocionis puritatem, 
quam in vobis credimus firmiter rutilare, ex fonte caritatis 
requirimus in Domino, et hortamur, vobisque anime vestre 
remedio et salute consulimus et utiliter suademus, quatenus, si 

' Ascenderc ex .idverso : to contradict (Du Cange— quoting St. Anselm). Here it seems 
to mean opponents. 

28 Wvkt'/iains Rt't^is/irr. 

est iia, ut familiam vestram a dicto loco citra fcstum S. Trinitatis 
proximo jam vcnturuni amovcrc curctis, et facialis dampna et 
injurias et alia dispendia supradicta, absque more diffugio, in 
statum dcbitum rcstitui, ct cciam reformari, ne dicti religiosi, 
velut coccus vel iacintus sub sanctc rcligionis cilicio rutilantes ^ 
mundanis virorum et mulicrum pulvcribus maculentur, et regu- 
laris obscrvancia ct huiusmodi gravaminibus inquietudinem 
dccctcro patiatur. Et per harum baiulum nobis rescribere 
studcatis plcnaric, quid super hiis omnibus duxeritis faciendum. 
— y^., 21 March. 

[ga.] St. Cross Hospital, Winchester. 

The following instruments relate to the controversy of 
1367-74 between the bishop and four successive masters of the 
hospital, which turned on the question whether the charity was 
a sinecure benefice or a hospital within the meaning of the bull 
" Quia contingit." which enjoins heads of such places to deliver 
inventories of the goods, and render account of their administra- 
tion once a year to the ordinary (Lozat/t, p. 81, Moberly, p. 105). 
Archdeacon Edyndone was master from 1349 to 1366. Sir 
Edward Coke's description of a non-resident incumbent as 
" non dispensator sed dissipator, non speculator sed spiculator," 
seems applicable to him. Lowth says that he " took away and 
alienated the whole stock belonging to the hospital : all the 
cattle, corn, goods, instruments, utensils, and moveables what- 
soever, either in the house itself or upon the estates." Just 
before the death of his uncle, bishop Edyndone, he exchanged 
with Stowell. Stowell soon found the mastership not worth 
having, and exchanged with Lyntcsforde (vol. i, p. 15), and in 
August, 1370, Lyntcsforde exchanged with Cloune (vol. i, p. 30). 
Stowell ceased to be master of the hospital on the 22nd of 
March, 1367-8, and on the following day the bishop wrote to him 
for an inventory of the stock received by him from Edyndone 
and handed over to Lyntcsforde : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio Willelmo de Stowell, etc., s. g. et 
b. Cum ad nos, tanquam ad diocesanum et patronum hospitalis 
predicti, pertineat diligenter prospicere et eciam providere, ut 
bona ipsius in usus debitos, licitos, et honestos juxta formam, 

1 Shininii like scarlet or purple under the cloak of holy religion. 

Official Instruments. 29 

fundaciones, et ordinaciones eiusdem fideliter ero<Tcntur, nos, ne 
in usus illicitos convertantur et per manus nepharios abstrahan- 
tur ab hospitale predicto seu locis aliis ad illud pertinentibus, 
tibi in virtute obediencie firmiter injungcntes mandamus, teque 
sub maioris excommunicacionis pena monemus, quatenus plenum 
inventarium et fidele de omnibus et singulis bonis, bladis, ani- 
malibus, utensilibus, instrumentis, et rebus aliis quibuscunque 
existentibus in eodem hospitali, seu locis aliis ad illud pertin- 
entibus, et in quo statu ilia in principio recepisti, inter te et 
Ricardum de Lyntesforde, nunc custodem eiusdem, per modum 
indenture ante omnia facias fideliter et exacte, ac omnia et 
singula premissa seriatim plcne et particulariter describi procures, 
nichil de premissis quomodolibet omittendo, et unam partem 
dicte indenture penes te retineas et conserves, aliam vero partem 
eiusdem tradas et liberes custodi predicto, et nobis terciam 
partem eiusdem indenture plene conscriptam sub tuo sigillo 
clausam citra dominicam qua cantatur 77tisericordiam domini'^ 
proximo iam venturam transmittas pro informacione nostra super 
veritate et circumstanciis, proventibus et oneribus, dicti hospitalis 
in adventu nostro illic habendam, in nostra custodia remansuram.' 
— Southwark, 23 March, 1367-8. 

[25b.] Commission to ascertain the state of the hospital 
property and the amount of stock handed over to Edyndone by 
the executors of his predecessor, Richard de Lusteshulle, in 1349, 
so as to fix the measure of Edyndone's liability : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis officiali nostro ac magistro 
Johanni de Ware, sequestratori nostro in archidiaconatu Wyn- 
toniensi, s. g. et b. Cum ad nos et nostrum officium scire ct 
cognoscerc statum et regimen hospitalis nostri Sanctc Crucis 
juxta Wynton., nostre dioccsis, et quod in spiritualibus et tem- 
poralibus rite ct debite gubernetur, ct ob hoc super omnibus 
et singulis vasis argentcis, ornamentis, utensilibus, animalibus, 
bonis et rebus mobilibus, ac statu dicti hospitalis, in quo Ricardus 
de Lusteshulle, dudum custos hospitalis prcdicti, illud dimisit 

1 The introit for the Second Sund;iy after Easter begins with these words. It is 
"dominica de Pastor Bonus" in the Roman ordinal. 

■* Stowell's reply, dated 26 March, MS., New Coll., is said to show that the stock 
handed over by Ivlyndonc was less than it ought to liave been ; i.e., that he had committed 
waste. — Muberly, p. 107. 

^O ]Vvkeha>ns Rtgtstfr. 

tempore mortis sue. volentes effici certiorcs, vobis committimus 
et mandamus firmiter injuni^entcs, quatcnus ad dictum hospitale 
et loca ac ecclcsias et maneria ciusdcm personalitcr accedatis, et 
in quo statu idem hospitale, ecclcsias, domus, maneria et loca 
eiusdem, ac que, qualia, et quanta ornamenta, vasa, utensilia et 
animalia, ac alia bona mobilia, et cuius estimacionis eadem 
attingunt executores testamenti dicti Ricardi dimiserunt in eodem, 
et cui eadem per indenturam vcl aliter sub testamento legitimo 
libcrarunt, vocatis cxecutoribus supradictis, si qui supersunt, 
per viros fidedignos juratos et diligcntcr examinatos rei huius 
noticiam melius obtinentes cum omni prudencia inquiratis, com- 
pellentes auctoritate nostra per censuras ecclesiasticas, quas 
cxpedire videritis super hiis veritate testimonium perhibere. 

Et quid per eandem inquisicionem inveneritis et feceritis in 
hac parte, una cum nominibus et co^nominibus omnium per quas 
hec inquisicio capta fuerit, nos citra festum Ascensionis Domini 
proximo futuri clarc et distincte certificet quivis utrum, qui 
presens mandatum fuerit executus, Uteris suis patentibus et 
clausis habentibus hunc tenorem, sigillo autentico consignatis. — 
Esher, 20 April, 1368. 

[38a] Discharge of a sequestration which had been granted 
against Lyntesforde in order to compel production of inventory. 
— Waltham, 10 September, 1370. 

[39a.] Commission to bishop's official (John de Wormenhale) 
and John de Ware to visit the hospital and examine Cloune, 
Edyndone, Lyntesforde and Stovvell, as to the amount of stock 
which ought to have come to each of them in succession : 

Willelmus, etc. Cum de consuetudine antiqua, laudabili, et 
legitime prescripta, (^uilibet custos sive magister domus xeno- 
dochie sive hospitalis nostri S. Crucis juxta Wynton., nostre 
diocesis, tempore cessionis vel decessus ipsius, certum staurum 
sive implementum varii generis animalium, instrumentorum, et 
utensilium ac aliarum rerum in ecclesiis, domibus, maneriis, 
grangiis, et locis aliis ad dictam domum sive hospitale pertinen- 
tibus realiter assignare et ibidem dimittere teneatur proximo 
successori suo custodi sive magistro dicte domus sive hospitalis 
prefati pro manutencione et sustentacione eiusdem liberandum, 

Official Instruments. , 3 1 

ac intelleximus iam recenter, fama publica referente, quod quidam 
custodes sive magistri domQs sive hospitalis predict! staurum 
sive implementum huiusmodi nimis voluntarie alienaverunt, 
abstraxerunt, et consumpserunt tcmere et inique, ct illud contra 
justiciam detinent eciam in present!, in depauperacionem et grave 
dispendium dicte domus sive hospitalis et hominum paupcrum 
degencium in eadem. 

Nos nolentes premissa sub dissimulacionis clamide oculis 
connivcntibus tolerare, cum nostra jure diocesano et patronatus 
intcrsit notorie bona dicti hospitalis in usus pauperum a Sanctis 
patribus fundatoribus eiusdem hospitalis assignata ct raptorum 
manibus preservare in cibos pauperum convertenda, et ob hoc 
volentes dc predictis melitis informari, vobis committimus et 
mandamus firmiter injungentes, quatenus ad dictam domum sive 
hospitale et alia loca eiusdem ubi videritis expedire personaliter 
accedentes, super stauro et implcmento huiusmodi, quod, ut 
prcfertur, in dicto hospital! post et cessionem et decessum cuius- 
libet custodis sive magistri eiusdem debet sic dimitti, et in quibus 
rebus consistit vel consistere debet, et de quantitate et qualitate, 
numero, et valore rerum implement! eiusdem per viros fidedignos 
et juratos, rerum huiusmodi noticiam optinentes, dominis Johanne 
de Edyndone, Willelmo Stovvell, et Ricardo de Lyntesforde, 
dudum custodibus et magistris successive dicti hospitalis, et 
Rogero de Cloune, nunc custode et magistro ipsius, et aliis 
quorum interest de jure vocandis ad hoc legitime evocatis, dili- 
gentem et fidelem inquisicionem faciatis, et dictam causam seu 
negocium cum suis emergentibus, incidentibus, dependentibus 
et connexis audiendum et fine debito terminandum, summas 
quoque et decreta per vos in hac parte ferenda execucioni debite 
demandandum, vobis tenore presencium vices nostras commit- 
timus, cum cuiuslibet cohercionis canonice potestate; mandantes, 

quatenus nos dicto negocio terminato debito processu 

certificctis. — VValtham, 30 July, 1370. 

[42a.] Cloune having promoted a cause of dilapidations 
against Lyntesforde, Stovvell, and Edyndone, in the Consistory 
Court, commission to m. Thomas Yung and others to hear 
and determine it : — 

VVillelmus, etc., dilcctis nobis in Christo m. Thome Yung, 

32 J['r/v//^7W*^ Rci^isffr. 

officiali curie Cantuaricnsis, Johanni de Shepeye. advocate curie 
prelibatc. ct Johanni dc Kclleseye, canonico ecclcsie Lincolni- 
cnsis, s. ^. ct b. Dc vcstris fidelitatc ct prudencia plenam in 
Domino fiduciam obtincntcs, ad cognoscendum, procedendum, 
statucndum, ct diffiniendum in causa seu ncgocio quam vel quod 
dilcctus filius ds. Rogcrus de Clounc, magister sive custos domOs 
nostrc elemosynarie sive hospitalis Sancte Crucis juxta Wynton., 
nostre dioccsis, occasionc inquisicionis et reparacionis defectuum 
ecclcsie. domorum, et aliorum locorum ad dictam domum per- 
tinencium contra m. Johannem dc Edyndone, Willelmum de 
Stowell, et Ricardum dc Lyntesforde, nupcr successive custodes 
ct magistros domOs sive hospitalis predicti, coram nobis movere 
inchoavit, dictamque causam audiendi et fine debito terminandi 
cum suis emcrgcntibus, incidentibus, dependentibus, et connexis 
vobis et cuilibct vestrum eciam divisim tenore presencium com-, 
mittimus vices nostras, cum cuiuslibet cohercionis canonice, et 
excqucndi que in hac parte decreveritis potestate. — Southwark, 
30 October, 1370. 

[62a.] Lyntesforde made his submission at Highclere, 6 
January, 137 1-2, in the following terms : — 

In Dei nomine, amen. Ego Ricardus de Lyntesforde, dudum 
magister sive custos hospitalis sive domus elemosinarie pauperum 
S. Crucis juxta Wyntoniam, Wyntoniensis diocesis, considerans 
et attendens per varias tam literas apostolicas quam alia per 
documenta legitima et alias evidencias et informaciones ex 
officio reverendi patris domini Willelmi, etc., in judicio et extra 
occasionc predicti hospitalis contra me institute revelata, ex- 
hibita, et ostensa, quod dictum hospitale sive domus elemosinaria 
per bone memorie Henricum, fratrem germanum Stephani regis 
Anglic, quondam episcopum Wyntoniensem, pro sustentacione 
pauperum et debilium ad idem hospitale confluencium primo 
fundatus extitit et dotatus de bonis fundatoris predicti, et quod 
huiusmodi bona omnia et singula in usus pauperum sunt et non 
in alios convertenda, excepta racionabili et moderata sustenta- 
cione magistri seu custodis predicti, prout liquet clare in carta 
primarie fundacionis eiusdem. 

Attendens quoque quod tam vigore constitucionis bone 
memorie Clementis pape quinti que incipit Quia contiiigit in hac 

Official Instruments. 33 

parte edite, quam vigore constitiicionis Urbani Pape quinti super 
dicta materia constitute, quod magistri custodes seu rectores 
huiusmodi hospitalium tenentur dc bonis eorundem per eos 
administratis inventarium conficere et locorum diocesanis ex- 
hibere, et de bonis huiusmodi hospitalium pauperum sic per eos 
administratis annuatim reddere racionem : — Ex causis premissis 
racionabih'tcr nos moventibus omni h'ti processui et prose- 
cucioni eiusdem contra me ex causa premissa coram dicto 
reverendo patre vel eius commissariis quibuscunque, et prescrtim 
coram venerabih* viro m. Thoma Yung, dicti patris commissario 
in hac parte specialiter deputato, inchoatis et diutiiis continuatis 
pendentibus indecisis, necnon omnibus et singulis appellacionibus, 
provocacionibus per me in hac parte interpositis, et adhesionibus 
nomine meo factis, necnon in integrum restitucionibus et aliis 
juris remediis in predicto negocio michi adquisitis, pure sponte 
simpliciter libere et absolute cedo et renuncio in hiis scriptis, ac 
potestatem omnem ac omnimodam quibuscunque procurator- 
ibus meis in premissis et eorum singulis primitiis per me datam 
revoco exnunc palam et expresse, ac super premissis omnibus et 
singulis, quatenus me ac statum meum concernunt, me ordina- 
cioni, voluntati, et disposicioni reverendi patris, etc., submitto, et 
promitto me ratum et gratum habiturum quicquid idem pater 
ordinaverit, disposuerit, et decreverit in hac parte faciendum. 

Et juro ad hec sancta Dei evangelia corporaliter per me tacta 
me plene fideliter et integrc observaturum premissas renuncia- 
cionem et revocacionem, et in nullo contraventurum, de jure nee 
de facto, quicquid dictus pater ordinaverit disposuerit seu decre- 
verit in premissis, vel aliquo premissorum, sub pena centum 
librarum sterlingorum, medietate illarum camerario domini Pape 
et reliqua medietate matrici ecclesie Wyntoniensis pro voluntate 
domini Willelmi, etc., applicandl 

[80a.] Stowell made his submission at Highclere 11 

[70b.] Thomas dc Yung, to whom the cause (p. 31) stood 
referred, being unable to attend at the time and place appointed 
in order to receive evidence on the part of the respondents, m. 
John de Bukyngham, canon of York, is appointed to take his 
place : — 



J f Wkfhiitfi 's Re^^ister. 

Willclmus, etc.. dilecto nobis in Christo m. Johanni de 
Bukyn^ham. canonico ccclcsie Eboracensis, s. g. et b. Cum 
vencrabilis vir ni. Thomas Yuni^, clericus noster, in negocio 
suix^r ct dc statu ac condicionibus hospitalis nostri sanctc Crucis 
juxta W'vntoniam, nostrc dioccsis, contra m. Johanncm de 
Kdyndonc ct dominos Ricardum de Lyntesforde, Willelmum de 
Stowcll. et Rogerum dc Clounc, successive custodes hospitalis 
predicti, ex officio nostro moto commissarius speciah'ter depu- 
tatus legitime procedens, partes predictas ad dicendum contra 
dicta et deposicioncs testium predictorum ad proximum diem 
juridicum post festum S. Barnabe apostoli proximo iam ventu- 
rum. ac comparendum coram eo, vel alio loco suo subrogando, 
quicquid dicere vel allcgare voluerint dicturas et allegaturas, fore 
decreverit evocandas ; et postea prefatus commissarius noster 
dixit et allegavit se non posse dictis die et loco personaliter 
intcresse, aliis arduis negociis seipsum tangentibus multipliciter, 
ut asseruit. occupatus. 

Ne igitur idem terminus pereat sine fructu, vobis committi- 
mus et mandamus, quatenus dictis die et loco in negocio predicto 
iuxta formam retroactorum in eodem negocio habitorum legitime 
procedatis, facientes super hiis dictis partibus justicie comple- 
mentum. Ad que omnia facienda et dictis die et loco exequenda, 
et ad prefigendum dictis partibus alium terminum competentem 
ad proccdendum ulterius in negocio memorato, vobis tenore 
presencium committimus vices nostras, cum cuiuslibet cohercionis 
et cxccucionis canonice potestate. — Southwark, 6 June, 1372. 

[82a.] Thomas Yung to Wykforde, archdeacon of Win- 
chester, and his official, with instructions to search for certain 
documents in the diocesan registry. — lb., 14 Oct. 

[82b.] Dean of Basingstoke, r. of Highclere, and m. John 
Frenssch, scolaris Oxottiensis,^ instructed to cite Edyndone, 
Stowcll and Lyntesforde to appear and show cause why the said 
documents should not be read at the hearing of the cause. — lb., 
13 Nov. 

1 One of this name was a fellow of New College (1396-9), of Winchester College 

Official Instrufftents. 35 

[86b.] Clounc cited for waste on the motion of Stowell and 
Lyntesforde^ : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis decanis Wyntoniensi, de An- 
devere, et Drokenesforde, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. Denuncian- 
tibus nobis dilectis filiis Willelmo de Stowell et Ricardo de 
Lyntesfordc nuper custodibus hospitalis pauperum Sancte Crucis 
juxta Wynton., nostre diocesis, et pluribus aliis fidedignis, ac 
super hoc fama publica conclamante, ad nostrum pervenit audi- 
tum quod dominus Rogerus de Cloune, custos hospitalis predicti, 
omnia blada, ferra, animalia, staura, et alia bona et utensilia ad 
dictum hospitale eciam ab antiquo per fundatores eiusdem 
nomine elemosine collata et eciam assignata in usus pauperum 
inibi degencium et ad illud cotidie confluencium et non in alios 
usus committenda in maneriis et locis dicti hospitalis existencia 
et inventa, et que pro usibus dictorum pauperum necessariis 
deberent inibi perpetuo remanere, dissipavit, dilapidavit, con- 
sumpsit, alienavit, et distraxit, dissipat indies dilapidat et con- 
sumit, distrahit et alienat, in enormem et irrecuperabilem 
lesionem hospitalis predicti ; domos quoque edificia et alia loca, 
que suorum magna providencia construxcrat predecessorum, 
collabi et ad terram funditus prosterni suo tempore negligenter 
permisit. Nos igitur, etc. (Cloune cited to appear before the 
bishop or his commissary at St. Faith's church on the Monday 
next after the Conversion of St. Paul and answer these charges.) 
— Highclere, 19 Jan., 1372-3. 

[l02a.] Commission to priors of Merton and Southwark 
and two others to give sentence in the cause against Cloune, 
Edyndone, Stowell, and Lyntesforde. 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis de Mertone et S. Marie de Suth- 
werke, nostre diocesis, prioribus, ac magistris Johanni Irtelyng- 
burgh, archidiacono Bedefordiensi in ecclesia Lincolniensi, et 
Johanni de Wormenhale, ofificiali nostro, s. g. et b. Cum in 
ncgocio super statu, qualitatibus, et condicionibus hospitalis 
nostri S. Crucis juxta Wyntoniam, dicte diocesis, contra dominum 
Rogerum de Cloune, nunc custodem, ac m. Johannem de Edyn- 
done et dominos William de Stowell et Ricardum de Lyntes- 

1 Probably with the object of estabhshing that any waste since Edyndonc's resignation 
had been committed by Cloune and not by Stowell or Lyntesforde. 

D 2 

jg Wykfhams Register. 

fordc, dudum successive custodes hospitalis predict!, usque ad 
conclusionem in codcm negocio inclusive per venerabilem virum 
m. Thoniam Yung, canonicum ccclcsic Wcllensis, nostrum in ea 
parte commissariunn specialitcr deputatum, legitime sit pro- 

cessum Xos dc vestris fidclitate, circumspeccione et prudencia 

plcnam in Domino fiduciani obtinentcs, ad cognoscendum et 
audicnduni nicrita dicti negocii, necnon ad ferendum sentenciam 
sivc pronuntiacionem finalem in negocio supradicto, et illud fine 
dcbito tcrminandum, cum suis cmergcntibus, etc., ac omnibus 
quorum interest in hac parte justicie plenitudinem exhibendum 
ct faciendum, vobis et unicuiquc vestrum eciam divisim tenore 
prcscncium committimus vices nostras, cum cuiuslibet cohercionis 
canonicc et exequendi que in hac parte decreveritis potcstatc.— 
lb., 3 Feb., 1372-3- 

[86b.] The bishop next granted a commission to Thomas 
dc Shcptonc and John de Ware to inquire into the truth of the 
charges against Cloune ; and then finding a primd facie case of 
waste established {jianquam de dilapidacione et consumpcione huiiis- 
viodi reperto suspecto) granted a prohibition against alienating 
any property of the hospital, and cited him to show cause why a 
coadjutor should not be appointed to administer the temporals 
of the hospital. Cloune disregarding the citation, the bishop 
commissioned the dean of Winchester and v. of Twyford to cite 
him to appear before four trustworthy men of Twyford and four 
of Owslebury as assessors at Winchester Cathedral on the Wed- 
nesday after April 25, and take his trial on the charge of waste : 

[89 b.] Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis decano Wyntoniensi et 
vicario ecclesie parochialis de Twyforde, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. 
Cum dilecti filii m. Thomas de Sheptone et Johannes de Ware in 
causa seu negocio super dilapidacione, consumpcione, alienacione, 
et distraccione bonorum, staurorum, et aliarum rerum ad hos- 
pitale pauperum S. Crucis juxta Wyntoniam, dicte diocesis, in 
usus pauperum per primum fundatorem ipsius loci assignatorum 
contra dominum Rogerum de Cloune, custodem hospitalis pre- 
dicti, ad ipsius anime correccionem ct loci hospitalis predicti 
reformacionem auctoritate nostra eis in hac parte commissa, ex 
officio nostro legitime procedentes, eidem domino Rogero custodi 
tanquam de dilapidacione et consumpcione huiusmodi reperto 

Official Instruments. 37 

suspecto omne genus alienandi bona hospitalis predicti inter- 
dixerunt per decretum, juris ordine in premissis debite obser- 
vato, ac eundem dominum Rogerum ad proponendum causam 
racionabilem, si quam haberet, quare sibi de dilapidacione huius- 
modi defamato et suspecto reperto coadjutorem dare minime 
deberet, ad certos diem et locum competentes mandaverint et 
fecerint coram eis legitime evocari. 

Quibus die et loco idem dominus Rogerus, citatus et preconi- 
zatus et diutiiis exspectatus, coram prefatis nostris commissariis 
comparere aliqualiter non curavit, propter quod idem m. 
Johannes de Ware, noster commissarius prelibatus, servato legi- 
timo processu in hac parte, de consilio peritorum sibi adsidencium 
ex habundanti ad inquirendum iterato super suspicione et diffa- 
macione dicti Rogeri in excessibus prelibatis in forma juris 
decrevit legitime fore procedendum. 

Vobis igitur communiter et divisim committimus et man- 
damus, firmiter injungentes, quatenus citetis seu citari peremptorie 
faciatis quatuor viros fidedignos de parochia de Tvvyforde et 
quatuor viros fidedignos de parochia de Ouselbury eiusdem 
diocesis, quod compereant coram dictis nostris commissariis vel 
alio nostro commissario per nos in hac parte specialiter depu- 
tando die mercurii proximo post festum S. Marci evangeliste 
proxime iam venturum in ecclesia nostra Cathedrali Wyntoniensi, 
super suspicione et diffamacione antedicta dilapidacionis, con- 
sumpcionis et alienacionis bonorum pauperum hospitalis predicti, 
de quibus premittitur, et super aliis articulis ex premissis elici- 
endis, et eis plenius exponendis veritate quam noverint testi- 
monio perhibituri, facturi quoque ulterius et recepturi in premissis 
et eorum quolibet per omnia, quod justicia suadebit. Cloune to 
be cited to attend the inquiry. — lb., 23 March, 1372-3. 

[94a.] Appointment of Richard de Uptone and John de 
Querneby to be proctors for the bishop in the cause against 
Edyndone, Stovvell, Lyntesforde and Cloune. — lb., 27 May, 1373. 

Cloune having appealed to Rome on the question whether 
he was liable under the bull "Quia contingit" to produce an 
inventory, the bishop addressed a letter to Gregory XI, stating 
that Henry de Blois founded and endowed the hospital with 

38 Wykfhafns Register. 

bishopric estates, yielding more than ^300 a year, for the sup- 
port of thirteen poor men and a daily dinner for one hundred 
more ; that bp. Toclyve, finding the income sufficient to feed 
many more, after providing eight marks per annum for the 
master, enjoined that there should be dinner for two hundred 
poor men daily ; that it did not appear from the charter that 
the foundation was an ecclesiastical benefice, yet some bishops 
had regarded it as such, and had preferred to it their nephews 
and other secular clerks, who converted its revenues to their 
own use, contrary to the constitutions of the church ; that the 
bishop had cited Cloune and his predecessors in the mastership 
to produce inventories, and had adduced a mass of evidence in 
support of his right to do so ; that the respondents had pro- 
duced no rebutting evidence and disregarded the citation ; and 
that Cloune had appealed to Rome with the object of delay 
(intendens super appellacione huiusmodi lites constituere immor- 
tales), and was converting the revenues to his own use all the 
while, contrary to the will of the founder ; and praying relief 

L95t>.] Bull of the pope in reply, delegating the trial of the 
question to the bishop of London : — 

Gregorius episcopus, servus servorum Dei, venerabili f 
episcopo Londoniensi salutem et apostolicam benediccionem. 
Exhibita nobis pro parte venerabilis fratris nostri Willelmi 
episcopi Wyntoniensis peticio continebat, quod olim bone me- 
moric Henricus episcopus Wyntoniensis quoddam hospitale 
pauperum S. Crucis fundatum extra muros Wyntonie et in 
redditibus ultra valorem trescentarum librarum sterlingorum 
dotavit, ac ordinavit quod in illo hospital! debiles et imbecilles 
pauperes tresdecim perpetuo manerent, quibus in victu et 
vestitu et omnibus aliis vite necessaria sub certa forma de bonis 
dicti hospitalis deberent congrue ministrari ; ordinavit eciam, 
quod preter hos tresdecim quolibet die centum pauperes in 
ipso hospitali pascantur, prout in fundacione eiusdem plenius 
continetur. J 

Et quod subsequenter bone memorie Ricardus episcopus 
Wyntoniensis pie considerans, quod de fructibus dicti hospitalis 
ad usus pauperum deputatos preter porcionem magistri dicti 
hospitalis, que ad octo libras sterlingorum secundum taxacionem 

Official histruments. 39 

decime sc extendit, multo plurcs pauperes possent comodc sus- 
tentari, ct quod fructus huiusmodi ad usus tarn pios deputati in 
alios usus non deberent committi, ordinavit, quod preter huius- 
modi tresdecim personas ducenti pauperes vcrecundi de bonis 
hospitalis predicti die quolibet pascerentur ; et quod licet ex 
ordinacione dicti hospitalis non apparcret, quod fundator prc- 
dictus expresse ordinasset, quod magisterium sive custodia 
hospitalis huiusmodi in titulum beneficii ecclesiastici aliquibus 
conferri deberet, seu quod custos vel magister debeat per elec- 
cionem assumi, aliqui tamen episcopi VVyntonienses qui citra 
fuerunt pro tempore ipsum hospitalc eorum nepotibus et aliis 
clericis secularibus tanquam beneficium ecclesiasticum contule- 
runt, qui fructus ipsius ad usus tarn pios deputatos contra 
fundatorum ordinacionem in alios usus converterunt, contra 
canonicas sancciones. 

Ouodque predictus episcopus Wyntoniensis, patronus et 
diocesanus hospitalis huiusmodi, vidcns jura possessiones et 
domos dicti hospitalis propter negligenciam magistrorum ipsius 
deformari et deperdi, et piam ordinacionem fundatorum pre- 
dictorum non teneri, licet ad hoc ipsius hospitalis sufficerent 
facultates, pio affectu considerans et egestati pauperum com- 
patiens, ad inquirendum de statu dicti hospitalis ex officio nostro 
processit, et dilectum filium Rogerum de Cloune, presbyterum, 
prctendentem se dicti hospitalis custodem, ct alios eciam ipsius 
prcdecessores eiusdem hospitalis custodes requisivit, ut inventaria 
per ipsos de bonis dicti hospitalis confecta sibi exhiberent et 
ostenderent, et de ipsorum administracione racionem redderent 
juxta canonicas sancciones ; dictique Rogerus et alii prcdeces- 
sores sic moniti et requisiti illud facere recusarunt, consuetu- 
dinem contrariam allegantes ; quarc pro parte procuratorum 
officii curie dicti episcopi multa jura fuerunt producta et copie 
productorum dictis custodibus decrete atquc date, et terminus 
ad dicendum contra producta huiusmodi assignatus ; et cum pars 
adversa contra producta huiusmodi aliqua diccre non curarct, ct 
sentiens, quod in ordinacione ct fundacionc dicti hospitalis non 
fuerat ordinatum, scd illud in beneficium cuiquam assignari 
deberet, nee quod aliquis deberet ad eius custodiam per elecci- 
onem assumi, et quod propterea ad petita de jure artarctur, dictus 
Rogerus, fingens maliciose dictum Willelmum episcopum per 

prcdcccssorcm suuiii huiusmodi ciiis titulum inpugnare ab huius- 
modi prctcnsi tituli inpugnacionc ct a quibusdam aliis confictis 
gravaininibus ad sedcm apostolicam appellavit, intcndens super 
appcllacionc huiusmodi litcs constituere immortales, ut pretextui 
litis huiusmodi sit pcndcntis ad facienda petita minime artari 
possit, ct quod fruclus dicti hospitalis ad usus et sustentacionem 
cgcnorum pia consideracionc clargiti consumere et dilapidare 
et in usus suos impune convertcrc possit, contra voluntatem 
ct ordinacionem fundatorum predictorum, in ipsorum pauperum 
qui dc eorum cotidianA sustentacione ct clemosina defraudantur 
magnum prejudicium et grave periculum animarum. 

Quare pro parte dicti Willelmi episcopi nobis fuit humiliter 
supplicatum, ut providere in premissis de benignitate apostolica 
dignaremur. Nos itaque huiusmodi supph"cacionibus inclinati, 
fraternitati tue per apostolica scripta mandamus, quatenus vocatis 
qui fuerint evocandi et auditis hinc inde propositis, quod justum 
fucrit simpliciter et de piano ac sine strepitu et figura judicii 
huiusmodi appellacione non obstante auctoritate nostra, appella- 
cione remota, decernas, faciens quod decreveris per censuram 
ecclesiasticam firmiter observari. Testes autem qui fuerint 
nominati si se gracia, odio, vel timore subtraxerint censura, 
simili appellacione cessante, compellas veritati testimonium 
perhibcre, non obstante si eidem Rogero vel quibusvis aliis, 
communiter vel divisim, a sede predicta indultum existat, quod 
interdici, suspendi, vel excommunicari non possint per literas 
apostolicas non facientes plenam et expressam ac de verbo in 
verbum de indulto huiusmodi mencionem. — Avignon, 5 Kal. 
Mart, pontificatus nostri anno tercio. 

[95a.] Memorandum of service on Edyndone, Stou^ell, and 
Lyntesforde (Cloune could not be found) of a citation from 
bishop of London, requiring him to appear on the fourth Sunday 
after Corpus Christi (June 13), pursuant to above bull. 

[97a.] The inquiry before the assessors from Tw^yford and 
Owslebury having presumably gone against Cloune, appointment 
of Nicholas de Kyngestone, r. of Crawley (vol. i, p. 134) to be 
coadjutor to administer the temporals of the hospital : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio domino Nicholao de Kyngeston, 

Official Instruments. 4 1 

rectori ecclesie de Cravvele, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. Dudum 
discrcti viri m. Thomas de Sheptone, etc., et Johannes dc Ware, 
etc., ad infrascripta commissarii speciaHter deputati, super sus- 
picionc et dilapidacione bonorum, etc., hospitalis pauperum 
S. Crucis juxta Wyntoniam, dicte diocesis, contra dominum 
Rogerum de Cloune, custodem eiusdem, ex officio nostro eciam 
ad denunciacionem dilectorum fiHorum dominorum Ricardi de 
Lyntesforde et Willehni de Stowell dudum successive custodum 
hospitaHs predicti legitime procedentes, quia constabat eisdem 
commissariis nostris per inquisicionem solempnem dicto Rogero 
et ah'is de jure vocandis ad id debite evocatis in hac parte 
factam eundem Rogerum super dilapidacione bonorum pauperum 
hospitalis predicti multipliciter et vehementer fore suspectum, 
virum providum et discretum ac honestum eidcm Rogero ex 
causa premissa coadjutorem fore dandum dccreverint, et vos coad- 
jutorem dederint per decretum, sine cuius consilio idem Rogerus 
nichil eorum faciat, que ad administracionem bonorum eiusdem 
hospitalis pertinent temporalem, et interim omne alienacionis 
genus eidem Rogero de bonis hospitalis predicti auctoritate 
nostra districcius interdixerunt, processibus eorum commissa- 
riorum nostrorum pleniias novimus contineri. 

Nos volentes dictas sentencias et decreta dictorum commis- 
sariorum in hac parte lata execucioni debite demandare, vobis 
committimus et mandamus firmiter injungentes quatenus offici- 
um coadjutoris huiusmodi in omnibus, que ad administracionem 
temporalem bonorum hospitalis eiusdem pertinere noscuntur, 
cum omni diligencie et fidelitatis studio peragatis, ut possitis 
exinde premium salutis accipere et de fideli diligencia merito 
commendari : si quos ver6 contradictores aut rebelles seu vos in 
execucione dicti officii quomodolibet impedientes forsan inven- 
eritis, cos auctoritate nostra per quascunque censuras ecclesiasti- 
cas canonice compescatis, et ad id faciendum vobis vices nostras 
committimus, cum cuiuslibet cohercionis canonice potestate. — 
Winchester, 16 July, 1373. 

[98b.] Citation of Cloune to appear before the bishop at 
Esher and answer for stopping the hundred men's daily meal. 
The daily allowance for each appears to have been a loaf of 
two and a half pounds, a dish of something in season (juxta 

^2 JiyXv//ri-'//V A%;;v.\7^r. ; 

dici convcnienciam), and a measure of beer. The daily allow- 
ance for each inmate is stated below to be one wheaten loaf of 
two and a half pounds, and three dishes (fercula) at dinner and 
one at supper, besides quant, suff. of beer : — 

Willclmus, etc., dilectis filiis, maj^istris Johanni de Ware, 
rectori ccclesie dc \Vonsyn<;tone, Hugoni Craft, rectori ecclesie 
de Waltham, ac domino Nicholao, rectori ecclesie de Crawele, 
Willclmo rectori S. Laurencii, VVynton., perpetuo vicario ecclesie 
dc Bourne Husshcbourne, Petro Clerc, Johanni Douny, clerico, 
ct Henrico de Thorp, apparitori nostro general i, s. g. et b. 
Clamor validus pauperum et egenorum ad hospitale S. Crucis 
juxta Wynton. pro clemosynis recipicndis cotidie confluencium 
ct fama publica popularis ad nostrum, quod dolenter refcrimus, 
perduxit auditum, quod licet felicis memorie Henricus quondam 
Wyntoniensis episcopus, predecessor noster, hospitale predic- 
tum de suis propriis substanciis ^ pro animabus regum et anime 
sue propria salute fundaverit, ac dotaverit, ac pia intencione 
ordinaverit, quod tresdccim pauperibus fratribus et aliis centum 
paupcribus hominibus illuc cotidie confluentibus ad horam 
prandii dabitur cuilibet eorundem centum unus panis ponderis 
quinque marcarum - et unum ferculum juxta diei convenienciam 
et ciphus potus ad certam mensuram pro eorum indigenciis 
reficiendis, tamen dominus Rogerus de Cloune, custodem dicti 
hospitalis se pretendens, dictam elemosinam cotidianam et alias 
elemosinas inibi debitas et consuetas nequiter subtraxit. Et 
quia qui alimenta pauperibus debita eis negat distribuere, eos 
necare videtur, et pia voluntas fundatoris per maliciam dicti 
Rogeri impeditur minus juste, licet idem Rogerus observare et 
perficere predicta et alia in ordinacione primi fundatoris dicti 
hospitalis eciam juramento corporali fuerit et sit astrictus, et ad 
premissa observanda per nos pluries et districte monitus atque 
jussus : — 

Xos volentes ex officii nostri debito, ut tenemur, pauperibus 
huiusmodi, ne suis alimentis defraudentur, que eorum usibus et 
non aliis pic fuerant ordinata, de congruo remedio providere, 
vobis communiter et divisim committimus et mandamus, in 

1 See p. 38, top, where Henry de Blois is stated, more correctly, to have endowed the 
hospiul with estates belonging to the See of Winchester. 

5 Two and a half pounds— Apud nos marca duplicata libram efficit. — Du Cange. 

Official Instruments. 43 

virtute obediencie firmiter injungentes, quatenus citetis seu citari 
peremptorie faciatis prefatum Rogerum de Cloune, quod com- 
pereat coram nobis vel nostro commissario in ecclesia parochial! 
do Esshere, nostre diocesis, die mcrcurii proximo post festum 
S. Michaelis proximum futuro super subtraccione elernosine 
supradicte, ac super pcrjurio et inobediencia in hac parte ex 
officio nostro ad ipsius Rogeri anime correccionem, et ne dicti 
pauperes elemosinis huiusmodi eis debitis diutii^is defraudentur 
objiciendis responsurus, et de veritate dicenda super premissis 
personaliter juraturus, facturus quoque ulterius et recepturus in 
hiis, quod justicia suadebit et anime eiusdem expediens fuerit et 

Mandamus eciam et committimus vobis, quod quilibet 
vestrum, qui presens recepit mandatum, cum omni celeritate qua 
poteritis idem mandatum et omnia et singula in eo contcnta 
eidem domino Rogero denuncietis et denunciet quivis vestrum 
et eidem plenarie perlegatis et perlegat, ne ignoranciam ipsius 
valeat racionabiliter pretendere vel eciam allegare. Terminum 
vero supradictum propter ipsius Rogeri anime periculum, et ut 
evitetur diutina defraudacio alimentorum dictorum pauperum, et 
ob alias causas legitimas sic duxerimus moderandum, statuen- 
dum, et eciam assignandum. — Waltham, 6 Sept., 1373. 

[99a.] Circular denouncing excommunication against cer- 
tain who violate the sequestration, invading with force and 
arms the lands of the hospital and carrying off its effects : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis Johanni de Wormenhalc, official! 
nostro, canonico Sarum, et Johanni de Ware, rectori ecclcsie de 
Wonsyngtone et decano Wyntoniensi s. g. et b. Sanctorum 
patrum cavent salubria instituta, quod omnes et singuli Cantuari- 
ensis provincic subditi episcoporum jurisdiccionem in civitatibus 
vel locis aliis eis subditis debitc exercere volentes, et super hiis 
que spcctant notoric ad eosdem, seu pro cxercicio jurisdiccionis 
ecclesiasticc mandata sua licita et canonica dcstinancium, 
execucionesquc ipsorum debitc faciendas impcdiunt vel impe- 
dirc procurant injustc, necnon in episcoporum vel vicariorum 
suorum gencralium seu officialium suorum principalium seques- 
tra ex causis justis et veris in bonis ecclesiasticis vel aliis in 
casibus a jure provisis interposita legitime, injustc violarc 

^ I Vykeha ms Register. 

prcsumunt, adco quod eorum preccpta canonica illicite con- 
tempnuntur. maioris cxcommunicacionis summam incurrunt 
ipso facto. Nonnulli tamen sue salutis immemores, quorum 
nomina i<^norantur, jurisdiccioncm nostram ecclcsiasticam circa 
sequcstracioncm fructuum ct bonorum ecclesiasticorum hospi- 
talis S. Crucis juxta Wyntoniam ex causis legitimis vcris et 
justis nuper interpositam, et eiusdcm jurisdiccionis execucionem 
faciendam. tani apud hospitalc predictum quam apud Sparke- 
fordc,' Whitchurchc, Hussheborne et Bourne, ^ Twy fordo, et 
Ousclbury, et locis aliis ad dictum hospitale pertinentibus impedi- 
verunt et impcdire procuraverunt injuste, eciam cum armis bellicis 
rcsistentes, ac sequestra nostra in fructibus et bonis eiusdem 
hospitalis ex justis et veris causis interposita post publicacionem 
eorundcm temere violare presumpserunt, et contra exequentes 
mandata nostra et nuncios ac commissarios nostros eadem 
dcferentes fores et hostia precluserunt et clausa fortiter tenu- 
erunt et tenent cciam in presenti, et sic et aliter jurisdiccioncm 
nostram ecclcsiasticam impediverunt et impedire procurarunt 
temere et injuste, in animarum suarum grave periculum, et 
aliorum Christi fidelium perniciosum exemplum, maioris cxcom- 
municacionis summam contra impedientes et violatores huius- 
modi sic, ut premittitur, ipso facto dampnabiliter incurrendo. 

Ne igitur excessum huiusmodi detestabilem transeamus sub 
dissimulacionis clamide impunitum, vobis universis et singulis 
conjunctim et divisim in virtuLe sancte obediencie et sub maioris 
cxcommunicacionis pena, quam in personas cuiuslibet vestrum, 
si in hiis exequendis negligentes fueritis vel remissi, canonica 
monicione premissa, culpa vel mora vestra precedentibus feri- 
mus, in hiis scriptis firmiter injungimus et districte precipiendo 
mandamus, quatenus omnes et singulos jurisdiccioncm nostram 
ecclcsiasticam in premissis et executores huiusmodi taliter im- 
pedientes, necnon sequestrum nostrum huiusmodi publicatum 
sic, ut premittitur, violantes injuste, in dictam maioris cxcom- 
municacionis summam incidisse, et sic excommunicatos fore 
in omnibus et singulis ecclesiis, tarn in nostra Cathedrali Wyn- 
toniensi quam in singulis aliis ecclesiis parochialibus civitatis 

1 The real name of the parish in which St. Cross Hospital is situate, now known as 
St. Faith's, from the dedication of the parish church. 

' Hurstbourne Tarrant and St. Mary Bourne. 

Official Instruments. 45 

et dioccsis nostre Wyntoniensis omnibus diebus dominicis et 
festivis inter missarum sollemnia, cum maior affuerit populi 
multitude, pulsatis campanis, cruce erecta, candelis accensis ct 
demum extinctis, et cum omni sollempnitate debita, publico 
nuncictis et nunciet quivis vestrum et faciatis per alios nunciari 
eciam in vulgari, ac huiusmodi denunciacione non cessantes, 
quousque dicti delinquentes jurisdiccionem nostram ecclesiasti- 
cam impedientes et sequestrum nostrum sic, ut premittitur, 
violantes ad gremium ecclesie redierint, et de excessibus huius- 
modi satisfecerint et absolucionis beneficium a dicta summa a 
nobis meruerint obtinere, quorum omnium absolucionem a dicta 
summa a singulis penitanciariis nostris express^ adimimus, et 
persone proprie, extra mortis articulum, specialiter reservamus. 

Inquiratis eciam, seu inquirat quivis vestrum, solicite et 
prudenter de nominibus et cognominibus omnium et singulorum 
jurisdiccionem nostram ecclesiasticam et cxecucionem ciusdem 
sic impediencium ac sequestrum nostrum predictum violancium 
et infringencium, et compellatis auctoritate nostra per censuras 
ecclesiasticas quascunque personas expedire videretis super 
inquirendo in hac parte ab eis plenum veritati testimonium per- 
hibere ; et quoscunque per inquisicionem huiusmodi culpabiles 
seu diffamatos inveneritis, citetis seu citari peremptoric faciatis 
eosdem, quod certis diebus congruis per vos eis statuendis coram 
nobis compereant super, prefatis impedimentis jurisdiccionis 
nostre ac violacione sequestri nostri predicti et aliis excessibus 
prenotatis eis et eorum cuilibet ad animarum suarum correc- 
cionem et salutem, ex officio nostro objiciendis, responsuris, et 
de veritate dicenda super eis et eorum quolibct, ac certis interro- 
gatoriis ex premissis elicicndis personalitcr juraturis, facturisquc 
ultcrius et recepturis in hiis quod justicia suadcbit. — Sutton, 
17 Sept. 

Similar letters to dean of Andover and vicars of Whitchurch, 
Hurstbourne, and St. Mary Bourne. 

[ggb.] Commission to sequestrate as against Clounc the 
appropriate rectories of Twyford with Owslebury, Hurstbourne, 
St. Mary Bourne, Whitchurch, and Fareham ; and the pensions 
charged on the churches of Alverstokc, Upham, Bishop's 

aC Wvke flam's Rrj^isfer. 

Waltham. Exton, East Woodhay, Millbrook, Hinton Ampner, 
Havant. Michclmcrsh, and Chilbolton :— 

Willclmus, etc., dilcctis filiis m. Johanni de Ware, sequestra- 
tori nostro in archidiaconatu Wyntoniensi, Hugoni de Crafte, 
r. ccclesic de Waltham, et domino Nicholao, r. ecclesie de 
Crawcle. nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. Nuper dum civitatem et 
diocesim nostram Wyntoniensem, clerum eiusdem et populum 
eiusdcm, cepimus personalitcr et actualiter visitare, dominum 
Rocrcrum de Cloune, custodem hospitalis pauperum S. Crucis 
iuxta Wynton., nostre diocesis, pretendentem se habere ecclesias 
parochiales de Twyforde cum capella de Ouselbury eidem 
annexa, Whitcherche, Husshebourne et Bourne, et Farham in 
usus proprios possidere, necnon certas pensiones in ecclesiis 
parochiaHbus de Ahvarstoke, Upham, Waltham, Exton, Wyde- 
hay, Mulebroc, Hentone, Havonte, Michehnerssh, et Chilboltone, 
et aliis ecclesiis parochiaHbus dicte diocesis percipere se debere, 
et ad se racione dicti hospitalis pertinere, ad exhibendum titulum 
et quicquid canonicum per se habuerit super appropriacionibus 
dictarum ecclesiarum, et detencione ac percepcione pensionum 
predictarum, ad certos diem et locum in visitacione nostra pre- 
dicta mandaverimus, et fecerimus coram nobis ad judicium 

Ouibus die et loco dictus Rogerus sic citatus, preconizatus, 
et diutiiis expectatus comparere, nil super jure et titulo appro- 
priacionis dictarum ecclesiarum aut percepcione pensionum 
predictarum quicquam proponere vel allegare seu fidem de eis 
facere, non curavit, contumaciam contrahendo manifestam ; prop- 
ter quod ipsum Rogerum non comparentem reputavimus non 
immeritc contumacem, et in penam contumacie huiusmodi omnes 
fructus, redditus, et proventus ecclesiarum predictarum ac pen- 
siones predictas eciam occasione injuste subtraccionis elemosine 
pauperum ad idem hospitale cotidie confluencium ex fundacione 
dicti hospitalis debite et abolim consuete per ipsum Rogerum 
notorie et nepharie subtracte fore decrevimus sequestrandos et 
sequestravimus per decretum, ac tenore presencium sequestra- 
mus, quousque idem Rogerus de stando et parendo juri in hac 
parte offerat sufficienter et effectualiter se paratum. 

Vobis igitur communiter et divisim committimus et manda- 
mus, firmiter injungentes, quatenus omnes fructus, redditus, et 

Official Instnivtents. 47 

proventus ct pensioncs predictos sic per nos fore sequestrates in 
singulis ecclesiis prelibatis et aliis ccclesiis convicinis diebus 
dominicis et festivis inter missarum solempnia cum maior 
iffuerit populi multitudo solempniter publicetis et faciatis per 
ilios publicari et sub arto custodiri sequestro, sicut de eis in 
2ventu volueritis respondere. De diebus vero, etc. — Waltham, 
5 Sept., 1373. 

Similar commission to vicar of Twvford and others for 
Pwyford and Owslebury. — Same date. 

[lOOa.] Commission to collect the hospital rents during 
the sequestration, for the maintenance of the thirteen brethren 
and hundred poor : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis m. Johanni de Ware et Nicholao 
de Kyngestone, rectori ecclesie de Crawele, nostre diocesis, s. 
y. et b. Dudum bone memorie Henricus, quondam episcopus 
^Vyntoniensis, pro salute anime sue et predecessorum suorum ac 
-egum Anglie quoddam hospitale pauperum Christi extra muros 
:ivitatis Wynton. de possessionibus et bonis ecclesie nostre 
IVynton. a Deo collatis devote instituit sub certis modis, formis, 
2t condicionibus canonicis licitis et honestis, et eciam stabilivit 
perpetuis temporibus duraturum, necnon a pie et felicis record- 
icionis domino Innocentio, domino Lucio, et aliis romanis pon- 
tificibus, necnon ab illustrissimis principibus Henrico et Ricardo 
*t aliis quam pluribus regibus Anglie catholicis et Deo devotis 
illud obtinuit confirmari, ut Christi pauperibus in eadem domo 
Dei devote et humiliter cotidie serviatur, modum autem servicii 
z\. facte super hoc constitucionis idem predecessor noster talem 
idjecit, videlicet quod xiij viri pauperes et imbecilles et ita 
i^iribus attenuati, ut vix aut nunquam sine alterius adminiculo 
se valeant sustentare, in eodem hospitali assiduc pcrmanebunt, 
pro animabus predictis preces Altissimo cffundentcs, quibus 
necessaria vestimenta ab eiusdem hospitalis custode preparata 
dabuntur, et lecti eorum infirmitatibus convenientes, ac panis 
bonus de frumento ad pensum quinquc marcarum, et tria fercula 
in prandio et unum ad cenam ad diem pertinencia, et potus 
sufficienter constitutus debeant cotidie ministrari ; et si quis- 
quam ex ipsis tresdecim pauperibus ab huiusmodi infirmitate ct 

^8 IVj'kf/idm's Register. 

debilitate corporis forsitan convaluerit, ille cum honestate emitti 
dcbcat et in loco ipsius alius introduci. Ordinavit insuper fun- 
dator prcdictus, et ex fontc caritatis intense Deo placentis adjecit, 
quod ultra dictos trcsdccim paupcres centum alii viri pauperes 
verecundi, i]ualcs poterunt inveniri ampliiis indit^entcs, cotidie 
suscipiantur ad horam prandii in hospitali predicto pro animabus 
prenotatis, quibus et eorum cuilibet cotidie unus panis grossior 
ciusdem ponderis, cuius supra, et unum ferculum sicut visum 
fuerit iuxta dici convenienciam, et ciphus unus ad certam mcn- 
suram, de bonis hospitalis predicti cotidie debeant ministrari ; 
Quibus centum paupcribus a prandio surgentibus quod cuiquc de 
cibo vel potu superfucrit licebit libere tollere et auferre. 

Alia quoque beneficia egenis quibuscunquc mandavit ordin- 
avit et jussit fundator predictus juxta vires facultatum hospitalis 
prefati misericorditcr impertiri pro animabus predictis, et supra- 
dicta omnia in prefata domo Dei fundator predictus Sancti 
Spiritus gracia inspiratus devote constituit indefinenter et fide- 
liter, ut premittitur, adimplenda, et pro dictis oneribus perpetuo 
supportandis et elemosinis predictis continue faciendis bona, 
possessiones, redditus, et proventus sufficiencia pie eidem hospi- 
tali de ecclesia nostra predicta contulit et perpetuo assignavit 
ad remedium animarum predictarum. Clamor cum validus 
pauperum et aliorum Christi fidelium ad dictum hospitale pro 
dicta elemosina recipienda et habenda confluencium nostrum 
graviter pulsat auditum et pangit, fama quoque publica et 
inquisiciones de mandato nostro in hac parte facte ad nostram 
audienciam noviter deduxerunt, quod ds. Rogerus Cloune, cus- 
todem dicti hospitalis se pretendens, ac Willelmus de Castelforde 
ipsius deputatus et minister in hac parte lucrum suum proprium 
sustentacioni pauperum et voluntati dicti fundatoris Deo placide 
et accepte subdole proponentes, et bona huiusmodi pauperibus 
assignata suis propriis usibus applicare satagentes, et pauperes 
predictos suis alimoniis cotidianis inhumaniter, ut accepimus, 
defraudentes, dictam elemosinam, quod dolenter referimus, sub- 
traxerunt perperam et dolose, et bona predicta in usus alios 

Super quibus omnibus, tam per inquisiciones inde factas, 
quam viis et modis aliis legitimis plenarie primitus informati, 
ne dicti pauperes suis elemosinis et alimentis eis debitis amplius 


Official histruments. 49 

defraudentur et bona predicta in aliis propriis usibus execrabiliter 
dissipentur et eciam consumantur, omnes fructus redditus et 
proventus ad dictum hospitale pcrtinentes nostre jurisdiccioni 
ordinarie subjaccntes pro eorum salvacione et tuicione ex causis 
predictis et aliis causis legitimis fore decrevimus sequestrandos, 
et sequestravimus per decretum, et eos mandavimus et fecimus 
sub tuto custodiri sequestro. 

Verum quia clamor validus nostrum noviter pulsavit auditum, 
quod tresdecim pauperes predicti et ministri hospitalis eiusdem 
propter defectum et carenciam alimentorum elemosine prelibate 
se in dispersionem ponere erunt coacti, nisi citiiis faciamus eis 
de oportuno remedio provideri, et predicti alii centum pauperes 
ad dictum hospitale pro alimoniis habendis cotidie conflucre 
consueti, vacui et sine elemosinis a dicto hospitali contra volun- 
tatem et disposicionem piam fundatoris eiusdem enormiter 
repelluntur ; nos cupientes indigenciis dictorum pauperum suc- 
currere et de remedio congruo providere, vobis communiter et 
divisim, de quorum fidelitate et prudencia plenam in Domino 
fiduciam obtinemus, committimus ac in virtutc obediencie 
firmiter injungendo mandamus, quatenus ad maneria, rectorias, 
possessiones, redditus et proventus quoscunque in eis repertos 
sic per nos, ut premittitur, sequestratos, vestro visui suppon- 
entes, tantummodo de eisdem fructibus, redditibus, et proventi- 
bus et bonis per visum et testimonium aliorum fidedignorum et 
ad hoc eligendorum capiatis seu capi faciatis auctoritate nostr^ 
quantum cotidie racionabiliter sufficere poterit ad sustentacionem 
dictorum tresdecim et aliorum centum pauperum predictorum 
ac ministrorum hospitalis predicti, facientes cum omni celcritate 
per vos vel alterum vestrCim, seu per deputandos a vobis vel 
altero vcstrum, dictis tresdecim pauperibus panem bonum, etc., 
ac tantam et talem curetis in premissis exequendis diligenciam 
adhibcrc, quod prcter retribucionem divinam possitis de fidelitate 
et elemosine huiusmodi distribucionc merito commendari. Si 
quos vero contradictores, rebelles, seu vos in execucione prcmis- 
sorum quomodolibet impedientes reppereritis, eos per quascunque 
censuras ecclesiasticas auctoritate nostra canonice compescatis, 
et si rebelles huiusmodi seu dictum sequestrum nostrum aliter 
infringentes forsitan invcncritis, de quibus solicite inquiratis, 
citetis seu citari percmptorie faciatis cosdem, quod die et loco 


50 Wykeham's Register, 

conf^ruis per vos cis stalucndis coram nobis compcrcant, super 
huiusmodi contradiccionc, rcbcllionc, ct impcdimcnto, ac scqucs- 
tri nostri violacione, cis ct coriim ciiilibct divisim ad animarum 
suarum corrcccioncm ct salutcm ex nostro officio objicicndis 
rcsponsuri, ac de veritatc dicenda super premissis, et certis inter- 
rogatoriis ex cis clicicndis personaliter juraturi, facturi quoque 
ct rcccpturi super hiis omnibus quod juris fieret et racionis. De 
dicbus vcro rcccpcionis, etc.— Esher, I Oct., 1373. 

[lOlb.] Commission to hear cause promoted against Cloune 
and his deputy for breach of the sequestration : — 

Willclmus, etc., dilectis clericis nostris m. John de Wormen- 
halc, officiali nostro, et Johanni de Bukyngham, canonico 
Eboracensi, s. g. et b. Ad cognoscendum, procedendum, statu- 
cndum, et diffinicndum in causa seu negocio que vel quod 
occasionc subtraccionis elemosine pauperum ad hospitale S. 
Crucis, juxta Wyntoniam, confluencium, necnon perjurii et in- 
obediencie ac violacionis sequestri nostri in bonis dicti hospitaHs 
legitime interpositi contra dominum Rogerum de Cloune, custo- 
dem eiusdem hospitalis se dicentem, movetur ex officio nostro, 
moverive speratur, necnon contra Willelmum Parham, occasione 
violacionis eiusdem sequestri nostri eciam solempniter publicati, 
dictumque negocium cum suis emergentibus, dependentibus, et 
connexis audiendum et fine debito terminandum, vobis com- 
muniter et divisim tenore presencium committimus vices nostras, 
cum cuiuslibet cohercionis canonice et exequendi que in hac 
parte decreveritis potestate. Et nos, dicto negocio terminato, de 
toto processu vestro in hac parte habito et habendo clare et apte 
certificetis literis3!:fistris patentibus habentibus hunc tenorem. — 
Esher, 4 Oct., i^ y\^^^ 

Similar commissioiV, same date, to prior of Winchester 
Cathedral and the archdeacons. 

[lOOb.] Thomas de Baketone, chancellor of the diocese of 
London, appointed by Simon, bp. of London, to be sub-delegate 
to hear the cause against Edyndone, Stowell, Lyntesforde, and 
Cloune : — 

Simon, etc., discreto viro m. Thome de Baketone, legum 
doctori, cancellario nostro, canonicoquc ecclesie Lincolniensis, 


Official Instnnnents. 5 1 

s. g. et b. Ad cognoscendum et procedendum in causa nobis a 
sedc apostolica specialiter commissa inter revercndum in Christo 
patrem dominum Willclmum, etc., ex parte una, et dominos 
Rogerum de Cloune, Johannem Edyndone, Ricardum Lyntes- 
forde, et Willelmum de Stowcll, ex parte altera, super reform- 
acione et statu domOs sive hospitalis S. Crucis extra muros 
Wynton., cum omnibus suis emergentibus, dependcntibus, et 
connexis, juxta vim, formam, et eftectum literarum aposto- 
licarum nobis in hac parte directarum, vobis, de cuius circum- 
speccione et industria plenam in Domino ferimus fiduciam, 
committimus vices nostras, cum cuiuslibet cohercionis canonice 
potestate, donee eas ad nos duxerimus revocandas. — London, 
13 Oct. 

[103a.] Thomas de Sheptone commissioned to proceed 
against William de Castleforde, r. of St. Pancras, Winchester, 
for non-residence^: — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio m. Thome de Sheptone, legum 
doctori, canonico Wellensi, s. g. et b. Ad procedendum ex 
officio nostro contra dominum Willelmum de Castelforde, rect- 
orem ecclesie S. Pancracii Wyntoniensis, occasione non resi- 
dencie et voluntarie absencie sue ab ecclesia predicta, nulla super 
hoc petita licencia vel obtenta, ad anime ipsius correccionem sibi 
objiciendum et ipsum corrigendum in hac parte, et canonice 
puniendum, cum suis emergentibus, dependcntibus, et connexis, 
necnon ad exequendum sentencias et decreta per vos super hiis 
facienda, vobis tenore presencium committimus vices nostras 
cum cuiuslibet cohercionis canonice potestate ; mandantcs qua- 
tenus dicto negocio terminato, nos de toto processu vestro super 
hoc habendo ct habito clare certificetis literis vcstris, etc. — 
Farnham, 8 Nov. 

[lOia.] Abbot of Hyde appointed sub-delegate for the 
convenience of examining witnesses on the spot : — 

Simon permissione divina Londoniensis episcopus, judex 
unicus in negocio super et de statu, qualitatibus, et condicionibus 
domus elemosinarie sive hospitalis pauperum S. Crucis juxta 

1 Named above, p. 48, as Clounc's deputy. Like his principal, he seems to have been 
keeping out of the way at this time. 

E 2 

52 Wykeham's Register. 

Wyntoniam, Wyntonicnsis diocesis, inter vcnerabilem patrem 
dominum Willclmuin, Dei gracia episcopum Wyntoniensem, 
actorcm ex parte una, ct dominos Rogerum de Clounc, Johan- 
nem dc Edyndonc, Ricardum dc Lyntesforde, ct Willelmum de 
Stowell. successive custodes, magistros, sivc yconomos hospitalis 
prcdicti moto, a sede apostolica specialiter delegatus, venerabili 
ct religiose viro, domino abbati monasterii de Hyda juxta Wyn- 
toniam, ordinis S. Benedicti, Wyntoniensis diocesis, salutem, 
ct mandatis nostris infrascriptis ymo apostolicis efficaciter et 
humiliter obedire. Cum nos in dicto negocio auctoritate prefata 
inter partes suprascriptas legitime procedentes, quosdam arti- 
culos sive peticionem summariam in dicta causa seu negocio per 
partem dicti patris nobis oblatam, admiserimus in forma juris, 
parsque dicti domini episcopi cum instancia postulaverit mis- 
sionem fieri ad partes hospitalis predicti, ubi Veritas melius posset 
indagari, pro testibus in dicta causa necessariis. 

Nos reputantes peticionem predictam fore conformem racioni, 
missionem huiusmodi, facta fide que requiritur, fore decrevimus 
faciendam, vobis quoque auctoritate apostolica supradicta corn- 
mittimus et mandamus in virtute obediencie, qua sedi apostolice 
tenemur, firmiter injungentes, quatenus omnes et singulos testes, 
quos pars dicti patris in dicto negocio coram vobis duxerit pro- 
ducendos in ecclesia conventuali monasterii de Hyda, Wyntoni- 
ensis diocesis, in vigilia apostolorum Simonis et Jude proxime 
futura, cum continuacione et prorogacione dierum tunc sequen- 
cium, quos diem et locum parti dictorum Willelmi, Johannis, et 
Ricardi prefiximus et assignavimus, ac eidem Rogero assignari 
fecimus ad interessendum et videndum huiusmodi produccionem 
et admissionem fieri in forma juris admittatis, et eos super 
articulis et summaria peticione predictis, quos sub nostro sigillo 
transmittimus inclusos, solicite examinetis juxta prudenciam a 
Deo vobis datam, ac deposiciones eorundem testium clare et 
plene in scriptis redactas, et sub vestro sigillo interclusas, nobis 
et subdelegato nostro ad capellam palacii nostri episcopalis ad 
proximum diem juridicum post festum commemoracionis ani- 
marum proxime futurum una cum articulis supradictis fideliter 
et integre transmittatis, significantes nobis que et quanta fides 
sit dictis testibus adhibenda, una cum nominibus et cognominibus 
eorundem ; testes autem qui vobis fuerint nominati, si se gracia, 

Official Instruments. 53 

odio, vel timore, subtraxerint, cogatis auctoritatc apostolica per 
censuras ccclesiasticas super premissis veritati testimonium pcr- 
hibere. Ad que omnia et singula facienda et expedicnda vobis 
tenore presencium committimus vices nostras cum cuiuslibet 
cohercionis canonice potestate. Et qualiter premissa omnia et 
singula fucritis cxecuti nos vel alium subdelegatum nostrum 
dictis die et loco clare et plenarie certificetis literis vestris paten- 
tibus, habentibus hunc tenorem. — London, 21 Oct., 1373. 

[104a.] Text of Baketone's judgment, omitting a long 
preamble. The hospital is a hospital within the meaning of the 
" Quia contingit," and by the charter of foundation as well as 
by the " Quia contingit," the master is bound to produce an 
inventory and account of receipts and expenditure to the 
diocesan yearly. Cloune is sentenced to do this under pain of 
ecclesiastical censure ; all instruments of collation or provision 
dealing with the hospital as an ecclesiastical benefice are invalid. 
Cloune is condemned in costs, to be taxed by Baketone. — 
Dated 5 Dec, 1373: — 

Nos igitur Thomas de Baketone, legum doctor, canonicus 
Lincolniensis, subdelegatus predictus, solum Deum pro omnibus 
habentes, ipsiusque nomine primitiis invocato, de consilio juris 
peritorum nobis assidencium investigato per nos toto dicto pro- 
ccssu diligenciiis et rimato, ad summc diffinitive inter dictas 
partes in eadem causa prolacionem dicta parte actrice coram 
nobis constituta, et summam fieri petente, ipsa parte rea ad hoc 
legitime vocata et contumaciter se absente ac contumacem pro- 
nunciata, procedimus in hunc modum : Auditis per nos et 
intellcctis mcritis cause predictc, quia per acta et actitata pre- 
dicta exhibita et probata in dicta causa invenimus partem dicti 
reverendi patris VVyntoniensis episcopi, intencionem suam in 
dicto suo libello articulis sive articulo deductam quoad infra- 
scripta sufficicnter probasse, prefatam domum S. Crucis fuisse et 
esse hospitale seu domum elcmosinariam in sua primaria funda- 
cionc pro Christi paupcribus dcbilibus et imbccillibus ad plenum 
numcrum dc quo prcmittitur, videlicet de xiij fratribus scculari- 
bus, centum paupcribus in forma superius in ipsis articulis, de 
quibus prefcrtur, dcducta, alcndis, rccipiendis, et sustcntandis dc 
bonis et substanciis eiusdcm hospitalis per fundatorem ipsius 

54 Wykcham's Register. 

prcfundatum ct dotatum ; quodquc in dicto hospital! sive ele- 
mosinaria fundacionc nullatcnus cavetur, quod idem hospitale 
potiiit aut dcbuit impcrpetuiim bcneficium conferri, seu per 
eleccionem ad candem aliquis assumi : Quodquc ab antiquo 
cciam tempore edicionis dicte constitucionis dementis pape 
quinti, que incipit Quia coniitigit, ante et citra, per clericos 
scculares custodes seu magistros temporales eiusdem ex pro- 
visione, collacione, prefeccione, seu disposicione reverendorum 
patrum episcoporum Wyntonicnsium deputatos solebat guber- 
nari, magistrosquc seu custodes omnes et singulos ad presta- 
cionem juramcnti, confeccionem inv^cntarii, et racionem compoti 
de jure, ct prcscrtim post cdicionem et artacionem dicte consti- 
tucionis Clementine, juxta formam et effectum dicte constitu- 
cionis, artatos fuisse et efficaciter obligatos pro huiusmodi natura 
ct condicionc dicte domus elemosinarie, ipsumque dominum 
Rogerum, nunc custodem, ac magistrum Johannem de Edyndone, 
Willclmum de Stowell, ac Ricardum Lyntesforde, successive 
custodes hospitalis sive domus elemosinarie supradicte, omnesque 
magistros ct custodes dicte domus cunctis futuris inibi pre- 
ficicndos, ad prestandum juramentum et conficienda inventaria 
fidelia et plena de omnibus bonis hospitalis sive domus elemo- 
sinarie predicte ; ilia quoque inventaria loci diocesano, seu 
deputando ab eo, exhibenda, et racionem de administracionibus 
suis de bonis huiusmodi diocesano, seu alii ab ipso deputato seu 
deputando, annuatim reddendo, ac ad huiusmodi pauperes 
debiles et imbecilles in dicta domo sive hospitali Sancte Crucis 
juxta modum numerum et formam premissos alendos, re- 
cipiendos, et sustentandos de bonis et substanciis eiusdem 
hospitalis per fundatores ipsius pie fundati et dotati, ut pre- 
mittitur, pro temporibus suis succcssivis fuisse, futurosque magis- 
tros sive custodes perpetuis temporibus fore obligatos, ipsumque 
dominum Rogerum de Cloune dicti hospitalis nunc custodem ad 
omnia ct singula premissa fuisse et esse obligatum, ac eundem 
dominum Rogerum de Cloune ad huiusmodi prestandum jura- 
mentum ac conficiendum inventarium fidele et plenum, illudque 
loci diocesano exhibendum, et racionem de administracione sua 
bonorum dicti hospitalis diocesano huiusmodi annuatim redden- 
dum, ac custodes dicti hospitalis, ac custodes dicti hospitalis, 
qui pro tempore fuerunt, dictosque Johannem, Willclmum, et 

Official histruments. 55 

Ricardum, successive custodes dicti hospitalis sive domOs elcmo- 
sinarie predicte futurosque magistros sive custodes pcrpetuis 
futuris temporibus Inibi preficiendos, ad reddendam dicti loci 
diocesano, vel deputando ab eo, de administracionibus suis dc 
bonis dicti hospitalis pro temporibus suis successivis racionem 
juxta formam dicte constitucionis Clementine Quia contingit, 
et cuiusdam alterius constitucionis bone memorie Urbani pape 
quinti cciam inde facte et promulgate, ac juris exigenciam 
predictam, teneri et firmiter obligari effectualiter compelli, et per 
censuras ecclesiasticas. Omnes insuper collaciones, provisiones, 
seu ordinaciones de dicta domo elemosinaria sive hospitalis per 
quoscunque, quavis auctoritate predicta personis, ut de beneficio 
ecclesiastico simplici, facte seu faciende, tanquam fundacioni 
predicte domus et dicte constitucioni premissisque aliis contrarias 
et repugnantes carere omni robore firmitatis et aliter invalidas, 
salva sedis apostolice auctoritate. Quodque ceteris bonis dicti 
hospitalis quatuor presbyteri, tredecim clerici seculares, et septem 
pauperes clerici in ecclesia dicti hospitalis in divinis servituri et 
ministraturi, de more et consuetudine antiquis consueverunt, 
debuerunt, et debent sustentari, pretextu et occasione cciam 
oneris centum pauperum per bone memorie Ricardum, quondam 
Wyntoniensem episcopum, adiectorum penitus cessantis. 

Alia insuper bona dicti hospitalis egenis quibuscunque miscri- 
corditcr distribui debere, juxta facultates ipsius domus ac ipsius 
fundacionem primariam, salva tamen ipsius custodis porcione, 
juxta fundacionem et ordinacionem antiquas eiusdem domus 
primarias et alia racionabilitcr dcbita in hac parte, per nostram 
summam dififinitivam pronunciamus et dcclaramus in hiis scriptis, 
ac ipsum dominum Rogerum de Cloune, nunc custodem dicte 
domus, in expcnsis legitimis per partem dicti domini Willclmi 
episcopi Wyntonicnsis in hac causa factis insuper condempn- 
amus, taxacione earum dicto domino dclcgato aut nobis im- 
posterum reservata. 

[102b.] Notarial act on the submission of Lyntcsfordc at 
Highclcrc, 6 Jan., 1372-3 : — 

In Dei nomine. Amen. Anno ab incarnacionc Domini 
secundum cursum et computacionem ccclcsie Anglicanc millcs- 
imo CCCLXXIJ, indiccionc undccima, mensis Januarii die sexta, 

IVykeham^s Register. 

pontificatus sanctissimi in Christo patris et domini, domini 
Gregorii, divina providcncia papc undccimi, anno tercio, consti- 
tutus personalitcr coram vcncrabili patrc ct domino, domino 
Willclmo, etc., in capella dicti patris infra mancrium suum de 
AltA ClerA, Wyntoniensi diocese, situata, in mci notarii publici 
et testium subscriptorum prcsencia, discretus vir dominus 
Ricardus de Lyntesfordc, quondam magister sive custos hospi- 
talis Sancte Crucis juxta Wyntoniam, Wyntoniensi diocese, 
quandam cedulam, qiiani in manu sua tcnebat, palam et publice 
perlegit, cessit, et renunciavit, ac juravit ad sancta Dei evangelia 
per eum corporaliter tacta, ac procuratores suos revocavit, non 
vi, metu, fraude, vel dolo ad hoc inductus, set spontanea sua 
voluntate, ut in notario appendicio ad premissa excitatur, et 
motus, prout in cadcm cedula pleniias continetur ; eandem 
quoque cedulam sic pcrlectam in manibus dicti domini Wyntoni- 
ensis episcopi tradidit, et penes eundem patrem dimisit. Tenor 
vero dicte cedule per omnia est talis : — 

In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Ricardus de Lyntesforde, 
dudum magister sive custos hospitalis sive domiis elemosinarie 
paupcrum Sancte Crucis juxta Wyntoniam, Wyntoniensi diocese, 
considerans et attendens per varias tarn literas apostolicas quam 
alias per documenta legitima et alias evidencias et informaciones 
ex officio reverendi patris, etc., loci diocesani et patroni, in judicio 
et extra occasione predicti hospitalis contra me instituto revelata, 
et exhibita, quod dictum hospitale sive domus elemosinaria per 
bone memorie Henricum fratrem germanum Stephani regis 
Anglie, quondam episcopum Wyntoniensem, pro sustentacione 
pauperum et debilium ad idem hospitale confluencium primo 
fundatum extitit et dotatum de bonis fundatoris predicti, et 
quod huiusmodi bona omnia ct singula in usus pauperum pre- 
dictorum sunt, et non in alios, committenda, excepta racionabili 
et moderata sustentacione magistri seu custodis predicti, prout 
liquet clare in carta primarie fundacionis eiusdem ; attendens 
quoque, quod tam vigore constitucionis Urbani pape quinti super 
dicta materia constitute quod magistri, custodes, seu rectores 
huiusmodi hospitalium tenentur de bonis eorundem per eos 
administratis annuatim reddere racionem ; ex causis premissis 
racionabiliter me moventibus omni liti processui et prosecucioni 
eiusdem contra me causa premissa coram dicto reverendo 

Official Instruments. 57 

patre, vel eius commlssarlis quibuscunquc, ct prcsertlm coram 
venerabili viro m. Thoina Yung, dicti patris commissario in hac 
parte specialiter deputato, inchoatis et diutius continuatis pcn- 
dentibus indecisis, necnon omnibus et sin^^ulis appellacionibus 
ct provocacionibus per me in hac parte interpositis, et adhesion- 
ibus nomine meo factis, necnon in integrum restitucionibus et 
aliis juris remediis in predicto negocio michi adquisitis, pure, 
sponte, simpliciter, libere, et absolute cedo et renuncio in hiis 
scriptis, et potestatem omnem et omnimodam quibuscunquc 
procuratoribus meis in premissis, et eorum singulis, primitus 
per me datam revoco ex nunc palam et expresse ; ac super 
premissis omnibus et singulis, quatenus me et statum meum 
concernunt, me ordinacioni, voluntati, et disposicioni reverendi 
patris, etc., submitto, promittens me ratum et gratum habitu- 
rum quicquid idem pater ordinaverit, disposuerit, aut decrcvcrit 
in hac parte f^iciendum. Et juro ad hec sancta Dei cvangclia 
corporaliter per me tacta me plene, fideliter, et integre observa- 
turum premissas renunciacionem et revocacionem, et in nullo 
contraventurum, de jure nee de facto, quicquid dictus pater 
ordinaverit, disposuerit seu decreverit in premissis, vel aliquo 
premissorum, sub pena centum librarum stcrlingorum, medietate 
illarum camere domini pape, et reliqua medietate fabrice ecclesie 
Wyntoniensi, pro voluntate domini Willelmi Wyntoniensis epis- 
copi applicanda. Et idem venerabilis pater Wyntoniensis 
episcopus prefatam cedulam sic, ut prcmittitur, perlectam ct 
sibi traditam et liberatam de manibus dicti domini Ricardi 
benigniter admisit, ct omnia et singula in eadem ccdula con- 
tenta, quatenus ad eundem patrem et eius officium attinuit, ad 
rogatum dicti Ricardi acceptavit et cciam approbavit. — Acta 
sunt hec anno, indiccione, mense, die, pontificatu et loco pre- 
notatis, prcsentibus nobili viro domino Edmundo Avenel, milite, 
ac Henrico Sturmy, vicecomitc de Wiltes, ac venerabilibus et 
discrctis viris magistris Johanne de Bukyngham, canonico 
Eboracensi, Johanne de Campcdcn, canonico ecclesie collegiate 
Suthwellensis, Ebor. dio., domino Willelmo de Stowell, rcctore 
ecclesie parochialis de Burghclere, Wyntoniensis diocesis, necnon 
Johanne de Essex ct Willelmo Knyght clcricis ct notariis pub- 
licis apostolicis, testibus ad premissa vocatis specialiter et rogatis. 

Et ego, Johannes dictus de North Kcllescye, Lincolnicnsis 

58 IVykeham's Register. 

dioccsis clcn'cus, publicus auctoritatc apostolica notarius, pre- 
niissis cedule lecture cessioni renunciacioni revocacioni, ac jura- 
mcnti prestacioni et omnibus aliis et singulis suprascriptis, dum 
sic, ut prefcrtur, agerentur et ficrcnt, sub anno indiccione mense 
die pontificatu et loco prcnotatis, una cum dictis testibus presens 
intcrfui. eaque sic, ut premittitur, fieri vidi et audivi, et ipsa aliis 
arduis negociis occupatus per alium scribi feci, meque hie sub- 
scripsi ct signum meum consuetum de mandato dicti domini 
Wyntoniensis episcopi, ct ad rogatum dicti Ricardi, huic instru- 
mcnto apposui, in fidem et testimonium omnium premissorum. 

[104b.] Extract from a notarial act dated 11 June, 1374, 
recording Clounc's submission. He swears that he will render 
accounts, and is absolved, being enjoined in name of penance to 
perform his promise : — 

Subsequenter vero die duodecima mensis Junii, anno, in- 
diccione, et pontificatu supradictis, in ecclesia S. Pauli Londoni- 
ensis, in mei notarii publici infrascripti ac venerabilium virorum 
magistrorum Johannis de Schilyngforde, Willelmi Byde, Willelmi 
Lozyng supradictorum, m. Ricardi de Warmyngtone, notarii 
publici apostolici, et aliarum testium ad hoc specialiter voca- 
torum et rogatorum presencia, coram venerabili viro m. Thoma 
de Baketone, subdelegato supradicto, in causa memorata, person- 
aliter constitutus ds. Rogerus de Cloune supradictus promisit et 
juravit ad sancta Dei evangelia per ipsum corporaliter tacta, 
sicut et prout inferius continetur. Forma autem sive tenor dicti 
instrumenti, prout in quadam papiri cedula, quam tunc ibidem in 
manibus suis tenens perlegit, continebatur, de verbo ad verbum 
per omnia talis est : — 

In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Rogerus de Cloune, pretensus 
custos sive magister domus elemosinarie sive hospitalis S. Crucis 
juxta Wyntoniam, Wyntoniensis diocesis, juro per hec sancta 
Dei evangelia per me corporaliter tacta, quod inventarium seu 
inventaria de bonis ipsius hospitalis sive domus conficiam pro 
annis singulis quibus ibidem custos fui sive magister, et racionem 
sive calculum de administracione mea de bonis antedictis pro 
temporibus supradictis, reverendo in Christo patri, domino 
Willelmo, Dei gracia nunc episcopo Wyntoniensi, eiusdem 
domus sive hospitalis patrono et diocesano, deputato vel depu- 

Official Instruments. 59 

tando ab eodcm, reddam juxta formam et effcctum capituli 
Quia contingit editi in hac parte, cum super hoc per partem 
dicti reverend! patris fuero congrue requisitus ; quodque ipsam 
constitucionem Clementinam, quatenus ad me attinet, pro tcm- 
poribus meis in omnibus et per omnia observabo. 

Quibus sic peractis prefatus m. Thomas subdelegatus ipsum 
dominum Rogerum de Cloune, prestito primitus per eundem de 
stando mandatis ecclesie in hac parte ad sancta Dei evangeh'a 
juramento corporali, a quibuscunque suspensionis et excommuni- 
cacionis sentenciis et aliis censuris ecclesiasticis per eundem sub- 
delegatum auctoritate apostolica in eundem dominum Rogerum 
propter suas contumacias seu manifestas offensas in prefata 
causa per ipsum contractas latis auctoritate apostolica sibi in hac 
parte commissa, absolvit, et sacramentis ecclesie restituit, eidem- 
que pro penitencia speciali in ea parte injunxit quod idem ds. 
Rogerus dictum juramcntum per ipsum sic prestitum, ac omnia 
alia et singula superiilis rccitata, quatenus ipsum concernebant, 
fideliter observaret ; que per omnia se observaturum et facturum 
fideliter promisit. 

Subsequenter vero eadem die duodecima mensis Junii supra- 
dicti, in ecclesia conventuali beate Marie de Overey in Suthwerke, 
Wyntoniensi diocese, venerabilis vir m. Willelmus Lozyng . . . 
in hac parte specialiter deputatus, ut asseruit, in mei notarii 
publici et tcstium subscriptorum presencia prefatum dominum 
Rogerum de Cloune, tunc ibidem personaliter constitutum, 
juratum primitiis de stando mandatis ecclesie in hac parte, a 
quibuscunque sentenciis suspensionis et excommunicacionis, quas 
racione contumaciarum suarum scu manifestarum offensarum per 
ipsum in dicta causa contractarum incurrebat, absolvit auctori- 
tate dicti patris sibi in hac parte commissa ; et ipsum sacra- 
mentis ecclesie restituit ; eidem domino pro penitencia sua in 
ea parte specialiter injungendo, quatenus omnia et singula 
premissa per ipsum facta et jurata, prout superius recitantur, 
quatenus posset et ipsum concernebant, perficeret ct fideliter 

[103 a.] Castelforde, having absconded, is excommunicated 
for non-residence : — 

In Dei nomine, Amen. Per prescns publicum instrumcntum 

6o IVj'Jfre/tnm's Rt\^ister. 

cunctis apparcat cvidcntcr quod anno ab Incarnacione Domini 
secundum cursum ct computacioncm ccclcsic Anglicane mil- 
lesimo CCC"" LXXXIIJ, indiccione duodecimo die martis proximo 
post festum S. Lconardi martyris, octavo die mensis Nov- 
embris, pontificates sanctissimi in Christo patris et domini 
nostri, domini Grcgorii, divina providcncia pape undecimi, 
anno tercio, in ccclcsia parochiali de Farnham, Wyntonicnsi 
diocese, in mci notarii publici subscripti et testium subscrip- 
torum presencia personaliter, constitutus providus et discretus 
vir m. Thomas de Sheptone, legum doctor, revercndi in 
Christo patris et domini domini Willelmi, etc., ad proceden- 
dum contra Willehnum Castelforde, dicentem se rectorem 
ecclesie S. Pancracii Wyntoniensis, occasione non residencie 
sue in ecclesia predicta, et aliter commissarius specialiter dele- 
gatus, prout ex commissione sibi in hac parte facta manifeste 
apparuit, sedcns pro tribunah' in ecclesia parochiali de Farnham 
predicta, perlecto primitus coram eo certificatorio, per quod 
constabat dictum Willelmum ad eosdem diem et locum peremp- 
torie fuisse citatum super eo, quod idem Willelmus rectorem 
dicte ecclesie S. Pancracii se dicens, parochianorum curam 
animarum habentis et residenciam continuam requirentis, se a 
dicta ecclesia absque diocesani sui licencia et dispensacione per 
non modica tempora temere absentavit, curam et regimen eius- 
dem ecclesie et animarum parochianorum ipsius deserendo, idem 
commissarius publice prefecit prefatum Willelmum preconizari ; 
quem sic preconizatum diutius expectatum, nuUo modo com- 
perentem, pronunciavit contumacem, et in penam contumacie 
huiusmodi ipsum Willelmum excommunicavit in scriptis. 

Acta sunt hec, etc. 

[lOb.] St. Mary's Abbey, Winchester, Abbess ordered 
to receive Joan Testwode as a novice : — 

William, per la grace Dieu evesq de Wyncestre, a noz 
chers ct bien amez filles en Dieu labbesse et covent de la meson 
de notre dame de Wyncestre salutz ove le benecceon de notre 
Sieur. Come du droit de notre esglise de Wyncestre soietz tenuz 
a receure une damoisele en seor et nonaigne entre vous en votre 
meson susdit, quele nous vous voldroions nomer, pur cause de 
notre consecracion : si vous envoions per cestes noz lettres notre 


Official Instruments. 6i 

cher et bien ame Johane Tcstwode, jeovenc damoiselc, ct de 
bone condicion, come nous sumez cnformez ; ct vous mandoins 
et chargeons, qe la dite Johane resceuetz en seor et nonaigne 
entre vous en votre meson, pur cause susdit, et la tretetz et 
enformez en yccllc, solonc votre reulc, et a lui faites ministrer, 
come apertient et reson est, en votre meson avant dite. En 
tesmoignance de quelle chose a noz presentes lettres avoms fait 
mettre notre seal. Don a notre chastel de Wolveseye, le ix 
iour de Juyl, Ian del incarnacion notre Sieur mil CCC" sessante 
utyme, ct Ian de notre consecration primer. 

Mapelderham prebend in collegiate church of Bosham. 
Commission directed by Brantingham, bp. of Exeter, at request 
of Nicholas Wykcham, the prebendary (vol. i, p. 46), to John 
de Uphulle, r. of Havant, and others, to assess dilapidations on 
the prebendal estate against Richard Champes, the outgoing 
tenant. — London, 17 July, 1368. 

[11 a.] Dispensation on account of illegitimacy {super 
defectu natalhnri) granted to Richard de Kersaltone on recom- 
mendation of Cardinal title S. Laurentii in Lucina, dated at 
Viterbo, 30 July, 5 Urban V. — Esher, 2 June. 

[lib.] Wherwell Abbey. Abbess ordered to receive Joan 
Krompe as a novice : — 

William per la grace de Dieu evesque de Wyncestre, a 
noz chers et bien aimez filles en Dieu abbesse et covent de 
Wherewell, de nostre diocese, salutz ove la grace et la beneceon 
notre Sieur. Porceo qe vous estes tenuz a resceyure un damoisele 
quelle nous vous serrons nomer en nonaigne a demorer entre 
vous en votre maison pur cause de nostre consecracion, quel 
estat avoms grante en ocuvre de charite a Johanne Krompe, qest 
de bone et honeste condition, come nons sumes cnformes ; — 
vous mandouns et chargeouns qe a quelle heure que la dite 
Johanne vicgne devers vous ove cestes nos lettres la facetcz 
resceure bonemente a demorer entre vous come votre socr et 
\ nonaigne, et lui voillcz treter, ministrer, et cnformer sclonc 
vostrc reule en mancre come vos avetz faits aynz ces hurcs as 
autres en cas semblablc. En tesmoignance, etc. — Southvvark, 14 
Oct., 1367. 

5a Wykehatns Register. 

Chalton. Licence of non residence for one year granted 
to Andrew de Wolde (vol. i, p. 50), with usual clauses.—/^., 
18 Nov.. 1368. 

[Renewed 2 Jan., is^^'^-Q] 

Probate of will of Sir Thomas dc Uvcdalc,"^ kt., granted to 
dame Hcnet, his widow (vol. i, p. 50), William Hagham, r. of 
East Barming, and William Tirwhitc, the other executors, 
having renounced. — lb., 17 Nov. 

[l6a.] Discharge of the executrix, the estate being ad- 
ministered. — Southwark, i Nov., 1368. 

[lib.] Dispensation super defectii nataliiim granted to John 
Bclchamp, acolyth, on recommendation of Cardinal title S. 
Laurentii in Lucina. — Wolvesey, 18 July. 

[12a.] Warminster prebend. Resignation of John de 
Bottcle, canon of Wells, of the prebend of Wermynstre, in Wells 
Cathedral— Southwark, 23 May. 

Discharge of administrators of estate of John Strange of 
Southwark. — Same date. 

Seyntclere's case. Complaint of Lucy Romeseye that 
whereas Seyntclere lately contracted matrimony with her per 
verba de presently subsequente copula, he now refuses to marry her 
in facie ecclesie, and in order to avoid citation has withdrawn 
himself from the diocese and is in hiding in the diocese of 
London. Commission to dean of arches to cite him to appear 
at Winchester Cathedral and answer the complaint : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis nobis in Christo, domino decano 
ecclesie de arcubus Londoniis, necnon officiali domini archi- 
diaconi Londoniensis, s. g. et b. Exposuit nobis dilecta in Christo 
filia Lucia Romeseye graviter conquerendo, quod Willelmus 
Seyntclere cum eadem Lucia nuper matrimonium in nostra 
diocesi per verba de presenti contraxit, carnali copula inter eos 

1 The will, extracted from archbp. Langham's Register, will be found at length in 
Notices of the Family of Uvedale, by Granville Leveson-Gower ; and see Rymer's Foedera, 
vol. iii, part ii, 146. 


Official Instruments. 63 

postmodum subsecuta, set idem Willelmus per partem dicte 
Lucie sepius et congrue requisitus matrimonium huiusmodi in 
facie ecclesie solempnizare seu solempnizari facere, recusavit 
expresse ; cumque idem Willelmus extra nostram diocesim in 
locis vcstre jurisdiccioni subjectis maliciose et fraudulcnter, ne 
citacio nostra super hoc ad eum valeat pervenire, fama publica 
super hoc laborante, latitare dicatur, discrecionem vestram eciam 
divisim sub mutuo vicissitudinis obventu et in juris subsidium 
instanter requirimus et rogamus, quatenus eundem Willelmum 
Seyntclere in locis vestre jurisdiccionis sic, ut premittitur, lati- 
tantem citare seu citari facere peremptorie velitis, quod die lune, 
etc., compereat coram officiali nostro vel eius commissario in 
ecclesia nostra Wyntoniensi, parti dicte Lucie super premissis de 
justicia responsurus ac juri pariturus, facturusque et recepturus 
quod justicia suadebit. Et quid in premissis feceritis, etc. — • 
Jb., 20 May. 

[12 b.] — Andwell and St. Cross priories sequestrated for 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis, officiali nostro in archidiaconatu 
Wyntoniensi et preposito S. Elizabethe juxta Wyntoniam, s. g. 
et b. Sonus gravis clamoris et fama publica nostrum pulsarunt 
auditum, quod bona spiritualia et temporalia prioratuum de 
Enedwelle et S. Crucis in Insula Vecta, nostre diocesis, ad cul- 
tum divinum et usus ecclesie antiquis temporibus ex devocione 
fidelium deputata, per culpas, negligencias, et incurias priorum 
et aliorum ministrorum eorundem miserabiliter sunt deperdita et 
collapsa; domus quoque et edificia ipsorum prioratuum in ruinam 
irreparabilcm dccidcrunt, et ipsorum prioratuum exinanicio et 
consumpcio universalis subito evenire verisimiliter formidatur, 
nisi celerius super hoc provideatur de remedio oportuno. 

Nos igitur, ad quem cura et regimen personarum et locorum 
spiritualium nobis subjectorum summc pcrtinere noscuntur, 
volentes occurrere dispcndiis, et, ne percant, salubritcr providcrc, 

1 Andwell priory, situate four miles N. E. of Basingstoke, and St. Cross priory, situate 
on the Lugley brook near its junction with the river Medina, below Newport in the Isle 
of Wight, were alien priories belonging to the Benedictine monastery of Tiron (see p. 14, 
n.). The bishop bought them in 1391, to endow his new college at Winchester. The 
chapel and portions of the priory house at Andwell are standing. The priory house at 
St. Cross was taken by the Freshwater. Yarmouth, and Cowes Railway Company about 
ten years ago, and pulled down. 

64 Wykihafns Register. 

prcsertim nc bona ipsorum prioratuum, dc quorum dilapidacione 
ct consumpcionc spcs notoria et infallibilis se ostcndit, per 
maniis insolcncium dissipcntur, bona omnia ct sinc^ula ecclcsi- 
astica dictorum prioratuum, salvis rite ncccssariis ministrancium 
in cisdem, ex causis premissis ne pereant, fore decrevimus seques- 
tranda, et ea tenorc presencium sequestramus, vobisque conjunc- 
tim et divisim committimus et mandamus, firmitcr injungentes, 
quatenus omnia et singula bona prioratuum predictorum, in 
quorumcunquc manibus consistunt, ex causa premissa auctoritate 
nostra sequcstretis, ct sub arto sequcstro custodiri faciatis, non 
permittcntcs quemquam alium de ipsis se intromittere vel dis- 
ponere, absque nostra liccncia quovismodo. Contradictores 
quoque et rebclles, seu vos in execucione premissorum quomodo- 
libet impedientes, per censuras ecclesiasticas auctoritate nostra 
canonice compcscatis, dictum quoque sequestrum in prioratibus 
prcdictis, ecclcsiis, et locis aliis solcmpnibus convicinis publicetis 
seu faciatis debite publicari, ne quis ipsius ignoranciam pre- 
tendere valeat, seu racionabiliter allegare. 

Et talem super his custodiam faciatis adhiberi, ne de negli- 
gencia, culpa, vel desidia valeatis merito redargui seu notari. 
Et quicquid super hoc inveneritis, sequestraveritis, et feceritis, 
una cum valore bonorum sic per vos sequestratorum, et in 
quibus rebus, et in quorum manibus constiterit, nos ante festum 
S. Trinitatis proxime futurum clare et distincte certificetis literis 
vestris patentibus habentibus hunc tenorem. — lb., 13 May. 

Pirbright chapel. Sequestrator ordered to obtain payment 
of the procuration due for reconciling this chapel, which had 
been polluted by the shedding of blood therein. Gervase de 
Castro, bp. of Bangor (vol. i, p. 251), had performed the ceremony 
under a commission from the bishop. 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio sequestratori nostro in archi- 
diaconatu Surreiensi, s. g. et b. Cum nuper venerabilis pater 
dominus Gervasius, Dei gracia Bangorensis episcopus, capellam 
de Pyrbryght, nostre diocesis, violenta sanguinis effusione pol- 
lutam reconciliasset vice nostra, cuius pretextu procuracio nobis 
debita non est hactenus persoluta, pro cuius solucione facienda 
Willelmus Chervere, rector ecclesie de Werplesdone, Johannes 
Danhurst, Walter Ladde, et Andreas atte Doune, parochiani de 

Official Instruments. 65 

Pyrbryght, fide media sunt astricti^: — Tibi committimus et man- 
damus, firmiter injungentes, quatenus dictam procuracionem 
nobis debitam a prefatis manucaptoribus eiusdem cum omni 
celeritate exigas, et leves, colligas, et ad opus nostrum recipias, 
et compellas auctoritate nostra per quascunque ecclesiasticas 
censuras personas predictas ad solucionem procuracionis pre- 
dicte ; et ipsam nobis per fidelem nuncium sub tuta custodia 
transmittas ; certificans nos, etc. — Ib.^ 21 Feb., 1367-8. 

[gb.] License of non-residence for one year granted to 
Thomas Joskyn (vol. i, p. 29), r. of Hambledon, Surrey, for a 
pilgrimage to Rome. — lb., 23 March. 

M. John de Waltham and others appointed proctors and 
joint vicars-general for Cardinal Mark, title S. Praxedis,- and 
one of the canons of York, in place of the bishop : — 

Noverint universi quod nos Willelmus .... procurator et 
vicarius generalis reverendi in Christo patris et domini, domini 
Marci, tt. S. Praxedis, sacrosancte Romane ecclesie presbyteri 
cardinalis, canonici et prebendati in ecclesia Eboracensi de 
canonicatu et prebenda quos obtinere solebat quondam bone 
memorie ds. Elias, dum vixit, episcopus Hostiensis, sufficienter, 
legitime, ac literatorie constitutus, prout in quibusdam literis 
procuratoriis dicti domini cardinalis, sigillo suo signatis, ac signo 
et subscripcione Johannis de Brouks, alias de Derleke, clerici 
Tornacensis, dicti domini cardinalis notarii et scribe, ut asseritur, 
consignatis, plenius continetur, habentes inter cetera in literis 
procuratoriis supradictis contenta potestatem nobis datam alios 
procuratores et vicarios generales ad contenta in literis predictis 

1 i.e.y as guarantors. 

' The following list of patriarchal churches at Rome and the titles of the Cardinals in 
each is given by Du Cange : — "Prima patriarchialis ecclesia est ecclesia Lateranensis. 
Haec septem Cardinales episcopos habebat, qui dicebantur Collatcrales. Hi sunt episcopi 
Ostiensis, Portuensis, S. Rufinae, Albanensis, Sabinensis, Tusculanus, et Prenestinus. 

" Secunda est S. Mariae, Major dicta, pariter sub se habebat septem Cardinales 
presbyteri, scilicet Cardinales S. S. Apostolorum Philippi et Jacobi, S. Cyriaci in Thermis, 
S. Eusebii, S. Pudentianx', S. Vitalis, S. S. Petri et Marcellini, et S. Clementis. 

" Tertia ecclesia S. Petri est, in c|Ui\ subeunt sej^tem Presbyteri Cardinales, scilicet S. 
Marice trans Tiberim, S. Chrysogoni, S. Ccciliai, S. Anastasiai, S. Laurentii in Dainaso, 
S. Marioe, S, S. Martini et Silvestri. 

"Quarta est Basilica S. Pauli, in quA erant Cardinales S. Sabinaj, S. Prisci, S. Balbinoe, 
S. S. Nerci et Achillei, S, Sixti, S. Marcelli, et S. Susannre. 

"Quinta est S. Laurentii extra muros, in quA erant hi Cardinales, S. Praxedis, S. 
Laurentii in LucinA, S. S. Quatuor Coronatorum, S. .Stephani in Monte Coelioet S. (Juiricii. 

" Praeter hos titulos sunt diaconi xviii ct subdiaconi xxi." 

66 Wyke/iam's Rei^ister. 

exequcnda loco nostro substitiicndi, dilectos nobis in Christo m. 
Johanncm dc Waltham, ofTicialcni Eboraccnscm, et Henricum 
dc In^^clb}', dictc ccclcsic Kboracensis canonicos, ac dominum 
Johannem de Stoke, clcricum, conjunctim et divisim, et quem- 
libet eorum insolidum, ita quod non sit melior condicio occu- 
pantis, juxta omnem vim, formam, et effectum procuratorii 
mcmorati, dicto domino cardinali constituenti et nobis procura- 
tori ciusdcm substituimus per presentes, sigillo nostro munitas, 
quod ad fidcm plenioiem fecimus hiis apponi. — lb., 24 Dec. 

Dispensation super defectu nataliuin ^ to John Austyn, clerk, 
dated at Eshcr, 2 June, 1368, pursuant to following indulgence: 

Vencrabili in Christo patri dei gracia episcopo Wyntoniensi, 
vel eius vicario in spiritualibus, Guillermus, miseracione divina 
tt. S. Laurencii in Lucina presbyter Cardinalis, salutem, etc. 
Ex parte Johannis Austyn, clerici, vestre diocesis, fuit nobis 
humiliter supplicatum, ut cum eo super defectu natalium quern 
patitur de soluto genitus et soluta, et quia tanto de dicto 
defectu se fecit aliter tamen rite clericali caractere insigniri, 
quod, premissis non obstantibus, dicto caractere uti possit, et ad 
omnes ordines promoveri, ac ecclesiasticum beneficium obtinere, 
eciam si curam habeat animarum, sedes apostolica, quam propter 
guerras et viarum pericula visitare non potest, dispensare miseri- 
corditer dignaretur. 

Nos igitur, auctoritate domini pape, cuius penitenciarii curam 
gerimus, et de eius commissione in talibus generaliter nobis 
facta, circumspeccioni vestre committimus, quatenus si est ita, 
consideratis diligenter circumstanciis universis, que circa idonei- 
tatem persone fuerint attendende, si paterne non est incontin- 
encie imitator, set bone conversacionis et vite, sufficientisque 
literature, super quibus vestram intendimus conscienciam onerare, 
aliaque sibi merita suffragantur, ad huiusmodi dispensacionis 
graciam obtinendam, injuncta inde sibi ab excessu huiusmodi 
absolucione penitencia pro modo culpe, penitencia salutari, super 
peccatis dispensetis misericorditer cum eodem ; ita tamen quod 

1 Three reasons are given in the Decretals why illegitimacy should be a bar to Holy 
Orders: — "Iste defectus tribus de causis ordinum et beneficiorum promocionem inpedit. 
Primo, ob ordinis prerogativam ; secundo, ob detestacionem paterni criminis, quod 
punitur in filio ; tercio propter incontinenciam paternam, que timetur in filio. Sexti 
lib. i, fo. Ixxii. 


Official Instruments. 6y 

idem clericus, prout requiret onus beneficii, quod eum post 
dispensacionem huiusmodi obtinere contij^erit, se faciat statutis 
a jure temporibus ad ordines promoveri, et personalitcr resideat 
in eodem. Alioquin dicte dispensacionis gracia, quo ad ipsum 
beneficium, nullius sit momenti. 

Avinione, iij Idus Decembres, pontificatus domini Urbani 
pape quinti anno tercio. 

[lOb.] The rector of Farnham, m. William Inge, archdeacon 
of Surrey, agreed to rebuild the three chancels and roof them 
with lead at his own expense, finding stone to the value of 
£\oo ; and then died, leaving by his will a sum of icx) marks 
to finish the work. ^ The new rector, archdeacon Edyndone, 
converted most of the stone to his own use ; the hundred marks 
were detained by the executors of bp. Edyndone, who adminis- 
tered Inge's estate ; and so the work remained incomplete. 

Commission to the vicar of Farnham to cite the late bishop's 
executors and archdeacon Edyndone to appear at Winchester 
on Monday next after St. Thomas the Martyr (29 December, 
1368) and answer the premises, at the suit of three parishioners 
named in the commission : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio perpetuo vicario parochialis 
ecclesie de Farnham, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. Ex parte dilec- 
torum filiorum Ricardi Cotun, Thome Justise, et Johannis 
Flodman, ac ceterorum parochianorum ecclesie prefate graviter 
conquerencium nobis extitit intimatum, quod dudum inter ipsos 
et magistrum Willelmum Inge, rectorem dicte ecclesie, con- 
cordatum extitit et conventum, quod idem magister Willelmus 
tres cancellos dicte ecclesie ruinosos competenter construi faceret 
de novo suis propriis sumptibus et expensis de opere cementarii 
et carpentarii, cum tecto plumbeo cooperto, et dicti parochiani 
ad opus predictum lapides de lapicidinis excisos in opus prc- 
dictum complcndum ad valorem centum librarum sterlingorum 
per ipsum emptos ad dictam ecclcsiam cariari fccerunt suis 
ponderosis sumptibus et immensis, et prefatus m. Willelmus 

1 By Archbp. Winchelsey's constitution, " Ut Parochiani," chancels shall be repaired 
by the rector or vicar, or other to whom repairs belong. In l\nse v. Fnnvst', i Lord 
Raym. 59, it was said that the parson ought to repair the chancel and the parishioners 
the nave, by the custom of England. As between lay rector and vicar, the liability is 
usually defined by the instrument endowing the vicarage, where it exists. 

V 2 

68 lVvkf/ta?N's Register. 

ipsos lapides partim ccpit ponere in opus predictum, quousque 
diem suum clausit extremum, relicto dicto operc imperfecto ; et 
ad complccioncm dicti opcris imperfecti trcscentas marcas 
stcrlingorum in suo tcstamcnto Icp^avit ; que summa pecunie ad 
manus bone mcmoric domini VVillelmi de Edyndone, prede- 
cessoris nostri immediati, extitit, ut asserit, derivata : Et quod 
m. Johannes de Edyndone, nunc archidiaconus Surreiensis ac 
rector ecclcsie predictc, maf^num numcrum lapidum prcdictorum 
ad domum Sancte Crucis et usque Fermesham, et ad domos 
suas de Farnham, transvehi mandavit et fecit ; sicque opus predic- 
tum occasionibus predictis remanet incompletum, in animarum 
tam dicti predecessoris nostri quam m. Johannis, rectoris prefati, 
grave periculum, et dictc ccclesie de Farnham dispendium ct 
jacturam. Super quibus parochiani predicti sibi petebant per 
nos justiciam exhiberi. 

Nos, nolentes eisdem in sua deesse justicia, qui fuimus 
unicuique poscenti justicie debitores, tibi committimus et man- 
damus, quatenus cites seu peremptorie citari facias tam execu- 
tores testamenti dicti predecessoris nostri, quam prefatum 
Johannem rectorem, quod compereant coram nobis vel nostro 
commissario in ecclesia nostra Wyntoniensi die lune proxima 
post festum Sancti Thome Martyris proximo futurum, super 
premissis, et eorum singuh's, parti dictorum parochianorum de 
justicia responsuri, et juri parituri, facturique ulterius et recep- 
turi in predictis per omnia, quod justicia suadebit. — Farnham, 
30 June, 1368. 

[17a.] Another citation dated Southwark, i March, 1368-9. 
The bishop is informed that Inge left a notable sum of money 
to be laid out on the chancels, together with a quantity of stone 
and other materials for the purpose. The money and materials 
are in the hands of archdeacon Edyndone, and the bishop has 
not only heard, but has seen with his own eyes that the chancels 
will soon be in ruins if not repaired (dictus quoque cancellus, 
nisi celeriiis de oportuno remedio provideatur, prout tam per 
inquisiciones de mandato factas quam oculata fide sumus 
plenius informati, irreparabilem ruinam minatur). Wherefore 
Edyndone is cited to appear before the bishop or his commissary 
at the church on Friday next after St. Benedict abbot (21 March) 

Official Instruments. 69 

and show cause why he should not be compelled to restore the 

[27b.] A third citation, dated Southwark, 6 Nov., 1369. 

[12b.] Chertsey vicarage. The vicar (John Harlyche, vol. i, 
p. 16) being incapacitated by reason of sickness from the due per- 
formance of his duties, is admonished to appoint a coadjutor^ — 
ut infra vj dierum spacium a tempore monicionis huiusmodi con- 
tinue numerandorum capellanum idoneum provideat et ibidem 
collocct loco suo, qui divina officia durante huiusmodi infirmitate 
sua inibi debite celebret, ct parochianis eiusdem sacramenta et 
sacramentalia in forma ecclesie celebret et ministrct, et quod si 
huiusmodi monicionibus tuis predictus vicarius parere contemp- 
serit, seu non curaverit, tu auctoritate nostra de capellano aliquo 
idoneo provideas ecclesie supradicte, qui sacramenta et officia 
supradicta durante languore prefato dictis parochianis valeat 
ministrare ; cui de fructibus ipsius vicarie facias vite necessaria 
interim racionabiliter exhiberi, ne cura animarum predictarum 
cum gravi discrimine negligatur et sanguis earum de manibus 
requiratur. — lb., 23 Feb. 

[13a.] Absolution of one who died excommunicate, so that 
his remains might have Christian burial.^ 

On the petition of the friends of Adam Andrew dit Robyns, 
who died excommunicate, the archdeacon is ordered to absolve 
the corpse, if it shall appear that the deceased exhibited any 
symptoms of penitence before death ^: — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio Roberto Wykford, archidiacono 
nostro Wyntoniensi s. g. et b. Cum Adam Andreu, dictus 
Robyns, de Odyham, nostre diocesis, propter suas multiplicatas 
contumacias coram officiali nostro fuerit per eundcm officialcm 
ad instanciam Willclmi Fox maioris excommunicacionis summa 
innodatus, et pro sic excommunicato publico nunciatus, qua 
quidem excommunicacione sic ligatus diem suum clausit extre- 
mum, absolucione super hoc primitus non obtcnta ; quidam tamen 

1 See note, p. i8. 
2 See Decretals ; Extravagant. , lib. v, tit, 39 c. 29 De absolvendo post mortem. 
* Similar commissions have been granted since the Reformation: Gibs., 450, and see 
Stat. 53 Geo. Ill, c. 12. 

70 ]VrJ(rc'/i<jm*s Rr^ster. 

propinqui ct ainici dicti Adc dcfuncti penes nos insteterint pro 
absolucione dicti dcfuncti corpori impendenda, ut e^ impensA 
corpus ipsius licite tradi valeat ecclcsiastice sepulture. Nos 
igitur statu! dicti dcfuncti, quantum de jure possumus, providcre 
volentcs, vobis committimus et mandamus, quatenus vocatis 
coram vobis dicto Willclmo Fox et omnibus aliis de jure 
vocandis, ct auditis que duxerint proponendum, prudenter et 
solicitc inquiratis, an dum idem Adam superstes fuerat, super et 
pro quo sic excommunicatus extitit, in eo manifeste signa peni- 
tcncie apparebant ; et si sic, tunc corpus ipsius auctoritate 
nostra in forma juris a dicta summa absolvatis, et corpus eius sic 
absoluti faciatis in illo eventu tradi ecclcsiastice sepulture. Alio- 
quin circa corpus ipsius excommunicati exequamini vice nostra 
quod tradunt canonice sancciones. Et quid inde feceritis, etc. — 
Hursley, i Aug., 1368. 

Lambeth. License of non residence for one year granted to 
Richard Wodelond, the rector, to study ubi viget studium 
generale in Anglia. — Southwark, 2 Nov., 1367. 

[13b.] Walton-on-the-hill. Citation of the rector (John 
Alayn, vol. i, p. 90), on account of non-residence. — lb., 7 Nov. 

Chaplain of Thames Ditton ordered to admonish the parish- 
ioners to repair roof of nave and walls of graveyard : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio capellano capelle de Dittone 
super Tamisiam, nostre diocesis, s. b. et g. Fama publica 
nunciante ad aures nostras pervenit, quod navis capelle predicte 
enormem et manifestam in coopertura patitur lesionem, ac muri 
cimeterii eiusdem capelle funditiis sunt prostrati, ad quorum 
refeccionem et reparacionem parochiani eiusdem capelle sive 
hamelette de Dittone de antiqua consuetudine, ut accepimus, 
sunt astricti : — Nos volentes indempnitati dicte capelle salubriter 
providere, tibi committimus et mandamus, firmiter injungentes, 
quatenus parochianos, habitatores, et incolas hamelette dicte 
capelle auctoritate nostra moneas efficaciter et inducas, quod 
infra decem dierum spacium a tempore monicionis huiusmodi 
continue sequencium navem eiusdem capelle competenter repar- 
ent et reficiant seu faciant reparari, ac muros predictos refici, 
ut tenentur, alioquin recusantes onus predictum subire ad id 
faciendum per quascunque censuras ecclesiasticas canonice 

Official Instrn7nents. 7 1 

auctoritate nostra compellas. Et nos de nominibus et cog- 
nominibus rebellium in hac parte, si qui fucrint, una cum toto 
processu tuo super hiis habito, ante festum S. Dunstani episcopi 
(19 May) clare certifices literis tuis patentibus, habentibus hunc 
tenorem. — lb., 26 April, 1368. 

Mandate for prayers for the soul of Blanche, Duchess of 
Lancaster^: — 

VVillelmus, etc., dilecto filio archidiacono nostro Surreiensi, 
vel eius ofificiali, s. g. et b. Gratum gerimus et Deo placidum 
arbitrium ^ pro dcfunctis suppliciter exorare, ut a penis pecca- 
torum eo citius absolvantur vivorum suffragiis, que dum in hoc 
emispirio superfuerant contraxerunt. Sane serenissima domina, 
domina Blanchia, ducissa Lancastrie, dudum ex illustri prosapia 
stirpis regie propagata, juxta legem communem mortalium 
debitum humane fatalitatis, quod dolentes referimus, velut 
placuit Altissimo, jam persolvit, et ab erumpnis huius seculi 
per supcrni Ducis imperium est excmpta ; cuius occasus 
natura pungente cameram cordis domini nostri regis nimirum 
graviter vulneravit, nobisque suppliciter et devoto spiritu sup- 
plicavit, ut animam dicte defuncte cum exequiis et missarum 
solempniis in cunctis monasteriis, ecclesiis parochialibus, et aliis 
locis sacris et religiosis nostrc diocesis per clericos religiosos 
et seculares Redemptori nostro Supremo cum debita solemp- 
nitate faciamus solempniter commendari. Nos igitur votum 
domini Regis pium et laudabile in hac parte corditer, ut con- 
venit, amplectcntes, vobis in virtutc obediencie firmiter injun- 
gentes districte precipimus et mandamus, quatenus cum omni 
celeritatc comoda et eciam oportuna omnes et singulos viros 
et mulieres religiosas, necnon ecclesiarum parochialium diocesis 
nostre rectores, vicarios, et capcllanos auctoritate nostra mon- 
eatis et efficaciter inducatis, firmiter exhortantcs, ut ipsi in 
suis ecclesiis et aliis locis sacris eis subditis excquias et mis- 
sarum solempnia una cum [14 a.] pleno officio mortuorum 
faciant absque more diffugio pro dicta ducissa more humanitatis 
debite publicc celebrari, ipsius animam Deo suppliciter comen- 

1 Daughter of Henry, duke of I^ancaster, m. John of Gaunt in 1359, who was created 
duke of Lancaster in right of his wife in 1362. She was interred in St. Paul's (,\'ithf(lral. 
Walsingham (i, p. 309) calls her " mulier nobilissima et Angloruin amatrix constantissinia." 

2 'Oaia Koi (u(T(0})s t) itrivoia — it is a holy and a good thought to pray for the dead. 
II Maccab, xii, 45. 

72 Wykeh(im*s Register. 

dantcs, dcvotis mcntibus cxorando, ut Pater miscricordiarum, 
cuius est proprium misereri, animam predictam a penis peccat- 
orum absolvat, et de sue pietatis habundancia earn inter electos 
suos collocarc (iignctur. Et ut mentes fidelium ad operis tante 
pietatis exercicium propcnsiiis cxcitcmus, de Dei omnipotentis 
misericordia, bcatissime virginis Marie, beatorum apostolorum 
Petri et Pauli, necnon gloriosorum confessorum Birini, Swithuni, 
Ethelwoldi, et Hedde, ecclesie nostre patronorum, et omnium 
sanctorum meritis et precibus confidentes, omnibus subditis 
nostris et aliis, quorum diocesani banc nostram indulgenciam 
ratam habucrint et acccptam, de pcccatis suis vere contritis et 
confcssis, dictas exequias et missas devote celebrantibus seu 
eisdem intcressentibus, et pro dicta ducissa Deum suppliciter 
deprecantibus quadraginta dies de injuncta sibi penitencia, Deo 
propicio, misericorditer relaxamus. — Wargrave, 20 Sept. 

[14b.] This page is blank. 

[15 a.] Mandate for the archdeacon of Winchester to cite 
the abbot of Hyde, on account of his neglect to render a cope 
to the prior of Winchester at the time of his confirmation : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio archidiacono nostro Wyntoniensi, 
vel eius officiali, s. g. et b. Cum de consuetudine laudabili et 
prescripta, necnon a decem, viginti, triginta, quadraginta, et 
quinquaginta annis et ultra et citra, ac a tempore et per tempus 
cuius contrarii memoria hominum non existit pacifice observata, 
necnon de prerogativa ecclesie nostre Wynton., quilibet abbas 
nostri diocesis, et presertim abbas monasterii de Hyda, eiusdem 
diocesis, in sua nova creacione teneatur unam capam chori 
decentem, congruam, et competentem pro statu et decencia 
ecclesie nostre Wynton., in qua episcopo suo ibidem divina 
celebranti possit, ut debet, honorifice ministrare, in signum 
recognicionis superioritatis eiusdem, priori et capitulo ipsius 
ecclesie tradere, dimittere, ac eciam liberare ; fuerint quoque et 
sint dicti prior et capitulum in pacifica possessione exigendi, 
petendi, habendi, et recipiendi capam huiusmodi a singulis 
abbatibus supradictis, et presertim ab abbatibus dicti monasterii, 
tempore et racione nove creacionis eorundem, et eam receperint 
et habucrint ex causa predicta nomine dicte ecclesie nostre 
Wynton. per tempora supradicta pacifice et quiete absque 

Official Instruments. 73 

impcdimento ct pcrturbacionc qualicunque, salvo eo, quod infra 

Rcligiosus tamen vir f. Thomas,^ nunc abbas dicti inonasterii 
de Hyda de novo creatus, sepius et congrue requisitus capam 
huiusmodi racione nove creacionis sue ecclesie nostre Wyntoni- 
ensi per eum debitam eisdem priori et capitulo liberare, solvere, 
dimittere, et tradere recusavit, sicut ex parte ipsorum prioris et 
capituli nobis extitit intimatum, ac ipsos priorem et capitulum 
circa jus et possessionem habendi et recipiendi capam huiusmodi 
multipliciter molestavit, inquietavit, et perturbavit, molestat, 
inquietat, et perturbat temere et injuste, eciam in presenti, seu 
molestacionem, inquietacionem, et perturbacionem huiusmodi 
nomine suo factas ratas habuit et habet preter et acceptas, in 
dicte ecclesie nostre Wynton. prioris et capituli grave prejud- 
icium et jacturam, conans et satagens dictam ecclesiam suo jure 
et honore ac prerogativa huiusmodi privare injuste; super quibus 
iidem prior et capitulum sibi petebant per nos justiciam exhiberi. 

Nos igitur, nolentes eis in sua deesse justicia, qui sumus 
presertim omnibus nostris subditis in justicia debitores, vobis 
committimus et mandamus, etc. Abbot cited to appear at the 
church of St. Mary Overy on the first law-day after St. Edmund 
the King (20 November) then next, and shew cause why a cope 
should not be rendered. — Southwark, 30 Oct. 

Abbess of Wherwell enjoined not to allow friars or other 
men, religious or secular, to stay the night (ad perhendinacionem 
nocturnam) in the convent. — Southwark, 17 Oct., 136S. 

[25a.] Same injunction repeated : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis in Christo filiabus abbatisse et con- 
ventui monasterii de Wherwell, ordinis Sancti Benedicti, nostre 
dioccsis, s. g. et b. Sanctimoniales Deo dicate, que abnegantes 
voluptates seculi, Christi se obscquiis manciparunt, sensus suos 
exteriores debcnt cum prudencia obserare, ne ex nimia ct in- 
cauta cohabitacione et confabulacione virorum levium saltem 
cogitacione fcdcntur, ct idcirco a cetibus hominum segregan- 
tur. Nuper siquidem popularis et clamosa insinuacio hominum 
fidelium ad nostrum perduxit auditum, quod contra religionis 

1 Thomas Pechy, vol. i, p. 110. 

74 I Vj'lr /tarn's Rtxistcr. 

honestatcm varies viros religiosos, presertim de quolibct ordine 
mcndicancium, passim ct sine delctu admittatis noctantcr in 
vcstris habitaclis moraturos, ex quo dissolucionis ct scandali 
materia plurima gcneratur, et relii;ionis observancia inter vos 
multipliciter naufrai;atur ; cum cohabitacio clericorum religios- 
orum precipuc et sanctimonialium sit per constituciones sanct- 
orum patrum penitus interdicta. Nos igitur, zelantes inter vos 
sacre religionis pulcritudinem absque nocturna communione 
virorum nostris temporibus refulgere, ut devocio vestra ampliiis 
augeatur, et omnis scurrilitas auferatur, vobis in virtute sancte 
obediencie, et sub maioris excommunicacionis pena, firmiter 
inhibemus, monentcs ct injungentes, ne fratres huiusmodi aut 
alios viros religiosos seu seculares ad perhendinacionem noc- 
turnam in vcstro monasterio faciendam de cetero admittatis, 
seu admitti aliqualiter permittatis, salvis elemosinis, quas de die 
pro eorum victu ipsis fratribus pie duxeritis erogandas, in pre- 
sencia tamen abbatisse predicte. Et super premissis inhibicione, 
monicione, et injunccione nostris observandis talem curetis dili- 
genciam vigilem adhibere, ne ex contemptu vel negligencia 
ministretur nobis materia necessitatis contra vos ad penas canon- 
icas procedendi. Et quid super hiis duxeritis faciendum, etc. 
— Southwark, 17 Oct., 1368. 

[15 b.] Dispensation super defectu nataliitm to Peter de 
Colyngham, a scholar of the diocese (scholar! nostra diocesis). — 
Farnham, 22 Dec. 

Penance imposed for administering a deceased person's 
estate without lodging an inventory : — 

Noverint universi, quod cum Matilda, relicta Johannis Hales 
de Suthwerke defuncti, Thomas Hosyere, Johannes Sadelere, et 
Thomas Eshere, executores testamenti dicti defuncti, super eo 
quod bona eiusdem defuncti, nullo inventario eorundem bonorum 
per COS primitus condito seu confecto, administraverunt illicite 
contra constitucionem sancti patris domini Ottoboni ^ quondam 
sedis apostolice in Anglia legati in hac parte editam admissam 
et observatam fuissent coram commissariis nostris Willelmi 
Dei gracia Wyntoniensis episcopi judicialiter impetiti, iidem 

1 By the constitutions of Othobon, a.d. 1268, and Archbishop Stratford, A.D. 1342. 
adnainistration shall not be committed to an executor till an inventory is made.— G?^j. 

Official Instruments. 75 

executores coram cis dictum excessum se commisissc fatebantur 
et eciam rccognoscebant ; prcfati quoque commissarii nostri 
decernentes ipsos executores in penam constitucionis predictc 
incidisse super excessu predicto, eisdem annexerunt et imposu- 
erunt penitencias salutares, quas humiliter admiserunt. — South- 
vvark, 19 Oct 

[16 a.] Commission to prove a nuncupatory will: — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis nobis in Christo Johanni Tylneye, 
capellano et notario publico, ac Thome atte Gylle de Suthwerke, 
nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. Cum ds. Rogerus Davy, miles, qui 
in nostra diocesi diem suum clausit extremum, suum nuncu- 
patorium condiderit tcstamentum ^; — Nos volentes eius testa- 
mentum sive voluntatem ultimam execucioni debite, ut convenit, 
demandari, vos executores eiusdem testamenti sive ultime 
voluntatis tenore presencium deputamus, recepto a vos solito 
juramento de pleno et debito inventario de omnibus bonis dicti 
defuncti conficiendo, et ea fideliter ministrando, ac de adminis- 
tracione vestra huiusmodi raciocinium fidele reddendo, cum 
auctoritate nostra super hiis fueritis congrue requisiti. — lb., 
21 Nov. 

Thomas of St. Neots, r. of Shere (vol. i, p. 61), appointed 
sequestrator for archdeaconry of Surrey. — Farnham, 3 Jan., 

Holy water to be assigned to scholars only : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio m. Johanni de Wormenhale, 
officiali nostro, s. g. et b. Cum in constitucionibus sinodalibus 
nostre Wyntoniensis diocesis a Sanctis patribus prcdccessoribus 
nostris episcopis Wyntoniensibus salubriter sit provisum, quod 
in ecclesiis, que scolis civitatis Wyntoniensis vel castrorum nostre 
diocesis sint vicine, aqua benedicta solis scolaribus assignetur et 
debcat assignari, illudquc fuerit, nisi a modico tempore jam 
effluxo, plene et pacificc usitatum ; nonnulli tamen nostrorum 
scolarium cmuli viris conjugatis ct discolis,- doctrine scolarium 

^ A nuncupatory will, says Swinburn, is where the testator without any writing doth 
declare his will before a sufficient number of witnesses. Hut by the Statute of Frauds 
no nuncupatory will of more than ^^30 shall be good unless proved by three witnesses 
whom the testator called to witness that such was his will, unless made in the last sickness, 
and unless committed to writing within six days after his death ; and by the Wills Act 
(7 Will. IV and i Vict., c. 26) nuncupatory wills are abolished. 

' Gr. Sv<rKo\os, but here meaning " uneducated," as if a compound of the word " scola." 

^6 VVyki'hams Register. 

huiusmodi non capaccs, aquam bcncdictam in ccclcsiis, preser- 
tim civitatis Wyntonicnsis, et aliis ecclesiis vicinis, assignarunt, 
contra constituciones predictas et morcm hactcnus observatum. 

Quocirca vobis committimiis et mandamus, quatenus quic- 
quid contra dictas constituciones et consuetudinem antiquam 
in prejudicium dictorum scolarium nostrorum Wyntoniensium 
in hac parte invcncritis attemptatum, in statum pristinum debite 
revocetis, et vocatis coram vobis in hac parte vocandis, faciatis 
tarn ex officio nostro quam ad instanciam illorum, quorum 
interest, congrue reformari, contradictores et rebelles, seu vos m 
execucione premissorum quomodolibet impedientes, per quas- 
cunque censuras ecclesiasticas auctoritate nostra canonice com- 
pescendo. Et nos de toto processu vestro super hiis habendo 
citra festum S. Valentini proximo jam venturum clare et plenarie 
certificetis literis vestris patentibus habentibus hunc tenorem. — 
Farnham, 3 Jan., 1368-9. 


In the synodal constitutions of our diocese, ordained by holy fathers, 
our predecessors in the see, a wholesome provision is found, that in 
churches near the schools in our city of Winchester, or the castles of 
our diocese, holy water shall be assigned to scholars only ; and this 
hath been the usage until recently. But so now it is, that certain 
persons, jealous of our scholars, and incapable of acquiring their learn- 
ing, in sundry churches, especially churches in and near Winchester, 
have assigned the benefit of holy water to married men, and men who 
have not been to school, contrary to the said constitutions and the 
manner heretofore used. We therefore do enjoin and command you, 

1 It was usual to send the holy water to the houses of persons who conld not attend 
the parish church. And inasmuch as those who carried it usually received gifts of money 
or food, the privilege came to be accounted an exhibition or benefice. A Constitution of 
archbishop Boniface, A.D. 1261, declares, " quod clericis pauperibus aque beneficia con- 
feraniur," the privilege of bearing holy water shall be conferred on poor clerks only 
[Gibs., 213). The Synod of Exeter, A.D. 1287, enacted almost in the same words as the 
bishop uses here, " quod in ecclesiis quoque a scolis civitatis vel castrorum diocesis ultra x 
non distantibus milliaria aque benedicte beneficia solis scolaribus assignentur (Wilkins, 
Concilia, I. 147); and a statute of Alexander, bishop of Coventry (a.d. 1237), says, 
"Quia plerique scolares carent necessariis quorum sciencia multi per graciam Dei poterunt 
edificari, volumus ut scolares ferant aquam benedictam per villas rurales, ubi sunt qui 
postulent et indigeant " (Du Cant^e, sub voc. aqua benedicta). In the Chronicon Jocelini 
de Drake londii, it is recorded (fol. 132) of the abbot Sampson of Bury St. Edmunds 
(A.D. 1182) that on his becoming abbot he sent for a chaplain, "qui eum sustinuerat in 
scolis Parisiis questu aque benedicte quando pauper fuerat, et ei ecclesiasticum benefi- 
cium quo sustentari posset, contulit." As for the value of the privilege, Lyndwood, 
writing circa 1430, says, "unusquisque paterfamilias die qualibet dominica clerico 
deferenti aquam benedictam aliquod secundum exigenciam statias sui tribuat, et quod 
in nalali Domini habeat singulis domiciliis unum panem et eciam certa ova et pisces, et in 
autumno certas gerbas " — so many sheaves of corn ; adding that a custom to pay a fixed 
sum quarterly might be good. " Aquebajulus " came to be a name for a parish clerk. 

Official Instruments. yy 

[25b.] Marston prebend, Staffordshire. Appeal of pro- 
moters in a cause of subtraction of chaplain and non-perform- 
•ance of divine service, promoted by parishioners named Henry 
Belgrave and Thomas le Mason against Adam de Moreton, the 
prebendary, in the court of the dean of the free chapel royal of 
St. Mary's, Stafford, ordered by the bishop as chancellor and 
custodian of the free chapels royal of England to be heard 
before m. Richard de Bermyngham, archdeacon of Coventry. — 
Southwark, 2 Nov., 1368. 

[l6b.] Same appeal transferred to m. Thomas Yung, official 
principal of Canterbury, Nicholas de Chaddesdene, dean of 
arches, and John de Shepeye, advocate of Canterbury, on the 
suggestion that a fair trial could not be had in the county of 
Stafford. — lb., 24 Feb., 1368-9. 

Appointment of m. John Turke, r. of Michelmersh, to hear 
the confession of Marion de Rye, a nun of Romsey : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio m. Johanni Turke, rectori ecclesie 
de Michelmerssh, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. De vestre consciencie 
puritate ac eminente sciencia, que in vobis noscitur pululare, 
plenam in Domino fiduciam obtinentes, ad audiendum confes- 
siones dilecte in Christo filie sororis Marione sive Margerie de 
Rye, commonialis monasterii de Romeseye, ordinis S. Benedicti, 
nostre diocesis, et ad ^absolvendum eam auctoritate nostra a 
peccatis suis, que in foro penitenciali vobis duxerit confitendum, 
necnon ad injungendum sibi pro commissis penitancias salutares 
eciam in casibus solis episcopis de jure vel consuetudine special- 
iter reservatis,^ licenciam vobis tenore presencium concedimus 
specialem, usque ad festum S. Georgii (23 April) proximo 
futurum tantummodo duraturam. — Farnham, 20 March. 

Letter authorizing Turke to absolve Marion, a crimine apos- 
tasie, siquam contraxit, necnon a summa excommunicacionis 
maioris, quam ca occasione forsitan incurrebat, penitencia inde 
I sibi injungcnda nobis specialiter reservata. — Same date. 

[19b.] Letter from the bishop to the abbess. He is in- 

1 formed that Marion has doffed the veil, and sits not in the choir 

with the nuns, but in the nave with other women, and frequents 

1 See vol. i, p. 157, 

yS IVvki-hafns Rcj^ister. 

private rooms, conversing and gossiping (fabulando) there with 
secular persons, contrary to the decorum of her profession 
(reh'gionis honestatem) and the orders of the abbess ; neither 
worshipping in tlie choir nor saying the Hours. The abbess 
is enjoined to admonish her to resume the veil and conform to 
rule. — Southwark, 8 Feb. 

[26b.] Letter from the bishop to the abbess. He hears that 
Marion is disobedient. The abbess may compel her to conform 
by any discipline not endangering life, using her own discretion 
in so doing : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecte in Christo filie abbatisse monasterii 
de Romeseye, ordinis S. Benedicti, s. g. et b. Sacre religionis 
observancie turpiter performantur, ubi per viciorum spinas vir- 
tutum lilia contigerit per presidencium negligencias conculcari. 
Sane clamor validus pluries nostrum pulsavit auditum, quod 
soror Margeria de Rye, commonialis tua, religionis sue dulce- 
dinem deserens seu contempnens, claustrum, chorum, capitulum, 
refectorium, et dormitorium religioni specialiter deputata vehe- 
menter abhorrens, in locis aliis solitariis cum personis secularibus 
confabulacionibus, commessacionibus, et aliis tractatibus illicitis 
religioni non congruentibus intendens consistere perelegit, sacra- 
menta penitencie et eukaristie, que cuilibet christiano adulto sunt 
necessaria ad salutem, per non modica tempore debite recipere 
recusavit,^ et religionis tramites a se omnino abjecit, nulla causa 
racionabili subsistente, unde inter commoniales sorores suas 
frequenter caritas dissolvitur et religio perturbatur. Ne igitur 
sanguis eius de nostris et tuis manibus coram districto judice in 
ultimo examine requiratur discrecionem tuam in Domino ex- 
hortamur, tibi nichilominus in virtute obediencie injungentes, 
quatenus ipsius sanctimonialis nomine vicia et insolencias 
eradices, et earn ad sacre religionis regulam observandam et vite 
catholice puritatem tenendam et alia licita et honesta dicti 
ordinis mandata juxta ipsius statuta peragenda, que absque vite 
sue discrimine poterit supportare, prout ad tuum spectat officium 
compellere non omittas, talem semper prudenciam adhibendo, 
ut in die judicii generalis eius spiritus salvus fiat ; et inter cetera 

^ This nun's habit of hearing sermons by itinerant preachers, and absenting herself ' 
from confession and the Holy Communion, points to the conclusion that she was a 
follower of some disciple of Wyclif. 

Official Instruments. 79 

semper precave, ne per eius fugam, vel alias, novissimus error 
deterior sit priore. Non intendimus circa hec tuum officium 
restringere vel artare. Det tibi Deus omnipotens sacre religionis 
vigilias fideliter regere et servare. — Wolvesey, 18 Sept., 1369. 

[17a.] License granted to prior of West Sherborne^ to 
choose a confessor : — 

Die vicesima mensis Marcii, A.D. MCCCLXVIIJ (1368-9), apud 
Farnham, dominus Wyntoniensis episcopus concessit f. Guillermo 
priori, etc., licenciam eligendi sibi f. Johannem Alexi, common- 
achum suum, in confessorem, qui eum ac omnes commonachos 
suos absolvere valeat in casibus reservatis per unum annum, 
articulis consuetis duntaxat exceptis. 

Levy of the clergy (commissio pro arraiacione cleri contra 
adversarios Francie) of archdeaconry of Winchester. 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis priori ecclesie nostre Wyntoni- 
ensis, et abbati monasterii de Hyda, necnon officiali nostro, ac 
dilectis clericis nostris, magistro Johanni Corf, canonico ecclesie 
Sarum, et Johanni Ware et Waltero de Sevenhamptone, rectori- 
bus ecclesiarum de Wonsyngtone et Alresforde, nostre diocesis, 
s. g. et b. Multorum fidedignorum relacio et clamor validus 
auribus regiis prelatorum, procerum, et magnatum rcgni Anglie 
per certitudinem indubiam inculcarunt, quod multitudo gencium 
nacionum exterarum in manu armata cum non modico numero 
classium in variis portibus transmarinis stat parata ad fines et 
limites ac terminos regni Anglie applicare, et ipsum regnum 
hostiliter invadere, aggredi, et ingredi, ecclesiam, terram, et 
superficiem ipsius consumcre et vastare, clerum et populum 
eiusdcm in ore gladii occidere et delere, possessioncs et bona 
ipsorum ecclesie et regni diripere et auferre, et in extiminium 
deducere fines eius, nisi sub adjutorio Altissimi in manu potenti 
citiiis resistatur ; ac excellentissimus in Christo princeps et 
dominus noster dominus Edwardus, Dei gracia rex Anglic, cum 
prelatis, magnatibus, et proceribus dicti regni in consilio jam 
Londoniis convocato" prcmissa pcricula ct discrimina imminencia 

1 Guillermus Bernard (see proceedings at election of his successor, vol. i, p. 63). 
2 Shortly after holding this council, the king resumed the title of King of France, .md 
war broke out again. " Circa fincm mensis Maii," says Walsingham (i. 307), " Kdwardus 
tenuit Parliamcnluin apud Wcstnionasterium. in quo tractavit de rupto (oedere inter ipsuni 
et regem Francorum." .So the Ypodigma Neu^trie (p. 31.1, Rolls ed.), "Anno 1369 rex 

8o Wykfhdfns Register. 

ad obviandum cisdem sic audita fecit exponi, et de consilio 
et assensu dictorum prelatorum, inagnatum, et procerum proinde 
ordinari, quod unusquisquc lii;cus homo dicti regis juxta statOs 
sui cxigcnciam et facultates ad obviandum huiusmodi periculis 
armis competentibus sit munitus, ac reverendum patrem dominum 
Cantuariensem archiepiscopum, aliosque prelatos et nos in dicto 
consilio existentes cum instancia requisivit, ut pro salvacione 
statOs ecclesie Anglicanc et regni de viris ecclesiasticis nobis 
subditis ordinare vellemus et facere illud idem. 

Nos igitur, prcmissa intimc ponderantes, et quantum cum 
Deo possumus et ad nos attinet, periculis et dispendiis huius- 
modi, ne, quod absit, ingruant et eveniant, viis omnibus licitis et 
legitimis precavere volentes, ac de vestris circumspeccione et 
prudencia, quas in vobis vigere novimus, firmiter confidentes, 
vobis in virtute obediencie districtiiis injungendo committimus 
et mandamus, quatenus viros ecclesiasticos archidiaconatus 
Wyntoniensis religiosos et seculares, cuiuscunque gradus, status, 
ordinis, aut condicionis fuerint, abbates videlicet, priores, ecclesi- 
arum rectores, vicarios, et capellanos omnes et singulos per 
dictum archidiaconatum constitutes, ac totum clerum eiusdem, 
ad certos diem et locum per vos eis assignandos cum omni 
celeritate commoda et eciam oportuna coram vobis convocetis et 
eis exponatis, seu exponi clare faciatis, imminencia discrimina 
et pericula supradicta. Juxta discrecionem vobis a Deo datam 
ipsos moneatis et efficaciter inducatis, viis et modis omnibus 
quibus poteritis licitis et canonicis, quod cum armis defensivis et 
injuriarum repulsoriis, juxta status eorum decenciam, competen- 
tibus se parent et muniant, ac sint prompti preter et muniti, 
quociens et quando clamor adventus hostium predictorum in 
illis partibus insonuerit, pro tuicione et salvacione ecclesie et 
regni Anglicorum, ad resistendum hostibus huiusmodi intentibus 
ecclesiam et regnum Anglie ingredi, vastare, et depopulari, ac 
facere in omnibus quod presentis temporis et negocii qualitas, 
imminencium discriminum gravitas, et juste defensionis necessitas 

Ed. Ill in parliamento tento Londoniis tractavit de concordi^ violata pacisque pactionibus 
inter ipsum et regem Francie. Quapropter, sicut olim, totum refjnum Francie vendicavit 
misitque circa Nativ. B.V.M. (Sept. 8) filium suum Joh. ducem Lankastrie et Humfridum 
de Boun, comitem Herefordie, cum valida manu militum et arcitenencium ad ius suum ex 
integro repetendum. Qui cum transfretassent et super montem qui dicitur 'Le Chalkhille' 
(chef de Caux at the mouth of the Seine) ' castrametiti fuissent contra Francos, qui illis 
occxirrerent, lamdiu jacuerunt ibidem donee consumptis victualibus pars Anglica fame 
deficiebat.' " 

Official Instruntpnts. 8 1 

et oportunitas, ac jura, exigunt et permittunt. Ita quod dictis 
viris ecclesiasticis torpor vel negligencia nequeat merito imputari. 

Nosque recensentes in armariolo cordis nostri, quod non est 

in hominis potcstate set in manu Dei victoria belli, qui docet 

manus ad proeliiun et digitos viri ad belliivi, habens in suo 

moderamine corda singulorum, ipsius Dei victricem manum 

mundatis cordibus et conscienciis supliciter duximus implor- 

andum, eo quod devote preces fidelium et alia pietatis opera 

plerumque iram Redemptoris in misericordiam et mansuetu- 

dinem mitigant et convertunt ; vobisque firmiter injungendo 

mandamus, quamvis id aliter mandaverimus fieri nostras literas 

per priores, quatenus omnibus et singulis abbatibus, prioribus, 

conventibus, collegiis, rectoribus ecclesiarum et vicariis, ac presby- 

teris parochialibus archidiaconatus predicti auctoritate nostra 

efficaciter injungentes, quod diebus dominicis aliisque solempni- 

bus et festivis in suis ecclesiis infra missarum solempnia, cum 

maior affuerit populi multitudo, clericos et laicos archidiacona- 

tQs predicti auctoritate nostra moneant efficaciter et inducant, 

monerive faciant efifectualiter et induci, ut pro pace et tranqui- 

litate ecclesie sancte Dei, ac pro salubri statu domini nostri 

regis et suorum omnium ac regni sui effundant Altissimo sinceris 

mentibus preces suplices et devotas, ipsique cum clericis et 

laicis eiusdem archidiaconatus, quos per vos moneri volumus et 

induci, in villis mercatis per vicos earum et circa cimeteria ipsa- 

rum ecclesiarum, vel si non adsit aeris serenitas, in ipsis ecclesiis, 

pulsatis campanis omnibus quartis et sextis feriis^ processionem 

; faciant solempnem, letaniam decantantes, et missam que dicitur 

Salus Popidi celebrent, et postea prosequantur. Capellani ver6 

i huiusmodi processionibus non interessentes scptem psalmos 

I penitenciales pro illo tempore absencie sue cum letania, laici 

i vero oracionem dominicam cum salutacione virginis gloriose, 

prout eis Deus inspiraverit, dicant pro premissis humiliter et 

devote. Et ad premissa omnia exequcnda religiosos exemptos 

dicti archidiaconatus per vos procurari volumus et induci. Quod 

si non omnes hiis exequendis potueritis intcresse, vos, prior, cum 

aliis vestrQm qui presentes fuerint, ipsi exequamini cum effectu. 

Et quid super hoc feccritis, etc. — Southwark, 26 April, 1369. 

1 On Wednesdays and Fridays. The days of the week after Sunday (dies dominica) 
were called " ferix', ' " fcria secunda" being Monday, " feria tercia" Tuesday, and so on. 

82 Wykehnfns Rf^^isfer. 

[17 b.] Similar letter to abbot of Chertsey, prior of Merton, 
and r. of Ewell, for archdeaconry of Surrey. 

[18 a.] Mandate directed by the primate to Simon, bp. of 
London, ordering prayers for peace throughout the province^: — 

Unigcnitus Dei filius, cum transiturus esset ex hoc mundo 
ad Patrcm, paccm discipulis suis reliquit humanam, quam vide- 
licet inter se fraterna dilcccione servarent ; pacem vero suam, 
qu^ soli fruuntur electi in celesti regnantes beatitudine, dedit 
eis, ut sic per observanciam pacis temporalem dono gracie sue 
pertingerent ad eternam. 

Quod utique satis advertens humani generis antiquus hostis, 
huiusmodi pacis felicitatem ad momentum expertus, pacem illam 
humanam, pacis eterne preparatoriam, turbare semper et violare 
sua indefessa versucia machinatur. Dudum siquidem procur- 
ante ipso pacis emulo, discordia quam gravis inter excellentis- 
simum principem dominum nostrum regem suosque adversarios 
successivos, pro regibus Francie se gerentes, exorta fuerat et tem- 
pore diuturno protracta ; set tandem Divina miserante clemencia 
inita fuerant inter partes ipsas gloriosa pacis federa, que tamen 
finem nondum sunt sortita dispositum, set cum gravi dispendio 
gravique periculo dilacionem sumpserunt non modicam, adeo 
quod verisimiliter de ipsius dissipacione totali timetur, quan- 
quam prefatus dominus noster rex ad eius profeccionem effica- 
citer obtulerit se paratum, secretim considerans idem princeps 
christianissimus, quod actus eciam meritorios in cassum aggre- 
ditur humana prudencia, nisi divine miseracionis virtus hanc 
intencionem suam supremo pacis Auctori, prout confidit, placa- 
bilem, ac utriusque dictorum regnorum subjectis perutilem, 
summo opere juvari considerat precibus devotorum. 

Quapropter maiestatem suam humiliter inclinans, nobis atten- 
ciiis supplicavit, ut pacem ipsam in missarum solempniis, sermoni- 1 
bus, et processionibus publicis specialiter et devote recommenda- 
tam habere, et hoc idem nostrarum diocesis et provincie subditis 
demandare, solicite curaremus. Vestre siquidem fraternitati 
committimus et mandamus, quatenus omnibus et singulis fratri- 
bus nostris et coepiscopis ecclesie nostre Cantuariensis suffra- 

1 The bishop acknowledged receipt of the bishop of London's circular by letter to the 
primate dated Southwark, 20 June, 1369. 

Official Instruments. 83 

ganeis, cum ea celeritate qua poteritis, injungatis, ut ipsi in 
ecclesiis suis et aliis suarum civitatum et diocesium subditos 
suos, clericos et laicos, efficaciter moneant et inducant, et faciant 
induci, quod pro prefato domino rege filioque ipsius primogenito, 
domino principe Acquitanie et Wallie, cunctis eciam pro defen- 
sione ac tuicione jurium suorum eis assistentibus Altissimo Regi 
in missarum solempniis, sermonibus publicis, et processionibus 
consuetis humiles fundant preces, pacem et tranquillitatcm regni 
devote recommendatas habentes ; vosque hcc eadem in vestris 
civitate et diocese prosequi cum efifectu curetis, ad supremi pacis 
Auctoris laudem, gloriam, et honorem. 

Et ut fidelium mentes ad devociones huiusmodi propensius 
excitentur, de Dei omnipotentis misericordia, et sanctissime 
Virginis matris sue, beati Thome martyris gloriosi, omniumque 
sanctorum meritis et precibus confidentes, ipsis fidelibus per 
nostram provinciam constitutis de peccatis suis vero penitentibus 
et confessis, ut premittitur, facientibus supradicta, quadraginta 
dies indulgencie concedimus per presentes, et a vobis ceterisque 
nostris suffraganeis similes petimus elargiri. De diebus ver6 
recepcionis, etc. — Lambeth, 28 April, 1369. 

[l8b.] Commission for inquiry and proclamations in the 
matter of the purgation of William Dyket, a clerk, incarcerated 
on the charge of having, on the Friday before Palm Sunday, 36 
Ed. Ill, feloniously stolen at Littleton thirty wethers (multones), 
value 6oj-., the property of the prior of St. Swithun. — Southvvark, 
I July, 1368. 

[19 a.] Ceremonial when the pallium was conferred on 
Archbishop Whittlesey : — 

In the chapel at Lambeth on the 19th day of April, 1369, 
the bishop of Winchester received at the hands of m. Thomas 
de Sutham, archdeacon of Oxford, the apostolic letters patent 
and two sealed letters, one empowering the bishop of Winches- 
ter to confer the pallium and the other containing the form of 
oath of fealty to the church of Rome. These letters being 
opened and read, the archdeacon gave the pallium to the 
bishop. And then the bishop advanced to the high altar, and, 
after mass sung, placed the pallium round the neck of the arch- 

G 2 

84 Wykeham's Register. 

bishop, as he knelt at the altar, robed in pontifical vestments 
and wearing the cope ; and then read aloud the following form 
of words from the scaled letter : — 

'• Ad honorem Dei Omnipotentis et beate Marie virginis et 
beatorum Petri et Pauli et domini Urbani, pape quinti, et ecclesie 
Romane et ecclesie Cantuariensis tibi commisse, tradimus tibi 
pallium de corpore beati Petri sumptum et plenitudinem ponti- 
ficalis dignitatis, ut utaris eo intra ecclesiam tuam certis diebus, 
qui exprimuntur in privilegiis ecclesie tue concessis a Roman^ 
ecclesia." After this the archbishop, having a copy of the Holy 
Gospels before him, took the oath of fealty. 

These things were done in the presence of John de Shepeye, 
LL.D., canon of Lichfield ; John de Campeden, LL.B., canon of 
Southwell ; John de Swyneshede, r. of Wederynshede (Wether- 
ingsett) ; and John de Kelleseye, canon of Lincoln, and notary 
of the apostolic see. 

License of non-residence for a year granted to John de 
Castro Bernardi (vol. i, pp. 1 1, 28), r. of Nutfield. — Southwark, 
17 May, 1369. 

Commission directed to dean of Guildford and r. of Send 
(vol. i, p. 36) to claim clerks indicted at the Surrey assizes. — 
Esher, 21 May. 

[19 b.] Commission for inquiry and proclamations in the 
matter of the purgation of Thomas Lybaud, of Lothian, clerk, 
incarcerate on the charge of having, on the Sunday next after 
St. Andrew, 35 Ed. Ill, at Combe Park, Surrey, in the inn yard 
(" infra virgam hospicii ") of John Bays, of Kingston, feloniously 
stolen a horse with its saddle and bridle, value 40^". — Southwark, 
2 Feb., 1368-9. 


[33 a.] Another commission in same matter. — Esher, 21 
March, 1369-70. 

[353-] Certificate of Lybaud's purgation. — Southwark, 28 
May, 1370. 

[21a.] William Aylesbury caused the death of a man, and 
being in prison on the charge, escaped and took sanctuary in 

Official Ijistruments. 85 

the churchyard of St. George's, Southvvark, where he was arrested 
by Robert Solas, John Ferour, and others, who are cited for 
breach of sanctuary and enjoined to do penance^: — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio decano de Suthwerke, nostre 
diocesis, s. g. et b. Detestando feritatis excessus nostrum pul- 
savit auditum, quod licet ad tutelam et confugium oppressorum 
sit a Sanctis patribus salubriter constitutum, ut ecclesia reos 
sanguinis ab hominum incursu defendat ; et propterea ex sanct- 
orum patrum constitucionibus sit adjectum circa tuicionem tam 
personarum ad ecclesias vel cimeteria confugiencium et rerum, 
que in ipsis pro securitate reponuntur, quam circa salutem 
hominum profanorum, qui Dei timore contempto, ecclesie rever- 
encia prorsus abjecta, immo totius humanitatis et sciencie pudore 
deposito, ad huiusmodi confugarum abstraccionem se conferunt 
impudenter ; quod omnes qui confugientem ad ecclesiam vel 
cimeterium causa immunitatis ecclesiastice consequende inde 
abstraxerint violenter seu abstraccionem huiusmodi ratam hab- 
entes vel huiusmodi abstrahentibus dederint consilium, auxilium, 
vel favorem publice vel occulte, sint ipso facto maioris excom- 
municacionis vinculo innodati. 

Quidam tamen Johannes Ferour, Robertus Solas, et Johannes 
Munden quemdam Willelmum de Aylesbury ad ecclesiam S. 
Georgii in Suthwerke, nostre diocesis, gracia et occasione immu- 
nitatis ecclesiastice obtinende confugientem, et in eius cimeterio 
constitutum, die veneris proxima post dominicam qua cantatur 
Quasimodo^ proxime jam effluxam, inde violenter abstraxerunt 
abstrahive mandarunt, procurarunt, et fecerunt, fama publica id 
testante, maioris excommunicacionis summam antcdictam, si ita 
est, dampnabiliter incurrentes. 

1 The privilege of sanctuary as defined by the Constitutions of Othobon, a.d. 1268, 
was the foundation of abjuration. Abjuration was, where one who had committed a 
felony and for safeguard of his life fled to the sanctuary of a church or churchyard, and 
there, before the coroner of the place, within forty days confessed the felony and took nn 
oath for his perpetual banishment out of the reahn into a foreign countrv, just as in the 
last and early part of this century criminals capitally convicted often received a free pardon 
on condition of transporting tliemselves across the seas. Hut by 21 Jac. I, c. 28, §9, it 
is enacted that no privilege of sanctuary shall be admitted or allowed in any case. Viola- 
tion of a sanctuary was punished by Othobon with exconununication ipso facto, and if 
latisfaction was not made within forty days, with deprivation. — Gibs., 781 ; Phill., 1387. 

3 The first Sunday after Easter is called "Quasimodo" from the circumstance of the 
introit for that Sunday beginning with the words " Dominus quasimodo." It is also 
called "dominica in albis," because on that day the newly baptised put off the white 
garments which they donned on the Sunday next before leister. 

86 VVvkehnrn's I^r^'s/fr. 

Nos if^itur circa tuici'onem libertatis et immunitatis ecclesias- 
ticc, prout artati siimus ex debito officii nostri pastoralis, pervigiles 
et soliciti, no tarn horrendus excessus contra Deum et ecclesiam 
sic terribilitcr attemptatus sub dissimulacionis clamide transeat 
impunitus, tibi in virtutc obediencie nobis debite et sub maioris 
excommunicacionis pena, quam in personam tuam, si in hiis 
excqucndo ncgligcns fueris vel remissus, canonica monicione 
prcmissa, ferimus in his scriptis, districte precipimus et man- 
damus, quatcnus cites seu citari facias peremptorie prefatos 
Johanncm, Robertum, et Johannem, quod compereant coram 
nobis vel nostro commissario in ecclesia conventuali beate Marie 
de Suthwcrke, nostre diocesis, die Marcii proxima post festum 
Asccnsionis Domini proxime jam venturum, super predicto 
horrendo excessu eis et eorum cuilibet ex officio nostro ad 
animarum suarum correccionem et salutem obiciendis responsuri, 
et de veritate dicenda super premissis personaliter juraturi, fac- 
turi quoque ulterius et recepturi super premissis quod canonice 
dictaverint sancciones. 

Terminum vero peremptorium supradictum, propter imminens 
periculum animarum dictorum Johannis, Roberti, et Johannis in 
hac parte caucius et celerius evitandum, sic duximus moderan- 
dum, statuendum, et eciam assignandum. 

De die vero citacionis tue, modo et forma eiusdem, et an 
dictos Johannem, Robertum, et Johannem personaliter inveneris, 
et quid feceris in premissis, nos vel nostrum commissarium dictis 
die et loco certifices et personaliter et per literas tuas patentes, 
harum seriem continentes. — Id.y ly April, 1369. 

[21a.] The commissary, John de Shepeye, and John de 
Kelleseye, commissioned to take proceedings against the men 
who arrested Aylesbury. — Id., 15 May. 

[20b.] Commissary reports that Aylesbury was in fact 
arrested in the churchyard, and that Robert Solas pleads guilty 
to having arrested him there. — /^., 2 June. 

[19b.] Excommunication denounced against all who arrested 

Aylesbury : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis decano de Suthwerke, nostre 
diocesis, ac universis et singulis ecclesiarum rectoribus, vicariis, 

Official Instruments. 87 

et capellanis per dictum diaconatum constitutis, s. g. et b. Cum 
nuper quidam Sathane satellites, ipsius nutibus obsequcntes, 
infrascripti facinoris scelerati complices, Dei timore postposito, 
et ecclesie reverencia conculcata penitus et abjecta, quemdam 
incarceratum nomine Willelmum de Aylesbury, alias dictum 
de Welde, ad ecclesiam parochialem S. Georgii de Suthwerke 
predicta et eius cimeterium divinis usibus dedicatum causa 
immunitatis ecclesiastice consequende fugientem, et in ipso cime- 
terio constitutum, privilegium ecclesie altis vocibus postulantem 
et publice vendicantem, inde violenter abstraxerint et reduxerint 
ad carcerem vinclatum, et sic libertatem ecclesiasticam et ipsius 
immunitatem, tanquam filii degeneres, maligno spiritu agitati, 
nequiter violarint : 

Nos igitur tenerrime advertentes, et tantam nequiciam per- 
fecto odio prosequentes, et attendentes, quod parum prodesset 
humilibus obedienciam, si contumacium pertinacitas et rebellio 
minime reprimantur, vobis communiter et divisim sub maioris 
excommunicacionis pena et in virtute sancte obediencie nobis 
debite firmiter precipimus et mandamus, quatenus omnes et 
singulos eiusdem facinoris patratores aut huiusmodi abstracci- 
onem nomine eorum factam ratam habentes, et ad hoc prebentes 
publice vel occulte consilium, auxilium, vel consensum, in dictam 
excommunicacionis summam incidisse in genere indicti, cam- 
panis pulsatis, cruce erecta, candelis accensis et postea extinctis, 
cum omni solempnitate debita et requisita in ecclesiis vestris 
intra missarum solempnia omnibus dominicis diebus et festivis, 
coram populo congregato, palam et publice nuncietis et faciatis 
publice nunciari, exinde non cessantes, quousque dictum scelus 
committentes et alii ipsorum complices adhuc nobis ignoti ad 
gremium ecclesie redierint, ac Deo et ecclesie, cui tantam injuriam 
intulerunt et dampnum passo satisfecerint competenter, et abso- 
lucionis beneficium a dicta summa in forma juris meruerint 
obtinerc, et aliud inde vobis dederimus in mandatis, quorum 
omnium absolucionem a singulis pcnitcnciariis nostris ex causis 
legitimis nos moventibus omnino adimimus, et extra mortis 
articulum persone nostrc specialiter reservamus. — lb., 9 June. 

[20a.] Absolution of Solas, Englished : — 
On the 25 June, in the parish church of St. Olave's, South- 
wark, Robert dit Solas came before the prior of Southwark and 

88 Uykrlhifns Rt\i^isiey. 

John de Kcllescye, the commissary of the diocese, specially 
deputed ad hoc, in the presence of the dean of Southwark, the 
rectors of St. George's and St. Olave's, and ds. John Crabbe, 
and prayed instantly and often that they would grant him the 
benefit of absolution from the greater excommunication incurred 
in manner aforesaid, and that justly, as he admitted ; and having 
made amends to the church and to Aylesbury, and taken the 
customary oath, the commissary absolved him. — /^., 22 June. 

[21b.] Ferour and Solas monished to do penance: — 
Message to dean of Southwark, enjoining him " quatenus 
dictos Robertum et Johannem primo, secundo, ac terci6, ac sub 
maioris excommunicacionis pena, moneas seu moneri facias 
efficaciter et induci, quod dictam penitenciam humiliter et devote 
peragant et peragat quilibet eorum ; et assumptis tecum dicto 
rectore ac rectoribus ecclesiarum S. Olavi et S. Marie Magdalene 
de Bcrmondeseye, nostre diocesis, ac capellano parochiano S. 
Marie Magdalene de Suthwerke, ipsos penitentes personaliter 
prosequaris, et eos ad huiusmodi penitenciam plene peragendam 
per quascunque censuras ecclesiasticas auctoritate nostra com- 
pellas. Et si huiusmodi penitenciam plene secundum dictam 
formam peregerint, necne, et qualiter premissa fueris executus, 
nos citra festum S. Margarete virginis (20 July) proxime futurum 
clare certificetis," etc. — Same date. 

[22 a.] Dean of Southwark enjoined to publish sentence of 
excommunication against the others who arrested Aylesbury. — 
lb., 25 June. 

[21b.] On the 22nd of June, 1369, at Southwark, John 
Ferour was absolved by Kelleseye, and took an oath that he 
would not do the like again, but would abide by the orders of 
the Church and would do penance ; and the penance put on 
him was, that he should on four Sundays attend the parish 
churches of Southwark, in the same manner as Robert Solas, 
bearing a lighted candle of half a pound weight, and the like 
on other four Sundays at the cathedral church. 

[21b.] Dispensation super defectu natalium granted to 
William Bourne, a scholar of the diocese, by Cardinal William, 
title S. Laurencii in Lucina. 

Official Instruments. 89 

[22 a.] Prayers for peace ordered throughout the diocese : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto fih"o priori ecclesie nostre cathedralis 
Wyntoniensis, s. g. et b. Omnipotens et misericors Altissimus 
oraciones humilium libenter exaudit, si prius defleant quod erra- 
verunt, et post mundacionem erratorum suorum intente ad Deum 
spiritu contrito et humili elevaverint voces suas ; cumque non 
sit in manu volentis neque currentis, set Dei miserantis, bcllo- 
rum victoria, regnorum tuicio, et finale juvamen, ac regnum 
Anglie, ducatus Acquitanie, et ah'e terre, loca, et insule a dicto 
regno dependencia periculis hostium invadencium sint vallata, 
qui ad destruccionem dictorum regni et locorum offerunt et 
erigunt se paratos ; ac ad hoc totis viribus et machinacionibus 
satagunt et nituntur, nisi voluntas Altissimi in misericordia per 
preces humilium comitatur. Missas devotas, processiones gener- 
ales, et oraciones humiles pro pace et tranquillitate dictorum 
regnorum et locorum in ecclesia nostra Wyntoniensi, civitati, 
diocese, ac singulis monasteriis, prioratibus, et ecclesiis conventu- 
alibus, collegiatis, et parochialibus nostre diocesis fore decrevimus 
solempniter celebrandas, ac mandavimus per nostras literas 
specialiter celebrari. 

Vobis igitur in virtute obediencie firmiter injungimus et 
mandamus, vos attencius exortantes, quatenus processiones so- 
lempnes et missas publicas in dicta ecclesia nostra Wyntoniensi 
singulis quartis et sextis feriis faciatis per vos et confratres 
vestros amodo^ singulis ebdomadis cum omni diligencia celebrari, 
mundatis prius eorum cordibus ab omnibus sordibus peccatorum, 
ut Deus et dominus noster Ihu Christus ecclesiam, quam suo 
sanguine rubricavit, regnum quoque Anglie, terras, et loca ad 
idem regnum pertinencia, regem, principem, nobiles, et populos 
eorundem rcgni et locorum gubernet, dirigat, et conservet, et 
omnibus fidelibus dicti domini regis pacem tribuat, corroboret, 
et confirmet. Et, ut devociones omnium subditorum nostrorum 
ad dicte pictatis operis exercicium propcnsius excitemus, de 
Dei omnipotcntis misericordia, gloriose virginis Marie, beato- 
rum apostolorum Petri ct Pauli, necnon sanctorum Ethelwoldi, 
Svvithuni, Birini, et Ilcdde, patronorum nostrorum, et omnium 
sanctorum meritis et precibus confidentes, omnibus parochianis 
nostris et aliis, quorum diocesani banc nostram indulgcnciam 
ratam habuerint, de peccatis suis vere contritis et confessis, qui 

' I. q. deinceps. — Du Cange. 

90 Uykehains Register. 

dictis processionibus ct missis interfuerint, et oraciones devotas 
pro pace dictorum rcgni, ducatQs, et locorum ad idem regnum 
spcctancium, regis et principum, ct aliorum suorum fidelium 
cordibus sinceris effuderint, missas quoque et processiones huius- 
modi cordibus contritis et humilibus peregerint sen peragent, 
quadraginta dies de injuncta sibi penitencia, Deo propicio, 
miscricorditer relaxamus. — Southwark, i6 April. 

[22b.] Another summons to arms for defence of the 
reahn : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilccto fih'o suo m. Johanni de Wormenhale, 
officiali nostro, s. g. et b. Nuper vobis et vestris sociis ad hoc 
per nos assignatis nostris tempestive dedimus literis artiiis in 
mandatis, ut consideratis pericuh's hostium huius regni fines eius 
ingredi ct invadere viis omnibus machinancium, que per priores 
literas^ nostras vobis seriosius exposuimus, omnes et singulos 
viros ecclesiasticos, religiosos et seculares, beneficiatos et non 
bencficiatos, faceretis coram nobis armatos competenter, juxta 
eorum cuiuslibet decenciam et facultates, ad repulsionem dicto- 
rum hostium invasorum regni Anglic arraiari, et arraiacionem 
huiusmodi effectualiter et debite fieri juxta priorum literarum 
nostrarum vobis et certis sociis vestris inde directarum contin- 
enciam et tenorem ; et venerabiles fratres domini archiepiscopus 
necnon Londoniensis, Exoniensis, Norwycensis, et alii episcopi 
regni Anglic in subsidium defcnsionis ciusdcm regni clerum 
suum feccrunt ex causa premissa realiter et congrue armari ct 
arraiari, ct illud in opcre poni per sc ct alios supcrvidcrunt. Et 
clcrici nostri, qui super mare, ubi patet ingrcssus hostium, bene- 
ficia ecclcsiastica sua tcnent, in ore hostium predictorum non 
sunt, ut accepimus, armis muniti, nee coram vobis debite arraiati. 
Dc quo consideratis pcriculis imminentibus nimirum in nostri 
cordis penetralibus gravissime conturbamur, vestram segniciem 
non immerito arguentes. 

Vos igitur hortamur, artissime injungentes, ut omni mora 
postposita, assumptis vobiscum sociis vestris prioribus assignatis, 
ad partes archidiaconatus Wyntoniensis, omnibus aliis negociis 
ad tempus quicscentibus, pcrsonalitcr acccdatis, et omnes de 
clero ipsius archidiaconatus, bencficiatos et non beneficiatos, in 
forma congrua armari et arraiari, juxta facultates et status 

1 p. 79. 

Official Instrutnents. 91 

eorum decenciam, coram vobis et sociis vestris effectualiter fieri 
videatis, nc torpor vcl neglii^encia nobis aut vobis super hoc 
racionabiliter valeat imputari, et propter pericula regni celerius 

Et ita sagaciter premissa omnia sine defectu expedire curetis, 
ut vestram fidelitatem et prudenciam in adventu nostro ad partes 
illas, quas infra quindenam proxime venturam per Dei graciam 
personaliter peragrare intendimus et videre, possimus merito 

Et adjungimus vobis ad premissa omnia expedienda dilec- 
tum filium priorem de Suthwyk, cui super hiis vobis explicandis 
firmam credenciam adhibere curetis. — lb., 6 July. 

[23 a.] Commission for purgation of William Paunes, who 
was committed to Winchester Castle on divers charges of high- 
way robbery (super eo quod dicebatur fore communis latro et 
congregator^ et principalis ductor latronum, equitans in passu ^ 
de Aulton et Rompesdene,^ Hanepynge,'^ Roulandes Castell, et 
alibi in comitatu Suthamptone, insidians^ quamplures cum bonis 
suis transeuntes passus predictos, et illos de bonis felonice de- 
predasse), and, claiming benefit of clergy, was delivered to the 
ordinary. The charges were: — 

(i) In company with Nicholas de Hecfelde and William Ic 
Hounte robbing Richard Dene of 655-., at Rowland's Castle. 
(2) In company with others unknown robbing William Triboun 
of Ss. yd., in the open fields of Bighton, and threatening to cut 
out Triboun's tongue unless he fetched twenty marks. (3) 
Robbing John de Boketone of a horse, value 205., at Boleye.* 
(4) Robbing Richard atte Pytte of a horse and other goods and 
chattels, at Warnford. — lb., 8 July. 

* One who gathers unto him, like David at the cave of Adullam (i Savi. xxii, v. 2). 

' In the pass or bridleway through the thicket between Alton and East Meon, perhaps 
where Adam de Gurdon, the outlaw, fought with Prince Edward. 

' Now Ramsdcan, a hamlet on the road between East Meon and Petersfield. 

< Now Hampnage or Hcmpage, about three miles east of Winchester, l)etween the two 
roads to Alresford ; the wood which bp. Walkelin felled in order to roof the Cathedral. 

•By Stat. 4 Hen. IV, c. 2, the words " insidiatores viarum " and " depopulatores 
agrorum " shall not be used in any indictment, because these words were held to exclude 
benefit of clergy ; but words of the s<inu' import might be used, and when used did 
not debar clerks when indicted from claiming the privilege of being delivered to their 
ordinaries, 6 BolinRC Hill, near Peterslield. 

92 Wykehavis Register. 

[23b.] Commission for purgation of John Wardecorps, of 
Shirbourne, who was committed to Winchester Castle on charges 
of steahng from Henry Pokcrygge on Monday in the first week 
of Lent, 40 Ed. Ill, a horse value two marks; breaking and 
entering the house of Christina Breze and stealing linens and 
woollens value five marks ; and breaking and entering in the 
night-time the house of Christina le Dresshe, at Eversley, and 
stealing linens and woollens, silver spoons, and a cup {ciphus) 
hooped with silver, value lOOs. ; and claiming benefit of clergy, 
was delivered to the ordinary. — Same date. 

[31b.] Another commission for purgation of Wardecorps 
and Paunes. — lb., i Feb., 1369-70. 

[167a.] Another for Wardecorps, and [170a] certificate of 
prior of Winchester Cathedral, dated 20 January, 1378-9, that 
the official had held an inquiry at Holy Trinity church, Guild- 
ford, and found that the charge was a grave one, resting on the 
evidence of credible persons who were not enemies of Warde- 
corps ; so that purgation was not granted. 

[24a.] Prayers for the soul of Queen Philippa of Hainault^ 
ordered : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio officiali archidiaconi nostri Wyn- 
toniensis, s. g. et b. Eterni Regis ineffabilis prudencia, qui 
hominem ad ymaginem et similitudinem suam secreta dispensa- 
cione consilii condidit et formavit, et post lapsum protoplausti 
Filium suum misit in terras, ut genus humanum vulneratum et 
captivum de latentis inimici faucibus suo precioso sanguine 
misericorditer liberaret, ad sui nutum arbitrii aufert spiritus 
principum et pauperum equa sorte, sacro eioquio id testante ; 
nam unus est omnium introitus ad vitam et similis fore exitus 
in libro experiencie demonstratur. 

Casum siquidem lugubrem et plenum amaritudinis cum 
dolore cordis intrinsecus nunciamus, quod serenissima domina, 
domina Philippa Celebris memorie, regina Anglie, de stirpe 
clarissima propagata, que rebus dum ageret in humanis humili- 
tatis virtutem ceteris virtutibus ante districti judicis oculos 
preeminentem, sedulis actibus sectabatur ; in elemosinarum 

1 Daughter of William, Count of Holland and Hainault, married to Edward III in 1327. 

Official Instruments. 93 

largicione manum suam largifluam aperuit inopi et digitos suos 
extendit ad pauperes, viduis pupillis et orphanis et aliis misera- 
bilibus personis pia eciam misericors extitit sufifragatrix, ecclesie 
sancte devota, pro republica interventrix, Deo et hominibus 
quam dilecta, mundi temptaciones et certamina feliciter per- 
transivit, ab erumpnis huius exilii ad supremi Judicis tribunal, 
prout Deo placuit, juxta communem legem mortalium est 

Set quamvis innumeris virtutum muneribus prepolleret, si 
tamen fragilitas condicionis humane quicquam in ipsa expiabile 
reliquerit forsitan indeletum, propter quod penam debitam 
plenarie non persolvit, vivorum tamen sufifragiis, ut per ea a 
commissis et penis eorundem celerius absolvatur, propere nos- 
citur indigere. 

Unde nos premissa in nostri cordis armariolo tenerrime re- 
censentes, exequias et missas pro eadem in ecclesia nostra 
Wyntoniensi et singulis aliis ecclesiis, regularibus et secularibus, 
per civitatem et diocesim nostram Wyntoniensem constitutis, 
fore decrevimus solempniter celebrandas. 

Vobis igitur in virtute obediencie, et sub maioris excommu- 
nicacionis pena, firmiter injungimus et mandamus, quatenus 
omnes et singulos abbates, priores, capitula, conventus, et collegia, 
exempta et non exempta, necnon ecclesiarum rectores et vicarios, 
ac capellanos parochiales, et alios per dictum archidiaconatum 
quomodolibet constitutos, auctoritate nostra moneatis, premu- 
niatis, hortemini, et cfficaciter inducatis, ut pulsatis campanis 
pro convocacione fidelium ad huiusmodi solempnitatem tali die 
exequias et proximo die sequenti missas in suis ecclesiis et locis 
ad hoc aptis pro eadem domina regina defuncta solempniter 
celebrent et faciant juxta status ipsius decenciam debitc cclebrari, 
et devotas oraciones ad Dcum effundant et efTundi procurcnt, ut 
Deus et Pater misericordiarum animam ipsius rcgine a com- 
missis et penis omnibus absolvat, et eam inter sanctos et electos 
suos dignetur per suam pietatem maximam collocare ; et faciatis 
premissa exponi populo, ut intclligcre valcant cciam in vulgari. 

Et, ut mentes fidelium ad oraciones pro ips^ supplices cffun- 
dendas et predictc dcvocionis opera diligencius excrccnda pro- 
pensius excitemus, dc Dei omnipotcntis misericordia, bcatissime 

94 liyi'e/iam's Register. 

virgfinis Marie, beatorum apostolorum Petri et Pauli, necnon 
sanctorum confcssoriim Birini, Swithuni, Ethelvvoldi, ct Hedde, 
dictc nostre ecclesic patronorum, et omnium Sanctorum meritis 
et precibus confidcntcs, omnibus parochianis nostris et aliis quo- 
rum diocesani banc nostram indulgenciam ratam babuerint et 
acceptam, de peccatis suis vere pcnitencibus ct confessis, qui 
dictas exequias et missas pro anima domine prelibate devote 
celcbraverint, seu si cicrici inferioris sedis aut laici fuerint, et 
cisdcm exequiis et missis ipsos intcresse contigerit, et septies 
oracionem dominicam cum salutacione gloriose virginis supra- 
dicte dixerint mente devota, quadraginta dies de injuncta sibi 
penitencia, Deo propicio, misericorditer relaxamus. — lb., i6 Aug. 

[24b.] Similar letters to arcbdeacon of Surrey and prior 
of Wincbester Catbedral. 

[25a.] Memorandum, quod prefata domina Pbilippa, regina 
Anglie, migravit ab boc seculo apud Wyndesbore die Assumpci- 
onisB. V. M. (15 August), 1369. 

St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey. Citation of Jobn tbe 
rector for non-residence. — Ib.^ 21 June. 

[25b.] Lingfield. Jobn, bisbop of Man (episcopus Ayabon- 
ensis), commissioned to consecrate cbancel and bigb altar, wbich 
had been rebuilt, and reconcile cburcbyard, wbicb bad been 
polluted by tbe sbedding of blood ; also to ascertain the names 
of all who thus polluted tbe churchyard, with power to grant 
them absolution ; also to administer the sacrament of confirm- 
ation in tbe diocese until Martinmas (11 Nov.) then next. — Ib.^ 
Oct. 6. 

[26a.] Circular to the archdeacons, ordering prayers for 
repose of the soul of Lionel, duke of Clarence.^ 

Willelmus, etc. Eterni patris providencia volens hominibus, 
quos ad sui ymaginem et similitudinem mirabiliter condidit et 
formavit, inter cetera de salutis remedio providere, sua pia 

1 Second son of Edward III, died about September 8th, 1368, at the Court of Galeas, 
duke of Milan, whose daughter, Violante, he had taken to wife only five months before — 
"potu violento occisus, prout moris Lumbardorum est communis," says the chronicler. 
His marriage articles will be found in Rymer's Foedera, III, 2, 135. 

Official Instruments. 95 

miseracione disposuit oracionum et aliorum pietatis operum 
exercicia animabus fidelium post vestem mortalitatis exutam 
posse salubriter suffragan*, ut eorum intcrventu anime defunc- 
torum a penis purgatorii pro pcccatis, que in huiusmodi orbis 
exilio fragiliter contraxerint, Dei misericordia citius absolvantur. 

Nuper siquidem rumor, insipidus, et infestus, quod pro cordis 
amaritudine gementes referimus, thalamum cordis domini nostri 
Regis nimirum acriter perforavit, quod strenuissimus princeps 
dominus Leonellus, dudum dux Clarencie, natus ipsius domini 
regis inclitus, communem patriam omnium mortalium est ingres- 
sus, et ad supremi Regis nutus imperium, qui aufert spiritum 
principum et pauperum, a curis huiusmodi seculi jam translatus. 
Unde idem dominus rex suis literis specialiter nos rogavit, ut 
exequias et missas et alias oraciones devotas in ecclesia nostra 
Wyntoniensi et cunctis monasteriis ecclesiis conventualibus et 
collegiatis nostre diocesis, exemptis et non exemptis, ac parochi- 
alibus ecclesiis per nostras civitatem et diocesim constitutis, faci- 
amus dicto die solempniter celebrari, ipsius animam Altissimo 
devotis precibus commendando ; nos volentes mente sincera 
huiusmodi condescendere piis votis, vobis in virtute obediencie 
firmiter injungimus et districte precipiendo mandamus, etc. — as 
above, with grant of forty days' indulgence. — Farnham, x Kal. 
Jan., 1368-9. 

[27 a.] Commission for purgation of Robert le Bode, who 
was indicted for that on the Tuesday next after St. Valentine's 
day, 32 Ed. Ill, in the suburb of Chichester and hundred of 
Boxstokkbrygge, he feloniously killed Maud his wife ; and being 
committed to Guildford Castle, claimed his clergy, and was 
delivered to the ordinary.^ — Southwark, 17 Oct., 1370. 

[42 a.] Certificate of Bode's purgation and discharge. — 
Winchester, 13 Kal. Nov., 1372. 

[27b.] Conditional relaxation of sequestration for dilapida- 
tions at Mickleham, on undertaking by rector to do the repairs : 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto f nostro Johanni de Sancto Neoto, 
rectori ccclesie de Shere, nostre diocesis, sequcstratori nostro in 
archidiaconatu Surrcicnsi, s. g. et b. Intclligi nobis datur, quod 

^ Entered again at p. 41^. 

96 Wykehnms Rrgister. 

vos fructus, redditus, et proventus ecclesie de Mickelham, nostre 
dioccsis, propter defectum reparacionis domorum rcctorie eius- 
dem ecclesie sequestrastis, et voliimiis quod dictum sequestrum, 
si non subsit alia causa legitima, relaxetis ; cui injunximus, quod 
citra festum S. Michaelis proxime futurum huius domos rcctorie 
sue predicte faciat congrue reparari ; alioquin volumus, quod 
extunc ad reparacionem dictorum defectuum per vos auctoritate 
nostra legitime compellatur. — Southwark, 12 Oct., 1369. 

Thomas de Overtone, deceased. Grant of administration to 
John de Ware, sequestrator for the archdeaconry of Winchester. 
— Same date. 

[28a.] Mandate for Convocation, directed by the primate 
to Simon, bishop of London : — 

Willelmus, etc., venerabili fratri nostro Simoni, Dei gracia 
Londoniensi episcopo, salutem et fraterne dileccionis in Domino 
continuum incrementum. 

Ingens et indissimulata negociorum necessitas ac arduorum, 
nedum Anglicane concernencium utilitatem ecclesie, set eciam 
domini nostri regis et regni statum, tranquillitatisque et quietis 
eiusdem ac bonum publicum, ut speramus, multipliciter nos 
urget, licet cum fastidio, prelatos ac clerum nostri Cantuariensis 
provincie convocare ; et ad earn faciendum, cum frequenti et 
assidua ipsius regis nostri instancia breve suum recepimus sub 
hiis verbis Edwardus, etc., ut inter alia brevia regia. 

Ouocirca fraternitati vestre committimus et mandamus, in 
virtute sancte obediencie firmiter injungentes, quatenus venera- 
biles fratres nostros episcopos omnes et singulos dicte nostre 
provincie suffraganeos nostros, et electos confirmatos, si qui 
fuerint, et absencium huiusmodi episcoporum vicarios in spiritu- 
alibus generales, et custodes nostros spiritualitatis in civitatibus 
et diocesibus Exoniensi, Herefordensi, et Norwycensi, sedibus 
ibidem episcopalibus vacantibus, generales citetis seu citari 
faciatis peremptorie, et per eos decanos et priores ecclesiarum 
cathedralium, ac singula capitula eorundem. Archidiaconos 
quoque, abbates, et priores conventus sub se habentes, et alios 
ecclesiarum prelatos, exemptos et non exemptos, clerumque 
cuiuslibet diocesis provincie nostre antedicte, citari peremptorie 

Official Instruments. gy 

et premuniri volumus ; et mandamus, quod iidem episcopi, electi, 
vicarii generales, ac custodes nostri predict!, decani, priores huius- 
modi ecclesiarum cathedralium, archidiaconi quoque, et abbates, 
priores, ac ceteri ecclesiarum prelati, tam exempt! quam non 
exempti personab'ter, et quodlibet capitulum ecclesiarum cathe- 
dralium per unum, clerusque cuiuslibet diocesis nostre provincie 
antedicte per duos sufficientes procuratores compareant coram 
nobis aut nostris in hac parte locum tenentibus seu commissariis, 
si nos tunc, quod absit, impedin* contigerit, in ecclesia S. Pauli, 
London., die Lune proximo post festum SS. Fabiani et Sebas- 
tian!^ martirum proximum tunc futurum, ad tractandum nobis- 
cum, cum continuacione et prorogacione dierum tunc sequencium 
et locorum, super hiis, de quibus in dicto brevi regio fit mencio, et 
aliis arduis et urgentibus negociis ecclcsiam Anglicanam et cle- 
rum huiusmodi concernentibus et ibidem seriosiiis exponendis, 
suaque consilia et auxilia super eis impensuri, et ad consencien- 
dum hiis, que ibidem ex deliberacione communi ad honorem 
Dei et ccclesie sue, et utilitatcm regni et totius rei publice, ut 
speramus, contigerit concorditer ordinari, facturique ulterius et 
recepturi, quod justum fuerit, et huiusmodi negocii qualitas et 
natura cxigunt et requirunt. 

Vos eciam dictum mandatum, quatenus vos et diocesim ves- 
tram London, concernit exequi, per omnia faciatis, et eidem 
nostro mandato in omnibus pareatis cum effectu. 

Tenore insuper presencium peremptorie vos citamus, qua- 
tenus eisdem die et loco compereatis coram nobis seu nostris in 
hac parte commissariis, una cum aliis nostris suffraganeis, ut 
premittitur, tractaturi, facturique, necnon recepturi, quatenus ad 
vos attinet, prout superiijs continetur ; prelatis eciam ecclesiarum 
exemptarum non mendicantibus vestre, et aliorum coepiscoporum 
nostre provincie, diocesis cuiuscunque fuerint [28b] ordinis per 
vos et dictis confratres nostros, prout vos et unumquemque 
ipsorum concernit, volumus intimari, ut prefatis die et loco 
absque suorum privilcgiorum in hac parte prejudicio, quibus per 
hoc derogari nolumus, nobiscum intersint, facturi in premissfs et 
ea concernentibus, quod superiiis est expressum. 

Volumus insuper et mandamus, quod intimetis seu denun- 
ciari faciatis dicte nostre provincie cocipiscopis ct confratribus ac 

1 20 January, 1369 70. 


98 Wykeham's Register. 

vicariis huiusmodi, dccanis, abbatibus, prioribus, et ceteris eccle- 
siarum prelatis siipradictis, quod cos a pcrsonali compericione in 
huiusmodi congrcgacione dictis die ct loco per nos seu nostr^ 
auctoritatc, Deo annuente, celebranda, habere non intendimus 
ista vice excusatos, nisi ex causa necessaria tunc ibidem allegand^ 
eciam et probanda, set eorum contumacia, si qui forsitan absentes 
fuerint, secundum juris exigenciam canonice punietur. 

Vobis eciam, ut supra, injungimus et mandamus, quod omni- 
bus et singulis dictis nostris sufifraganeis, vicariis, et electis huius- 
modi predictis, ac dictis nostris custodibus injungatis seu injungi 
faciatis, ut singuli eorum singillatim de facto suo in hac parte, 
quatcnus pcrtinet ad eosdcm, nos seu nostros locum tcnentes et 
commissarios antedictos dictis die et loco per literas eorum 
patentes, citatorum eciam nomina continentes, distincte et aperte 
certificent, ut est moris. 

De diebus vero recepcionis presencium, et quid feceritis in 
premissis, nos nostrosve locum tenentes et commissarios pre- 
dictos eisdem die et loco modo debito certificare curetis per 
literas vestras patentes, harum seriem et citatorum nomina vestre 
diocesis in hac parte in cedula separata literis certificatoriis 
vestris huiusmodi annexa pleniiis continentes. — Charing, viij Id. 

Bishop of London to the bishop : — 

Reverendo, etc., Simon, permissione divina London, episcopus, 
salutem, etc. Literas reverendi patris et domini nostri, domini 
Willelmi, Dei gracia Cantuariensis episcopi, totius Anglie pri- 
matis, et apostolice sedis legati, nobis directas recepimus in hec 
verba. Willelmtis, etc. (see above). Auctoritate igitur mandati 
predicti patris reverendi cum ea, qua decet, reverencia vobis 
omnia et singula in eodem mandato contenta notificamus, 
tenoreque presencium peremptorie vos citamus, ac per vos 
priorem et capitulum ecclesie vestre cathedralis, necnon archi- 
diaconos, abbates et prior'^s conventus sub se habentes, et alios 
ecclesiarum prelatos, exemptos et non exemptos, clerumque 
vestre diocesis Wynton. citari peremptorie ac premuniri volumus 
et mandamus, quod compereatis et compereant ipsi coram dicto 
reverendo patre, aut suis in hac parte locum tenentibus seu 
commissariis, die et loco in eodem mandato contentis, cum 


Official Instruments. 99 

continuacione et prorogacione dierum tunc sequencium ct loco- 
rum, facturi per omnia que tenor mandati exigit et requirit. 

Omnia insuper alia in eodem contenta mandato, quatenus 
vos, civitatem, et diocesim vestras aut personas earundem 
concernunt, juxta vim, formam, et effectum eiusdem, execucioni 
plenarie demandetis et faciatis effectualiter demandari ; certifi- 
cantes dictum reverendum patrem, sive suos locum tenentes, et 
commissaries antedictos dictis die et loco distincte et apert^ 
ac literatorie, prout in sepedicto mandato fieri demandatur. — 
Wickham, iiij Id. Nov. 

The bishop to the archdeacon of Winchester, after reciting 
above letters : — 

Nos igitur, volentes omnia et singula in dictis literis com- 
prehensa, quatenus nos concernere poterunt, execucioni debite 
demandare, tenore presencium peremptorie vos citamus, et per 
vos omnes et singulos abbates, priores sub se conventus habentes, 
exemptos et non exemptos, clerum quoque archidiaconatus pre- 
dicti premuniri et citari peremptorie volumus et mandamus, 
quod vos et abbates et priores predicti personaliter, clerus quo- 
que prefatus per unum procuratorem sufficientem compereatis 
et compereant coram prefato domino archiepiscopo, seu eius 
locum tenentibus aut commissariis, die et loco in dicto mandato 
suo contentis, cum continuacione dierum subsequencium et loco- 
rum, tractaturi, facturi in omnibus, et recepturi, quod tenor et 
effectus literarum predictarum exigunt et requirunt. 

De diebus vero recepcionis presencium, nominibus et cog- 
nominibus omnium per vos in hac parte citatorum, una cum 
nomine et cognomine procuratoris per clerum dicti archidiacona- 
tOs electi in cedula certificatorio vestro connectenda conscriptis, 
et qualiter predicta omnia et singula fueritis exccuti, nos citra 
festum Epiphanie Domini proxim6 jam venturum clare, plcne 
et distincte certificetis literis vcstris patcntibus, habentibus hunc 
tenorem. — Southvvark, 16 Nov., 1369. 

I [29a.] Dispensation super defectu natalimn granted to 
John Frelonde, pursuant to indulgence issued by Galhard de 
Bosco Viridi, papal penitancer. — Esher, 19 Dec. 

I Commission to official to prove will of Walter de Danscye. 
— /<^., I Jan., 1369-70. 

lOO Wykf ham's Register. 

[29b.] Dispensation for Elizabeth Julicrs, countess of Kent. 
Having vowed a pilgrimage to St. Thomas of Canterbury once 
a year on foot, and certain days of abstinence, she is released 
from the latter part of her vow, on condition of feeding one poor 
person the same number of days. 

VVillelmus, etc., dilecte in Christo filie, domine Elizabeth 
Julercs, comitisse Kantie, s. g. et b. Peticio tua nobis exposita 
contincbat, quod cum nuper zelo pie devocionis succensa limina 
S. Thome Cantuariensis archiepiscopi et martyris ad honorem 
Dei et dicti gloriosi martyris personaliter visitare, et certas 
abstinencias interim exercere votum specialiter emisisti, set ob 
corporis imbecillitatem votum partis abstinencie huiusmodi 
nequis comode adimplere, super quo petisti anime tue saluti per 
nos salubriter de congruo remedio provideri. Nos igitur, peti- 
cioni tue huiusmodi racionabili favorabiliter annuentes, votum 
abstinencie huiusmodi in alia pietatis opera commutavimus, 
videlicet ut pro qualibet die abstinencie huiusmodi ex voto 
predicto debite alicui pauperi unius diei congrua ministrari 
facias tuis propriis sumptibus alimenta.^ — lb., 17 Dec, 1369. 

Pensions in arrear. Rectors of Hursley,^ Newton Valence, 
Leatherhead, Dorking, and Witley cited to show cause, etc. — 
South wark, 24 Jan., 1369-70. 

[30a.] St. Mary's Abbey, Winchester. Excommunication 
denounced against certain who abducted one of the nuns.^ 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis officiali nostro principali et 
archidiaconis nostris Wyntoniensi et Surreiensi ac ipsorum official- 
ibus, necnon universis et singulis decanis, ecclesiarum rectoribus, 
vicariis, ac capellanis parochialibus per civitatem et diocesim 
nostram Wyntoniensem quomodolibet constitutis, s. g. et b. 
Horrendi facinoris immensitas non sine gravi cordis displicencia 

1 Elizabeth, daughter of William, marquis of Juliers, married John, eldest surviving 
son of Edmund, earl of Kent, who died s. p. 27 Dec, 26 Ed. III. Early in her widow- 
hood she was veiled at Waverley abbey by bp. Edyndone, but being minded to change 
her condition, married Sir Eustace Dabridgecourt, at Wingham, in Kent, on Michaelmas 
day, 1360, without a license. The above mentioned pilgrimage and days of abstinence 
were imposed as penance for this irregularity. — Dugdale's Baronage, vol. ii, p. 92 ; and 
see Horace Walpole"s paper in The World, No. 160, dated 22 January, 1756. 

2 This pension was found to be payable by the provost of St. Elizabeth's College. 

* By Stat. 13 Ed. I, c. 34, the civil penalty for this offence was three years' imprison- 
ment and satisfaction to the religious house and the king. 

Official Instruments. 1 01 

nostrum pulsavit auditum, quod quidam perdicionis filii, Deum 
non timentes, nee vcrecundiam seculi formidantes, nuper monas- 
terium sanctimonialium beate Marie Wyntoniensis, ordinis Sancti 
Benedict!, violenter ingredientes, ac quandam sanctimonialem 
dicti monasterii prefatum ordinem in eo expresse professam, ac 
quamplura bona abbatisse et conventQs ipsius loci preter volun- 
tatem et permissionem dominorum ipsorum, et eorum qui erant 
huiusmodi rerum custodie deputati, cum eadem consumere, 
auferre, et contrectare presumpserunt, abstrahi, consumi, et con- 
trectari fecerunt et procurarunt, et, quod horribile est auditu, 
cum eadem sanctimoniali sic professa incestum et sacrilegium 
nequiter commiserunt, fotores libidinose turpitudinis cum ipsa 
postea in nostra diocesi dampnabiliter exercendo, et ipsam 
extra suum monasterium in abditis receptaclis detinere pre- 
sumpserunt, et una cum bonis predictis detinent in present!, 
maioris excommunicacionis summas tam contra auferentes bona 
a domibus et locis ad ecclesias pertinentibus, quam contra sancti- 
moniales professas incestuose cognoscentes, a Sanctis patribus 
promulgatas non sine salutis eterne intuitu incurrendo. 

Nos igitur malefactores predictos perfecto odio ex officii 
nostri debito prosequentes, ne tam horrendum flagicium oculis 
conniventibus pertranseat impunitum, vobis communiter et 
divisim in virtute sancte obediencie et sub maioris excommuni- 
cacionis pena firmiter injungimus et mandamus, quatenus omnes 
et singulos dicta bona una cum ipsa moniali a dicto monasterio 
extrahentes et contrectantes, abstrahi vel contrectari facientes 
seu procurantes, necnon cum ipsa sanctimoniali incestus libid- 
inem committcntes, in prefatas excommunicacionum summas 
incidisse, et sic excommunicatos fore in singulis ccclcsiis parochi- 
alibus civitatis et diocesis predictarum omnibus diebus dominicis 
et festivis intra missarum solempnia, cum maior confluxerit et 
affuerit populi multitudo, pulsatis campanis, cruce crccta, 
candelis acccnsis et demum extinctis, cum omni solempnitate 
debita, stolis et albis induti, palam et publicc nuncietis ct faciatis 
per alios nunciari, cxinde non cessantcs, quousquc dicti male- 
factores bona predicta cum persona abducta dicto monasterio 
plene restituerint, et do excessu huiusmodi satisfecerint, se 
I emendaverint, et absolucionis beneficium a dictis summis in 
forma juris merucrint obtincre ; quorum omnium absolucioncm 

102 Wykehtuns Register. 

ab omnibus ct singulis pcnitenciariis adimimus ct nobis extra 
mortis articulum spccialitcr reservamus 

Et predicta omnia exponatis populo eciam in vulgari ; de 
nominibus insuper et cognominibus omnium et singulorum pre- 
fata crimina et excessu vel aliqua corundem sic, ut prcmittitur, 
committencium scu super eis diffamatorum per viros fidedignos 
et juratos ac singillatim in forma debita examinatorum diligenter 
et sagaciter inquiratis. 

Et quos per eandem inquisicioncm rcos, culpabiles, seu dif- 
famatos inveneritis, citetis scu citari peremptorie faciatis, quod 
compcreant coram nobis vicesimo die post diem citacionis vestre 
immediate sequenti, si dies jurisdiccionis fuerit, alioquin proximo 
die juridico extunc sequenti, in loco congruo per vos assignando, 
super dictis criminibus et excessibus eis et eorum cuilibet ex 
officio nostro ad animarum suarum correccionem obiciendis, 
responsuri, et de veritate dicenda super eis personaliter juraturi, 
facturique ulterius et recepturi in premissis et quolibet premisso- 
rum quod racio et justicia suadebunt et canonicis congruet 
institutis. — lb., 24 Jan., 1369-70. 

[30b.] Publication of sentence of excommunication on 
Richard Bulgy for contempt : — 

Universis sancte matris ecclesie filiis presentes literas in- 
specturis Willelmus, etc., salutem in vero omnium Salvatore. 
Ad universitatis vestre noticiam deducimus per presentes, quod 
Ricardus Bulgy, nostre diocesis, propter suas multiplicitas con- 
tumacias et offensas coram officiali nostro contractas fuit et est 
ad instanciam religiosi viri f. Johannis, abbatis monasterii Belli 
Loci Regis, auctoritate nostra maioris excommunicacionis summa 
innodatus, et pro sic excommunicato publice nunciatus, dicta * 
quoque summa propter ipsius excommunicati pertinaciam fuit 
et est legitime aggravata, in qua quidem summa a diu est per- 
severavit et perseverat animo indurato, claves sancte matris 
ecclesie nequiter contempnendo. 

In quorum omnium testimonium, etc. — /^., 22 Jan. 

[31a.] Notarial act, recording the submission of a bondman 
of the bishop's manor of Harwell, Bucks : — 

In Dei nomine, amen. Per presens instrumentum cunctis 
appareat evidenter, quod anno ab Incarnacione Domini secundum 

Official Instruments. 1 03 

censum et computacionem ecclcsie Anglicane millesimo CCCLXIX, 
indiccione^ octava, mensis Februarii die quarta, pontificatCis SS. 
in Christo patris et domini Urbani, divina providencia pape 
quinti, anno octavo, constitutus personaliter in mei notarii publici 
et testium subscriptorum presencia Thomas Catevvy coram 
venerabili in Christo patre et domino, domino Willelmo, Dei 
gracia VVyntoniensi episcopo, in presencia dominorum subscrip- 
torum, videh'cet, domini de Latymer, senescalli domini nostri 
Regis ; Thome Brentyngham,- thesaurarii ; Petri Lacy, clerici 
privati sigilli ; dominorum Johannis de Cobham, Aymerici de 
Sancto Amando,^ et Edmundo de Sancto Amando, filio eiusdem, 
militum ; et Roberti Thorp, Johannis Knyvett, Thome Lodelowe, 
Johannis Mowbray, Willelmi Wythyngham, et Willelmi Fynch- 
yngdene, justiciariorum domini nostri regis ; Roberti Belknapp, 
Rogeri Merus, Johannis Cavendich, Edmund Chellereye, Henrici 
Sturmy, Roberti Tresilien, Ricardi Broune, Johannis Suthbury, 
Johannis Estbury, Michaelis Skyllyng, exhibuit quandam cedu- 
1am in papiro scriptam, et eam genuflexo tradidit dicto venerabili 
patri episcopo Wyntoniensi. 

Qui quidem venerabilis pater episcopus dictam cedulam 
admisit, et per dictum Robertum Belknapp palam et publice 
legi fecit. Qua quidem cedula lecta, idem Thomas Catevvy dixit 
et asseruit palam et expresse, quod omnia contenta in cedula 
memorata sunt de voluntate sua, et voluntas sua existit, quidquid 
continetur in cedula memorata ; et se submisit secundum quod 
in dicta cedula est contentum et expressum. 

Tenor vero eiusdem cedule de verbo ad verbum talis erat : — 
" Come sur le claym qe vous, monsieur evesque de Wyn- 
cestre, eietz fait et faites envers ma persone destre votre naif,* 
eie avant ceaux houres fait debat et contre dit, et ceo moi dcsplet 
oe ore ne votre claym susdit, ne poes ne voil desoremes countre 
dire, et moi suzmette entre entcrement es voz agards demcisne 
afaire solonc lavys de votre conseil, et prcst su a perforner qanqe 
vous plerra sur ceste matiere." 

Acta sunt hec, que dixi, apud Westm., in quadam camer^ 

* See vol. i, p. xi, as to the meaning of this word. 

' Bishop of Exeter. ' Justiciar of Ireland, d. 1382. Diet. Nat. Biog., L. 118. 

* Naif (nativus), a bondman, " ascriplus glebx." Catewy had apparently claimed to 
l)e a free tenant of the manor. 

1 04 ^ ^ J '^'t ham's Register. 

juxta scaccarium domlni nostri regis situata sub anno, etc., 
predictis presentibus, etc. 

[33b.] His recognisance: — 

Jeo, Thomas Catevvy, jure sur ceaux seintz evangelyes qil il 
nad nulle charge per estatut marchant, reconysance, ne autre- 
ment fait accion acruiz a nully per nulle makement ne demyse 
ne feffement a nully fait dun mees, qatre vintz acres de terre, 
sys acres de pratez, et trois souldes de rente ove les aportenances 
en Harewell, qe furent a Wautier Catcwy mon piere, pentre la 
primere possession qe mon dit piere eut avoit, et ycest iour, 
forsque un estatut marchant de c li. fait par Waltier mon frere 
a un Johan Burghfelde, et un demyse p. mon dit frere fait a moi 
de mesne les tenementz, et un autre demyse faite puis par 
moi a mons. Johan de Thrillowe, sire Wautier Daftone, Johan 
Upcote, et Nichole Draytone en fee simple, ne ne ferra pentre 
ycy ; et qe jeye fait feffement de mesmes les tenementz a sire 
William Mulsho, f. Adam de Hertyngdone, Estephene Hayme, et 
William Reynaude, quel feffement en fee simple jeo ferray ove 
garauntye de moi et de mes heyres [34a.] deintz ceaux quinze 
iours proschein ensuantz, et jeo ferrai avoir as avantditz sire 
William et les autres issint pur moi a enfeffere enloustel mon- 
sieur evesque de Wyncestre, en Suthwerke, devant la Nativite 
seint Johan le Baptiste ore proschein avenir tous les auncyenes 
fyns, faitz, charges, et munymentz touchantz mesme les tene- 
mentz, as queux ieo purrai en ascun manere avenir, et un reles 
de chescun des avantditz monsieurs Johan, Wautier, Johan Up- 
cote, et Nichole, ou de lour heires, en la possession des avantditz 
William, Adam, Estephene, et William de tut lour droit en 
celle partie, issint qils et lours heires as touz iours soient forclos 
daction en perpetueltee ; queux reles ieo les ferray livrer en le 
dit hostiel devant la feste seint Michel proschein avenir, et qe 
ieo ferrai une reconysaunce en le chauncelrye nostre sieur le roi 
la xl"''* de la Trinite as avantditz William, Adam, Estephene, et 
William de cc li. 

The above Englished : — 

I, Thomas Catewy, do swear on these holy gospels that no incum- 
brance by statute merchant, recognisance, or other act of law in favour 
of any, nor demise nor feoffment to any person of a messuage, eighty 
acres of arable land, six acres of meadow, and three shillings yearly 

Official InstriDuents. 105 

rent, with the appurtenances, in Harwell, which formerly belonged to 
Walter Gateway, my father, has been made from the beginning of my 
father's seisin unto this day, except a statute merchant for XI 00 made 
by my brother Walter to one John Burghfield, and a grant by my said 
brother to me of the same tenements, and another b}' me afterwards 
to John de Thrillowe and others in fee simple, which feoffment I bind 
myself and my heirs to produce within five days . . . 

[31a.] Mandate directed to the archdeacons to order 
prayers for peace to be continued : — 

Willelmus, etc. Sacro eloquio testante, intellectus nostri oculos 
aperit et non latet, quod dum Moyses legis lator, ductor populi 
Israelitici, preces devotas in conspectu Altissimi supliciter effun- 
debat, hostes suos idem populus devincebat ; et dum desineret 
exorare, idem populus vincebatur. Unde multum valet depre- 
cacio justorum assidua, cum instancia debite continuata ; nam 
virtutis pondus oracio non habet, quam perseverancia amoris 
continui nusquam tenet. Nos siquidem intuentes, quanta 
discrimina bellorum et invasionum nostrorum hostium exter- 
orum ad aggrediendum, ingrediendum, et afifligendum fines 
regni Anglie tam per terras quam per mare cum non parva mul- 
titudine classium et virorum armatorum indies preparantur, pro- 
cessiones fieri et missas celcbrari et alias devotas oraciones dici 
et continuari in omnibus monasteriis, ecclesiis, et aliis sacris locis 
civitatis diocesis nostre Wyntoniensis mandavimus et fecimus, 
certas indulgencias huiusmodi missas, proccssiones, et oraciones 
exerccntibus et dicentibus in humilitatis spiritu concedentes ; 
set prohdolor ! vchemcnter angit intima cordis nostri, quod ab 
huiusmodi missis, processionibus, et oracionibus clerus et populus 
nobis subditus iam pigrescit, que, dum fiebant, ab Alto presidium 
attulerunt. Nos igitur, satagentes missas et proccssiones ad 
laudem Divini Nominis in nostra diocesi taliter dormientes ab 
omni pigricia suscitarc, vobis firmitcr injungimus in virtute 
obediencie et mandamus, quatcnus, etc., with grant of forty days 
indulgence. — lb., 5 Feb. 

[31b.] License to Simon de Swavescye, r. of Micklcham 
(vol. i, pp. 24, 43), to let the church for two years, at instance 
of sir John Knyvctt, one of the king's justiciars. — lb., 6 Feb. 

Dimissory for m. Thomas Yung, r. of Nether Wallop (vol. i, 
p. 24), ut a quocunque episcopo . . . ad omn. — lb., 14 Feb. 

I06 Wyke/tam^s Register. 

[32 a.] Said Thomas Yung licensed to appoint his own 
confessor : — 

Willclmus, etc., dilccto fih'o, etc., s. g. et b. Cum desideres 
ad sacros ordines diaconatiis et presbyteratus debitis temporibus 
convolare ; nos anime tuc saluti providcre volentes, ut confessorem 
idoneum eh'gere valeas, qui te a sentenciis excommunicacionum, 
suspensionum et interdicti, quas sibi confiteberis in foro peni- 
tenciah*, absolvere valeat, eciam ad cautelam, et penitencias pro 
commissis tibi injungere salutares, tibi et confessori tuo huius- 
modi in premissis liberam tenore presencium concedimus facul- 
tatem. — lb., 14 Feb. 

License of non-residence for two years to William Rodes, 
r. of Shalfleet, to be in attendance (in obsequiis insistendo) on 
the earl of Salisbury. — lb., 3 Feb. 

Mandate directed to archdeacons to make a return before 
Easter of the number of aliens, secular and religious, beneficed in 
their archdeaconries, with names and surnames, the names of 
their benefices, and the annual value of each : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio, etc., s. g. et b. Breve domini 
nostri regis recepimus tenorem continens infradictum Edwardus, 
etc. Vobis igitur in virtute obediencie, qua nobis tenemur, 
districte precipimus et mandamus, quatenus quot viri alien- 
igene, seculares et alii, in archidiaconatu vestro ad beneficia 
ecclesiastica sunt promoti, et quid et quantum eorum beneficia 
valent, et quodlibet eorum, per annum, et que et cuiusmodi 
beneficia ilia sunt, et que sunt nomina et cognomina dicta 
beneficia occupancium, diligenter et solicite inquiratis, et quid 
per eandem inquisicionem inveneritis, una cum nominibus 
propriis et cognominibus dictorum alienigenarum et beneficiorum 
ipsorum, et valorem eorundem, nos citra festum pasche proxime 
futurum clare et plenarie certificetis, etc. — Farnham, 9 March. 

Acquittance for the pension (see p. 100), payable by St. 
Elizabeth's College, as appropriators of Hursley. 

Noverint universi nos Willelmum de Wykeham, etc., re- 
cepisse de domino Johanne de Sheptone, preposito capelle 
nostre S. Elizabethe juxta palacium nostrum de Wolveseye, 
tresdecim solidos et iiij denarios per manus Johannis de 

Official Instruments. 107 

Ouernebye, clerici nostri, de quadam annua pensione de prefato 
preposito racione appropriacionis ecclcsie de Husrclegh nobis 
debita de termino annunciacionis beate Marie proximo jam 
effluxo ; de quibus tresdecim solidis et quatuor denariis fatemur 
nobis fore satisfactum, et prefatum dominum Johannem inde 
acquietamus per presentes, sigillo officii nostri signatas.^ — lb., 
7 March. 

[32 b.] Appointment of fif. Nicholas de Wykforde, Richard 
Pechy, and Peter de Oxenforde, three monks of Winchester 
Cathedral, to be penitancers within the diocese. — Farnham 
Castle, 9 March, 1 369-70. 

License for collectors of alms for St. Anthony's Hospital 
at Vienne^: — 

Willelmus, etc. Juxta firmum sacre fidei catholice funda- 
mentum in die carnis resurreccionis generalis omnes stabimus 
ante tribunal domini nostri Ihu Christi, recepturi prout quisque 
gessit in corpore, sive bonum fuerit sive malum ; et qui pace 
seminat, pace et metet, et qui seminat in elemosinis, hie dum 
rebus aget in humanis de elemosinis tunc metet redempcionem 
eciam omnium peccatorum ; cunque sit notissimum et in variis 
mundi partibus divulgatum, quod in hospitali S. Antonii Vien- 
nensis diocesis jaceat magna multitudo languencium, cecorum, 
claudorum, aridorum, et aliorum variis morborum generibus 
laborancium, expectancium graciam de supernis, quorum cor- 
pora et membra sunt de diversis inflrmitatibus graviter deformata, 
ad quorum vite sustentacionem prope dicti hospitalis non sup- 
petunt facultates, nisi devocio Christi fidelium ad illud per 
elemosinarum largicionem manus porrexerit adjutrices. 

Caritatem vestram attenciiis requirimus in Domino, et hor- 
tamur, vobisque in remissionem vestrorum peccaminum firmiter 
injungendo mandamus, quatenus cum procuratores seu veri nuncii 

1 This pension was reserved when bp. Pontissara annexed the church to St. Elizabeth's 

* The Order of St. Anthony was instituted a.d. 1095 fo*" ^^^ treatment of persons 
afflicted with the disorder known as St. Anthony's fire, and followed the rule of St. Austin. 
The hospital of the order at Vienne seems to have become a general hospital. The order 
had a grant in 33 Hen. Ill of the church of All Saints', Hereford, and the chapel of St. 
Martin there ; also St. Anthony's hospital in London, on the north side of Thrc.idneedle 
Street, erected on a site given by King Henry III where a synagogue of the Jews formerly 
Stood, in which six monks, two priests, a schoolmaster, and twelve poor brethren were 
maintained. One of the articles against Michael de la Pole, when impeached in 1386, 
was that he converted to his own use a collection made for the benefit of St. Anthony's 
Hospital. — Eulogium Historiarum, iii, 360. 

I08 Wykehams Register. 

fratrum hospitalis prefati ad vos, ecclesias, seu loca vestra de- 
clinaverint, devote Christi fideliiim elemosinas petituri, ipsos ad 
negocia et inopias eiusdem hospitalis, fratrum et infirmorum 
ipsius, subdito vobis plcbi scmcl saltern in anno diligencius 
exponenda bcnignitcr admittatis, ct in hiis ipsis vos coopcratores 
sedulos cxhiberc curetis, ct hospitali predicto, ac ipsius fratribus 
et infirmis a plcbe vobis subdita de bonis sibi a Deo collatis 
grata crogari caritatis subsidia procuretis. 

Et quicquid fidelium devocio eis ad opus predictum pie 
duxcrit erogandum, Icgandum, vel aliter assignandum, in quibus- 
cunque corporibus fuerit sive rebus, eisdem procuratoribus sive 
nunciis faciatis absque diminucione integraliter liberari, proviso 
tamen quod negociis fabrice ecclesie Wyntoniensis per ipsius 
procuratores et nuncios prosequendis occasione dicte nostre 
gracie nullatenus derogetur ; presentibus per unum annum post 
datam presencium tantummodo valituris. — Farnham, 14 March, 

Commission granted to official or vicar of Farnham, or 
registrar of Consistory Court, to absolve Robert Waryn of 
Farnham, a poor bond-tenant {pauperein nativum nostrum)^ 
under sentence of excommunication for contumacy. — Esher, 24 
March, 1369-70. 

Absolution by the bishop of Robert Carpenter, of Portsea, 
under sentence of excommunication for contumacy. — Ib.^ 5 
April, 1370. 

[333.-] License for two years non-residence granted to the 
rector of St. Martin without Westgate, Winchester, m. Thomas 
de Aylesbury, to study in the university of Oxford. — Southwark, 
18 April. 

Letter directed to prior of Winchester, ordering prayers to 
be said for peace : — 

Dum Moyses legislator Deum suppliciter exorabat, populus 
Israeliticus suos adversarios devincebat ; et cum ab oracione 
desisteret, idem populus vincebatur. Quin oracio justorum 
assidua et corde puro continuata est efficax suffragium veraciter 
allatura.1 Hec nos nuper recensentes, pro pace et tranquillitate 

^ James v, i6. 

Official Instruments. 109 

ecclesie, regis, et regni Anglie processiones solempnes fieri, 
missas celebrari, et alia oracionum devota siiflfragia dici, vobis et 
aliis subditis nostris dudum nostris Uteris duximus injungendum,^ 
et quamvis instet gravis necessitas, cum huiusmodi dcvocionibus 
Deum suppliciter exorandum ; tamen ut relacione veridica iam 
percepimus huiusmodi processiones et misse quasi ubilibet in 
nostra diocesi, quod dolentes referimus, sub silencio dormiunt 
et pigrescunt. 

Vestram igitur caritatem requirimus in Domino et hortamur, 
vobis nichilominus injungentes, quatenus omnibus presertim 
quartis et sextis feriis in ecclcsia nostra predicta processiones 
solempnes fieri, missas celebrari, et alia devota oracionum 
suffragia dici pro tranquillitate et pace ecclesie regni et regis 
predictorum per conventum vestrum amodo faciatis, ut Deus 
pacis et Pater misericordiarum huiusmodi regni pacem vulner- 
atam sanet, restituat, et confirmet, et hostium nostrorum fortitu- 
dinem conterat et repellat ; et ab hac oracione nullatenus 
desistatis, nee desisti quomodolibet permittatis, quousque aliud 
vobis mandaverimus per nostras literas speciales. — Ib.^ 8 Feb., 

[33b.] Submission of John le Eyr, a tenant of the bishop's 
manor at East Meon^: — 

Decimo nono die mensis Aprilis, anno domini millesimo 
CCC"° LXX™°, in manerio reverend i patris, etc., apud Suthwerke, 
coram ipso patre, Johannes le Eyr, de Meones, tradidit istam 
cedulam dicto patri, et recognovit palam et publice, ut asseruit, 
omnia et singula in ea contenta de sua spontanea et libera 
voluntate procedere, et se ipsa velle observare et tenere instanter 
promisit, et rogavit predictum patrem, quod ipsum Johannem 
ad graciam suam predictam admitteret in forma inferius ad- 
notata : — 

A tres reverent seignour et piere en Dieu, sieur William de 
Wykeham, par la grace de Dieu evesqe de Wyncestrc : Johan le 
Eyr de Meones scy mcttc outrcment en la grace et ordinance 
de vous et a votre jugement de meyne, solonc le portour de voz 
pipes et voz registrcs par votre leal conseil examinez, fesant et 
rendant a vous les rentes et Ics services diewes et acoustumes 

1 p. 89. 

' Eyr seems to have incurred a forfeiture by refusal to render the services due to the 
bishop as bis feudal lord. 

1 10 Wyke ham's Register. 

as tcrrcs et tcncmentz qil tient dc vous, noble seignour, solonc 
les usages de votre manoir de Mconcs ; suppliant a vous, tres- 
gracious sieur, par Dicu et en ocuvrc de charite de lui suffrir 
daler et servir ces seignorages en manere quil ad fait en temps 
passe ; qar saunz ceo qil ne sert il nad de quey vivre, ne sa 
femme ne scs cnfans susteiner ; et pur ticl grace avoir et pur le 
trespas et la mcsprise, que mesmc Johan vous ad fait, offre a 
vous, tres noble sieur, xx^' sor la bone mercy de vous, a paier as 
jours que lui seront assignez. 

Acta sunt hec, etc. — /^., 9 April. 

[34b.] Mandate directed to abbot of Hyde to collect the 
triennial tenth in archdeaconry of Winchester ^ : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis abbati et conventui monasterii 
de Hyda, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. Breve regium recepimus 
tenorem continens subsequentem : — Edwardiis, etc. De vestris 
igitur fidelitate et prudencia plenam in Domino gerentes 
fiduciam, ad colligendum, exigendum, et levandum denarios 
decime triennalis predicte a quibuscunque viris et personis aliis 
ecclcsiasticis civitatis et archidiaconatus Wyntoniensis, juxta 
formam dicti brevis et eius exigenciam et effectum, vos tenore 
presencium deputamus et eciam assignamus, vobis in virtute 
obediencie firmiter injungentes, quatenus in execucione dicti 
brevis et omnium contentorum in ipso talem et tanrj prudentem 
ac solicitam diligenciam efficaciter adhibere curetis; ut de de- 
nariis decime triennalis in terminis ad hoc assignatis, una cum 
peticionibus decime huiusmodi, vos et vestrum predictum mon- 
asterium contingentibus, eidem domino regi sub vestrb possitis 
periculo debite, ut convenit, respondere. 

Ad que omnia et singula exequenda vobis tenore pre.sencium 
vices nostras committimus, cum cuiuslibet cohercionis et execu- 
cionis canonice potestate. ', 

Et quid feceritis in premissis nos singulis annis, durante 
triennio prelibato, semel saltem in quolibet annorum predicto.rum, 
reddatis dilucide cerciores Uteris vestris patentibus, habentfbus 
hunc tenorem. — lb., 16 May. < 

1 Hoc anno (May, 1370), Rex tenuit parliamentum apud Westmonasterium, iiivquo 
regi conceduntur decime in tribus annis sequentibus persolvende ; et a laicis concedfiur 
quinta decima pari raodo. — Wals. i, 309. 

Official Instruments. Ill 

A similar mandate was directed to the abbot of Waverley for 
Surrey. Return of names of collectors. — /^., 24 May, 1370. 

Official commissioned to correct a delinquent monk of West 
Sherborne : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio official! nostro s. g. et b. Accep- 
imus ex parte dilecti filii prioris ecclesie conventualis de Shir- 
borne, ordinis S. Augustini, nostre dioccsis, referentis, quod 
f. Willelmus le Valeys, commonachus et confrater suus, sibi 
cervicem inobediencie tipo superbie est et fuit erigere assuetus, 
verba contumeliosa contra ipsum priorem et ceteros confratres 
suos pluries pertinaciter proferendo, et ipsos priorem et fratres 
variis injuriis, opprobriis, et scandalis, religionis honestatem 
evagantibus, impetuosis conatibus lacessivit, et impetere non 
desistit, que in orto sacre religionis nequimus nee debemus 
aliqualiter tollerare. 

Vobis igitur committimus et mandamus, quatenus ad ipsum 
prioratum personaliter accedentes, auditis partibus supradictis, 
omnes rebelliones, contumacias, et inobediencias dicti f Willelmi, 
et aliorum, si quos ibidem inveneritis contra dicte religionis 
regulam et observancias delinquentes, juxta statuta canonica et 
tramites dicti ordinis racionabiles et approbatas, taliter corrigatis, 
castigetis, et eciam emendetis, quod regula et observancie dicti 
ordinis sine scandalo injurioso aut insolencia dicti f Willelmi et 
aliorum quorumcunque ad bencplacitum Altissimi inibi de ceter6 
recte valeant absque offendiculis omnibus gubernari, ne clamor 
de premissis ad aures nostras ob correccionis negligenciam 
\ preveniat iterate. 

Et si forsan ad premissa excquenda nequiveritis personaliter 
i| interesse, alium vel alios viros idoneos, scientes, fideles, et Deum 
ti timentes, ad premissa omnia exequenda, complenda, et expedi- 
)| enda, in quibus plene confiditis, pro quorum factis respondcre 
1 volueritis, auctoritate nostra loco vestro, dum impediti fucritis, 
I deputetis. 

Ad que omnia exercenda, expedienda, et fine debito termi- 
r nanda vobis tcnore prescncium vices nostras committimus, cum 
I cuiuslibct cohcrcionis et execucionis canonice potcstatc, donee 
! cas ad nos duxerimus revocandas. — lb., 26 May. 

I [353-] Mandate for abbot of Hyde to speed the collection 

1 1 2 Wykeham' s Re^^ister. 

of the first instalment of the tenth, due at Midsummer, 1 370, 
so that it might be lodged in the exchequer by the end of the 
quarter : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis abbatibus, etc., s. g^. et b. Literas 
domini nostri regis sub privato sigillo suo reccpimus, continentes, 
qualitcr mandavit et nos per suum breve oneravit ad assignan- 
dum collcctores decime triennalis sibi in nostra diocesi per 
clerum concesse, et ad certificandum de nominibus collectorum 
huiusmodi, et de terminis solucionis eiusdem thesaurarium et 
barones de scaccario dicti domini regis citra octabas sancte 
Trinitatis proxim6 jam venture ; et quod faciamus debitam 
exccucionem brcvis predicti juxta tenorem et effectum eiusdem ; 
et vult et firmiter nos oneravit, quod dictam decimam faciamus 
levari ad opus dicti domini regis infra nostram diocesim cum 
omni celeritate qua comode fieri poterit quovis modo. 

Ita quod denarii inde levandi et solvendi in dicta nostra 
diocesi pro termino nativitatis S. Johannis Baptiste proximo 
leventur adeo tempestive, quod possint integr^ liberari ad opus 
dicti domini regis thesaurario et camerariis scaccarii eiusdem 
domini regis in recepta sua apud Westmonasterium ad ultimum 
in termino S. Johannis predicti sine ullo defectu, pro expedicione 
arduorum negociorum tangencium honorem eiusdem, statum 
et salvacionem regni sui ; et quod non fiat solucio aliqua de 
denariis dicte decime alicui persone vigore alicuius alterius 
mandati, tallie, vel assignacionis cuiuscunque facte super collec- 
toribus decime supradicte pro nulla persona cuiuscunque status 
aut condicionis exstiterit ullo modo. 

Vobis igitur in virtute obediencie firmiter injungimus, com- 
mittimus, et mandamus, quatenus omnia et singula in dictis 
Uteris comprehensa in forma per easdem nobis demandata in 
omnibus capitulis earundem literarum firmiter observetis, nee 
ab eis in aliquo devietis. 

Et faciatis dictam decimam in termino supradicto fideliter 
dictis thesaurario et camerariis in recepta domini regis apud 
Westm. persolvi et integre liberari, et ulterius tam literas nostras 
primas quam has literas privatas in omnibus execucioni debite 
demandari faciatis juxta omnem vim, formam, et effectum 
earundem absque omni negligencia seu torpore, sicut in eventu 
pro nobis et vobis super hiis volueritis respondere. 

Official Instruments. 1 1 3 

Et nos de recepcione priorum ct harum literarum nostrarum 
inde vobis directarum, et quid super hiis duxeritis faciendum, 
nos citra festum sancte Trinitatis proximo jam venturum certi- 
ficetis litcris vestris patentibus, harum et priorum literarum 
nostrarum seriem habentibus et tenorem. — /^., 26 May. 

[37 a.] Mandate for prior of Merton and archdeacon of 
Surrey to speed the collection of the same instalment from 
persons named on a scroll accompanying the mandate ; and to 
report by St. Lawrence (10 Aug.). — Downton, 26 July. 

[35b.] Letter transmitting to official of archdeacon of 
Surrey a writ of consultation granted in a cause of divorce 
promoted by Richard Hobbeson, of Claypole, against Joan 
Kymble.^ — Southwark, 29 May. 

Commission for purgation of John Bentele, who was indicted 
on the same charges as Wardecorps (p. 92), and claiming benefit 
of clergy, was committed to the custody of the ordinary. The 
sequestrator is instructed to make the usual proclamation for his 
accusers, and the prior of Winchester Cathedral, the abbot of 
Hyde, and m. John de Wormenhale, the official, are commis- 
sioned to take measures for his purgation. — Ib.^ 10 June. 

[36 a.] Similar proceedings in the case of Thomas Bray, 
indicted on same charges. 

Commission for purgation of John Boukere, who was indicted 
for that on Monday, 20 January, being the feast of SS. Fabian 
and Sebastian, 38 Ed. Ill, he feloniously stole from the dwelling 
house of John atte Garston, in the hundred of Bottynghulle 
(Buttinghill, Sussex), a set of amber beads {tmicm par de bedes 
de aumbre)y value sixpence, ten silver pennies, three pairs of 
sheets, value 15^., eighteen ells of linen, value 15^., and other 
goods and chattels, value 12s. ; and from the house of Sarah le 
Sheltene, 135. /\d. in coin {in denariis ?i2imeraiis)^ a set of beads, 
value lod., a pair of sheets, value 3J-., and five ells of linen 
(panni de canevace)^ value 2s. 

1 Consultation was the writ whereby prohibitions were, on deliberation or consultation, 
discharged. By the Statute of Consultations, i8 l'".d. I, where ecclesiastical persons do 
surcease in a cause moved before thcn> by the king's protiibition directed unto them, the 
Chancellor or Chief Justice, if he see that the case cannot be redressed by any writ out 
of Chancery, but that the spiritual court ought to determine the matter, may write unto 
such ecclesiastical judges that they may proceed therein notwithstanding the prohibition. 

1 14 Wykeham's Register. 

[39a.] Abbot of Hyde and John de Wormenhale made a 
return that they caused proclamation for Boukere's accusers to 
be made, but no one came ; whereupon Boukere was admitted 
to purgation on oath before the rectors of St. Swithun, St. 
Michael without Kingsgate, St. Mary, Tanner Street, St. Peter 
Cheesehill, St. Mary over Northgate, St. Anastasia, St. Alphege, 
and Morestead ; dss. Richard Pychtone, John, chaplain of St. 
John's-on-the-Hill, and Geoffrey, chaplain of St. Faith's, Matthew 
Bone and Adam Lisle, deacons, and Thomas Bastard, Robert 

Selborne, John Poundere, Richard Berte, friars, and John , 

John Odyham, William Alfold, and Richard atte , clerks. — 

Winchester, iij Id. Jul., 1370. 

[36b.] Citation of Rose atte Watere, of Hornchurch, to 
appear at the convent church of St. Mary Overy, Southwark, 
on the Tuesday next after Ascension Day, and answer interro- 
gatories in a matrimonial cause promoted by Matilda Jolyf, of 
Cobham, against John atte Watere ; it being alleged that Rose 
atte Watere is the wife of the respondent, and that he induced 
Matilda to go through the ceremony of marriage, and cohabit 
with him by representing that Rose atte Watere was dead. — 
Southwark, 18 May, 1370. 

Mandate to abbess of St. Mary's abbey, Winchester, to re- 
admit a nun who had gone astray : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecte filie abbatisse monasterii beate Marie 
Wyntoniensis . . . s. g. et b. Nuper tuis nobis Uteris intimasti, 
quod soror Isabella Gervays, sanctimonialis monasterii prelibati, 
nuper a dicta domo apostatando recedens, ad sue religionis 
monasterium est reversa, set cum adhuc religionis sue habitum 
non resumpsit, quamvis per tuam doctrinam et feligiosorum ac 
clericorum secularium consilia et monita salutaria ad hoc pluries 
cum instancia sit inducta. 

Et, cum ecclesia claudere nemini debeat gremium redeunti 
sub spe penitencie fructuose et ipsius conversionis Altissimo ex 
instinctu sancti Spiritus offerendo, ad presens pro sano consilio 
tibi damus, quod dictam mulierem, ut dicitur, forsan gravidam 
cum partu vivificato in corpore, ob timorem maioris periculi 
evitandum, suaviter et blande teneas et pertractes, et sibi vite 
necessaria honeste et racionabiliter subministres, salvam super 

Official Instruments. 1 1 5 

earn custodiam semper adhibendo, ne per fugam ipsius subitam 
et occultam, quod Deus avertat, /^/^r error Jiovisshmis sit priorc ; 
et in accessu nostro proximo ad illas partes circa statum ipsius 
proponimus, per Dei graciam, de bono consilio, postquam partum 
enixa fuerit, salubriter providerc, prout anime sue saluti et 
nostre cure pastorali magis videbimus expedire. 

Ad sacre religionis observanciam assiduam et fidelem tribuat 
tibi Deus suam graciam et salutem. Et quid feceris, etc. — lb., 
20 June, 1370. 

[37 a.] Passport for a trader named Alexander Iveshote, a 
tenant of the bishop : — 

Universis sancte matris ecclesie filiis per regnum Anglie con- 
stitutis has literas nostras inspecturis Willelmus, etc., salutem 
in vero omnium Salvatore. Cum ecclesia nostra Wyntoniensis, 
vassalli et tenentes ipsius, cuiuscunque status et condicionis 
extiterint, variis libertatibus, immunitatibus, et exempcionibus, 
tarn in personis quam in rebus ipsorum per bone memorie reges 
Anglie, qui erant pro tempore, sit dotata, et inter cetera, quod 
tenentes mense nostre episcopalis theoloneis, geldis, aut aliis 
exaccionibus seu consuetudinibus foraneis in civitatibus, burgis, 
villis, mercatis, aut locis aliis ubicunque per regnum Anglie 
transitum fecerint, sint liberi penitus et immunes ; predecessores 
quoque et processores nostri, episcopi Wyntonienses qui erant 
pro tempore, huiusmodi libertatibus, immunitatibus, et exemp- 
cionibus usi sunt, palam et publico, eciam a tempore et per 
tempus, cuius contrarii memoria hominum non existit ; et nos 
nostro tempore usi sumus pacifice et quiete : — 

Quidam tamen libertates nostras, exempciones, et immuni- 
tates predictas infringere nimis voluntarie cupientes, Alexandrum 
de Iveshote, qui de nobis et dicta ecclesia nostra, et de nullo 
alio, immediate tenet in capite sua omnia tenemcnta et terras, 
conantur variis exaccionibus theoloneorum et aliarum consue- 
tudinum in civitatibus, burgis, villis, locis et mercatis dicti regni 
indies indcbite pregravare, contra libertates nostras predictas. 

Vestram igitur caritatem instanter requirimus et rogamus, 
quatenus ob reverenciam Dei et sancte matris ecclesie memorate 
prefatum Alexandrum, cum per vos ct loca vestra transitum 
feccrit cum rebus suis, tanquam tcnentcm ecclesie nostre merum 

1 2 

1 1 6 IVykeham^s Register. 

et immediatum, absque exaccione theolonei et aliarum consue- 
tudinum locorum predictorum oneribus juxta libertates et im- 
munitates predictas permittatis libere pertransire, nullam eadcm 
occasione premissa molcstiam inferentes, ut cxinde apud Altis- 
simiim possitis merits conscqui graciam ampliorem. — Farnham, 
15 July, 1370. 

Prayers ordered for the Prince of Wales and his issue : — 
Willelmus, etc., priori et capitulo ecclesie nostre Wyntoni- 
ensis, s. g. et b. Altissimus qui pro peccatis nostris juste irascitur, 
per sacrificium cordis contriti et humiliati cum devotis oracionum 
gemitibus suam commutat in misericordiam voluntatem, sacro 
eloquio id testante, In qudciinque hord peccator ingemuerit^ om- 
nium iniquitaUnn ems niinime recordabor^ ac, Sine interniissione 
viundo corde et aim instancid est orandum^ ut Summiis auctor 
pads pacem in inu?ido dignetur misericorditer ponere et firmare. 

Cumque excellentissimus in Christo princeps et dominus 
noster dominus Edvardus, rex Anglie illustris, nobis per suas 
literas fecerit explicari, nos devoto spiritu exorando, quod dili- 
genter consideratis et attentis gravibus periculis imminentibus 
regno, clero, et populo Anglicano, ex eo presertim, quod adver- 
sarii nostri regni Francie et Henricus, regem Hispanic se affir- 
mans,^ per se et omnes adherentes eis alligatos et confederatos 
eisdem conjecturant indies continue, et conantur omnibus viis 
et modis ipsis possibilibus, quos ymaginare valent, sibi et regno 
suo Anglie, ac suo navigio et subditis omnibus, tarn per terras 
quam per mare, depopulaciones hominum et rerum dispendia 
ingerere, et deinceps continue cumulare, quod Deus per suam 
misericordiam auferat et avertat, et suggerit ulterius, sicut Veri- 
tas attestatur, quod nobiles principes dictus princeps Wallie et 
dux Lancastrie, nati sui, cum maxima copia aliorum nobilium 
militum scutiferorum et fidelium suorum, tarn pro defensione 
dicti regni quam pro recuperacione juris regii, quidam eorum in 
partibus transmarinis, et quidam eorum super sua transfretacione 
militare noscuntur,^ statu ecclesie, regis, et regni sui prefati, 

1 Henry, Count of Transtamare, the natural brother of Peter the Cruel, whom he had 
driven from the throne of Castile with the assistance of the French. In 1367, the Black 
Prince defeated Henry at Najara, and restored Peter, whose daughter and coheiress, 
Constance, he married in 1372. 

' About midsummer, 1370, the king sent a large force to France under Robert Knollis, 
which effected a landing, but did not assume the offensive, and was not attacked by the 

Official Instruments. 117 

filiorum suorum, et omnium subditorum suorum fidelium penes 
omnes subditos nostros, clericos, et laicos, regulares et seculares, 
in suis suffragiis, oracionibus, et caritatis operibus cum speciali 
collecta in singulis missis nostris et subditorum nostrorum cele- 
brandis devote dicenda recommendari debite faciamus, ac pro 
salvacione pacis, et tranquillitate sancte ecclesie, et regni predicti, 
devotissime exorari, et missas in singulis ecclesiis nobis subditis, 
processiones solempnes fieri, et missas speciales ex hac causa 
veneris diebus singulis ebdomadis publice celebrari. 

Nos igitur, devotum domini nostri regis propositum huius- 
modi sinceris cordis affectibus, prout convenit et expedit, ac 
gravis necessitas iam perurget, tenerrime amplectentes, et illud 
considerantes totis nisibus expedicione celeri et efficaci per 
omnia demandare, quamvis alias super hoc vestram excitaveri- 
mus caritatem ; quod tamen fieri per aliqua tempora sub torpore 
periculoso, ut accepimus, est omissum ; vestram devocionem sin- 
ceram iterate ex cordis intimis firmiter requirimus et rogamus, 
vobis nichilominus districte precipiendo mandantes, quatenus 
prefatis periculis omnibus taliter imminentibus indebite racionis 
libramine ponderatis, processiones solempnes singulis ebdomadis 
quarta et sexta feriis in ecclesia vestra Wyntoniensi fieri, et 
missas speciales cum collecta presentibus interclusa pro salubri 
statu ecclesie et regni, regis et filiorum suorum, et omnium alio- 
rum predictorum, celebretis et celebrari debite faciatis, et alia 
caritatis et devocionis opera exerceri, ut Deus et Dominus noster 
ecclesiam et regnum, regem, filios ipsius, et omnes alios supra- 
dictos, in prosperitate dirigat, et conservet pacem ecclesie et 
regno Anglie, regi, principibus suis, et aliis suis fidelibus memor- 
atis pro sua pietate restituat, tribuat, corroboret, et confirmet, 

Et consimiles processiones fieri in singulis ecclesiis con- 
ventualibus, collegiatis, parochialibus, regularibus et secularibus, 
nostre diocesis, ac missas mandavimus et injunximus in forma 
predicta solempniter celebrari. 

Et ut ad premissa, etc. (grant of 40 days indulgence). — 
Downton, 13 August, 1370. 

French. Towards winter, and perhaps in consequence of this inaction, dissensions arose 
amongst the officers, most of whom were for wintering in Franc*-, and this course was 
decided on. Knoihs, whose voice had been for returning, tliereupon ijuitted the ex- 
pedition and retired to his castle in I'^ngland. The army then broke up mto sections in 
search of winter quarters, and being thus divided, was attacked by the French under 
Bertrand Cleykin and routed. — Walsingham, p. 310; ChronicUof Monk of St. Albans, p. 65. 

1 1 8 WyMtdfN's Rt'gister. 

[37b.] Prior of Christchurch Twynham enjoined to compel 
f. William de Boys to accept the office of subprior — quatenus eun- 
dem fratrem Willclmum dictum officium suscipere et administrare 
auctoritate nostra canonice compellatis, nisi causam racionabilem 
et legitimam coram vobis proposuerit et probaverit, quare ad 
illud officium ^crendum non debeat racionabiliter coartari. 

Et quid inde feceritis, etc.— /<^., 15 August, 1370. 

[38 a.] Abbess of Romsey empowered to appoint one or 
two chaplains (uno vel duobus capellanis idoneis, vite mundicia 
et consciencie puritate predictis) to confess herself and the 
sisters. — Merdon, 17 August. 

Grant of a major portion in Magdalen Hospital, Winchester, 
to Adam Goudrich : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio, thesaurario nostro de Wolveseye, 
s. g. et b. Considerantes senectutem, debilitatem, et inopiam 
dilecti filii Ade Goudrich, unde vivere valeat non habentis, et 
victum suis manibus querere non valentis, unam de maioribus 
porcionibus in hospitali nostro beate Marie Magdalene juxta 
Wyntoniam, nostrarum collacionis et diocesis, in relevamen vite 
dicti pauperis, sibi caritatis et elemosine intuitu duximus con- 
ferendum : 

Tibi mandantes, quatenus eundem Adam, pauperem, ad 
dictam porcionem in dicto hospitali admitti facias, et sibi de 
huiusmodi porcione maiori juxta morem preteriti temporis 
ministrari. — Waltham, 21 August. 

Levy (arraiacio) of clergy of town of Southampton ordered : — 
Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis precentori ecclesie beate Marie 
Suthamptone et decano Suthamptone, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. 
Veraciter intelligi nobis datur, et est per regnum Anglie 
notissime divulgatum, quod adversarii domini nostri regis cum 
multitudine hominum armatorum et classium sunt parati in- 
vadere, ingredi, et depopulare, tarn per terram quam per mare, 
fines huius regni, et presertim comitatum Suthamptone, et in 
quibusdam locis regni incendia posuerunt, et applicare ad dictum 
regnum in locis variis diebus et noctibus indies machinantur, et 
ad hoc totis calliditatibus se disponunt, nisi Deo favente, in eius 
nomine per manus hominum eorum aggressionibus viriliter 

Official Instruments. 119 

Et quia interest ecclesie ad ipsius defensionem manum ap- 
ponere adjutricem, vobis committimus et mandamus, in virtute 
obediencie firmiter injungentes, quatenus cum omni celeritate 
oportuna omnes et singulos viros ecclesiasticos ville Suthamptonc 
coram vobis convocetis, et faciatis eos, et quemlibet eorum, juxta 
exigenciam status sui arraiari et se armatos offerre, paratos una 
cum aliis fidelibus domini nostri regis insultus et aggressiones 
hostium regis et regni predictorum quandocunque per vos 
fuerint premuniti, in manu potenti viriliter propulsare. 

Et talem diligenciam adhibere curetis in hac parte, et omnes 
de clero ad hoc excitetis et inducatis, ne per vestram aut ip- 
sorum negligenciam, segniciem, et incuriam per piratos et alios 
adversarios huius regni dampnum, incendium, vel aliud gravamen 
nocte vel die regno predicto aliqualiter inferatur. 

Et tenore presencium firmiter injungimus et mandamus 
omnibus et singulis religiosis et ecclesiasticis de clero ville 
Suthamptone predicte, quod vobis, quociens et quando expedire 
videritis, assistant, consiliant, et auxilientur viis et modis omni- 
bus oportunis. 

Et quid feceritis, etc. — Ib.y 22 August, 1370. 

[38 b.] Confirmation of a distraint for rent reserved under 
a lease granted by abbot and convent of Netley without the 
consent of the bishop as patron^: — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio f Willelmo de Eynesham, monacho 
monastcrii de Lettele, ordinis Cisterciensis, nostre diocesis, s. g. 
et b. Cum dudum dilecti filii abbas et conventus monasterii et 
ordinis predictorum, quod de nostro patronatu existit, manerium 
suum de Northelye,- cum suis juribus et pertinenciis Johanni filio 
Laurencii Herdewyk ad tempus non modicum ad firmam con- 
cesserint et dimiserint pro certa pecunie summa annuatim ccrtis 
terminis dictis abbati et conventui persolvenda, nostris super hoc 
consensu vel licencia nullatenus requisitis nee obtentis, adjecto 
in dimissione firme predicte, quod si predictus redditus fuerit 
a retro per quadraginta dies post aliquem tcrminum prcdictum, 
tunc bene liccbit prcdictis abbati ct conventui et corum succcss- 
oribus dictum manerium reintrare et omnia bona et catalla 

* The lease was bad without such consent ; but omnis ratihibicio retrotrahitur, et 
mandato priori equiparatur. 

3 North Leigh, Oxon. 

120 Wyke ham's Register, 

ibidem invcnta seisirc et retinere imperpctuum, absque contra- 
diccionc vel calumpnia predict! Johannis, heredum, executorum, 
vel assignatorum suorum aliquo facto non obstante, prout in in- 
dentura inter dictas partes super hiis confecta pleniiis continetur; 
Tamcn ad aures nostras iam pervenit, quod dictus redditus 
per quadraginta dies ct amplius in duobus terminis solucionis 
ipsius fuit et est a retro, dictis abbati et conventui nullatenus 
persolutus, tu quoque ex causa non solucionis dicti redditiis post 
terminos prelibatos prefatum manerium de Northelye nomine 
dictorum abbatis et conventus reintrasti et omnia bona et catalla 
ibi invcnta seysivisti et detines sic seysita, juxta formam con- 
vencionis predicte. Tibi igitur jure patronatus nostri predicti 
firmiter injungimus et mandamus, quatenus dictum manerium 
et cetera bona sic per te seisita fideliter et integre custodias et 
conserves, ilia nulli hominum liberaturus sine nostro consensu 
super hoc tradito speciali. — Ib.^ 25 Aug., 1370. 

Purgation of Thomas Fitzwaryn, who was indicted on the 
charge of feloniously killing John, son of Martin Bakere, within 
the liberty of Southampton, near the graveyard of St. Mary's 
there, with a knife called a " prage," six fingers in length ; and 
claiming the benefit of clergy, was delivered to the ordinary. 
Commission to m. John Ware, sequestrator for the archdeaconry 
of Winchester, to hold the inquiry, and make the necessary pro- 
clamations with a view to Fitzwaryn's purgation. — Jb.^ 31 Aug. 

[38*a.] License granted to Brantingham, bp. of Exeter, — 
ut tam sacros quam minores ordines in nostra diocesi hac 
instanti die Sabbati quatuor temporum proxima post festum 
Exaltacionis Sancte Crucis possitis licite celebrare, et eos con- 
ferre quibuscunque personis idoneis, illis qui nobis jure diocesani 
sunt subjecti dumtaxat exceptis et nobis specialiter reservatis, 
paternitati vestre reverende liberam tenore presencium conce- 
dimus facultatem. — Marwell, 9 Sept. 

Recommendation of Richard Wylly for admission to St. 
Cross Hospital : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio magistro dom{is sive hospitalis 
nostri Sancte Crucis, juxta Wyntoniam, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. 
Cum locus unius tresdecim fratrum in dicta dome sive hospitali 

Official Instruments. 121 

ex elemosinis fundatorum ipsius ordinatorum vacare noscatur 
notorie in present!, ac pauper et inops Ricardus Wylly de Walt- 
ham altera tibia ex ictu cuiusdam equi indomiti mutilatus, non 
habens unde vite sue necessarie possit percipere, nee ulla arte 
manuum suarum ilia valet adquirere, nisi hostiatim victum 
mendicare cogatur : — 

Vobis mandamus, quatenus eundem pauperem Ricardum, 

debilem ct impotentem, in locum tercii decimi fratris 

admittatis, et ei, velut uni alii ex fratribus supradictis, faciatis 
de bonis dicte domus juxta morem preteriti temporis vite neces- 
saria ministrari. — Waltham, 10 Sept., 1370. 

[38*b.] Instructions to official and sequestrator for arch- 
deaconry of Winchester to hear a cause promoted by Richard 
ColeshuUe, rector or precentor of St. Mary's, Southampton, 
against the rectors and curates of other churches in the town, 
who refuse to do fealty to the precentor of St. Mary's in token 
of his precedence, and withhold his portion of the burial fees for 
persons dying in their parishes, contrary to the custom. — High- 
clere, 23 Sept., 1370. 

Commission of inquiry into the state of the churches of 
Winchester : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis m. m. Johanni de Wormenhale, 
officiali nostro, et Johanni de Kelleseye, canonico ecclesie Lin- 
colniensis, s. g. et b. Nostrum, prohdolor ! frequenter pulsavit 
auditum, quod ex epidemia dudum contingente, et aliis 
hominum pestilenciis nutu divino de supernis immissis, quam- 
plures ecclesiarum parochialium civitatis Wyntoniensis et sub- 
urbii eiusdem parochiani modernis temporibus de medio sunt 
sublati, adeo quod in multis ecclesiis predictis pauci, et in quibus- 
dam earum nulli, superfuerint habitatores vel incole parochiani, 
et per carenciam parochianorum rectores earum nequeunt de 
ipsorum proventibus absque pcnuria sustentari, ecclesiarum 
edificia deciderunt, et ipse ecclesie minantur ruinam : — 

Nos igitur, cupicntes ad honorcm Dei et Ipsius cultQs aug- 
mentum ac aliis ccrtis causis licitis et honestis de prcfatis 
ecclesiis et earum singularum valoribus annuis jam currcntibus, 
et de parochianis et patronatibus earum effici cerciores, vobis 
committimus et mandamus, quatenus ad singulas ccclesias 

122 Wykehatfis Register. 

supradictas personalitcr acccdcntcs, de ipsis ecclcsiis et valore 
annuo cuiuslibct earundem ac de numero et condicionibus per- 
sonarum in dictarum singularum ccclcsiarum parochiis lares 
fovencium, et qualcs rcctores seu capellani in cis ministrant, et 
an dc fructibus earum congrue sustentari valeant jure, et qui 
sunt veri ipsarum ecclesiarum patroni, et super aliis circum- 
stanciis universis dictum negocium concernentibus, per viros fide 
dignos et juratos de qualibet parochia parochiarum predictarum, 
ubi reperiri poterunt, assumptos et diligenter examinatos, veri- 
tatem plenam et meram solicite inquiratis. 

Et quid per dictam inquisicionem inveneritis, una cum 
valoribus et nominibus huiusmodi ecclesiarum omnium, et eorum, 
per quos hec inquisicio capta fuerit, nos dicto expedito negocio 
clare et plenarie certificetis literis vestris patentibus et clausis, 
habentibus hunc tenorem. — Highclere, 24 Sept., 1370. 

[39b.] License of non-residence for one year granted to 
Laurence, rector of St. Swithun's, Winchester {ecclesie de Kyngate), 
to be in attendance (in obsegiciis comorandd) on William de 
Somerforde, rector of Speen. — Waltham, 12 Sept., 1370. 

[40 a, 40 b, 41a.] These pages are blank. 

[41b.] Commission for purgation of Nicholas Shorte, of 
Stoke, who had been indicted for that on the Saturday next 
before St. Peter's Chair (18 Jan.), 41 Ed. II, he stole twenty- 
nine wethers at Kingsclere, value looj*., the property of John 
Atte wych, and claiming benefit of clergy, was discharged into 
the custody of the bishop. — Southwark, 28 Oct., 1370. 

[42b.] Presentation of m. Walter de Middelonde, rector 
of Iwerne Courtnay, to church of Rimpton, on exchange with 
Roger More.^ — lb., 24 Oct. 

Indulgence for such as should relieve two poor anchorites 
inhabiting the churchyard of St. Laurence Jewry : — 

Universis sancte matris ecclesie filiis presentes literas in- 
specturis Willelmus, etc. Inter opera caritatis non minimum 
reputamus debilibus, pauperibus, egenis, et laborare non valen- 
tibus per Christi fidelium elemosinas misericorditer subvenire, et 

1 Entered again on p. 55 b. 

Official Instruments. 123 

montes fidelium ad huiusmodi pictatis excrcicium per allectanda 
indulgenciarum munera propensius excitare. 

Cumque dilecti nobis Ricardus le Coupe, de Swepestone, pr., 
et Galfridus Richard, laicus, socius ipsius, pauperes anachorite, 
in cimeterio ecclesie parochialis S. Laurencii in Judaismo, Lon- 
doniis, in domo, ut libencius Deo famulentur, sunt inclusi, unde 
vite percipere poterunt alimenta preter fidelium elemosinas non 
habentes, de Dei Omnipotcntis misericordia, bcatissime virginis 
Marie, bcatorum apostolorum Petri et Pauli, necnon gloriosorum 
confessorum Birini, Svvithuni, Ethelwoldi, et Hedde, ecclesie 
nostre patronorum, et omnium sanctorum meritis et precibus 
confidentes, omnibus parochianis nostris, et aliis, quorum dio- 
cesani banc nostram indulgenciam ratam habuerint et acceptam, 
de peccatis suis vere penitentibus et confessis, qui ad sustenta- 
cionem vite pauperum anachoritarum predictorum aliqua de 
bonis a Deo sibi collatis contulerint, donaverint, legaverint, vel 
aliter assignaverint, conferri, donari, legari, vel assignari procur- 
averint, subsidia caritatis, necnon pro pace et tranquillitate 
ecclesie, regis, et regni Anglie, et pro animabus omnium fidelium 
defunctorum, oracionem Dominicam cum salutacione Virginis 
gloriose dixerint monte pia, quadraginta dies de injuncta sibi 
penitencia, Deo propicio, misericorditer relaxamus. — Southwark, 
2 Nov., 1370. 

[43a.] Monition for certain persons unknown who killed an 
ox belonging to the master and brethren of St. Thomas the 
Martyr's Hospital, Southwark, at Badeley,^ in the parish of 
Lambeth. The rector is enjoined to cause notice to be given 
in his own and neighbouring churches that unless compensation 
be made within twelve days, the offenders will be excommuni- 
cated. — Ib.^ 4 Nov. 

License granted to Brantingham, bp. of Exeter, to hold an 
ordination for candidates not of the diocese on the Saturday 
next after St. Lucy (13 December). — Eshcr, 8 Dec. 

[43b.] Letter to inform abbot of Hyde that the king has 
been pleased to excuse the abbot and convent of Chcrtsey from 
payment of the triennial tenth. — lb., 22 Dec. 

^ Boddiley's or Bodlcy's, in Lambeth, a manor of which the exact situation was unknown 
to Manning and Bray. — History of Surrey, vol. iii, 50. 

124 Wyke ham's Register. 

Prior and chapter of Winchester Cathedral and archdeacons 
of Winchester and Surrey cited in common form to attend con- 
vocation. — Southwark, 1 8 Jan., 1 370-1. 

[44a.] Letters^ to archdeacons of Winchester and Surrey, 
enjoining them to collect arrears of the triennial tenth from per- 
sons who cannot produce acquittances, and to remit the amount 
collected to the Treasury by Palm Sunday. — Ib.^ 24 Jan. 

License of non-residence until Michaelmas granted to Thomas 
de Oclee, r. of Headley, Surrey. — /^., 25 Jan. 

Letter from archdeacon of Winchester, acknowledging receipt 
of bishop's mandate, dated at Esher, 21 Dec, 1370, for prayers 
for peace. — Winchester, 30 Jan. 

[45a.] License to John Mayheu, r. of Esher, to let the 
rectory for one year to William Masse, of St. Neot's, master of 
Sandon Hospital, — ut per unum annum a die date presencium 
continue numerandum omnes fructus, redditus, et proventus 
dicte ecclesie tue qualitercunque obveniencium possis dilecto 
filio, Willelmo Masse de Sancto Neoto, magistro sive custodi 
hospitalis Beate Marie Magdalene de Sandone, dicte diocesis, 
ad firmam dimittere, licenciam tibi tenore presencium conced- 
imus specialem. 

Ita tamen, quod idem ecclesie tue ministres interim person- 
aliter in divinis, et alia onera ordinaria et extraordinaria facias 
inibi debite supportari. — Southwark, 10 Feb., 1 370-1. 

Administration of the goods of John Westbroke, an intestate, 
granted to Helen his widow and John Vyele. — Southwark, 
15 Feb., 1 370-1. 

Monition of certain who illegally detain the goods of John 
Podenhale, late of London, timber dealer (boscarius). Notice to 
be published in the churches of Kingston, Esher, Ditton, and 
other churches on the Thames, as often as the executrix thinks 
necessary, to those who illegally detain the money and goods, 
that unless they account to Alice his widow and executrix 
within twelve days they will incur the greater excommunication. 
— Esher, 31 March, 1371. 

1 The letter to the archdeacon of Winchester is printed in Monasticon, Winchester 
Cathedral Charters, No. i6. 

Official Instruments, 125 

[45b.] Monition of certain who carry away the materials 
from disused churches in Winchester : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio m. Johanni de Wormcnhale, 
venerabili officiali nostro, s. g. et b. Ex quorundam fidedig- 
norum relatibus ad nostram audienciam est deductum, quod 
nonnulli laici, quibus super ecclesiis et rebus ecclesiasticis nulla 
disponendi est attributa facultas, certas ecclesias parochiales 
civitatis Wyntoniensis et suburbii eiusdem expilarunt, spoliarunt, 
lapides quadratos et meremia de muris et tectis earundem 
emulserunt et abstulerunt, contra nostram voluntatem, evellere 
et abstrahere indies jam conantur, sacrilegii procul dubio ac 
maioris excommunicacionis summam a constitucione felicis re- 
cordacionis Ottoboni, quondam sedis apostolice in Anglia 
legati, que incipit Ad tutelam ^ in hac parte edita latam dampna- 
biliter incurrentes ; que nequimus, sicuti non debemus, equani- 
miter tolerare. 

Vobis igitur injungentes committimus et mandamus, qua- 
tenus omnes et singulos lapides seu meremia huiusmodi a dictis 
ecclesiis, sicut prefertur, evellentes, auferentes, et asportantes in 
dictam excommunicacionis maioris summam incidisse et crimen 
sacrilegii commisisse in singulis ecclesiis dicte civitatis parochi- 
anos habentibus- tamdiu faciatis publice et solempniter nunciari, 
quousque lapides et cetera supradicta sic per eos ablata, abstracta, 
et asportata, ad ecclesias sic spoliatas et expilatas reportaverint 
integre et restituerint cum efifectu, et absolucionem a nobis a 
dicta summa meruerint obtinere; quorum absolucionem a singulis 
penitenciariis nostris adimimus, et persone nostre extra mortis 
articulum specialiter reservamus. 

Moneatis insuper, seu faciatis moneri, sub pena predict^ 
omnes et singulos subditos nostros, ne de cctcro lapides, mere- 
mia, vel aliqua alia bona de dictis ecclesiis desertis auferre, 
abstrahere, vel contrectare presumant ; ct si quos invencritis con- 
trarium facientcs, eos per quascunquc censuras ecclesiasticas 
auctoritate nostra canonice compcscatis ; inquircntcs et nos 
clare certificantes. — Southwark, 8 March, 1 370-1. 

* The first words of the Constitution of Othobon confirming privilege of sanctuary, the 
last clause of which is : — Ad hec, si quis de doiuibus, mancriis, grangiis. et aliis locis 
huiu-smodi ad archiepiscopos vel alias personas ecclesiasticas, vel ad ipsas ecclesias perti- 
nentibus accedcns quicquam pretcr voluntatem aut permissionem dominorum, vel eomm, 
qui sunt huiusmodi rebus ad custodiendum depulati, consumere, aut auffrre, vcl con- 
trectare presumpserit. ipso facto sit excominunicacione ligatus, a qui\, donee satisfecerit, 
absolucionis graciam minimi consequ uur. 

3 See p. lai. 

126 Wykehanis Register. 

[46a.] Award on appropriation of Bledlow to St. Stephen's, 
Westminster^: — 

In Dei nomine, amen. Nos Willclmus, etc., cuius ordina- 
cioni, disposicioni, arbitrio, et voluntati providus et discretus 
vir m. Rogerus Otrey, rector ecclesie parochialis de Bledlowe, 
Lincoln, dio., se et dictam ecclesiam suam in omnibus ipsum vel 
eandam ecclesiam ac venerabiles viros decanum et capitulum 
libere capelle regie Sancti Stephani Westmonasteriensis in hac 
parte quomodolibet concerncntibus simpliciter, pure, et absolute 
submisit, attendentes, tenuem et exilem substanciam decani, can- 
onicorum, et aliorum ministrorum capelle predicte, ad honorem 
Altissimi et augmentum cultus divini, et ad uberiorem sustenta- 
cionem dictorum decani, canonicorum, et ministrorum ibidem 
Domino famulancium, de consensu, consilio, et deliberacione 
plenaria venerabilis et discreti viri m. Thome Yung, officialis 
curie Cantuariensis, in hac parte prehabitis, ordinamus, disponi- 
mus, arbitramur, et volumus, vigore submissionis predicte, quod 
prefatus m. Rogerus, rector dicte ecclesie de Bledlowe, in qua 
dicti decanus et capitulum jus obtinent patronatus, singulis annis 
in festis natalis Domini et nativitatis S. Johannis Baptiste, quo- 
usque dicta ecclesia de Bledlowe prefatis decano et capitulo et 
eorum successoribus appropriata fuerit et unita, quadraginta 
libras sterlingorum, et post appropriacionem huiusmodi, quamdiu 
idem m. Rogerus ecclesiam tenuerit, sexaginta libras sterling- 
orum, in dictis terminis per equales porciones prefatis decano 
et capitulo ac canonicis annuatim persolvere teneatur. Et ad 
maiorem huiusmodi securitatem volumus et ordinamus, quod 
prefatus m. Rogerus obliget se juxta leges ecclesie ad arbitrium 
nostrum et aliis viis et modis legitimis, quos iidem decanus et 
capitulum duxerint eligendum, ad solucionem summarum pre- 
dictarum in forma predicta fideliter faciendum. 

Et nichilominus ut omnia premissa maiori et securiori robore 
muniantur et fiant, volumus et ordinamus, quod dictus rector ac 
prefati decanus et capitulum accedant ad reverendum patrem 
episcopum Lincolniensem, loci illius ordinari, et impetrent ac 
habeant ab eodem cum consensu capituli ecclesie Lincolniensis^ 
ratificacionem et confirmacionem ordinacionis nostre predicte, et 
omnium contentorum in eadem. — lb., 18 April, 1371. 

1 Vol. i, p. 128 «. a See vol. i, p. 129 n. 

Official Instruments. 1 27 

Archdeacons directed to summon abbots, priors, and clergy 
of their respective archdeaconries to convocation at St. Paul's 
Cathedral on Thursday next after St. George (23 April), pur- 
suant to primate's mandate, dated at Oxford, 27 March, 1371. — 
lb., 30 March, 1371. 

[47a.] Similar summons addressed to prior of Winchester 
Cathedral. — Same date. 

Monition of certain persons unknown, who remove materials 
from the graveyard of Winchester Cathedral : — Deum non ver- 
entes, nee homines formidantes, lapides sectos et rudes, calcem, 
et cementum, ac fulcimenta novi operis ecclesie nostre predicte 
pro ipsius structura proficienda sumptuose parata a dicto loco 
abstraxerunt.^ — Esher, 7 April. 

[47b.] Appeal for workmen and means of transport for 
stone from quarries in Isle of Wight to the Cathedral : — 

Willelmus, etc., universis et singulis abbatibus, prioribus, 
abbatissis, et priorissis, tam alienigenis quam indigenis, ecclesi- 
arum quoque rectoribus, vicariis, ac viris aliis ecclesiasticis 
quibuscunque per insulam Vectam, nostre diocesis, constitutis, 
eorumque firmariis et ballivis, ad quos presentes litere perve- 
nerint, s. g. et b. Tempore nove creacionis nostre in episcopum 
Wyntoniensem repperimus plures et varios defectus notabiles et 
enormes in castris, maneriis, ecclesiis, et locis aliis ad mensam 
nostram episcopalem pertinentibus notorie imminere, qui pre- 
decessorum nostrorum episcoporum Wyntoniensium temporibus 
contigerunt, reparacione necessaria indigentes, quos tamen pro- 
ponimus, Deo propicio, de nostris propriis substanciis reparare, 
et ob hoc lapicidinas ad fodiendos et excidendos lapides in opus 
reparacionis defectuum predictorum committendos nobis fccimus 
nostris propriis sumptibus in dicta insula providcri, et ideo 
operariis, vehiculis, et eveccionibus,- carectis et cariagiis, ad de- 
ferendum lapides a lapicidinis predictis ad certa loca nostra in 

1 Moberly (pp. loi, 276) suggests that all this preparation of material, stone hewn and 
unhewn, lime, mortar, and scaftbld poles, was for the lieginning of the bishop's great work 
of transforming the nave of the cathedral into the Perpendicular style of architecture, 
which, though commenced in tlie year 1371, was not i)roceeded with until 1394. partly 
perhaps owing to causes with which we are not acquainted — the recalcitrancy of the prior 
and brethren of St. Swithun's, Moberly thinks — but chiefly because the bishop was engaged 
from 1380 to 1394 in building his colleges at Oxford and Winchester. As soon as the 
latter college was opened, he returned to his work of restoration at the Calhediai. 

' Draught horses. 

128 Wyke/iatns Register. 

utilltatem ecclesie nostre Wyntonicnsis committendos ad presens 
plurimum indigemus. 

Vestram igitur caritatem et devocioncm attente requirimus et 
rogamus, quatcnus opcrarios ct vehicula, carectas et cariagia 
congrua, jiixta vires facultatum vestrarum, ad fodiendum, scin- 
dendum, carlandum, et transvehendum lapides huiusmodi ad 
opus predictum, juxta ordinacionem religiosi viri dilecti nostri 
domini abbatis monasterii de Ouarrera, qui nobis super hoc 
suam adhibere diligenciam, et de adjutoribus dicti nostri negocii 
et eorum nobis voluntatibus et actibus cerciorare benivole et 
gratanter promisit, cum per eum ex parte nostra fueritis requisiti, 
velitis concedere nostris sumptibus racionabilibus et expensis, et 
talem et tantam diligenciam super hoc apponere nostris precibus 
studere curetis, ne expedicio prospera prefati nostri negocii 
paciatur obstaclum vel defectum, set ut eo amplius pro nostro 
dando celerem et felicem sortiri possit effectum, ut propter 
preclaram vestrorum operum laudabilium gratitudinem exhiben- 
dam vobis teneamur specialiter in futuro rependere vices gratas, 
cum ad id optulerit se facultas. Valete in Filio Virginis gloriose. 
— Esher, 9 April, 1371. 

[48a.] Robert le Eyr of Fylkyn (Filkins), Oxon., capellanus, 
was indicted for that on the Monday before SS. Fabian and 
Sebastian (20 Jan.), 27 Ed. Ill, he stole three coverlets, two 
sheets, etc., at Botley ; and claiming the benefit of clergy, was 
discharged into the custody of the ordinary. Commission 
directed to prior of Winchester Cathedral, abbot of Hyde, and 
the official, in common form, to take measures for his purgation. 
— Esher, 11 April. 

[48 b.] Henry Middleton was indicted for that in company 
with others on the Friday before Ascension Day, 31 Ed. HI, at 
Arundel, he feloniously stole 20s., the monies of Robert Monk, 
from his servants, Walter Waterlake and John Hogeman ; and 
claiming benefit of clergy, was discharged into the custody of 
the ordinary. Commission for his purgation in usual form. — 
Southwark, 17 April. 

[49 a.] Abbot of Waverley enjoined to enforce payment of 
arrears of first instalment of the triennial tenth by ecclesiastical 
censures. — Same date. 

Official Instruments. 129 

Acquittance by the bishop for twenty marks, the amount of 
one year's pension due at Easter, 1 371, by archdeacon of Surrey. 
— Guildford, 7 May. 

[49 b.] Commission to Brantingham, bishop of Exeter, to 
confer orders in the diocese on Saturday in Whitsun week. — 
Farnham, 19 May. 

Commission to prior of Winchester Cathedral to institute 
William de Enderly, clerk, to Houghton. Rector of Wonston 
to induct. — Ib.^ 22 May. 

Letter to the king's majesty, accompanying return of churches 
and benefices in the diocese.^ — Ib.^ 23 May. 

Commission to abbot of Hyde to levy a tenth '^ in the arch- 
deaconry of Winchester. — Same date. 

[50a.] The subsidy of ;£"5o,ooo.3 Return of names of 
collectors, abbot of Hyde for archdeaconry of Winchester, and 
abbot of Waverley for archdeaconry of Surrey, dated at Farn- 
ham, 26 Sept., 1 371, pursuant to following letters from Primate, 
dated at Oxford, 14 May : — 

Willelmus, Dei gracia Cantuariensis archiepiscopus, etc. 
Cum nos et vos, aliique confratres et suffraganei nostri et ecclesie 
nostre Cantuariensis, ac ceteri prelati, tam religiosi quam sccu- 
lares, nostrarum civitatis et diocesis et provincie Cantuariensis, 

1 In view of the subsidy of ;^5o,ooo granted a few days later. 

' Apparently the second instalment of the decitne triennales, the first instalment of 
which was payable at Midsummer, 1370. 

' Walsingham, i, 312, says: — " Celebrato Parliamento apud Westmonasterium in 
Quadragesima, rex Edwardus petiit a clero subsidium quinquaginta millium marcanim 
argenti, quod sub deliberacione in convocacione cleri facta post Pascha fuit concessuni tam 
a clero quam a populo laicali, ad quam quidem summam persolvendam sncerdotes 
secundum valorem pecunie, quam perceperunt per annum, taxati fucrunt, minuta cciam 
beneficia que nunquam prius erant taxata, ad complementum illius solucionis similiter 
taxabantur." It was made payable in two equal portions, the one at Michaelmas. 1371, 
the other at the Purification of 1371-2. It will be seen that the archbishop directed 
a tenth and half a tenth to be levied on all benefices, including the smaller ones not 
previously assessed, and on the incomes of the stipendiary clergy, in order to produce the 
first instalment of ^1^25, 000 ; but a tenth was thought sufficient to raise the second instal- 
ment. Great difficulty seems to have been experienced in collecting the instalments, 
especially from the holders of benefices not previously assessed and the stipendiary clergy ; 
and Walsingham (i, 314), referring to the capture of _^2o,ooo marks, supposed to be part 
of this sum, by the Spanish fleet, says that the money did not profit the king, because it 
was taken from the church — pecunia vero ista, quia collecta fuerat de sanctA ecclesIA, fuit 
domino regi minimi fructuosa. Walsingham says the amount of this subsidy was 
marks, not pounds ; but " marca et libra in AngliA. unum et idem sunt" — Du Cange, 
quoting the words, " ecclesiam xx marcarum vel librarum " from a charter of A. p. 1296, in 
roedera, ii, 732. 


130 Wykehnvi's Rec^ister. 

ac clerus earundem, in ultimA convocacionc sive congregacione 
confratrum, prelatorum, et cleri predictorum in ecclesiA S. Pauli 
Londonicnsis ad instanciam et rogatum cxcellcntissimi in Christo 
principis et domini nostri, domini Edwardi, Dei gracia regis 
Anglie et Francic illustris, dc mandate et auctoritate nostris 
facta in subsidium ipsius domini nostri regis, et ob necessitatem 
eiusdem, ac regni Anglic, et eius tuicionem ac defensionem, toti- 
usque ecclesie Anglicane, dicto domino regi summam quin- 
quaginta millium librarum usualis monete de viris et personis, 
bonisque et bcneficiis ecclesiasticis quibuscunque regni Anglie 
tarn Eboracensis quam nostre Cantuariensis provincie, sub certa 
forma inferiiis expressata levandani, quatenus ad eandem Cantu- 
ariensem provinciam proporcionaliter attinet, liberaliter conces- 
serimus ad scaccarium domini regis in festis S. Michaelis et 
Purificacionis beate Marie equis porcionibus plenarie persolv- 
endam ; dictusque dominus nostcr rex proinde considerans et 
perpendens, quod onus huiusmodi, quanto in personas plures 
dividitur, tanto facilius supportatur, juxta formam et effectum 
concessionis dicte summe eidem domino regi, ut prefertur, facte, 
voluit ac vult ac per suas literas regias patentes tam nobis quam 
vobis et ceteris nostris sufifraganeis singillatim directas concessit, 
quod quicunque persone et viri ecclesiastici, tam exempti quam 
non exempti, alienigene et indigene, de beneficiis suis et posses- 
sionibus suis taxatis el 'non taxatis infra dictam provinciam 
constitutis, necnon nresbyteri stipendiarii dicte provincie, de suis 
stipendiis proporcionaliter ad dictam summam conferant et ad- 
juvent, quibuscunque privilegiis per ipsum dominum nostrum 
regem seu progenitores suos concessis, seu eo quod nonnulli de 
personis iintedictis ad huiusmodi onera contribuere non solebant, 
non obstantibus quoquomodo. 

Vcbis igitur committimus et firmiter injungendo mandamus, 
quatenii? singulis confratribus et suffraganeis nostris ac custodi- 
bus spiriiualitatis civitatis ac diocesis Bangorensis iam vacantis 
et in manibus nostris pro tempore vacacionis huiusmodi exis- 
tentis, literis vestris injungatis ac injungi faciatis, quod singuli 
eorundem cofi^r^-trum in suis civitatibus et diocesibus, custodes 
vero predicti ii^ civitate et diocesi Bangorensi, quoscunque viros 
et personas ecci^'^i^sticas, tam exemptas quam non exemptas, 
privilegiatas et r?o" privilegiatas, si et quatenus opus seu opor- 

Official Tnstr7i7nents. 131 

tunum fuerit, auctoritatc rcgia in singulis suis civitatibus et dio- 
cesibus ad certos diem et locum competentes coram se vel suis 
in hac parte commissariis celerius quo poterunt evocari, et de 
eorum beneficiis, bonis, et possessionibus ecclesiasticis, precipue 
non taxatis, et de valore communi annuo singulorum eorundem, 
inquiri faciant diligcnter ; quodquc singuli confratres et sufTra- 
ganei nostri predicti in suis civitatibus et diocesibus, dicti ver6 
custodcs in civitate et diocesi Bangorensi, a viris et personis 
ecclesiasticis quibuscunque bona, possessiones, et beneficia eccle- 
siastica, tarn taxata quam non taxata, in civitate diocesi et 
obtinentibus, et aliis personis ecclesiasticis, de quibus superius, 
et eciam in predictis literis regiis, fit mencio, medietatem dicte 
summe quinquaginta millium librarum eidem domino regi, ut 
premittitur, concesse, quatenus ad unumquemque ipsorum attinet 
sub forma suprascripta, levandum, videlicet de singulis viris et 
personis ecclesiasticis quibuscunque superius expressatis bona et 
possessiones ac beneficia ecclesiastica non taxata obtinentibus, 
juxta taxam eorundem ; de bonis vero, possessionibus, et bene- 
ficiis ecclesiasticis non taxatis, juxta estimacionem seu valorem 
ipsorum communem annuum, ordinariorum arbitrio, prout in 
cedula presentibus annexa continetur, racionabiliter moderan- 
dum, decimam unam et alterius decime medietatem ; de capel- 
lanis insuper stipendiariis porcionem aliquam congruam, eciam 
ordinarii arbitrio, et juxta dicte cedule tenorem, limitandum, 
prout ad singulos predictorum confratrum nostrorum pcrtinet, 
colligi faciant vel levari ; et ad solucionem huius decime cum 
medietate alterius decime, ut prefertur, porcioncmquc capellanos 
stipendiarios huiusmodi in hac parte conccrnentem, citra dictum 
festum S. Michaelis collectoribus in singulis civitatibus ac dio- 
cesibus predictis ad hoc deputatis sive dcputandis nomine 
medietatis subsidii supradicti. 

Et pro primo termino solucionis eiusdem realiter faciendo, 
subditos ipsarum civitatum et diocesium quoscunque, qui ad 
huiusmodi subsidium contribuere dcbeant seu teneantur, per 
bonorum et beneficiornm suorum huiusmodi scquestracionem 
et quascunque ecclesiasticas censuras, quas in rcbclles ac con- 
tumaces ac non solventes in hac parte singulis confratrum et 
suffraganeorum nostrorum ac custodibus predictis, committimus 
exercendum et eciam exequendum, canonice compellant. 

K 2 

132 Wykeharn's Register. 

Quodque vos et ipsi confratrcs nostri ad summam huiusmodi, 
prout supcrius est expressum, pro rata porcione vos et eorum 
quemlibet contingente, contribuatis et contribuant citra festum 
S. Michaelis supradicti. 

Vobis nichilominus injungcntes, quatenus quoscunque viros 
et personas ecclesiasticas, tarn exemptas quam non exemptas, 
privilcgiatas et non privilegiatas, alienigenas et indigenas, et 
alias personas ecclesiasticas quascunque, de quibus in predictis 
literis, ut premittitur, fit mencio, vestrarum civitatum et dio- 
cesium, eciam si ad huiusmodi subsidium vel decimas dicto 
domino regi hactenus concessum vel concessas contribuere non 
solebant, propria, et, si opus fuerit, auctoritate regia, prout 
supcriiis plenius continetur, ad certos diem et locum competentes 
coram vobis aut vestris commissariis in hac parte cum celeritate 
debita evocari, et de eorum beneficiis, bonis, et possessionibus 
ecclesiasticis precipue non taxatis et de valore communi annuo 
singulorum eorundem inquiri eciam faciatis. 

Subditos eciam vestrarum civitatum et diocesium ad solu- 
cionem medietatis subsidii predicti, prout ad unumquemque 
ipsorum pertinet, modo et forma predictis collectoribus in vestris 
civitatibus et diocesibus per vos deputatis seu deputandis, citra 
dictum festum S. Michaelis pro rata porcione unumquemque 
eorum in hac parte contingente fideliter faciende, eciam per 
bonorum et beneficiorum suorum ecclesiasticorum sequestra- 
cionem, et per censuras ecclesiasticas huiusmodi, quas vobis 
fulminandas et exequendas consimiliter committimus, canonice 

Vos eciam in vestris civitatibus et diocesibus et singuli con- 
fratrum nostre provincie antedicte in singulis suis civitatibus et 
diocesibus unum vel duos subsidii huiusmodi per modum, prout 
superius est expressum, collectorem seu collectores sufificientem 
et idoneum, seu sufficientes et idoneos, constituatis et constituant, 
quern seu quos duxeritis, et ipsi ad hoc duxerint eligendum. 

Injungatis insuper singulis confratribus nostris, et vobis 
eciam injungimus, quatenus totam pecuniam, que in vestris et in 
suis civitatibus et diocesibus occasione dicti subsidii, seu eius 
nomine, per dictos collectores vel alios collecta vel recepta fuerit 
in hac parte, in scaccario dicti domini regis juxta vim, formam, 
et effectum literarum predictarum regiarum citra dictum festum 

Official Instniments. 133 

S. Michaelis, vel in ipso festo, prout ad vos ct unumqucmque 
ipsorum attinet, persolvi facialis, et faciant absque mora; quodque 
vos et ipsi singuli sufifraganei nostri dictas literas regias juxta 
vim et exigenciam earundem et contcnta in articulis presentibus 
annexis, quatenus ad vos et singulos eorum pertinet, execucioni 
debite demandetis et demandent, vel faciatis aut faciant in 
omnibus demandari. 

Et quid in premissis duxeritis faciendum, una cum nominibus 
et cognominibus collectorum subsidii huius in vestris civitatibus 
et diocesibus per vos deputatorum, ac dc omni summa pecunie in 
eisdem vestris civitatibus et diocesibus, presertim a viris et 
personis ecclesiasticis, exemptis et privilegiatis, capellanisque 
stipendiariis, et precipue de bonis et beneficiis ecclesiasticis non 
taxatis, de quibus subsidia seu decime huiusmodi exigi seu solvi 
minime consueverant, ut prefertur, exacta, recepta, et levata, nos 
citra dictum festum S. Michaelis certificetis per literas vestras 
patentes et clausas, habentes hunc tenorem ; 

Injungentes insuper singulis confratribus et suffraganeis nos- 
tris prefatis, quod singuli eorum de omni eo, quod in premissis 
aut aliquo premissorum fecerint seu duxerint faciendum, ac de 
nominibus et cognominibus collectorum subsidii supradicti in 
singulis eorum civitatibus et diocesibus deputatorum, et de omni 
pecunie summa occasione et nomine dicti subsidii, a quibus- 
cunque personis ecclesiasticis de quibus superiiis fit mencio, et 
precipue de bonis et beneficiis ecclesiasticis non taxatis in suis 
civitatibus et diocesibus levata, collecta, et recepta qualitercun- 
que, nos citra festum supradictum reddant cerciores per suas 
literas huiusmodi patentes et clausas, harum seriem continentes. 

[51b.] Archdeacon of Surrey enjoined to furnish by Corpus 
Christi a return of all benefices, exempt and non-exempt, appro- 
priated and not appropriated, annexed and not annexed, within 
his archdeaconry, pursuant to a privy seal dated 13 May. — 
Farnham, 25 May. 

[52a.] Letter to abbot of Waverley, with instructions how 
to collect the subsidy in Surrey : — 

Vobis committimus et mandamus, quatenus omncs et singulos 
personas et viros ecclesiasticos archidiaconatus Surreiensis tarn 
nobis subditos quam exemptos, bona seu beneficia ecclcsiastica 

134 IVyl'i'/iijni's Kti^/s/rr. 

taxata ct iion taxata in dicto archidiaconatu obtinentcs, tarn 
alienigcnas quam indigcnas, necnon presbyteros stipendiarios 
archidiaconatiis prcdicti, ad ccrtos diem ct locum per vos statu- 
endos coram vobis convocari facialis, ct ipsos omnes ct singulos 
de dicti subsidii solucione jiixta ordinacioncm per prelates 
et clerum dictarum provinciarum inde factam proporcionaliter 
onerari, ct idem subsidium juxta appropriacionem illam, quatenus 
qucmlibct dc clcro archidiaconatus predict! concernit, ad opus 
domini nostri regis Icvctis, exigatis, et colligatis cum omni 
celeritate oportuna, illudque sub tuta custodia conservctis, dicto 
domino nostro regi in tempore persolvendum. 

Inquiratis insuper diligenter et solicite de nominibus et cog- 
nominibus omnium et singulorum exemptorum bona seu beneficia 
ecclesiastica quecunque in archidiaconatu predicto obtinencium, 
et ad quantum bona sua et beneficia taxantur ; et si non sint 
taxata, de vero valore eorundem, et in quibus rebus consistunt, 
necnon de omnibus beneficiis non taxatis in archidiaconatu 
predicto, et eorum vero valore, ac de nominibus omnium et 
singulorum dictum subsidium solvere recusancium, seu illud 
solvi impediencium vel retardancium quovismodo ; et ulteriiis 
per omnia exequamini, que in dicto brevi plenius sunt expressa. 

Ad que omnia et singula expedienda et plenarie exequenda 
vos collectorem tenore presencium deputamus, et vobis super 
hiis omnibus committimus vices nostras cum cuiuslibet coher- 
cionis et execucionis canonice potestate ; mandantes et firmiter 
injungentes, quatenus omnem diligenciam oportunam et celerem 
cum circumspeccione et prudencia in execucione premissorum 
adhibere curetis, ut debitum et felicem sortiri possint effectum. 

Et nos de nominibus dictorum exemptorum indigenarum et 
alienigenarum bona seu beneficia ecclesiastica qualiacunque in 
archidiaconatu predicto obtinencium, taxatorum et non taxat- 
orum, et veris valoribus eorundem, una cum nominibus omnium 
et singulorum porciones suas ipsos de dicto subsidio contingentes 
solvere recusancium, ac toto processu vestro super hiis omnibus 
et singulis habendo, nos citra festum exaltacionis sancte Crucis 
proxime futurum clare et plenarie certificetis literis vestris 
patentibus, habentibus hunc tenorem. — Farnham, 21 May. 

Similar commission to abbot of Hyde for archdeaconry of 
Winchester. — Same date. 

Official Instruuients. \\t 

[52 b.] Instructions to abbot of Waverley : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio, etc. Breve domini nostri regis 
recepimus, tenorem continens infrascriptum Edwardus Dei 
gracid, etc. De vestris igitur fidelitate et prudencia plenam in 
Domino fiduciam obtinentes, ad colligendum, exigendum, levan- 
dum, et recipiendum in archidiaconatu Surreiensi, nostre diocesis, 
subsidium supradictum, quatenus clerum nostre diocesis con- 
cernit, cum omni celeritate oportuna, et ad exequendum omnia 
alia et singula in dicto brevi plenius expressata, vos collectorem 
et executorem pro integra solucione dicti subsidii tenore presen- 
cium deputamus et eciam assignamus, et vobis vices nostras 
super hoc committimus, cum cuiuslibet cohercionis et execu- 
cionis canonice potestate. 

Et si forte persone et viri alii exempti ad dictam summam 
contribuere noluerint, tunc eisdem personis sic recusantibus 
auctoritate regia diem prefigatis, quod sint coram dicto domino 
rege in cancellaria sua in quindena S. Michaelis proximo futura, 
ubicunque tunc fuerit, facturi et recepturi, quod de advisa- 
mento consilii regis ordinari contigerit tunc ibidem, et inhibeatur 
omnibus huiusmodi exemptis in forma in dicto brevi superius 

Et nos de nominibus omnium et singulorum porciones suas 
ipsos de dicto subsidio contingentes solvere recusancium per 
vestras literas patentes quociens necesse fuerit dilucide certificetis. 

Vobisque mandamus, quatenus in premissis talem et tantam 
diligenciam adhibere curetis, quod dictum negocium celerem et 
felicem sortiri possit effectum. — Farnham, 23 May. 

[533..] Abbot of Waverley, prior of Merton, archdeacon of 
Surrey, and rector of Ewell (for the archdeaconry of Surrey), 
and prior of Winchester Cathedral, abbot of Hyde, and arch- 
deacon of Winchester (for the archdeaconry of Winchester), 
directed to cite and assess all ecclesiastics within the respective 
archdeaconries, and compel them to pay on their respective 
assessments. — Same date. 

[53b.] Archdeacon of Surrey instructed to lend assistance 
to the collectors, "quia cxccucio dicti ncgocii celcris ct ardua 
requirit sapienciam ct cxpcricnciain pluriinorum." — lb., ji May. 

136 ]Vykc ham's Register. 

Commission to abbot of Heaulicu and m. John de Penkc- 
stone, rector of Brighstone (vol. i, p. 103), to assess any non- 
assessed benefice in the Isle of Wight. — Ib.y 2 July. 

[54b.] Dean of Guildford placed under orders of the abbot 
of Wavcrley in the matter of the collection of the subsidy. — 
lb., 30 July. 

[56 b.] Certain of the clergy refusing to pay the subsidy 
and triennial tenth, are already suspended and excommunicate, 
and yet, despising the keys of Holy Mother Church, they 
officiate, notam irregularitatis dampnabiliter incurrentes. The 
abbot of Waverley is enjoined to deal with such by the method 
of sequestration. — Southwark, 20 Oct. 

Similar mandate for archdeaconry of Winchester. — Same 

[63a.] Abbot of Hyde enjoined not to collect a tenth and 
half a tenth to answer the second moiety of the subsidy, but a 
tenth only : — 

Satis est vobis notum, et vos personaliter per monachum 
vestrum informavimus et docuimus seriose, quod pro secunda 
solucione dicti subsidii regii colligendi nullos omnino faceretis 
processus, quousque de voluntate nostra in premissis essetis ad 
plenum et certitudinaliter primitus informati ; set ad aures 
nostras veraciter jam prevenit, quod vos, nostre voluntatis ignari, 
scripsistis subditis archidiaconatus predicti pro solucione se- 
cunda dicti subsidii, ipsos in una decima et dimidia inconsulte 
et indebite onerando, ac processus varios et censuras ecclesi- 
asticas in non solventes dictam decimam et dimidiam fulminastis, 
et eas per vestras literas publicastis, contra voluntatem nostram 
et preceptum super hoc per nos vobis datum, de quo miramur 
non modicum et turbamur. 

Quocirca vobis injungimus et districte precipiendo manda- 
mus, quatenus omnes processus et censuras ecclesiasticas per vos 
latas, et sequestra vestra interposita occasione solucionis dicti 
subsidii unius decime et dimidie pro secundo termino colligendi 
statim visis presentibus simpliciter et penitus revocetis, et faci- 
atis publice revocari, quos et que, postquam ad nostram noticiam 
pervenerint, statim revocavimus, ac tenore presencium specialiter 

Official Instruments. 137 

revocamus, vobis mandantes et firmiter injungentes, quatenus 
non amplius quam unicam decimam pro secundo termino solu- 
cionis subsidii memorati a clero archidiaconatus VVynton. ali- 
qualiter exigatis, computati in unica decima solvenda. 

Si quid residuum fuerit seu remanserit in manibus vestris de 
exemptis et presbyteris stipendiariis ultra solucionem integram 
primi termini subsidii prelibati, quicquid autem pro secundo 
termino solucionis subsidii supradicti, ultra unicam decimam, 
in hac parte exegeritis et receperitis, solventibus illud restitui 
faciatis. — Esher, 31 Jan., 137 1-2. 

[63b.] A similar mandate was addressed to the abbot of 

[65a.] William, lessee of the church of Worting, and 
Nicholas, r. of Eastrop, have been excommunicated by abbot of 
Hyde for non payment of the subsidy, and their goods are 
sequestrated. The dean of Basingstoke is enjoined to cause their 
excommunication to be read every Sunday and feast day until 
further order in the churches of the deanery, and to cite them to 
Waltham on Friday in second week of Lent on a charge of 
sequestration. — Southwark, 27 Jan. 

[67a.] Letter to the rectors of Ewell and Shere. It 
appearing that many holders of benefices not hitherto assessed 
either pay less than they ought or refuse to pay at all, the 
rectors are enjoined to cite twenty-four beneficed men not 
holding such benefices to meet the bishop or his commissary at 
Cobham on the Friday next after Ascension Day, to ascertain 
the true value of all such benefices in Surrey. The holders of 
such benefices are to be cited to appear at same place and time, 
and to be informed that, whether they appear or not, they will 
have to pay — quod sive in dicto termino comparuerint sive non, 
ulterius in dicto negocio debite procedetur, eorum absencia sive 
contumacia non obstante. — lb., i April, 1372. 

[69b.] To the same. They need not cite twenty-four 
beneficed men for the purpose of ascertaining the true value of 
the archidiaconate of Surrey, inasmuch as the archdeacon has 
promised to pay — constanter et sponte obtulit, et firmiter coram 
nobis et pluribus fidedignis promisit se paratum dictum sub- 

1 3 S / VykeJiii ni 's Regis tet. 

sidium pro comoditatibus spiritualis jurisdiccionis archidiaco- 
natus sui predict! usque ad sum mam veri valoris earundem 
fidelitcr soluturum, vclut alii archidiaconi dictarum provinciarum 
pro comodis spiritualis jurisdiccionis corundem persolvcrunt. — 
Esher, 5 May. 

[67b.] Rector of Puttenham and v. of Farnham enjoined 
to scc^ucstratc the archdeacon's goods for non payment of ^8, 
the assessment on Farnham rectory. — Southvvark, 5 April. 

[70a.] Archdeacon's official directed to distrain for the £^, 
notwithstanding the sequestration : — 

Alias vobis dedimus nostris literis in mandatis, quod de 
bonis m. Johannis dc Edyndone pro decima de temporalibus 
suis domino nostro regi debita per sequestracionem et alias cen- 
suras ecclesiasticas levaretis seu levari faceretis infra certum 
terminum jam effluxum, pro quo debito districciones contra nos 
currunt indies laicales ; vosque nos vestris literis certificastis, 
quod sequestrum auctoritate nostra interposuistis in eisdem 
bonis, set predictam summam debitam non levastis;^ vobis 
iterato precipimus, injungimus, et mandamus, quatenus de bonis 
dicti m. Johannis per vos sequestratis et aliis bonis suis ecclesi- 
asticis, ubicunque in nostra diocesi repertis, levetis seu levari 
faciatis summam predictam, et illam habeatis coram baronibus 
de scaccario, etc. — /^., i June. 

[71b.] Archdeacon of Winchester or his official to cite all 
abbots, priors, rectors, vicars, and other clergy in the arch- 
deaconry to attend at Winchester cathedral on the Friday after 
St. James, — audituri et visuri calculum et raciocinia dicti collec- 
toris reddi de omnibus et singulis porcionibus dicti subsidii, 
presertim de beneficiis ecclesiasticis non taxatis ac porcionibus 
capellanorum stipendariorum in dicto archidiaconatu per eum 
receptis, et ad faciendum et recipiendum ulterius in dicto negocio 
et illud contingentibus, quod ipsius negocii qualitas exigit et 
justicia suadebit. — Wolvesey, 22 July. 

[72a.] Letter to dean of Sombourn and John, vicar of 
Romsey, enclosing a list of names of clergy in the archdeaconry 

1 *^ep Print IV. The bishop distrained goods to the value of ^^8, and exposed them for 
sale, but there were no bidders. 

Official Itistniments. 139 

of Winchester who have not paid the subsidy, and are excom- 
municate and under sequestration in consequence. They are to 
be cited to appear at Winchester Cathedral on the Saturday 
next after S. Peter ad vincula (i August) and show cause why 
writs de excommunicato capiendo ^ should not go against them. — 
Wolvesey, 25 Aug. 

Similar letters to Thomas, r. of Brown Candover, and Henry, 
V. of Bishop's Sutton, for deanery of Alresford ; dean of Forde and 
John, V. of Sopley, for deanery of Forde ; John, v. of Wherwell 
and Robert, v. of Andover, for deanery of Andover ; Henry, v. 
of Catherington, and William, v. of Hambledon, for deanery of 
Droxford ; m. Robert de Lemyngtone, r. of Arreton, and John 
Penkestone, v. of Brighstone, for deanery of Isle of Wight ; dean 
of Winchester and r. of St. Maurice, for deanery of Winchester ; 
dean of Basingstoke, William, r. of Newnham, and Thomas, v. of 
Crondall, for deanery of Basingstoke. 

[72b.] Prior of Winchester Cathedral and m. John de 
Ware, deputed to hear any who appear to shew cause as above 
— ad petendum et recipiendum certificatoria advocacionum per- 
sonarum, et ad audiendum causas et raciones earundem quas 
duxerint proponendas, et ad exhibendum eis et omnibus aliis 
super prcdictis plenum justicie complementum, et ad compescen- 
dum contradictores et rebellcs in predictis per censuras ecclesi- 
asticas, vobis communiter et divisim committimus vices nostras, 
cum cuiuslibet cohercionis canonice potestate. — lb., 20 July. 

[74b.] Archdeacon of Surrey directed to excommunicate 
a number of churchmen who have not paid the subsidy, and to 
sequestrate their benefices ; also to cite them to appear and 
shew cause why writs de excommunicato capiendo should not 
go against them : — 

Vobis et cuilibet vestrClm in virtute sanctc obediencie et sub 
maioris excommunicacionis pena firmiter injungimus et districtc 
precipiendo mandamus, quatenus omnes et singulos viros ecclesi- 

1 In the bishop's time, one who lay forty clays under sentence of excommunication 
might be arrested and imprisoned by virtue of a writ de excommunicato capiendo addressed 
to the Sheriff (I.yndwood. p. 350). "None." says Coke (Inst., p. 134a). "can certihe 
excommengement but only the bishop, unlesse the bishop be beyond sea, or in remotis . . . 
but in ancient times everic officiall or commissary might testifie excommengement in the 
Kinj:'s rnnrt, nnd for the nii-c!i:ofo t!iat ensu^'d therefrom it was ordained by Parliament 
thai none should icsiitie excommengement but the bshop only." 

140 Wyi't'/iafn's Rri^ister. 

astlcos supradictos, quorum nomina ct summe eos contingentes 
debite dc subsidio memorato in dicta cedula conscribuntur, sic 
excommunicatos fore, ct ipsorum ecclesias, loca, et beneficia sic 
fore intcrdicta, in omnibus et singulis ecclesiasticis beneficiis et 
locis suis omnibus diebus dominicis et festivis inter missarum 
solempnia coram clero et populo ibidem tunc presente faciatis 
absque simulata connivencia solempniter nunciari, et sequestra 
huiusmodi sic fore interposita publicari ; quos fructus redditus et 
proventus ex eadem causa tenore presencium sequestramus, et 
vobis eciam divisim integre committimus et custodiam bonorum 
sequestratorum predictorum, firmiter precipientes, quatenus cum 
omni celcritate sedula et oportuna omnes pecuniarum summas in 
dicta cedula designatas de fructibus, redditibus, et proventibus, 
ac bonis huiusmodi sequestratis et aliis personis inibi nominatis 
per vos vel alios vestro periculo eligendos exigatis, colligatis, ac 
levetis, exigi, collegi ac levari integre faciatis, circumscripta omni 
mora et negligencia quacunque ; contradictores et rebelles, seu 
vos in execucione predictorum quomodolibet impedientes, per 
quascunque censuras ecclesiasticas canonice compescendo. 

Citetis insuper, seu citari peremptorie faciatis, omnes et sin- 
gulos viros ecclesiasticos supradictos sic excommunicatos, quod 
compareant coram nobis vel nostro commissario in ecclesia 
nostra cathedrali Wyntoniensi die Jovis post festum Exaltaci- 
onis S. Crucis proxime futurum (14 September) causam raciona- 
bilem, si quam habeant, quare pro ipsis sic excommunicatis 
capiendis regie maiestati scribere minime debeamus, in forma 
juris proposituri, facturi, et recepturi quod justicia suadebit. 

Totam insuper pecunie summam per vos in hac parte 
collectam seu colligendam ad opus domini nostri regis faciatis 
dictis collectoribus integre liberari. 

De diebus ver6 recepcionis presencium ac publicacionum 
presentis mandati nostri sequestratorum et aliorum predictorum, 
una cum nominibus propriis et cognominibus omnium per vos in 
hac parte citatorum, ac quales et quantas summas et de quibus 
personis levatis et colligitis de subsidio memorato, et qualiter 
premissa eciam singula fueritis executi, nos vel nostrum com- 
missarium dictis die et loco debite certificetis Uteris vestris 
patentibus, habentibus hunc tenorem, sigillo autentico consign- 
atis. — lb., 14 August. 

Official Instnnnents. 141 

[77b.] Order that the sum of ;^33. Zs, 8^^., assessed on 
alien priories in Surrey, shall be paid out of balances in the 
hands of the collectors arising from the contributions of holders 
of benefices not previously assessed, and the stipendiary clerg^y : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis abbati monasterii de Waverle, 
priori monasterii de Merton, m. Johanni de Edyndone, archi- 
diacono nostro Surreiensi, s. g. et b. Quia per consilium domini 
nostri regis est declaratum et eciam ordinatum, quod clerus 
Cantuariensis et Eboracensis provinciarum in porcione subsidii 
regni alienigenas contingente debet onerari, eo non obstante, 
quod litere regie sub magno sigillo suo inde clero predicto con- 
fecte eidem consilio regio exhibite fuerunt et ostense ; et summa 
dicti subsidii pro porcionibus alienigenarum contingens clerum 
nostre diocesis Wynton. ad centum septuaginta libras, sex 
solidos, et quatuor denarios sterlingorum, obolum et quadrantem 
se extendit, de qua summa clerus archidiaconatOs Surreiensis 
in triginta tribus libris, octo solidis, et octo denariis, obolo et 
quadrante secundum porcionem clerum eiusdem archidiaconatOs 
contingentem debet onerari : cumque nos et clerus noster tarn 
urgentissima et inevitabili necessitate ad solucionem predicte 
summe sine more dififugio faciendam sumus taliter coartati : 

Nos volentes clerum archidiaconatus predicti in solucione 
dicte summe eos attingentis quantum possumus, racionabiliter 
relevare, vobis committimus et districte precipiendo mandamus, 
quatenus convocatis coram vobis ad certos dies et loca per vos 
eis celeriter statuenda omnibus viris ecclesiasticis bona seu bene- 
ficia ecclesiastica in dicto archidiaconatu obtinentibus plene et 
clare supervideatis, quid et quantum de pecunia dicti subsidii ab 
exemptis privilegiatis beneficiis non taxatis et capellanis stipcn- 
diariis in collectoris manibus remanet jam collectum vel eciam 
colligendum ; et volumus ac mandamus quod ilia summa sic 
remancns ccdat et solvatur in relevamen solucionis triginta trium 
librarum, octo solidorum, et octo dcnariorum, oboli, et quadrantis 

Et si ilia summa remanens sic collecta et colligenda non 
sufficiat ad plcnam solucionem dictorum triginta trium librarum, 
octo solidorum, et octo dcnariorum, oboli, ct quadrantis, tunc 
residuum dicte summe viris ecclesiasticis archidiaconatOs pre- 
dicti debite imponatis, ct rectc imporcionetis ac racionabiliter 

142 WykehafHs Register. 

dividatis pro porcionibus uniuscuiusque de clero archidiaconatQs 
Surrciensis prcfati, adeo quod nullus eorum in hac parte judicio 
racionis dicere valeat sc gravatum. 

Vobis insuper domino abbati prcdicto exigendum, colligen- 
dum, levandum et percipicndum totum residuum dicti subsidii 
colligendum, ac summam prcdictam imponendam ultra dictum 
residuum, de personis ecclesiasticis, bonis et beneficiis suis ecclesi- 
asticis archidiaconatus predicti in forma subscript^ vices nostras 
committimus, et vos collectorem premissorum tenore presencium 
deputamus, cum cuiuslibet cohercionis et execucionis canonice 
potestate ; mandantes, quatenus totum residuum prelibatum, ac 
predictam summam sic impositam, imporcionatam, et divisam 
ultra illud residuum, cum omni celeritate comoda, et ad ultimum 
citra instans festum S. Matthei apostoli, colligatis integre et 
levetis, etc. — Ib.^ 6 Sept. 

[78 a.] Similar instructions to abbot of Hyde. — Same date. 

[85 b.] Archdeacon of Surrey directed to cite a number of 
churchmen, who are excommunicate for not having paid their 
quota, to appear at Highclere on Thursday next after St. Thomas 
the Apostle, and shew cause why writs de excommunicato capiendo 
should not go against them. — Farnham, 12 Dec. 

Abbot of Waverley directed to enforce payment per quas- 
ainque censuras ecclesiasticas against archdeacon Edyndone, John, 
chaplain of East Moulsey, and John Lemynstre, capellanus. — 
Same date. 

[53a.] Archdeacon of Winchester to the bishop, praying 
him to certify certain excommunicate clergymen : — 

Venerabili in Christo patri et domino, domino Willelmo, etc., 
suus humilis et devotus Robertus de Wykford, archidiaconus 
eiusdem, omnimodas reverencias cum honore. Ammonet nos 
ille celestis paterfamilias, qui vineam suam successoribus Petri 
regendam commisit, cuius amplitudo non scivit, ut eidem unius 
singularis cura sufficiat, et idcirco per ipsius regimen diversas 
ipsam per particulas secundum diversos gradus dividit inter 
plures, maioribus maiora, minoribus minora committens, ut cum 
minor sibi commissam regere non valeat recurrat pro remedio 
ad maiorem. 

Official Instruments. 1 43 

Sane jamdudum, cum pro visitanda huiusmodi vinee particul^ 
michi commissa progressum fecimus jurisdiccionis vestre, repperi 
viros ecclesiasticos censuras ecclesiasticas non vercntcs, videlicet 
dominum Ricardum Grene, rcctorem capelle de Bridlesforde,^ 
dominum Willelmum, rectorem capelle S. Laurencii de Wathe,- 
dominum Johannem, rectorem ecclesie de Bromdene,' et Johan- 
nem Basyngge, capellanum ecclesie de Eremuthe,* qui tarn 
auctoritate vestra quam mea propter eorum manifestas et multi- 
plicitas contumacias excommunicati fuerant et sunt, et in huius- 
modi excommunicacionum sentenciis per xl dies et ampliijs 
perseveraverunt, et adhuc perseverant animo indurato, hiisque 
malis mala cumulantes, ut aspis que obturatis auribus vocem 
sapientis obaudit, paterna nomina dampnabiliter contempnentes, 
ut iniquitatis filii dampnande presumpcionis audacia celebrant 
sic ligati. 

Quocirca paternitati vestre humiles preces porrigo, ne cura 
vobis michique commissa negligatur, remedium opponere digne- 
mini in prcmissis, maiestati videlicet regie scribendo significare 
de incorrigibilitate et rebellione predictorum, ut et ipse rex 
juxta jura huiusmodi puniat presumptores. — Winchester, i May. 

The certificate : — 

Excellentissimo in Christo principi, etc. Willelmus, etc., 
salutem in Eo, per quem reges regnant, et principes dominan- 
tur. Vestre regie celsitudini tenore presencium intimamus, quod 
Ricardus Grene, etc. (see above) fuerunt et sunt propter suas 
multiplicitas et manifestas contumacias contractas maioris ex- 
communicacionis summa auctoritate nostra ordinaria innodati, 
et pro sic excommunicatis palam et publice nunciati ; in qua 
quidcm maioris excommunicacionis summa per xl dies et am- 
pliijs perseverarunt et perseverant animis induratis, claves sancte 
matris ecclesie contempnendo. 

Quapropter vestram maiestatem regiam suppliciter exoramus, 
quatenus pro dictorum excommunicatorum capcionc et justifica- 
cione ad eorum obstinaciam rcprimendum extendere dignemini 
auxilium brachii secularis, ut quos Dei timor a malo non revocat 
saltem sevcritas cohibcat discipline. 

Celsitudincm vestram regiam semper erigat et dirigat in 
prospcris dcxtera Regis regum. — Farnham, 23 May. 

1 Vol. i, p. 51. 5 St. Lawrence, Isle of Wight. ' Bramdcan. * Yarmouth. 

144 Wykeham's Register. 

Commission directed to dean of Guildford, rector of Worples- 
don, and vicar of Shalford, to claim clerks indicted in Surrey, 
and detain them in carcere nostro de Wolveseye. — Farnham, 
26 May. 

[53 1).] Commission to sequestrate church of Wotton, the 
rector being non-resident without leave or reasonable cause, — 
Licencia non petita nee attempta, absque causa racionabili seu 
Icgitima quacunque per non modica tempora voluntarie absen- 
tavit et absentat eciam in presenti, et eam stare permittit capel- 
lani parochialis officio penitus destitutam ; calicem quoque et 
alia ornamenta ecclesie alienavit, et ducit in locis inhonestis 
vitam nimium dissolutam, in divine maiestatis offensam, anime 
sue periculum, et aliorum Christi fidelium perniciosum exemp- 
lum. — lb., 30 May. 

[54a.] License of non-residence for one year granted to 
Robert de Stokebrigge, rector of Ellisfield St. Martin (vol. i, 
p. 23).—/^., I July. 

Citation of John Lorkyn, rector of St. Mary Magdalen, 
Bermondsey (vol. i, p. 132), to attend at Farnham and give 
security for his appearance at Westminster in an action of debt 
brought by prior of Bermondsey. — Farnham, 12 July. 

[54 b.] License of non-residence for one year granted to 
Thomas de Cobeham, rector of Oxted (vol. i, p. 36), to study. — 
Southwark, 25 July. 

Discharge of executors of will of William de St. Omer. — 
Farnham, 7 Aug. 

Certain who refused to pay tithe at Cuddington, and others 
who rejected a modus decimandi} to be punished canon ically : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto nobis in Christo m. Johanni de 
Kelleseye, canonico ecclesie Lincolniensis, s. g. et b. Fama 
publica referente ad nostrum pervenit auditum, quod Johannes 
Gardyn, Nicholas Gardyn, ds. Simon de Codyntone, miles, 
Willelmus Hartegray, Johannes Horroks, Johannes Taillour, et 
Ricardus Shephurd, parochiani ecclesie de Codyntone, nostre 

"Something paid as a composition for tithe, on the assumption of being a moderate 
equivalent. " — Johnson. 


Official Instruments. 145 

diocesis, quasdam decimas maiores et minores Deo et dicte 
ecclesie de Codyntone de jure debitas subtraxerunt injuste, et 
alium modum decimandi in parochia dicte ecclesie antiquitijs 
fieri consuetum nequiter perverterunt, et perverti mandaverunt, 
procurarunt, et fecerunt, in animarum suarum grave periculum, 
et aliorum Christi fidelium perniciosum exemplum. 

De vestris igitur fidelitate et puritate consciencie plenam in 
Domino fiduciam optinentes, ad cognoscendum et procedendum 
in dicto negocio, et premissa eciam singula prefatis personis, et 
eorum cuilibet, ex officio nostro ad animarum suarum meram 
correccionem, et ad premonicionem prioris et conventus de 
Merton, dictam ecclesiam de Codyntone in usus proprios obtin- 
encium, si illud premonere voluerint, objiciendum, et excessus 
predictos ac personas prefatas, si in hiis eos inveneritis culpabiles 
corrigendum et canonice puniendum, et dictum negocium cum 
suis emergentibus, dependentibus, et connexis fine debito ter- 
minandum, vobis tenore presencium vices nostras committimus, 
cum cuiuslibet cohercionis canonice potestate. — Waltham, 20 
August, 1 37 1. 

[55a.] Return by John, capellayms of Merton, to com- 
mission dated Waltham, 12 August, 1371. The Gardyns and 
Shepherd are excommunicated, and the Gardyns have been 
served with citations to appear at the convent church of St. 
Mary Overy, Southwark, on the Tuesday after St. Faith 
(6 October) as respondents in a cause of subtraction of tithe. 
The other respondents could not be served. — Southwark, 
6 Oct., 1 37 1. 

[56b.] Citation of Richard Harries, r. of Farleigh Mortimer 
(vol. i, p. 7), for non residence. — Southwark, 20 Oct. 

[57a.] License granted to Richard de Hertewelle, r. of 
West Horsley (vol. i, p. 104) to demise the parsonage for three 
years on the usual conditions. — Waltham, 3 Nov. 

Letter to abbots of Hyde and Waverley, directing them to 
levy and raise in the diocese two-thirds of the sum usually 
raised for a legate, in the name of procurations ^ for Cardinals 

1 Such procurations were abolished amongst otlicr papal exactions by Stat. 25, 
Hen. VIII, c. 21, " the act concerning Peter pence and dispensations." 

146 IVykehtifft's Register, 

Simon and John, the nuncios to France and England, pursuant 
to bulls of Gregory XI printed below. — Southwark, 20 Oct. 

Grcgorius episcopus, servus servorum Dei, dilectis filiis 
Simoni, tt. S. Sixti ^ et Johanni, tt. SS. Quatuor Coronatorum,^ 
prcsbytcris cardinalibus, apostolice sedis nunciis, salutem et 
apostolicam benediccionem. Cum vos ad Francie et Anglie 
regna pro magnis et arduis negociis destinemus,^ nos, ut incum- 
bencia vobis expensarum onera possitis facilius supportare, 
volentes vobis de oportuno subvencionis auxilio providere, vobis 
ambobus recipiendis huiusmodi negociorum, vestra prosecucione 
durante, tam in absencia quam in presencia vestra, duas partes 
ex procuracionibus, quas unus de cardinalibus sancte Romane 
ecclesie, apostolice sedis legatus, in dictis regnis pro suis procura- 
cionibus recipere consuevit, que videlicet ad summam maiorem 
ascendere dinoscitur, a venerabilibus fratribus nostris archi- 
episcopis et episcopis ac dilectis filiis et electis, abbatibus, priori- 
bus, decanis ac prepositis, archidiaconis, archipresbyteris, et aliis 
ecclesiarum prelatis, et rectoribus, ac ecclesiasticis personis, 
religiosis et secularibus, earumque capitulis et conventibus, ex- 
emptis et non exemptis, Cisterciensis, Cluniacensis, Cartusiensis, 
Premonstratensis, SS. Benedicti et Augustini, Camaldulensis, 
S. Guillermi, et aliorum ordinum, necnon magistris, prioribus, 
preceptoribus, et fratribus S. Johannis lerosolomitani, et aliorum 
quorumcunque hospitalium seu domorum regnorum predictorum ; 
necnon contradictorum per censuram ecclesiasticam appellacione 
postposita compescendo, non obstante ilia, quam felicis recorda- 
cionis Gregorius papa X, predecessor noster, edidit in concilio 
Lugdunensi, ac pie memorie Bonifacii, pape VIII, predecessoris 
nostri, in qualibet alia sedis predicte constitucionibus, seu qui- 
buslibet privilegiis, indulgenciis et literis apostolicis, quibusvis 
personis, locis, et ordinibus sub quacunque verborum forma ab 
eadem sede concessis, de quibus quoque totis tenoribus plenam 
et expressam fieri oporteat in nostris literis mencionem, et per 
que huius nostre concessionis effectus impediri valeat quomodo- 
libet vel differri, plenam et libcram vobis et unicuique vestrum 
auctoritate presencium concedimus facultatem. — Avinione, vij 
Id. Mart., pontificatus nostri anno primo. 

1 Note, p. 65. a lb. 

3 A similar attempt on the part of Urban V to restore peace was frustrated by his death 
on the 22nd of December, 1370. — Walsingham, i, p. 311. 


Official Instrnmeyits. 1 47 

Gregorius episcopus, servus scrvorum Dei, venerabilibus fratri- 
bus archiepiscopis et episcopis, ac dilectis filiis electis, abbatibus, 
decanis, etc., salutem et apostolicam bencdiccionem. Amaram 
nimis et periculosam discordiam, que inter carissimos in Christo 
filios nostros Carolum Francorum, et Edwardum Anglie, reges 
illustres, inimico humani generis faciente in universalis ecclesie 
Catholice fidei tociusque rei publice nimis grande prejudicium, 
viguit et viget de presenti, amara mente deflentes, ad pacem et 
concordiam inter reges ipsos et ipsorum adjutores, fautores, 
auxiliatores, familiares, et subditos, et vassallos et adherentes 
eisdem, dante Deo, informandam, duos ex venerabilibus fratribus 
nostris sancte Romane ecclesie cardinalibus, videlicet Simonem, 
tt. S. Sixti, et Johannem, tt. SS. Quatuor Coronatorum, pres- 
byteros cardinales, quorum virtutes et merita sunt grandia, 
tanquam ministros idoneos et frequenter in arduis comprobatos 
providimus destinandum. 

Cum autem non decet, quod iidem cardinales pro tanto 
bono propriis laborent stipendiis, eisdem cardinalibus pro suis 
expensis necessariis huiusmodi negociorum prosecucione durante 
de duabus partibus procuracionum que legato de latere sedis 
apostolice in partibus illis pro tempore existente dari consuerint, 
per vos solvendum, duximus ordinandum. 

Quocirca universitatem vestram rogamus et hortamur in 
Domino, vobis nichilominus per apostolica scripta mandantes, 
quatenus eosdem nuncios nostros ob reverenciam dicte sedis et 
nostram benigne recipientes et honeste pertractantes, predictis 
nunciis quamdiu in huiusmodi negociorum prosecucione fuerint, 
de huiusmodi duabus partibus procuracionum juxta ordinacioncm 
vestram prcdictam in eundo, morando, et rcdcundo libcraliter 
providere curetis, mandatum nostrum huiusmodi sic efficaciter 
adimplendo, quod devocionem vestram exinde commendare 
merit6 valeamus. 

Alioquin summam, quam iidem nuncii, et eorum quilibct, 
per se vel alium seu alios rite tulerint in rebellcs, super quo et 
iliis premissis ipsis, et eorum cuilibct, plcnam tcnore prcsencium 
luctoritate apostolica concedimus potestatcm, ratam habcbimus 
:t faciemus, auctore Domino, usque ad satisfaccioncm condignam 
nviolabiliter observari. 

L 2 

148 W'yl't'Jtam's Reo^ister. 

Non obstante, si vobis, et vestrQm alicui, seu aliquibus et 
quibusvis aliis, seu locis et ordinibus vcstris, conjunctim vel 
divisim, a predicta sit scdc indultum, quod nunciis sedis ipsius 
procuracioncm aliquam exhibcre, vel in ilia contribuere, nisi 
ad vos declinavcrint, ininime tcneamini, et ad id compelli, aut 
quod interdici, suspendi, vel excommunicari non possit per literas 
apostolicas, non facientes plenam et expressam ac de verbo ad 
verbum de indulto huiusmodi mencionem, et quibuslibet privi- 
legiis, indulgenciis, ac literis apostolicis quibuscunque personis 
vel ordinibus sub quacunque forma vel expressione verborum ab 
eadem sede concessis, de quibus quorumque totis tenoribus de 
verbo ad verbum in nostris literis mencio sit habenda, et per que 
presentis mandati nostri effectus valeat quomodolibet impediri. 
— Same date. 

Similar letters, dated at Waltham, 11 Nov., 1371, were sent 
to John de Wormenhale and others for the archdeaconry of 
Winchester, and to Robert de Lemyngtone, the archdeacon's 
official, for the deanery of the Isle of Wight. 

[63a.] Acquittance by Cardinal Simon for the sum of 
£107. 13J., the procuration due by the bishop and clergy of the 
diocese for the first year of the mission : — 

Nos Simon, miseracione divina tt. S. Sixti, sancte Romane 
ecclesie presbyter cardinalis, apostolice sedis nuncius, recog- 
noscimus et in veritate confitemur, nos recepisse die confeccionis 
presencium de reverendo patre Willelmo, etc., per manus domini 
Roberti Croucheston (vol. i, p. 29), pro ipso episcopo et clero 
totius dioc. Wynton. centum septem libras tresdecim solidos 
sterlingorum pro porcionibus ipsum episcopum et dictum clerum 
contingentibus nomine procuracionum, tam nobis quam rever- 
endissimo in Christo patri ac domino, domino Johanni, tt. SS. 
Quatuor Coronatorum presbytero cardinali, una nobiscum ad 
Anglie et Francie regna pro magnis et arduis negociis apostolice 
sedis nuncio destinato, videlicet pro primo anno nunciacionis 
nostre die vicesima septima mensis marcii per dictos reverendum 
patrem et clerum pro porcionibus suis, salva nobis potestate 
levandi exigendi et recipiendi, si quod de dicto reverendo patre 
et clero pro porcionibus suis predictis nobis debitum remanet 
non solutum. — London, 21 Jan., 137 1-2. 

Official Instruments. 149 

[60a.] Citation of William Masse,^ of St. Neots, late master 
of Sandon Hospital, to appear at the parish church of Waltham 
on the Friday next after St. Lucy, and answer interrogatories 
touching his administration of the hospital, and produce an 
inventory of the goods thereof — Waltham, 27 Nov., 1371. 

[60b.] Appointment of m. Richard de Uptone, clerk, to be 
proctor for the bishop in the Consistory Court of Canterbury, in 
all causes promoted against him by John de Stokegoldyngtone, 
alleging himself to be rector of Bramdean. — lb., i Dec, 1 371. 

Discharge of sequestration, on return of John Aubevyle, r. of 
Ovington (vol. i, p. 43) into residence : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis m. Johanni de Wormenhale, 
officiali nostro, et Johanni de Whichebury, registratori consistorii 
nostri Wyntoniensis, s. g. et b. Quia dilectus filius ds. Johannes, 
rector ecclesie de Ovyngtone, nostre diocesis, ad partes Anglie 
est regressus, et nostris ordinacioni et disposicioni in omnibus 
ipsum tangentibus humiliter se submisit, devote supplicans, ut 
fructus dicte ecclesie sue, ipso absente, perceptas sibi restitui 
facere dignaremur intuitu caritatis : 

Nos, volentes graciose et misericorditer agere cum eodem, 
vobis mandamus, quatenus omnes fructus eiusdem ecclesie sue 
medio tempore per vos receptos, deductis oneribus dicte ecclesie 
incumbentibus supportatis, et capellani parochialis stipendio 
usque ad presens persoluto, de residuo integre tibi restituatis et 
cum effectu. 

Valete feliciter in Filio Virginis gloriose. — lb., 10 Dec. 

[60.] Monition for deer and coney stealers in the bishop's 
park and warren at Fareham : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis dccano de Drokcnesforde ac 
rectoribus et vicariis perpctuis, nccnon capcllanis parochialium 
ecclesiarura de Fareham, Tychcfclde, Alwarstokc, Rowcnorc, 
Suthwyk, et Porcestre, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. Quamvis ad 
tuicionem et presidium libertatis ecclesiastice conservande contra 
perversorum malicias ipsas infringerc satagcncium a Sanctis 
patribus salubritcr sit statutum, quod si quis de domibus, 

1 Vol, i, p. 26. He held the hospital in commendam only. 

150 \Vykt'/i(i)HS Kt\(^istfr. 

maneriis, grangiis, vel locis aliis ad archicpiscopos, episcopos, vel 
alias personas ccclcsiasticas, seu ad ipsas ecclesias pcrtinentibus, 
quicquam prctcr voluntatcm aut permissioncm dominorum, vel 
eorum qui sunt huiusmodi rcrum custodiis deputati, consumere 
vel auferre aut contrcctare presumpserit, sit ipso facto maioris 
excommunicacionis summa innodatus, a qua, donee de ipsis 
satisfecerit, absolucionis graciam minime eonsequatur. 

Recenter tamen nostris auribus est relatum, quod nonnulli 
fingentes se filios ecclesie, licet degeneres, Deum et sanctam 
matrem ecclesiam contemptibilitcr offendere non verentes, 
quorum nomina nobis sunt ignota, parcum nostrum de Fare- 
ham, garennas nostras ibidem, et alia loca dominii circumjacencia 
venacioni nostre debita et subjecta, et ad ecclesiam nostram 
Wyntoniensem pertinencia ab antiquo, violenter et clandestine 
sunt ingressi, et damas ac damulas in dicto parco mactarunt, et 
cuniculos in garennis, et alia animalia fera inibi existencia 
ceperunt, et preter voluntatem et permissionem nostram et 
custodum rerum et locorum predictorum abstraxerunt, consump- 
serunt, asportarunt, et contrectarunt, abstrahi, consumi, asportari 
et contrectari mandarunt et procurarunt, maioris excommunica- 
cionis summam antedictam damnabiliter incurrendo. 

Nos igitur, volentes jura et libertates ecclesie Wyntoniensis, 
sponse nostre, contra ascendencium huiusmodi ex adverso ^ 
malignas versucias omni juris ecclesiastici remedio, sicut nostro 
incumbit officio, debite defensare, vobis et unicuique vestrum 
insolidum et eciam divisim in virtute sancte obediencie, qua 
nobis estis astricti, et sub maioris excommunicacionis pena, 
districte precipimus et firmiter injungendo mandamus, quatenus 
omnes et singulos dictorum excessuum patratores parcos et garen- 
nas nostras et aiia loca nostra taliter, ut premittitur, ingredientes, 
damas, cuniculos, et alia animalia nostra inibi existencia mac- 
tantes et capientes, et inde sic, ut premittitur, abstrahentes, 
consumentes, et contrectantes injuste, in dictam maioris excom 
municacionis summam incidisse, et sic excommunicatos fore, etc. 
— Waltham, i8 Dec, 1371. 

[61 b.] Appointment of mm. Robert de Sustede, Hugh de 
Erlham, John de Lydeforde, and John Uptone as joint and 

1 See p. 27 n. 


Official Instruments 151 

several proctors for the bishop at the Roman Court. — Highclere, 
7 Jan., 1371-2. 

[62b.] Commission to audit the accounts of St. Mary 
Magdalen's chapel, Kingston-on-Thames : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis clericis nostris mm. Thome de 
Sheptone, legum doctori, et Johanni de Kelleseye, Wellensis 
et Lincolniensis ecclesiarum canonicis, s. g. et b. De vestris 
fidelitate et puritate consciencie plenam in Domino fiduciam 
obtinentes, ad audiendum, recipiendum, et plenarie discucien- 
dum calculum et raciocinia m. custodis seu capellani principalis 
capelle de Kyngestone, nostre diocesis, super administracione 
bonorum dicte capelle per ipsum facta, necnon ad approban- 
dum vel reprobandum ea, que ibidem bene vel male inveneritis 
administrata, et ad compellendum eundem custodem vobis 
ostendere inventarium bonorum capelle predicte, et omnes alias 
scripturas, munimenta, et evidencias tangencia reddicionem 
raciociniorum predictorum, necnon ad exhibendum dicto custodi 
super hiis et omnibus aliis, quorum interest, racionis et justicie 
per omnia complementum, vobis comuniter et divisim tenore 
presencium committimus vices nostras cum cuiuslibet cohercionis 
et execucionis canonice potestate ; mandantes, quatenus nos de 
toto processu vestro super hiis habito, expedito dicto negocio, 
clare et plene certificetis literis vestris patentibus habentibus 
hunc tenorem. — Esher, 11 Jan., 137 1-2. 

The same commissioners deputed to visit St. Thomas the 
Martyr's hospital, Southvvark. — Same date. 

[63b.] Settlement of accounts between the bishop and the 
executors of bishop Edyndone : — 

In Dei nomine, amen. Per presens publicum instrumentum 
cunctis appareat evidenter, quod anno, etc., convcnerunt pcrson- 
aliter reverendus pater, etc., ex parte una, necnon Johannes de 
Blebury, nuper persona ecclesie de Witteneye, Thomas de 
Hungerforde, Walterus Sevcnhamptonc, nuper persona ecclesie 
de Alresfordc, ct Johannes Corf, persona ecclesie de Colyng- 
bourne Abbatis, cxecutorcs tcstamcnti bone mcmoric domini 
Willclmi de Edyndone, nuper cpiscopi VVyntonicnsis, ex altcr^, 
et constituti fuerunt in habitacione niansi rcctoric ecclesie paro- 

152 Wykcham's Register. 

chialis de Burghclcre, Wynton. dioccsis, in mei notarii public! 
et testium subscriptorum presencii. 

Et prcfatus dominus nunc cpiscopus Wyntoniensis specialiter 
rogavit ct rcquisivit cxccutorcs predictos, quod ipsi plene ex- 
hiberent, inspicerent, et viderent omnes et singulas indenturas, 
compotes, parcellas, scripturas, et alias evidencias quascunque 
de omnimodis denariis, animalibus, stauro vivo et mortuo, bladis, 
et aliis bonis et catallis quibuscunque, tarn nomine implementi, 
quam alia quacunquc de causa prefato domino nunc episcopo et 
eius ministris per eos quomodolibet liberatis, et plene ac fideliter 
onerarent dictum dominum nunc episcopum de bonis et catallis 
predictis, et de veris valoribus eorundem. 

Qui quidem executores palam et public^ ac expresse fate- 
baritur, recognoverunt, et dixerunt, se huiusmodi indenturas, 
parcellas, compotos, et evidencias plene vidisse, inspexisse et 
examinasse, et inde cum maturitate deliberasse ; fatebantur et 
recognoverunt executores predicti expresse se plene et fideliter 
onerasse predictum dominum nunc episcopum de omnibus 
animalibus, stauro vivo et mortuo, bladis, et omnibus et singulis 
aliis bonis et catallis quibuscunque dicti episcopi defuncti per 
ipsos predicto domino nunc episcopo et ministris suis liberatis. 

Et super hoc predicti executores fatebantur et publice recog- 
noverunt se plene et fideliter computasse cum Willelmo de 
Worston et Thoma Dru, senescallis ipsius episcopi, dominis 
Johanne de Rouceby et Thoma Cook, clericis, auditoribus 
compotorum ministrorum episcopatiis Wyntoniensis, dominis 
Willelmo Renaud, thesaurario ipsius domini episcopi apud 
Wolveseye, et Roberto de Croucheston, clerico episcopatiis 
Wyntoniensis, ac Waltero de Haywode, de omnibus et singulis 
animalibus, stauro vivo et mortuo, bladis, et de omnibus et 
omnimodis aliis bonis et catallis et rebus quibuscunque predictis 
tam nomine implementi, quam causa reparacionis defectuum 
dicti episcopatus Wynton. subscriptorum sibi et ministris suis 
per eosdem executores quovismodo unquam a tempore mortis 
predicti domini Willelmi de Edyndone, nuper episcopi Wynton. 
anno domini millesimo CCC^^ Ixvij, videlicet primo anno conse- 
cracionis sue, centum et viginti septem affros, mille quingentos 
quinquaginta et sex boves, tres mille octingentos sexaginta et 

Official Instruments. 1 53 

sexdecim multones, quatuor mille septingentas septuaginta et 
septemdecim oves matrices, tres mille quingentos viginti et unum 
agnos, nomine implement!, sibi de jure ac ex certa ordinacione 
et consuetudine ecclesie Wynton. debiti. 

Et quia dicti executores dixerunt sibi constare, quod edificia, 
turres, muri et clausure in castris et maneriis dicti episcopatOs 
tempore mortis eiusdem nuper episcopi diversimode fuerunt 
ruinosa et maxima debilitate et depressa, et quamplura eorum 
omnino ad terram diruta et prostrata, quod de necessitate maxima 
indiguerint, predicti executores fatebantur publice et recogno- 
verunt se sponte liberasse et tradidisse prefato domino nunc 
episcopo Wyntoniensi vel ministris suis pro reparacionibus et 
emendacionibus defectuum in castris, turribus et muris, edificiis, 
clausuris, et maneriis episcopatus Wyntoniensis, tempore mortis 
prefati domini Willelmi de Edyndone nuper episcopi notorie 
patencium et imminencium diversa animalia et staura viva et 
mortua, blada, ac quedam alia bona et catalla dicti defuncti ex 
eorum comuni assensu et voluntate bene et fideliter per eos 
appreciata, et in denariis fideliter computatis ad certum et ra- 
cionabilem {sic) precium, usque ad summam mille sex centum 
sexaginta duo librarum et decem solidorum sterlingorum. 

Et idem dominus episcopus concessit et publice fatebatur, se 
per manus ministrorum suorum prefatum implemcntum in forma 
predicta, ac eciam animalia, staurum vivum et mortuum, blada, 
et quedam alia bona et catalla dicti domini Willelmi de Edyn- 
done, predecessoris sui, ad summam predictam et racionabiliter, 
ex eorum comuni, assensu et voluntate appreciata, ultra predic- 
tum implementum recepisse. 

Prefati vero executores recognoverunt et publice fatebantur 
tunc ibidem, quod idem dominus nunc episcopus Wynton., vel 
ministri sui, nichil omnino habuit vel habucrunt, rccepit vel 
recepcrunt ab eisdem exccutoribus, vel eorum ministris, de bonis 
et catallis dicti domini Willelmi de Edyndone ultra predictum 
implementum, et ultra animalia, staurum vivum et mortuum, 
blada, et alia bona et catalla prenominata usque ad summam 
predictam appreciata, et quod iidem executores nichil aliud, nisi 
bona prenotata ac appreciata tantummodo et non plus eidem 
domino nunc episcopo aut ministris suis quovismodo liberarunt 
sou libcrari fcccrunt ex causis prcdictis. 

1 54 Wykc/ia))i's Register. 

De quorum quidcm implcmcnti Hberacione, .ic cciam ani- 
malium, stauri vivi et mortui, bladorum, et aliorum bonorum et 
catallorum quorumcunque, sic, ut premittitur, predicto nunc 
episcopo libcratorum, apprccionc, Hbcracione, computacione, 
recepcione, et confessione tarn prcdictus episcopus quam predict! 
executorcs fecerunt ex corum unanimi consensu et eorum 
spontanea voluntatc quandam indcnturam, sigillis eorum omnium 
et singulorum sigillatam. 

Cuius autem indenture tenor sequitur in hec verba : 

[64 a.] Presens indentura inter venerabilem patrem, domi- 
num Willelmum, etc., ex parte una et Nicolaum Kaervvent, per- 
sonam ecclesie de Crundale ; Johannem Blebury, nuper personam 
ecclesie de Wytteneye ; Thomam de Hungerforde ; Walterum 
Sevenhamptone, nuper personam ecclesie de Alresforde ; et 
Johannem Corf, personam ecclesie de Colyngbourne abbatis, 
executores testamenti domini Willelmi de Edyndone, nuper 
episcopi Wyntoniensis, ex parte altera, testatur quod cum 
quilibet episcopus loci predicti ex certa ordinacione et antiqua 
consuetudine eidem ecclesie factis et hactenus usitatis et appro- 
batis dimittere debeat suo successor! certa animalia nomine 
implementi, dicti executores liberarunt prefato domino Willelmo 
de Wykeham nunc episcopo ecclesie supradicte primo anno 
sue consecracionis, scilicet anno domini millesimo CCC™° sexa- 
gesimo septimo et anno domini regis nunc quadragesimo 
primo, totum implementum eidem episcopo debitum, et, ut 
predicitur, jure consuetum, videlicet centum et viginti septem 
affros, mille quingentos quinquaginta et sex boves, tres mille 
octingentos sexaginta et sexdecim multones, quatuor mille 
septingentas sexaginta et septemdecim oves matrices, tres 
mille quingentos viginti et unum agnos ; et considerato quod 
edificia, turres, muri, et clausure in castris et maneriis dicti 
episcopatus tempore mortis eiusdem nuper episcopi diversimod6 
fuerunt ruinosa et tanta debilitate depressa, et quamplura 
omnino terre dirupta et prostrata, quod de necessitate magna 
reparacione indiguerint, predicti executores a tempore mortis 
predicti nuper episcopi usque datam presencium sponte liber- 
arunt eidem nunc episcopo pro emendacionibus domorum et 
reparacionibus defectuum predictorum in animalibus, stauro vivo 

Official Instruments. 1 55 

et mortuo, bladis, ac quibusdam aliis bonis et catallis appreciatis 
omnibus et singulis ex eorum communi assensu, et denariis 
fideliter computatis, ad certum et racionabile precium, usque ad 
summam mille sexcentum sexaginta duarum librarun:! et decern 

Quod quidem implementum in forma predicta, una cum 
animalibus, stauro vivo et mortuo, bladis, et aliis bonis et catallis, 
ut predicitur, pro reparacionibus et defectibus predictis, usque ad 
summam predictam appreciatis, idem episcopus concedit per 
presentes ipsum per manus ministrorum suorum ab eisdem 
executoribus recepisse ; predicti vero executores fatentur et 
recognoscunt per presentes, quod idem episcopus nichil habuit 
vel recepit de eisdem executoribus aut eorum ministris de bonis 
et catallis dicti domini Willelmi de Edyndone, nuper episcopi, 
testatoris sui, ultra predictum implementum et aniinalia, staurum 
vivum et mortuum, blada, et alia bona et catalla predicta, usque 
ad summam predictam appreciata, et quod idem executores 
nichil aliud nisi bona prenominata tantummodo, et non ampliijs, 
eidem episcopo aut ministris suis liberaverunt, aut liberare 
fecerunt, ex causis supradictis. 

In cuius rei testimonium predictus episcopus uni parti istius 
indenture penes prefatos executores remanenti sigillum suum 
apposuit ; alteri vero parti indenture eiusdem penes prefatum 
episcopum remanenti predicti executores sigilla sua apposuerunt, 
hiis testibus, Luca de Ponynges, Bernardo Brokas, Johanne 
Foxele, Hugone Camoys, militibus ; Waltero Haywode, Petro 
Bruges, Johanne Warblyntone, Henrico Popham, Ricardo Dan- 
vers, Henrico Wattesfordc, Johanne Fauconer et aliis 

Et demum petitum fuit ex parte dictorum exccutorum, quod 
presens tractatus seu loquela esset finalis terminus ncgocii im- 
plementi et reparacionis defectuum predictorum. 

Et dictus pater ad hec publice contradixit, ct rcspondit 
expresse predictis executoribus coram testibus infrascriptis et 
pluribus aliis circumstantibus fidcdignis, quod noluit nee aliquo 
modo consensit, quod hec loquela seu tractatus in dict^ inden- 
tura contenta seu comprehensa esset vel foret finalis concordia, 
pro eo quod septingente marce restant adhuc a dictis executori- 
bus eidem episcopo debite. 

156 Wykeham's Rt'gister. 

Et propter illud dcbitiim, ct alias pecuniarum summas eidem 
per ipsos executores ex certa convcncione promissas, concordatas, 
et racionabiliter dcbitas, ct alias causas racionabilcs et evidentcs 
et materias per ipsum episcopum in futurum exprimendas, ante 
quarum solucionem, satisfaccionem, et implecionem plenariam 
noluit ncc intendcbat quovismodo idem pater, ut dixit, ultra 
tenorem, vim, seriem, et effectum dicte indenture prefatum 
negocium protunc aliter terminare. 

Quas quidcm septingentas marcas iidem executores tunc 
publice fatebantur et recognoverunt eidem episcopo se debere, 
et illas ei se soluturos bene, fideliter et sponte promiserunt.^ 
Acta sunt hec, etc. — Burghclere, Feb. 10, 1 37 1-2. 

[71b.] Tercio die mensis Junii, anno domini MCCClxxij'^°, 
in capella S. Stephani apud Westm., in presencia reverend- 
orum patrum dominorum Willelmi, archiepiscopi Cantuariensis, 
Simonis, Londoniensis episcopi, m. Johanni des Appelby, decani 
ecclesie cathedralis S. Pauli, London., domini Willelmi de Dytton, 
m. Thome de Sheptone, Johannis de Kelleseye, notarii publici 
apostolici, et aliorum, ds. episcopus Wynton. exhibuit indenturam 
inter ipsum et executores testamenti domini Willelmi de Edyn- 
done, predecessoris sui, super implemento et aliis bonis liberatis 
dicto patri factam ; qua perlecta executores predicti recog- 
noverunt publice et fatebantur omnia et singula in ea contenta 
esse vera, et de eorum deliberata et spontanea voluntate pro- 
cessisse et esse facta. Quam indenturam sigillatam dictus pater 
tradidit Johanni Bartone, registrario archiepiscopi Cantuariensis 
ad registrandum. 

[65 a.] Mayor and bailiffs of Southampton warned not to 
levy toll on the bishop's tenants : — 

Willelmus, etc., maiori et ballivis ville Suthamptone, nostre 
diocesis, spem consilii sanioris. Querelam Johannis Comerthorn, 
hominis et tenentis nostri, et aliorum hominum et tenencium 
nostrorum grave recepimus, continentem, quod licet per literas 
regias antiquitiis episcopis Wyntoniensibus sit concessum, et 

1 Lowth, p. 67, n. , quoting MS. Farnham, says that Edington's dilapidations 
amounted to ;^i8i4. 35. lod. But here we find that the executors handed over stock 
to the value of £1^62. 10s. , and admitted a further liability of 700 marks, which makes the 
dilapidations amount to ;(^2i09. 3^. ^d. , equivalent to ,^25000 and upwards in our money. 

Official Instruments, 1 57 

per dominum nostrum regem nunc confirmatum, quod omnes 
homines et tenentes sui debeant esse Hberi et quieti ab omni 
telonio et talHagio, ac alia exaccione quacunque, pro omnibus 
bonis et mercandisis suis per totum regnum Anglie, et per 
omnes alias terras dicioni, dominio, et districcioni ^ domini nostri 
regis subditas et subjectas jure et nomine ecclesie nostre Wyn- 
toniensis ; eadem quoque libertate predccessores et processores 
nostri episcopi Wyntonienses in hominibus et tenentibus suis 
feodorum suorum omni libertate gaudebant suis temporibus 
successivis, et usi sunt pacifice et quiete absque interrupcione 
et contradiccione quacunque, eciam a tempore et per tempus 
cuius contrarium memoria hominum non existit, et nos similiter 
nostro tempore usi sumus ; vos cum nimis voluntarie libcrtatem 
et immunitatem huiusmodi ecclesie nostre predicte maliciose 
infringere satagentes, bona et catalla Johannis Comerthorn, 
hominis et tenentis nostri, et aliorum hominum et tenencium 
nostrorum, et de feodo ecclesie nostre predicte existencium, 
scienter pro telonio inde solvendo arrestastis seu fecistis arrestari, 
et detinetis sub aresta, in violacionem libertatis et juris dicte 
ecclesie nostre, ad que manumittenda et servanda, tam virtute 
juramenti nostri in consecracione nostra primo prestiti firmiter 
sumus astricti, necnon dictorum hominum et tenencium grave 
dispendium et jacturam, que nequimus in divine maiestatis 
ofifensam oculis conniventibus tollerare. 

Vos igitur, tanquam nostros filios speciales, monemus, requir- 
imus in Domino, et hortamur, quatenus bona et mcrcimonia 
quecunque dicti Johannis, hominis et tenentis nostri, et aliorum 
hominum et tenencium nostrorum quorumcunque, per partes et 
territoria vestra transeuncia, empta, et transvecta, per vos hac- 
tenus arrestata et detenta, absque exaccione quacunque telonii 
seu alterius imposicionis indcbite cisdem nostris hominibus et 
tenentibus libere et integre, prout jus et racio exigunt, et juxta 
vim et tenorem cartarum regiarum prcdictarum restituatis indi- 
late, ne contra vos, tanquam contra violatores jurium et liberta- 
tum ecclesie nostre predicte, tam in foro ccclesiastico quam in 
seculari, per penas canonicas et processus legales in curia domini 
nostri regis pro justicia super hoc habcnda procedendi nobis 
justam matcriam dccetero ministrctis. 

1 Jurisdiction. — Du Canine, sub voc. distringerc, 3. 

158 J VykeJui m 's Register. 

Et quid super hiis feceritis, scu duxeritis faciendum, nobis 
velle vcstrum per latorcm prescncium rescribatis, quia premissa 
dissimulare non possumus ncc debcmus. — Waltham, 17 Feb. 

[65b.] License f^ranted to bp. of Bath and Wells ^ to confer 
orders in his chapel at Dogmersficld on the eve of Passion 
Sunday (die Sabbati qua cantatur officium sitientes, vol. i, p. 
255, n.), and on Easter Eve on clerks of his own diocese, clerks 
from Court, and clerks personally known to him. — lb., 4 March. 

Inhibition of vicar of Romsey in a dispute with the sacrist 
of the abbey church as to who should bless the palms on Palm 
Sunday. Englished : — 

It hath been the usage from the time whereof the memory of 
man runneth not to the contrary that the sacrist of the abbey 
church shall bless the palms and boughs of other trees used at 
mass on Palm Sunday, and that from the High Altar, and not 
elsewhere. Yet so it is, that the vicar, John Folyot, and his 
chaplains, have interrupted the sacrist in the exercise of this 
privilege. Wherefore the dean of Sombourn is ordered to inhibit 
the vicar and chaplains, pending the decision of a cause pro- 
moted by the abbess and convent against them. — Ib,^ 13 March. 

[66 a.] Licence of non-residence for three years granted to 
the rector of Farley Chamberlayne (vol. i, p. 39), to study at the 
University of Oxford ; with a dispensation from proceeding to 
sub-deacon's orders in the meantime. — lb., 17 March. 

Vicar of Kingsclere (John Laverans, vol. i, p. 39), appointed 
registrar of the Consistory Court in room of John de Whichebury, 
who is unable to perform the duties of the office by reason of 
infirmity. — Same date. 

[66 b.] Autograph letter to official, relaxing suspension of 
Robert de Milvertone (vol. i, p. 48), v. of EUingham : — 

Carissime. Accessit ad nos personaliter Robertus, vicarius 
ecclesie de Elyngham, nostre diocesis, contra quem pro suis 
excessibus processus varios coram vobis fecistis, promittens 
firmiter se velle vitam suam preteritam insipidam in melius 
reformare : Nos igitur, sub spe emendacionis vite sue et sanioris 

1 John de Harewelle, 1366-86. 

Official Instnintents. 159 

gestCis sui, volumus et mandamus, quod scribatis et precipiatis 
decano dicti loci, vel alii persone idonee, prout videritis expedirc, 
quod ipse permittat et faciat dictum vicarium stare liberc in 
cura ; alios pcrceptos et dctentos, deductis oneribus dicte vicarie 
sue medio tempore incumbentibus et supportatis, et detentores ad 
id per censuras ecclesiasticas auctoritate nostra compcllatis. — lb., 
22 March, 1371-2. 

Commission to m. Richard Coleshulle (vol. i, p. 27), precentor 
of St. Mary's, Southampton, to hear and determine a cause of 
defamation promoted by Eleanor Dyere of South Stonham, in 
forma patiperis, against William Rous. — /^., 24 March. 

Nicholas Hethe, clerk, appointed — ad presentandum se pro 
ipso domino episcopo Wyntoniensi coram camerario domini 
nostri pape, et ad visitandum pro ipso limina apostolorum beat- 
orum Petri et Pauli, et ad petendum et recipiendum super 
premissis literas testimonials, prout idem dominus episcopus 
tenetur ex debito prestiti juramenti^; et omnia alia et singula 
facienda, ad que tenetur idem episcopus occasione premissa 
facere in curia Romana predicta, necnon alium seu alios procura- 
torem seu procuratores loco suo substituendum, et generaliter 
ad omnia alia et singula expedienda et exercenda, que in pre- 
missis necessaria fuerint, seu eciam oportuna. — Southwark, 25 
March, 1372. 

[67 a.] Commission to absolve Robert Bakere : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio Petro de Oxon., monacho ecclesie 
nostre Wyntoniensis, penitenciario nostro, s. g. et b. Accedens 
ad nos Robertus Bakere quedam anime sue salutcm tangencia 
nobis in foro penitencie sacramentalis est confessus, que libcrta- 
tem et immunitatem ecclesie et jurisdiccionis nostre ecclesiastice 
violacionem concernunt. 

Vobis igitur committimus et mandamus, quatenus audita 
ipsius confessione in premissis, ipsum injuncta sibi penitencid 
salutari pro commissis, a culp^ sua huiusmodi vice nostra 
canonice absolvatis hac vice. — Waltham, 26 March, 1371 {sic). 

, 1 See his consecration oath. vol. i, p. 9. 

l6o IVykehams Register. 

[67b.] Prayers for peace with France : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio officiali archidiaconi nostri 
Surreiensis s. g. ct b. A memoria Christi fidclium non recedunt, 
set mundo patere possunt eciam universo, injurie manifeste et 
enormes molestie quas gens GalHcana domino nostro Edwardo, 
etc., in tcrris et locis diversis, districtibus, territoriis, et jurisdic- 
cionibus, in transmarinis partibus ad ipsum jure hereditario 
pertinentibus et legitime devolutis multipliciter irrogarunt ; et 
quamvis idem dominus rex, secutor pacis et amator, pro tractatu 
pacis super hiis habendo, ad partes illas solempnes nuncios 
destinasset ad pacis pulcritudinem suum animum inclinando, 
pacem, quatenus in ipso est, prosequens et inquirens, pars tamen 
adversa Gallicorum omnem viam pacis obstinatis animis de- 
clinarunt, ad omnes vias guerrarum et dissensionum in spiritu 
superbie se parantes. Set speramus firmiter opem Altissimi 
dicto domino nostro regi, si sincero animo postuletur, in sua 
justicia non deesse ; et devota fidelium deprecacio assidua 
animo contrito effusa multum iram mitigat Redemptoris, et eius 
misericordiam provocat et inducit 

Propter quod missas, processiones, et alias devotas oraciones 
in omnibus monasteriis, ecclesiis, et locis religiosis nostre diocesis 
fore decernimus faciendas, vobis mandantes, etc., with grant of 
forty days' indulgence. — Southwark, 11 April, 1372. 

[68 a.] Similar letters were sent to the archdeacon of Win- 
chester and prior of St. Swithun's. 

Grant of administration of the goods of Thomas atte 
Chambre, a servant of Elizabeth de Juleres, countess of Kent, to 
Robert de Raundes, v. of Bedhampton (vol. i, p. 43). — Southwark, 
14 April. 

License of non residence for one year granted to Raundes in 
order to be in attendance on the countess. 

Mandate from Bernard de Agrifolio, prior of St. Martin de 
Campis at Pisa, to levy a procuration for Bertrand de Veyraco 
on a mission to England, by authority of the following bull. 
All ecclesiastics to whom the mandate shall come are enjoined 
to pay Bertrand or bearer his expenses at the rate of two gold 

Official Instrunicnts l6i 

florins of Florence daily. Receipt by Bertrand for the sum of 
i8j. sterling for the expenses of his three days' stay in the 
diocese. Dated London, 14 April, 1372. 

Gregorius episcopus, servus servorum Dei, dilectis filiis priori 
S. Martini de Campis Pisiensis, ac Avinionensi ct Londoniensi 
officialibus, salutem et apostolicam benediccionem. Cum dilec- 
tum filium, nobilem virum Bertrandum de Veyraco, domiccllum 
et familiarem nostrum, latorem presencium, ad nonnullas partes 
pro quibusdam publicis negociis per nos sibi commissis presenci- 
aliter destinemus : discrecioni vestre per apostolica scripta man- 
damus, quatenus vos vel duo aut unus vestrum per vos vel 
alium seu alios eidem Bertrando diebus singulis a vencrabili- 
bus fratribus nostris archiepiscopis et episcopis, ac dilectis filiis 
clectis, abbatibus, prioribus, decanis, prepositis, archidiaconis, 
archipresbyteris, plebanis, officialibus, rcctoribus, et aliis ecclesi- 
arum et monasteriorum prelatis, ipsorumque vicegerentibus, ac 
personis ecclesiasticis, secularibus et regularibus, ac ccclesiarum 
et monasteriorum capitulis et conventibus, exemptis et non 
exemptis, Cisterciensis, Cluniacensis, Premonstratcnsis, Camal- 
dulensis, SS. Benedicti et Augustini, ac aliorum ordinum, nccnon 
domorum hospitalium S. Johannis lerosolomitani, beate Marie 
Theotonicorum, Calatravensium, et Humiliatorum magistris, 
prioribus, et preceptoribus, in duobus florenis auri boni de 
Florencia pro expensis suis necessariis et de securo conductu, 
cum ipsi super premissis per eundem Bertrandum vel eius nun- 
cium fuerint requisiti, in eundo, morando, et ad nos redeundo 
faciatis auctoritate nostra integre provideri, non obstantibus si 
eisdcm archiepiscopis, episcopis, electis, abbatibus, ct aliis pre- 
latis ac personis ecclesiasticis, vel quibusvis aliis communiter 
vel divisim a sede apostolica sit indultum quod familiaribus seu 
nunciis dicte sedis aut quibuscunque aliis procuracioncm aliquam 
exhibere minime teneantur, ct ad id compelli, aut quod interdici, 
suspendi, vel excommunicari non possint per litcras apostolicas 
non facientes plcnam ct expressam ac dc verbo ad verbo de 
indulto huiusmodi mencioncm, sive quibuslibct privilegiis ct in- 
dulgenciis apostolicis quibusvis personis, locis, et ordinibus sub 
quavis forma vel cxpressione verborum ab eadcm sede concessis, 
dc quibus, quorumquc totis tenoribus dc verbo ad verbum in 
nostris Uteris similis mencio sit habenda, et per que prescns 

1 62 Wykehtifn's Register. 

mandatiim nostrum valeat quomodoUbct impediri, presentibus 
usque ad Kalcndas Junii proximo sccuturi tantummodo valituris. 
Dat. Avinionc, vj Kal. Feb., anno pontificatus nostri secundo. 

[69b.] License of non residence for two years granted to 
William Rodes, r. of Shalflcct (vol. i, p. 54), in order to be in 
attendance on the earl of Salisbury. — Southwark, 27 April, 1372. 

Appointment of advocate in Consistory Court : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio, domino Johanni Burbache, 
presbytero, s. g. et b. Tue sciencie prudenciam attendentes, ut 
in consistorio nostro Wyntoniensi possis postulandi officium 
licite exercere, quacunque constitucione sinodali in hac parte 
edita non obstante, tecum auctoritate pontificali tenore presen- 
cium dispensamus, et licenciam concedimus specialem, quousque 
eam duxerimus revocandam ; officiali nostro principali man- 
dantes, quatenus tc ad dictum officium inibi exercendum 
admittat, et juxta tue probitatis merita te pertractet. — Esher, 
21 May. 

Letter to abbess and convent of Romsey, desiring them at 
the request of William, earl of Pembroke, to receive his kins- 
woman, dame Elizabeth de Berkele, during her husband's 
absence on service.^ 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis in Christo filiabus, etc., s. g. et b. 
Nobilis vir dominus Willelmus, comes Pembroch, suis nobis 
literis supplicavit vobis nostras dirigere literas speciales pro 
nobili et generosa domina, domina Elizabet de Berkele, cognate 
comitis antedicti, quod infra monasterium vestrum in loco 
honesto perhendinare possit pro suo racionabiliter vobis dando, 
dum dominus Mauricius Wytht, maritus ipsius domine, in 
comitiva prefati comitis morari contigerit in partibus trans- 

Nos, ipsius precibus annuentes, ut prefatam dominam ad 
perhendinandum in monasterio vestro cum familia morigerata et 
honesta, si vobis videritis expedire, licite possitis admittere pro 
tempore huiusmodi absencie dicti mariti sui, dummodo religioni 

1 The Earl of Pembroke was sent to relieve Rochelle, but his ships were taken and 
burnt by a Spanish fleet on Midsummer eve, 1372, and he was made a prisoner. — 
Wals., \, p. 314. 


Official Instruments, 163 

seu domui vestrc per hoc nullum dispcndium gcncrctur, liccn- 
ciam vobis tenore presencium concedimus specialem, quacunque 
inhibicione vobis per nos data in contrarium non obstante ; vos 
ad id non artantes, set super admissione huiusmodi vos vestris 
discrecioni et proprie voluntatis libero arbitrio duximus relin- 
quendum. — Southwark, 29 May, 1372. 

A similar letter was sent to the abbess and convent of 

[70 a.] Dispensation super defectii 7iataliinn to Thomas 
atte Milne, elk. ; the indulgence granted by cardinal Stephen, 
tit. S. Eusebii, papal penitancer. — lb., 30 August. 

[70b.] Certificate of search in the Register of bp. Orlton 
for the orders of Robert Brok : — 

Noverint universi quod nos Willelmus, etc., registra bone 
memorie domini Ade, dudum VVyntoniensis episcopi, predeces- 
soris nostri, dc ordinibus in diocese Wyntoniensi suo tempore 
celebratis facientes solicite perscrutari, in eisdem inter cetera 
repperimus, quod Johannes tunc Herefordensis episcopus^ die 
Sabbati quatuor temporum in vigilia S. Trinitatis, videlicet 
vicesimo primo die mensis Maii, anno domini millesimo cccxlv^*^, 
in ecclesia parochiali de Odyham, Wyntoniensis diocesis, ordines 
de licencia ac vice et auctoritate dicti domini Ade, VVyntoniensis 
episcopi, celebrans generales, Robertum Brok, rectorem ecclesie 
de Farneburghe, Bathon. et Wellcn. diocesis, literas dimissorias 
sui diocesani sibi exhibentem in diaconum ordinavit. — lb. 
1 1 June. 

Discharge of executors of William de Mideltone, r. of 
Michelstowe.- — Same date. 

[71a.] Abbot of Hyde enjoined to collect the first moiety 
of the second year of the triennial tenth in the city and arch- 
deaconry of Winchester within fifteen days after receipt of the 
bishop's mandate, and to remit the money to the Exchequer. — 
Highclere, 22 June. 

A similar letter was sent to abbot and convent of Wavcrlcy, 
collectors for archdeaconry of Surrey. 

1 John Trilleck, 1343-61. 
' He died at Carshalton, leaving assets within the diocese. 

M 2 

1 64 J Vykfha m's Register. 

Proceedings at election of abbot of Netley^: — 

In Dei nomine, Amen. Anno ab incarnacione Domini se- 
cundum cursum et computacionem ecclesic anglicane millesimo 
CCC LXXJ indiccione X, mcnsis marcii die secunda, pontificates 
sanctissimi in Christo patris et domini, domini Gregorii, divina 
providencia pape undccimi, anno sccundo, in mei notarii publici 
et testium subscriptorum presencia, in domo capitulari monasterii 
dc Lettele, coram rcligioso viro f. Johanne, abbate monasterii de 
Bello Loco Regis, ibidem personaliter sedente, constitutus f. 
Henricus de Inglcsham, abbas eiusdcm loci electus, omni juri 
quod habuit in officio abbathiatus prcdicti renunciavit viva voce, 
et ipsum officium in manus dicti f. Johannis de Bello Loco 

Qui f. Johannes abbas ad instantem rogatum dicti f. Henrici 
dictas resignacionem et renunciacionem admisit, et protestabatur 
idem f. Henricus, quod non intendebat per premissa privilegiis 
immunitatibus et exempcionibus ordinis Cisterciensis concessis 
a sede apostolica contravenire vel eciam derogare, set ipsis 
voluit et dixit in omnibus adherere ; et hiis pactis fif. Johannes 
Stanlake, tunc prior, Johannes Stelharde,^ cellerarius, Johannes 
Bottele, subprior, Henricus de Wynton, Philippus Cornhamp- 
tone,^ et Johannes Cadewelle, monachi de Lettele predicta, 
ibidem tunc congregati, prefatum f. Henricum de Inglesham 
in abbatem suum iterum elegerunt unanimiter et una voce. 

Qui quidem f. Henricus electus diu restitit eleccioni predicte, 
et tandem devictus precibus dictorum eligencium eleccioni de 
ipso sic facte consensit, ac venerabilis pater f. Johannes abbas 
Belli Loci Regis dictam eleccionem juxta statuta et privilegia 
dicti ordinis confirmavit tunc ibidem, et ipsum f. Henricum ad 
ecclesiam conventualem de Lettele duxit, et ipsum in stallo 
abbatis collocavit, posuit, et installavit 

Acta sunt hec, etc. 

[72a.] Indulgence for such as should subscribe to rebuild 
S. Rumwold's, Winchester : — 

Universis sancte matris ecclesie filiis presentes literas inspec- 
turis Willelmus, etc., salutem in omnium Salvatore. Sanctorum 

1 Henry Inglesham, vol. i, p. 40. 
2 Afterwards abbot, vol. i, p. 52. 3 Afterwards abbot, vol. i, p. 163. 


Official Instruffients. 1 65 

basilicas dirutas et deformatas, quarum possessiones nutu divino 
paupertatis vulnere percelluntur, reficere et reformare gratum 
Deo fore credimus et acceptum, in quibus Dei Filius, Incarnatus 
Deo Patri, pro omnibus fidelibus pontificum et aliorum sacerdo- 
tum manibus immolatur. 

Cumque ecclesia parochialis S. Rumvvoldi confessoris in civi- 
tate Wynton. constructa murorum ruinis sit, ut accepimus, 
deformata, ad quorum construccionem et reparacionem rectoris 
et parochianorum ipsius ecclesie proprie non suppetunt facul- 
tates : nos de Dei omnipotentis misericordia, etc. (grant of forty 
days' indulgence). — Wolvesey, 24 June, 1372. 

[74a.] Sequestration of Worting rectory for arrears of the 
last subsidy. — lb., 4 August. 

[72b.] John de Ware and John de Kelleseye commissioned 
to institute proceedings against John Foun, the rector, who is 
accused of breaches of the seventh commandment, and breach 
of above sequestration. — lb., 9 August. 

[74 a.] Citation of Foun for non-residence and non-payment 
of the subsidy ; followed by sequestration. — lb., 14 August. 

[97b.] Commission to proceed against Foun: — 
Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis Johanni de Ware ct Johanni 
UphuUe de Wonsyngtone et Havonte ecclcsiarum, nostrc dioccsis, 
rectoribus, s. g. et b. Fama publica divulgante ad nostrum 
pervenit auditum, quod quidem Johannes dictus Foun, asserens 
se presbyterum, nostre diocesis nullatenus oriundus, nee bene- 
ficiatus in eadem, nobis ignotus, missas et alia divina officia 
absque Uteris commendaciciis episcopi loci originis sue in nostra 
diocesi celebrare presumpsit temere et inconsultc, et nichilominus, 
mala malis adiciens, sequestrum nostrum ex causis justis et veris 
in bonis ecclesiasticis de Wortynge, dicte diocesis, legitime inter- 
positum, et in eadem ecclesia et locis vicinis solempniter publi- 
catum,calcata reverencia injuste violare presumpsit, ct sic nostrum 
preceptum in hac parte canonicum illicitc contcmpsit, maioris 
cxcommunicacionis summam contra violatorcs huiusmodi scqucs- 
trorum in provincia Cantuaricnsi post ct contra publicacioncm 
eorum palam factam in locis, quibus bona sic sequcstrata consis- 
tunt, a Sanctis patribus latam incurrcns dampnabilitcr ipso facto. 

1 66 Wykc/iatn's Rrj^/s/rr. 

Et hiis inalis plura ncquiter accumulans, quandam Johannam 
in fornicariis amplexibus per non modica tcmpora in nostra 
diocesi tcnuit atque tenet cciam in presenti ; earn ibidem pluries 
cognosccndo, ct alios quamplurcs cxcessus dampnabiles in eadem 
diocesi publico et notoric committerc non expavit, qui grave 
pepcrit scandalum et aliis Christi fidclibus cxemplum tribuit 

Nos, volentes huiusmodi enormia Deo et hominibus odibilia 
de nostrc jurisdiccionis finibus extirpare, ad cognoscendum, 
proccdcndum, et statuendum ex officio nostro contra dictum 
Johannem ad ipsius anime corrcccionem super omnibus et 
singulis articulis supradictis, et eorum circumstanciis, huiusmodi 
quoque dicti Johannis crimina contemptus et excessus corrigen- 
dum et canonice puniendum, cum suis emergentibus, dependen- 
tibus, et connexis, ac dicto Johanni super predictis justiciam in 
omnibus exhibendum, vobis communiter et divisim tenore pre- 
sencium committimus vices nostras, cum cuiuslibet cohercionis 
canonice et exequendi, que in hac parte decreveritis, potestate. 

Mandantes quatenus, premissis per vos expeditis, nos de 
toto processu vestro super hiis habito atque gesto clare et 
plene certificetis, seu certificet alter vestrum, qui premissa fuerit 
executus, literis vestris suisve patentibus sigillo autentico aut 
signo et subscripcione notarii publici apostolici communitis. — 
Overton, 20 July, 1372. 

[73.] Citation of mayor and bailiffs of Winchester for ap- 
propriating sites of ruined churches : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio decano civitatis Wyntoniensis 
s. g. et b. Fama publica referente ad nostram audienciam jam 
pervenit, quod maior et ballivi civitatis Wyntoniensis diversa 
cimiteria et loca ecclesiastica et Deo dedicata, in quibus ecclesie 
S. Petroci, S. Martini in muris, et S. Nicholai, dicte civitatis, 
fuerant constitute, et in aliis locis eiusdem civitatis, ubi paro- 
chiales ecclesie olim fuerant situate et Deo dedicate, et alia loca 
ad easdem ecclesias pertinencia ab antiquo, ad manus suas 
noviter et voluntarie susceperunt, omnes fructus, redditus, et 
proventus de huiusmodi locis ecclesiarum predictarum perveni- 
entes percipiunt, et per non modica tempora perceperunt et 
percipiunt in presenti, nullo jure speciali nee auctoritate suffici- 

Official Instriunents. 167 

cnti, nostra Hccncia super hoc non pctita ncc obtcnta, in sanctc 
matris ecclesie prejudicium, et libcrtatis ccclesiasticc violacioncm 
manifestam ; cum nulla sit laicis de rebus ecclesie disponendis 
tributa facultas, quibus manet necessitas obsequendi. Que 
propter ipsorum maioris et ballivorum animorum periculum 
imminens ex premissis nequimus, sicuti non dcbemus, oculis 
conniventibus tollerare. 

Tibi igitur in virtute obediencie firmiter injungimus et man- 
damus, quatenus cites seu citari facias peremptoric maiorem et 
ballivos predictos, quod compareant coram nobis vel nostro 
commissario in ecclesia nostra Cathedrali Wyntoniensi die 
mercurii proximo post festum S. Augustini Doctoris ^ proxime 
nunc futuro super predictis articulis eis, et eorum cuilibet, ex 
officio nostro ad animarum suarum correccionem objiciendis, 
responsuris, et de veritate dicenda super premissis personaliter 
juraturis, facturis quoque ulterius et recepturis in premissis, quod 
justicia suadebit. — Same date. 

[73 St.] Peter, archbp. of Bourges, to Arnald Gernerii, nuncio 
to England, with the following bull of Gregory XI, reserving 
first fruits^^ of benefices conferred by provision of the Apostolic 
See : — 

Gregorius episcopus, servus servorum Dei, ad futuram rei 
memoriam. Dum incumbencia camere nostre apostolice onera 
expensarum, et ad ipsius diminucionem proventuum attendimus, 
cogimur vias et modos exquirere honestos, quibus possumus 
dicte camere necessitatibus subvenire. Ea propter fructus, red- 
ditus, et proventus unius anni omnium ct singulorum bcnefici- 
orum ecclesiasticorum, secularium et regularium, cum cura ct 
sine cura, exemptorum et non exemptorum, cciam si dignitates, 
personatus, vel officia, et eciam si canonicatus ct porciones 
ecclesiarum, in quibus certus canonicorum numcrus vel pre- 
bendarum distinccio non habetur existant, de quibus a tempore, 
quo Divina disponente clemencia ad apicem fuimus summi 

' 28 August. 
- " First fruits," says Ayliffe {Parers;on, p. 65), "are as old as the lime of Ina. king of 
the West Saxons, and are quaintly Siiid to be the tithe of tithe, such as Aaron the high 
priest took of the other priests. Clement V (1305-16) levied them on such benefices in 
England as he conferred ; but they came to be imposed on all benefices by degrees, and so 
continued a source of income to llic .Apostolic See, uutil they were annexed to the Crown 
by Stat. 26 Hen. VIII. c. 3." 

1 68 Wykcha7fi's Register. 

apostolatus assiimpti, providimus seu specialiter provideri man- 
davimus, scu quorum collaciones, instituciones, seu elecciones 
confirmavimus seu confirmari mandavimus, aut, ccrtis impedi- 
mentis cxprcssis vel obstantibus, valcrc decrevimus, de quibus 
usque ad tres anuos a data presencium computandos provide- 
bimus seu provideri specialiter mandabimus, et quorum colla- 
ciones, instituciones, seu elecciones confirmabimus seu confirmari 
mandabimus, aut, certis impedimentis expressis non obstanti- 
bus, valere decrevimus, necnon eciam huiusmodi beneficiorum 
que a tempore promocionis nostre vacaverunt, et expectantes 
auctoritate literarum nostrarum sub quacunque, preterquam 
in pauperum forma, concessarum, legitime acceptarunt, et usque 
ad predictos tres annos vacabunt, et expectantes ipsum, preter- 
quam in dicta pauperum forma, canonice acceptabunt, ad instar 
nonnullorum Romanorum pontificum prcdecessorum nostrorum 
disposicioni apostolice reservamus, illosque predicte camere nostre 
pro huiusmodi oneribus commodiiis supportandis applicamus ; 
decernentes irritum et inane si secus de illis per aliquem seu 
aliquos attemptatum forsan est hactenus vel imposterum con- 
tigerit ordinari. 

Volumus autem quod dicta camera, vel illi qui per earn ad 
colleccionem fructuum, reddituum, ac proventuum huiusmodi 
deputabuntur, non omnes integros fructus dicti primi anni, sed 
eorum partem, illam videlicet unumquodque ipsorum benefici- 
orum taxatum est ad decimam vel residuum super quo eidem 
camere a deputatis ab ea relinquimus opcionem vel medietatem 
fructuum beneficii cuiuslibet, quod taxatum forsan non est ad 
decimam, seu eciam si fuerit, canonicatus et porciones in ecclesiis, 
in quibus certus canonicorum numerus vel distinccio prebend- 
arum non habeatur, medietatem emolumentorum, que canonicus 
noviter provisus percipiet, si in ecclesia ipsa personaliter resid- 
eret, distribucionibus panis et vini exceptis, exigant et recipiant ; 
alia parte dumtaxat seu residuo fructuum predictorum obtinen- 
tibus beneficia ipsi pro debitis exhibendis serviciis et eorum 
oneribus supportandis reservatis. 

Quodque si ex privilegio, consuetudine, seu statuto fructus 
beneficiorum vacancium primi anni ecclesiarum fabricis aut 
defuncto debentur seu hiis vel aliis essent usibus applicandi, 
camera predicta illos juxta modum expressum superiiis, pre- 


Official Instnintents. 1 69 

missis non obstantibus, percipiet primo anno. I Hi vero quibus 
fructus primi anni ex consuetudine, privilegio, seu statute, ut 
premittitur, debentur, illos sequenti anno percipiant, sicut primo 
anno erant percepturi si predicta nostra reservacio non obstarct. 

Quodque si infra eundem annum bis vcl pluries beneficium 
vacarc contingat, fructus talis beneficii non propterea bis vel 
pluries set semel dumtaxat per dictam camcram percipiantur 
modis et formis, quibus superiiis est expressum. 

Ut autem huiusmodi fructus, redditus, et proventus melius 
et commodius exigi valeant, volumus quod camerarius noster 
per collectores fructuum et proventuum eidem camere apostolice 
debitorum dictos fructus, redditus, et proventus exigi predicte 
camere nomine faciat et levari, contradictores per censuram 
ecclesiasticam appellacione postposita compescendo, non obstan- 
tibus excmpcionibus aut quibusvis aliis privilegiis, graciis, seu 
literis apostolicis quibuscunquc personis aut locis sub quacunque 
forma vel expressione verborum ab cadem sede concessis, eciam 
si de illis esset specialis et expressa ac de verbo ad verbum in 
presentibus mencio facienda, que nulli volumus in hac parte 
aliquatenus suffragari. 

Nulli vero omnino homini liceat hanc paginam nostre re- 
servacionis, applicacionis, constitucionis, et voluntatis infringere, 
vel ei ausu temcrario contraire. Si quis autem hoc attemptare 
presumpserit, indignacionem Omnipotentis Dei et bcatorum 
Petri et Pauli apostolorum se noverit intercursurum. — Avinione, 
XV Kal. Mart., pontificatus nostri anno primo. 

[75 a.] Archdeacons enjoined to collect a farthing in the 
mark on the " taxacio " or assessment of benefices towards a 
sum of 333 florins^ laid on the province of Canterbury, to pro- 
vide twelve florins a day for the bishop of Carpcntras during his 
mission to England as nuncio, pursuant to following bull : — 

Gregorius episcopus, etc., venerabilibus fratribus patriarchis, 
archiepiscopis, episcopis, et dilectis filiis elcctis, abbatibus, 
prioribus, decanis, prcpositis, archidiaconis, archiprcsbyteris, ple- 
banis,- rectoribus, et aliis ecclcsiarum ct monastcriorum prclatis, 

1 Floreni aurei de camerd, florins de chambre. These were coined by [ohn XXII, circa 
1322. and were of llic same weight and fineness as florins of Florence. Value 3f. 

- Rural deans. 

170 Wykehams Register. 

ipsorumquc vices gcrcntibus, capitulis quoqiic ct convcntibus 
ecclesiarum ct monastcriorum ipsoruin, cctcrisquc personis 
'-cclesiasticis, sccularibus ct rcgularibus, cxcmptis ct non cxcmp- 
^^^' ^istcrcicnsis, Cluniaccnsis, Prcmonstratcnsis, Camaldulcnsis, 
sanctoruirj Bcncdicti ct Augustini, et aliorum ordinum, ct dom- 
orum hospiujjui-n^ S. Johannis Icrosolomitani et S. Marie 
Thcotonicorum, c.alatravensium, et Mumiliatorum magistris, 
prioribus, preccpton^us, ad quos presentes litere pervenerint, 
salutem et apostolicam benediccionem. 

Cum vcnerabilem fi-atio^ nostrum Guillermum, episcopum 
Carpentoracensem, apostolice ^k.,\\^ nuncium,ad Francie et Anglie 
regna pro quibusdam arduis ncgociis per nos ei commissis 
personaliter destinemus, universitatem vestram attente rogamus 
et hortamur, vobis per apostolica scripi-a mandantes, quatenus 
eundem nuncium, cum per partes vestras transitum fecerit, ob 
reverenciam sedis apostolice et nostram bt>nicrne recipientes et 
honorifice pertractantes, sibi, huiusmodi negoc.iorum prosecucione 
durante, diebus singulis in duodecim florenis auri de camera pro 
expensis suis necessariis et de securo conductu.^ necnon de evec- 
cionibus ^ oportunis, si sue forsan in via decesserJnt aut defecerint, 
vel alias fuerint impcdite, cum super premissis per eum vel eius 
nuncium fueritis requisiti. 

Vobis tamen quamprimum fieri comode poteVit eveccionibus 
restituendis eisdem eundo, morando, et redeuiido liberaliter 
providere curetis. 

Et si eundem episcopum in aliquibus terris sive locis vestris 
ex aliqua justa causa moram trahere forte contige.rit, volumus 
quod non solum vos, prelati et persone ecclesiastice t.errarum et 
locorum ipsorum, set eciam vos, archiepiscopi, epis;copi, electi, 
abbates, priores, decani, prepositi, archipresbyteri, pl-ebani, rec- 
tores, et alii ecclesiarum et monastcriorum prelati iseu vestri 
vices gerentes, ac persone ecclesiastice, religiosi ac^ seculares, 
ac ecclesiarum et monastcriorum ipsorum capitula et conventus, 
exempti et non exempti, Cisterciensis, Cluniaccnsis, Ca;.tursiensis, 
Prcmonstratcnsis, SS. Benedict! et Augustini, et aliorum ordinum 
quorumcunque, necnon S. Johannis Icrosolomitani et beatce Marie 
Thcotonicorum hospitalium magistri, rectores, et pre^ceptores 

vicariarum et aliarum civitatum et diocesium circumpo?sitarum, 


1 Draught horses. 

Official Instruments. 1 7 1 

sicut idem episcopus pro huiusmodi dividcndis ct facilius suppor- 
tandis oneribus expcdire viderit in provisionibus et subvencionibus 
contribuere teneamini antefatis. Sic igitur mandatuin nostrum 
huiusmodi efficaciter adimplere curetis, quod devocionem vestram 
exinde commendare merito valeamus. 

Alioquin summam, quam idem Guillcrmus per se vcl alium 
seu alios tulerit in rebelles, super quo sibi plenam tenore pre- 
sencium auctoritate apostolica concedimus potestatem, ratam 
habuimus et faciemus, auctore Domino, usque satisfaccionem 
condicrnam inviolabiliter observari. 

Non obstante si vobis vel vestrum alicui aut aliquibus vel 
quibusvis aliis seu locis et ordinibus vestris, communiter vel 
divisim, a predicta sit sede indultum, quod nunciis ipsius sedis 
procuracionem aliquam exhibere, vcl in ea contribuere, nisi ad 
vos declinaverunt, minime teneamini, et ad id compelli, quod 
interdici, suspendi vel excomunicari non possitis per litcras 
apostolicas non faciendas plenam ct expressam ac de verbo in 
verbum de indulto huiusmodi mencionem, et quibuslibet privi- 
legiis et indulgenciis ac literis apostolicis quibuscunque locis, 
personis, vel ordinibus sub quacunque forma et expressione 
verborum ab eadem conccssa, de quibus quorumque totis tenori- 
bus de verbo ad verbum nostris literis mencio sit habenda, et 
per que presentis nostri mandati effectus valeat quomodolibct 
impediri. — Avinione, viij Id. Mart., pontificatus nostri anno 

[77 a.] Prayers for the King's expedition to Rochelle : — 

Willclmus, etc., dilecto filio archidiacono nostro Wynton. vcl 
eius ofPiciali, s. g. et b. Virtutis pondus oracio non habct, quam 
nequaquam amoris continui perseverancia comitatur. Veraciter 
enim orare, beato Gregorio attestante, amaros in compunccione 
gcmitus in cordis intimis effundere, ct non solum verba composita 
rcsonare ; cumque excellcntissimus in Christo princeps ct dom- 
inus noster, dominus Edwardus, etc., cciam pro dcfcnsionc ct 
tuicione ccclcsie regni Anglicani, cuius prospcritas nobis et toti 
regno gaudium ct sccuritatcm prcparat, non parccndo suis 
corpori proprio ct cxpensis ad propulsandam injuriam ccclcsie ct 
regno predictis per hostes extcros attemptatis ct illatis, ct qui sc 
parant infcrrc indies injurias graviorcs, cum suis filiis ct aliis 

172 I Vykeha vi 's Register. 

fidelibus suis noviter sit profectus,^ pro quorum omnium pros- 
pcritate et salute missas, proccssioncs, clcmosinarum largiciones 
in nostris ccclcsia, civitatc, ct dioccsi Wynton. fore decrcvimus 
solcmpniter faciendas, ct ad preinissa exequenda per literas dicti 
domini regis ac nobilissimi principis domini Edwardi, principis 
Wallie, filii sui primogeniti, sumus specialiter exortati, quarum 
literarum regiarum tenor est talis, Edzvardus . . . quamvis occasione 
recuperandi hereditarii juris nostril etc., nos zelantes contenta in 
dictis Uteris cum omni devocione et celeritate execucioni debite 
demandari, vobis in virtute obedicncie, qua nobis tenemur, 
firmiter injungimus et mandamus, quatenus omnia et singula 
superscripta ad noticiam plenam omnium et singulorum pre- 
latorum ecclesiarum, rectorum, vicariorum, capellanorum, et 
omnium aliorum de clero et populo archidiaconatus et civitatis 
Wyntoniensis faciatis produci cum omni celeritate oportuna. 

Et eos auctoritate nostra moneatis et efficaciter inducatis, 
moneri et induci faciatis, ut singulis quartis et sextis feriis pro- 
cessiones solempnes, missarum officia, in suis ecclesiis celebrent 
et faciant celebrari ; clerici quoque non sacerdotes vij psalmos 
penitenciales cum letaniis, laici quoque oracionem Dominicam 
cum salutacione gloriose virginis Marie dicant, jejuniis, elemo- 
sinarum largicionibus, et aliis pie devocionis operibus instanter 
insistant, et non desistant Dei misericordiam humiliter implo- 
rantes pro predicti domini regis, filiorum suorum, et omnium 
aliorum cum eis in predicto negocio profecturorum aut aliter 
cause sue predicte justiciam prosequencium statu prospero et 
felici, ut ipse Deus eorum iter et actus in suo beneplacito dirigat, 
et ad sui nominis honorem salutarem effectum assumpti per 
ipsos propositi eis impendat. 

Et ut devocionem fidelium, etc. (grant of forty days indul- 
gence). — Wolvesey, 28 Aug., 1372. 

[77 b.] License of non-residence for one year granted to 
ds. Richard,- r. of St. Faith's, Winchester, in order to be in 
attendance on ds. Thomas Perot, r. of Wickham. — Wolvesey, 
13 Aug. 

Certificate of search for record of a commission directed to 
the archbp. of York, in the matter of the exchange between 

1 The king's expedition to relieve Rochelle in August, 1372, which failed owing to 
contrary winds. — Walsingham, i, p. 315. 

2 Richard Laurence, vol. i, p. 119. 

Official Instruments. 173 

Roger de Cloune and Richard de Lyntcsforde (vol. i, p. 30). — 
lb., A- Sept., 1372. 

[78 a.] Commission appointing John de Huphull and others 
to hear and determine a cause of divorce promoted by Adam 
atte Crouche against Agnes Dawc. — lb., 18 Sept. 

Summons to Convocation in the quindene of St. Michael. — 
lb., 18 Sept. 

Monition directed to abbess and convent of Romsey to pay 
a pension of 6s. Sd., due for the prebend known as " portion of 
St. Laurence," within six days. In default, citation to shew 
cause. — lb., 22 Sept. 

Notarial exemplification of a release to the bishop by Godfrey 
Cyfrewast of the reversion to the manor of More Critchel, ex- 
pectant on the death of his mother Matilda, widow of Sir Roger 
Cyfrewast, knt. The release attested by Sir Bernard Brocas, 
Sir Hugh Camoys, and Sir Philip de Popham, kts. ; Walter 
Haywode, John Warblyntone, Peter de Bruges, Stephen Hayne, 
Henry Wattisforde, John Fauconer, William Puttone, and others 
not named. — Same date. 

[193 a.] Grant by John Corf, elk., to Sir Thomas de 
Hungerforde, kt., and others, of the said Matilda Cyfrewast's 
life interest. — Sarum, 16 Sept., 1382. 

[79 a.] Mandate to cite the archdeacon of Winchester's 
official for acting pending the bishop's visitation, which the 
bishop's official had prorogued owing to the disturbed state of 
the country : — 

Dictus quoque officialis noster, considerans et attendens peri- 
cula et discrimina viarum, et incursus hostium et predonum in 
partibus nostre diocesis, et prcsertim in archidiaconatu Wyntoni- 
ensi, modernis temporibus plus solito immincrc, dies visitacionum 
suarum huiusmodi ex dictis causis et aliis vcris et Icgitimis ad 
alios terminos non multum distantes prorogavit . . . — /b., 28 Sept. 

[79b.] Levy (arraiacio) of clergy in deanery of Droxford : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis priori ecclesie conventualis dc 

Suthwyk, dccano de Drokcncsfordc, ac rcctoribus ccclcsiarum 

174 IVykc^tam's Reikis ter. 

de Suthwaltham ct Alwarstoke, nostre dioccsis, s. g. et b. Breve 
domini nostri refji's tercio die mcnsis Julii, anno Domini infra- 
scripto, rcccpimus, tenorem contincns subscqucntcm Edivardus 

Quia pro certo jam didicimus, quad Gallici inintici nostri^ 

etc., ut inter alia brevia regia plenius continetur : 

Vobis igitur auctoritate nostra ordinaria com mittimus et 
firmiter injungendo mandamus, quatenus necessitate ac periclis 
in dicto brevi superius enarratis, in foribus imminentibus, pon- 
deratis tencrrime et attentis, omnes ct singulos abbates, priores, 
religiosos, et alias pcrsonas ecclesiasticas quascunque decanatus 
prcdicti, omni excusacione postposita, armari et arraiari et armis 
competentibus, juxta statum et facultates suas et secundum 
valorem possessionum et beneficiorum suorum, et uniuscuiusque 
eiusdem, muniri, et eos in millenis, centenis, et vintenis poni 
faciatis ; ita quod prompti sint et parati cum aliis fidelibus 
domini nostri regis contra dictos inimicos infra regnum Anglic, 
ad ipsos cum Dei adjutorio debellandos et destruendos, et ad 
maliciam et pertinaciam eorundem propulsandum et conteren- 
dum, et super hiis debite, fideliter, et celeriter exequendum, 
omncm diligenciam, quacunque negligencia deposita et ammota, 
prudenter et sagaciter apponatis, ac premissa omnia et singula, 
sicut honorem Dei et ecclesie, regis, et regni Anglie zelatis, infra 
octo dierum spacium a die recepcionis presencium continue 
numerandorum exequi efficaciter studeatis. 

Vos eciam, et quemlibet vestrum, firmiter oneramus et hor- 
tamur, quatenus juxta statum et facultates vestras ac valorem 
possessionum et beneficiorum vestrorum vos cum armis compe- 
tentibus muniatis et paretis, ita quod sitis prompti et parati 
contra dictos inimicos huiusmodi regni ad eos, una cum aliis 
fidelibus eiusdem regni, debellandos, repulsandos, et conterendos, 
juxta omnem vim, formam, et effectum harum literarum nos- 
trarum ; et ordinetis personas predictas in forma congrua et 
decenti, et designetis in scriptis clare et distincte, per rotulos vel 
quaternos, nomina et cognomina omnium et singulorum, abba- 
tum, priorum, religiosorum, et aliarum personarum ecclesiasti- 
carum quarumcunque decanatuum predictorum sic armatorum, 
et qualiter sunt arraiati et armati ac muniti, et nobis ea in 
scriptis transmittatis celeriter et integre, sub vestris sigillis ; et 
taliter super hiis vos geratis, ne per vestrum torporem seu negli- 

Official Instruments. 175 

genciam nobis aut vobis ulla culpa per aliquem valcat racion- 
abiliter imputari. — Highclere, 3 July, 1372. 

Grant by provost and chaplains of St. Elizabeth's College to 
the bishop and his successors of a pension of 13^. 4//., when the 
bishop restored to them the rectory house at Hursley : — 

Universis sancte matris ecclesie filiis presentes literas in- 
specturis Johannes de Sheptonc, prepositus, et capcllani capclle 
Sancte Elizabet juxta Wynton., salutem in omnium Salvatore. 
Cum dudum bone memorie Johannes de Pontissara, episcopus 
Wyntoniensis, ecclesiam parochialem de Hurselegh, Wynton. 
dio., cum suis juribus et pertinenciis universis, preposito et 
capellanis capelle predicte appropriaverit, annexerit, et unierit 
ex certis causis et legitimis sibi et successoribus suis prepositis 
et capellanis in usus proprios perpetuo possidendam, quas ap- 
propriacionem, annexionem, et unionem sic factas felicis re- 
cordacionis Willelmus, nuper Wynton. episcopus defunctus, 
ratificavit, confirmavit, et auctoritate pontificali approbavit, et 
mansum rectorie eiusdem ecclesie pro inhabitacione sua, cum ad 
partes illas declinaverit, eidem domino Willelmo et successoribus 
suis episcopis Wynton. nos prepositus et capellani donavimus et 
concessimus perpetuo possidendum ; ac jam vcncrabilis pater 
dominus Willelmus, Dei gracia nunc Wynton. episcopus, de 
consilio et assensu capituli sui, dictum mansum rectorie prefate 
ecclesie de Hurselegh ex certis causis et legitimis nobis et 
successoribus nostris reconcesserit, redonaverit, et reassignaverit 
perpetuo possidendum. 

Nos, volentes indcmpnitati ecclesie Wynton. et dicti domini 
Wynton. episcopi et successorum suorum, episcoporum Wyn- 
tonicnsium qui pro tempore fuerint, in hac parte prospiccrc ct 
congrue providcre, de communi consensu ct assensu nostro dicto 
venerabili patri et successoribus suis episcopis Wynton. annuam 
pcnsionem tredccim solidorum et quatuor dcnariorum in rccom- 
pcnsacionem emolumcnti quod idem rcvercndus pater et suc- 
ccssorcs sui Wynton. episcopi possent de dicto manso rectorie 
ecclesie prclibate, si conccssio ct donacio mansi prcdicti nobis 
facte non esscnt, percipere annuatim, dicto venerabili patri et 
successoribus suis, vel thesaurario dc Wolvescye dicti patris et 
successorum suorum nomine in fcsto Annunciacionis Dominice 
singulis annis in castro de Wolvescye conccdimus pcrsolvcndum. 

176 Wykehnttis Reg^ister. 

Ad quam quidem solucioncm annuam fidcliter, ut premittitur, 
faciendam, obligamus nos et succcssorcs iiostros ac omnia bona 
capcllc prcdicte, ac nos et ea pure, simpliciter, ct absolute sub- 
mittimus cohercioni et districcioni dicti patris et succcssorum 
predictorum, ita quod liceat dicto revcrcndo patri et successori- 
bus suis, episcopis Wynton., et nos ad huiusmodi pensionis 
annue solucionem integre faciendum, tam per sequestracionem 
fructuum eiusdem ecclesie et aliorum bonorum nostrorum, quam 
per alias censuras ecclesiasticas, quociens opus fuerit, compellcre 
cum cfifectu. — Winchester, i Oct., 1372. 

[80 a.] Mandate to archdeacon of Surrey to announce the 
postponement of convocation to morrow of All Souls : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio archidiacono nostro Surreiensi 
vel eius officiali s. g. et b. Breve domini regis recepimus in hec 
verba '' Edwardusl' etc. Cuius vigore brevis vobis committimus 
et mandamus, quatenus prorogacionem dicti parliamenti sic, ut 
prefertur, factam, clero archidiaconatus prcdicti cum omni celeri- 
tate congrua faciatis plenarie intimari. Vosque archidiaconum 
prelibatum tenore presencium premunimus, et per vos clerum 
eiusdem archidiaconatus premuniri volumus et mandamus, quod 
vos in propria persona idemque clerus per unum procuratorem 
idoneum apud Westmonasterium in dicto crastino animarum 
intersitis et intersit, ad faciendum et consenciendum hiis, que 
tunc de consilio dicti regni contigerit ordinari. 

Et quid feceritis in premissis, una cum nomine et cognomine 
dicti cleri electi, nos citra festum omnium sanctorum certificetis 
literis vestris patentibus, habentibus hunc tenorem. — Farnham, 
8 Oct. 

[80b.] Commission directed by the bishop, as conservator 
of the privileges of friars-minors^ in England, to m. John de 
Irtelyngburgh, archdeacon of Bedford, John Blaunchard, arch- 
deacon of Worcester, and John de Coleforde, archdeacon of 
Wilts, to hear a complaint by the convent of friars-minors at 
Stamford against John de Burtone, v. of Exton, Rutland, John 
Holte, V. of Wermyngtone (Warmington) Northamptonshire, 

1 The bishop held this appointment in conjunction with the bishops of London and 
Worcester, but any one of the three had power to act. 

Official Ifistruments. lyy 

Richard Milne, r. of Brixstoke (Brigstock), and Richard Wathe, 
r. of Stilyngtone (Stillington), Hunts, pursuant to the following 
bull of Benedict XII. — Southwark, lo April, 1372. 

Benedictus episcopus, servus servorum Dei, venerabilibus 
fratribus VVyntoniensi, Londoniensi, et Wygorniensi episcopis, 
salutem et apostolicam benediccionem. Super egenum nuper 
intendentes et pauperem, et dantes operam animarum saluti, 
quandam inter prelatos, rectores parochialium ecclesiarum, et 
clerum secularem ex parte una, et fratres predicatorum et 
minorum ordinum ex altera, tarn super predicacionibus libere 
ab eisdem fratribus faciendis, et audiendis confessionibus eis 
peccata sua confiteri volencium, quam super canonica porcione 
et episcopali quarta de relictis ipsis fratribus, sive in communi, 
sive eorum singulis, minime detrahenda, specialem constitu- 
cionem edidimus, prout in eadem constitucione, que incipit Inter 
cunciasy hec et alia pleniiis et seriosiiis continentur. 

Set quia parum esset jura condere; nisi qui ea tueatur exis- 
teret, nos volentes constitucionem predictam irrefragabiliter 
observari, fraternitati vestre per apostolica scripta mandamus, 
quatenus vos vel duo aut unus vestrum per vos vel per alium 
seu alios fratribus dicti ordinis minorum provincie Anglic efFi- 
cacis defensionis presidio assistentes ac facientes constitucionem 
eandem quo ad omnia eius capitula, prout jacet, firmiter obser- 
vari, non permittatis contra tenorem ipsius memoratos fratres 
molestari a predictis prelatis, rectoribus, et clero, sive aliis, vel eis 
gravamina aut injurias irrogari ; facturi ipsis fratribus de illatis 
eis injuriis, molestacionibus, et gravaminibus, ac de extorta ab 
eis canonica porcione et quarta episcopali predictis contra teno- 
rem eundem, in illis videlicet, que judicialem requirunt indaginem, 
per viam judicii, in aliis vero, prout qualitas ipsorum exegerit, 
justicie complementum, ita quod officium, potestas, et jurisdiccio 
vestra exnunc pcrpetuata ccnscantur, molcstatores et injuriatores 
huiusmodi, necnon contradictores et rebellcs, quandocunquc et 
quocienscunque expcdicrit, per censuram ccclcsiasticam, appclla- 
cione postposita, compescendo, non obstantibus tarn de duabus 
dietis in consilio generali, quam fclicis recordacionis Bonifacii 
pape VIIJ, predecessoris nostri, quarum prima cavetur, ne quis, 
certis exceptis casibus, extra suam civitatem et dioccsim, secund^ 
vero, ne reus alterius diocesis ultra unam dictam a fuiibus cius- 

1 78 IVykehants Register. 

dem dioccsis ad judicium evocetur, et aliis quibuscunque consti- 
tucionibus a prcdcccssoribus nostris Romanis pontificibus, tarn 
dc judicibus delcgatis, quam conscrvatoribus aut aliis cditis, que 
vcstrc posscnt in hac parte jurisdiccioni aut potestati, eiusque 
libero exercicio, quomodolibet obviare ; seu si aliquibus a sede 
apostolica sit indultum, quod excommunicari, suspendi, vel inter- 
dici non possint per literas apostolicas non facientes plenam et 
exprcssam, ac de verbo in verbum, de indulto huiusmodi men- 
cionem, et quibuslibct aliis indulgcnciis, privilegiis, et literis 
apostolicis quibuscunque, et in quacunque forma verborum con- 
cessis, per que prcsentibus non expressa vel totaliter non inserta 
dicte jurisdiccionis sive potestatis explicacio possit quomodolibet 
impediri, et de quibus quorumque totis tenoribus de verbo ad 
verbum oporteat in nostris literis fieri mencionem, eandem in- 
super vobis eisdem modo et forma per omnia jurisdiccionem et 
potestatem concedimus circa conservacionem aliorum privilegi- 
orum, que iidem fratres a nobis habent, vel a Romanis pontifi- 
cibus hactenus habuerunt. — Romae, apud S. Petrum, iiij Non. 
April., pontificatus nostri anno primo. 

[81 a.] Grant of probate of will of Joan, wife of John de 
Cornewayle, of St. Olave's, Southwark, to her husband. — South- 
wark, 5 April, 1372. 

[82a.] Grant of license to master and brethren of St. 
Thomas the Martyr's Hospital, Southwark, to alienate lands in 
East Greenwich to Adam de Bury, citizen and alderman of 
London, in exchange for tenements in Birchin Lane. — Esher, 
I November. 

[82 b.] Prior and convent of Merton and vicar of Kingston- 
upon-Thames cited for dilapidations of chancels of East Moulsey, 
Sheen, and Thames Ditton : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio, decano de Ewell, nostre diocesis, 
s. g. et b. Fama publica nunciante ad nostrum pervenit audi- 
tum, quod in cancellis capellarum de Moleseye, Shene, et Temese 
Dittone, nostre diocesis, ab ecclesia de Kyngestone super 
Tamesiam, eiusdem diocesis, dependencium, imminent defectus 
notorie et enormes, reparacione et refeccione necessaria indi- 
gentes, per quos divinum officium impeditur, et scandalum in 


Official Instruments. 170 

populo generatur ; quorum refeccio et reparacio ad priorcm ct 
conventum prioratus de Mertone, dictam ecclcsiam cum capcllis 
in usus proprios obtinencium {sic), et vicarium eiusdem ccclesie 
de Kyngestone, communiter pertinere dicuntur. 

Nos igitur, nolentes prcmissa sub dissimulacionis clamidc per- 
transire, tibi committimus et mandamus, firmiter injungentes, 
quatcnus cites seu citari facias peremptorie prefatos priorem 
et conventum, necnon vicarium prclibatum, quod comparcant 
coram nobis, vel nostro commissario, in ecclesia S. Margarete de 
Suthwerke die veneris post festum S. Katerine virgin is proxim6 
futura super dictis defectibus eis et eorum cuilibet ex officio 
nostro ad animarum suarum correccionem ex officio nostro 
obiciendis responsuri, et de veritate dicenda super certis in- 
terrogatoriis ex eis eliciendis juraturi, facturi quoque ultcrius et 
recepturi in premissis, quod justicia suadebit. 

Terminum autem peremptorium supradictum propter ip- 
sorum prioris et vicarii animarum periculum cautiiis cvitandum, 
et ne divina officia per eorum culpas et negligencias in dictis 
capellis diutius impediantur celebrari, ct ob alias causas legiti- 
mas, sic duximus moderandum, statuendum, et eciam assign- 

De diebus vero recepcionis presencium, etc. — Southwark, 
6 Nov., 1372. 

[83 a.] Discharge of Amandus Fitlynge, canon of St. Paul's, 
Roger Dalyngrugge and Richard Maybaunk, executors of dame 
Joan Cobham, deceased. — lb., 18 Nov. 

Bull of Gregory XI, providing Henry de Warthulle for first 
vacant benefice, of a certain annual value, in gift of abbot and 
convent of Hyde ^ : — 

Gregorius episcopus, servus servorum Dei, venerabili patri 
episcopo Wyntoniensi, salutcm et apostolicam bcncdiccionem. 
Dilecti filii Henrici de Warthulle pauperis presbytcri Eboracensis 
diocesis, apud sedem apostolicam constituti, supplicacionibus 
inclinati, fraternitati tue per apostolica scripta mandamus, qua- 
tenus de vita ct convcrsacione ipsius presbytcri, qui, ut asscrit, 

* This provision did not take effect. Warthulle was in«;tituted to Lethcrhead, 2 June, 
1375, on the presentation of the abbot and convent of Lecdcs (vol. i, p. 61). 

N 2 

l8o Wykehaju's Register. 

bcncficium aliquod ccclcsiasticum non obtinct, et qucm per 
certos examinatores super hoc dcputatos a nobis de literature 
examinari fccimus dilii^enter, quiquc in ilia repertus est idoneus 
ad ccclcsiasticum bcncficium obtincndum, solcrter inquircns, si 
cum vite laudabilis et honcste convcrsacionis esse reppereris, et 
aliud bcncficium ccclcsiasticum non obtincat, aliudque canoni- 
cum non obsistat, ei de aliquo beneficio ecclesiastico cum cur^ 
vel sine cura, consueto abolim clericis secularibus assignari, dum- 
modo in ecclesia cathedrali non existat, cuius fructus, redditus, 
et provcntus, si cum cura, viginti, si vero sine cura fuerit, quin- 
decim marcarum sterlingorum, secundum taxacionem decime, si 
taxatum fuerit, vel si taxatum non fuerit, secundum quod de 
ipso pro decima communitcr persolvi consuevit, valorem annuum 
non exccdat, ad collacionem vel presentacionem dilectorum 
filiorum abbatis et conventus monasterii de Hyda .... com- 
munitcr vel divisim pertinente, si quod in civitate vel diocese 
Wyntoniensi, ubi dictus presbyter perpetuam mansionem se 
asserit elegisse, vacat ad presens, vel cum vacaverit, quod idem 
presbyter infra unius mensis spacium, postquam sibi de ipsius 
beneiicii vacacione constiterit, duxerit acceptandum, auctoritate 
nostra providere procures ; inducens per te vel alium seu alios 
eundem presbyterum in corporalem possessionem huiusmodi 
beneficii, et defendens inductum, ac faciens ipsum ad illud, eciam 
si canonicatus et prebenda fuerit, ut est moris, admitti, sibique 
de ipsius beneficii fructibus, redditibus, proventibus, juribus et 
obvencionibus universis integre responderi, contradictores per 
censuram ecclesiasticam, appellacione postposita, compescendo. 
Non obstantibus si aliqui super prov^sionibus sibi faciendis 
de huiusmodi vel aliis beneficiis ecclesiasticis in illis partibus 
speciales vel generales apostolice sedis vel legatorum eius, sub 
quacunque verborum forma literas impetraverint, eciam si per 
eas ad inhibicionem, reservacionem, et decretum, vel alias quo- 
modolibet sit processum ; quibus omnibus, preterquam auctoritate 
nostra huiusmodi beneficia expectantibus, in eiusdem beneficii 
assecucione dictum beneficium volumus anteferri. 

Set nullum per hoc eis, quoad assecucionem beneficiorum 
aliorum, prejudicium generari, seu si eisdem abbati et conventui, 
vel quibusvis aliis, communiter vel divisim, ab eadem sit sede 
indultum, quod ad recepcionem vel provisionem alicuius minime 

Official Instruments. l8i 

teneantur, ct ad id compelli, aut quod interdici, suspcndi, vcl 
excommunicari non possint, quodque de beneficiis ccclesiasticis 
ad eorum collacionem vel presentacionem conjunctim vel separ- 
atim spectantibus nulli valeat provideri, per literas apostolicas 
non facientes plenam et expressam, ac de verbo ad vcrbum, 
de indulto huiusmodi mencionem et qualibet alia dicte sedis 
indulgencia generali vel speciali, cuiuscunque tenoris existat, 
per quam presentibus non expressam vel totaliter non insertam 
effectus earum impediri valeat quovismodo vel differri, de qua 
cuiusque toto tenore habenda sit in nostris Uteris mencio specialis. 

Volumus autem, quod si tu presentes literas non potueris 
seu nolueris exequi, dilecti filii de Cherteseye et de Waverle 
monasteriorum abbates dicte tuc diocesis literas ipsas ac omnia 
et singula in eis contenta, secundum ipsarum literarum tenorem, 
exequi possint et debeant, super quo eis tenore presencium man- 
datum damns et eciam potestatem. 

Et insuper prefatis abbati et conventui, ne de huiusmodi 
beneficio interim, eciam ante insinuacionem presencium eis fac- 
tam, et processum per eas habitorum, nisi postquam eis con- 
stiterit, quod idem presbyter beneficium huiusmodi acceptare 
noluerit, disponere quoquo modo presumant, districcius inhi- 
bemus, decernentes irritum et inane, si secus super premissis 
a quoquam, quavis auctoritate, scienter vel ignoranter, contigerit 
attemptari. — Avinione, vj Kal. Maii, pontificatus nostri anno 

Decimo octavo die Novembris anno domini millesimo CCC'"^ 
LXXIJ^", apud Suthvverke, dominus episcopus Wyntoniensis ante- 
dictus processit in negocio, et pronunciavit prefatum presbyterum 
habilem et idoneum, ac reservavit collacionem et investituram, 
et inhibuit, decrevit, monuit, et censuras promulgavit in forma 
consueta et in talibus usitata, ac commisit ulterius vices suas ad 
exequendum dictum negocium abbatibus de Cherteseye et de 
Waverle, ac omnibus aliis abbatibus, prioribus, rectoribus, ac 
vicariis, et eorum cuilibet, insolidum, donee eas ad ipsum duxcrit 
revocandas, prout patct in processu inde facto ct sigillo dicti 
patris signato, ac manu et subscripcione m. Johannis de Essex 
de Herelawc, notarii publici, communito. 

[83 b.] Exemplification of a bull of Urban V, forbiddint; 
for the next ten years the union of benefices : — 

1 82 lVj'Ji\'/i(ij/i's A\xis/t'r 

Urbanus cpiscopus, servus servorum Dei, ad perpetuam rei 
memoriam. Intcnta salutis opcribus apostolice scdis circum- 
specta benignitas indulta sibi desupcr potestatis plenitudine, 
sicut in Deo expedirc conspicit, proindc utens, aliqua interdum 
statuit et disponit, quandoque vero suadente utilitate in melius 
reformat, prout animarum saluti et pro cultu divini Nominis 
ampliando salubre ct utile fore credit. 

Cum itaque, sicut nobis innotuit, quamplures hactenus de 
diversis prioratibus, dignitatibus, personatibus, officiis, parochi- 
alibus ecclesiis, ac aliis beneficiis ecclesiasticis facte fuerunt 
uniones, propter quas, si consequerentur effectum, animarum 
cura in illis, quibus immineret, negligeretur, cultus minueretur 
divinus, et multis posset prejudicium generari. Ex hiis et aliis 
certis causis, que ad hec racionabiliter nos inducunt, super pre- 
missis providere volentes, presentis constitucionis edicto omnes 
uniones, annexiones, incorporaciones, de prioratibus eciam con- 
ventualibus, dignitatibus, personatibus, officiis, porcionibus, pres- 
timoniis,^ ecclesiis parochialibus et ruralibus, et aliis beneficiis 
ecclesiasticis secularibus et regularibus quibuscunque, cum cura 
et sine cura, exemptis et non exemptis, quocunque nomine cen- 
seantur invicem, seu ecclesiis cathedralibus, monasteriis, mensis 
pontificalibus, abbacialibus vel aliis quibuscunque ecclesiasticis 
beneficiis apostolica vel ordinaria seu alia quavis auctoritate sub 
quibusvis colore, modo, forma, vel expressione verborum, que 
quidem prioratus, dignitates, personatus, officia, porciones, pres- 
timonia, ecclesias parochiales et rurales, et alia beneficia supra- 
dicta persone ipse obtinentes per cessum vel decessum, aut aliter, 
adhuc non dimiserint factas seu alias uniones huiusmodi sortite 
non fuerint effectum necnon quascunque potestates, facultates, et 
mandata de huiusmodi unionibus, annexionibus, et incorporaci- 
onibus, faciendis, apostolica vel alia quacunque auctoritate data 
seu concessa, penitus revocamus, cassamus, adnullamus, et nullius 
fore volumus firmitatis, districciias inhibentes locorum ordinariis 
et aliis quibuscunque, ne similes uniones, annexiones, et incor- 
poraciones ex quacunque causa usque ad decern annos a data 
presencium computandos faciant, seu fieri faciant, vel attemptent. 

Nos eciam irritum et inane decernimus, quicquid contra 

1 Prestimonium, a prestacione sic dictum, ecclesiasticum beneficium est cum aliquo 
onere, et in hoc differt a simplici beneficio, quod ideo simplex dicitur, quia in hoc nullum 
onus habelur. — Du Cange. 

Official Instruments. 183 

premissa a quoquam quavis auctoritate scienter vel ignoranter 
contigerit attemptari. — Avinione, Kal. Dec, pontificatus nostri 
anno quinto. 

[84 a.] Commission directed to Thomas dc Sheptonc to 
hear and determine a cause promoted by Agnes de Hales 
against Thomas Hosiere and others, executors of her late father, 
for a legacy of 100 marks. — Southwark, 20 Nov., 1372. 

Mandate directed to both archdeacons to collect a procura- 
tion for the nuncio of 2d. in the £ (duos denarios de qualibet 
libra, una cum moderatis expensis circa colleccionem et leva- 
cionem ac transmissionem huiusmodi). — Esher, 10 Dec. 

[86 a.] Citation of r. of Peperharow (vol. i, pp. 29, 50) for 
non-residence and dilapidations. — Highclcre, 2 Jan., 1372-3. 

[87 a.] William de Whityngdone, r. of South Warnborough 
(vol. i, p. 15), cited to show cause why he should not pay £\2^ 
arrears of £df yearly pension due to abbot of Croyland. — South- 
wark, 12 Feb., 1372-3. 

[87 b.] Citation of Nicholas Monke, r. of Eversley, to show 
cause why monies in his hands belonging to Saladin, the late 
prebendary of Hurstbourne, should not be applied in payment 
of dilapidations : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio decano de Andevere, nostre 
diocesis, s. g. et b. Cum nuper ad instanciam dilecti filii m. 
Johannis de Glastone, prebcndarii prebende de Hussebourne 
Tarent, dicte diocesis, super defectibus cancelli, domorum, ac 
aliorum locorum ad dictam prebendam pertinencium temporibus 
predecessorum suorum prebendariorum dicti loci contingentibus 
de mandato nostro per dilectum filium m. Johanncm de Ware 
sequestratorem nostrum in archidiaconatu Wyntonicnsi sit legi- 
time inquisitum, ac predicti dcfcctus ad certas pecunie summas 
pro tempore Saladini, quondam prebcndarii eiusdcm, contingcntcs 
per viros fidedignos et juratos sint taxati, ac nonnulla bona dicti 
Saladini, prebcndarii nuper, ut dicitur, prcfate prebende in mani- 
bus Nicholai Monke, rectoris ecclcsic de Evcrslcc, (luoiulani 
firmarii dicte prebende, et cjuorundam aliorum in dictis parlibus 

1 84 IVyke/uun's Rt\i^ister. 

existcncium remaneant occupate et detente, ut nobis exposuit 
m. Johannes, prebendarius prelibatus, ex quibus dicti defectus 
congrue poterunt reparari ; inde petebat idem m. Johannes sibi 
per nos in hac parte de oportuno rcmedio provideri. 

Tibi igitur committimiis et mandamus, firmiter injungentes, 
quatcnus cites sen citari facias pcrcmptorie dictum Nicholaum 
et quoscunque alios occupatores bonorum dicti Saladini, de quibus 
diligenter inquiras, quod compareant, etc. — /^., 21 Feb., 1372-3. 

[87b.] Commission for purgation of Richard de Brandone, 
who being found in possession (captus cum manuopere^) on 
St. Blase's Day (i February), 27 Ed. Ill, of two yards of Hnen 
de Tanneye,- value 45., the goods of John Chapman, of Alton, 
was indicted at Kingston for the felony in Michaelmas term, 
27 Ed. Ill, and claiming benefit of clergy, was handed over to 
the dean of Guildford. The commission is directed to the arch- 
deacon of Surrey for the usual proclamation, and to the prior of 
Winchester Cathedral, the abbot of Hyde and John de Wormen- 
hale, the official, for the subsequent proceedings in the matter. — 
Wolvesey, 12 March. 

[88a.] Deputation of m. Richard de Uptone as proctor for 
the bishop in the Court of Arches : — 

Noverint universi, quod nos Willelmus, etc., in omnibus 
causis et negociis in curia Cantuariensi contra nos vel pro nobis 
motis seu movendis, quociens nos abesse vel adesse contigerit, 
dilectum nobis in Christo, m. Ricardum de Uptone, clericum, 
procuratorem nostrum ordinamus, facimus, et constituimus per 
presentes. Damns insuper et concedimus eidem procuratori 
nostro potestatem generalem et mandatum specialem nomine 
nostro, et pro nobis, in premissis agendi, defendendi, excipiendi, 
replicandi, libellum seu libellos dandi et recipiendi, litem con- 
testandi, juramentum de calumpnia et de veritate dicenda, et 
quodlibet aliud genus liciti sacramenti in animam nostram 
prestandi, ponendi et articulandi, ac posicionibus respondendi, 
testes, literas, et instrumenta producendi et exhibendi, ac 
huiusmodi contra nos producta et exhibita redarguendi et 
reprobandi, status nostri reformacionem et absolucionis bene- 

1 In furto vel cum re furtiva deprehensus. — Du Cange. 
2 Panni species fulvi coloris {^Du Cange), like brown hoUand. 


Official Instriunents. 1 85 

ficium a quibuscunque sentenciis excommunicacionis, suspen- 
sionis, et interdict! a jure vel ab homine latis seu ferendis ; 
necnon in integrum restitucionem, expensas, dampna, et inter- 
esse quodlibet nostro nomine, et pro nobis petendi et obtinendi, 
crimina et defcctus objiciendi ac objectis respondcndi, et ut 
omisso appellacionis articulo in principali causa seu negocio nos 
tan^ente in dicta curia procedatur, consenciendi sentencias inter- 
locutorias et diffinitivas in dictis causis seu negociis ferri 
audiendi, provocandi, et appellandi ; provocacionum causas pro- 
sequendi, articulos petendi et recipiendi, provocaciones quoque 
et appellaciones huiusmodi omnibus, quorum interest, notificandi 
et intimandi ; alium vel alios procuratorem seu procuratores loco 
suo in premissis substituendi, et substitutum seu substitutos 
huiusmodi revocandi, et procuratoris officium in se reassumendi 
et exercendi, quociens et quando sibi videbitur expedire, et 
omnia alia et singula faciendi et expediendi, que de jure vel 
consuetudine dicte curie requiruntur, eciam si mandatum exigant 
speciale ; pro eodem vero procuratore nostro, et quolibet ab 
eodem substituendo rem ratam haberi et judicatum solvi, ac 
judicio sisti, sub obligacione et ypoteca omnium bonorum nos- 
trorum omnibus, quorum interest in hac parte, promittimus, et 
exponimus cauciones. — Highclere, 15 March, 1372-3. 

Commission directed to Thomas de Sheptone, canon of 
Wells, and John Uphulle, r. of Havant, to ascertain the annual 
value of the impropriate church of Romsey, with a view to 
adjusting the vicar's portion.^ — Same date. 

[88 b.] The same commissioners directed to inquire who is 
liable for the repairs of the north aisle of Romsey minster : — 

Cum inter religiosas mulieres abbatissam et conventum mo- 
nastcrii de Romeseye . . . ccclesiam parochialem de Romeseyc 
prcdictam in usus proprios obtincntcs ex parte una et parochi- 
anos dicte ecclesie super construccione, reparacione et refcccione 

1 In cases of appropriation, the appropriators were bound to 7i?&\gw porcionem congntam 
to the incumbent ; and if they failed to do so, the ordinary niiRht assign it (Clement, liii. 
tit. 12, c. i). Hut either the monks were too powerful for the bishops, or the bishops 
were too favourable to the monks : so no redress for the incun)lx;nt was found till stat. 
15 Ric. II, c. 6 (which was passed on the petition of the commons), made it a condition 
precedent to the appropriation of any benefice that a cotii^rua porcio should be secured to 
the vicar {Gibs, p. 716). E^y Archbp. Langton's Constitutions, K.v>. 1228 {I.ynd7th\^, 
p. 64). a viair might not have less five marks per annum. Archbp. Sudbury raised 
this sum to eight marks. 

1 86 Wykchiim's Rej^ister. 

ale* seu capelle ex parte boreali dicte ccclesic facienda ex altera 
gravis, ut per partes prcJictas acccpimus, dissensio noviter est 
exorta : 

Nos volentes paci et tranquillitati dictarum partium, quantum 
cum justicia et veritate possumus, salubriter providere, ad inquir- 
endum super refeccionc dicte ale scu capelle, ad quern seu quos 
onus illius refeccionis et reparacionis de jure vel consuetudine 
debeat pertinere, predictis partibus et aliis quorum interest in 
hac parte ad hoc legitime evocatis, necnon ad recipiendum vice 
nostra submissiones partium predictarum super toto negocio 
prelibato, si submissionem huiusmodi nostris ordinacioni et arbi- 
trio facere decreverint, in forma debita limitandas, vobis tenore 
presencium committimus vices nostras, etc. — Same date. 

[88 b.] Guest master of St. Swithun's priory licensed to 
administer sacraments during Lent and at Easter at Littleton : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio f. Johanni Hyde, monacho ecclesie 
nostre Wynton., officium receptoris hospicii gerenti in eadem, 
s. g. et b. Ut animarum periculis obviemus propensius atten- 
dentes, quod in ecclesia parochiali de Litteltone, nostre diocesis, 
officio predicto unita, que adeo est hiis temporibus in fructibus 
et redditibus reddita tenuis et exilis, quod non sufficit capel- 
lanum parochialem inibi exhibere, et caret idcirco huiusmodi 
officio capellani, ut possitis parochianis illius ecclesie hoc sacro 
tempore quadragesimali et in festo pasche iam instantis sacra- 
menta penitencie et eucaristie licite ministrare, licenciam tibi 
tenore presencium concedimus specialem, usque ad octabam 
pasche tantummodo duraturam.- — Same date. 

This license renev^ed 20 April, 1375, 13 March, izyy-Sy 31 
March, 1379. 

Excommunication denounced against certain who caused the 
death of John de Molyntone,^ the apparitor-general : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio, officiali archidiaconatus Wynton- 
iensis, s. g. et b. Ingrati filii et degeneres merito describuntur, 

1 Ala : cujusvis edificii latus ; Fr. aile de batinient {Du Cange). The north aisle was 
used as the parish church. 

3 From a charter of bp. Henry de Blois, A.D. 1171, it appears that the church of 
Littleton was appropriated to the Guest-master's office. — Obedientiary Rolls of St. 
Swithun's, Winchester, p. 224. 

3 p. 9. 

Official Instruments. 187 

qui in sanctam ecclesiam, matrem omnium Christi fidclium 
vivencium, et patres prelates ipsius cornibus elatis insurgunt, 
opprimunt, et temere conculcant, quos tenentur defendere ab 
injuriis et infestacionibus barbarorum. Sane pridie gravis hos- 
pitalitatis aggressus et horrende feritatis excessus nostrum 
nimirum perturbarunt animum et auditum, quod nonnulli pcr- 
dicionis filii, quorum persone et nomina ignorantur, execucioncs 
nostre jurisdiccionis ecclesiastice super hiis que spectant ad 
jurisdiccionem nostram specialem ac mandata nostra licita et 
canonica super hiis destinata temere et nequiter impedientes ac 
impedire procurantes injustc, necnon dilectum et fidelem nun- 
cium nostrum et apparitorem nostrum gencralem satis notum 
Johannem de IMolyntone, clericum, mandata nostra et officialium 
nostrorum deferentem, et execuciones justas inde debitc facere 
volentem, ceperunt, et omni divino timore postposito verberarunt 
et aliter male pertractare injuriose presumpserunt, et tandem 
ipsius vite non parcentes, ipsum cum gladiis et fustibus et aliis 
armorum generibus spiritu furibundo ab hac luce penitus ex- 
tinxerunt, in divine majestatis offensam, libertatis et jurisdic- 
cionis ecclesie impedimentum et violacionem manifestam. 

Propter quod non est dubium set Christi fidelibus satis 
notum, omnes satellites infernales excessus predictos nefarios in 
prefatum ministrum et executorem publicum et notorium juris- 
diccionis nostre episcopalis talitcr committentes in maioris ex- 
communicacionis summas tam contra verberantes clericos ^ quam 
contra impedientes nuncios, execuciones, et mandata nostra 
canonica super exercicio jurisdiccionis ecclesiastice deferentcs a 
Sanctis patribus promulgatas, ipso facto dampnabiliter incidisse. 

Nos igitur, etc. (Excommunication denounced in usual 
form.) — Same date. 

[90 a.] Sequestrator directed to grant administration of 
Molyntonc's estate to Joan his widow. — llighclerc, 9 April, 1373. 

[94 b.] Henry de Thorp appointed apparitor-general. — lb., 
30 May. 

1 By slat. Circttmspecti abatis (13 Kd. I), laying violent hands on a clerk shall b<' 
punished by the spiritual judge; and by ArticuU CUri (9 VA. II. c. 3), l.iying violent 
hands on a clerk is excommunication and penance corporal, following the decretal lib. v. 
tit. 39, c. 5. Quicunque manus violentas in clericum sciens injeceril nisi volueril arbi- 
tratu judicum ecclesiasticcjrum ei satisfacere penitencianujue subire tam .ilroci stclcic 
dignam, in excommunicacionem ruet. 

1 8 S I VykeJia i/i 's Register, 

[89a.] Prayers for duke of Lancaster and earl of Salisbury: 

Willelmus, etc. A Hbro vestre memorie nequaquam credi- 
mus excidisse, qualiter dudum vobis transmisimus nostras Hteras 
specialcs ad faciendum processioncs solcmpnes in singulis eccle- 
siis archidiaconatus Surreicnsis singulis quartis et sextis feriis 
una cum missis et aliis oracionibus devotis pro pace et tranquil- 
litate ecclesie, domini nostri regis, et regni Anglie et adherenti- 
bus eidem, ut pater misericordiarum ipsius gubernacula dirigat, 
pacem fidelibus regni tribuat, continuet, et confirmet, certam 
indulgenciam omnibus subditis nostris, tarn clericis quam laicis, 
predictum pietatis opus devote exercentibus ex thesauro Altis- 
simi concedentes. 

Et quia propter guerrarum discrimina ingruencia et hostium 
huius regni aggressiones et insultus verisimiliter imminentes 
citius propulsandos nobilissimus princeps et dominus, dominus 
Johannes, Dei gracia dux Lancastrie, ac nobilis vir, dominus 
Willelmus de Monte Acuto, comes Sarum, et nonnulli alii fideles 
regni, pro tuicione et defensione ecclesie et regni predicti in manu 
forti ad partes externas sunt profecti, hostes huiusmodi sub Dei 
adjutorio repulsuri, pium propendimus et oportunum, eos in sua 
expedicione devotis ecclesie precibus adjuvare, et ob hoc pre- 
fatas processiones, missas, et oraciones pro eis et eorum comitivis 
fieri decrevimus, specialem pro eis memoriam in huiusmodi 
processionibus, missis, et oracionibus faciendo, et priorem indul- 
genciam quadraginta dierum pro celebrantibus missas oraciones 
et processiones predictas alias per nos concessam ad illos omnes, 
qui missas et alias devotas oraciones pro dictis duce et comite 
celebraverint et dixerint mente pia, duximus extendendam, et 
concedimus per presentes, etc. — /^., 16 March, 1372-3. 

[90 a.] License granted to Thomas Butillere, r. of Maple- 
derham (vol. i, pp. 47, 58), to let the parsonage for three years, 
with the usual clauses. — lb., 9 March. 

Letter to the Chancellor. ^ The abbot of Tichfield has 
hitherto been assessed with the clergy, yet there are some 
laymen who maliciously seek to make him pay the fifteenth 
levied on the laity. The Chancellor is requested to grant relief 
(providere de remedio oportuno). — Ib.y 4 April, 1373. 

1 Sir John Knyvett. 

Official Instruments. 189 

[90b.] Mandates for visitation of 

Winchester cathedral . . . . 13 June. 

Hyde abbey 18 June. 

Other abbeys and priories . . various dates. 

Southvvark, 24 and 27 April, 1373. 

Mandate for visitation of deanery of Winchester : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio, decano Wyntoniensi, s. g. et b. 
Pastoralis officii nobis injuncti solicitudo nostrum animum 
excitat, et inducit, ut nostros subditos ad animarum suarum 
salutem personaliter et alias efficacitcr visitemus, mores et actus 
singulorum solicite inquirentes, per quod errata possimus corri- 
gere, et ad Dei beneplacitum reformare : c6 quod non est 
pastoris excusacio, si lupus rapax gregem invadat, et pastor 

Hinc est, quod nos ad curam populi nobis traditam mentis 
oculos dirigentes, ut per viam salutis incedat, clerum et populum 
civitatis et archidiaconatus Wynton. fore decrevimus visitandos, 
qui sine cura et regimine visitacionis pastoralis non modico 
tempore prosteterunt. 

Tibi tenore presencium committimus et mandamus, in virtute 
obediencie firmiter injungentes, quatenus cites seu citari facias 
peremptorie omnes et singulos ecclesiarum rectores et vicarios 
ac capellanos parochiales et alios capellanos quoscunque per 
dictos civitatem ct decanatum qualitercunque constitutos, quod 
compareant coram nobis vel nostris commissariis, si tunc fucri- 
mus impediti, in ecclesia parochiali S. Mauricii Wynton. die 
mercurii proximo post festum S. Trinitatis proximo jam vdntu- 
rum, cum continuacione et prorogacione dierum subsequcncium, 
titulos beneficiorum suorum ct literas ordinum suorum exhibituri 
et ostcnsuri, nccnon visitacioncm nostram ordinariam dcbitc et 
humilitcr subituri. 

Cites insuper seu citari facias peremptorie sex vel quatuor 
viros fidcdignos de qualibct parochia decanatus predicti, secun- 
dum magnitudincm vel parvitatcm ipsius parochie, quod dictis 
die ct loco coram nobis vel nostris commissariis compareant 
eciam visitacioncm nostram ordinariam subituri, et super interro- 
gatoriis animarum subditorum ipsius decanatus salutem tangcnt- 
ibus cis facicndis vcritatcm, quam novcrint, dicturi, ct rccepturi 
quod justum fucrit in hac parte. 

190 IVykeJiaJHs Register. 

Et, quia nonniilli, tam viri rcligiosi, quam alii seculares, 
ecclcsias parochiales, porcioncs dccimariim, ct pcnsioncs in de- 
canatu prcdicto habere et percipcre dcbcrc se prctcndunt, cites 
consimiliter percmptoric eosdcm religiosos et viros alios ecclc- 
sias porcioncs et pensiones ad se pertinere dicentes, quod dictis 
die et loco coram nobis vel commissariis nostris compareant, 
cartas, literas, et instrumenta et munimenta omnia, quibus pre- 
tendunt se fore munitos, et quibus super hoc uti intendunt, 
exhibituri et ostensuri, et quicquid juris super hiis habeant, pro- 
posituri, facturique et recepturi quod justum fuerit in premissis. 

Nonnulli insuper viri ecclesiastic! beneficia curam animarum 
habencia in dictis civitate et decanatu obtinere dicuntur infra 
annum a tempore sibi commissi regiminis in presbyteros nulla- 
tenus ordinati ; cites seu citari peremptorie facias eosdem, quod 
dictis die et loco coram nobis vel nostris commissariis compareant, 
privilegia, indulta seu alia jura specialia, si que habeant in hac 
parte, exhibituri et ostensuri, facturi et recepturi quod justicia 

Cites insuper peremptorie omnes et singulos capellas oratoria 
infra dictum decanatum se habere dicentes, et capellanos cele- 
brantes in eisdem, quod prefatis die et loco coram nobis vel 
dictis nostris commissariis compareant, privilegia seu literas 
apostolicas vel alia munimenta se habere dicentes, exhibeant et 
ostendant, ac recipiant super hiis, quod justicie fuerit et racionis. 

Inhibemus insuper tibi decano predicto, ne pendente dicta 
visitacione nostra quicquam in prejudicium eius attemptes, 
facias, seu permittas aliqualiter attemptari. 

De diebus vero recepcionis, etc. — Southwark, 27 April, 1373. 

Similar mandates were sent to the archdeacons for all other 

[91a.] Commission directed to prior of St. Mary Overy, 
Southwark, and others, to promote the office of the bishop 
against Edward Dunbrigg, v. of Eling, and Maud Pykenet, 
conjugata. — /^., 30 April. 

[93 b.] Excommunication of Dunbrigg and Maud Pykenet 
in default of appearance. — Highclere, 17 May. 

Official Instruments. 


[95 a.] Richard de Uptone appointed proctor for the bishop 
in a cause promoted by Dunbrigg in the archbishop's court. — 
lb., 3 June, 1373. 

[92a.] The bishop to Arnald Gernerii the nuncio. He has 
received the nuncio's letter, dated London, 14 February, 1372-3, 
enjoining him to publish sentence of excommunication against 
the abbot of Quarr and prior of Selborne for contempt in not 
appearing to a citation ; to sequestrate the archdeaconry of 
Winchester for the sum of ;^ii. 13^". 4</., and the archdeaconry 
of Surrey for the sum of £^. I2,s. 4^., due for Peter pence in 
1372, and the priory of Appulburthorp {sic) for £2^^, lys. od. 
due for first fruits to the pope on confirmation of prior John de 
Osanna ; to cite the following heads of religious houses for non- 
payment of procurations to the nuncio, namely : — 

Abbot of Chertsey (a year) ... ... ... 7s. 

,, Waverley ,, ... ... ... 7s. 

Prior of Southwick „ ... ... ... 7s. 

,, Merton ,, ... ... ... 7s. 

,, Newark „ ... ... ... 7s. 

„ Southwark „ ... ... ... 7s. 

,, Shirbourne ,, ... ... ... 7s. 

,, Andover ,, ... ... ... 7s. 

Abbot of Quarr (2 years) 14s. 

„ „ when John de Cabrespino was 

nuncio (4 years) ... ... 28s. 

„ „ when Hugh Pelegrin was 

nuncio (2 years) ... ... 14s. 

Abbess of St. Mary's, Winchester (a year) ... 7s. 
and to sequestrate all churches which have been conferred by 
papal provision since 15 Feb. in the first year of Gregory XI 
for non-payment of first fruits. The bishop has obeyed the 
nuncio's instructions as to Peter pence, first fruits, and procura- 
tions. Houghton is the only church which has been conferred 
by papal provision since the date given, and he has sequestrated 
it. — Southwark, 2 May. 

[93 a.] Dispensation super defectu Jiatalium for John atte 
Hulle, as scholar of the diocese. — lb., 10 May. 

[93 b.] Deputation of John de Shcpcye and John de 
Bukynghame to appear as proctors for the bishop at the Con- 

192 I Vykeha m *s Register. 

vocation to be held at St. Paul's on May 30, he being, he 
says, "variis et arduis negociis personam nostram et ecclesiam 
nostram Wyntonicnsem multiplicitcr occupatus." — Highclcre, 26 
May, 1373. 

[94a.] Return to summons to Convocation. — Same date. 

[94b.] Certificate that Joan Asshevvy was not professed in 
religion : — 

Nobilibus et discretis viris, dominis maiori, vicecomitibus, et 
recordatori civitatis Londoniensis, necnon universis et singulis 
Christi fidelibus prescntes literas inspecturis Willelmus, etc., salu- 
tem in omnium Salvatore. Quia per quosdam nobis noviter est 
suggestum, quod per aliquos intelligi vobis datur dilectam nobis 
in Christo filiam Johannam, filiam Stephani Asshewy defuncti, in 
monasterio monialium S. Marie Wyntoniensis ordinem regu- 
larem fore professam : vobis tenore presencium intimamus, quod 
eadem Johanna non est in monasterio predicto nee in aliquo alio 
monasterio regulari aliquem ordinem ab ecclesia approbatum, 
quatenus nobis constare potest, adhuc professa.^ Que vobis 
innotescimus per presentes, sigillo nostro patenti signatas. — Ib.^ 
30 May. 

Dean of Basingstoke and r. of Overton directed to sequestrate 
the tithe of two fields known as Great and Little Holden, 
pending the bishop's decision whether the tithe belonged to 
John de Edyndone, r. of Farnham, or Nicholas de Kaerwent, r. 
of Crondall. — lb., 3 June. 

[96 a.] Prayers for the duke of Lancaster's expedition to 
France '^ : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio, priori ecclesie nostre cathedralis 
Wyntoniensis, s. g. et b. Sacrarum oracionum suffragia puris 
animis cum cordis mundicia et assiduitate presentancium apud 
Altissimum postulata, implorantibus conferunt recti subsidii in- 
crementum salutare; cumque bello et dissencionibus ingruentibus 
inter regna oraciones devotas, presertim pro pace et tranquillitate 
ecclesie, regis, et regni Anglie, ac felici expedicione nobilissimi 
principis domini Johannis, regis Castelle et Legionis, et ducis 

1 She was therefore entitled to share in the distribution of her father's estate, which if 
professed, and therefore dead in law, she would not have been. 

2 Wahingham, i, 315. 

Official Instruments. 193 

Lancastrie, ac aliorum magnatum, procerum, et fidclium regni 
Anglic pro juribus domini nostri regis in partibus Francie rc- 
cuperandis profecturorum missas, processiones, et oraciones, et 
alia pietatis opera in singulis ecclesiis regularibus et secularibus 
nostre diocesis fore decrevimus, in spiritu humilitatis et devo- 
cionis fore solempniter celebrandas, et ad hec exequenda sumus 
per breve regium et necessitatis urgentis evidencias indies ingru- 
entes specialiter excitati, cuius brevis regii nobis super hoc 
directi tenor est talis Edwardus, etc. 

Nos in cordis intimis attendentes propositum dicti domini 
nostri regis fore sanum et suis fidelibus oportunum, et ob hoc 
volentes prcdictis suis peticionibus exequendum, prout tenemur 
et debemus, totis viribus insudare, et eum, quantum possumus, 
efifectui debito mancipare, vos attente requirimus et rogamus, 
vobis nichilominus firmiter injungendo mandantes, quatenus 
oraciones devotas, etc. (grant of 40 days indulgence). — Waltham, 
29 June, 1373. 

[97a.] Similar letter to prior and convent of Winchester. — 
Winchester, 8 July. 

Memorandum of probate granted at St. Mary's, Southamp- 
ton, of will of Agnes, wife of John de Depedene, to him and 
Richard Fyfhyde, capellamis, dated i July. 

Dispensation super defectu natalium granted to Richard 
Westwode, elk. — Christchurch Twynham, 4 July. 

[97 b.] Mandate directed to prior of Winchester to muster 
his tenants at Southampton for defence of the coast : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio, priori ecclesie nostre Wyntoni- 
ensis, s. g. et b. Breve domini nostri regis sub suo magno 
sigillo signatum xxiiij^ die mensis Julii, anno domini millcsimo 
CCC"^ lxxiij°, apud Altam Clcram nobis porrectum et libcra- 
tum nos noveritis recepisse, tenorem continens subscqucntcm. 
Edwardus, etc. 

Volentes igitur dictum breve regium et contenta in eo execu- 
cioni debite demandare, vobis mandamus, firmiter injungcntcs, 
quatenus homines vestros sine dilacione arraiari, et cos armis 
competentibus juxta statum ct facultatcs vestras muniri, ac 


194 Wykehains Register. 

ipsos sic arraiatos ct competenter munitos usque dictam villam 
Suthamptone et costeras maris in partibus illis ibidem super 
salva custodia earundcm, quamdiu neccsse fucrit, moraturos, 
venire facias, taliter et ita provide vos habentes in hac parte, ne 
per vestri nec^ligenciam aut tcpiditatcm dicto domino regi seu 
regno suo aut predictis partibus dampnum vel periculum eveniat 
aliquale. — Highclere, 24 July, 1373. 

Similar letters were sent to abbot of Hyde, for tenants in 
archdeaconry of Winchester ; to m. John de Ware and dean of 
Winchester, for deanery of Winchester ; to precentor of St. 
Mary's, Southampton, m. Walter Gourda, r. of Stoneham, and 
dean of Southampton, for deanery of Southampton ; and to m. 
John de Ware, m. Walter Sevenhamptone, r. of Chilbolton, and 
dean of Sombourn, for deanery of Sombourn. 

[98a.] Mandate to sequestrate the church of Morden for 
arrears of subsidy and pentecostals ^ at Heckfield ^ : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio priori ecclesie conventualis de 
Mertone, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. Quia Willelmus Page, nunc 
rector ecclesie de Mordone, nuper vero vicarius ecclesie de Hegh- 
felde, dicte diocesis, tenetur pro dicta vicaria de Heghfelde de 
tempore quo fuit ibidem vicarius tum pro decima regis et subsidio 
sibi concesso tum pro oblacionibus pentecostalibus que de suo 
tempore sunt a retro in xlij solidis vij denariis ob., quam sum- 
mam hactenus non persolvit ; vobis committimus et mandamus, 
quatenus omnes fructus, redditus, et proventus dicte ecclesie de 
Mordone ex causa predicts, auctoritate nostra sequestretis et per 
vos alium seu alios usque ad summam predictam sequestrari, 
exigi, colligi, et levari faciatis, ac sub sequestro tuto custodiatis, 
donee aliud vobis super hoc dederimus in mandatis, et dictum 
sequestrum in prefata ecclesia de Mordone faciatis publicari, 
neminem permittentes de bonis disponere sic sequestratis, ac 
contradictores et rebelles, seu vos aut vestros deputatos in execu- 
cione premissorum impedientes, per censuras ecclesiasticas auc- 
toritate nostra compescatis. — Highclere, 29 July. 

1 Pentecostals, or Whitsun farthings, were due jure comvnmi to the bishop, and took 
their name from the coming of the inhabitants of the diocese to the Cathedral at the feast 
of Pentecost with their offerings. — Gibs., p. 976. 

2 William Page, v. of Heckfield, was instituted to Morden, 18 Feb., 1372-3 (vol, i, p. 
47), leaving behind him these arrears. 


Official Instruments. 195 

Notarial act, recording Richard de Herton's agreement with 
the bishop to teach his poor scholars for ten years from Michael- 
mas, 1373 :— 

In Dei nomine, amen. Anno ab incarnacione Domini secun- 
dum cursum et computacionem ecclesie Anglicane millesimo 
CCC™° lxxiij°, indiccione xj^"*, mcnsis Septembris die prima, 
pontificatus sanctissimi in Christo patris et domini nostri, domini 
Gregorii, divina providencia pape undecimi, anno tercio, consti- 
tutus personaliter coram reverendo patre domino Willelmo, etc., 
in aula manerii sui de Merevvelle, Wynton. dioc, in mei notarii 
publici et testium subscriptorum presencia venerabilis et discre- 
tus vir m. Ricardus de Hertone, grammaticus, certam conven- 
cionem cum eodem domino Wyntoniensi episcopo fecit, iniit, et 
firmavit, sub hac forma, videlicet quod idem Ricardus per dcccm 
annos, incipiendo in festo S. Michaelis proxime futuro, instruct 
et informabit pauperes scolares quos dictus dominus episcopus 
suis sumptibus exhibet ^ et exhibebit, fideliter et diligenter in 
arte grammatica, et nullos alios sine licencia dicti patris ad 
doctrinam huiusmodi recipiet per tempus predictum, excepit ta- 
men tempus infirmitatis sue et tempus quo curiam Romanam 
semel visitabit suis propriis sumptibus, et per dictum tempus 
alium virum sufficientem et idoneum pro doctrina dictorum 
scolarium substituet loco suo. 

Ad hec convenit cum dicto patre, quod idem pater inveniet 
et exhibebit sibi unum alium virum idoneum, qui cum poterit 
adjuvare in labore discipline scolarium predictorum. Hec pro- 
misit firmiter idem m. Ricardus cum omni diligcncia pcrficere 
et implere. 

Et super firmitate illius convencionis tenende et servanda 
idem m. Ricardus per manum suam dexteram in manu dexterA 
dicti patris cxpresse posuit et dcdit fidem suam ad prcmissa 
omnia perficienda in formA predicta. 

Acta sunt hec anno, indiccione, mense, die, pontificatu, et 
loco prenotatis, prescntibus discretis viris m, Johannc dc lUikyng- 
ham, canonico Eboraccnsi, et domino Johannc de Campcden, 
canonico ecclesie Suthwcllensis et Eboraccnsis diocesis, et 
Henrico de Thorpe ac Johannc de Kcllcseye, notariis publicis 
apostolicis, testibus ad premissa vocatis spccialiter et rogatis. 

1 To maintain. Hence "exhibition " at a school or college, 

O 2 

196 IVykeham's Register. 

Mandate to sequestrate Ash, and cite the rector for non- 
attendance at visitation : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis fih'is rectori ecclesie de Dene, nostre 
diocesis, ac Henrico Loners, et Henrico Thorp, apparitori nostro 
generali, s. g. et b. Cum nuper in visitacione nostra ordinaria 
in dccanatu dc Basyngstoke, dicte nostre diocesis, per nos facta 
Thomam, rectorem ecclesie de Asshe, citavimus ad visitacionem 
nostram huiusmodi subeundum, ipsum preconizatum et diutius 
expectatum ac nullo modo coinparentem reputavimus non im- 
merito contumacem, et in penam contumacie sue huiusmodi sic 
contracte omnes et singulos fructus, redditus, et proventus dicte 
ecclesie sequestravimus per decretum ; 

Vobis communiter et divisim committimus et mandamus, 
firmiter injungentes, quatenus ad dictam ecclesiam de Asshe 
personaliter accedatis, dictos fructus et redditus et proventus 
sic per nos sequestratos in dicta ecclesia publicetis seu faciatis 
solempniter publican, et ex habundanti sequestretis eosdem ; et 
dicti sequestri custodiam specialiter committimus tibi, rectori de 
Dene predicto, et si quos inveneritis in hac parte contradictores 
aut rebelles, eos auctoritate nostra per quascunque censuras eccle- 
siasticas canonice compescatis, citantes peremptorie eosdem . . . 

Citetis insuper eundem Thomam rectorem, quod compareat 
coram nobis, vel nostro commissario, in ecclesia parochiali de 
Aulton, dicte diocesis, die veneris proximo post festum exalta- 
cionis S. Crucis proximo futurum, literas ordinum suorum et 
titulum, quem in dicta ecclesia de Asshe se pretendit habere, 
exhibiturum et ostensurum, ac visitacionem nostram subiturum, 
facturum quoque ulterius et recepturum, quod justicia suadebit. 
— Harwell, i Sept., 1373. 

[lOia.] Archbishop's mandate to bishop of London, direct- 
ing him to summon Convocation. Mandate dated at Lambeth, 
xiij Kal. Nov. : — 

Willelmus, permissione divina Cantuariensis archiepiscopus, 
tocius Anglie primas, et apostolice sedis legatus, venerabili 
fratri nostro domino Simoni, Dei gracia Londoniensi episcopo, 
salutem et fraternam in Domino caritatem. Ingens et indissimu 
lata negociorum necessitas arduorum, nedum Anglicane con- 
cernencium utilitatem ecclesie, set eciam domini nostri regis et 

Official Instruments, 197 

regni sui statuin, tranquillitatcmque quictis eiusdcm ac bonum 
publicum, ut speramus, multipHciter nos urget, licet cum fastidio, 
prelates et clerum nostre Cantuariensis provincic convocare ct 
ad hoc eciam faciendum cum frequenti et assidua ipsius regis 
nostri instancia breve suum recepimus, etc. 

[102 a.] Commission directed to rectors of Burghclcre and 
Woodhay and vicar of Kingsclere to admit the will of dame 
Isabel, widow of sir John Gambone, knt., to probate. — Farnham, 
22 Oct., 1373. 

Memorandum of probate of will of Adam de Waddeleshurst, 
of Long Ditton, granted to Agnes, his widow and executrix. — 
Southwark, 1 1 Nov. 

Discharge of executors of Cecily, widow of Laurence Bele- 
hewe, of St. Olave's, Southwark. — /^., 12 Nov. 

[103 a.] Circular from archbp. of Bourges, camerarius of 
the apostolic see. The bishop is bound by his consecration oath 
(vol. i, p. 9) to visit the Roman Court once in two years when it 
is west of the Alps, and has done so within the last two years 
by his proctor ; but the proctor made no oblation and rendered 
no homage to the apostolic see. Nevertheless the archbishop 
is prepared to absolve him, if on any future occasion his visit 
should be delayed beyond the two years : — 

Universis presentes literas inspecturis Petrus, miseracionc 
divina archiepiscopus Bituricensis, domini pape camerarius, salu- 
tem in Domino. Ad universitatis vestre noticiam tenore prescn- 
cium deducimus, quod cum reverendus in Christo pater dominus 
Willelmus, etc., singulis bienniis Curia citra montes existente 
sedem apostolicam teneatur visitare, sedem ipsam pro uno bicn- 
nio nondum elapso per discretum virum Johanncm de Uptone, 
procuratorem suum ad hoc legitime constitutum, cum devocione 
debita visitaverit, nichil tamen idem procurator racione visita- 
cionis huiusmodi camere dicti pape obtulit seu scrvivit. 

Insuper ipsum dominum episcopum a rcatu pcrjurii, si quod 
alia occasione retardate visitacionis huiusmodi forsan incurrit, 
auctoritate, qua fungimur in h4c parte, duximus absolvcndum. — 
Avignon, 18 Nov. 

198 Wykc/iams Register. 

License to let the church of Clapham for three years to 
Thomas Carlethorpe, r. of Coulsdon, and another, granted to 
Richard de Ambresdene, the rector (vol. i, p. 42). — Southwark, 
23 Nov., 1373. 

[105 b.] Commission directed to Walter Gourda, r. of 
North Stoneham (vol i, p. 82), to institute ds. Peter Trewens, pr., 
to the church of All Saints, Southampton, on the presentation of 
the prior and convent of St. Denys. — Highclere, 10 Sept., 1374. 

[106 a.] License granted to the inhabitants of Leckford to 
have their church reconciled after pollution by bloodshed. — Ib.y 
26 Sept. 

[l06b.] Copies of three bulls of Urban VI, published by 
order of the nuncio, Henry bp. of Norwich.^ The first bull, dated 
22 March, 1 380-1, states that Robert of Geneva, styling himself 
Clement VII, has occupied Anagni, and threatens to invade 
the territory of the Church with troops from Bretagne ; and 
promises to such as shall enlist under the banner of the Church 
to repel them the indulgence granted to Crusaders, empowering 
the nuncio to raise men in England for the purpose.^ The 
second bull denounces excommunication against the cardinals 
who elected the anti-pope, Clement VII, at the house of 
Honoratus, Count of Fondi, in September, 1378, and enjoins 
the nuncio to preach a crusade against him. The third bull 
enjoins the nuncio to defend the personal character of Urban VI 
against certain who seek to blacken it, and to suspend or deprive 
any clerical adherents of the anti-pope in England, with power 
to send them to Rome for trial : — 

Urbanus episcopus, servua servorum Dei, venerabili fratri 
Henrico, episcopo Norwicensi, apostolice sedis nuncio, salutem 
et apostolicam benediccionem. 

Dudum cum vinea Domini Sabaoth, videlicet sancta Romana 
ecclesia, ventrem suum doleret et amaritatis visceribus gravia 
emittere suspiria cogeretur ex eo, quia filios uteri sui, quos enu- 
triverat et de infimis erigens ad culmina dignitatum extulerat, 

1 Henry le Despencer, the fighting bishop. — Duf. Nat. Biog., xiv, 410. 

2 See Wals. ii, pp. 71-80, where the substance of the bull, a list of the privileges 
granted by the pope to the bishop of Norwich, and the form of absolution for those who 
should join the expedition, are given. 

Official Instruments. 199 

videlicet iniquitatis ct perdicionis alumpnos/ Robcrtum, olim 
basilice duodecim apostolorum, vulgariter dictum Gebenenscm, 
Johannem olim titulo Sancti Marcelli, vulgariter dictum Ambicn- 
sem, Geraldum, olim titulo Sancti Clemcntis, vulgariter dictum 
Maioris Monasterii, prcsbyteros, et dampnate mcmorie Petrum, 
olim Sancti Eustacii diaconum, cardinales, conspicerct matris 
ubera spernere et a rectitudinis tramite deviare, et non solum 
leges et monita materna despicere, set eiusdem matris uterum, 
quantum in eis erat, viperinis conatibus laniare et inconsutilem 
Domini tunicam scindere satagentes, scandalorum et scismatum 
seminaria preparabant ; ac fame sue prodigi, et honoris proprii 
persecutores effecti, non tantum se ipsos nexibus peccatorum 
involvere, quod in reprobum sensum dati,- alios secum ad parti- 
cipium trahere conabantur. 

Nos, qui divina disponente clemencia predicte vinee solicitu- 
dinem et curam gerimus, adversus huiusmodi pretergrcdientes 
veritatis et recte fidei semitam, et prevaricaciones addcntes, ut 
eandem vineam demoliri valerent, in virtute Altissimi de fratrum 
nostrorum consilio decrevimus exurgendum, et contra ipsos, ct 
nonnullos alios eis adherentes ac faventes infcrius nominatos, 
per infrascriptum modum, mediante justicia, duximus proceden- 
dum ; siquidem cum predicti nequam viri, nescientes in semitis 
justicie dirigere gressus suos, et timorem Dei pre oculis non 
habentes, contra nos conspiraciones, colligaciones, et machina- 
ciones diversas facere, et in Dei ecclesia scisma et divisionem 
ponere, ac civitatem nostram Anagniensem, et castrum S. Angcli 
de Urbe,^ et nonnulla alia castra, terras, et loca, nobis et dicte 
ecclesie subjecta, occupare et occupari facere, seu ilia occupanti- 
bus auxilium, consilium, vel favorem prebere presumpsisscnt et 

Et insuper, ut dictam civitatem et alias terras provincie 
nostre Campanie facilius occupare et occupata dctincrc, ac 
alios ad consencicndum eorum inique voluntatibus et opcribus 
violenter attraherc possent, magnam multitudinem gencium 
armigerarum, que Britones Vascones* nuncupantur, ad dictas 

» The answer of the followers of Urban VI to the circular issued by the cardinals who 
set up the anti-pope is couched in equally strong language. — IValsirti^ham, i, 385. 
'<* Romans i, 28. ' Walsinghatn, i, 395. 

< These Bretons held the castle of St. Angelo for Clement VII against Urb;in VI. but 
surrendered on hearing that Sir John Hawkwood was coming against ihcm. — Wiiisin^ham, 
>. 394- 

200 Wykchams Register. 

civitatcm ct provinciam venire fccisscnt, et cxindc quamplurima 
homicidia, sacrilegia, rapine, depopulaciones, et alia mala et 
dampna et scelcra fuissent secuta : 

Nos, qui salutem zelabamur illorum, sperantes ipsos ad cor 
reversuros, ac viam justicie repctituros, cos per venerabilem 
fratrem Petrum, episcopum Portuensem, et dilcctum filium nos- 
trum Simonem, titulo Sanctorum Johannis et Pauli, presbyterum, 
et bone memorie Jacobum, Sancti Gcorgii ad velum aureum 
diaconum, cardinales, pluries et diverse, probos prelatos et alios 
magne auctoritatis viros, ac eciam, per literas nostras iteratis 
vicibus, ut ad viam veritatis et justicie redire et ab huius- 
modi erroribus resipiscere vellent, duximus exortandos ac eciam 

[107 a.] Set prefati nequam viri, in sua pertinacia et super- 
bia obscurati, post moniciones et exhortaciones huiusmodi contra 
nos, quos antea in urbe per ipsos et alios, ad quos spectabat, in 
papam electos, ac debitis et consuetis solempnitatibus observatis, 
intronizaverant, ac publice coronaverant, et quos tanquam papam 
et summum pontificem in missarum solempniis et consistoriis, 
publicis ac privatis, consulendo et ordinando de statu Romane 
ecclesie ac rei publice per plures menses tractaverant, recipiendo 
a nobis ecclesiastica sacramenta ac dignitates et beneficia ecclesi- 
astica pro se et aliis a nobis impetrando, diversos libellos dififam- 
atorios fecerunt, et illos ad diversos prelatos et mundi principes 
transmiserunt, per quos asserebant, nos non verum papam fore ; 
ac multa alia mala et enormia de nobis dicere presumpserunt 

Et tandem, in profundum descendentes malorum, et cupi- 
entes sancte matris ecclesie scindere unitatem, in civitate Fund- 
ana cum quibusdam aliis, quos cum eorum machinacionibus et 
diabolicis suggestionibus ad eorum impium propositum attrax- 
erant, congregati in domo iniquitatis filii Honorati Gayetani, 
dim comitis Fundorum, cum ipsius Honorati auxilio et favore, 
prefatum Robertum temere eligendo antipapam fecerunt, ipsum- 
que ausu sacrilegio papam nominare presumpserunt et presu- 
munt ; ipseque Robertus se papam nominare ausu temerario non 
erubuit nee erubescit. 

Preterea, cum eciam iniquitatis alumpnus Petrus, olim archi- 
episcopus Arelatensis, et camerarius noster, dudum diabolic© 

Official InstniDtcnts. 201 

spiritu instigatus, dc urbe predicta, ubi nobiscum crat, absque 
licencia nostra et quasi furtive recessisset, et de camera nostr^ 
quamplura jocalia et alia res et bona magni valoris et preciosa, 
ad nos ct ad Romanam sedem pertinencia, secum asportasset, et 
ad dictam civitatcm Anagniensem se confcrcns, cum prefatis 
scclcratis viris, Roberto, Johanne, Geraldo, et Pctro, olim cardin- 
alibus, diversas conspiraciones et colligaciones ordinare et facere, 
et ad conducendum dictas gentes armigeras ad dictam civitatem 
Anagniensem consilium, auxilium, et favorem, et tarn ipsi quam 
perdicionis filii, Jacobus olim patriarcha Constantinopolitanus, 
Nicholaus olim archiepiscopus Cusentinus, Petrus olim Verbeta- 
nensis, Guillermus olim Urbinas, Petrus olim Montiflasconiensis, 
Johannes olim Gebenensis, et Franciscus olim Gayetanensis 
episcopi, ac Bertrandus Rasini, olim clericus camere apostolice, 
et Macellus Casillii, olim rector ecclesie sancte Marie Pediscripte 
prope Neapolim, ac eciam iniquitatis filii Honoratus predictus, 
Antonius, olim comes Casertanensis, Franciscus de Vico, olim 
prefectus urbis, Johannes de Malestrete, Nicholaus Spinellus, 
alias dictus de Neapoliy Silvester Bude, Bernardus de la Sale, 
Petrus de Lasaga, miles, ac Guilhonetus de Lasala, domicellus, 
in reprobum sensum dati, prefato Roberto antipape adhererc, 
credere, ac favere, et eorum linguis transeuntibus super terram, os 
in cclo ponere presumentes, non fuissent veriti, nee verentur, 
publice asserere, et per alios asseri et predicari facere, nos non 
fore papam, nee Romanum pontificem ; et eorum falsis et 
confictis mendaciis quamplura enormia de nobis dicere, et se ab 
unitate dicte Romane ecclesie separare, et scisma ac divisionem, 
quantum in eis erat, in Dei ecclesia ponere ; ac Franciscus de 
Vico civitatem nostram Vitcrbicnsem, et Johannes dc Male- 
strete, Silvester, Bernardus, Petrus de Lasaga, ct Guilhonetus 
predicti, cum nonnullis eorum complicibus, dictam civitatcm eciam nonnullas alias terras nostras et Romane 
ecclesie occupare, ct tam ipsi quam et alii superius nominati 
nonnullas alias terras nostrOm et dicte ecclesie occupantibus et 
invadentibus auxilium, consilium, et favorem prcbere presump- 
sissent, ac presumcrcnt, crimen hcrcsis, scismatis, Icse maicstatis, 
et apostasie dampnabilitcr incurrcndo ; ac huiusmodi exccssus 
et scelera essent adeo notoria, quod nulla possent tergiversacionc 

202 Wykehams Register. 

Nos ad maiorem certitudinem eorundem dilecto filio nostro 
Johanni, titulo S. Sabine, et bone memorie Guillermo tt. S. 
Eusebii, presbyteris cardinalibiis, successive et divisim, com- 
misimus, ut se de predictis informarent ; qui, informacione 
huiusmodi per eos debite recepta, nobis in consistorio retulerunt 
predicta excessus et scelera fuisse et esse notoria ac eciam 

[107 b.] Et tandem nos, nequeuntes absque gravi offens4 
Christi et remorsu consciencie tot et tantis excessibus amplius 
tollerare, adversus prefatos sceleratos, in virtute Altissimi de 
dictorum fratrum consilio, ut premittitur, duximus exurgendum, 
et contra ipsos super premissis procedendum, justicia mediante. 

Ipsis igitur ad hoc legitime citatis et aliis debitis juris 
solempnitatibus observatis, per nostram diffinitivam summam 
decrevimus et declaravimus prefertos Robertum, Johannem, 
Geraldum, et Petrum, olim cardinales, necnon Jacobum, olim 
patriarcham, Petrum, olim Arelatensem, etc., fuisse et esse scis- 
maticos et apostatas, et contra nos conspiratores et blasphemos, 
et tanquam hereticos puniendos et reos criminis lese maiestatis ; 
ipsosque propter premissa excommunicatos et anathematizatos, 
et eos excommunicamus et anathematizamus, ac ipsos incidisse 
in penas et summas, tam a jure quam ab homine in talia per- 
petrantes inflictas et promulgatas, ac eciam in penas et summas 
contentas in processibus felicis recordacionis Johannis xxij^^ et 
dementis vj*' Romanorum pontificum, predecessorum nostrorum, 
contra occupatores, invasores, et turbatores terrarum Romane 
ecclesie, ac eciam declaravimus dictos Robertum, Johannem, 
Geraldum, et Petrum, olim cardinales, fuisse et esse scismaticos 
depositos, et ipsos deposuimus a cardinalatibus dicte Romane 
ecclesie, et ab omni cardinalatus comodo et honore, ipsosque 
omnibus honoribus, dignitatibus, prelaturis, personatibus, et 
officiis et beneficiis ecclesiasticis quibuscunque fuisse et esse 
privatos, et fore ad ilia inhabiles, et inhabilitavimus eciam ad 
habenda. , 

Ac eciam declaravimus predictos patriarcham, archiepiscopos, ' 
et episcopos, fore depositos, et ipsos deposuimus ab omnibus • 
dignitatibus eciam pontificalibus, et tam ipsos, quam eciam 
Bertrandum et Masellum prefatos ab omnibus officiis et benefi- ! 

Official Instruments. 203 

cii's ecclesiasticis, prelaturis quibuslibet, necnon predictos Honor- 
atum et Antonium, olim comites, Franciscum de Vico, Johanncm 
de Malestrete, Nicholaum Spinellum, Bcrnardum, Petrum dc 
Lasaga et Guilhonetum, a quibuscunque dignitatibus et honori- 
bus et gradu milicic ac cingulo militari privates et depositos 
fuisse et esse, ipsosque privavimus et deposuimus, ac eciam 
declaravimus tarn predictorum olim cardinalium quam eciam 
omnium aliorum superius proxime nominatorum bona mobilia 
et immobilia, ac jura et jurisdicciones, fuisse et esse confiscata, 
et confiscavimus, et personas eorum detestabiles fuisse et esse 
exponendas exposuimus a Christi fidelibus capiendas, ut sic 
captis, si absque eorum fuga et evasionis periculo fieri posset, 
nobis indilate transmitterentur, alioquin in artis carceribus tra- 
derentur, et sub fida custodia detineantur donee aliud super 
hoc mandaremus ; credentes preterea, receptatores, et defensores, 
et fautores eorum excommunicacionis summa innodavimus, 
absolucione ipsorum, preterquam in mortis articulo, Romano 
pontifici reservata. 

Et insuper decrevimus, quod quicunque aliquem predictorum 
scienter presument ecclesiastice traderc sepulture excommunica- 
cionis summe subjaceant, a qua absolvi, preterquam in mortis 
articulo, non possint, nisi prius propriis manibus extumularent 
et procul eicerent ab ecclesiastica sepultura corpora eorundem. 

Et subsequenter inhibuimus omnibus et singulis Christi 
fidelibus, utriusque sexus, cuiuscunque statQs, gradus, ordinis 
condicionis, dignitatis, vel prominencie existerent, eciam si regia, 
reginali, imperiali, vel pontificali, seu quavis alia dignitatc ful- 
gerent, eciam si essent sancte Romanc ecclesie cardinalcs, nc in 
civitatibus, castris, terris, villis, vel locis suis aliquem predictorum 
dampnatorum scienter reciperc, seu eis ad ilia aditum prcberc, 
vel ad ilia in quibus predicti dampnati vel aliquis eorum habit- 
arent vel moram traherent, blada, vinum, carnes, pannos, ligna, 
victualia, pccunias, merccs, res, vel quccunque alia bona ad eorum 
usum utilia portare, mittere, vel defcrrc, seu portari aut mitti 
vel deferri facere presumerent, nee alios quoquomodo, si hoc 
prohibcre possent, mitti, deferri, seu portari permitterent. 

[I08a.] Prohibemus insuper, ne quis aliquod impcdimentorum 
prestare auderet per se vel alium vel alios, publico vel occultc, 

204 liyi'd/iams Register, 

directe vel indirccte, quominus predict! Robertus, Johannes, 
Geraldus, et Petrus, olim cardinales, et alia dampnati superius 
nominati, caperentur, detincrentur, et ad nos transmittcrentur, 
quanivis omnibus Christi fidelibus precipimus, quod ipsi et 
eorum quilibet prestarent eis qui eosdem capere, seu captos 
detinerc et ad nos transmittere vcllent, optimum auxilium, con- 
silium, et favorem. 

Qui vero contra premissa vel aliquod premissorum facerent, 
seu qui prefatum Robertum, qui se Clementem papam nominat, 
scienter papam nominarent vel tenerent, vel ipsum papam 
crederent vel predicarent, si persona singularis, excommunica- 
cionis, si vero communitas vel universitas essent, interdict! sen- 
tencias incurrerent, et civitates ac terre ipsorum aliorum carerent 
commercio civitatum, terrarum, atque locorum, ac civitates ipse 
pontificali se noscerent dignitate privandas. 

Et volumus, quod ab huiusmodi excommunicacionis summa 
nullus ab alio, quam a Romano pontifice, preterquam in mortis 
articulo, absolvi, nee interdictum huiusmodi per alium, quam per 
eundem Romanum pontificem, relaxari valeret. Omnes insuper, 
qui a prefato Roberto, tanquam a Romano pontifice, quascunque 
gracias, indulgencias, donaciones, privilegia, dispensaciones, seu 
prelaturas, dignitates, et personatus, seu quevis alia beneficia, seu 
officia ecclesiastica, vel mundana, vel per se, vel per interpositam 
personam, peterent, seu eciam proprio motu oblata, donata, seu 
concessa, attemptarent seu reciperent, decrevimus fore nichilo- 
minus et inhabilitavimus ad premissa et quevis alia beneficia 
ecclesiastica optinenda, et premunimus jam optinentes. 

Et nichilominus, si persona singularis excommunicacionis, si 
vero communitas vel universitas esset interdictum incurrerent, 
summas eo ipso, a qua quidem excommunicacionis summa, pre- 
terquam in mortis articulo, aliquis per alium quam per Romanum 
pontificem absolvi et interdictum huiusmodi ab alio, quam a 
Romano pontifice, relaxari non possent. 

Preterea omnes et singulos, qui prefatis dampnatis, seu eorum 
alicui, juramentum fidelitatis seu hominis aut cuiuslibet alterius 
obsequii debito submissione, obligacione, vel pacto, quacunque 
firmitate vallato, antea tenebantur astricti, absolvimus, et decre- 
vimus absolutos, penis aliis contra ipsos a jure statu tis in suo 
robore duraturis. 


Official htstruments. 205 

Et deinde videlicet nuper tibi publicandi per te vel alios 
omnia premissa et contra prefatos dampnatos procedendi, ipsos- 
que et eorum fautores credentes et adherentes prosequendi, 
capiendi, ct carceribus mancipandi, et contra ipsos procedendi, 
invocato ad hoc auxilio brachii secularis, plenam ct liberam 
concessimus facultatem, prout in diversis nostris inde confectis 
literis plenius continetur. 

Nos igitur, ne tot et tantorum facinorum ac scelcrum in 
Divine maiestatis offensam et dicte Romane ecclesic, matris 
cunctorum Christi fidelium et magistre, contumeliam et con- 
temptum fideique catholice ac utilitatis reipublice detrimentum 
nequiter patratorum in succedencium temporum secla sine cor- 
reccione debita in multorum perniciem memoriam deferatur ; 

Et ne prefati nequissimi viri per nos, ut prefertur, dampnati 
et adeo reprobati, qui in suis heresibus persistere et excessus 
excessibus cumulare ac ecclesie predicte pacem turbare, et inter 
Christi fideles scisma, dissenciones, et scandala ponere, cultum- 
que Christiane fidei, sine qua quisquam Deo placere nequit, 
quantum in eis est, deprivare conantur, suos pravos et dampnan- 
dos conceptus in partum producere possint, set potiijs, dextera 
Domini faciente virtutem, viriliter obsistatur eisdcm, et ipsorum 
dampnandi propositi execucio elidatur, oportunis providere 
remediis cupientes, quia in hiis Dei et predicte Romane ecclesie 
causam agi conspicimus, illam devote prosequentibus decrevimus 
eciam spiritualibus auxiliis et presidiis assistendum, ut causam 
ipsam e6 fervencius prosequantur, quo exinde maioris rctribu- 
cionis merita se speraverint adepturos. 

Ideoque nos de Omnipotentis Dei misericordia et beatorum 
Petri et Pauli apostolorum auctoritate confisi, omnibus vere 
penitentibus et confessis, qui prcfatum Robertum antipapam et 
alios dampnatos predictos ipsorumque complices et fautores 
receptatores atque credentes, quamdiu in huiusmodi scismate 
ac extra Romane ecclesie grcmium perstitcrint in personis et 
sumptibus propriis, nccnon [lo8b.] hiis, qui in personis propriis, 
alterius tamen expcnsis, expugnabunt, et super hoc per unum 
annum, incipiendum a die quo tu duxeris ordinandum, continue 
vel interpolatim expugnacionem huiusmodi laborabunt, ecclesie 
sequcndo vcxillum, tam clcricis c[uam laicis, et eis insupcr qui 
suis dumtaxat expcnsis juxta quantitates et facultates suas dcs- 

2o6 Wykehatn's Re(^ister. 

tinabunt, vel tibi seu altcri per tc dcbutando ministrabunt 
sufficiencia stipendia, ut dcstinare valeas idoncos bellatores per 
dictum tempus moratiiros ct bcllaturos ibidem, illam concedimus 
indulgenciam, que concedi per eandem sedem profisciscentibus 
in Terre Sancte subsidium consuevit, et in rctribucione justorum 
salutis eterne pollicemur augmentum. Eos autem, qui non per 
annum integrum set per ipsius anni partem in huiusmodi Dei 
servicio laborabunt, juxta quantitatem laboris et devocionis 
affectum, participes esse volumus indulgencie supradicte. 

Quod si forsan ipsorum aliquis post iter arreptum in prosecu- 
cione dicti negocii ex hac luce migrare contigerit, vel interim 
ncgocium ipsum congrua terminacione compleri, integre parti- 
cipes esse volumus ct concedimus indulgencie memorate, huius- 
modi eciam remissionis volumus esse participes, juxta quantita- 
tem subsidii et devocionis affectum omnes qui ad expugnacionem 
predictorum Roberti et aliorum dampnatorum ac sequacium et 
fautorum ipsorum tibi vel alteri per te deputando de bonis suis 
congrue ministrabunt. 

Quocirca paternitati tue per apostolica scripta mandamus, 
quatenus per te vel alium seu alios in toto regno Anglie, ac in 
omnibus civitatibus, terns, et locis carissimi in Christo filii nostri 
Ricardi, regis Anglie illustris dicioni subjectis, tam citra quam 
ultra mare consistentibus, huiusmodi concessionem nostram, in 
ecclesiis et locis, quando et quociens expedire videris, solemp- 
niter publicans et exponens, et per alios, quos ad hoc idoneos 
reputabis, publicari et exponi faciens, ut meliias et clarius in- 
telligatur ab hominibus in vulgari, fideles Christi instancius et 
efficacius per verborum predicaciones, et alias prout expediens 
extiterit, inducere non postponas ut suscipientes cum reverencia 
signum Crucis, ipsumque suis humeris et cordibus affigentes, ad 
prosequendum huiusmodi causam Dei et Romane ecclesie, 
ipsorum matris, viriliter se attingant, nobis quicquid super pre- 
dictis feceris per tuas literas vel instrumenta publica harum 
principium et finem continencia fideliter rescripturus. 

Romae, apud S. Petrum, viij Kal. Ap., pontificatiis nostri 
anno tercio. 

Urbanus, etc. Dudum cum filii Beleal, videlicet Robertus, 
etc. (as in last bull), nescientes in semitis justicie dirigere gressus 

Official Instniffients. 207 

suos, et Deum pro oculis non habentcs, contra nos diversas con- 
spiraciones, colligaciones, et machinaciones facere, ct scisma in 
Dei ecclesia ponere, et civitatem Anagniensem, et nonnullas alias 
terras nostras et Romane ecclesie occupare et occupari facere, et 
quamplures alios graves et enormes excessus perpetrare et com- 
mittere presumpsissent, ac deinde per nos paterno zelo moniti, 
ut ab huiusmodi excessibus desistere, et ab eorum erroribus 
resipiscere vellent, ipsi more aspidis surde aures suas obturantcs, 
ac nolentcs intelligere, ut bene agerent, in profundum descen- 
dentes malorum cum nonnullis aliis, quos cum eorum diabo- 
licis suggestionibus ad eorum iniquum propositum sequendum 
attraxerant, congregati in civitate Fundana in domo iniquitatis 
filii Honorati Gayetani, olim comitis Fundorum, prcfatum Rober- 
tum antipapam eligendo fecerint, quem papam nominarc et 
nos non esse papam asserere et predicari facere dampnabiliter 
presumpserunt : 

Cumque ad premissa tarn Petrus, olim archiepiscopus Arela- 
tensis, et camerarius noster, quam eciam [109 a.] Jacobus, olim 
patriarcha Constantinopolitanus (as in last bull), dedissent auxil- 
ium, consilium, et favorem, et multa alia et enormia contra nos 
et Romanam ecclesiam operati fuissent, ac omnia prcdicta adeo 
tunc essent, prout sunt, notoria, quod non ulla potcrant tcrgiver- 
sacionc cclari. Tandem nos contra predictos omncs ct singu- 
los, de fratrum nostrorum consilio, debitis juris solempnitatibus 
observatis, certos successive processus fecimus per quos declaravi- 
mus ipsos omnes fuisse et esse scismaticos, apostatas, blasfcmos, 
et contra nos conspiratorcs, et reos criminis Icse maiestatis, et 
tanquam hereticos punicndos, predictos Robcrtum, Johanncm, 
Gcraldum, et Petrum, olim cardinalcs, a cardinalitatibus dictc 
Romane ecclesie et ab omni cardinalatCls comodo et honorc, ac 
predictos olim patriarcham, archiepiscopos, ct episcopos, et ab 
omnibus eciam pontificalibus, et quibuscunque aliis dignitatibus 
et honoribus, ac Bertrandum et Masellum eciam quibuscunque 
dignitatibus personatibus ct officiis ac bcncficiis ccclcsiasticis, ac 
Honoratum ct Antonium, olim comitcs, l^Vanciscum dc Vice, 
olim prcfcctum, Nicholaum Spincllum, Johanncm dc Malcstrctc, 
Silvestrum, Bcrnardum, Petrum dc Lasaga, ct Guilhonctum, 
omnibus dignitatibus ct honoribus ct gradu milicic ac cingulo 
militari fuisse ct esse privatos, ipsosque privavimus, ac omnium 

2o8 Wykeham's R^^<^?sfrr. 

predictorum bona mobilia et immobilia ac jura ct jiirisdiccioncs 
fuisse et esse confiscata, et confiscavimus, ipsosque omnes fuisse 
et esse excommunicatos et anathematizatos, et incidisse in 
diversas penas ct summas spiritualcs ct tcmporales, tarn a jure, 
quam ab homine, in talia perpctrantes inflictas, ct promulgatas, 
ipsorumque personas detestabiles et infames fuisse exponendas 
et exposuimus a Christi fidelibus exponendas. 

Et insuper voluimus, quod omnes et singuli Christi fideles, 
qui crucis assumpto caractcrc ad prcfatorum Roberti, Johannis, 
Geraldi, et Petri dampnatorum capcionem et extiminium se 
attingerent, et eos pro posse prosequerentur, ilia gaudeant in- 
dulgencia illoque privilcgio essent muniti, que accedentibus in 
Terre Sancte subsidium conceduntur. 

Et deinde, videlicet nuper tibi per literas nostras mandavi- 
mus, ut premissa omnia per te et alios, ubi et quando tibi 
expediens videtur, publicare et publicari facere, ac fideles Christi 
clericos et laicos instancius et efficacius per verbum predicacionis 
crucis per te et alios, prout expediens esset, induces ad suscipi- 
endum cum reverencia signum Crucis, ipsumque sub humeris et 
cordibus affigendum, et ad sequendum huiusmodi causam Dei et 
Romane ecclesie viriliter se attingerent, prout in diversis literis 
nostris inde confectis plenius continetur. 

Volentes igitur, quod in execucione mandati nostri huiusmodi 
e6 efficacius profidere valeas, quo maiori per nos fueris cura hac 
potestate munitus, tibi concedendi auctoritate apostolica omnibus 
et singulis clericis et personis ecclesiasticis, secularibus et regu- 
laribus, exemptis et non exemptis, eciam in dignitatibus, person- 
atibus, vel officiis constitutis, qui sponte ac libere tecum ad 
execucionem premissorum ire, vel huiusmodi signum Crucis 
recipere, ad expugnacionem predictorum scismaticorum, vel eis 
adherencium, viriliter attendere voluerunt licenciam liberam faci- 
endi premissa, eciam absque suorum superiorum consensu, ac 
faciendi illis ex predictis personis que aliqua beneficia ecclesiastica 
optinent, et imposterum optinebunt, quamdiu in huiusmodi ser- 
viciis et negociis institerint, de fructibus beneficiorum suorum cum 
ea integritate respondere, distribucionibus cotidianis duntaxat 
exceptis, cum qua illos perciperent si in ecclesiis, in quibus bene-i 
ficia ipsa consistunt, personaliter residerent, nee ad residendumi 
interim in ecclesiis ipsis teneantur, nee ad id a quoquam compelli I 

Official lustrumcnts, 209 

possint inviti, proviso quod bencficia ipsa [109 b.] dcbitis interim 
obsequiis non fraudentur, et animarum cura, in cis quibus ilia 
imminet, nullatenus negligatur, set per bonos et sufficientes 
vicarios, quibus dc beneficiorum ipsorum fructibus congru^ 
provideatur, et huiusmodi cura diligentcr exerceatur et deservi- 
atur inibi laudabiliter in divinis ; contradictores quoslibet et 
rebelles cuiuscunque dignitatis, gradus, status, preeminencie, 
ordinis, vel condicionis extiterint, eciam si regali vel reginali vel 
imperiali aut pontificali, seu quavis alia ecclesiastica vel mundana 
prefulgeant dignitate, auctoritate nostra per censuram ecclesias- 
ticam, appellacione postposita, compescendo ; invocato ad hoc, 
si opus fuerit, auxilio brachii secularis, non obstantibus quibus- 
cunque privilegiis, indulgenciis, et literis apostolicis, generalibus 
vel specialibus, quibuscunque personis vel locis concessis, quorum- 
cunque tenorum existant, per que presentibus non expressa vel 
totaliter non inscrta tue jurisdiccionis cxplicacio in hac parte 
valeat quomodolibet impediri, et que quo ad hoc eis volumus 
aliquatenus sufifragari. 

Set si aliquibus communiter vel divisim a sede apostolica sit 
indultum, quod interdici, suspendi, vel excommunicari non 
possint per literas apostolicas non facientes plenam ct ex- 
pressam, ac de verbo in verbum de indulto huiusmodi men- 
cionem, plenam et liberam tenore presencium conccdimus 

Romae, apud S. Petrum, viij Kal. Ap., pontificatiis nostri 
anno tercio. 

Urbanus, etc. Dignum censemus et racioni congruum arbi- 
tramur, ut que in omnium injuriam et ofTensam nequiter per- 
petrantur, ad communem omnium noticiam proferantur et 
deducantur in publicam nocionem. 

Dudum siquidem cum filii Beleal, videlicet Robcrtus, etc. (as 
before), nescientes in semitis justicie dirigere gressus suos, etc. 

Cupientes igitur, quod prcmissa omnia ad communem Christi 
fidelium deducantur noticiam, ut fidcles ipsi a prcdictorum pcr- 
versorum, qui alios ad participium sccum trahcrc moliuntur, 
astucius preserventur, ac dc tue prudcncie ac circumspcccionis 
industria spccialcm in Domino fiduciam optincntes, patcrnitati 
tue per apostolica scripta committimus ct districtc prccipicndo 

210 Wykehant's Register. 

mandamus, qiiateniis loricam fidci induens et gladiuvi spiriti)s, 
quod est verhuvi Dei, assumcns, contra prefatos scismaticos et 
Dei ac eiiis sancte ecclesie inimicos et adhcrentes ac faventes 
eisdem, adversusque alios omnes, qui famam nostram denigrare, 
vel eorum falsis latratibus contra statum et honorem nostrum 
vel dicte ecclesie aliqua dicere aut facere presumpserint, vehem- 
entcr insurgas, et tam in publicis quam in privatis sermonibus 
et prcdicacionibus tuis innocenciam nostram et predicte ecclesie 
causam defensurus assumas. 

Nos enim tibi in provinciis Cantuariensi, et Eboracensi, et 
Cassellensi,^ ac earum civitatibus et diocesibus, et quibuslibet 
aliis locis et terris regni Anglie publicandi per te vel alios pre- 
missa omnia et singula ac alios de [no a.] quibus tibi videbi- 
tur, quod sint scismatis labe reperti, coram te evocari faciendi, 
ipsosque abjurandum scisma, et ad prestandum in tuis manibus 
juratoriam canonicam, quod in nostra et dicte Romane ecclesie 
devocione ac fidelitate persistent, compellendi et insuper capiendi 
et capi faciendi, et carceribus mancipandi prefatos dampnatos, 
et quoscunque alios eidem Roberto antipape credentes et ad- 
herentes seu faventes, receptores et defensores eorundem damp- 
natorum, eciam si fuerint cuiuscunque religionis vel ordinis, 
eciam meditancium, et contra ipsos procedendi, eciam ex officio 
et per viam inquisicionis vel alias, prout erit expediens, ac illos 
de quibus tibi summarie et de piano sine strepitu et figura judicii 
legitime constiterit, quod prefato Roberto adhereant, eciam si 
fuerint fratres, seu preceptores, seu alias professi domorum vel 
hospitalium S. Johannis lerosolomitani, aut beate Marie Theo- 
tonicorum, vel cuiuscunque seu quorumcunque aliorum regularium 
ordinum professores, privatos eciam omnibus eorum officiis et 
eciam ecclesiasticis beneficiis, eciam si canonicatus et prebende 
aut dignitates, personatus, vel officia, in cathedralibus vel metro- 
politanis ecclesiis fuerint, vel curam habeant animarum, similari- 
ter declarandi, assumendi quoque insuper tecum pro execucione 
premissorum faciliiis faciendi, si tibi expedire videbitur, quoscun- 
que religiosos, eciam quorumvis ordinum mendicancium profess- 
ores, et illos ad Romanam curiam pro premissorum execucione, 
si opus fuerit, destinandi et transmittendi, necnon contradictores 

1 The archbishop of Cashel came back from Rome with great powers of indulgence,^ 
and a mission to preach against the antipope. — Walsingham, i, 390. 

Official Instruments. 2 1 1 

quoslibet et rebellcs cuiusque dignitatis, gradus, status, prcem- 
inencie, ordinis, vel condicionis extitcrint, eciam si regali aut 
reginali vel imperiali aut pontificali scu quavis alia ecclesiastic^ 
vel mundana dignitate prefulgeant. 

Invocato ad hoc, si opus fuerit, auxilio brachii secularis, non 
obstantibus quibuscunque privilegiis, indulgenciis, vel literis 
apostolicis, generalibus vel specialibus, quibuscunque pcrsonis 
vel locis seu ordinibus concessis quorumcunque tenorum existunt, 
per que presentibus non expressa vel totaliter non inserta tue 
jurisdiccionis explicacio in hac parte valeat quomodolibet impe- 
diri, et que quoad hoc eis volumus aliquatenus suffragari ; seu 
si aliquibus, communiter vel divisim, a sede apostolica sit indul- 
tum quod interdici suspendi vel exconnmunicari non possint, per 
literas apostolicas non facientes plenam et expressam ac do 
verbo ad verbum de indulto huiusmodi mencionem, plenam et 
liberam tenore presencium concedimus facultatem. 

Volumus autem, quod de nominibus et cognominibus illorum, 
quibus beneficia huiusmodi conferes, et quos per tc declarari 
continget, suis beneficiis, ut prefertur, fore privatos, ac eciam de 
nominibus beneficiorum huiusmodi cameram apostolicam seu 
collectorem proventuum eidem camere dcbitorum in illis partibus 
deputatum certificari procures. 

Romae, apud S. Pctrum, Id. Maii, anno pontificatus nostri 

[liob.] Powers conferred on chancellor of the diocese : — 
Willelmus, etc., dilecto nobis in Christo venerabili viro Willel- 
mo Lozyng, canonico ecclesie Sarum, cancellario nostro, salutcm 
in omnium Salvatore. Ad cognoscendum, procedendum, statu- 
endum, et diffiniendum in omnibus causis et negociis, eciam 
matrimonialibus et divorcii, coram nobis aut nostris commissariis 
quibuscunque, tam ex officio nostro mcro, quam ad instanciam 
scu provocacionem partium quarumcunquc, contra quoscunque 
nostre diocesis, motis vel movendis, ipsaquc causas ct ncgocia 
cum suis emergcntibus, incidcntibus, dependcntibus, et conncxis, 
et si ad amocionem alicuius ab officio seu beneficio sue proccdi 
contigerit, fine dcbito tcrminandi, criminaque ct cxcessus quorum- 
cunque subditorum nostrorum corrigendi ct canonicc punicndi, 
cetcraquc omnia et singula facicndi, cxcrccndi, ct cxpcdicndi, 

1' 2 

212 J ly Miam's Register. 

que in prcmissis ct circa ea neccssaria fuerint seu eciam oportuna, 
vobis, de cuius fidclitate, conscicncic puritate, ct circumspcccionis 
industria plcne confidimus, vices nostras committimus, cum cuius- 
libct cohcrcionis ct execucionis canonice potestate. — Farnham, 
9 Jan., 1373-4- 

Commission directed to Thomas de Sheptone and John de 
Kelleseye to punish any excesses detected in the last visitation. 
— lb., 10 Feb. 

Dimissory for Richard Markvvyke, of Hascombe, to first ton- 
sure, cum prestacione, quod si fuerit nativus suus, per huiusmodi 
concessionem non intenditur prejudicare sibi nee ecclesie sue 
Wyntoniensi.^ — Same date. 

License for a private oratory granted to John de Warblyng- 
tone and Katherine his wife, for one year : — 

Vicesima die mensis Februarii, anno supradicto, apud Wol- 
veseye, prefatus ds. episcopus concessit licenciam Johanni de 
Warblyngtone et Katherine uxori sue communiter et divisim, 
quod possent facere celebrari coram eis in oratorio seu alio loco 
honesto per capellanos idoneos ubicunque infra diocesim Wyn- 
toniensem ipsos morari contigerit per unum annum a dicto die 
tantummodo duraturam. 

Commission directed to prior and convent of Mottisfont to 
collect the tenth granted in 1374 within the archdeaconry of 
Winchester, and to abbot and convent of Waverley to collect it 
within the archdeaconry of Surrey ** in auxilium expensarum, 
quas tarn pro expedicione guerre nostre in partibus trans- 
marinis, quam propter necessariam defensionem regni nostri 
Anglie et ecclesie Anglicane nos facere oportebit," one moiety 
payable by St. John Baptist's Day, the other by the Purification. 

[ill a.] Excommunication denounced against coney stealers 
within the manors of Farnham and Crondall : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis archidiacono nostro Surreiensi et 
eius officiali, necnon decanis de Farnham, Guldeforde, Basynge- 
stoke, et Aultone, nostre diocesis, et singulis rectoribus, vicariis 

1 A nativus or bondman was disqualified for Orders, and this proviso was meant to 
imply that if Markwyke was really one of the bishop's bondmen, it should not be inferred 
that he was not one from the circumstance of his obtaining from him letters dimissory 



Official Instruments, 213 

ecclesiarum, ac capellanis parochialibus per dictum archidia- 
conatum constitutis, s. g. et b. Licet omnes et singuli, qui de 
maneriis et grangiis seu locis aliis ad archiepiscopos, episco- 
pos, seu alias personas ecclesiasticas, vel ad ipsas ecclesias 
pertinentibus quicquam preter dominorum vel eorum, qui sunt 
huiusmodi locorum custodiis deputati, voluntatem seu permis- 
sionem auferre, abstrahere, contrectare, seu consumere presump- 
serint, sint maioris excommunicacionis summa auctoritate felicis 
recordacionis domini Ottoboni, quondam sedis apostolice in 
Anglia legati, que incipit Ad Tuielain, ipso facto innodati ^: fama 
tamen in variis locis dicte nostre diocesis a fidedignis exorta ad 
nostrum noviter pervenit auditum, quod nonnulli perdicionis 
filii, quorum nomina ignorantur, preter et persone sue, proprie 
salutis obliti, nemora, pascua, vvarennas, parcos, chacyas, et alia 
loca maneriorum de Farnham et Crundalc, et aliorum quam- 
plurium maneriorum nostrorum dicte nostre diocesis, ad nos et 
mensam nostram episcopalem notorie pertinencium, tam diurno 
quam nocturno tempore, cum suis machinis, rethibus, laqueis, 
canibus, archubus, et sagittis, ac misteriis aliis pro capiendis 
cuniculis et aliis feris bestiis fabricatis, clandestine ingrcdientcs, 
cuniculos nostros et alias feras bestias nostras in multitudine 
copiosa, contra voluntatem nostram aut permissionem tam nostri 
quam ballivorum nostrorum, ministrorum, et custodum locorum 
predictorum, ceperint, abstraxerint, contrectaverint, abstulerint, 
et consumpserint, illicite et injuste, in animarum suarum grave 
periculum et aliorum scandalum plurimorum, maioris excommun- 
icacionis summam contra malefactores huiusmodi, sicut prefcrtur, 
promulgatam ipso facto dampnabiliter incurrcndo : 

Nos igitur, volentes jura ecclesie nostre tueri et protcgerc 
illibata, precipuc gladio spirituali, ac saluti animarum eorum, 
quantum in nobis est, providcrc, vobis communitcr et divisim 
districte precipimus et mandamus, in virtute sancte obediencie 
et sub maioris excommunicacionis summe pena firmitcr injun- 
gendo, quatenus omnes et singulos huiusmodi malefactores in 
dictam excommunicacionis summam incidisse, ac sic excom- 
municatos fuissc ct esse, in singulis ccclcsiis precipuc in 
ecclesiis parochialibus de Godalmynge, Cumptone, Puttenham, ct 
Piperharwe, necnon in ecclcsia parochiali de VVyttclc ct capcllis 

1 See p. 125 «. 

214 JVy/ct-/i(i//i's Rt'o-isft-r. 

quibuscunquc cidcm anncxis infra nostram diocesim notoric 
constitutis, diebus dominicis et festivis, inter missarum solempnia 
cum maior affuerit cleri et populi multitudo . . . denuncictis, etc. 
— London, lo April, 1374. 

[lllb.] License of non residence for one year granted to 
Simon, r. of Bletchingley (vol. i, p. 44), to study in University of 
Oxford ; with liberty to let the benefice. — Southwark, 1 1 April. 

Grant of administration of the goods of Sir Simon de 
Cudyngtone, kt., deceased, granted to William Hardegray, of 
Cuddington, and William Kentyssh, of Carshalton. — Ib.^ 25 

[129 b.] Administration of same estate re-granted 4 August, 
1375, to Richard Griffin and Idonea the widow. 

[lllb.] License granted to Edmund Spircok to have divine 
service performed in a private oratory within his mansion at 
Andover during the pleasure of the bishop. — lb., 27 April. 

[112 a.] Dimissory for John Ludesshulue^ ut a quocunque 
episcopo . . ad omnes minores ordines. — Ib.y i May. 

Dimissory for John Tynnyng, of Amport, to priest's orders, 
Richard Reson, of Chertsey, to subdeacon's orders, and Thomas 
Tibold, of Abbot's Ann, to deacon's orders. — Ib.^ 26 May. 

Administration of goods of William Beke, r. of Colmer, 
granted to John, vicar of Newentone (Newton Valence), and 
Stephen Welewyke. — Wolvesey, 5 April. 

[112.] Commission to close inquiry and punish excesses 
detected in bishop's visitation : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis nobis in Christo, venerabilibus viris 
magistris Johanni de Wormenhale, canonico Sarum, official! 
nostro principali, Johanni de Schepeye, cancellario ecclesie Lich- 
fieldiensis, Willelmo Lozyng, canonico Bangorensi, et Johanni 
de Kelleseye, canonico ecclesie Lincolniensis, s. g. et b. De 
vestris discrecione et puritate consciencie plenam in Domino 

1 From Ludshelve (Litchfield), a parish four miles north of Whitchurch. " Ludger- 
shall," in vol. i, pp. 239, 419, should be " Ludshelve." 

Official InstriDnents. 215 

fiduciam optincntes, ad cognosccndum, proccdcndum, statucn- 
dum, et diffiniendum in quibuscunquc ncgociis visitacionum 
nostrarum, quas nuper inter religiosos quoscunque nostrc dioccsis 
exercuimus, juxta naturas et qualitates eorundem, ac juxta 
formam retroactorum in eisdem habitorum, necnon ad corrigen- 
dum et canonice puniendum crimina et exccssus quorumcunque 
religiosorum huiusmodi, et ad reformandum debitc ea, que inter 
eosdem indigent reformacione, ceteraque omnia et singula 
facienda, exercenda, et expedienda, que in premissis et circa ea 
necessaria fuerint seu eciam oportuna, cum suis emergentibus, 
incidentibus, dependentibus, et connexis, eciam si ad amocionem 
alicuius vel aliquorum a suis administracionibus vel officiis, exi- 
gente justicia, procedi contigerit, vobis communiter et divisim 
tenore presencium vices nostras committimus, donee eas ad nos 
duxerimus revocandas, cum cuiuslibct cohercionis et execucionis 
canonice potestate. — Highclere, i June, 1374. 

[ll2b.] Mandate to prior of St. Swithun's to cite the 
chapter for same purpose : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto iilio priori ecclcsie nostre cathedrah's 
Wyntoniensis, s. g. et b. Nuper cum in ecclesia nostra predicta 
visitacionis nostre ofificium, que intermissa ad tempus pendere 
dinoscitur hactenus incompleta, prout ex sollicitudine pastorah* 
tenebamur, tam in capite quam in membris personaliter exer- 
cuimus, quedam status ecclesie nostre predicte et reh'gionis vestre 
reformacionem et emendacionem exigencia per inquisiciones 
nostras generales inibi pro tunc factas repperimus corrigenda, 
que coram vobis a capitulo ac confratribus dicte ecclesie nondum 
extiterunt publicata : 

Nos igitur, volentes quantum de jure poterimus ulterius ad 
finalem expedicionem dicte visitacionis nostre sic pendentis, et 
in correccione, reformacione, et emendacione dictorum compert- 
orum procedere via juris, vobis tenore presencium committimus 
et mandamus, firmiter injungentes, quatenus prcfatum capitulum, 
ac omnes commonachos eiusdem ecclesie nostre, abscntes et 
presentes, premunias seu citetis, premuniri seu citari percmptoric 

Vos eciam tenore presencium premunimus percmptoric seu 
citamus, quod compareatis et comparcant coram nobis vol nostris, 

2i6 Wyke/iatn's Rt'i^^istt-r. 

si tunc forsitan fuerimus impediti, ccrtis commissariis in domo 
capitulari ccclcsie nostre prelibatc (blank) proximo post instans 
festum S. (blank) proximo futurum, cum continuacione et pro- 
rogacione dierum tunc sequcncium, premissa humiliter et debite 
subituri, ac publicacionem dictorum compertorum fieri visuri, 
et audituri ulterius quoque in premissis ct ea contingentibus, 
quatenus vos et qucmlibet ipsorum concernunt ex officio nos- 
tro vobis et eis exprimenda, processuri, facturi in omnibus, et 
recepturi, quod premissorum qualitas et natura ac juris tramites 
exigunt et requirunt. 

Terminum vero peremptorium supradictum et abbreviacionem 
eiusdem propter maturacionem premissorum cicius procurandam 
ac animarum pericula ex eisdem imminencia caucius evitandum 
et alias causas legitimas nos moventes sic duximus moderandum, 
statuendum, ac eciam assignandum. 

De diebus vero recepcionis, etc. — Southwark, — June. 

[ll2.] Mandate enabling rector of Lambeth to enforce 
payment of a rate for repairs of parish church : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio m. Ricardo Wodelonde, r. ecclesie 
de Lambhethe, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. Ad cognoscendum et 
procedendum in quibuscunque causis, quas dilecti filii parochiani 
ecclesie de Lambhethe predicte contra quoscunque infra dictam 
parochiam inhabitantes et eciam alios qui bona mobilia et im- 
mobilia infra ipsam parochiam obtinere noscuntur, qui ad re- 
paracionem sive refeccionem ecclesie predicte contribuere teneri 
pretenduntur occasione non contribucionis ad refeccionem sive 
reparacionem ecclesie predicte, et campanilis eiusdem, que 
necessaria et eciam notoria indigent reparacione, movere in- 
tendunt communiter vel divisim, ipsasque causas, cum suis 
emergentibus incidentibus dependentibus et connexis, fine debito 
terminandas, ac eciam ad compellendum canonice eosdem ex 
officio, si opus fuerit, ad contribucionem huiusmodi debite 
faciendam per censuras ecclesiasticas quascunque, ceteraque 
omnia et singula facienda exercenda et expedienda, que in 
premissis et circa ea necessaria fuerint seu eciam oportuna, vobis, 
de cuius circumspeccione plene confidimus, vices nostras com- 
mittimus per presentes, cum cuiuslibet cohercionis canonice 
potestate, usque ad instans festum S. Petri ad vincula quod 
dicitur Advincula duraturum, etc. — Ib,^ y June. 

Official Instruments. 217 

[126 a.] Rector of Lambeth enjoined to admonish certain 
children of iniquity, whose names on a scroll accompanied the 
mandate, to pay their contributions forthwith, under pain of 
excommunication. — Esher, 18 April, 1375. 

[113 a.] License of non-residence for three years granted 
to John Tank, r. of Warnford (vol. i, p. 25), to study at the 
University of Oxford. — Southwark, 24 June, 1374. 

Similar license for one year granted to Amandus Fytlynge, 
r. of Lingfield (vol. i, p. 100), in order to be in attendance on 
his patron (in obsequiis patroni sui commorando). — lb., 9 July. 

R. of Highclere (Robert Wolvele, vol. i, p. Jj) licensed to 
accept a stipend of £Z for two years' commendations of a 
deceased person in the parish church, on the plea that the living 
was poor and the rector in debt : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio Roberto rectori ecclesie de Alta 
Clera, nostre dioc, s. g. et b. Exilitatem fructuum reddituum et 
proventuum dicte ecclesie tue attendens, necnon quod gravium 
debitorum onere multipliciter es oppressus, super quibus tibi 
supplicasti per nos de aliquo subvencionis congruo remedio pro- 
videri : Ut pro anima Roberti nuper vicarii perpetui ecclesie 
parochialis de Ardyngtone Sarum dio. defuncti possis per bien- 
nium a data confeccionis presencium continue numerandum 
divina officia in ecclesia tua predicta licite celebrare, et stipendia 
usque ad summam octo librarum sterlingorum pcrcipere ex 
causa predicta in augmentum sustentacionis vite tue liccnciam 
tibi tenore presencium conccdimus specialem. 

Proviso tamen quod dicta ecclesia tua interim dictis obsequiis 
non fraudetur, et animarum cura in eadem nullatenus negligatur. 
— Highclere, 17 July. 

Commission to William Loxle and others^ to get in assets 
of John of St Neot's, late r. of Shere (vol. i, p. 61) : — 

Cum omnium et singulorum nostre diocesis ab intestate 
decedencium bonorum quorumcunquc infra nostram dioccsim 
existencium disposicio et administracio ad nos pcrtincant, cciam 

' The ordinary had the care of intestates* goods: but by Slat. 31 lid. Ill, c. ii, he 
might depute the nearest and most lawful friends of an intestate to do so. 

2 1 8 / Vykcha ni ' j Register. 

de consuetudinc ccclcsic nostrc VVynton. legitime prescripta et 
pacifice obscrvata, ac, ut acccpimus, dilcctus filius ds. Johannes 
de Sancto Neoto, nuper rector ecclesie parochialis de Schire, 
nostre diocesis predicte, diem suum ab intestato clausit iam 
extremum, cuius pretcxtu ipsius bonorum omnium in nostra 
dioccsi existencium disposicio et administracio ad nos pertinent 
et pertinere dinoscuntur. 

Ad scquestrandum igitur nomine nostro omnia et singula 
bona dicti domini Johannis sic defuncti infra nostram diocesim 
prcdictam existencia, ipsaque sub arto sequestro custodiendum, 
que nos eciam ex habundanti ex causis variis et legitimis tenore 
presencium sequestramus, dictaque bona exigenda colligenda et 
rccipienda, fructusque eciam et proventus dicte ecclesie de Schire 
autumpnales ad dictum defunctum pertinentes inhorreandos, 
animaliaque et alia ipsius defuncti bona, que servando salvari 
non possunt, justo precio vendenda, et ea vendicioni exponenda, 
ac pecuniam inde recipiendam una cum bonis supradictis salvo 
custodiendam, fideleque inventarium de omnibus bonis huius- 
modi conficiendum, ceteraque omnia et singula facienda et 
expedienda, que in premissis et circa ea necessaria fuerint seu 
oportuna, vobis .... committimus per presentes, mandantes, 
quatenus de omni eo, quod feceritis et inveneritis in premissis, 
nos . . . certificetis . . inventarium, de quo premittitur, nobis 
transmittentes. — lb., 30 August. 

[116 a.] Administration of the same estate re-committed to 
r. of Albury, and John Southebrocke, of Shere. — Southwark, 
18 Oct., 1374. 

[113 b.] Mandate for prayers for peace, directed to the 
prior of St. Swithun's and the archdeacons' officials. — Highclere, 
9 Sept. 

[114 a.] License to Thomas, bp. of Ely,^ to confer orders 
in the chapel of his manor house at Betchworth, and to con- 
secrate altar tops : — 

Willelmus, etc. Vestre paternitatis honoribus votivis affect- 
ibus annuentes, ut hac instanti die Sabbati quatuor temporum 
post festum S. Mathei apostoli proxime jam futurum in capella 

1 Thomas Arundel, 1374, translated to York, 1388. 


Official InstriDiients. 219 

mancrii dc Hechesworth, scu in alio loco congruo ct honcsto 
infra nostram diocesim constituto pro vcstre voluntatis arbitrio 
ad hoc cligendo gcnerales ordincs libcre cclebrare possitis, ac 
omnes ct singulos nostra diocesis religiosos et seculares a nobis et 
eciam alienos quoscunque a suis diocesanis sufficienter dimissos, 
et literas dimissorias vobis ostendentes, et ad omnes minores, 
quos nondum sunt adepti, ac eciam omnes sacros ordines, dictis 
die et loco, dumtamcn literatura, moribus, natalibus, et etate ad 
ipsos ordines suscipiendos repcrti fuerint idonei, ipsique pro 
huiusmodi sacris ordinibus suscipiendis titlos vobis exhibuerint 
sufficientes, et aliud eis canonicum non obsistat, licite promovere 
et ordinare eciam valeatis. 

Quodque superaltaria vestra quecunque, eciam infra nostram 
diocesim, consecrare insuper liberc possitis, paternitati vestre 
revercnde vices nostras committimus et tenore presencium in 
Domino concedimus facultatem et licenciam specialem, quamdiu 
nobis placuerit duraturam.^ — Highclere, 19 Sept., 1374. 

Dimissory for f. John de Tanrugge, canon of Reygate, to 
priest's orders. — Ib.^ 19 Sept. 

Mandate from Simon, bp. of London, to collect a halfpenny 
in the mark towards a sum of 2900 florins for the expenses of 
Bernard, bp. of Pamplona, and Ralph, bp. of Sinigaglia, during 
the 122 days of their mission to Flanders, and 18 florins for the 
services of their notary during 30 days. — Published at Farnham, 
2 October. 

[115 a.] Excommunication denounced against certain who 
laid violent hands on an apparitor : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis archidiacono nostro Surreiensi, 
vel eius officiali, decano de Guldeforde, ac rectori ecclesie dc 
Chidyngfolde, necnon singulis rectoribus, vicariis, et capcllanis 
parochialibus per dictum decanatum constitutis, s, g. et b. Quere- 
1am dilecti filii Johannis Veel, prcsbytcri nostre diocesis, gravem 
recepimus, continentem quod nuper die lune xxv''^ mensis Scpt- 
cmbris ultimo preteriti, dum iter suum per villam de Chidyng- 
folde, dicte nostre diocesis, super execucione cuiusdam mandati 
nostri arriperet, nonnulli Satane satellites, (juorum nomina 
ignorantur penitus et persone, spiritu ducti diabolico, in ipsum 

' Renewed ij August, 1380. 

2 20 Wyke/tani's Register. 

impetuose irrucntcs manus in eundcm in casu a jure non proviso 
injeceriint temere violentas, ipsumque usque ad sanguinis efifusi- 
onem cnormem graviter vulnerando ct aliter enormitcr pertrac- 
tando scmianimem relinqucntes, maioris excommunicacionis 
summam a canone si quis suadente diabolo^ latam dampnabiliter 
incuiTcndo, in eiusdem Johannis grave prejudicium, perniciosum 
excmplum ct scandalum plurimorum ; super quibus petiit per 
nos de remedio sibi providere oportuno. 

Nolentes igitur, sicuti non valemus, tantum facinus in nostra 
diocesi oculis conniventibus pertransire impunitum, vobis om- 
nibus et singulis in virtute obediencie et sub maioris excom- 
municacionis summe pena committimus et mandamus, firmiter 
injungentes, quatenus in ecclesia de Chidyngfolde predicta et 
aliis ecclesiis vobis subditis diebus dominicis, etc. (excommuni- 
cation denounced in usual form). — Farnham, 3 Oct. 

[115 b.] Subprior- and convent of Reygate forbidden to 
allow parishioners to attend mass in the convent chapel : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis suppriori et conventui priorattls 
de Reygate nostre dioc, s. g. et b. Fama publica referente ad 
nostrum pervenit auditum, quod vos nonnullos ecclesie parochialis 
de Reygate, nostre diocesis predicte, parochianos ad missas et 
alia divina officia diebus dominicis et aliis festivisin ecclesia 
vestra conventuali per nonnulla tempora jam effluxa admisistis et 
admittatis in presenti, sacramenta et sacramentalia ecclesiastica 
in casu a jure non proviso eisdem multociens ministrando, contra 
canonicas sancciones, quorum pretextu parochiani supradicti 
eorum ecclesiam supradictam diebus huiusmodi nequiter deser- 
entes, in errores varios perlabi dinoscuntur, dum pastoris proprii 
vultum et ipsius salubria monita contempnunt, et ad ovile con- 
fugiunt alienum, in grave ipsorum periculum animarum, rectoris 
et vicarii dicte ecclesie de Reygate, et ipsius ecclesie prejudi- 
cium, dampnum, et gravamen, perniciosum eciam exemplum et 
scandalum plurimorum. 

Animarum igitur subditorum saluti in hiis prospicere cupi- 
entes, vos communiter et divisim tenore presencium requirimus 

1 " Si quis, suadente diabolo, huius sacrilegii reatum incurrerit, quod in clericura 
violentas manus injecerit, anathematis vinculo subjaceat." — Gibs., p. 9. 
2 The priorate was vacant : vol. i, p. 54. 

Official Instruments. 221 

et monemus, vobis nichilominus districcius inhibcntes, ne paro- 
chianos supradictos ad missas seu alia divina officia dicbus 
dominicis seu aliis festivis, in prejudicium ecclesic parochialis aut 
rectoris seu vicarii supradictorum admittere, seu sacramcnta aut 
sacramentalia ecclesiastica in casu a jure non proviso eisdcm 
ministrare aliqualiter presumat, set sanctorum patrum in hac 
parte canonica instituta per omnia decetero observet, sub pena 
maioris excommunicacionis, quam in contemnentes intendimus 
canonice fulminare. — Southvvark, 14 Oct., 1374. 

Monition for the parishioners to attend mass at the parish 
church : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto fih'o decano de Evvell, nostre diocesis, 
s. g. et b. Fama pubh'ca referente ad nostrum pervenit auditum, 
quod nonnulli parochiani ecclesie parochiah's de Reygate, nostre 
diocesis, diebus dominicis et aliis festivis, quibus ad eorum 
ecclesiam parochialem accedere astringuntur, missas et alia 
divina officia devocius audituri, ecclesiam conventualem prior- 
atiis de Reygate et loca aliena ipsorum, ecclesiam propriam 
parochialem supradictam nequiter deserentes, pro huiusmodi 
divinis obsequiis audiendo, devocionem amplcctentes quodam- 
modo peregrinam, adire et ad ipsa convolare presumunt contra 
canonicas sancciones, ibidemque missa matutinali seu alia missa 
peculiari per ipsos vix audita, ad tabernas, somcrhabitaciones,^ 
conventicula, et alia multociens prophana et inhoncsta, proh- 
dolor ! divertere non verentur, in varios multociens pcrlabcntes 
errores, dum propter ipsorum absenciam diebus supradictis ab 
ecclesia sua parochiali memoratorum doctoris disciplinam non 
audiant, nesciant quo vadant, debitum omittentes et inhibita 
committentes in suarum grave periculum animarum, perniciosum 
exemplum et scandalum. 

Animarum subditorum nostrorum periculo huiusmodi obviare 
volcntes, vobis committimus et mandamus firmitcr injungcntcs, 
quatcnus diebus dominicis et festivis proxime futuris ad dictam 
ecclesiam parochialem de Reygate accedcns, parochianos eius- 
dem canonice in gcnere moneas auctoritatc nostra, quos nos 
eciam tcnore prescncium rcquirimus ct monemus, quatcnus ab 
illicitis huiusmodi dc cctcru rcsipiscant, et ad ipsorum ecclesiam 

1 Summcr-housis, drinking IxxJlhs. 

222 Wykeham's Rr/^is/er. 

parochialem siipradictam di'ebus dominicis ct aliis fcstivis de 
cctero acccdant, lit tcncntur, missas ct alia divina officia ac alia 
salubria monita dcvocione debita audituri, sacramcnta et sacra- 
mcntalia ecclesiastica rccepturi, facturiquc ulteriiis in ea parte 
juxta canonicas sancciones, sub pena excommunicacionis maioris, 
etc. — Id., 14 Oct. 

[116 a.] William, r. of Buckland, appointed sequestrator 
for archdeaconry of Surrey (form p. 8). — Same date. 

[ll6b.] License of non-residence for one year granted to 
r. of Mcrrow (Robert West, vol. i, p. 23) in common form. — /^., 
22 Oct. 

Mandate directed to William Lozyng, chancellor of the 
diocese, and John de Kclleseye, to visit Sandon hospital. — 
Esher, 2 Nov. 

[117 a.] Mandate for the chancellor of the diocese to pro- 
ceed against John, r. of Bramdean, William, v. of Itchenstoke, 
and John Erode, r. of East Tisted, and their respective concu- 
bines, for incontinence. — Highclere, i Dec. 

[121 a.] Form of submission of vicar of Itchenstoke: — 

In Dei nomine, amen. Ego, Willelmus Alve (vol. i, p. 104), 
perpetuus vicarius ecclesie parochialis de Ichenestoke, Wynton. 
dioc, coram vobis reverendo, etc., vestrove commissario quocun- 
que, judicialiter pro tribunali sedente, pure, sponte, et ex certa 
mea sciencia confiteor et recognosco palam et publice, quod ego 
quandam Emmam Warde, mulierem parochialem, et filiam meam 
spiritualem, in amplexibus incestuosis sive fornicariis per non- 
nulla tempora tenui palam et publice, ipsam infra diocesim 
Wyntoniensem predictam pluries carnaliter cognoscendo, et 
proles de eadem procreando, quas pro meis tenui et recognovi 
palam et publice, et de bonis vicarie mee predicte alui et sus- 
tentavi, crimen incestus spiritualis et gravis fornicacionis cum 
eadem Emma nequiter committendo. 

Quodque ab eadem vicarie mea predicta, postquam insti- 
tutus fueram canonice in eadem, et in pacifica possessione 
corporali eiusdem, juriumque et pertinencium suorum univer- 
sorum, absque causa racionabili quacunque per non modica 

Official Instruments. 223 

tempora plurics mc abscntavi, licencia seu alia dispcnsacionc 
legitima super hoc non petita nee obtenta, ipsam vicariam mcam 
inofficiatam nequitcr deserendo, et curam parochianorum dicte 
ecclesie michi commissam miserabilitcr neglij^cndo, rcatum 
pcrjurii in ea parte dampnabilitcr incurrcndo. 

Quodque vos, reverendc pater, ct ofFicium vestrum contra me 
ad premissorum criminum et excessuum reformacionem et ad 
anime mee debitam correccionem pluries institutum per appel- 
laciones meas frivolas et inanes et alia subterfugia correccionem 
vestram huiusmodi fugiendo pluries vexavi et fatigavi indebite 
nequiter et injuste in anime mce et parochianorum meorum pre- 
dictorum grave periculum et perniciosum exemplum et scandalum 

Super quibus omnibus et singulis confiteor et recognosco 
famam publicam atque vocem laborassc et laborarc eciam in 

Et super eisdem omnibus et singulis submitto me, statum 
meum, et vicariam meam predictam, in alto ct in basso, vestris 
correccioni et disposicioni, ordinacioni, decreto, laudo,^ et arbi- 
trio, quibus stare juro et fideliter promitto, reverende pater et 
domine mi supradicte. 

Renuncio insuper in hiis scriptis pure sponte palam publico et 
expresse, ac ex certa mea sciencia, omnibus et singulis provoca- 
cionibus ct appellacionibus et querelis per me occasione pre- 
missorum seu nomine meo qualitercunque factis seu interpositis, 
quas omnes et singulas frivolas et inanes ac ex causis fictis et 
frivolis interpositas fuisse et esse sponte et publico recognosco, 
ficndisque et interponcndis et earum proccssibus quibuscunquc 
excepcionibus et replicacionibus quibuscunquc, eciam doli mali 
ct alterius cuiuscunque fuerint nature, ac aliis omnibus juris et 
facti remediis per que ista submissio mea suum plenum ct 
debitum non deberet seu non posset sortiri effectum. 

Et juro ad hec sancta Dei cvangclia per me corporaliter 
tacta, quod premissa omnia et singula, quatcnus me conccrnunt, 
in omnibus et per omnia pcrpetuis temporibus fideliter ob- 

[121 b.] Similar submissions on the part of rectors of 
Bramdean and East Tistcd. 

> Statutuni, dccrclum. — Du Cangr. 

224 ^ Vykelia m's Rei^ister. 

[117 a.] Mandate directed to official of archdeaconry of 
Winchester to sequestrate the archidiaconate, and the churches 
of Froyle, Hursley, and Newton Valence, and the vicarage of 
Kingsclere, and the prebend of St. Laurence in Romsey church, 
for arrears of pensions. — Highclere, i Dec, 1374. 

[117 b.] Similar mandate, directed to official of archdeacon 
of Surrey, touching pensions from churches of Dorking, Leather- 
head, and Witley. 

License to clergy of archdeaconry of Winchester to confess 
and absolve their parishioners in the pestilence time ^ : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio, official! archidiaconi nostri Wyn- 
toniensis, s. g. et b. Subditorum nostrorum saluti eo fervencius 
prospicere nos oportet, quod eos ab hac luce quasi subit6 sub- 
tractos generali hominum pestilencia jam urgente prospicimus. 
Ut omnes et singuli ecclesiarum dicti archidiaconatus rectores, 
et in eorum absencia ipsorum parochiales sacerdotes, ecclesia- 
rumque perpetui vicarii in dicto archidiaconatu constituti, con- 
fessiones omnium et singulorum parochianorum huiusmodi 
ecclesiarum, quibus presunt, in casibus nobis de jure vel con- 
suetudine specialiter reservatis audire, ipsosque a peccatorum 
suorum maculis, que sibi confitebuntur, absolvere, et eisdem in 
huiusmodi casibus penitencias injungere salutares licite valeant, 
pro dicta generali hominum pestilencia in ipsis parochiis huius- 
modi durante, ipsis et eorum cuilibet tenore presencium com- 
mittimus vices nostras, eisque liberam in Domino concedimus 
facultatem, usque eam interim duxerimus revocandam, etc. — 
Highclere, 11 Dec. 

A similar license was granted to clergy of archdeaconry of 

Citation, pursuant to writ, of Robert Wykford, archdeacon 
of Winchester and constable of Bordeaux, to account at the 
Exchequer. — Highclere, 27 Dec, 1374. 

[118 a.] Mandate from prior and chapter of Canterbury, the 
see being vacant, to the bishop, directing him to levy a farthing 

1 A little later, according to Walsinghajn (i, 368), Urban VI granted remission of sins 
by bull to all who died in this sickness " exceptis hiis, qui aere alieno gravabantur. " 

Official InstrumeJits. 225 

in the £. towards a sum of 1200 florins laid on the province for 
the support of the archbishop of Ravenna during his mission to 
France and England at the rate of twelve florins a day ; dated 
at Canterbury, v Kal. Dec, 1374. 

[119 a.] Letter from the prior and convent of Canterbury 
to the bishop, accusing him of negligence and delay in collect- 
ing and remitting the halfpenny in the mark for the bishops 
of Pamplona and Sinigaglia, and insisting that the sum due 
from the diocese shall be remitted to Bruges within thirty days, 
under pain of excommunication. — Dated at Canterbury, viij Id. 
Dec, 1374. 

[l20b.] Mandate to the archdeacon of Winchester for 
collection of the halfpenny in the mark and the farthing in 
the £ :— 

Willelmus, etc, dilecto filio archidiacono nostro VVynton., 
eiusve officiali, aut ipsius commissario cuicunque, s. g. et b. 
Nuper ad exigendum, colligendum, et levandum et recipiendum 
singulos obolos de singulis marcis singulorum beneficiorum 
ecclesiasticorum civitatis et archidiaconatus Wynton. predicti a 
quibuscunque viris et personis ecclesiasticis et aliis bona et 
beneficia huiusmodi in ipsis civitate et archidiaconatu obtinenti- 
bus, exemptis et non exemptis, pro expensis et procuracionibus 
venerabilium patrum, dominorum Bernardi, Dei gracia Pampi- 
lonensis et Radulphi Senogaliensis episcoporum, ac discreti viri 
Egidii, sancti Minionis prepositi, sancti Valentini, legum doctoris, 
sedis apostolice nunciorum, necnon ad exigendum, levandum et 
colligendum ac recipiendum singulos quadrantes de singulis 
libris bonorum et beneficiorum ecclesiasticorum predictorum a 
quibuscunque personis supradictis pro procuracionibus domini 
archiepiscopi Ravennensis, nuper in Anglia apostolice sedis 
nuncii, necnon ad liberandum et solvendum dictos obolos et 
quadrantes infra certum tempus iam effluxum certis receptoribus 
Londoniis in ea parte deputatis, auctoritate apostolica nobis in 
hac parte commissa nostras certi tenoris litcras meminimus 

Et, licet nostras literas vobis transmissas congruis loco et 
tempore rccepistis, vos tamen ipsas exccucioni dcbite demandare 
citra non curastis, set plus debits distulistis, in dicte sedis apos- 


226 IVyke/tdfns Rrj^isfer. 

toUcc ct nostrilm contemptiim manifcstum, penas ct censuras 
ecclesiasticas in dictis Uteris contentas ipso facto incurrendo. 

Nos cciam subsequentcr alias certorum tenorum litcras graves 
censuras ecclesiasticas continentes pro predictis procuracionibus, 
que a retro adhuc existunt, in vestro defectu non solute, levan- 
dum et colligendum, preter et ultra summas predictas, singulos 
quadrantcs de singulis libris singulorum bonorum et benefici- 
orum ecclesiasticorum predictorum a quibuscunque personis 
supradictis pro procuracionibus predictorum reverendorum pat- 
rum dominorum Pampilonensis et Senogaliensis episcoporum 
et Egidii, sancti Minionis prepositi, sancti Valentini, nunciorum 
predictorum xxvij™" die huius mensis Decembris recepimus, 
quarum tenores, propter ipsarum prolixitates ac ipsorum ncgo- 
ciorum celeritatem nimiam, presentibus omisimus inserendum, 
ipsas tamen literas originales vobis mittimus inspiciendas et 
nobis remittendas, ipsasque omnibus quorum interest exhibere 
offerimus nos paratos. 

Vos igitur tenore presencium requirimus et monemus, vobis 
communiter et divisim auctoritate apostolica, qua fungimur in 
hac parte, committimus et mandamus, in virtute obediencie, et 
sub maioris excommunicaciones summe pena et aliis censuris 
ecclesiasticis, in dictis Uteris et processibus nobis directis con- 
tentis, firmiter injungentes, quatenus infra xxiiij dies a die recep- 
cionis presencium continue numerandos tam singulos obolos 
supradictos de singulis marcis, quam eciam singulos quadrantes 
de singulis libris bonorum et beneficiorum dicte civitatis et archi- 
diaconatOs, prout ipsa bona et beneficia taxantur ad decimam, 
a singulis viris et personis ecclesiasticis supradictis, exemptis et 
non exemptis, pro procuracionibus reverendorum patrum domi- 
norum Pampilonensis et Senogaliensis episcoporum et Egidii 
sancti Minionis, nunciorum predictorum, necnon singulos quad- 
rantes de singulis libris ipsorum bonorum et beneficiorum 
secundum taxacionem eorum a personis supradictis pro pro- 
curacionibus domini archiepiscopi Ravennensis, nuper sedis 
apostolice in Anglia nuncii supradicti, exigatis, colligatis et 
levetis, seu exigi colligi et levari faciatis indilate. 

Et totam pecuniam in hac parte receptam seu recipiendam, 
una cum porcione vos, archidiacone, contingente,doniinis Roberto 
et Radulpho, ecclesiarum sanctorum Gregorii et Botulphi extra 


Official Instruments. 227 

Aldrichesgate, Londoniis, rectoribus, receptoribus in hac parte 
deputatis, in ecclesia sancti Gregorii prcdicti infra sex dies dictos 
xxiiij dies immediate sequentes integre et fideliter persolvatis, 
seu persolvi faciatis. 

Alioquin in vos, si istis mandatis, ymo veriiis apostolicis, 
non parueritis cum effectu, ac in omnes et singulos viros et 
personas ecclesiasticas bona et beneficia ecclesiastica infra dictos 
civitatem et archidiaconatum obtinentes, seculares et re^ulares, 
exemptos et non exemptos, cuiuscunque statOs, gradus, scu 
condicionis existant, dictas pecuniarum summas de bonis et 
beneficiis suis ecclesiasticis supradictis, prout ipsos singulariter 
concernunt, non solventes, mora et culpa vestris et eorum 
nostraque monicione canonica et vestra precedentibus, excom- 
municacionis, in capitula vero et conventus ecclesiarum et 
monasteriorum dictorum civitatis et archidiaconatOs, suspen- 
sionis, ac in ecclesias et monasteria eorundem civitatis et archi- 
diaconatOs, interdicti summas, exnunc pro extunc, dicta canonica 
monicione premissa, ferimus et promulgamus in hiis scriptis. 
Has insuper literas nostras, seu hunc nostrum processum, ad 
noticiam omnium et singulorum, quorum interest, deducatis, 
seu deduci faciatis, indilate, sic et talitcr, quod nulla persona 
ignoranciam verisimiliter pretendere valeat in hac parte. 

Tenore insuper presencium percmptorie te, officialem pre- 
dictum, citamus, quod compareas coram nobis vel certo nostro 
:ommissario in hac parte tricesimo die post recepcionem presen- 
:ium continue numerando, si juridicus fuerit, alioquin proximo 
die juridico tunc sequente, ubicunque in nostris civitate vel 
diocesi tunc fuerimus, super contemptu prcdicto, prout justum 
fuerit, responsurus et juri pariturus. 

De diebus ver6 recepcionis, etc. — Highclere, 28 December, 

[122 a.] Circular from bishop of London, dated London^ 
22 Jan., 1374-5, reciting letter from prior of Canterbury, in 
ivhich a bull of Gregory XI is set forth, conferring further 
powers for collection of procurations. The nuncios to Flanders 
i:iust await the result of the negotiations at Bruges during 
January, February, and March, and require the sum of 6564 
Florins, towards which sum the halfpenny in the mark and the 
farthing in the pound must be collected forthwith. 

228 WykchajHS Register. 

[l22b.] Mandate to archdeacon of Winchester to collect 
the halfpenny in the mark and the farthing in the pound. — 
Southwark, 23 Jan., 1374-5. 

[123 b.] Acquittance for ;{^20. 3^. o\d., in respect of the 
farthing in the pound on the goods of the bishop and clergy 
of archdeaconry of Winchester : — 

Noverint universi nos Robertum, sancti Gregorii, et Radul- 
phum, sancti Botulphi extra Aldrichesgate, Londoniis, ecclesiarum 
rectores, receptores obolorum de singulis libris bonorum cleri 
taxatorum in provincia Cantuariensi pro procuracione archi- 
episcopi Ravennensis, nuncii pape, recepisse de venerabili patre 
episcopo Wynton. xx^^ iij^ et quadrantem pro bonis ipsius epis- 
copi et cleri archidiaconatus Wynton. racione procuracionum 

Dat. London, sub sigillo quo utimur in hac parte xxvj*° die 
Januarii, anno Domini millesimo. CCC™° lxxiiii^° 

A similar acquittance for £^0, 6s. in respect of the half- 
penny in the mark. 

[124 b.] Mandate to archdeacon of Surrey to denounce 
excommunication against churchmen who officiate in parishes 
which are under interdict for the refusal of their incumbents to 
pay the half-penny in the mark and farthing in the pound. — 
Esher, i March, 1374-5. 

[121 a.] Dispensation granted to Robert del Falle, r. of 
Brown Candover (vol. i, p. 105), from the obligation of taking 
deacon's orders for one year, the Constitution cu7n ex eo 
notwithstanding, to study at Oxford. — Highclere, 7 Jan., 1374-5. 

[123 a.] License of non-residence for one year granted to 
m. Thomas Hugate, r. of Sherfield, to study at Oxford.^ — 
Southwark, 28 Jan. 

Mandate to sequestrator for archdeaconry of Surrey to cite 
creditors of John de Watteforde, an intestate, to attend with 
proof of their debts, and after to divide the assets pro rata : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio Willelmo, r. ecclesie parochialis 
de Bokelonde, sequestratori nostro in archidiaconatu Surreiensi, 

1 Renewed for another year in May, 1376, and for two years in May, 1377. 

Official Instruments, 229 

s. g. et b. Ad audiendum omnes et singulos per publicas pro- 
clamaciones de mandato nostro factas premunitos seu citatos in 
genere vel in specie ad diem Sabbati proximum post fcstum 
Purificacionis beate Marie proximum futurum in ecclesia S. 
Trinitatis de Guldeforde nostre diocesis, quibus Johannes de 
VVatteforde, nuper defunctus ab intestato, dum vixit, et mortis 
suo tempore, in pecuniarum summis tenebatur, debita huius- 
modi petituros, et quicquid per se habuerint in hac parte osten- 
suros et probaturos, cum continuacione et prorogacione dierum 
tunc sequencium, si opus fuerit, eisdemque et omnibus quorum 
interest in hac parte plenam justiciam faciendam, necnon si bona 
dicti defuncti ad singula debita huiusmodi persolvenda non 
sufficiant, defalcacionem singulorum debitorum huiusmodi juxta 
quantitatem eorundem legitime faciendam, factaque per vos in 
illo eventu defalcacione supradicta, quod residuum fuerit, pre- 
dictis creditoribus, de quibus vobis racionabiliter constare poterit, 
juxta ratam porcionis uniuscuiusque nomine nostro solvendum, 
ceteraque omnia et singula facienda et expedienda, que in pre- 
missis et circa ea necessaria fuerint seu eciam oportuna, vobis, de 
cuius circumspeccione et industria plene confidimus, tenore pre- 
sencium committimus vices nostras, cum cuiuslibet cohercionis 
canonica potestate. 

Et quid feceritis in premissis, etc. — Esher, 29 Jan., 1374-5. 

[123 b.] Mandate in similar terms to official of archdeacon 
of Surrey, and return by him that he has made proclamation in 
the churches and markets of Guildford for Watteford's creditors. 
— Guildford, 31 Jan. 

[124 a.] Deputation of bailiff of manors of VVargrave, 
West Wycombe, and Ivinghoe : — 

William, per la suffrance de Dieu Eucsqe de Wyncestre, a 
toutes ses foiaulx et loiaulx, ct a toutes ses tenantes q ccstes 
lettres verront et orrount, salutz en notre Sicur. Sachez nous 
avoir ordeinez et faitez nostre cher ct bicn aime Richard Gregory 
le filtz nostre baillif de noz manoirs de Wercgrave, West Wy- 
combe, et Ivyngho, ouc toutes Ics mcmbrcs apportcnantz a 
iccllcs, a garder noz terrcs, hundredes, et fraunchizcs, ct noz 
courtes tcnir, ct a pursuirc ct chalenger toutes Icz droitaircs ct 
fraunchizcs apportenantes as manoirs susdits en toutes licux 

230 Wyki'/idjfi's Regis fi:r. 

pur Ic temps qil plcst a nous. Et pur ceo voz mandons, q au 
dit Ricard es choses susdites soietz entendantz, conseilantz, et 
responans en duwe maner. En tcsmoignance de quelle chose 
nous lui avoms fait faire cestes noz lettres patentes, sealles de 
nostre seal. 

Don a nostre manoir de Esshere le primer iour de Fevrier 
I'an de rcgne nostre Sieur Edward, tiers apres le Conqueste, 
quarante neosisme. 

Dispensation from the obligation of residence granted to r. of 
St. Olave's, Southwark (vol. i, p. 52), for one year, to study. — 
Southwark, 10 Feb., 1374-5. 

Petition to the King, to exonerate certain benefices im- 
poverished by the plague : — 

Excellentissimo in Christo principi, etc., Willelmus, etc., 
salutem in Eo, per quern reges regnant et principes dominantur. 
Cum beneficia et loca subscripta, nostre diocesis, propter de- 
fectum et carenciam populi parochias beneficiorum et locorum 
huiusmodi dudum inhabitantis a tempore primo pestilencie 
hucusque de medio sublati, adeo sunt hiis temporibus exilia, et 
ad inopiam patenter redacta, quod fructus, redditus, et proventus 
beneficiorum et locorum huiusmodi ad sustentacionem curatorum 
eorundem eciam tenuem et exilem nequaquam sufficiant, prout 
per inquisicionem legitimam et alias informaciones in hac parte 
habitas nobis constat evidenter : 

Placeat excellencie regie, premissis pensatis, rectoribus et 
vicariis beneficiorum et locorum huiusmodi quascunque pecuni- 
arum summas decime per clerum dicte nostre diocesis magestati 
regie nuper concesse ipsos et eorum quemlibet concernentes, et 
a retro existentes, juxta formam et effectum concessionis eius- 
dem decime, graciose remittere, et collectores eiusdem in dicta 
nostra diocesi deputatos de dictis pecunie summis in vestro 
scaccario exonerari jubere, regie salutis obtentu et divine intuitu 
pietatis, etc. — Esher, 18 Feb., 1374-5. 

The sums to be discharged : — 

Prior de la Grave ... ... ... ... 4/9i 

Abbot of Grastein ... ... ... ... 7/4 

Church of Morestead ... ... ... ... 10/- 


Official Instruments. 231 

Church of St. Anastasius, Winchester ... ... 6/- 

Church of St. Kuwald, Winchester ... ... /SJ 

Church of Eremuwe (Yarmouth) Isle of Wight ... /1 6 

Chapel of St. Laurence de Wathe, Isle of Wight ... 8/8 

Chapel of Hacche ... ... ... ... 8/8 

Church of Asshe ... ... ... ... 10/- 

Vicarage of Portsmouth ... ... ... 13/4 

Church of Wodyngtone (Wootton), Isle of Wight ... 16/8 

Church of St. Michael, Winchester ... ... ft\ 

[124 b.] Commission for John, r. of St. Mary Magdalen, 
Bermondsey, to demand clerks incarcerate : — 

Noverint universi, nos Willelmum, etc., constituisse et ordin- 
asse per presentes dilectum nobis in Christo dominum Johannem, 
rectorem ecclesie Sancte Marie Magdalene juxta Bermundeseye, 
decanum de Suthvverke, nostre diocesis, ad exigendum, peten- 
dum, et recipiendum vice et nomine nostris quoscunque clericos 
super criminibus seu feloniis indictatos vel indictandos, et pro 
huiusmodi criminibus seu feloniis in gaola domini nostri regis 
Anglie in Suthwerke, dicte nostre diocesis, in comitatu Surr. 
incarceratos seu incarcerandos coram senescallo Marchie vel 
aliis domini nostri regis predict! justiciariis in hac parte deliber- 
andos, ad faciendum de eis in foro ecclesiastico uno modo vel 
alio secundum canonicas sancciones : cui insuper in prcmissis 
committimus vices nostras per presentes, cum cuiuslibct coher- 
cionis canonice potestate. — Southwark, 20 Feb., 1374-5. 

License granted to bp. of Ely to confer orders, dedicate 
portable altars, consecrate the oils, and make the chrism : — 

Reverendo in Christo patri et domino, domino Thome, Dei 
gracia episcopo Eliensi, Willelmus, etc. Devocionis vestrc preci- 
bus favorabiliter inclinati, ut in ecclesia de Dorkynge, seu capella 
infra manerium de Bechesvvorthe, nostre diocesis, dumtamcn 
decens fuerit et honesta, singulis statutis a jure tcmporibus infra 
unum annum a die date presencium continue numcrandum con- 
tingentibus ordines cclcbrare ac quoscunque clericos vcstrarum 
civitatis et diocesis, et alios clericos quoscuncjuc, ab corum dio- 
cesanis sufficienter dimissos, ad omnes minorcs ordines, quos 
nondum adepti fuerint, ac omnes cciam sacros ordines, debitc 
promovere : altaria quccunquc cciam portatilia consccrarc quo- 

232 IVyki'/itvn's Register. 

ciens opus fuerit, durante termino prcdicto ; nccnon in sacro 
festo Cene Domini proximo jam futuro oleum sanctum, oleum 
infirmorum, et oleum crisma cum solcmpnitate, qua decet, eciam 
conficere et consecrare licite valcatis, co non obstante, quod in 
nostra diocesi dicte ecclcsia et capclla situate existant, paternitati 
vestre revercnde liberam tcnore presencium in Domino concedi- 
mus facultatem. — Southvvark, 25 Feb., 1374-5. 

Confessors' licenses : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis ff. Johanni Purye et Roberto de 
Walyngforde, monachis ecclesie nostre cathedralis Wynton., s. g. 
et b. De fervore zeli, quem ad salutem animarum procurandam 
habere dinoscimini, vestreque puritate consciencie plenam in 
Domino fiduciam obtinentes, ad audiendum confessiones omnium 
subditorum nostrorum in archidiaconatu Wynton. peccata sua 
vobis in foro penitenciali confiteri volencium, et eos a peccatis 
suis, que vobis confitebuntur, licite absolvere valeatis, ipsisque 
pro commissis huiusmodi penitencias injungere salutares, eciam 
in casibus nobis de jure vel consuetudine specialiter reservatis, 
perjuriis in assisis, inquisicionibus, et indictamentis, et ubi agitur 
de morte vel exheredacione alicuius, violatoribus et subtractori- 
bus jurium, libertatum, et immunitatum ecclesie nostre Wynton. 
et corruptoribus sanctimonialium dumtaxat exceptis, liberam 
vobis et utrique vestrum tenore presencium concedimus facul- 
tatem, donee eam ad nos revocaverimus, duraturam. — Esher, 
5 March. 

[125 b.] Return to mandate from the official principal of 
Canterbury, requiring the bishop to hear and decide a cause 
of defamation promoted by John Campeden, r. of Mahymyet 
(Menheniot), against William atte Sele of Woodhay. The 
bishop pleads pressure of business (quia aliis arduis negociis 
regnum, nos, et ecclesiam nostram Wyntoniensem tangentibus 
multipliciter occupati, ad faciendum dictis partibus infra termi- 
num suprascriptum super premissis justicie complementum in- 
tendere non valemus), and consents to the removal of the cause 
to Canterbury. William atte Sele non est inventus. — Esher, 
16 March. 

Stephen Welewyke, of East Tisted, licensed to choose a 
confessor — ut presbyterum idoneum et scientem tibi in confes- 


Official Instruments. 233 

sorcm licite eligere valcas, quocicns tibi videbitur oportunum, 
qui te a peccatis que sibi confiteberis in foro pcnitcnciali absol- 
vere valeat, et penitencias pro commissis tibi injungere salutarcs, 
liberam tibi et confessori tuo huiusmodi tenore presencium con- 
cedimus facultatem, usque ad festum Pasche proximo futurum, 
casibus tamen nobis dc jure vel consuetudine specialiter reser- 
vatis dumtaxat exceptis. — lb., 14 March, 1374-5. 

License to Richard Hertevvelle, r. of West Horsley (vol. i, 
p. 104), to let the parsonage for one year absque clausula nofi- 
residencie. — Southwark, 20 March. 

[126 a.] Dimissory for John Toutiour, son of Robert 
Toutiour of Lambeth, who had first clerical tonsure, ad omn. 
— Esher, 27 March, 1374 {sic). 

Walter de Merstham, r. of Ewell (vol. i, p. 62), licensed to 
officiate with aid of a curate in chapel of Kyngeswode in Ewell. ^ 
—lb., 20 April, 1375. 

Prayers for the King, Edmund, earl of Kent, and John, duke 
of Bretagne : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio priori ecclesie nostre cathedralis 
Wyntoniensis, s. g. et b. Potencias Domini nostris temporibus 
auditas ac mira et immania sue virtutis opera, que Ipse est 
potenter et ineffabiliter operatus, explicarc loquendo vel com- 
prehendere non sufficeret meditando, cum incomprehensibilia 
ipsius Dei judicia et investigabiles vie eius ; set investigando 
merito miratur, stupet, et deficit investigans, quam ipse terribilis 
in consiliis super filios hominum. 

Innotescens quoque, quomodo regni rcges et rectores virtuti- 
bus fortes et viribus pro sue disposicionis libertate subducit in 
hac sua omnipotcncia, et nichilominus regnum quodcunque per 
Ipsum principalitcr gubcrnari cvidcntcr ostcndcns, ut proinde 
manifestiiis pateat regnum quodlibct regi et dirigi potius opitu- 
lantis arbitrio, quam illius, cui regimen ipsum erat sud disposi- 
cione vel permissione commissum ; sic ille Pater omnipotens, 
providencia cuncta gubernans, constitutus inter maris huius 

J King? wood lil^erty is a member of Ewell, and lies nl ihe southern extremity of ifiat 
parish on the road from Ewell to Keigate.— 3/rt//»/>»<r <^nd Bray, ii. 4(11. 

234 Wykeham's Register. 

mundi amari procellas quandoquc facile corruere permittit, ip- 
sosquc quandoquc a ruina sine rectoris idoneitate preservans ex 
sua pictate salvificat, quando ipsius presidium imploratur ; nee 
ad hoc multos vocat sapientes secundum carnem, nee multos 
nobiles, multosve potentes, set infirma mundi eligit, ut superbiam 
et que fortia sunt, confundat, ne quis creature et sapiencie nobi- 
litate vel potencie ipsius direccionem vel regni regimen erronee 
presumat ascribere, set totaliter attribuat Creatori, qui re vera, 
quos consciencia insufficencie sue premit, spe roborat, fiduciaque 
confortat, et instante necessitate, quociens vocari contingit, non 
deficit, set assistat, et in se sperantem qualitercunque in tempes- 
tatibus variis fluctuantem finaliter non relinquit, set ei subvenit, 
prout res exigit, subiciens et opprimens eidem non parentem. 

Ut ergo valeamus Ipsius influctuanti subsidio subveniri, in 
hiis presertim que accidunt hiis diebus ad humiliacionem nostram,^ 
conditoris gloriam nostrum quilibet se disponere oportebit per 
sacrarum oracionum sufifragia puris animis cum cordis mundicia 
et assiduitate perseveranter apud Altissimum postulanda, ut in 
portu periclitari non sinat, quos per discrimina tot conduxit, set 
per viscera sue misericordie implorantibus recti subsidii conferat 
incrementum et presidium salutare. 

Horum siquidem consideracione, ac eciam cum jam indies 
bella ingruant inter regna, oraciones devotas, presertim pro 
pace et tranquillitate ecclesie, regis, et regni Anglie, procerum et 
magnatum, et tocius populi dicti regni, et specialiter pro statu 
et felici expedicione nobilissimorum filiorum dicti regis domino- 
rum Edmundi comitis Cantabrigg. et Johannis ducis Britannic 
ac aliorum dominorum magnatum et fidelium eiusdem pro 
salvacione juris dicti regni Anglie ad partes transmarinas destin- 
atorum missas, processiones, et oraciones ac alia pietatis opera 
in singulis ecclesiis regularibus et secularibus nostre diocesis 
decrevimus in spiritu humilitatis et devocionis fore solempniter 
celebrandas, et ad hec exequenda breve domini nostri regis re- 
cepimus speciale in hec verba '^ Edwardus" etc. 

1 The defeat off Rochelle, here referred to, had wrested from the English the mastery 
of the seas, and the two towns of Bordeaux and Bayonne were all that remained of the 
English possessions in Acquitaine, It was a time of shame and suffering such as England 
had never known. — Green, Hist, of Engl. People, v, § 2. As Walsingham wrote thirteen 
years later (vol. i, p. 375), "sub hac tempestate hie illicque percutimur, undique vero 
generaliter flagellamur " — we were whipped everywhere. 

Official Instruments. 235 

Nos in cordis intimis attendentes propositum dicti domini 
nostri regis fore sanum et suis fidelibus oportunum, ct ob hoc 
volentes predictis suis peticionibus exequendis, prout tenemur et 
debemus, totis viribus insudare, et eas in quantum possumus, 
effectui debito mancipare, vos attente rcquirimus et rogamus, 
vobis nichilominus firmiter injungendo, mandantes, quatenus pro- 
cessiones solempnes singulis quartis et sextis feriis in ecclesia 
nostra cathedrali predicta fieri faciatis, etc., with forty days in- 
dulgence. — Esher, 30 May, 1375. 

Similar mandate for archdeacon of Winchester. 

[127a.] Excommunication denounced against certain com- 
moners who entered the bishop's close at Northwode/ in the 
parish of Cobham, and ' portas dicti clausi abstulerunt, fossasque 
ac fossatas nostras dictum nostrum clausum circumferentes, 
sepesque nostras pasturas ibidem includentes fregerunt, com- 
busserunt, consumpserunt, et devastarunt, pasturasque nostras 
predictas per animalia sua dcvorarunt et destruxcrunt, et bona 
insuper nostra illic inventa contrectarunt illicite et injuste, preter 
et contra voluntatem nostram, aut eorum qui fuerunt huiusmodi 
rerum ac locorum custodiis deputati, in animarum suarum grave 
periculum,' etc. — Esher, 22 May, 1375. 

Excommunication denounced against certain who impede 
the exercise of ecclesiastical jurisdiction, and presume " capcre, 
verberare, et male pertractare " bearers of missives from the 
bishop ; by circular to official of archdeaconry of Winchester, 
dean of Ewcll, and v. of Cobham. — lb., 25 May. 

License of non-residence for three years granted to William 
Boteller, r. of Wotton (vol. i, pp. 49, 108), with usual clauses and 
power to let. — lb., 2 July. 

Commission directed to John de Ware, r. of Wonston, Hugh 
dc Croft, r. of Waltham, William Wolfe, r. of Meonstoke, ds. 
William Renaud, r. of Fen Stanton, and dean of Droxford, to 
sequestrate the rectory of Droxford pending trial of title to 
advowson ~ between two claimants of the rectory : — 

^ Lands calUd Nortliwood in Cobham Ix-longed to ihr lubhop's lu.mor of I'^hrr, and 
were made purl of the honour and chace of Huniplon Court by Henry VIII, but were 
restored to ih (see by letters patent in i Mary.— A/unning and li ray, i, 461. 

j a Vol. i. pp. 54. 77' 

236 IVyke/uim's Register. 

Et si una ecclesia unius debeat esse rectoris, et unum bene- 
ficium non duos ministros, set unum, debeat obtinere, ad nostrum 
tamen pervenit auditum et sufficienter sumus ac plenius infor- 
mati, quod duo rectores ecclesie parochialis de Drokenesforde, 
dicte nostre diocesis, se pretendunt, qui plurimum contendunt et 
dissident pro eadem, quorum nullus est possessor pacificus aut 
quietus, et qui fructus et proventus dicte ecclesie dilapidant et 
consumunt, et pro suo distrahunt libito voluntatis, propter quod 
dicta ecclesia suis ministris omnibus destituta, divinis officiis et 
obsequiis penitus defraudatur, in ipsorum animarum grave peri- 
culum, dicteque ecclesie scandalum insuper manifestum. 

Nolentes igitur premissa sub oculis conniventibus dimittere 
et ulteriiis pertransire, vobis conjunctim et divisim firmiter injun- 

gendo mandamus, quatenus fructus, etc dicte ecclesie 

sequestretis, etc. — Farnham, 10 July, 1375. 

Prior of St. Mary Overy and John Querneby, elk., com- 
missioned to grant probate of the archbishop of Dublin's ^ will, 
as to goods within the diocese. — /^., 12 July. 

License of non-residence during the bishop's pleasure granted 
to Ralph de Dudelesford, r. of Chiddingfold (vol i, p. 100). — 
Southwark, 16 July. 

Commission to the official (Wormenhale) to hear and deter- 
mine a cause of libel promoted by John de Campedene, r. of 
Loughborough, against William atte Sele, for having falsely and 
maliciously alleged in the presence of respectable persons (apud 
bonos et graves) that Campeden destroyed the seal appended to 
the grant of a certain croft, to the perpetual disherison of atte 
Sele, and contrary to the Provincial Constitution Auctoritate 
Patris Omnipotentis ; ^ Campeden having purged himself on 
oath of the charge. — Ib.y 2 July. 

[128 b.] Grant of administration of the goods of sir Arnald 
Savage, kt., to dame Eleanor the widow. — Ib.y 28 July. 

1 Thomas Minot, 1363-75. 
2 The reference is to a Provincial Constitution of archbp. Langton, A. D. 1222, which 
denounces excommunication against violators of the privileges of the church, disturbers of 
the public peace, false witnesses, suborners, defamers, advocates obstructing lawful 
marriages, opposers of any jus patronattas, and obstructors of writ de ^-^communicato 
capiendo. — Gibs., 1052. e 

Official Instruments. 237 

Excommunication denounced against trespassers on the 
lands of Waverley Abbey (see p. 10). — lb., 31 July, 1375. 

[129 a.] Mandate to cite the rector of Upham (vol. i, pp. 
37, 75), to shew cause why the rectory should not be sequestrated 
on the complaint of the parishioners, who say that he absents 
himself " ecclesiam suam inofficiatam miserabiliter deserendo, 
unde quidam parochianorum dicte ecclcsie absque sacramcntis 
ecclesie in ipsius rectoris defectu obierunt, corpora mortuorum 
debito tempore non sepeliuntur, pueri non baptizantur, aliaque 
quamplurima nephanda evenerunt." — Waltham, 3 July. 

[129 b.] Dame Joan Camoys, wife of sir Hugh Camoys, 
licensed to choose her own confessor and keep a chaplain to say 
mass in her chapel (in oratorio decenti et proprio) within the 
manor of Eastrop, until Christmas. — lb., 10 Aug. 

License of non-residence for one year granted to m. Thomas 
Kelly, r. of King's Worthy (vol. i, p. 48), with liberty to let the 
parsonage ^ — lb., 20 August. 

Monition of such as withhold personal tithes from the abbot 
of Waverley : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis archidiaconis, officialibus, decanis, 
rectoribus, vicariis, ac capellanis parochialibus ecclesiarum paro- 
chialium nostrarum civitatis et diocesis s. g. et b. Privilcgium 
ab apostolica sede indultum monasterio de Waverle, ordinis 
Cistcrciensis, et nostre diocesis, ac fratribus famulantibus Altis- 
simo in eodem, nobis prescntatum inspeximus, in quo inter 
cetera vidimus contineri, quod dudum dicti fratrcs, variis per 
suos emulos attriti incommodis, et innumeris injuriis lacessiti, 
ac propterea Romano pontifici conqucrcntes, Cantuariensem 
archiepiscopum et eius suffraganeos litcris peticrunt apostolicis 
excitari, ut ita videlicet eis in tribulacionibus suis contra male- 
factores eorum prompta dcbcant magnanimitatc consurgcrc, et 
ab angustiis ct pressuris apostolico possint presidio rcspirarc. 

Idcoquc nobis, cum aliis suffragancis Cantuariensis provincie 
per apostolica scripta mandatum cxtitcrit «t prcceptum, qua- 
tenus illos, qui possessiones vel res seu domos monastcrii ipsorum 
fratrum vel hominum eius irreverenter invascrint, aut ca injustc; 

1 Renewed p. 156^ for another year. 

238 Wykeham's Register. 

detinuerint, que pro dicto monastcrio ex testamento dcceden- 
cium rclinquuntur, vel decimas laborum,^ vel nutrimentorum - 
ipsorum, sprctis apostolice sedis privilegiis, presumpserunt ex- 
torquere, monicionc premissa, si laici fucrint, pena candelis 
accensis excommunicacionis percellamus ; si vero clerici, vel 
canonici regulares, seu monachi fuerint, eos, appcllacione remota, 
ab officio ct beneficio suspendamus, ncutram relaxaturi summam, 
donee prcdictis fratribus plcnarie satisfaciant ; villas autem, in 
quibus bona predictorum fratrum et hominum suorum per vio- 
lenciam detenta fuerint, quamdiu ibi sunt, interdict! summe 

Verum quia presencium experiencia temporum satis declarat, 
quod indies clericis laici opido sunt infesti, quod insuper eciam 
antiquitas declaravit, dum suis finibus non contenti, nituntur in 
vetitum aspirare, et ad illicita frena relaxant ; non prudenter 
attendentes, quam sit eis in clericos ecclesiasticasve personas, 
presertim regulares, et eorum bona interdicta potestas, contra 
premissa tarn ipsi laici quam persone alie huiusmodi memorate, 
quorum nomina ignorantur preter et persone, indies agere non 
verentur, et possessiones, res, domos, monasterii ipsorum fratrum 
et eius hominum irreverenter et nequiter invaserunt, ac ea injuste 
detinuerunt, que predicto monasterio ex testamento decedencium 
relinquuntur et decimas laborum et nutrimentorum ipsorum 
spretis privilegiis apostolicis extorquerunt, in animarum suarum 
grave periculum, dictorum fratrum dampnum non modicum et 
gravamen, prout ex parte dictorum fratrum nobis in hac parte 
graviter conquerencium extitit intimatum, humiliter postulan- 
cium, quatenus eisdem, juxta effectum dicti privilegii, de opor- 
tuno remedio poterit provided. 

Nos igitur, volentes privilegia dicti monasterii tueri et pro- 
tegere illibata, mandato sedis apostolice nos ad hoc firmiter 
impellente, vobis omnibus et singulis firmiter injungendo man- 
damus, quatenus in ecclesia cathedrali Wyntoniensi, ac ceteris 
ecclesiis et locis aliis publicis nostre diocesis, in quibus expedire 

1 Personal tithes are such profits as do arise by the honest labour and industry of man, 
employing himself in some personal work, artifice, or negotiations, being the tenth part 
of the clear gain after charges deducted. — Phillimore, ed. ii, p. 1048. 

2 Mixed tithes are those which arise not immediately from the ground but from things 
immediately nourished by the ground, as by means of goods depastured thereupon or 
otherwise nourished with the fruits thereof, as colts, calves, lambs, chicken, milk, cheese, 
eggs.— /<>. 

Official Instruments. 239 

videritis, et per partem dictorum fratrum fucritis congrue rcqui- 
siti, moneatis et efficaciter inducatis, monerive faciatis et induci, 

quod dictis fratribus satisfaciant pro premissis injuriis, 

etc. In default, excommunication denounced. — Waltham, 27 
August, 1375. 

[130 a.] Mandate directing oflRcial of archdeacon of Win- 
chester to make the usual proclamations for opposers on the 
occasion of the election of a prior (Inguerand de Dinno, vol. i, 
p. 63), of West Shirbourne. — lb., 24 Aug. 

M. John de Bukyngham, canon of York, commissioned to sit 
at the priory church on the second court day in September, and 
hear opposers. — lb., i Sept. 

Dame Eleanor Wodelok, wife of sir Thomas Wodelok, kt., 
and Agnes Parys, licensed to choose their own confessors. — Ib.^ 
28 August. 

[130 b.] Probate of Henry de Wattesforde's will granted to 
ds. Robert Croucheston, r. of Stratfieldsaye, and John Waryn, r. 
of Over Wallop, and power reserved to ds. John de Peveseye, 
capellanus, to come in and prove. — Same date. 

[130 b.] Archbishop Sudbury having received from the 
nuncio, while the see of London was vacant, a bull of Gregory 
XI laying a halfpenny in the mark on the province of Canter- 
bury towards the expenses of the mission of the archbishop of 
Ravenna and bishop of Carpentras to England, wrote to the 
bishop of Winchester to circulate the bull throughout the 
province. The bishop declined, on the ground that the prior of 
Canterbury was the proper person to do so : — 

[132 a.] Quibus quidem literis per dominum episcopum 
Wynton. receptis, visis, et pleniiis intellectis, idem reverendus 
pater, habita super eisdem cum consilio suo deliberacione dili- 
genti et matura, dixit et asseruit expresse prcfatas literas a 
veritatis tramite recedere, casque salva reverencia tanti patris 
usquequaque, veras non esse in e^ parte, presertim ubi asseritur 
in eisdem ipsarum execucionem, Londoniensi sedc vacantc, ad 
ipsum dominum Wyntoniensem pertinere dcberc, cum non ad 
ipsum, ut prctcnditur, huius negocii exccucio, nisi pro porcionc 
ipsum et dioccsim suam Wyntoniensem contingentc, ncc dc jure 

240 Wykehtifns Register. 

nee de eonsuetudinc dinoscitur pertinere. Asseruit quoque 
ulterius dietiis rcvercndus pater, dominus Wyntonicnsis episco- 
pus, quod prcfatas literas, illo modo saltern quo mandabatur in 
eisdem, noluit exequi quovismodo, set per venerabilem virum 
m. Willelmum Lozyng . . . prefato domino archiepiscopo literas 
suas excusacionis in hac parte transmisit, sub hac forma : — 

Reverendissime pater et domine. Literas vestras et mandata 
que nobis dirigere placuit vestra paternitas reverenda, mandatum 
reverendi in Christo patris ac domini, domini Guillermi, misera- 
cione Divina episcopi Carpentoracensis, et sedis apostolice nuncii, 
pro certis stipendiis eidem certis loco et tempore persolvendis 
specialiter, que vobis directum inter cetera continencia recepimus, 
juxta quarum continenciam intelleximus vestram paternitatem 
reverendam pretendere, quod ad nos, sede episcopali Londoniensi 
vacante, earundem execucio de consuetudine pertineat et debeat 
pertinere ; et quod vices suas gerere debeamus in casibus huius- 
modi et omnibus memoratis ; que quidem litere et mandata, et 
si per nos hac vice sint minime executa, eo modo presertim, quo 
vestra nobis paternitas demandavit, molestum gerere non dig- 
netur eadem vestra paternitas reverenda. 

Set ut nos in hac parte habere dignemini excusatos, supliciter 
exoramus, causas, si libeat, attenciias attendentes que nos pro- 
pediunt in premissis, quas vobis vester clericus m. Willelmus 
Lozynge et noster cancellarius, quern ex hac causa vobis mitti- 
mus pleniiis informatum, vestre paternitati latius sciverit enar- 
rare ; cui, si placeat, cum eidem in hac parte aperuimus dilucide 
mentem nostram, fidem credulam adhibere dignemini in hiis, 
que vestre paternitati circa premissa ex parte nostra plenissime 
reserabit, et suis attentis dicendis oportunum remedium in pre- 
missis solita vestra dignetur benignitas impertiri. . . . 

The Primate's reply : — 

Frater reverende, et consors carissime. Intelleximus literas 
vestras et credenciam m. Willelmi Lozyng ; et licet antiquitus 
ad honorem ecclesie vestre fuerit ordinatum, quod vos sic 
scriberetis omnibus aliis episcopis (sicuti alias habet prerogativas 
post Londoniensem), quia honorabilius est mandare aliis quam 
quod sibi ab inferioribus precipiatur, licet onus aliquale habet 
annexum ; tamen videmus, quod aliter estis informati, quod hoc 

Official histniments. 241 

esset contra honorem verum cum re vera non sit ; ct quod 
velletis libenter ab hoc de present! excusari : sciatis, amice 
carissime, quod non libenter faceremus aliquid quod vobis dis- 
pliceret, et nullo modo illud quod esset contra honorem vestrum 
faceremus ; set istud non est tale ; tamen contemplacioni vestre 
exspectabimus ad tempus, et si posscmus cum honore nostro, 
scribemus nosmet singulis episcopis; set absit quod unus canoni- 
cus Londoniensis, custos spiritualitatis, mandaret vobis et aliis 
prelatis ; et ideo pensate, quid sit faciendum, et nos faciemus, 
quia dilacio est tediosa propter transitum nostrum in Flandria, 
ubi incontinent! clamabunt procuracionibus suis, et nondum est 
nobis solutum, quod ibi solvimus Pampilonensi et college. 
Valete feliciter, ut optamus. Scriptum festinanter manu propria 
inepta isto die veneris apud Otteforde. 

Ac subsequenter dictus reverendus pater episcopus Wynton. 
prefatas literas juxta vim, formam, et essenciam earundem, qua- 
tenus ipsum et diocesim suam Wynton. concernebant, et non 
aliter, nee ulterius, mandavit et fecit execucioni debitc deman- 
dari. Scriptumque fuit archidiaconis, etc. — Waltham, 14 Sept. 

[132 b.] The pope having demanded subsidies in France, 
Spain, and Germany, and laid a tenth on the clergy of England 
" pro relevandis oneribus expensarum nobis ac Romane ecclesie, 
ut nos et ipsam Romanam ecclesiam eiusque bona et jura in 
partibus Italic ab invadencium incursibus defendamus, eorumque 
resistamus injuriis et jacturis incumbencium, ad quas aliter 
sufFicere non possumus in Francie et Ispanie regnis, necnon in 
Alamannia aliisque partibus fidelium, personis ecclesiasticis certa 
subsidia decimalia ; ac dilcctis filiis clero Anglic unam decimam 
de suis proventibus ecclesiasticis unius anni duobus tcrminis 
tunc exprcssis persolvendam," the clergy granted a subsidy of 
100,000 florins ; and at the Convention of Bruges it was agreed 
that 30,000 florins should be paid on All Saints' Day, 1375, 
30,000 more on St. John l^aptist's Day, 1376, and the balance of 
40,000 on the conclusion of peace. 

Mandate directed to John, bp. of Lincoln, and other bishops 
of the province, to collect the subsidy, pursuant to a message 
from the Primate, dated at Lambeth, iij Kal. Oct., 1375. — Farn- 
ham, 16 October. 


242 IVykehajus Register. 

The bishop waived his objection to issuing this mandate 
"ad spccialem rogatum" of the Primate, conveyed by means of 
the following postscript to the message : — " Fraternitatem ves- 
tram rogamus attcnte, quatcnus dictas apostolicas (literas) 
propter varia et diversa impedimenta, quibus circa negocia 
domini nostri regis Anglic statiim eiusdem regni concernencia, 
et potissime pro tractatu pacis inter ipsum dominum nostrum 
regem et Carolum, adversarium suum de Francia, ad partes 
transmarinas necessari6 profecturi detinemur in presenti, hac vice 
velitis exequi cum effectu, juribus ecclesie nostre Cantuariensis 
et vestre Wyntoniensis in omnibus semper salvis." 

[133 b.] Commission directed to rectors of Cheriton, North 
Stoneham, and Crawley, to levy this subsidy in the archdeaconry 
of Winchester ; and to archdeacon of Surrey to levy it in his 
archdeaconry. — Farnham, 16 October, 1375. 

[134 a.] The Primate confirmed the above postscript by 
the following official letter : — 

Simon, permissione divina Cantuariensis episcopus, tocius 
Anglie primas, et apostolice sedis legatus, venerabili fratri nostro, 
domino Willelmo, etc., salutem, etc. Cum propter ardua negocia 
domini nostri regis et regni Anglie ad partes transmarinas opor- 
teat nos transferre, vos cordialiter rogamus, quatenus mandatum 
apostolicum super levacione cuiusdam subsidii a domino nostro 
papa petiti a prelatis et clero Anglie, quod pridie vobis trans- 
misimus, diligenter velitis exequi ista vice, nostri contemplacione 
et amore : scientes, quod per hoc vobis et ecclesie vestre nolumus 
prejudicare, aut aliquod novum inducere onus eidem, set protest- 
amur expresse, quod tam jura ecclesie nostre Cantuariensis quam 
vestre Wyntoniensis volumus illibata servare, vestra execucione 
huiusmodi non obstante. Semper in Domino valeat vestra 
fraternitas reverenda. 

Dated at Lambeth on St. Wolfram's day, being Monday, 
and sealed " cum sigillo magno rotundo, capita episcoporum 
suffraganeorum ecclesie Cantuariensis continenti." 

[132 b.] Thomas Southam, archdeacon of Oxon., John de 
Lydeforde, canon of Chichester, John de Uptone, and Robert 

Official Fustntments. 243 

Knyght, capellanus, or any one or more of them, appointed 
proctors to pay the bishop's biennial visit to the Roman Court. 
— London, 10 Oct., 1375. 

Probate of will of sir John Maynard, kt., granted to dame 
Margery, his widow and executrix. — Southwark, 1 1 Oct. 

Probate of will of Thomas Zerd, r. of Chelsfield, dio. Roffen., 
as to effects in diocese of Winchester, granted to John Wyght, 
his executor. — Same date. 

Probate of will of Simon de Uvedale granted to John de 
Uvedale,^ one of the executors ; power being reserved for Robert 
Rope and Stephen Broun, to come in and prove. — lb., 12 Oct. 

[134.] Commission directed to vicar of Hound for the 
monition of certain who refused to pay tithe to the prior of 
Hamble. — Farnham, 24 Oct. 

At the same time and place the prior was sworn " quod 
possessiones ad dictum prioratum pertinentes non vendet, don- 
abit, neque impignorabit, neque de novo infeudabit, vel aliquo 
modo alienabit, inconsulto dicto reverendo patre." 

Probate of will of John de Ware, r. of Wonston, granted to 
his executors, William Midwynter, r. of St. George's, Winches- 
ter, John Peveseye and John Colyngbournc, prs., and Robert 
Knave of Wonston, a layman added by the bishop to assist 
them. — lb., 30 Oct. 

[134 b.] Procurations and first fruits of benefices conferred 
by provision to be recovered for the pope. Bishop's certificate 
in reply to letter from Arnald Gerncrii, the nuncio and collector 
of papal dues, enjoining him to denounce excommunication 
against abbot of Waverlcy and priors of Merton, Newark, 
Selborne, Southwick, and West Shirbourne for non-payment of 
procurations, and archdeacon of Surrey, for non-payment of 

1 Probably John, son rxnd heir of Sir Thomas dc Uvedale, kt., of Tilsey. and husband 
of Sibil, daughter and heiress of Sir John de Scares, kt., who brought the Wickluin 
properly into the Uvedale family.— A^o/jVw of the Family of Uvedale, p. 23. 

R 2 

244 Wykeham's Register. 

Peter pence in 1374 ; and to sequestrate certain benefices ^ filled 
by provision for nonpayment of first fruits. The bishop has 
denounced excommunication against the first-named persons, 
and has sequestrated the priory of Apuldercombe, the church of 
Witley, the vicarage of Alton and the prebend of Leckford, and 
cited the holders thereof to answer for their default. The other 
benefices he has not sequestrated, for the reason that Croydon is 
a peculiar of the archbishop, and the rest are outside his own 
diocese. No other benefice in his diocese, with one exception, 
has been filled by provision since the accession of the present 
pope, and therefore no other benefice has been sequestrated for 
non-payment of first fruits. The exception is Godalming. 
Cardinal James de Ursinis took it by provision under the present 
pope ; and inasmuch as the cardinal has gone away leaving no 
address, his proctor, Raymund Pellegrini, has been cited in his 
place. The annual value of the church of Godalming, according 
to the best evidence obtainable, is ;^30. — Southwark, 22 Nov. 

[135b.] Probate of will of William Rothelay (vol. i, pp. 61, 
62), r. of Streatham, granted to John Cowyk, the executor. — Ib.^ 
19 Nov. 

Probate of will of William Redenesse (vol. i, p. 59), r. of 
Asshe, Surrey, granted to Thomas Grymesby, elk., one of the 
executors, power being reserved to the others to come in and 
prove. — Ib.^ 22 Nov. 

Gregory XI to the bishop. The pope has heard how the 
kings of England and France have sent ambassadors to treat of 
peace. He has written himself to the king of England on the 
subject, and now invites the bishop to use his influence to bring 
it about. The subsidy which the pope has laid on the clergy of 
England towards meeting the expenses incurred in resisting the 

^ Priory of Apuldercombe on confirmation of prior John de Osanna, temp. Clement V, 
£1^. js. ; church of Wynterley {sic) on being united at King's request to St. Augustine's 
nunnery, Rochester ; rectory of Croydon, on provision to Raymond de Piletone ; church 
of Eltham on provision to John Foliot, although subsequently exchanged for another 
benefice ; church of Fortes, London, on acceptance by Thomas de Wyndone, arrears i8 
marks ; vicarage of Alton on confirmation of John de Malteby ; prebend of Leckford on 
provision to Adam Pope ; vicarage or lazar-house of St. Julian near St. Alban's on pro- 
vision to Hugh de Pugintone ; church of Bluntisham on provision to Michael Russel ; 
vicarage of Lalyngham (Lalehara) on provision to Thomas de Irland ; vicarage of Walter's 
Castle on provision to one Owell ; abbot of Chertsey admonished to pay 8j. arrears. 

Official Instruments. 245 

invasion of the territories of the church has not been paid. The 
clergy of England are rich, and the realm has not suffered from 
invasion ; it is hoped that the bishop will see the subsidy paid. 

Gregorius episcopus, servus servorum Dei, venerabili fratri 
episcopo Wyntoniensi salutem et apostolicam benediccionem. 
Nuper gratanter accepimus, qualiter carissimi in Christo filii 
nostri Edvvardus Anglic et Carolus Francorum reges illustres 
ambaxiatores suos solemnes pro tractatu pacis inter ipsos reges, 
dante Deo, peragende Brugis destinarunt, ac eidem regi Anglie 
super hoc scribimus, eum ad bonam pacem graciose exortando. 

Verum cum huiusmodi pacis negocium inter cetera nobis 
incumbencia, prout novit Altissimus, et aliter tibi scripsimus, 
cordi, nee immerito, habeamus, et dubitemus, si tractatus huius- 
modi, quod absit, rumperetur, quod peccatis exigentibus tarde 
vel iniquiter inter dictos pax resurgeret peroptata, ac in premissis 
favor tuus sit plurimum oportunus, fraternitatem tuam nobis 
caram rogamus et hortamur attente, quatenus per nostram et 
apostolice sedis reverenciam, et eciam tue salutis intuitu, apud 
eundem regem Anglie, quod nostris in hac parte precibus annuat, 
opem des, prout plene confidimus, et operam efficaces. 

Preterea, cum pro relevandis oneribus expensarum nobis et 
Romane ecclesie ut nos et ipsam Romanam ccclcsiam, ciusque 
jura et bona in partibus Italic ab invadencium manibus defend- 
amus, eorumque resistamus injuriis et jacturis incumbencium, ad 
quos sufficere non possumus, in Francie et Ispanie regnis, nccnon 
in Alamannis aliisque partibus fidelium personis ecclcsiasticis 
certa subsidia duxerimus imponenda, que quidem persone ecclesi- 
astice in hiis nobis, prout tenebantur, quamvis propter guerras 
et alias causas multiplicibus oneribus fatigate essent, pro maiori 
parte paruerunt, ac clero rcgni Anglie, qui in rcdditibus habun- 
dat, et quod quidem rcgnum, favente Domino, in se guerris 
non conturbatur, ccrtum modcratum subsidium, prout alitor tibi 
scripsimus, duxerimus imponcndum, quod tamcn nondum cxtitit 
persolutum ; 

Nosque et dicta Romana ecclesia, tam propter premissas 
quam alias racionabilcs causas, devotorum subsidiis plus solit6 
egcamus de prescnti ; eandcm fraternitatem tuam, quam in adim- 
plendis votis nostris promptam semper invenimus et paratam, ut 

246 Wykc/ta/fis Register 

carius possumus dcprccamur, quatenus pro nostra et apostolicc 
sedis rcverencia, ct sicut nobis placere desideras, huiusmodi 
clcrum Anf^lic ad solvendum dictum subsidium viis et modis 
quibus poteris inducere non postponas. 

Dilcctum siquidem filium Arnaldum Gernerii ... in regno 
Anglie nuncium apostolicc scdis ct fructuum et proventuum 
ibidem camere apostolicc debitorum collectorcm, cui aliqua tibi 
referenda commisimus, et quem una cum juribus predicte camere 
nostre recommendamus, ad partes illas destinamus, cui fidem 
indubiam adhibeas in dicendis. 

Avinione, xiij Kal. April, pontificatus nostri anno quinto. 

[136 a.] The bishop to the primate. He has received the 
primate's letter (p. 239) touching the collection of the pope's 
subsidy, and will, this once, circulate it in the province. As far 
as his own diocese is concerned, the subsidy shall be collected 
as soon as possible : — 

Reverendissimo, etc. . . . Literas vestras nuper xiiij*^ die 
mensis Octobris ultimo preteriti recepimus in hec verba Simon 
permissions divind, etc., ut in proximo quaterno plenius continetur. 
Volentes igitur ob reverenciam sedis apostolicc ac premissorum 
negociorum intuitu, necnon ex eo, quod pro tractatu pacis inter 
prefatum dominum nostrum regem Anglie illustrem et Carolum, 
adversarium suum Francie, si Deo placuerit, habende in partibus 
transmarinis, vos necessario, prout scribitis, intendere oportuit 
et oportet, prefatas literas vestras exequi ista vice, licet ad hoc 
minime teneamur, vel temporibus preteritis tenebamur, auctori- 
tate apostolica supradicta. 

Universis et singulis tunc confratribus et suffraganeis vestris 
ac custodibus sive officialibus et vicariis spiritualitatis civita- 
tum et diocesium Londonensis, Wygornensis, et Sarum, sedibus 
episcopalibus ibidem tunc vacantibus, nostris literis literarum 
apostolicarum predictarum et vestrarum tenorem continentibus, 
quas certis cursoribus nostris juratis prefatis confratribus et 
suffraganeis vestris ac custodibus sive officialibus et vicariis 
supradictis ulteriias transmittendas et deferendas xxiiij*° die dicti 
mensis Octobris apud Suthwerke fecimus liberari, et mandavi- 
mus eisdem, artius injungentes, quatenus ipsas literas apostolicas 

Official Instrmnents. 247 

et vestras juxta omnem vim, formam, et cssenciam carundem 
exequerentur debite, quatenus ipsos singulariter concerncbant, 
cum cffectu ; quodque ipsi ct eorum quilibet de factis sivc habitis 
in premissis ac de nominibus solvencium ct non solvencium 
medietatem decime supradicte citra terminos memoratos ct 
eorum quemlibet vos distincte ct aperte certificent per literas 
eorum patentes dictarum vestrarum et nostrarum literarum 
seriem continentes sub penis et censuris ecclesiasticis in prefatis 
Uteris vestris plenius comprehensis. 

Nos eciam pro bonis et beneficiis nostris ecclesiasticis ad 
nos seu mensam nostram episcopalem pertinentibus, clerusque 
nostrarum civitatis ac diocesis Wyntoniensium pro huiusmodi 
bonis et beneficiis suis infra ipsas nostras civitatem et dioccsim 
VVyntonienses existentibus, quatenus nos et ipsos singulariter 
concernunt, de dicte decime medietate citra terminos memoratos, 
quatenus propter beneficiorum predictorum exilitatem divers- 
asque imposiciones et ruinas variosque rerum eventus adversos 
hiis temporibus in partibus predictis plus solito contingentes 
exigi et levari poterit, eciam per censuras ecclesiasticas nobis 
commissas quascunque, persolvi faciemus et facient dcbitc sine 
mora, juxta literarum vestrarum exigenciam et tenorcm. 

Nomina vero non solvencium in nostra diocese supradicta 
porciones ipsos contingentes in hac parte pro prima solucione 
supradicta in rotulo presentibus annexo conscribuntur, contra 
quos processus per omnia fieri fecimus occasionc non solucionis 
huiusmodi juxta vim, formam, et effectum literarum vestrarum 
predictarum. Que omnia et singula paternitati vestre reverende 
significamus per presentes, sigillo nostro consignatas, quam ad 
ecclesie sue regimen conscrvet semper in prospcris nostri clcmen- 
cia Salvatoris. — Esher, the eve of St. Thomas the apostle, 1375. 

Acquittance by the collectors of the half penny in the mark 
for £g. 6s. oid. the bishop's quota : — 

Noverint universi nos Robertum, Sancti Grcgorii, et Radul- 
phum, Sancti Botulphi extra Aldrichcsgatc, London., ccclcsiarum 
rectores ac rcceptorcs obolorum de marca dc singulis marcis 
bonorum et beneficiorum virorum ccclcsiasticorum tocius pro- 
vincic Cantuaricnsis ad dccimam taxatorum pro procuraciunibus 

248 IVyke ham's Register. 

revcrendoriim virorum ct dominorum Pillei, Dei gracia archi- 
episcopi Ravcnnensis, et Guillcrmi, cpiscopi Carpentoraccnsis, 
sedis apostolice nunciorum, dc rcvcrcndo patrc, etc., pro bonis 
dicti cpiscopi ubicunque cxistentibus in plenam solucionem dic- 
tarum procuracionum per manus m. Johannis de Bukyngham 
novem libras, sex solidos, et obolum stcrlingorum recepisse. In 
cuius rei testimonium, etc. — London, 22 Oct., 1375. 

[136 b.] Mandates directed to the officials of the arch- 
deacons of Winchester and Surrey for summoning the clergy 
of their archdeaconries to convocation ; and to the prior of 
Winchester for himself and the chapter, in common form. — 
Farnham, 6 Jan., 1375-6. 

Commission to visit Breamore priory, directed to m. John 
de Wormenhale, the official, and the prior of Mottisfont : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis Johanni de Wormenhale, officiali 
nostro, et priori prioratus de Motesfonte, ordinis S. Augustini, 
nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. Licet alias priorem et conventum 
prioratus de Bromore, ordinis S. Augustini, dicte nostre diocesis, 
singulasque personas eiusdem, tam in capite quam in membris, 
prout nostro incumbebat officio, visitaverimus, citra tamen fama 
publica referente ad nostrum (quod displicenter referimus) per- 
venit auditum, quod quedam nefanda correccione indigencia in 
prioratu de Bromore supradicto noviter inoleverunt, dum non- 
nulli (sic) regulares persone prioratus predicti, ut canes ad vomi- 
tum redeuntes, vitam ducunt, ut prius, enormiter dissolutam in 
animarum suarum grave periculum, perniciosumque exemplum 
plurimorum ; sic quod dictus prioratus locis aliis nostre diocesis 
antedicte plus indiget visitari, et magis ibi visitacionis officium 
esse dinoscitur oportunum. 

Premissa igitur reformari volentes, ne sanguis eorum de 
nostris (quod absit) manibus requiratur, priorem et conventum 
supradictos, singulasque personas eiusdem, ex causis premissis 
et aliis causis legitimis nos in hac parte moventibus, necessitate 
cogente, tam in capite quam in membris decrevimus visitandos. 

Cum igitur visitacioni huiusmodi aliis diversis ecclesie 
nostre Wyntoniensis negociis multipliciter propediti, persona- 
liter intendere nequeamus, ad visitandum in capite et in mem- 

Official Instruments, 249 

bris prioratum supradictum, singulasquc personas ciusdcm, ac 
super criminibus et excessibus quorumcunquc subditorum nos- 
trorum ciusdem prioratus inquirendum, ipsaque corrigendum 
canonice puniendo et debite reformando, omniaque alia et 
singula exercenda, facienda, et expcdicnda, que ad huiusmodi 
visitacionis, correccionis, et reformacionis officium nccessaria 
fuerint seu eciam oportuna, eciam ei ad amocionem alicuius seu 
aliquorum ab officiis seu administracionibus suis per vos, justicia 
exigente, procedi contigerit, vobis, de quorum sciencia et con- 
sciencie puritate plene confidimus, committimus vices nostras 
per presentes, cum cuiuslibet cohercionis et execucionis canonice 
potestate, quousque eas ad nos duxerimus revocandas. 

Mandantes quatenus, dicto expedite negocio, nos de omni eo 
quod feceritis et inveneritis in premissis curetis reddere cerciores 
literis vcstris patentibus, habentibus hunc tcnorem. — Farnham, 
7 Jan., 1375-6. 

Absolution of the bishop, dated at Avignon, 5 Dec, 1375, in 
case the omission of his proxy to make an oblation when he 
visited the Roman Court amounted to a breach of his conse- 
cration oath (vol. i, p. 9) : — 

Universis presentes literas inspecturis Petrus miseracione 
divina archiepiscopus Arelatcnsis, domini Pape camerarius, 
salutem in Domino. Cum reverendus in Christo pater dominus 
Willelmus, etc., teneatur singulis bicnniis curia citra montes 
existente sedem apostolicam visitarc, sedem ipsam pro uno 
biennio proximc prcterito per discrctum virum Johanncm de 
Lydeforde, canonicum Cicestrensem, procuratorem suum ad 
hoc legitime constitutum, cum devocione debita visitavit, et 
nichil tamcn idem procurator racione visitacionis huiusmodi 
camere obtulit seu servivit, insuper ipsum dominum cpiscopum 
a reatu perjurii, si quem incurrit occasione visitacionis huiusmodi, 
auctoritate, qua fungimur in hac parte, tcnore prcscncium ab- 
solvimus, et cum codcm super irreglaritate miscricorditcr dis- 

[137 a.] Appointment of a coadjutor to the vicar of Middle- 
ton (Longparish). — Farnham, 5 Jan. 

250 I Vykeha m 's Register. 

Commission to mm. John Blaunchard and William Lozyngc, 
the chancellor, to proceed in the matter of the augmentation 
of the vicarage of Kingston-on-Thames. — Southwark, 28 Jan., 

[137 b.] License granted to ds. Thomas Devenyssh, r. of 
Easton, absentandi se a dicta ecclesia sua in locis honestis 
commorando per triennium, et per dictum tempus fructus reddi- 
tus, et proventus dicte ecclesie sue domino Johanni de Ketene, 
clerico, ad firmam dimittendi, etc., cum clausis consuetis. — 
Southwark, 12 January. 

Commission granted to m. Robert, r. of St. Margaret's, 
Bridge St., and ds. John, r. of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, 
to hear and decide a cause of divorce promoted by Christina 
Blakemoure against Hugh Taillour. — lb.., 12 Feb. 

Acquittance by John de Cantebrygge, r. of Warfield, and 
Robert, r. of St. Gregory's, for a sum of £160 received of the 
bishop in part payment of the quota of the archdeaconry of 
Winchester of the moiety of a tenth laid on the clergy of Eng- 
land by pope Gregory XI to produce 60,000 florins. — London, 
18 Dec, 1375. 

Another, for a sum of £y^. 8j. 2i%^"> being the first instal- 
ment of the bishop's own quota. — Same date. 

[143 a.] Another, for another sum of £y/^, 8j. ioJ^^., being 
the second instalment of the bishop's own quota. — London, 16 
July, 1376. 

[138 a.] Dimissory letters : — 

Henry Fetherstan, r. of Michelmersh, to all minor orders,^ 
Wargrave, 28 Feb., 1375-6. Thomas Terry, r. of Compton 
(vol. i, p. 63), to deacon's and priest's orders. — Esher, 24 March. 

Thomas Tozande, r. of Faccombe (vol. i, p. 75), an acolyte, 
to all holy orders. — Southwark, 26 March. 

Citation of Robert Cadeham (vol. i, p. 75), to attend and 
give security for his appearance to a writ of venire facias : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio decano de Basyngestoke, nostre 
diocesis, s. g. et b. Breve domini nostri regis nuper recepimus 

^ Renewed, 27 March, 1376. 

Official Instruments. 251 

in verba Edwardus, etc., ut inter alia brevia regia plenius con- 
tinetur. Tibi igitur in virtute obediencie firmiter injungendo 
mandamus, quatenus premunias seu premuniri facias prcfatum 
Robertum, rcctorcm, quod sit coram justiciariis domini nostri 
regis predicti die et loco in dicto brevi contentis, facturus et 
recepturus, quod tenor et effectus dicti mandati exigunt et 

Cites eciam, seu citari facias, peremptoric prefatum Robertum 
Cadeham, rectorem, quod compareat coram nobis vel nostro 
certo commissario tercio die juridico proximo post festum 
S. Georgii proximo futuro, ubicunque in civitate vel diocesi 
nostra tunc fuerimus, et caucionem sufficientem de conservando 
nos indempncs occasione dicti brevis et sequencium ex eodem 
prestiturus, et juri pariturus. 

Fructus insuper et proventus quoscunque dicte ecclesie ibidem 
existentes et proventuros auctoritate nostra legitime sequestres 
et sub arto custodias sequestro, quousque indempnitati nostre 
sufficienter provisum fuerit in hac parte. 

Et quid feceritis in premissis nos vel nostrum commissarium 
citra dictum tercium diem juridicum certifices Uteris tuis patcn- 
tibus, habentibus hunc tenorem. — Highclere, 4 April, 1376. 

Mandate for official of archdeaconry of Surrey to seques- 
trate the archidiaconate and churches of Dorking, VVitley, and 
Horsley for arrears of pensions due to the bishop. — Highclere, 
16 April, 1376. 

[138 b.] License of non-residence for a year granted to 
Robert Tangeleye, r. of Ashstead (vol. i, p. J^), in order to be 
in attendance on Earl VVarr. — Southwark, 27 April. 

Homage done by Sir John dc Montacute, kt., for two knight's 
fees : — 

Memorandum, quod . . . ds. Johannes de Monte Acuto, miles, 
fecit homagium reverendo, etc., pro duobus fcodis militum in 
Huntone in hundrcdo de Butelesgate in com. Sutht., que duo 
feoda Herbertus filius Petri quondam tcnuit, et que idem Johan- 
nes die quo fecit et prcstitit homagium tcnuit et habuit, pre- 
sentibus domino Laurencio de S. Martino, militc ; Henrico 

252 Wyke ham's Re^i^ister. 

Percchay, Waltero Cloptonc, Job. Middcltonc, Willclmo Burgh, 
Michacle Skyllyng, Roberto Plesyngtone, Ricardo Pauncefot, 
Thoma Warcnncr ; mm. Willclmo Lozynge, Johannc de Campc- 
dcn, clcricis ; Johannc dc Uvedalc, Johannc Scurcs, Edmundo 
Misscndenc, Willclmo de Guldeforde, et aliis.^ — Ib,^ 9 May. 

[138 b.] License of non-residence for one year granted to 
Nicholas Mockynge, r. of St. Olave's, Southwark (vol. i, p. 52), 
to study at Cambridge. — Southwark, 10 May, 1376. 

Summons to convocation at St. Paul's on the morrow of 
Trinity Sunday, pursuant to archbishop's mandate." — /^., 11 May. 

[139 b.] Mandate to archdeacons to levy and raise a pro- 
curation of three half-pence in the mark towards a sum of 4380 
florins laid on the province by Gregory XI, for the expenses 
of the archbishops of Ravenna and Rouen on a mission to 
England and Flanders, lasting 365 days, at 12 florins a day ; 
and a further sum for the expenses of Giles, provost of St. 
Minions, Valence, their colleague, during 270 days at 6 florins a 
day ; pursuant to a circular from bp. of London, reciting the 
bull. — lb., 12 May. 

[140 b.] License of non-residence for one year granted to 
John de Popeltone, r. of Mottisfont (vol. i, p. 47), with leave to 
let, and usual clauses. — /^., 14 May. 

[141a.] Certificate for writ de excommunicato capiendo (see 
p. I39«.) for contumacy : — 

Excellentissimo in Christo principi et domino, domino 
Edvvardo, etc., Willelmus, etc., salutem in Eo, per quem reges 
regnant et principes dominantur. Vestre excellencie regie tenore 
presencium significamus, quod Thomas Barbour et Willelmus 
Ferour de Suthwerk ac Johannes Smyth de Wandlesworth, 
nostre diocesis, fuerunt et sunt propter suas multiplicitas et 
manifestas contumacias per ipsos contractas maioris excom- 
municacionis summa auctoritate nostra ordinaria innodati, et pro 

1 The words on doing homage are given in the bishop's MS. volume referred to in the 
preface to vol. i as follows : — ^Jeo devynge votre home en centre tote gent sans la foy 
notre Seigneur et le Roy. 

'^ Receipt acknowledged, 2 June. 

Official Instruments. 253 

sic excommunicatis palam et publice nunciati ; in qua quidem 
maioris cxcommunicacionis summa per quadraginta dies et am- 
plius perseverarunt et perseverant animis induratis, claves sue 
matris ecclesie nequiter contempnendo. 

Quapropter vestram majestatem regiam supplicitcr exor- 
amus, quatenus pro dictorum cxcommunicatorum capcione et 
justificacione ad eorum obstinacionem reprimendam extendere 
dignemini auxilium brachii secularis, ut quos Dei timor a malo 
non revocat, saltern coherceat severitas discipline. 

Celsitudinem vestram regiam semper dirigat et conservet in 
prosperis nostri clemencia Salvatoris. — /^., 12 May, 1376. 

Executors of a testator having assets in the dioceses of 
Canterbury, Winchester, and Chichester, proved the will before 
the metropolitan ; 

Held by the commissary sitting at St. Mary Overy, South- 
wark, 21 May, 1376, that the will must be proved again before 
the ordinary as regards assets in the diocese.^ 

[141b.] License of non residence of r. of Farley Chamber- 
layne (vol. i, pp. 39, 99) cancelled, and r. ordered into residence 
under pain of excommunication : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis, officiali archidiaconi nostri 
Wynton. et decano Wynton., nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. Fama 
publica referente ad nostrum pervenit auditum, quod Johannes 
Caumbrey, r. ecclesie parochialis de Farlcgh, dicte nostre 
diocesis, ab ipsa ecclesia sua absque causa racionabili quacunque 
se absentavit et absentat eciam in presenti, ipsam ecclesiam 
inofficiatam nequiter deserendo, quodquc bona ecclesie sue prc- 
dicte in usus illicitos convertit, dilapidat, dissipat, et consumit, 
domosque ct edificia rcctorie ecclesie predictc, que humana 
industria sumptuose construxit, ad terram funditus corruere 
permittit, in anime sue ct animarum parochianorum ecclesie 
predicte grave periculum, pcrniciosum excmplum, ct scandalum 

Unde nos in hac parte legitime procedentes, licenciam non 

* At a later date, where the assets lay in several dioceses. prolMiir l)cfore the metro- 
politan in virtue of his special prerogative was hcU' to l)c suftkicnt. thus saving the 
expense of as many separate probates as there were dioceses in which the assets Liy. — 
4 Coke, I Hit., 335. 

2 54 Wykehani's Rt\i^istt'r. 

residcndi sivc absentandi se ab ccclesia sua prcdicta, nccnon 
fructus et proventus eiusdem dimittcndi ad firmam prcfato rcc- 
tori ex ccrtis causis nos pro tunc ad id movcntibus sub quacun- 
quc forma vcrborum sibi concessam revocandum, cundcm quoque 
rectorcm ad rcsidendum decctcro in ccclesia sua prcdicta, prout 
tenetur, a parte juris vocandum, fructus cciam et proventus 
ecclesie sue predicte sequestrandos fore ex causis premissis, et 
ex aliis causis veris et legitimis nos in hac parte moventibus, 
decrevimus, justicia suadente. 

Vobis communiter et divisim in virtute obediencie firmiter 
injungendo mandamus, quatenus licenciam non residendi sive 
absentandi se ab ecclesia sua prcdicta, necnon fructus et proven- 
tus eiusdem ad firmam dimittendi sibi per nos sub quacunque 
forma verborum concessam sic per nos revocatam fore publice 
nunciantes diebus et locis ubi videritis expedire moneatis, et 
citetis palam, publice, et expresse prefatum Johannem rectorem 
personaliter, si poterit apprehendi, sin autem, procuratorem 
suum, si quem dimiserit, alioquin in ecclesia predicta ac domibus 
et mansis rectorie sue predicte coram notis, familiaribus, et 
amicis suis citacionis sive monicionis edicto per vos sic et taliter 
proposito, quod huiusmodi monicio sive citacio ad ipsius noti- 
ciam verisimiliter poterit pervenire, quod idem rector infra 
duorum mensium spacium a tempore monicionis seu citacionis 
vestre huiusmodi continue numerandorum ad dictam ecclesiam 
redeat et in eadem personaliter extunc resideat, prout tenetur et 
de jure artatus existit, sub pend juris. 

Fructus insuper quoscunque dicte ecclesie exeuntes et pro- 1 
ventures ex causis premissis et ex aliis certis causis et legitimis 
nos in hac parte moventibus legitime sequestretis, ipsumque 
sequestrum debite publicetis, ac sub adeo arto custodiatis 
sequestro sicuti de eisdem vestro volueritis periculo respondere, 
quousque indempnitati dicte ecclesie in hac parte debite prospi- 
ciatur, et aliud super hoc a nobis receperitis in mandatis. 

Et quid feceritis, etc.^ — Ib,y 26 May. 

[142 a.] Excommunication denounced against the rectors 
of three Winchester churches for making use of the secular arm 
to rescue Thomas Bathe ^: — 

1 This sequest. avion was discharged 27 October, 1377. 
* It is conjectured that Bathe was a novice in one of the local friaries. 


Official Instruvieyits. 255 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis priori ecclesie nostre cathedralis 
Wynton., abbati monasterii de Hyda, officiali archidiaconi nostri 
Wynton., necnon omnibus et singulis rcctoribus, vicariis ac capel- 
lanis parochialibus in civitate Wynton. et in suburbio eiusdem 
constitutis, s. g. et b. Licet partes omnes et singule procurantes 
conservatores ^ limites sibi tradite potestatis excedere, et de aliis 
quam de manifestis injuriis et violenciis scienter se intromittere, 
seu ad alia, que judicialem indaginem exigunt, suam extendere 
potestatem, sint maioris excommunicacionis summa dampnabi- 
liter innodati : 

Fama tamen publica referente ad nostrum pervenit auditum, 
quod quidam iniquitatis filii, videlicet Willelmus Benham, r. 
ecclesie S. Marie de Walda, Thomas atte Wode, r. ecclesie S. 
Mauricii, et Walterus, r. ecclesie de Kalen, Wynton. (St. Mary 
Kalendre), et alii, quorum nomina ignorantur penitus et per- 
sone, sue salutis immemores, pro abstraccione pretensa cuiusdam 
Thome Bathe, junioris, hec fieri nequiter procurarunt, maioris ex- 
communicacionis summam supradictam dampnabiliter incurrendo. 

Quocirca vobis omnibus et singulis communiter et divisim in 
virtute obediencie firmiter injungendo mandamus, quatenus, etc. 
Excommunication denounced, and the parties cited to appear 
at St. Mary Overy. — Southwark, 27 May. 

[142 b.] Commission to promote the office of the bishop 
against one who unlawfully detained assets of Peter de Bruges 
(vol. i, p. 22 n.) deceased — ad cognoscendum et procedendum 
ex officio nostro mero, statuendum, et diffiniendum in quo- 
dam correccionis negocio, moto ex officio nostro predicto 
contra Willelmum de Uptone, nostre diocesis predicte, occasi- 
one injuste dctencionis bonorum, que fuerunt Petri de Bruges 
defuncti mortis sue tempore in nostra diocesi supradicta, tcs- 
tamentum eiusdem Petri concernencium, necnon impediment! 
execucionis dicti tcstamcnti sivc ultime voluntatis eiusdem 
juxta formam retroactorum in eodcm negocio habitorum, ipsum- 
que negocium cum suis incidentibus, etc., fine dcbito tcrminan- 
dum ; dictum quoque Willelmum de Uptone pro tante temcri- 
tatis excessu, si de hoc legitime liqucre poterit, corrigendum et 

1 Peace officers. Conservator, according to Du Cange. quoting an oltl vocabul.iry of 
law terms, is "judex datus ad defcndendum aliquos contra manifcsias injurias. judiciali 
indagine non ulens." 

256 J Vykeha in 's Register. 

canonice puniendum, ceteraque omnia et singula facienda, exer- 
cenda, ct expedienda, que in huiusmodi ncgocio necessaria 
fuerint seu eciam oportuna, vobis, de quorum circumspeccione 
plene confidimus, communitcr et divisim tenore presencium 
committimus vices nostras, cum cuiuslibet cohercionis et exe- 
cucionis canonice potestate, donee eas ad nos duxerimus re- 

Certificantes nos, etc. — Ib.^ 26 June. 

[143 a.] Probate of will of Edward lord Despenser,^ de- 
ceased, granted to sir Edward Dallyngerugge, kt, and Thomas 
Broun, power being reserved, etc. — lb., 2 July. 

License granted to parishioners of Abinger to have the church 
reconciled after pollution by bloodshed. — lb., 16 July. 

Will of sir Luke de Ponynges, kt. : — 

In Dei nomine, amen. Ego Lucas de Ponynges, dominus de 
Sancto Johanne, sane mentis et bone memorie, quinto die Junii, 
anno domini millesimo CCC'"^ Ixxvj^, condo testamentum meum 
in hunc modum. 

In primis lego animam meam Deo et beate Marie virgini 
et omnibus Sanctis, et corpus meum ad sepeliendum in ecclesia 
conventual! prioratus de Boxgrave, Cicestrensis diocesis, in 
sinistra parte ecclesie ubi sepulcrum Domini die parasceues 
fieri solet. 

Item lego ad fabricam ecclesie predicti prioratus xj//. argenti 
ad disposicionem executorum meorum. 

Item lego summo altari dicte ecclesie unum vestimentum 
rubeum, videlicet unum album, amiciam, casulam cum stola et 
fanone, et cum duobus pannis sericis viridis colons. 

Item lego Isabelle, uxori mee, cli. argenti sub tali condicione, 
quod nichil plus petat de omnibus bonis meis mobilibus racione 
cuiuscunque juris seu consuetudinis, nee impediat nee impediri 
procuret executores meos in execucione libera testamenti mei. 

Item lego Thome, filio meo, c marcas sub condicione pre- 
dicta, ac eciam omnes armaturas meas. 

Item lego Luce,- filio dicti Thome, xx marcas. 

1 He died in 1375, and was buried at Tewkesbury. — Wals, i, 319. 
' See vol. i, p. 123, for appointment of a guardian of his estate. 


Official InstriDnents. 257 

Item lego Ricardo Olmestede, clerico, x marcas. 

Item lego Felicie Olmstede, x marcas. 

Item lego Alicie Brid, v marcas. 

Item lego OHvero Eyot, vli. 

Item lego Henrico Hatfelde, v marcas. 

Item lego Luce, filio dicti Henrici, xx.f. 

Item lego Johanni Salle, vli. 

Item lego Johanni DoUynge xb. 

Item lego Willelmo Davy, xxj. 

Item lego Petro Holonde, xx.f. 

Item lego Rogero Scolonde, v]s. viijV. 

Item lego Thome Sukelynge, v]s. \\\]d. 

Item lego Willelmo Bakcre, vj.y. viij^. 

Item lego Johanni Gladevvyne, v]s. viijV. 

Item lego Roberto West, vJ5. viijV. 

Item lego Johanni, filio uxoris Henrici Hatfelde, \\]s. \\\]d. 

Item lego capud S. Gamalielis ecclesie cathedrali S. Pauli, 

Item lego ad ornamentum dicti capitis xx/^*. ad disposicionem 
executorum meorum. 

Item lego Johanni Smyth, xxj. 

Item lego Thome Pycot, xx.f. 

Item lego Johanni Broun, carectario, xj. 

Item lego Willelmo West, v marcas. 

Item lego f. Thome Hortone, \\\)li. 

Item lego Waltero, clerico ecclesie de Warneforde, \]s. v\\]d. 

Item volo, quod expense funeraric fiant ad disposicionem 
executorum meorum. 

Item lego executoribus meis, cuilibct eorum xx marcas. 

Item volo et humiliter supplico, quod dominus meus, rever- 
endus episcopus Wyntonicnsis, supervidcat et adjuvet executores 
mcos in cxecucione testamcnti mei. 

Huius autem testamenti ordino, facio, et constituo executores 
meos m. Adam dc Wygemere, dominum Petrum dc Mundcforde, 
r. ecclesie dc Earde (Erith), et dominum Robcrtum Madhurst, v. 
de Bernham, ac eciam Ilugoncm Hakkere. 

Residuum vcro omnium bonorum meorum lego secundum 
disposicionem executorum meorum. 


258 Wykt'/Kuns Rejrister. 

Will proved at Farnham 4 July, 1376, by all the executors. 
The testator was buried at Warnford, pursuant to his very last 
wishes (in sua ultima voluntate post confeccionem dicti testa- 
menti) ; the prior of Boxgravc having renounced his right, if any, 
to have the burial at the priory by the following instrument on 
the 27th of the same month : — 

In Dei nomine, amen. Ego Johannes de Louda, prior pri- 
oratQs beate Marie de Boxgrave, Cicestrensis diocesis, nomine 
meo et conventus eiusdcm prioratus omni juri, si quod habui vel 
habeo, ad sepeliendum corpus domini Luce de Ponynges, militis, 
defuncti, ex legato ipsius in testamento suo relicto sive facto, 
dum in humanis agebat, languens in extremis, pure, sponte, et 
absolute renuncio in hiis scriptis, et sine juris remedio michi et 
dicto conventui competenti in hac parte. 

Recognovit insuper idem prior publice et express^ ex qui- 
busdam informacionibus sibi factis, quibus credidit, se ex legato 
predicto non habere jus ad sepulturam pretensam predictam, 
licet in testamento predicto expresse contineatur, quod dictus 
dominus Lucas ad sepeliendum corpus suum in ecclesia prioratiis 

[144 a.] License of non-residence for three years granted 
to Thomas Tozande, r. of Faccombe (vol. i, p. 75), with usual 
clauses. — Wolvesey, 8 Aug., 1376. 

Monition for the prior of Selborne, who is under suspension 
for waste : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio decano de Aultone, nostre dio- 
cesis s. g. et b. Cum nos nuper ex officio nostro legitime 
procedentes f Nicholao priori prioratus de Seleborne, ordinis S. 
Augustini, nostrorum patronatus et diocesis, ex certis causis 
veris et legitimis nos in hac parte moventibus, et precipue 
propter dilapidacionem bonorum dicti prioratus, unde eundem f 
Nicholaum merito habuimus suspectum, administracionen bon- 
orum spiritualium et temporalium eiusdem prioratiis sub certa 
forma interdiximus, justicia suadente, administracionem bonorum 
huiusmodi dilectis filiis ff. Nicholao de Wynton., dicti prioratus 
suppriori, ac Edwardo de Selborne, dicti prioratus canonicis, viris 
utique de circumspeccione et industria apud nos multipliciter 

Official Itistruntents. 259 

commendatis, committentes ; tibi in virtute obediencie com- 
mittimus et firmiter injungendo mandamus, quatenus prefatum 
f. Nicholaum priorem moneas prim6, secundo, et tercio ct 
peremptorie, quatenus, etc. — Waltham, 9 Aug., 1376. 

Sequestration of churches of Wanstead ^ and Boarhunt : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto fih'o decano de Drokenesforde, nostra 
diocesis, s. g. et b. Cum nos fructus, redditus, et proventus 
ecclesiarum de Wanstede et Burghunte, nostre diocesis, ex certis 
causis veris et legitimis nos ad id moventibus sequestravimus, 
justicia suadente : tibi committimus et mandamus firmiter in- 
jungentes, quatenus fructus, redditus et proventus supradictos 
exeuntes et proventuros sic sequestratos fuisse in ecclesiis pre- 
dictis locisque aliis, ubi magis videris expedire, debite pubh'ces, 
seu facias debite pubh'cari, faciens de eisdem fructibus et proven- 
tibus ecclesiis predictis et parochianis ibidem in divinis officiis 
sacramentisque et sacramentalibus ecclesiasticis ministrandos 
congrue deserviri. 

Residuum vero eorundem sub adeo arto custodias sequestro, 
sicuti de eisdem tuo volueris periculo respondere, quousque aliud 
super hiis receperis in mandatis ; contradictores et rebelles, si 
quos inveneris in hac parte, per censuras ecclesiasticas canonice 

Et quid feceris, etc. — lb., 16 Aug. 

Bull to induct John de Lydeforde on provision to the church 
of Wonston : — 

Gregorius episcopus, servus servorum Dei, venerabilibus 
fratribus Wynton. et London, episcopis, ac dilecto filio, decano 
ecclesie S. Petri Avinioncnsis, salutem et apostolicam bcncdic- 
cionem. Peticio dilccti filii Johannis Lydeforde, rectoris ecclesie 
parochialisdeWonsyngtone, Wynton. diocesis, cxhibitacontincbat, 
quod licet olim sibi de dicta ecclesia, tunc per obitum quondam 
Johannis Ware, eiusdem ecclesie rectoris, vacante, auctoritate 
apostolic^ graciosc et canonice provisum fuisset, tamen Willel- 
mus Dirvvent, qui se gcrit pro clerico Eboraccnsis diocesis, fals6 
asserens dictam ccclcsiam ad sc pcrtincrc, ct gracic ac provisioni 
huiusmodi contra justiciam se opponcns, impcdivit prout im- 
pedit, ac fecit ac facit, quominus huiusmodi gracia ct provisio 

1 Vol. i, p. 370 «. 5 2 

26o Wykeham's Register. 

debitum sortitc fuerint, et sortiantur, cfTectum ; seque in dict^ 
ecclesia intrusit, illamque occupavit ac dctinuit, prout detinet, 
indebit^ occupatam, fructus percipiendo ex ea : propter que 
pro parte dicti Johannis Lydefordc fuerit ad sedem apostolicam 

Nosque causam appellacionis huiusmodi et negocii principalis, 
que inter Johannem ex una parte et Willelmum predictos, ac 
omnes et singulos, qui sua crederent interesse super dicta ecclesia 
communiter vel divisim ex altera, vertebatur, ad instanciam dicti 
Johannis dilecto filio m. Nicholao de Cremona, capellano nostro, 
et causarum Palacii apostolici auditori, audiendam commisimus 
et fine debito terminandam ; qui ad instanciam dicti Johannis, 
coram eo in judicio comparentis, contra Willelmum et alios qui 
sua crederent interesse predictos, ad nonnullos citacionis actus 
in audiencia publica, ut est moris, processit, et tandem per 
eundem Johannem ad probandum causam huiusmodi fore ad 
Romanam curiam legitime devolutam, nonnuUis instrumentis 
publicis productis ; et prefatus auditor, quia per producta huius- 
modi sibi legitime constitit causam ipsam fore ad eandem curiam 
legitime devolutam, et apud eam tractari et finiri debere, ad 
instanciam dicti Johannis, Willelmum et alios qui sua crederent 
interesse predictos, ad dandum et recipiendum libellum, et ad 
prestandum et per partem aliam prestari videndum, et juramen- 
tum de calumpnia et de veritate dicenda in causa huiusmodi in 
predicta audiencia successive citari fecit, ad certos terminos 
peremptorie competentes, in quibus prefatus Johannes coram 
eodem auditore in judicio comparens, dictorum citatorum non 
comparencium contumaciam accusavit ; et in eorum contuma- 
ciam ferendam pro parte sua libellum exhibuit, et predictum 
in eiusdem auditoris presencia prestitit juramentum in dictis 
terminis ad hec datis. 

Idemque auditor ad instanciam ipsius Johannis Willelmum 
et alios qui sua crederent interesse predictos ad dandum et per 
alteram partem dari videndum posiciones et articulos, si quos 
dare vellent, in causa huiusmodi, in dicta audiencia citari fecit ad 
certum terminum peremptorie competentem, in quo m. Ricardus 
de Draytone, procurator dicti Johannis, coram eodem auditore 
in judicio comparens, dictorum citatorum non comparencium 
contumaciam accusavit, et in eorum contumaciam nonnullos 
posiciones et articulos pro parte sua in huiusmodi causa dedit. 

Official Instruments. 26 1 

Idcmque auditor ad instanciam dicti Ricardi Willelmum ct 
alios qui sua crederent interesse predictos ad respondendum 
dictis posicionibus et dicendum contra eosdem articulos quic- 
quid vellet, necnon ad producendum et per alteram partem 
perduci videndum omnia jura et munimenta, quibus partes ipse 
in huiusmodi causa uti vellent, in dicta audiencia successive 
citari fecit ad certos terminos peremptorie competentes, in 
quibus prefatus Ricardus coram eodem auditore in judicio 
comparens, dictorum citatorum non comparencium contumaciam 
accusavit, et in eorum contumaciam nonnulla literas apostolicas, 
instrumenta publica, aliaque jura et munimenta, quibus pro 
parte sua uti voluit in huiusmodi causa, perduxit in dicto 
termino ad hoc dato. 

Idemque auditor ad instanciam dicti Ricardi Willelmum et 
alios, qui sua crederent interesse, predictos, ad dicendum contra 
huiusmodi perducta quicquid vellent, necnon ad concludendum 
et concludi videndum in causa huiusmodi, vel ad dicendum 
causam racionabilem, quare in ea concludi non deberet, in 
prefata audiencia successive citari fecit ad certos terminos 
peremptorie competentes, in quibus prefato Ricardo coram 
eodem auditore in judicio comparente et predictorum citatorum 
non comparencium contumaciam accusante, et in eorum con- 
tumaciam in causa huiusmodi concludi petente in dicto termino 
ad hoc dato prefatus auditor, reputans eosdem citatos, quo ad 
actum huiusmodi, prout erant, merito contumaces, in eorum 
contumaciam cum dicto Ricardo in causa huiusmodi concludente 
conclusit, et habuit pro concluso in dicto termino ad hoc statuto, 
et ad ipsius Ricardi instanciam Willelmum et alios, qui sua 
crederent interesse predictos, ad suam in causa huiusmodi 
diffinitivam summam audiendum in prefata audiencia citari fecit 
ad certam diem peremptorie competentem, in qua prefato 
Ricardo coram eodem auditore in judicio comparente, ct dict- 
orum citatorum non comparencium contumaciam accusante, 
et in eorum contumaciam summam ipsam in causa huiusmodi 
ferri petente, prefatus auditor reputans eosdem citatos quoad 
actum huiusmodi, prout erant, merit6 contumaces, in eorum con- 
tumaciam, visis et dili<:^cnter inspcctis omnibus et singulis actis 
actitatis, habitis, et productis in causa huiusmodi, ipsisquc cum 
diligencia rcccnsitis et cxaminatis, faclaquc super hiis (omnibus 

26 J IVykchatiis Ri'ji^istt'r. 

coauditoribus suis dicti palacii rclacione plcnaria et fideli, de 
ipsorum coauditorum consilio et assensu per suam diffinitivam 
suinmam pronunciavit, decrevit, et declaravit, prout hec omnia in 
dicto libcllo petita fuerant, graciam ct provisionem predictas dicto 
Johanni Lydeforde de predicta ecclcsia factas, et omnia inde secuta 
fuisse et esse canonicas et canonica, ac suum debitum debuisse 
et debere sortiri effectum, ipsamque ecclesiam, cum omnibus 
juribus et pertinenciis suis, ad eundem Johannem pertinuisse et 
pertinerc, et sibi adjudicandum fore, et adjudicavit, necnon huius- 
modi impedimenta, per dictum Willelmum prestita, fuisse et esse 
temeraria, illicita, et injusta, ipsumque Willelmum a dicta ecclesia 
et eius detencione amovendum fore, et quantum potuit, amovit, 
dictumque Johannem in possessionem eiusdem ecclesie, jurium- 
que et pertinenciarum ipsius, inducendum fore et quantum 
potuit induxit, ac eidem VVillelmo super ecclesia et impedimentis 
predictis perpetuum silencium imponendum fore, et imposuit, 
ipsumque Willelmum in fructibus ex dicta ecclesia perceptis, a 
tempore mote litis, et in expensis coram se in huiusmodi causa 
legitime factis condempnavit, ipsarum expensarum taxacione 
sibi imposterum reservata. 

Et subsequenter prefatus auditor ad instanciam dicti Johannis 
supradictum Willelmum ad videndum taxari easdem expensas 
in predicta audiencia citari fecit ad dictum terminum peremptorie 
competentem ; in quo dicto Johanne coram eodem auditore in 
judicio comparente, et predicti Willelmi non comparentis con- 
tumaciam accusante, et in eius contumaciam expensas ipsas 
taxari petente, prefatus auditor reputans dictum Willelmum^ 
quo ad actum huiusmodi, prout erat, merito contumacem, in eius 
contumaciam dictas expensas in xxxij florenis auri de Florencia 
provida moderacione taxavit, predicti Johannis super eiusdem 
expensis juramento secuto, prout in instrumento publico inde 
confecto, dicti Auditoris sigillo munito, dicitur plenius contineri. 

Nos itaque ipsius Johannis supplicacionibus inclinati, que 
super hiis ab eodem auditore proinde facta sunt rata et grata 
habentes, dictamque diffinitivam summam auctoritate apostolica 
confirmantes, discrecioni vestre per apostolica scripta mandamus, 
quatenus vos vel duo aut unus vestrum per vos vel alium seu 
alios premissa execucioni debite demandantes, dictum Johannem, 
vel procuratorem suum eius nomine, in corporalem possessionem 

Official Instruments. 263 

ecclesie, jurium et pertinenciarum predictorum, amoto exindc 
dicto Willelmo et quolibet alio detentorc, inducatis auctoritatc 
nostra et defendatis inductum ; facientes sibi de ipsius ecclesie 
fructibus, redditibus, et proventibus, juribus, et obvencionibus 
universis integre responded, et de dictis perceptis, fructibus, et 
florenorum summa pro dictis expensis juxta predicti instrumenti 
earundem condempnacionis et taxacionis tenorem plenam et 
debitam satisfaccionem impendi ; contradictores per censuram 
ecclesiasticam, appellacione postposita, compescendo. — Avinione, 
iiij Id. Junii, pontificatus nostri anno sexto. 

[145 a.] Mandate to archdeacons that letters from abroad 
to the prejudice of the king shall be transmitted to the council : 

Willelmus, etc. Breve domini nostri Regis, etc., recepimus 
in hec verba, etc.^ Volentes igitur mandatum domini nostri 
regis per breve suum predictum nobis directum in omnibus 
exequi, ut tenemur, vobis in virtute obediencie firmiter injung- 
endo mandamus, et per vos omnibus et singulis personis 
ecclesiasticis in quacunque dignitate vel officio in archidiaconatu 
vestro constitutis consimiliter injungi volumus et mandamus, 
quatenus literas et alia scripta quecunque dicto domino nostro 
regi ac regno suo et suis subditis predictis, ut predictum est, 
prejudicialia, si que vobis aut eis delata fuerint, vel deferri con- 
tigerint in futurum, statim cum ea receperitis seu receperint, 
dicto domino nostro regi et suo consilio salvo et secure mittatis 
et mittant. 

Publicacioni insuper omnium harum et aliarum literarum et 
aliorum scriptorum huiusmodi, ac execucioni inde per vos seu 
ipsas ecclesiasticas personas in archidiaconatu vestro prcdicto 
faciende, quousque aliud a dicto domino nostro rege et ipsius 
consilio habueritis in mandatis, supersedeatis et supersedeant 
omnino, juxta vim, formam, ct effectum brevis supradicti. — 
Farnham, 13 Sept., 1376. 

M. John Langrysshe,^ r. of Beechingstoke, appointed seques- 
trator for the archdeaconry of Winchester. — Waltham, 9 Sept. 

[145 b.] M. John Laverans, v. of Kingsclere (vol. i, p. 39), 
appointed official of the diocese — ad cxcrccndum omnia ct 

1 See the writ in part iv. ^ Kroni Langrish, a hamlet nciir I'clcrhticld. 

264 Wykt'/iam's Register. 

singula que ad officium officialitatis nostre Wyntoniensis dc jure 
vel consuetudinc noscuntur pertinere, ipso officio vacante, nec- 
non ad inquirendum super criminibus et excessis subditorum 
nostrorum, ipsosque et ea corrigendum et canonice puniendum, 
ceteraque omnia et singula facienda, que in premissis et circa ea 
necessaria fuerint seu eciam oportuna, vobis, de cuius circum- 
speccione plene confidimus, vices nostras committimus, cum 
cuiuslibet cohcrcionis canonice potestate, donee eas ad nos 
duxerimus revocandas. — Farnham, 21 Sept, 1376. 

Excommunication denounced against certain who murdered 
the vicar of Hambledon, and robbed the parsonage — quidam 
Sathane satellites, filii perdicionis, in profundo malorum demisi, 
quorum nomina ignorantur preter et persone, clausum vicarie 
ecclesie de Hameldone, nostre diocesis, clandestine nuper et 
noctanter ingressi, dominum Willelmum,^ ultimum vicarium 
ibidem, presbyterum, fractis et diruptis hostiis et seruris eius- 
dem, in lecto suo recumbentem hostiliter invaserunt, ipsumque 
plagis impositis felonice jugularunt et interfecerunt ; hiis quoque 
non contenti, bona nonnulla que fuerunt dicti vicarii a dicta 
vicaria furtim et nepharie subtraxerunt, etc. — Ib.^ 23 Sept. 

[146 a.] Dispensation from the obligation of proceeding to 
priest's orders granted to John Depynge, r. of Steventon (vol. i, 
p. 75), for one year ; and license of non-residence to study for 
three years at Oxford or elsewhere. — Southwark, 5 November. 

Purgation of Robert Thurstayn. He was indicted before 
Nicholas Caru, seneschal of the Marshal's Court, for that on 
Whitsunday, 38 Ed. Ill, he came to the stews at Southwark by 
night, and then and there feloniously slew Richard atte Hoke ; 
and claiming benefit of clergy was committed to the custody of 
the bishop. Certificate of Walter Gourda, the bishop's com- 
missary, that the usual proclamations had been made, but no 
one appeared to show cause why Thurstayn's purgation should 
not be received. — Puttenham, xvj Kal. Oct., 1376. 

[147 a.] License of non-residence for two years granted to 
Thomas Kyngesbury (vol. i, p. 79), r. of Farnborough. — South- 
wark, 14 Nov. 

1 William Welles. He was vicar by provision of the apostolic see. 

Official Instruments. 265 

[147b.] Mandate directed to prior of Winchester Cathedral 
to cause prayers for peace to be said, pursuant to letter from 
archbp. of Canterbury to bp. of London, dated at Lambeth, 
vj Kal. Nov. — Southwark, 14 Nov., 1376. 

[148a.] A similar mandate was directed to the archdeacons 
of Winchester and Surrey. 

Dimissory for Edward Yung, having first tonsure, ad omnes. 
— lb., 22 Nov. 

Dispensation from the obligation of proceeding to deacon's 
orders during one year, granted to John Parkere, r. of Bishop- 
stoke (vol. i, p. Jj), to study at Oxford or elsewhere. — lb. i Dec. 

License of non-residence for one year granted to ds. Richard, 
r. of St. Faith (vol. i, p. 119). — lb., 4 Dec. 

Certificate for writ de excormminicato capiendo in the case of 
John Troman, of Hawkley, in parish of Newton Valence, for 
contumacy before Laverans, the official. — lb., 1 1 Dec. 

Dispensation to Richard Gomfrey, r. of Droxford (vol. i, 
pp. yy, '^6\ acolyth, from the obligation of proceeding to sub- 
deacon's orders during one year, to study at Oxford or elsewhere. 
— Merton, 20 Dec. 

[148 b.] Summons of clergy to convocation at St. Paul's 
on the morrow of the Purification, pursuant to writ, dated 16 
December, 50 Ed. Ill, and addressed to the primate, whose 
mandate to the bp. of London bears date x Kal. Jan., i^'jd-'j. 

[149 b.] Return to above mandate, dated at Waverley, I 
Feb., 1376-7. 

John de Lydeforde appointed judge of Consistory Court : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto clerico nostro m. Johanni de Lyde- 
forde, utriusque juris inceptori, s. g. ct b. De vestris fidelitate ac 
circumspecta industria plurimiim confidentcs, ad audicndum 
omnes et singulas causas civilcs et criminales scu mixtas tarn 
clericorum quam laicorum subditorum nostrorum civitatis ac 
diocesis et aliorum jurisdiccioncm nostram legitime prerogantes, 

266 IVykehams Register. 

ad forum ecclesiasticum spectantes sive ad partium instanciam, 
sivc ex officio mero vel promoto proccdatur, in consistorio nostro 
VVyntoniensi, ct ubilibct in nostra dioccsi, motas vel movendas, 
casque fine debito terminanduin, tcstamentaque insinuandum et 
approbandum, ac administracionem bonorum huiusmodi testa- 
menta concernencium committendum, compotum eciam seu 
raciocinium huiusmodi administracionum audiendum et ad- 
mittcndum, necnon ad inquirendum de criminibus et excessis 
quorumcunquc subditorum nostrorum et aliorum in dictis nostris 
civitate et diocesi delinquencium, ac eos de premissis debite 
corrigendum et puniendum, cum cuiuslibet cohercionis canonice 
potestate, vobis committimus vices nostras, vosque nostrum ac 
dicti consistorii sive curie nostre officialem constituimus et pre- 
ficimus per presentes usque ad nostrum beneplacitum valiturum. 

Ambulet igitur ante vos pura justicia, et sic ponat in via 
recta singulos gressus vestros, ut solum Deum habentes pre oculis, 
equo libramine ministretis cuilibet quod est justum. — Merton, 
7 Jan., 1376-7. 

Grant of dispensation to Hugh Buckenhulle, r. of Lambeth, 
having first tonsure only, from the obligation of proceeding in 
orders for the space of three years, while pursuing his studies in 
the university of Oxford. — Waverley, 4 Feb. 

Grant of dispensation to Robert del Falle, r. of Brown 
Candover (vol. i, p. 105), from the obligation of proceeding to 
deacon's orders during one year, for the like object. — Newark 
priory, 21 Jan. 

[150a.] Inquiry by the official directed at the instance of 
parishioners of Betchworth, who allege that the vicar does not 
proceed in orders, wastes the goods of the vicarage, suffers the 
house of residence (mansus) to go to ruin, keeps a mistress, 
reveals the secrets of the confessional, and leaves the church 
unserved.^ — Southwark, 20 Feb. 

The bishop's powers as conservator of the order of Friars- 
Minors in England delegated to the abbot of Caerleon and 
others for the purpose of dealing with a charge of assault, 

1 He seems to have resigned in consequence (see vol. i, p. 86). 


Official Ittstruments. 267 

brought by brethren of the convent of Friars-Minors, Carmar- 
then, against John Veel and others : — 

Willelmus, etc., fratrum ordinis minoris provincie Anglicanc 
conservator sub ccrta forma inter alios a sede apostoh'ca 
deputatus, dominis Johanni, Dei gracia abbati de Karlyon, 
Landavensis diocesis, Johanni ap Gryffyt, abbati de Lanthan,, 
m. Thome Branstone, precentori ecclesie Landavensis, m. dd. ap. 
11.,^ et domino Laurencio Morgan, canonicis ecclesie Landavi- 
ensis, salutem et mandatis apostolicis firmiter obedire. Ex parte 
religiosorum virorum ff Johannis Bartelot, Roberti Douny, 
Ricardi Estone, Thome Nichol, Johannis Londone, et VValteri 
Kermardyn, conventCis Kermardynensis, ordinis fratrum minorum, 
nobis graviter conquerendo extitit intimatum, quod nonnulli 
iniquitatis filii, videlicet Johannes Veel, canonicus de Kermardyn, 
Walterus Caym, et alii, quorum nomina remanent in filacio 
penes Registrarium, sue salutis immemores, quorum improbitas 
versuti hostis insidiis subjugatur, ad execrabiles sevicias contra 
Deum et libertates ecclesiasticas et immunitates eiusdem animos 
erigentes, in religiosos viros predictos nequiter irruentes, manus 
et pedes in eosdem enormiter injecerunt temere violentas, vestes 
eorum, quibus erant induti, fregerunt et eciam lacerarunt, ac 
eosdem eorum pedibus conculcarunt; et has et alias injurias mani- 
festas eisdem notorie irrogarunt, cuius patrati sceleris iniquitas 
manifesta nequit tergiversacione celari. Super quibus idem 
religiosi viri petierunt eisdem provideri de remedio oportuno. 

Nos igitur contra tanti patrati sceleris auctores, quatenus ad 
nos et forum ecclesiasticum attinet, pro defensione jurium et 
privilegiorum eorundem remedium adhibere volcntes, ad pro- 
cedendum contra injuriatores predictos in causa injuriarum 
prcdictarum, ipsamque fine dcbita tcrminandum, cum omnibus 
suis incidcntibus, cmcrgentibus, dependentibus et conncxis, vobis 
conjunctim, et cuilibet vcstrum divisim, vices nostras committi- 
mus, cum cuiuslibet cohercionis canonice potestate, donee eas 
ad nos duxerimus rcvocandas. — /^., 25 Feb. 

[153 a.] Above commission revoked and granted to arch- 
deacons of Carmarthen and Brecon. — lb., 8 May, 1377. 

Deputation of official to accept resignation of Walter 

* Possibly David ap Lloyd. Whatever the name was, it baffled the scribe. 

268 liyir /tarn's Register. 

Sparcombe, r. of Goodworth Clatford (vol. i, p. Z6). — Crondall, 
12 Feb., 12^76-7. 

[150 b.] Licence of non -residence for one year granted to 
ds. William Rodes, r. of Shalfleet (vol. i, p. 152). — Southwark, 
23 Feb. 

Grant to John Spicere, r. of Hartfield, and Thomas de 
Overtone, elk., of probate of the will of ds. Richard Bokelly, v. of 
Mahymet (Mcnhcniot), dio. Exon., as to assets in the diocese of 
Winchester. — Date wanting. 

Grant of advocate's license to plead in Consistory Court : — 
Willelmus, etc., dilecto nobis in Christo m. Johanni Lang- 
ryssh, v. ecclesie parochialis de Bechenestoke, Sarum dio., s. g. et 
b. Ut in consistorio nostro Wyntoniensi in advocati officio 
publice valeas postulare, statutis et consuetudinibus dicte curie 
et aliis sinodalibus in contrarium editis seu hactenus observatis 
non obstantibus quibuscunque, certis causis et legitimis nos 
moventibus toUeramus, et tecum super hiis, quantum cum Deo et 
jure possumus, tenore presencium dispensamus et licenciam 
concedimus specialem, quousque eam ad nos duxerimus 
revocandum. Officiali nostro principali mandamus, quatenus 
te ad dictum officium inibi exercendum admittat, et juxta tue 
probitatis merita te pertractet. — /^., 2 March. 

Similar licenses for rectors of Houghton (Richard Hayforde), 
and Hannington (Henry Amys) ; and for Thomas Denton, clerk 
to r. of St. Mary Kalendre, to practise as proctor. — Same date. 

Appointment of Walter Chapelleyn, a minorite of Win- 
chester, to confess the nuns of Wherwell until the quindene of 
Easter. — lb., 3 March. 

Excommunication denounced against certain who refuse to 
pay the moiety of a subsidy laid on the church by the pope 
(p. 241) and procurations for the nuncios (p. 225) and against 
collectors who retain monies in their hands. — lb., 14 March. 

[151b.] Commission directed to m. William Wolfe, r. of 
Meonstoke, Walter Gourda, r. of North Stoneham, Robert 
Lemyntone, r. of Arreton, Hugh de Craft, r. of South Waltham, 
Nicholas de Kyngestone, r. of Crawley (vol. i, p. 134), and John 

Official Instruments. 269 

Holewale (/^.), chaplain of Holy Trinity Chapel (capella S. 
Trinitatis in atrio monasterii bcate Marie civitatis Wynton.), to 
levy an aid of three groats or \2d. laid in the last convocation 
on every prelate, dif^nitary, beneficed clerk, or religious person, 
except the four mendicant orders, and one groat or \d. on every 
non-beneficed person, whether in holy or minor orders, of four- 
teen years of age and upwards, pursuant to writ dated 12 March, 
51 Ed. III.— /^., 19 March, 1376-7. 

[152 a.] License of non-residence for one year, with usual 
clauses, granted to m. Richard Spicere (vol. i, p. 115), r. of 
Michelmersh. — lb., 26 March, 1377. 

Apparitor-general (Thomas Thorp) licensed to practice in 
the Consistory Court. — Id., 31 March. 

[152 b.] Monition for certain who detain goods of William 
Wysdom of Godalming, an intestate, to restore them within 
fifteen days under pain, etc.— /^., 16 April. 

Return to treasurer (Henry, bp. of Norwich) and barons of 
Exchequer of names of collectors of subsidy for 1376-j. — Not 

[153 a.] License in common form granted to sir Rhys ap 
Gryffyth, kt., and dame Margaret his wife, to appoint their own 
confessor during the bishop's pleasure. — Id., 4 May. 

Commission directed to dean of Guildford and others to 
demand clerks indicted of felony at Guildford. — Id., 30 May. 

Dispensation granted to m. Nicholas Mockynge (vol. i, p. 52), 
r. of St. Olave's, Southwark, from the obligation of proceeding 
to deacon's orders for one year, to study at Oxford. — /^., i June. 

[171b.] Renewed for one year to study at Cambridge. — /^., 
I Oct., 1378. 

[153 a.] License of non-residence granted to Roger Tangelc 
(vol. i, p. 78), r. of Ashstead, for two years. — fb., 12 June. 

Similar license granted to Robert Gervcys (vol. i, p. 7S), r. of 
St. Michael's, Southampton, for one year to study at Oxford. — 
lb., I 5 June. 

270 Wykeham's Register. 

Deputation of bailiff of the manor of Downton : — 

William, per la soeffrance de Dieu evesque de Wyncestre, 
a toutz ses foialx ct loiaux, ct a toutz ses tenants, qui cestes 
lettres verront ou orront, saluz en nostrc Sieur. Sachez nos avoir 
ordeine et faite nostre cher ct bicn ame Johan Dekene de 
Dountonc baillyf de nostre manoir de Dountone a garder noz 
terres et fraunchises appertenantz au dit manoir ove ses mem- 
bres en toutz lieux tant come il plcst a nous ; et pur ceo vos 
mandons q' au dit Johan Dekene es choses susdites soietz 
entendantz, conseilans, et responans en dewe maner. En tes- 
moignance de quele chose nous lui avons fait faire cestes nos 
lettres patentes seallez de nostre seal. Don a Suthwerke le 
xxviij de Jun. Ian de grace mill. CCC*"^ Ixxvij Ian de nostre 
consecracion disme. 

Mandate directed to the official of the archdeacon of Win- 
chester for prayers on the accession of Richard II, pursuant to 
king's writ in part iv — "ut ipse Deus pro sua misericordia et 
magna pietate prefatum dominum nostrum regem in regimine 
gregis sui semper dirigat per suorum semitam mandatorum, 
statumque regni Anglie predicti, necnon procerum et magnatum, 
ac populi eiusdem regni conservare dignetur prosperum et tran- 
quillum, iterque et actus eorum in suo beneplacito dirigat et 
defendat."— /^., 6 July, 1377. 

A similar mandate was directed to the archdeacon of Surrey. 

[153 b.] Commission to Lydeforde, the official, to hear and 
determine a cause of subtraction of tithe of silva ccedua} pro- 
moted by the rector of Mickleham (vol. i, p. 43), against William 
Hurey and other parishioners : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio Johanni Lydeforde, etc. Ad cog- 
noscendum et procedendum in causa subtraccionis decimarum 
silve cedue, qua discretus vir ds. Henricus, r. ecclesie parochialis 
de Mikelham, nostre diocesis, contra Willelmum Huse, parochi- 
anum suum, et quoscunque alios parochianos suos, occasione 

1 By Archbp. Winchelsey's Constitutions of 1342, silva caedua, defined as "illam, quae 
cuiuscunque existens generis arborum, in hoc habetur ut caedatur, et quae eciam praecisa 
ipsius ex stipitibus aut radicibus renascatur," was declared to be titheable. The clergy 
wrested this to include great timber as well as underwood ; wherefore by Stat, 45 Ed. Ill, 
c. 3, it was enacted, that if tithe were demanded of timber above twenty years growth, a 
prohibition should go. 

Official Instnunents. 27 1 

subtraccionis et non solucionis decimarum silve ccdue, nuncupate 
Uppedoune, infra fines et limites parochie sue predicte notorie 
situate, auctoritate ipsorum propria, ut pretenditur, subtractarum, 
pronunciandumque, statuendum, et decernendum in cadem . . . 
vobis . . . committimus vices nostras, donee eas ad nos duxeri- 
mus revocandas. — Southwark, 6 July, 1377. 

Commission granted by the bishop as conservator of the 
order of Friars-Preachers in England to the abbot of St. Dog- 
mael's and archdeacon of Hereford to proceed against Walter 
Hanecok, r. of Llandawke, for assault on Philip Sparke, a friar 
of the order. — lb., 9 July. 

[154 a.] Mandate directing the archdeacon of Winchester 
to levy a penny in the £ on all benefices in the diocese, towards 
raising a sum of 2100 florins for the expenses of Giles, provost 
of St. Minion's, Valence, during his mission to England and 
Flanders, at the rate of six florins a day from 2 June, 1376, to 
17 May, 1377 ; which sum, together with a fee of five florins to 
his notary, must be paid to the receiver, Henry Wylows, r. of 
St. Olave's, Southwark, by Michaelmas day. — lb., 12 July. 

[155 a.] The subprior and convent of Christchurch Twyn- 
ham, having prayed the bishop to confirm the election of prior 
Wodenham (vol. i, p. Z'j\ the bishop, by letter dated at South- 
wark, 13 July, directed the archdeacon of Winchester to make 
the usual proclamations. The archdeacon returned that he 
caused such proclamations to be made in the convent church, 
16 July, but no opposers appeared. 

Discharge of the executors (John de Notyngeham, capellanus, 
and John Yong, of Southwark, tailor), of the will of William 
Kelm, capellanus, quia nos Willclmus, etc., invenimus dictos 
exccutorcs bona dicti defuncti juxta ipsius ultimam voluntatcm 
bene et fidelitcr administrasse et eius testamento satisfecisse. 

[156 a.] Absolution of John de Notynghame, who was 
excommunicate for contumacy before the commissary of the 
bishop. — Southwark, 8 Aug. 

[155 b.] Excommunication denounced against certain who 

272 Wykelta7n*s Register. 

denied food to persons in sanctuary at St. Margaret's, South- 
wark : — 

Willclmus, etc., dilecto filio decano de Suthwerke, necnon 
omnibus et sinj^ulis rectoribus, vicariis, et capellanis parochi- 
alibus per dictum decanatum constitutis, s. g. et b. Detestanda 
perversorum iniquitas ab horrendis sacrilegii seviciis nesciens 
abstinere, officium excitat prcsidcntis ad oportuni remcdii 
subsidia contra execrabiles eorum sevicias contra Dei ecclesias 
ac libertates et immunitatcs earundem perpetratas efficaciter 

Sane fama tam publica et perpetrati sceleris evidencia, ac 
facti notorietas, ad nostrum deduxit auditum, quod licet omnes 
et singuli, qui aliquem, qui ad ecclesiam vel cimeterium aut 
claustrum confugerit, inde abstraxerint violenter, vel ei victum 
necessarium prohibuerint, aut factam suo nomine vel a familiari- 
bus suis abstraccionem vel prohibicionem ratam habuerint, aut 
abstrahentibus vel prohibentibus prebuerint publice vel occult^ 
auxilium, consilium, vel consensum, ipso facto sint excommuni- 
cacionis vinculo innodati. 

Quorundam tamen improbitas versuti hostis insidiis sub- 
jugatorum, quorum nomina ignorantur penitus et persona, 
Johanni de Waltone, clerico, et Mattheo Lovekyn de Petteworth 
ad ecclesiam parochialem S. Margarete in Suthwerke, nostra 
diocesis, confugientibus, victum necessarium prohibuit et factam 
eorum nomine et a familiaribus suis prohibicionem ratam habuit 
preter et acceptam, in ecclesie Dei dispendium, ipsorumqua 
animarum periculum, et dictorum fugiencium dampnum non 
modicum et jacturam. 

Quocirca nos contra tanti patrati sceleris auctores, quatenus 
ad forum ecclesiasticum attinet, pro defensione jurium et 
immunitatum ecclesie juris remedium adhibere volentes, vobis 
communiter et divisim in virtute obediencie firmiter injungendo 
mandamus, etc. (excommunication denounced in usual terms). — 
/^., 20 July, 1377. 

Commission granted to prior of Merton to visit Reygate 
priory. — lb., 30 July. 

[156 a.] Mandate directed to the official of the archdeacon 


Official lyistniments. 273 

of Winchester to call the clergy to arms, pursuant to writ dated 
8 August, 1377:— 

Vobis igitur auctoritate nostra ordinaria committimus ct 
firmiter injungendo mandamus, quatenus necessitate ac periculis 
in dicto brevi superius enarratis consideratis tenerrime et attente, 
omnes et singulos abbates, priores, religiosos, et alias personas 
ecclesiasticas quascunque archidiaconatus predicti, omni excusa- 
cione postposita, armari et arraiari et armis competentibus, vide- 
licet quemlibet ipsorum inter etates superius nominatas^ juxta 
statum, possessiones, et facultates suas, muniri, et eos in millenis, 
centcnis, et vintenis poni faciatis, ita quod prompti fuerint et 
parati cum aliis fidelibus domini nostri regis contra dictos 
inimicos infra regnum Anglie, ad ipsos, cum Dei adjutorio, debel- 
landos et destruendos, et ad maliciam et pertinaciam eorundem 
propulsandum et continendum. 

Et super hiis debite, fideliter, et celeriter exequendis omnem 
diligenciam, quacunque negligencia deposita et amota, pruden- 
ter et sagaciter apponatis, ac premissa omnia et singula, sicut 
honorem Dei et ecclesie, regis et regni Anglie, zelatis, infra viij 
dies a tempore recepcionis presencium continue numerandos 
exequi fideliter studeatis, juxta omnem vim, formam, et effectum 
brevis supradicti ac harum literarum nostrarum, et ordinetis 
personas predictas in forma congrua et decenti, et designetis in 
scriptis clare et distincte per cedulas et quaternos, nomina et 
cognomina omnium et singulorum abbatum, priorum, rcligios- 
orum et aliarum personarum ecclesiasticarum quarumcunque 
archidiaconatus predicti sic armatorum, ct qualiter sunt arraiati 
et armati ac muniti ; et nobis ea in scriptis celeriter ct integre 
sub vestro sigillo transmittatis.- — Same date. 

Dame Elizabeth Julercs, countess of Kent, licensed to choose 
her own confessor. — Farnham, 22 Aug. 

Probate of will of William de Ncwdegate, deceased, granted 
to his son John, liberty to prove being reserved to his widow 
Amice, and to John Kyngesfolde and Henry Lcchcsfordc, the 
other executors. — Same date. 

1 i.e., in the writ. — See Rymer's Foedera, III, 3, 64. 
9 The Isle of Wight was raided by the French .ibout the end of August. - 
Walsingham, i, p. 340. 

274 Wyke/idJus Register. 

Summons of clcrj^y to parliament. Willelmus, etc., dilecto 
filio official! archidiaconi nostri Wynton. s. g. et b. Breve 
domini nostri regis recepimus in hcc verba Ricnrdus, etc. 
Vobis cciam vigorc dicti brcvis firmitcr injiingimiis et manda- 
mus, quatenus premuniatis seu facias premuniri archidiaconum 
nostrum Wynton. ac clerum archidiaconatiis eiusdem, quod idem 
archidiaconus in propria persona, dictusque clerus per unum 
procuratorcm idoneum, plenam et sufficientem potestatem ab 
ipso clero habcntcm, predictis die et loco intersit, facturi et 
recepturi, quod tenor et effectus dicti brevis exigunt et requirunt. 

Et nos de facto vestro in premissis, una cum nomine pro- 
curatoris a dicto clero electi, citra dictum terminum certificetis, 
etc. — Waltham, 26 August, 1377. 

A similar summons was addressed to archdeacon of Surrey. 

Summons of prior of Winchester Cathedral : — 

Willelmus, etc. Breve domini nostri regis, etc. Vigore 
igitur dicti brevis vos tenore presencium premunimus, et per vos 
capitulum dicte ecclesie vestre premuniri volumus et mandamus, 
quatenus die et loco in dicto brevi superiias designatis, quod 
vos personaliter, dictumque capitulum per unum procuratorcm 
idoneum, plenam et sufficientem potestatem ab ipso capitulo 
habentem, intersitis et intersit, ad consenciendum hiis, que tunc 
ibidem de communi consilio dicti regni contigerit ordinari.^ Et 
nos de nomine procuratoris, etc. — Same date. 

Mandate directed to the officials of both archdeacons, to 
sequestrate certain benefices conferred by provision for non pay- 
ment of first fruits, and excommunicate the holders ; also to 
monish certain clerics for non payment of procurations, pursuant 
to a mandate from Arnald Gernerii, collector of papal dues, 
dated London, 15 August. 

Churches to be sequestrated : — Wonston, St. Mary's Guild- 
ford, and Houghton, also Quarr abbey and Andover priory for 

1 Hody [History of Convocations, p. 417) infers that the clergy sat in the parliament of 
1377 from the heading of a petition of the clergy of both provinces presented to the king 
in that parliament, and recorded in the roll, p. 64 : "To our most excellent lord the king 
his devout orators the prelates and clergy of the provinces of Canterbury and York 
humbly pray," etc. : and that they were likewise present in the parliament held at 
Gloucester on St. Luke's day, 2 Ric. II. 

Official Instruments. 275 

procurations of 1375 ; abbeys of Chertsey, Quarr, Wfeiverley, 
Netley, and Wherwell ; priories of Christchurch Twynham, 
Selborne, and Andover, for procuration of 1376 and 1377 ; 
St. Mary's abbey, for procuration of 1375 and 1377. 

Churches to be sequestrated for non-payment of first fruits : — 
Tresford in respect of its appropriation to St. Mary's abbey, 

Winchester, in pope Clement's eleventh year ^ ; Lambeth ; 

Leckford prebend on provision to Adam Pope ; and Romsey 


The bishop's return. As regards benefices in the arch- 
deaconry of Winchester, the commission was sent to Henry, r. 
of Arreton, the official, who deposited it in his church, and it 
disappeared when the French raided the Isle of Wight (see p. 273). 
As regards benefices in the archdeaconry of Surrey, the churches 
of Lambeth and St. Mary's, Guildford were discharged from 
sequestration upon a supersedeas from the nuncio ; the abbots of 
Chertsey and Waverley have been cited. — Southwark, 18 Nov. 

[157 a.] Administration of the goods of Robert Hegeman, 
an intestate, granted to William Peyto and others. — Farnham, 
26 Sept. 

Monition for ds. William r. of Cold Henley ^ for non 

residence. — Highclere, 4 October. 

Similar monition for Henry, r. of Esher (vol. i, p. 80). — 
Esher, 11 October. 

License of non-residence until St. John Baptist's Day, 1378, 
granted to him in order to be in attendance on Nicholas 
Kaerwent, r. of Crondall. — Southwark, 3 October. 

[157 b.] Mandate directed to archdeacons' officials to sum- 
mon clergy to convocation at St. Paul's, to grant a subsidy, 
pursuant to archbishop's letter, dated London, vj Id. Oct., 1377, 
reciting the following writ of summons : — 

Ricardus, etc., venerabili in Christo patri, Simoni, eadem 
gracia archiepiscopo Cantuaricnsi, tocius Anglic primati, salutcm. 

1 This was .1 mistake on the part of the collector, as will be seen later. 
' A hamlet two-and-a-half miles north of Whitchurch. 

T 2 

2/6 Wykeham's Register. 

Cum iniinici nostri, inter se alligati, et undique hostiliter 
congregati, regnum nostrum Anglic in pluribus locis per terram 
et per mare sepius invascrunt, mala quamplurima et intollera- 
bilia nobis et ligeis nostris perpetrando, et non solum de hoc 
contenti, dictum regnum nostrum ac ecclesiam sanctam, nosque 
ac populum nostrum Anglie de die in diem se parant totis 
viribus subvertere et destruere, nisi eorum malicie, adjuvante 
Deo, fortius resistatur. Unde in salvacionem states ecclesie 
sancte et regni ac populi predictorum necessariam defensionem 
sumptus ac census et expensas inestimabiles et aliquo tempore 
preterito magis solit6 grandiores effundere nos oportet. 

Verum quia de copia thesauri vel bonorum in primordiis 
nostri regiminis, nee mirum, penitus alieni, ad ipsorum onerum et 
sumptuum supportacionem absque juvamine fidelium nostrorum 
non sufificimus, sicut scitis, vobis in fide et dileccione, quibus 
nobis tenemur, rogando mandamus, quatenus consideratis tarn 
arduitate negociorum predictorum quam grandibus periculis, que 
ecclesie et regno predictis oculata fide eminere conspiciatis, 
attentis debite et consideratis, suffraganeos vestros decanos 
et priores ecclesiarum cathedralium, abbates et priores et alios 
electivos, exemptos et non exemptos ; necnon archidiaconos, 
capitula, et collegia, totumque clerum cuiuslibet diocesis vestre 
provincie ad comparendum coram vobis in ecclesia S. Pauli 
London, vel alibi, prout expedire videritis, ad breviorem diem 
quem poteritis more solito convocari faciatis, et eis dictis nego- 
ciis, et periculis ibidem plenius expositis et declaratis, ipsos ad 
subsidium in hoc casu competens et necessarium in supporta- 
cionem dictorum onerum et sumptuum nobis concedendum eo 
specialius et cum efficacia, qua magis sciveritis vel poteritis 
tanta necessitate causante, inducatis, et partes vestras ad hoc 
effectualiter apponatis ; nos in cancellaria nostra de quantitate 
subsidii illius ac de termino solucionis eiusdem certificantes. 

Et hoc sicut nos et honorem nostrum ac salvacionem et 
defensionem ecclesie et regni predictorum diligitis, nullatenus 

Teste meipso apud Westm. xxix"^° die mensis Septembris, 
anno regni nostri primo. 

[158 b.] Summons of prior and chapter of Winchester. — 
Same date. 

Official Instruments. 277 

The Bishop's return is dated Monday, 9 Nov., 1377.^ 
[159 a.] Confirmation, dated at Southvvark, 4 November, of 
the following licence of non residence granted by the prior of 
Winchester Cathedral to f. Nicholas de Wykeford, in order to be 
in attendance on his brother, the archbishop of Dublin - : — 

F. Hugo, miseracione divina prior ecclesie cathedralis Wyn- 
ton., f. Nicholao de Wycforde, confratri nostro, salutem et sincere 
caritatis affectum. Morum tuorum merita et virtutum, necnon 
venerabilis in Christo patris et domini, domini Roberti, Dei 
gracia Dublinensis archiepiscopi, fratris tui germani, deputacio 
jugis, nos excitant et inducunt, ut tibi aliquid concedamus 
gracie specialis. Ut igitur a monasterio nostro predicto abcsse, 
ac cum eodem venerabili patre, vel alibi, quo ipse decreverit, in 
loco honesto, tuo statui et ordini congruente, valeas comorari, ac 
eciam beneficium ecclesiasticum quodcunque tuo statui com- 
petens ac tue professioni conveniens poteris et possis accipere et 
licite retinere, et ad alia beneficia ecclesiastica consimilia ubi- 
cunque tibi canonice conferenda migrare, et de ipsorum fructibus 
et proventibus libere disponere, necnon quandocunque volueris 
ad monasterium nostrum predictum redire, dum tamen alibi 
promotus non fueris, et a tempore reditus tui in monasterio 
nostro antedicto moram feceris corporalem et in omnibus ct per 
omnia te laudabiliter et honeste gesseris, prout decet, liberatam 
hactenus consuetam in omnibus pcrcipere et cameram in in- 
firmaria nostra, quam diutiias occupasti et occupas, occupare, et 
omnia alia, que de jure seu consuetudinc monasterii nostri 
predicti tibi possint debcri, percipere valeas, dcbcas et habere, 
deliberacione provida et tractatu diligenti cum conventu nostro 
prehabitis, concurrentibus omnibus et singulis que in hac parte 
de jure et consuetudine requiruntur, tibi liberam in Domino 
concedimus facultatem tenore presencium literarum, eximentes 
te de consensu et asscnsu confratrum nostrorum ab omni onerc 
chori, claustri, et tabula*^ quibuscunque, tua durante absencia, ut 
prcfertur. — Winchester, 11 January, 1376-7. 

^ Two tenths were granted on this occasion. The prior of Winchester appointed 
collector for the archdeaconry of Winchester, and the prior of Chrislchurch Twynhani for 
the archdeaconry of Surrey. 

2 RoV>ert de Wykeford, LL. n. . fellow of Merton Coll., Oxford, and archdeacon of 
Winchester; archbishop of Dublin by papal provision 12 October, 1375. and chancellor 
of Ireland. Died 29 August, 1390. 

' This was the duty of inscribing on a tablet thp names of the monks in course to s.iy 
mass at the different altars week to week. — See Uu Catijie, s. v. iabula: OlVitialcs, and 
Obedientiary Rolls of St. Swilhun's, Winchester, pp. aoan., 510. 

27S Uykc/ianis Register. 

Mandate directed to the official of the archdeacon of Win- 
chester for prayers to be said for the expedition to Sluys^: — 

Sacro attestante eloquio, intellcctus nostri oculos aperit et 
non latet, quod dum Moyses legis lator, ductor populi Israelitici, 
preces devotas in conspectu Altissimi suppliciter effundebat, 
hostes suos idem populus devinccbat ; et vinccbatur, quocicns 
desineret exorare. Unde cum viultum valet deprecacio justoriun 
assidua presertim si cum instancia debita offeratur, nos dudum 
intuentes, quanta discrimina bellorum et invasionum nostrorum 
hostium externorum ad aggrediendum, ingrediendum, et affli- 
gendum fines regni Anglie, tam per terras, quam per mare, cum 
non parva multitudine classium et virorum armatorum indies 
parabantur, processiones fieri et missas celebrari, et ah'as 
oraciones devotas dici et continuari in omnibus monasteriis, 
ecclesiis, et aliis sacris locis civitatis et diocesis nostre Wynton. 
mandavimus, et fecimus certas indulgencias huiusmodi missas, 
processiones, et oraciones exercentibus et dicentibus in humili- 
tatis spiritu concedentes ; sic prohdolor ! vehementer angit 
intima cordis nostri, quod ab huiusmodi missis, processionibus, 
et oracionibus clerus et populus nobis subditus jam pigrescit, 
que, dum fiebant, ab Alto presidium attulerunt. 

Veruntamen, quia propter guerrarum discrimina ingruencia 
et hostium huiusmodi aggressiones et insultus verisimiliter 
imminentes citiiis propulsandos nobiles viri Thomas, comes 
Huntyngdonie,^ et Johannes, dux Brittanie, et nonnulli alii 
fideles regni, pro tuicione et defensione ecclesie et regni predicti 
in manu forti ad mare cum nostro navigio Anglie sunt profecti, 
hostes huiusmodi cum Dei adjutorio propulsuri, pium provi- 
dimus et oportunum eos in sua expedicione devotis ecclesie 
precibus adjuvare ; et ob hoc prefatas processiones, etc. — 
Southwark, 13 Nov., 1377. 

[159 b.] Acquittance by Henry Weluwes, r. of St. Nicholas 
Olave, receiver for Giles, provost of St. Minion's, Valence, for 
£\2. OS. S}^d., received of the bishop, by the hands of m. John 

1 An English fleet under the command of Thomas de Woodstock, earl of Buckingham, 
and the duke of Brittany, sent to attack the Spaniards at Sluys, was dispersed by a storm. 
— Walsingkam, i, 344. 

3 An error for comes Bukynghamie. Sir Guiscard d' Angoul6me was earl of Huntingdon 
at this time. 

Official Instruments. 279 

de Bukyngham, for his contribution to the penny in the £., laid 
on the clergy of the province. — London, 17 November, 1377. 

[160 a.] Acquittance by the same, for £i\, os. 4^., received 
of the bishop, viz., 62s. oY^d., for the farthing in the £., for the 
archbp. of Ravenna, and £2"]. i8j. zV\^-y ^or the penny in the 
mark for the archbps. of Ravenna and Rouen. — lb., 24 November. 

Administration of the goods of John Brocas, an intestate, 
granted to Henry de Fopham and William Borsal. — Southwark, 
21 November. 

[l6ob.] Proceedings in the matter of the purgation of 
Nicholas Cridel. He was indicted before Sir John atte Lee, kt, 
and Nicholas Careu, seneschal of the Marshal's Court, for that 
on Thursday, the eve of St. Vedast and Amand, 39 Ed. HI, he 
feloniously stole the horse of one John Wcllynge at Shooter's 
Hill ; and pleading the privilege, was committed to the custody 
of the late bishop and so remained. The bishop, on his denial 
of the charge, appointed sixteen compurgators, viz., the rectors 
of St. George's, St. Svvithun's (ecclesia super Kyngate), St. John's, 
St. Michael's (ecclesia extra Kyngate), and Chilcomb, and the 
following curates (capellani) Henry Ketene, William Stoke, 
Roger Everard, John Brokman, Walter Aylmere, William 
Werkman, John Ferour, Philip de Worthy, Thomas of St. 
Pancras, Thomas Hursele, and Richard Aylwyn, and directed 
[161 a] the usual proclamations for opposers to be made. The 
official returns, v Id. Sept., 1377, that the usual proclamations 
had been made, but no one came. 

[l6lb.] Mandate for the monition of certain who wrong- 
fully felled trees in the woods of John de Uvedale at Bletchingley 
and Chaldon : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilccto filio dccano de Ewcll, necnon rectori- 
bus ecclesiarum de Blcchyngle et Chalvedone, nostre diocesis, s. 
g. et b. Ex parte dilecti filii Johannis de Uvedale nobis graviter 
querelando extitit nominatum, quod nonnulH iniquitatis filii, 
quorum nomina ignorantur penitus ct persone, quasdam silvas 
prefati Johannis infra parochias de Blcchyngle et Chalvedone 
predictas constitutas, pretcr ct contra voluntatcm dicti Johannis 
ingrcdientes, nonnullas quercus et alia ligna in dictis silvis tunc 

2 So WykehanCs Register. 

crescencia excidcrunt ct prostrarunt, illaqiic sic excisa inde 
asportarunt, alienarunt, et abduxeriint, scu huiusmodi cxcisionem, 
asportacioncm,alicnacioncm, et abduxionem eorum nomine vel a 
familiaribus, notis, vel amicis suis factas ratas habent et acceptas, 
in animarunn suarum grave periculum, dictique Johannis damp- 
num non modicum et jacturam. Super quibus sibi petebat per 
nos de remedio provideri oportuno. 

Ouocirca vobis comuniter et divisim committimus et man- 
damus, firmiter injungentes, quatenus in ecclesiis parochialibus 
de Blechynglc et Chalvedonc prefatis, aliisque ecclesiis convicinis, 
ubi magis expedire vidcrit, et per partem dicti Johannis fueritis 
congrue requisiti, moneatis et efficaciter inducatis, monerive 
faciatis et induci, publice et generaliter, omnes et singulos huius- 
modi quercus et alia ligna excidentes, asportantes, alienantes, 
et abducentes, seu huiusmodi excisionem, asportacionem, aliena- 
cionem, et abduxionem factas, ut premittitur, ratas habentes, 
quod infra xx dierum spacium a tempore monicionis vestre 
continue numerandorum, quem terminum eis pro termino per- 
emptorio et monicione canonica assignamus, huiusmodi quercus 
et alia ligna prefato Johanni reddant, restituant, et revelent, 
seu de eisdem satisfaciant debite, ut tenentur (in default, 
excommunication denounced in usual terms). — Ib.^ i Dec, 1377. 

[162 a.] Sir Bernard Brocas,^ kt, appointed chief parker to 
the bishop : — 

William per la grace dieu evesque de Wyncestre a touz 
yceux qi cestes lettres verront ou orront saluz en Dieu. Sachez 
nous avoir assignez et ordenez notre trescher et bien ame mons. 
Bernard Brocas, chivaler, chief surveour et sovereign gardein de 
touz noz parkes, chaces, warannes et autres noz deductez ^ per 
toute nostre evesquee et patrimonie, a les surveier, garder, et 
faire garder al honore et profit de nos et de nostre esglise, sanz 
nulle wast, damage, ou destruction de sauvagine,^ et herbage ou 
de boys en ycelles faire per nulle voie ; per qei nous mandons et 
comandons a touz noz tenants, servants, et ministres, et prioms 

1 Mentioned ante p. 2 as present at the bishop's enthronization. He lived at Roche 
Court, near Fareham, which had come to him through his wife, who was the widow of 
Sir John de Burghunte. 

' Literally "attractions," Fr. d^duits, id quod deductui inservit. — Du Cange. 
3 Wild animals. Sauvaginse dicuntur ferae. Du Cange, sub voc. " Silvaticus. " 

Official Instruments. 281 

a touz autres noz amys ct bienvoillantz, qa dit mons. Bernard 
en le dit office feisant et exerceant soient eidantz et entendantz 
duement pur nostre honore et profit avantditz en toutcs choscs 
q a les dites survene et souveraigne garde appartient. 

En tesmoignance de quele chose nous avons fait faire au dit 
mons. Bernard cestes noz lettrcs patentes ensealee de notre seal, 
a durer a nostre voluntee. — Farnham, 5 Dec, 1377. 

[162 a.] Monition of certain men of Tichfield, who opened 
a chapel of their own at Hook.^ 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio m. Johanni Langerysshe, 
sequestratori nostro in archidiaconatu Wynton., s. g. et b. 
Fama publica et facti notorietas, patratique sceleris evidencia, 
ad nostrum deduxerunt auditum, quod parochiani ecclesie 
parochialis de Tichefelde, nostre diocesis, inhabitantes hamelettam 
sive villatam de Hoke, nostre diocesis predicte, quorum nomina 
ignorantur penitus et persone, quandam capellam in hameletta 
seu villata predicta, et infra fines et limites parochie dicte 
ecclesie, in casu a jure non proviso, et absque nostra licencia seu 
auctoritate alia legitima quacunque, erexerunt, edificarunt, seu 
per alios erigi et edificari procurarunt, preter et fecerunt, illis 
quorum notorie intererat in hac parte non legitime vocatis nee 
ad hoc consensum prebentibus vel assensum ; ipsique parochiani 
diebus dominicis aliisque solemnibus ct festivis, in quibus misse, 
predicaciones, salutariaque monita, injuncciones, et precepta per 
rectorem seu vicarium dicte ecclesie ex debito eorum officio in 
ecclesia eadem celebrabantur et fiebant, celebrantur et fiunt, 
sicuti celebrari fierique debercnt, ab eadem ecclesia, dum pre- 
missa sic fiebant et fiunt, se subtraxerunt, et subtrahunt eciam 
in presenti, missasque et alia divina officia huiusmodi diebus 
dominicis cetcrisque festivis maioribus et duplicibus, et presertim 
in illis, in quibus parochiani dicte ecclesie ad corum parochialem 
ecclesiam prcdictam accedere tunc debercnt, divina officia 
missasque parochiales precipuc audituri, in capclla predict^ sic 
de novo, ut premittitur, erecta, eciam absque nostra licencia, seu 
auctoritate alia legitima quacunque, campanis in eadem capcllA 
per ipsos appensis et alte pulsatis, parochianos dicte ecclesie ad 

• A hamlet two miles west of ihc village of Tichfield, in the ecclesiastical district of 
Hook with Warsasb. 

282 IVykeham's Register. 

hoc ac populum convocando publice celebrari fecerunt et faciunt, 
ipsique parochiani, dum sic huiusmodi divina officia celebra- 
bantur et ficbant, cclcbrantur et fiunt, intcrfuerunt ct intersunt 
publico in eadcm ; quorum prctextu oblaciones et decime alieque 
devociones et cetera jura parochialia, in dicta ecclesia fieri 
debita et consueta, per dictos parochianos pluries subtrahuntur, 
oblacionesque dictorum parochianorum et aliorum in dicta 
capella factas, ad prefatam ecclesiam parochialem et ipsius vicarii 
eius nomine pertinentes, ipsi parochiani indebite perceperunt et 
detinuerunt, percipiunt et detinent, percipi et detineri fecerunt 
et faciunt, nequiter et injuste, in nostri et ecclesie nostre, 
ecclesieque parochialis predicte, grave prejudicium animarumque 
eorum periculum, et scandalum plurimorum. 

Indempnitati igitur dictarum ecclesiarum in hiis prospicere, 
ac animarum subditorum nostrorum periculis in hac parte, prout 
nostro incumbit officio pastorali, obviare, debite cupientes, vobis 
firmiter injungendo mandamus, quatenus omnes et singulos 
parochianos predictos ac capellanos in dicta capella celebrantes 
auctoritate nostra requiratis, moneatis, et efficaciter inducatis, 
requiri et monerive faciatis publice et generaliter, quos eciam 
ex habundanti primo secundo, et tercio ac peremptorie tenore 
presencium requirimus et monemus, quod infra xij dierum 
spacium a tempore monicionis nostre huiusmodi atque vestre 
eisdem facte immediate sequencium et continue numerandorum, 
quorum xij dierum quatuor pro primo, quatuor pro secundo, 
et reliquos quatuor dies pro tercio et peremptorio termino ac 
omnibus dilacionibus et monicione canonica eis assignamus, et 
per vos volumus assignari, a premissis omnibus et singulis 
desistant injuriis et excessibus cum effectu, et pro eisdem nobis 
ecclesiis ac personis predictis satisfaciant debite, ut tenentur. 

Alioquin si infra tempus predictum a premissis illicitis in- 
juriisque et eorum excessibus non destiterint, et de illis minime 
satisfecerint, istisque requisicionibus ac monicionibus nostris 
atque vestris huiusmodi effectualiter non paruerunt, mora et 
culpa eorum, nostraque et vestra monicione canonica precedenti- 
bus, in ipsos parochianos et capellanos, qui culpabiles et rebelles 
fuerunt in premissis, vel eorum aliquo, exnunc prout extunc 
excommunicacionis, ac in ipsam capellam interdict! summas in 
hiis scriptis ferimus ac eciam promulgamus. 

Et quid feceritis, etc. — Farnham, 23 December, 1377. 

Official Instruments. 283 

[172.1 Lan<Trysshe returned that he attended at Tichficld 
church and pubHshed the monition after mass, but " parochiani 
dicte parochialis ecclesie, prefatam hamelettam de Hoke inhabi- 
tantes, tunc in dicta ecclesia parochiali personah'ter presentes, 
alta voce et pomposa dixerunt, quod, non obstante contradiccione 
cuiuscunque, ipsi haberent capellam suam ct divina officia in 
eadem ; et, ut comunis se habet relacio, ipsi parochiani et ah'i 
post et contra vestras et meas requisiciones et moniciones huius- 
modi fecerunt celebrari divina pluries in eadem capella." The 
bishop placed the matter in the hands of archdeacon Edyndone, 
John de Lydcforde, the official, John de Campeden,and others. — 
Southwark, 18 January. Lydeforde held a sitting in the church 
of St. Mary Overy, Southwark, 22 January, 1377-8, and pro- 
nounced a sentence of interdict : — In Dei nomine. Amen. Nos 
Johannes de Lydeforde, etc., recepta per nos primitus in forma 
juris informacione de fama publica ac notorictate facti ereccionis 
cuiusdam domus private ad instar capelle infra parochiam de 
Tychefelde apud Hoke, Wynton. dioc, quia per informacionem 
coram nobis factam et captam ipsam domum seu capellam 
pretensam absque licencia, ac preter et contra voluntatem dicti 
domini episcopi eiusdem loci diocesani, ac absque quacunque 
auctoritate sufficienti, et in prejudicium pontificalis dignitatis 
dicti domini episcopi, ac religiosorum virorum abbatis et con- 
vcntus monasterii de Tychefelde prcdicti, ipsam ecclesiam 
parochialem in usus proprios obtinencium, infra cuius parochiam 
dictus locus seu capella pretensa est erecta, ipsum locum seu 
capellam illam pretensam ct locum eiusdem sic de facto et 
minus legitime erectam, auctoritate nobis commissa a cele- 
bracione divinorum suspendimus et intcrdicimus, ac ad omnem 
juris effcctum ipsam domum sive capellam pretensam et locum 
eiusdem ecclesiastico supponimus interdicto, et ipsum locum 
seu ipsam capellam sic fuisse et esse suspensam et intcrdictam, 
ccclesiasticoque interdicto suppositam, pronunciamus et declar- 
amus [173a] sentencialiter in hiis scriptis. The dean of Drox- 
ford certified, March 31, 1379, that he had cited the offenders ^ 

1 Their names were :— William Maple, Henry Kyrye. John Tolle. John VVyryng. ds. 
Robert Whelerc. capcllanus, Robert Scottcrc. William Tolle, Richard Tukkcre, Richard 
Sutlone, John Kordere, Peter, William G.idalcs. Henry Northwell. John Maple, 
John Digelle. John Tollerc. John Houkcswell. John Riysse, John Aubrey. Rolx^rt Malgcre. 
Roger atte Mere, Richard Chaumpeneye, John Tipe, John Liiurens, William Wcbbc, and 
William Waryn. 

284 Wyke/iams Register. 

to appear before the bishop at Winchester Cathedral on the 
[174 a] Thursday after Palm Sunday. They did not appear, 
and the bishop fulminated a sentence of excommunication 
against them from Wolvesey, 30 March, 1379. 

[162 b.] Monition of parishioners of Lambeth refusing to 
subscribe for new church bells ^ : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilcctis filiis decano de Suthvverke et capellano 
parochialis ecclesie parochie de Lamheth, nostre diocesis, s. g. 
et b. Ex parte procuratorum et quorundam parochianorum 
ecclesie parochialis de Lamheth predicta graviter conquerendo 
nobis extitit informatum, quod licet parochiani dicte ecclesie ad 
construccionem, sustentacionem, reparacionem, et refeccionem 
ecclesie, campanilis, et campanarum eiusdem ex constitucionibus 
sanctorum patrum in ea parte rite editis et legitime promulgatis, 
necnon ex consuetudine eciam in hoc casu legitime prescripts, 
et in dicta parochia hactenus pacifice observata, contribuere 
teneantur, nonnulli tamen dicte ecclesie parochiani ad faccionem 
campanarum ecclesie predicte, ad usum necessarium eiusdem 
ecclesie de comuni consensu ipsius ecclesie parochianorum jam 
de novo constructarum, contribuere recusant, et eciam contra- 
dicunt, nequiter et injuste ; super quo petierunt per nos de 
remedio sibi provideri oportuno. 

Vobis igitur comuniter et divisim comittimus et mandamus, 
quatenus quoscunque parochianos dicte ecclesie de Lamheth 
rebelles in premissis auctoritate nostra legitime moneatis et 
efficaciter inducatis, quatenus ad construccionem dictarum cam- 
panarum contribuant debite, ut teneantur ; ipsosque ad hoc, si 
opus fuerit, per quascunque censuras ecclesiasticas canonice 

Ad que facienda, etc. — Southwark, 27 Jan., 1377-8. 

1 Church bells are amongst the things which, according to one of Archbp. Whittlesey's 
Constitutions, A.D. 1305, the parishioners shall provide, namely, legendam ; antiphon- 
arium ; gradale ; psalterium ; troperium ; ordinate ; missale ; manuale ; calicem ; vesti- 
mentum principale cum casula, dalmatica, tunica, capi in choro, cum omnibus suis 
appendiciis ; frontale ad magnum altare cum tribus tuellis ; tria superpellicia ; unum 
rochettum ; crucem processionalem ; crucem pro mortuis ; thuribulum ; lucernam ; tin- 
tinuabulum ad deferendum coram Corpore Christi in visitacione infirmorum ; pyxidem 
pro Corpore Christi ; honestum velum quadragesimale ; vexilla pro rogacionibus ; cam- 
panas cum chordis ; feretrum pro defunctis ; vas pro aqua benedicta ; osculatorium ; 
candelabrum pro cereo paschali ; fontem cum serura ; imagines in ecclesie ; imaginem 
principalem in cancello ; clausuram cimeterii ; reparaciones navis ecclesie interius et 
cxterius, tarn in imaginibus quam in fenestris vitreis ; reparacionem vestimentorum quan- 
docunque contigerit eadem reparacionibus indigere. — Gibs., 200. 

Official Instruments. 285 

Probate of will of Matilda, wife of Thomas atte Wei, of 
Farnham, granted to him, power being reserved to grant to 
John Keter, the other executor. — Farnham, 7 Feb., 1377-8. 

[163 a.] New endowment of the vicarage of Kingston-on- 

Differences having arisen between the prior and convent of 
Merton, as appropriators of the church of Kingston with the 
chapels of Moulsey, Ditton, and Sheen annexed, and Robert 
de Bokenhulle the vicar, as to the sufficiency of the endowment, 
sanctioned by bp. Edyndone 2 April, 1352, a fresh agreement 
was now arrived at, to the following effect : — The vicar and 
his successors to receive all and all manner of offerings at the 
church and chapels aforesaid, or any other chapels to be erected 
in the parish, or to the altars, reliques, oratories, roods, images, 
or pyxes in any of them, and all donations and bequests not 
specially given to the fabric of the chancels of the said church 
or chapels; also all dead mortuaries (mortuaria mortua), com- 
modities of paschal tapers, and fees for confessions, burials, and 
commemorations ; also all and all manner of oblations and dues 
(devociones) ecclesiastic, living or dead, and of whatever nature, 
in the said church and chapels and elsewhere in the parish of 
Kingston, so that they concern not the fabrics ; also the tithe 
of cows, calves, goats, kids, pigs, rabbits, and other animals, and 
of fowls, pigeons, lambs, peacocks, geese, ducks, and the like, 
and of cheese, milk, curds,^ bees, honey, wax, and eggs through- 
out the parish ; except nevertheless and reserving to the prior 
and convent the following tithe in their manors of Muleseye 
(Moulsey), Berewelle, Hertyngdone, and Canonebury, whether 
those manors be in their own manurance, or demised to tenants, 
namely, in the manor of Muleseye, eight cows, three sows, five 
geese, five ducks, ten hens, and two hundred wethers ; in the 
manor of Berewelle, eight cows, two sows, five gcesc, five 
ducks, and ten hens ; in the manor of Hertyngdone, thirty- 
two cows, one sow, three geese, three ducks, and five hens ; 
and four cows, four sows, five geese, five ducks, and ten hens 
in the manor of Canonebury ; also three dovecots, one at 

* The word here is lacticini.i, which, according to Du Cange, means dishes of milk and 
eggs, dx^oAa, Fr. , laitagc ; but here appears to mean milk products, butter or curd. 

286 lVyke/ia7u's Rec^sier 

Muleseye, one at Bercwclle, and a third at Canonebury. Also 
the tithe of flax, hemp, and madder ^ throughout the parish, 
and of corn in the gardens or curtilages of the said churches 
or chapels when under the spade (pede fossatis seu fossandis), 
and of grass and all other crops growing in the gardens and 
not belonging to any of the said manors. If at any future 
time any garden ground shall pass under the plough the prior 
and convent shall have tithe of the grain therefrom ; and if 
any land under the plough not belonging to any of the said 
manors shall come to be garden ground the vicar shall have 
tithe of grass grown therein while under the spade. Also 
the vicar shall have tithe of all meadows, pastures, agistments, 
pannage, willows, osiers, underwood, and of firewood, vine- 
yards, and produce of all sorts of fruit trees throughout the 
parish, except in the said manors. Also tithe, personal and 
mixed, of all traders, artificers, innkeepers (pandoxatores), brew- 
ers, and higglers, throughout the parish, and of the officers, 
farmers, and servants of the prior and convent within their 
manors, as well of their gains as of the profits of their cattle and 
of other people's cattle taken in to graze in the manors and 
pastures of the priory, except tenants' own cattle and cattle 
rented by them of the priory ; ^ also of all that grows in the 
graveyards of the said church and chapels, except great timber, 
and of pigeons and other birds about the same. Also of all 
mills, fisheries (gurgites), ponds, and stews now existing or 
thereafter to be made for all kinds of fish in the Thames and 
elsewhere in the parish ; of the mill at Muleseye and fishery at 
Braynforde (Brentford), and all that private water commonly 
called " Several Water " adjoining thereto, reserving a right of 
fishing therein to the prior and convent and their nominees 
during the present letting, and of the fishery of Kayho * when it 
is not in the hands of the prior and convent. Also 5^. yearly 
rent with heriots, reliefs and advantages issuing out of a corner 
tenement in Kingston, late of William Fyssh, which was given 
to the vicar of Kingston and his successors by John de Arcubus 

1 Waranca ; Fr. garance. 

' Land and stock leases, under which the landlord found the necessary live stock for 
the use of the tenant, were common at this period. Several instances occur in the early 
records of Winchester College. Dairies are often let in this way at the present day. 

3 A fishing near Brentford, for which the prior and convent of Winchester Cathedral 
received rent. — Obedientiary Rolls of St. Swithun's, Winchester, p. 128. 

Official Instruuients. 287 

in pure and perpetual alms. Also thirteen quarters of ^rain 
yearly, to wit, three quarters of rye (siligo) of the abbot of 
Chertsey's tenants at Petersham on All Saints' Day ; two 
quarters of wheat, four of dredge,^ two of rye, and two of barley, 
at the prior's grange at Kingston in equal portions, at Michael- 
mas, Christmas, Easter, and Midsummer. Also four marks from 
the parishioners of Kingston in part payment of the stipend of 
the curate of Kingston, in four equal portions on these days. 
And it shall be lawful for the vicar that now is and his 
successors to appoint fit holy water bearers (habiles et idoneas 
personas, aque benedicte baiulas -) to serve the said church and 
chapels, and keep, or license others to keep, a school for boys, to 
teach reading, writing, plain song, and Latin, up to and including 
the grammar of Donatus (scolas quoque puerorum literarum, 
cantus, et aliorum usque Donatum inclusive tcnere seu aliis 
concedere ^). Also all small tithes whatsoever payable, whether 
by custom or law, throughout the parish, except such as are 
reserved to the prior and convent. Also from the prior and 
convent three loads of rye straw yearly at Easter or within 
fifteen days after, towards thatching the houses of residence 
(mansiones) at the three chapels, viz., one load from the grange at 
Muleseye, one from the grange at Canonebury, and one from the 
grange at Hatche. The prior and convent shall receive the 
great tithes of corn not grown in gardens ; of hay, mortuaries 
(mortuaria viva), and tithes of wood and lambs in the vills of 
Kingston, Norbeltone (Norbiton), Sorbeltone (Surbiton), Coumbe, 
Hertyngdone, Hatche, Hamme, Petrushame, la Hoke, and Bere- 
welle, and all other tithes, profits and emoluments ecclesiastic 
arising within the parish, or appertaining to the said church 
or chapels, save such as are already assigned to the vicar ; 
and the small dwelling house (mansus), on the little water- 
course at Kingston, which was formerly assigned to the vicar, 
but which he now, for himself and his successors, cedes 
[l64a.]to the prior and convent. They shall repair and when- 
ever necessary rebuild at their own cost the chancels of the said 

^ Mixtilio : a mixture of o.its, barley, and p)eas, sown for horse-feed. 

2 See p. 76, n. 
3 By ihc bishop's statutes for his fouruUiion at Winchester (Rubric II). candid.ites for 
election to scholarships nuist be "in lecturA, piano caniu et antinuo Doiiato coinpftentcr 

288 IVykehains Re^j^ister. 

church and chapels, including the chapel at Petersham, together 
with the screens (divisiones, " parclosez " vulgariter nominatas) 
between naves and chancels. And they grant to the vicar and 
his successors in augmentation of their portion three closes, 
one called Presteshagh, lying at Ditton, bounded by the king's 
highway on the north, and lands of Richard Birchet and John 
Buryman on the south, and extending from the graveyard of 
Ditton chapel and a croft called Crughagh on the west, to 
Richard Vaghelere's toft on the east ; another, lying at Sheen, 
having the king's manor and William Ladde's toft on the west, 
and extending from the open field called " Byhyndehaghus " 
on the south to the king's highway on the north ; the third at 
Muleseye, lying between the curtilages late of William Chuk 
and Ralph Colyn, and extending from the king's highway to 
Henry Cok's curtilage, as sites for houses for the chaplains of 
Ditton, Muleseye, and Sheen. Within six months from the 
date of the endowment, the prior and convent shall erect 
houses on the sites at Ditton and Sheen, each house to consist 
of a hall with a chamber parted off at either end, the chamber 
at the upper end to have a latrine (cloaca), and each house to 
be forty feet in length by eighteen in width ; and repair a 
similar house already built at Muleseye within the same period ; 
the vicar keeping all three houses in repair thenceforward at his 
own expense, and engaging competent chaplains to inhabit them, 
and providing all vestments, ornaments, and things necessary 
for divine worship in the said churches and chapels, which the 
incumbent is bound by the provincial constitutions to provide. 
The vicar to pay a due proportion according to the present 
assessment (secundum utriusque porcionis taxacionem prout ad 
presens taxantur ad decimam) of all extraordinary burdens, 
such as subsidies or tenths to king or pope, or procurations for 
cardinals and nuncios. The vicar for himself and his successors 
admits this portion to be sufficient and suitable (congrua), and 
that the house of residence, formerly John Lovekyn's,^ is and 
ought to be sufficient for the vicar and his successors, being kept 
in repair by him and them. Provided always, that so long as 
the prior and convent shall perform their part of the contract 

1 The citizen and stockfishmonger who founded St. Mary Magdalen's Hospital at 
Kingston-on-Thames (vol. i, p. iij. 

Official Instruments. 289 

faithfully, they shall not be vexed with claims on the part of 
the present or any future vicar for a revision of his portion. If 
at any future time the vicar or any chaplain shall be ejected in 
course of law from his house of residence, the prior and convent 
shall indemnify him by providing within two years another suffi- 
cient house at their own cost. The endowment sanctioned by 
bp. Edyndone to be no longer binding so far as it may be in 
conflict with any of the above provisions, all of which are set 
forth in an indenture of three parts, one retained by the vicar of 
Kingston, another by the prior and convent of Merton, and the 
third deposited in the chapter house at Winchester, and dated 
28 Feb., 1376-7. — Confirmed at Southwark, 27 Nov. 

[165 a.] Commission directed to chaplain of Yatelcy to 
absolve a parishioner from the sentence of excommunication, 
which he had incurred by laying violent hands on the chaplain 
of Farnborough.^ — Wolvesey, 12 April, 1378. 

Commission directed to two Carmelite friars to confess 
certain persons from Bayeux : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis nobis in Christo fratribus Petro de 
Papiro et Johanni de Campo Magno, ordinis fratrum Carmeli- 
tarum, s. g. et b. Devocionem vestram, quam ad salutem 
animarum procurandum habere dinoscimini, in Domino com- 
mendantes, ut quoscunque de civitate Baiocensi et partibus 
Vasconie infra nostram diocesim constitutos a peccatorum 
suorum maculis, que vobis aut ve;<rum alteri confitebuntur, 
eciam in casibus nobis de jure vel consuctudine specialiter 
reservatis,' absolvere valeatis, ac eisdem pro huiusmodi comissis 
penitencias injungcre salutares, ipsumque sacramcntum eukaristie 
ministrare, dumtamen ecclesiis parochialibus nostre dioccsis, aut 
ipsorum curatis, per hoc non fiat prcjudicium aliqualc, vobis et 
utrique vestrum liberam tenore presencium in Domino con- 
ccdimus facultatem, usque ad octabas Pasche proximo future 
tantunmodo duraturam. — Same date. 

[165 a.] License granted to Brantingham, bp. of Exeter, to 
consecrate the oils and make the holy chrism on Cena Domini ; 
also to ordain clerks from his own diocese in any suitable place 

* Sec p. 187 n. ' Vol. i, p. 131 n. 


290 ]Vyke/iajns Re^i^isfer. 

within the diocese of Winchester during his trcasiirership. — 
Wolvesey, 13 April, 1378. 

[165b.] Acquittances for the two tenths of 1377-8 : — 

By the prior of Christchurch Twynham, for lys. ^d. levied on 
the church of Woodcot, and by the prior of Winchester Cathe- 
dral, for 893 marks, four shillings and sixpence, levied on the 
spirituals and temporals of the see of Winchester, and £6. 2s. Sd. 
levied on the church of Bishop's Sutton. — Winchester, 17 and 
20 Jan., 1377-8. 

Acquittance to the bishop for £6. 2s. Sd., the amount of two 
tenths on the church of Bishop's Sutton : — 

Pateat universis per presentes, quod nos, prior et conventus 
ecclesie cathedralis Wyntoniensis duarum decimarum domino 
nostro regi Anglie a clero Cantuariensis provincie ultimo con- 
cessarum collectores in archidiaconatu Wyntoniensi deputati, 
recepimus die confeccionis presencium de reverendo in Christo 
patre, etc., per manus Johannis de Ketene, thesaurarii ipsius 
episcopi de Wolveseye sex libras, duos solidos, et octo denarios 
bone et legalis monete Anglie pro plena solucione dictarum 
duarum decimarum pro ecclesia de Suttone episcopi in decanatu 
de Alresforde existentis. De qua quidem summa tenemur 
predictum episcopum et ecclesiam erga dictum dominum regem 
et quoscunque alios acquietare et exonerare. — Winchester, 20 
Feb., I Ric. II. 

License granted to Sir Thomas West, kt, to choose a con- 
fessor ut dominum Ricardum, capellanum tuum, licite 

eligere valeas, qui in capella tua infra manerium tuum de West- 
wode, nostre diocesis antedicte, situata tibi, uxori, et liberis, ac 
consanguineis tuis propriis, necnon Katherine et Juliane, tibi 
familiariter obsequentibus, in isto festo pasche jam instant! 
penitencie et eukaristie sacramenta libere valeat ministrare. 

Ita tamen, quod ecclesie parochiali in cuius parochia dicta 
capella situata existit, aut ipsius curato, per hoc non fiat pre- 
judicium aliquale, et aliud canonicum non obsistat, tibi, uxorique, 
et liberis ac consanguineis tuis predictis, et personis aliis memo- 
ratis sacramenta predicta recipiendi et dicto presbitero ipsa, ut 

Official [fistrnments. 291 

premittitur, ministrandi, licenciam tenore presencium in Domino 
concedimus spccialcm. — Wolvcsey, 17 April, 1378. 

[165b.] Proceedings at an inquiry held by m. Thomas 
Sport, official of the bp. of Bath and Wells, at the chapter house, 
Taunton, 29 Nov., 1 377, into the state and condition of the priory ; 
present, Henry Persay and Walter Clopton, representing the 
bp. of Winchester ; Walter Grateley, prior of Taunton ; John 
Kyngesbury, subprior ; Walter Cook, cellarer ; Peter Ilmynstre, 
sacrist ; John Cley, precentor ; and Thomas Ilmynstre, Walter 
Goue, Thomas Grey, Roger Stacy, Thomas Askham, Tholomew 
Frysel, John Welles alias Tappevvere, John Tuleye, Robert 
Ncwtone, John Croukorne, and John Russhetone, canons of the 
house, super quibusdam discordiis sive controversiis ortis, motis, 
et indecise dependentibus occasione observancie regularis inter 
eosdem obtinende, necnon gubernacione bonorum spiritualium 
et temporalium dicte ecclesie conventuali pertinencium, it being 
alleged that the prior was incompetent to govern the house, 
propter eiusdem f. Walteri nimiam simplicitatem, corporis 
debilitatem, senectutcmque. Witnesses were examined, and 
ultimately the prior resigned. 

[166 a.] Appointment of prior Kyngesbury by delegation 
to bp. of Bath and Wells : — 

Willelmus, etc., prioratus beati Petri Taunton., ordinis S. 
Augustini, patronus, universis et singulis presentes literas inspec- 
turis, s. g. et b. Cum per liberam resignacionem ct spontaneam 
cessionem f. Walteri Grateley, nuper prioris prioratus antedicti, 
dicta ecclesia conventualis sit de present! ea occasione pastoris 
solacio totaliter destituta, ac omnes et singuli dicte ecclesie 
conventualis canonici et in eodem professi ad providendum 
dicte ecclesie de priore et ipsius pastore in alto et basso pur6, 
libere, et sponte voluntati et ordinacioni venerabilis fratris nostri 
in Christo, patris et domini Johannis, permissione predict^ 
Bathon. et Wellen. episcopi, eius prioratCls diocesani, et nostris, 
gratis et voluntarie se submiserunt, liccncia insuper et assensu 
ad hoc a nobis petita primitus et obtenta, prout in hdc parte 
hactenus fieri consueverit, in forma debita : 

Nos tamen arduis negociis regni Anglic ac ecclesie nostre 

u 2 

292 Wyke/mm's Register. 

cathcdralis Wynton. propcditi, quominus provisioni dicte ecclesie 
conventualis pro nunc intendere personalitcr valeamus, ad 
providendum eidem ecclesie, et proficiendum f. Johannem de 
Kyn^csbuiy, confratrem et concanonicum dicti prioratQs, et in 
ordine beati Augustini expressc professum, literarum sciencia, 
moribus, vita, et aliis quibuscunque ad statum prioris huiusmodi 
necessariis merit6 commendatum, in priorem dicti prioratQs, 
venerabilem fratrem nostrum in Christo patrem et dominum, 
dominum Johannem, d. g. Bathon. et Wellen. episcopum pre- 
dictum, organum vocis nostre constituimus et ordinamus, ac 
eidem patri in hac parte in omnibus et per omnia vices nostras 
comittimus per presentes, etc. — Farnham Castle, i8 April, 1378. 

Presentation of Kyngesbury : — 

Venerabili in Christo patri, etc., Willelmus, etc. Cum dilectus 
noster f. Johannes de Kyngesbury, canonicus ecclesie conventu- 
alis sive prioratus beati Petri Taunton., vestre diocesis et nostri 
patronatiis, in priorem dicte ecclesie sive prioratus antedicti fuerit 
et sit nostris beneplacito et licencia, ut est moris, petitis primitus 
et obtentis, prefectus preter et assumptus ; nosque, prefeccionem 
suam in hac parte merito approbaverimus et consensum nostrum 
eidem prestiterimus ; prefatum f. Johannem priorem, quatenus 
ad nos attinet, vobis remittimus expeditum, rogantes, quatenus 
quod vestro pastorali incumbit officio peragere, et quod vestriim 
est in hac parte adimplere, dignetur vestra fraternitas reverenda, 
quam ad regimen sue sancte ecclesie conservet Altissimus diu 
et feliciter in prosperis permansuram. — Southwark, i May. 

[166 b.] Petition to the king, praying that the church of 
Hacche ^ may be discharged from tenths on the ground of 
poverty and depopulation : — 

Excellentissimo in Christo principi, etc., Willelmus, etc., 
salutem in Eo, per quem reges regnant et principes dominantur. 
Cum ecclesia de Hacche, nostre diocesis, que dudum parochialis 
erat et curata, propter carenciam populi, cum non sit qui infra 
ipsius parochiam jam inhabitet, ad tantam inopiam patenter 
sit redacta, quod a multis retroactis temporibus non erat nee 
inveniatur aliquis istis temporibus qui ipsam ecclesiam propter 

1 Vol. i, p. 374. This church was situate at Hatch Warren, two miles south-west of 
Cliddesden, near Basingstoke. 


Official Instruments. 293 

ipsius exilitatem nimiam voluerit aut vcHt occupare ; sicque 
parochianis et curato totaliter dcstituta notoriis jam dcformatur 
ruinis, et que dudum erat divino cultui sumptuose constructa, 
modo funditus destructa, ab omnibus derelicta censetur. Cumque 
temporalia prioris do Grana in dicta nostri diocesi existencia 
taxata, et de quibus decime solvi consueverunt, citra primam 
pestilenciam hominum generalem adcodecreverunt ct ad nichilum 
sunt redacta, quod modernis temporibus pro nichilo et derelictis 
habentur, et in desertum sive solitudinem conversa, feris et 
volatilibus celi potius quam humanis usibus deputantur, prout 
per inquisicionem legitimam et alias informaciones in hac parte 
habitas nobis constat evidenter. 

Placeat igitur excellencie vestre regie collectores decimarum 
in dicta nostra diocesi jam deputatas de pecuniarum summis de 
dictis ecclesia et temporalibus occasione decimarum huiusmodi 
a retro existentibus in vestro scaccario exonerari jubere, regie 
salutis obtentu et divine intuitu pietatis. Celsitudinem vestram 
regiam in omni prosperitate et salute conservet Omnipotens 
temporibus feliciter duraturis. — lb., 30 April, 1378. 

Mandate directed to dean of Winchester for the sequestration 
of the rectory of St. Michael's, Fleshmonger Street, on the 
ground of the non residence of the rector, John Chalkcberde 
(vol. i, p. 99). — lb., 10 May. 

[167 a.] Licence of non residence for three years granted 
to Thomas Staffordc, r. of Fordingbridge (vol. i, p. 50). — 
Wolvesey, 25 June. 

Commission directed to archdeacon of Surrey for the usual 
proclamations and inquiry with a view to the purgation of 
Henry Chapman and Robert Phclipc, who were indicted- on the 
charge of having on Monday in Whitsun week, 37 Ed. Ill, 
broken into the close of Laurence atte Causey of Arundel, and 
stolen therefrom two black horses and a white horse, with their 
saddles and bridles, value eight marks, and claiming privilege, 
were committed by the justices of assize (William dc Fynchc- 
den^ and his fellows) to the bishop's prison. — lb., 8 July. 

1 (ic Fynchedcn w;is raised to ihc bencli of the Common Pleas 29 Oct.. 1365, 
and became its chief 14 .Xpril, 1371. 

294 Wyke/iam's Rci^isU-r. 

[167 b.] Appointment of Thomas Ynj^c, pr., as coadjutor 
to William, r. of M instead (vol. i, p. 43), who is averred to be 
old, infirm, and almost blind, Nicholas Payn of Lockerley being 
surety — fidemisit pro eodem presbitcro, ut videlicet omnia et 
singula prcmissa fideliter adimpleret, prescntibus Johanne de 
Swafham, clerico, et Henrico de Thorp, notariis publicis. — /^., 

9 July, 137S. 

[168 a.] License of non-residence for one year granted to 
Richard de Thorntone, r. of Nether Wallop (vol. i, p. 87), to 
study at the University of Cambridge. — Farnham, 6 June. 

Summons of prior of Winchester cathedral and archdeacon of 
Winchester to parliament at Gloucester on the Wednesday next 
after St. Luke, 1378, pursuant to v^nt in Part IV.^ — Highclere, 
II September. 

License of non residence for three years granted to m. 
Nicholas Longe, r. of Walton-on-Thames (vol. i, p. 60). — Ib.^ 

10 October. 

Administration of the goods of Edv^ard Chike, late of 
Mottistone, an intestate, granted to John de Penkestone, r. of 
Brighstone, and John, r. of Mottistone. — /^., 1 1 October. 

Will of Stephen Welewyk of East Tisted, Englished. Be- 
queathes soul to God, the Blessed Virgin and all Saints, and 
body to be buried before altar of Our Lady in East Tisted 
church. For funeral and a trentaP the sum of £10 in money 
or goods. 

For the lights burning before the images of the Blessed 
Virgin and St. Katherine in East Tisted church, a cow value los. 

For candles during one year in honour of Our Lord's Body 
and the Rood in that church, a cow value los. 

To provide candles at the elevation of the Host (coram 
levacione Corporis) in every church in the deanery, 3^-. 4^., and 
to every chaplain in residence at these churches a trental.^ 

1 See p. 274 «. 

2 Unum tricennale, the price of thirty masses during the month after death : the 
month's mind. 

3 Yet by archbp. Edmund's Constitution, A. D. 1236, none shall leave ought by will for 
yearly or monthly masses. — Gibs., 458. 

Official Instruments. 295 

To the mother church at Winchester, 6s. %d. ; to the fraternity 
"de la Kalendres " there, 6s. Sd.; to the friars-preachers, 40J. ; 
to the friars-minors, 40s. ; to the Austin friars, 405. ; to the 
Carmelites, 40^. ; to every poor man at Magdalen hospital, 
6d. ; to every nun at Wherwcll abbey, I2<:/. ; to every poor 
man at Magdalen hospital, Alton, i2d. ; to the lamp of St. 
Katherine at Newetone (Newton Valence), 6s. Sd. 

Residue to Maud the widow. Executors, John Romeseye of 
Worldham and Richard Welham, under supervision of John 
Byrtone, elk., and Maud the widow. 

Dated at East Tisted on the Friday after the Annunciation, 
1*378, and proved by the executors before the bishop at Farnham, 
22 November, same year. 

[ 168 b.] Letter to the official of the archdeacon of Winchester. 
The bishop has received a letter from the primate, dated at 
Gloucester, 3 November, complaining that £2^. lis. 2\d. out of 
the moiety of a tenth laid by the late pope Gregory XI on the 
clergy of the province, and £7^- A-^- 7\d. out of the procurations 
levied for nuncios of the Apostolic See, are certified by Henry 
Weluwes, the collector-general, to be in arrear, and directing 
the official to admonish the rectors of Cheriton and Crawley, 
the sub-collectors, to remit the sum in arrear by St. Hillary. — 
Highclere, 19 Nov. 

Will of sir John de Foxley, kt, Englished : — 

Bequeathes his soul to God, the glorious Virgin Mary, and 
All Saints, and his body to be buried in All Saints' chapel in 
Bray church, near the tombs of his fathers and ancestors, with 
the due and customary mortuary. Funeral expenses to be at 
discretion of executors. Twenty pounds to be distributed 
amongst the poor on the day of his death, and twenty pounds 
to be laid out in masses for the souls of himself, his ancestors, 
and benefactors, at the altar in said chapel. 

Bequeathes for the use of the chaplains officiating at that 
and other altars in said church a great mass book bound in red 
leather, a silver-gilt chalice with round foot, a silver-gilt paten, 
and a set of priest's vestments with alb and parures of blue 
silk (de panno serico dc blucto), embroidered with fleurs-de-lis, 

296 IVykehanis Register. 

and chasuble, stole, and fanon of the same, for use in said 
church ; and to the fabric thereof 50J. 

To the fabric of Finchampstead church, 6s. Sd. ; to the high 
altar there a priest's vestment with chasuble and parures of sad 
red silk and two tunicles of the same. 

To the fabric of the church of Wokingham, 35. 4^. 

To the fabric of the church of Eversley, 3^-. 4^. 

To the fabric of the chapel of Bromeshullc (Bramshill), 
3J. 4^. ; to the altar there a priest's vestment with parures and 
chasuble of white silk and appurtenances. 

To the fabric of Sarum cathedral, in satisfaction of any tithe 
that the testator may haply have omitted to pay, 20s. 

To the fabric of the church of Farnborough, near Lewisham, 


To the fabric of the chapel of Apuldrefelde, i^s. 4^., and a 
priest's vestment with chasuble of red silk and wide orphreys 
and appurtenances ; also a portiphory (missale portatile) " de 
usu monialium," bound in red leather. 

To the Friars-Minors, Reading, 13^-. 4d., and to the Friars- 
Preachers, London, 13^. 4^. 

To the king's most excellent majesty his great bugle horn 
(cornu meum magnum de bugle), ornamented with gold, the 
gift of his late illustrious lord and master, Edward king of 

Executors to buy, at the expense of his paternal estate, 
a slab of marble to cover the tomb of his father and mother 
in All Saints' chapel. Bray, and provide a brass on the said 
slab, portraying the effigies of his father and mother, with an 
inscription, and his coat impaling hers. And after his death 
his executors to provide another slab of marble for his tomb, 
and a brass portraying his effigy with an inscription and his 
coat with his first wife's coat impaled on right and his second 
wife's on left. 

Bequeathes to daughter Katherine his silver-gilt cup (ciphus) 
with a lion on the lid ; to his daughter Margaret his silver-gilt 
cup fashioned like a chalice, with silver-gilt lid having on it a 
shield engraved with his arms. 

To his sister Margaret a white silver cup fashioned like a 

Official Instruments. 297 

chalice with engraved top, and on it a shield engraved with 
his arms. 

To Thomas Paynel his nephew his dun horse, his habergeon, 
his large basnet ^ with visor and aventaille ^ and five marks. 

To his nephew John Feghelere his horse " Morelhale," a 
habergeon, a basnet with visor and aventaille, and four marks. 

To his nephew John Haillewarde the sum of £\.^ in which 
the testator was bound for him on the occasion of his marriage, 
and eight marks. 

To Joan the testator's wife his horse " Gantrone," his white 
sumpter horse, and his black pack horse (equum meum pro 
maletto nigrum), his best silver cup with a man's head on the 
cover, his silver gilt cup fashioned like a bicker with a stag 
lying on a crag on its cover, a white silver bowl with silver lid, 
six silver plates (disci), six salts, twelve spoons, and two plain 
pieces of silver ; also the use during her life of a priest's vest- 
ment of cloth of gold worked with red and gray silk, a chasuble, 
an amice, and a stole of the same, a silver gilt chalice with foot 
fashioned like the rowel (moletta) of a spur, with six points, a 
silver gilt paten with his arms engraved on the boss at its base, 
two white silver cruets, a little bell, a silver gilt paxbredc, and a 
copper gilt cross with the images of the Crucified, St. Mary, and 
St. John ; and after his said wife's death the same to go to his 
son Thomas and his heirs, remainder to his brother John and 
his heirs, remainder to their brother Richard and his heirs, 
remainder to the right heirs of the testator. Executors to 
purchase out of the estate another priest's vestment and mass 
book for his wife's use so long as she lived, and on her death to 
go with the said ornaments. Bequeathes to her also his best 
china cup (ciphum meum murreum meliorem ^) mounted in 
silver gilt, with silver gilt foot and china lid similarly mounted, 
with a scutcheon of the testator's arms on its top. 

Bequeathes to Henry Estormy his deep silver gilt dish 
fashioned like a trencher ; to m. Arnald Brocas the larger of the 
two silver bowls which the testator travelled with ^ ; to John 

1 A light holmcl with moveable front. 
2 The moveable front to such a helmet, covering the face. 

3 One of the " Murreaque in Eois pocula cocta focis " of which Propertius spc:»ks. — 
Lib. V. , 26. 

* Qux mccum trussari solcbant— which used to be packed up with his baggage. 

298 Wykehatns Register. 

de Weltone the other bowl, the one without lid, and two " plat 
peces " of silver to make a lid for it ; to Robert de Loxle the 
silver bowl and lid with the testator's arms on a scutcheon upon 
it ; to John de Foxle, elk., another silver bowl without lid and 
two " plat peces " to make a lid for it ; to the testator's wife a 
pair of gold combs, a gold necklace, device a pair of clasped 
hands, w^ith a small gold cross set with pearls pendant, a pair of 
silver gilt folding tablets, enamelled and engraved with figures, 
and a small ring set with a diamond. 

To his lord the bishop of Winchester a ring set with a 
sapphire, and a large gold pouncet-box set with pearls holding 

To Nicholas, abbot of Westminster, a ring set with an 
emerald, and to the abbot of Waltham a ring set with a sapphire 
engraved with the names of the three kings,^ and the small 
psalter which was his gift. 

To testator's sister Margaret the smaller of his two silver-gilt 
tablets, which is enamelled and engraved with figures. 

To Margery, wife of John de Weltone, a gold necklace, 
enamelled and engraved " S.," and to John Bollok the bay horse 
standing at Christchurch Twynham priory. 

To the testator's wife his old psalter half-bound in green 
leather, his old psalter in silk " diaspre," his old portiphory, 
noted, with psalter, his old gradual with sequences, Kyrie, etc., 
in green leather, for use during her life, and at her death to go 
with the ornaments of his private chapel. 

His executors to pay his debts and reward his servants 
according to merit and length of service. 

Residue to executors to dispose of for his soul in their 
discretion. Executors, his wife, Arnald Brocas, John de Weltone, 
Robert de Foxle, and John de Foxle, elk. — Dated at Bramshill, 
5 Nov., 1378. 

[169 b.] Mandates directed to the officials of both arch- 
deaconries to enforce payment of a number of pensions in 
arrear, due by the archdeacons of Winchester and Surrey, the 
vicar of Kingsclere, and others. — Southwark, 8 Dec. 

1 Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar. 

Official Instruments. 299 

[170 a.] License of non residence for two years granted to 
Thomas Prophete, r. of St. George's, Southwark (vol. i, p. 27), to 
study at Oxford. — lb., 10 Dec, 1378. 

Presentation of John Tylle, r. of Luckington, dio. Sarum, to 
church of Rimpton, on an exchange (see vol. i, p. 113). — lb., 
1 1 Dec. 

Deputation of constable of Taunton : — 

William, par le seoffrance de Dieu evesque de Wyncestre, a 
touz ses amys et bien voillantz, et a touz ses tenantes et subgitz 
quecumqes, qi cestes lettres verront ou orront, salutz en notre 
sieur Dieu. Sachez nous avoir ordeinez et faitz notre cher et 
bien amc Roger Dore concstable de notre chastel de Tauntone, 
a garder nos manoirs, terres, libertes, droitures, et franchises 
apertenantz a noz chastell et manoirs susdites et a notre esglise 
de Wyncestre, et a tenir noz courtes et les foreyns letes et 
laghedaies, come autres conestables ont fait avant ces heures, et 
a pursuire, chalanger, et defendre touz Ics droitures, fraunchises, 
libertes, privileges, et coustumes apertenantz a noz chastell et 
manoirs susdites, et a notre esglise de Wyncestre, en touz lieux 
et courtes qeconqes, per le temps q'il demora notre conestable 
illeoqs. Et por ceo nous posons especialement a touz nos 
amys et bien conseillantz, et mandons a touz noz tenantes et 
subgites, q'a dit Roger Dore es choses susditz soietz eidantz, 
conseilantz, entendantz, et responantz, enfesantz toutes choses 
qa son dit office appartient en devve manere. En tesmoignance, 
etc. — Highclere, 7 Jan., 1378-9. 

[171a.] Excommunication denounced against some who 
intermeddled with the assets of John Byker, late of Southwark, 
deceased, after sequestration. — Southwark, 5 Feb. 

Mandate directed to William de Brikbriggc and others to 
absolve John Chcyne, r. of Ilanbury, from a sentence of excom- 
munication in a cause promoted by him against ni. Richard 
Toncworth, to recover possession of the prebend of Colwich. 
The bishop issued the mandate as " executor principalis " of a 
diffiiiitivc sentence of the Roman Curia. — lb., 13 Feb. 

300 IVykehams Register. 

[171b.] Mandate directed to v. of Kingsclcrc for the se- 
questration of the Nuthangcr portion ^ : — 

VVillelmus, etc., dilccto filio, perpetuo vicario ecclesie de 
Kyngcsclere, nostre dioccsis, s. g. et b. Kama pubh'ca referente 
ad nostrum pervenit auditum, quod quidam Ricardus Thurban 
(vol. i, p. 81), porcionarius dccimarum parochialium de Note- 
hanger in parochia ecclesie de Kyngesclere, et nostre diocesis 
supradicte, qui fructus et proventus ecclesiasticos et alia 
quamplura bona ab ipso beneficio suo suscepit, domos et edificia 
eiusdem que processores et predeccssores sui sumptuose con- 
struxerant adeo neglcxit et ncgligit in presenti, quod ipsa 
domus et edificia integra non conservat, set et dirupta non reficit 
neque parat, cadem ad terram funditus corruere permittendo, 
propter quod ipsius beneficii statum deformitas occupat, fructus 
quoque redditus et proventus eiusdem in usus prophanos et 
aliter illicitos indebite convertuntur, dum prefatus Ricardus 
intitlatus sive institutus in beneficio supradicto ipsum, ut fertur, 
habet pro derelicto, fructus provenientes ex eodem permittit ab 
invadentibus occupari, dilapidari nequiter, et consumi, nee sit 
qui inhabitet, aut velit onera eidem beneficio incumbencia debite 
supportare, in animarum grave periculum,dicti beneficii dampnum 
et jacturam, perniciosum exemplum et scandalum plurimorum. 

Indempnitati igitur dicti beneficii in hiis, prout possumus, 
succurrere cupientes, vobis committimus et mandamus firmiter 
injungentes, quatenus ad ipsum beneficium personaliter acce- 
dentes, omnes et singulos fructus et proventus spirituales et 
ecclesiasticos eiusdem exstantes et proventuros ex causis 
premissis, vocatis primitiis ad hoc vocandis, auctoritate nostra 
legitime sequestretis, eosque pro reparacione domuum et 
edificiorum predictorum necnon pro oneribus supradictis debite 
supportandis sub arto custodiatis sequestro, quousque reparacio 
huiusmodi debite facta fuerit seu aliud super hiis legitime 
receperitis in mandatis. 

Et quid feceritis, etc., — /^., 25 February, 1378-9. 

[l8lb.] This sequestration was relaxed 4 Nov., 1379, on 
Thurban's undertaking to do the repairs. 

[171b.] Citation of prior and chapter of Winchester 

1 Nuthanger, a tithing of Kingsclere, two miles west of the village. 

Official Instruments. 30I 

Cathedral and archdeacons of Winchester and Surrey to attend 
a parh'ament at Westminster in the quindene of Easter, with the 
preminiientes clause.^ — lb., i March, 1378-9. 

Administration of assets of John Keteryngham, r. of Limps- 
field (vol. i, p. 102), granted to Roger Stalkendcne and another. 
— lb., 4 March. 

[172 a.] License of non residence for one year granted to 
r. of Farnborough (vol. i, p. 99) in order to be in attendance on 
the countess of Arundel and sir Thomas Cheigny, kt. — lb., 
9 March. 

M. John Shepeye, dean of Lincoln, f. Laurence Childe, papal 
penitancer, and two others, appointed proctors to pay the 
bishop's triennial visit to Rome. — London, 26 March, 1379. 

Dispensation to Walter Philippe, r. of Abbots Ann (vol. i., 
p. 100), from the obligation of residence for two years, to study 
anywhere (ubicunque viget studium generale in Anglia), — 
Wolvesey, 6 April. 

[174 b.] Summonses to convocation at St. Paul's, pursuant 
to writ dated 16 March, 1378-9. — Wolvesey, 8 April. 

[175 b.] The return dated Southwark, 6 May. 

[175 a.] Licence granted to Roger Wyke, r. of Berghe,' 
in consideration of the poverty of the benefice and ruinous 
condition of the buildings, to say one year's masses for the 
soul of Arnald Lovclawe, chccseman, deceased, in the parish 
church and not elsewhere, and to receive the customary fee. — 
lb., 29 April. 

[175b.] Dispensation granted to m. John Irlaundc, r. of 
Limpsficld (vol. i, p. 102), having the first tonsure only, from the 
obligation of residence during one year, to study. — Same date. 

[175b.] Similar license for three years granted to Roger 
Tangclcye, r. of Ashstcad (vol. i, p. 78), in order to be in 
attendance on carl Warre. — lb., 25 May. 

1 See p. 274 n. 
'Or Rerwc, now R'xrrow (see vol. i. p. 183 n.) In M.^nning .and nnxy's History of 
Surrey, II, p. 5f!3, it is pUiccd in the p;irish of lUnslcacl. 

302 Wyke/iani's Register. 

Abbot of Hyde and prior of Christchurch Twynham 
appointed assessors of the subsidy granted in 1379 for the 
archdeaconry of Winchester, and prior of Merton for the arch- 
deaconry of Surrey ; with instructions to collect and remit by 
St. John Baptist's Day. — Ib.^ 9 June, 1379. 

The grant by convocation is recited in the writ : — 

Simond, ercevesque dc Cantebirs, x marcs : les evesques, 
abbes mitres, abbesses, et priours de grant estat, queux sont 
piers du Roialme, et priours des esglises cathedralx, chescun a 
vj marcs. 

Item tous autres abbes, abbesses, priours et prioresses, deans, 
chapitres des esglises cathedralx et collegialx, franches chapelles 
du Roi, archidiaknes, chauntours, chancellers, tresoreres, et autres 
dignites, provostes, gardeinx, rectours des esglises conventuelx 
et collegialx, priours aliens, procuratours et baillifs, provendres 
et curatz, et autres persones qeconqes, eantz benefices en offices 
a la value de D marcs par an et outre, chescun a Ixj. 

Item touz abbes, abbesses, et touz autres persones de seinte 
esglise come desuis, qont benefices a la value de ccli. et outre 
tanq. a D marcs, chescun a xb. 

Item touz abbes, abbesses, et touz autres persones de seinte 
esglise come desuis, qont benefices de la value de cli. et outre 
tanq. a cc/i"., chescun a xxx.?. 

Item touz autres abbes, abbesses, et touz autres persones de 
seinte esglise come desuis, qont benefices a la value de C marcs 
et outre tanq. a c\li. chescun a xxj. 

Item touz autres abbes, abbesses, priours et autres persones 
de seinte esglise come desuis, qont benefices a la value de xl//. 
et outre tanq. a C marcs chescun a un marc. 

Item touz autres abbes, abbesses, et touz autres persones de 
seintes esglises come desuis, qont benefices de la value de x//. 
p. an. et outre tanq. a xx/^', chescun a vs. 

Item touz autres curatz et beneficers, chapellains parochielx 
et annuelers, et autres chapellains qeconqes, si bien ceux qe sont 
es services des seignours et des autres gentz qeconqes, come 
ceux qe sont en esglises cathedralx, collegialx, et conventuelx, 
chescun a ij.y. 


Official histniments. 303 

Item moif^ns, chanoignes, noneux, et autres homes et femmes 
de religion qeconqes, queux sont dcs maisons qe sont de la value 
de CCC marcs p. an. et outre, chescun a xl^. 

Item moigns, chanoignes, noneux, et autres homes et femmes 
de religion qeconqes, queux sont des maisons de la value de 
C marcs par an. et outre tanq. a CCC marcs, chescun a xx^. 

Item moigns, chanoignes, noneux, et autres homes et femmes 
de religion qeconqes, queux sont des maisons de la value de 
xl//". p. an. et outre tanq. a C marcs, chescun a xii^. 

Item tous autres homes et femmes de religion q sont des 
maisons dedeins la value de xl//". p. an., et touz clercz nient 
avancez ne bencficiez, de qel ordre ou estat qils soicnt, forspris 
ceux qi sont dedeins lage de sesze ans, et clercs mendinaux, 
chescun a iiij^. 

Item touz advocates et procuratours notaries, nient avancez 
ne mariez, chescun a xl^. 

[176 b.] Commission to swear the assessors — de fideliter 
assidendo omncs et singulas personas, quas in dicto archi- 
diaconatu ad dictum subsidium assideri contigerit, absque favore 
quocunque alicui persone in ea parte. — lb., 9 June, 1379. 

Return of assessors' names to Exchequer. — lb., 22 June. 

Resignation of William Botcllcr, r. of St. Owen's, Bristol, on 
promotion to Brighstone (vol. i, p. 103). — lb., 19 June. 

License of non residence for one year granted to ds. Thomas 
Tozande, r. of Faccombe (vol. i, p. 75), with usual clauses. — 
lb., 27 June. 

[177 a.] Will of John Mockynge, dated on Tuesday next 
after St. Edmund the King, 1378, Englished :— 

I bequeath to the high altar of St. Olave's, Southwark, 
6s. M. ; to the fabric of that church, 13.^. 4^. ; and for my burial 
there, 6s. M. I bequeath to the light of the Holy Cross, 40^. ; 
to the light of St. Mary, 40^. ; to the light of St. Nicholas, \2d, ; 
to each chaplain, \2d. ; to the master clerk, \2d.\ to the sub- 
clerk, Zd. Also I will that two clerks be found to say masses 

304 JVyi'e/idfHS Rforister. 

for my soul there during one year after my death, and one clerk 
to say masses for my soul and the souls of the faithful departed 
during six years after. I bequeath to the fabric of London 
Bridge, 13.?. ^. ; to the fraternity of St. Thomas on London 
Bridge, 6s. Sd. ; to the convent of St. Mary Overy, 6s. Sd. ; to 
St. Thomas the Martyr's hospital, 6s. Sd. ; to each of the five 
orders of friars in London, ^s. The residue of my goods and 
chattels, after performance of will and debts and funeral expenses 
paid, I bequeath to Alice my wife, to be expended for the good 
of my soul in her discretion. I appoint her my executrix and 
my sons John and Nicholas and Martin the chaplain, supervisors. 
— Proved at St. Mary Magdalen's, Southwark, 25 Feb., 1378-9. 

Will of Thomas Burgh, an inmate of St. Thomas the Martyr's 
Hospital, Southwark, dated on the Tuesday after St. Barnabas, 
1379, Englished : — 

Imprimis I bequeath my soul to God Omnipotent, the 
glorious Virgin, and all Saints, and my body to be buried in 
the Lady chapel within the close of St. Thomas the Martyr's, 
Southwark. I bequeath two candles to burn about my corpse 
on the day of my burial, each to be of eight pounds weight, and 
no other charges (custagia). I bequeath to the master of the 
hospital, 1 3^". 4^. ; to each brother, 6s. Sd. ; to each sister, 6s. Sd. ; 
to my servant Thomas, my red cloak ; to my daughter Agnes, 
my diamond ring and mazer after the death of her mother 
Isabel. I will that all my lands and tenements, rents and 
services at Billingsgate in the parish of St. Mary-at-Hill, which 
I and my wife Isabel hold to me and my heirs, shall go after 
my death and her's to my daughter Agnes and her issue law- 
fully begotten, and if she die without such issue, my will is that 
my wife and Hugh Causton shall dispose thereof in masses for 
my soul, and the souls of my parents and friends, in the said 
chapel, in such manner as they may agree with the prior and 
brethren ; and if they cannot agree, then in such manner and 
place as the said Isabel and Hugh may determine. The residue 
after payment of my debts I give to my said wife, and I appoint 
her and Hugh Causton my executors. 

The testator died in the hospital, and his will was proved 
before the bishop, at Southwark, 22 July, 1379. 

Official lustrnnients. 305 

[177b.] Appointment of sequestrators: John, r. of Chil- 
bolton, for deaneries of Winchester, Sombourn, Andover, 
Basingstoke, and Alresford ; Robert, r. of Clanfield, for 
deaneries of Droxford, Isle of Wight, Southampton, Ford, and 
Alton. — Southwark, 17 Aug., 1379. 

License of non residence for one year granted to ds. John, 
r. of la Wee (Weyhill, vol. i, p. 220), with usual clauses. — Ib.^ 
I Sept. 

Return by the official of the archdeacon to commission 
requiring him to take measures for the purgation of William 
Halpennyman, of Boarhunt, a clerk incarcerate on the charge of 
stealing on the Monday before St. Lucy, 40 Ed. Ill, two oxen, 
value 5^-., from Simon atte Mede, and two other oxen of the 
same value from John Mullebrugge of Southwick : — 

Cuius auctoritate mandati per viros fidedignos juratos huius 
rei noticiam meliiis optinentes, hos videlicet, Valentinum atte 
Mede, Willelmum atte Halle, Willelmum Clement, Jacobum 
Tayllour, Walterum Knyght, Thomam Hystfelde, Johannem 
atte Hulle, Andream Hurt, Nicholaum Waythe, Rogcrum 
Tayllour, Johannem Bouchere, Nicholaum Grym, Ricardum 
Prat, apud Suthwyke diligenciiis inquisivi, per quos inveni, quod 
infamia supradicta tempore liberacionis eiusdem, ante et citra 
hucusque valde gravis fuerat et non levis, et nunc est, et ortum 
habuit ex factis eius propriis et viris pluribus fidedignis et non 
emulis supradicti Willelmi ; ideo mandatum vestrum reverendum 
non sum ulteriiis executus. — Southwark, 8 June. 

Circular accompanying a letter from the primate, reciting a 
bull of Urban VI, dated viij Id. Nov. in the first year of his 
pontificate, denouncing excommunication against Robert of 
Geneva and his adherents : — 

[180 a.] Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis, priori ecclesie nostra 
Cathedralis Wynton., archidiaconis nostris Wynton. ct Sum, 
abbati monasterii de Ilyda, necnon omnibus et singulis abbatibus, 
prioribus, excmptis et non excmptis, fratrum minorum gardianis, 
et ministris fratrum predicatorum ac fratrum hercmitarum, 
ordinis S. Augustini ct dc Monte Carmelo, prioribus, dccanis, 
rcctoribus, ct vicariis ac capcllanis parochialibus per nostras 


3o6 Wykehanis Register. 

civitatcm ct diocesim constitutas, salutcm et mandatis nostris, 
ymo veriiis apostoHcis, firmitcr obcdirc. 

Literas revcrcndi in Christo patris et domini, domini Willelmi, 
Dei gracia episcopi Londoniensis, presentibus annexas nuper 
recepimus, quas qiiidem literas, ut vobis evidencius appareant et 
contenta in eisdem ad vestram noticiam plenius deducantur, 
presentibus duximus annectendas. 

Vobis igitur omnibus et singulis auctoritate apostolica, qui 
fungimur in hac parte, et sub penis in dictis literis contentis 
firmiter injungendo mandamus, quatenus ipsas literas et contenta 
in eisdem juxta ipsarum exigenciam et tenorem diebus et locis 
in eisdem literis designatis, prout ad vos et singulos vestrum 
attinet, execucioni debite demandetis, sic et taliter, quod propter 
defectum execucionis debite premissorum vobis aut vestrum 
alicui dampnum (quod absit) in futurum non immineat aut 

Vobis insuper sub penis premissis firmiter injungendo man- 
damus, quatenus prefatas literas, retenta vobis copia, sanas et 
integras ad nos celeriter remittatis. — Ib.^ 23 May, 1379. 

[l8ob.] Archbishop Sudbury's Constitution, regulating the 
fees to be taken for masses for the dead : — 

Simon, permissione divina, etc., venerabili fratri nostro Will- 
elmo, Dei gracia episcopo Londoniensi, salutem et fraternam 
in Domino caritatem. Effrenata generis humani cupiditas, cuius 
conatus, nisi justicia sua virtute reprimeret, ita ex sibi innatis 
malicia excresceret, quod caritas extra mundi terminos exularet. 
Sane comunis ad nos querela perduxit et magistra rerum experi- 
encia manifestat, quod moderni temporis sacerdotes nostrarum 
civitatis et diocesis ac provincie Cantuariensis adeo cupiditatis 
vicia infecerunt, quod stipendiis racionabilibus non contenti, pro 
labore salaria vendicant et recipiunt plurium excessiva, sacerdo- 
tesque predicti sic cupidi et delicati, salariis excessivis huiusmodi 
sarcinati, enormiter indomiti delirant et deficiunt, ac eorum 
nonnulli, post ventris ingluviem et varias carnis illecebras, 
spumant in libidinem, et tandem in malorum voraginem funditus 
demerguntur, in virorum ecclesiasticorum detestabile scandalum, 
et exemplum perniciosum laicorum. 

Official Instriivients. 307 

Et quamquam bone memorie ds. Simon de Islepe, dudum 
Cantuariensis archicpiscopus, predecessor noster, dum in humanis 
agebat, de fratrum suorum assensu et consilio statuit et ordinavit, 
quod capellani annalia celebrantes, et ceteri animarum cure 
intendentes, quinquc marcas, ecclesiis vcro seu capellis parochi- 
alibus et cure eisdem inventi officiantes, sex marcas, pro suis 
stipendiis annuis deberent contentari, in sacerdotes non parentes 
statuto huiusmodi penam suspensionis ab officio ipso facto 
imponendo ; nos tamen temporum qualitatc attenta, de fratrum 
et suffraganeorum nostrorum XVJ**^ die mensis Novcmbris anno 
domini MCCCLXXVIIJ in quadam camera infra sccpta monasterii 
apostolorum Petri et Pauli Gloucestrie Wygorniensis propter 
hoc insimul congregatorum consilio et assensu super salariis 
sacerdotum parochialium et annalium in dictis nostris civitate, 
diocesi, et provincia Cantuariensi de cetero percipiendis, ordina- 
mus et statuimus sub forma inferius nominata : — 

In Dei nomine, Amen. Nos Simon, etc., de consilio fratrum 
et suffraganeorum nostrorum statuimus, ut quicunque in nostris 
civitate, diocesi, seu provincia Cantuariensi pro animabus de- 
functorum annalia celebraturi, septem marcis aut cibariis et 
tribus marcis, alii autem, qui cure animarum deservient, octo 
marcis aut cibariis et quatuor marcis sterlingorum annuatim 
contententur, nullatcnus ex pacto ultra id recepturi, nisi aliter 
loci diocesani cum hiis, qui cure animarum deservient, primitus 
decreverint fore faciendum. 

Si quis autem clericus contra banc nostram constitucioncm 
dando seu recipiendo venire presumpscrit, excommunicacionis 
summam incurrat ipso facto, a qua, nisi per diocesanum loci, in 
quo deliquerit, non poterit absolvi . . . . — Fulham, 18 Sept., 1379. 

[181 a.] Mandates directed to the archdeacons for publica- 
tion of the above constitution. — Highclere, i Oct. 

[183 b.] Certificate of publication. — Winchester, iij Kal. Dec. 

[181 a.] Grant of dispensation to Thomas Yoncflctc, r. of 
Chiddingfold (vol. i, p. 100), for one year, from the obligation of 
taking deacon's orders, to study at Oxford. — Southwark, 3 Oct. 

Vows of chastity by Isabel Burgh and Isabel Golafre : — 
" In ye name of god, fader, and sone, and holy gost Ich, 

V 2 

308 Wyke/iavi's Rci^isier. 

Isabell Burgh, yt was sumtimc Thomas wyf of Burgh/ wych yt 
is god bi-taught helpynge ye grace of god behote conversion 
of myn maners, and make myn avow to god, and to is swete 
moder seinte marie, and to alle scintz, in to zoure handes, leve 
fader in god William, bi ye grace of god bisshope of Wynchestre, 
yt fro yis day forward J sshal ben chast of myn body and in 
holy chastete kepe me treweliche and devouteliche alle ye dayes 
of myn lyf " 

" En noun dieu, piere, filz, et seint espirit, jeo, Isabelle 
Golafre, feme nadgairs mons. Johan Golafre, chivaler, qest a 
dieu comande, attriant la grace dieu promette conversion de 
mes moeres, et face non avow a dieu, sa douce miere seinte 
marie, et as tous seintez en voz manes, mon trescher piere en 
dieu William, per la grace de dieu euesqe de Wyncestre, qe 
desorenavant sera chaste de mon corps, et seinte chastete 
garderay loialement et devoutement tous les iours de ma vie." 

Memorandum, quod predicte Isabella Burgh et Isabella 
Golafre fecerunt professionem suam in forma predicta et casti- 
tatem voverunt in sacras manus reverendi in Christo patris, 
etc., infra capellam manerii sui de Suthwerke Wynton. diocesis 
XVIIJ° die mensis Octobris A.D. MCCCLXXIX. 

Mandate directed to the official of the archdeacon of 
Winchester to admonish non-residents : — 

Willelmus, etc. . . . Licet ecclesiarum parochialium, curam 
animarum per se habencium, rectores et vicarii in suis huiusmodi 
ecclesiis sive beneficiis residere personaliter teneantur, juxta 
sacrorum canonum sancciones, fama tamen publica referente, 
factique permanentis evidencia manifestante, necnon per in- 
quisiciones generales et soUempnes, quas in archidiaconatu 
Wyntoniensi, nostre diocesis, nuper fieri fecimus, ad nostram 
noticiam noviter est deductum, quod nonnulli ecclesiarum huius- 
modi curam animarum per se habencium rectores et vicarii 
nostre diocesis et archidiaconatus predictorum, quorum videlicet 
rectorum et vicariorum nomina in cedula presentibus annexa 
plenius continentur, a suis huiusmodi ecclesiis et beneficiis 
singillatim in ipsa cedula designatis, per nonnulla tempora se 
absentarunt per diversas mundi partes miserabiliter evagando. 

^ See p. 304. 


Official Instruuients. 309 

et adhuc absque causa legitima quacunquc sc absentare illlcite 
non verentur, nulla super hoc a nobis licenci^, aut alia legitime 
seu sufFicienti dispensacione obtenta, curam animarum parochi- 
anorum suorum et gregis eis commissi, ad quorum refcccioncm 
saltem spiritualem tenentur, dampnabiliter deserunt et negligen- 
ter omittunt, unde dissensioncs et scandalum oriuntur, divinus 
cultus minuitur, hospitalitas non servatur, cessat populi devocio, 
domus et edificia locorum huiusmodi corruunt et vastantur, 
et dominus ille, qui clavem gerit, extra mansionem vagatur, 
esurientes anime propter defectum dispensatoris ministeriorum 
Dei multociens pereunt, et in errores varios perlabuntur ; fitque 
ut, absente pastore, gregem dominicum violenter invadit et 
lacerat lupus rapax, in animarum subditorum nostrorum grave 
periculum, dispendium ecclesiarum non modicum, perniciosum 
exemplum et scandalum plurimorum. 

Animarum igitur saluti subditorum nostrorum, indempnitati 
eciam ecclesiarum huiusmodi in hiis, prout possumus, ex officii 
nostri debito prospicere cupientcs, vobis in virtute obediencie 
. . . firmiter injungendo mandamus, quatenus, etc. — Southwark, 
4 Nov., 1379. 

Summons for prior and chapter of Winchester to convocation. 
— Southwark, 18 Nov. 

Similar mandates were directed to the archdeacons. 

[182 a.] License of non residence for three years, to study 
at Cambridge, granted to m. William Welles, v. of Hamblcdon, 
Hants. — lb., i Dec. 

Return to archbishop's mandate dated at Lambeth, 3 Decem- 
ber, 1379, summoning clergy to meet at St. Paul's on the 
Saturday next after the Purification, pursuant to following 
writ : — 

Ricardus, etc. Oualiter inimici nostri Francic et alii sibi 
adherentes inter se alligati et undique hostilitcr congrcgati, 
regnum nostrum Anglic per terram et per mare scpius xw- 
vaserunt, mala quamplurima et intollcrabilia nobis et ligcis 
nostris inferendo ; et non solum de hoc contcnti, dictum regnum 
nostrum et ecclesiam sanctam, nosque et totam linguam Anglicam 
subvertcrc et destruere de die in diem totis viribus se conantur 

310 Wykt'/mtn's Register. 

nisi corum malicie, adjuvante Deo, fortius rcsistatur, vos non 
credimus ignorare ; unde in salvacioncm statOs ecclesie sancte et 
regni ac populi nostrorum nccessariam defcnsionem sumptus ac 
census et cxpensas inestimabiles effundere nos oportet. 

Verum quia ad ipsorum oncrum ct sumptuum supportacionem 
absque juvamine fidelium nostrorum non sufficimus, sicut scitis ; 
vobis in fide et dileccione, quibus nobis tenemur, rogando man- 
damus, quatenus tarn arduitate negociorum predictorum quam 
gravibus periculis, que ecclesie et regno predictis oculata fide 
imminere conspicitis, attentis et debite consideratis, sufifraganeos 
vestros, decanos et priores ecclesiarum cathedralium, abbates et 
priores, et alios electivos, exemptos et non exemptos, necnon 
archidiaconos, capitula, conventus, collegia, totumque clerum 
cuiuslibet diocesis vestre provincie premuniatis ad comparendum 
coram vobis in ecclesia S. Pauli London, vel alibi, prout expedire 
videritis, ad breviorem diem quem poteritis, more solito con- 
vocari faciatis, et eis dictis negociis et periculis ibidem pleniiis 
expositis et declaratis, ipsos ad subsidium in hoc casu competens 
et necessarium in supportacionem dictorum onerum et sump- 
tuum nobis concedendum, eo specialius et cum efficacia, qua 
magis sciveritis vel poteritis, tanta necessitate causante, inducatis, 
et partes vestras ad hoc effectualiter apponatis, nos in cancellaria 
nostra de quantitate subsidii illius ac de terminis solucionis 
eiusdem certificantes. 

Et hoc, sicut nos et honorem nostrum ac salvacionem et 
defensionem ecclesie et regni predictorum diligitis, nullatenus 
omittatis. Tested at Westminster, 2 Dec, 3 Ric. II. 

[182b.] Deputation of constable of Farnham Castle: — 

William, per la suffrance de Dieu evesqe de Wyncestre, a 
touz ses bien voillantz et a touz ses tenantes qi cestes lettres 
verront ou orront, saluz en Dieu. Sachez nous avoir fait, 
ordeine, et establi notre cher et bien ame Robert Chisenhale de 
Guldeforde conestable de notre chastell de Farnham, a garder, 
governer, et serveor mesme le chastell oue les manoirs, seig- 
niores, terres, franchizes, libertes, parkes, chaces, et warennes 
appurtenantes a icell, et auxint a tenir nos courtes et a persuire, 
chalenger, clamer, et defendre toutes les droitures et fraunchises 
appendantes et appurtenantes a nous et a notre esglise de 

Official Instruments. 3 1 1 

VVyncestre dedeinz sa dite baillie. Et pur ceo nous prions 
especialement a touz noz amys et bien voillantz et mandons a 
tous noz tenantz et subgitz, qa dit Robert Chisenhale es choses 
subditz soient eidantz, conseillantz, entendantz, et respoignantz, 
en fesant toutes choses qe a son dit office appertient en due 

En tesmoignance de quelle chose nous lui avons fait faire 
cestes noz lettres patentes, sealles de notre sealle, a durcres a 
notre volunte. 

Don a notre manoir de Esshere le noefisme iour de Januer, 
Ian de grace mill. CCCLXXX"". 

[183 a.] Robert, r. of Clanfield, appointed sequestrator for 
archdeaconry of Winchester. — Esher, 7 Jan., 1379-80. 

Edward III marks the fiftieth anniversary of his accession 
by waiving his right to present to benefices the patronage of 
which devolved on him during the avoidance of any see prior 
to 15th February, 51 Ed. IIP:— 

Rex omnibus ad quos, etc., salutem. Ad futuram rei me- 
moriam. Regi regum, in cuius manu sunt corda principum, 
satis placere confidimus, dum amotis litium anfractibus, et jurgi- 
orum resecatis materiis, dissensioncs et discordias subditorum 
reprimimus, eisque quietis et pacis comoda procuramus. 

Nuper siquidem, dum sccptri sou regiminis nostri rcgni 
Anglie annus completus esset quinquagesimus, per nonnulios 
fideles et ligeos nostros nedum pro quiete subditis procuranda, 
sed pro nostra servanda consciencia nobis extitit supplicatum, 
quatenus aliquas remissioncs et gracias subditis nostris ipsius 
regni dignaremur concedcrc, per quas, resecatis cccis inquicta- 
cionum molestiis, possent iidem subditi futuris tcinporibus sub 
votive quietis et pacis sccura tranquillitate Ictari. 

Et dum in prcmissis facicndis a Dei seminario cogitarcmus 
incipere, nostre subito occurrcbat mcmoric ciuamplurcs dissen- 
sioncs et .'ites ex diversis collacionibus, prcscntacionibus, scu 

1 The right to present to all benefices of the advowson of archbishops and bishops 
during the vacation of their respective sees is vested in the sovereign as p;itron paramount. 
Fhillimorc, 293. 

312 J Vfke/ta m's Register. 

donacionibus per nos factis de dignitatibiis, personatibus, officiis, 
canonicatibus, et prebendis, ac ecclesiis parochialibus in regalia 
nostra racione temporalium archiepiscopatuum, episcopatuum, 
abbathiarum, prioratuum, et aliorum monasteriorum vacancium 
in manu nostra existencium vacasse pretensis, quorum vacacio 
collacionem, presentacionem, seu donacioncm nostram huiusmodi 
aliquociens tempora asseritur processisse longissima, hactenus 

Volentesque propterea, ut regis pacifici verus filius, qui sub- 
ditorum pacem semper appetimus, et in ipsorum quiete revera 
quiescimus, premissa subditorum gravamina, saltem quatenus 
tempora concernunt preterita, radicitus exstirpare, ex mero motu 
nostro et gracia speciali omnes huiusmodi collaciones, presenta- 
ciones, seu donaciones, que quintum decimum diem mensis 
Februarii anno regni nostri Anglie quinquagesimo realiter 
precesserunt in quorum vigore ad realem assecucionem seu 
adepcionem possessionis nondum est processum, sive ipsorum 
beneficiorum possessores ipsa jam pacifice possideant, seu in 
curia nostra lis pendeat, de eisdem, tenore presencium, et ex 
nostra certa sciencia revocamus, cassamus, irritamus, et annulla- 
mus, ac nullius fore decernimus roboris vel momenti : 

Nolentes, quod possessores ipsorum beneficiorum occasione 
collacionum, presentacionum, seu donacionum huiusmodi per 
nos vel heredes nostros seu quoscunque alios auctoritate nostra 
futuris temporibus occasionentur, graventur, seu aliter quo- 
modolibet molestentur, solempni cum protestacione semper in 
omnibus repetita, quod propter premissa, que hac vice dumtaxat 
propter subditorum quietem pure ex regia effluunt benevolencia, 
nobis vel heredibus nostris in usu debito regalie nostre, que ad 
futura tempora nolumus in aliquo derogari, que eciam nee ad 
consequenciam trahi, nee in visu pacti, convencionis, obligacionis 
legis, seu constitucionis, a quibusvis personis ecclesiasticis vel 
secularibus, futuris temporibus deduci patimur quovis modo. 
Tested at Westminster, 15 Feb., 51 Ed. III. 

A similar writ of even date, declaring quod de nullo beneficio 
cuius vacacio ante quintum decimum diem mensis. Februarii 
anno regni nostri Anglie quinquagesimo, in regalia predicta 
racione temporalium archiepiscopatuum, episcopacuum, abbat- 
hiarum, prioratuum, seu aliorum monasteriorum vacancium in 

Official Instruments. 313 

manu nostra existencium, quomodoHbet contingebat, dccetcr6 
providebimus, etc. 

[183b.] License of non-residence for two years granted to 
Hugh dc Woketone, r. of Long Ditton (vol. i, pp. 81, 107), to 
study at Oxford. — Southwark, 6 Feb., 1379-80. 

Similar license for three years granted to John de Popeltone, 
V. of Mottisfont (vol. i, p. 47). — lb., 15 Feb. 

Probate of will of Sir John D'Arundell, kt, granted to John 
Mautravers and John Frome, two of the executors, power to 
prove being reserved to Robert Rous, Laurence Seibroc, and 
ds. John Chelrey, the other executors. Present, sir Hugh 
Segravc, kt., steward of the household, Thomas Catewy,^ Richard 
Broun of Harwell, f. John de Eynesham, prior of Hyde, John 
Difford, r. of Walton, John de Campeden, canon of Southwell, 
John Aylemere, r. of Buckland, John de Uvedale, lord of Titsey, 
William de Guldeforde, lord of Ertyngdone, John Romeseye of 
Worldham, Walter Chippenham, John Joce (Joyce), and William 
Erchebaud. — lb., 24 Feb. 

[184a.] Dispensation granted to John Comptone, v. of 
Godalming (vol. i, p. 147), from the obligation of taking deacon's 
orders during one year, to study at Oxford. — lb., 26 Feb. 

Appointment (see form, p. 19) of John Bures, canon of 
Dureford, and vicar of Rogate, as curator of Thomas dc 
Bramptone (vol. i, p. 16), r. of Compton, Surrey. — lb., 23 Jan. 

Absolution granted by the bishop himself at the instance of 
the abbot of Westminster to John Bougheye, Robert Newetone, 
John Pynson, Howel Richard, John Aleyn, John Suttone, and 
John Walleys, from a sentence of excommunication for breach 
of sanctuary at Westminster Abbey. — lb., 5 March. 

[184 b.] Commission to reconcile the graveyard of Horlcy: — 

Reverendo in Christo patri ac domino, domino Willclmo, 
Dei gracia episcopo Nanatensi, Willelmus, etc., salutem ct 
sinceram in Domino caritatcm. Dc vestre sinceritate fidci in 
Domino confidentes, ad rcconciliandum cum officio dcbito ct in 
forma ccclcsic consucta cimctcrium ccclcsic parochialis dc Horlc, 
nostre diocesis, sanguinis effusione pollutum, cctcraquc omnia 

» Se€ p. 103. 

314 Wyke/iafn's Register, 

facienda ct cxpcdienda, que in ea parte necessaria fuerint seu 
eciam oportuna, vestre paternitati reverende tenore presencium 
committimus vices nostras, ct liberam hac vice in Domino 
concedimus facultatem. — Esher, 7 March. 

Abbot of Hyde commissioned to collect in archdeaconry of 
Winchester, and abbot of Waverley in archdeaconry of Surrey 
the subsidy granted in convocation on Wednesday, 28 February, 
on the following scale : — Sixteen pence in the mark on all 
benefices assessed, and sixteen pence in the mark on two thirds 
of the estimated annual value of benefices not assessed ; also 
two shillings from advocates, proctors, registrars, and notaries 
public, not beneficed, and not paying the fifteenth imposed on 
laymen ; by equal portions on Ascension Day and St. John 
Baptist's Day. — Farnham, 12 March, 1379-80. 

[185 a.] Return of collectors' names to Exchequer. — Farn- 
ham, 19 April, 1380. 

Delegation of episcopal functions for remoter parts of the 
diocese : — 

Reverendo in Christo patri et domino, domino Willelmo, 
Dei gracia episcopo Nanatensi, Willelmus, etc., salutem et 
dileccionis sincere continuum incrementum. Inter alias sollici- 
tudines nostris humeris incumbentes ille censentur merito 
preferende, per quas subditorum nostrorum necessitatibus opor- 
tuno remedio subvenitur, et animarum salus salubriter procuratur. 

Sane in exterioribus partibus et aliis locis nonnullis nostre 
diocesis utriusque sexus habentur habitatores et incole in 
multitudine copiosa, quorum aliqui propter locorum distanciam, 
alii propter inundaciones aquarum continuas, nonnulli eciam 
propter senectutem, debilitatem, et varias alias infirmitates, 
ceteri vero propter impotenciam, et alia varia impedimenta a 
multis jam retroactis temporibus ad nos pro consequendis hiis, 
que ipsorum conveniunt utilitati, accedere comode non valebant, 
sicuti nee valent eciam in presenti, obstantibus impedimentis 
supradictis, nee nos ad partes ipsas, variis nostre ecclesie 
Wynton. regisque et regni negociis multipliciter propediti, 
declinare potuimus nee valemus pro exequendis hiis, que ad 
nostrum pertinent officium pastorale. 

Official Instruments. 315 

Nostre igitiir ad hec debite consideracionis oculos dirigentes, 
ac prefatis subditis nostris in ea parte dc oportuno subvcncionis 
remedio providere volentes, ad audiendum confessiones in foro 
anime quorumcunque subditorum nostrorum vobis volcncium 
confiteri, ipsosque a peccatis suis, que vobis confitebuntur, cciam 
in casibus pontificibus de jure vcl consuctudine specialitcr 
reservatis, debite absolvendum, penitencias quoque salutares 
eisdem pro commissis suis huiusmodi injungcndum, ecclesiisque 
et cimiteriis nostre diocesis dcdicacionis et reconciliacionis 
munus, quibus convenit, et prout opus fuerit, impendendum, 
altaria eciam maiora et minora, vestimenta, calices, et alia 
ornamcnta eciam benedicendum, sacramentum confirmacionis, 
necnon primam tonsuram clericalem pueris et adultis nostre 
diocesis, dumtamen aliquod canonicum non obsistat, eciam 
conferendum, procuraciones quoque pro premissis debitas et 
consuetas petendum et recipiendum, debitoresque procuracionum 
huiusmodi ad solucionem ipsarum per censuras ecclesiasticas 
quascunque canonice compellendum, ceteraque omnia et singula 
utiliter in partibus exterioribus dicte nostre diocesis faciendum, 
exercendum, et expediendum, que in premissis et circa ea 
necessaria fuerint seu eciam oportuna, vestre paternitati rever- 
ende, de cuius sinceritate fidei et consciencie puritate plene 
confidimus, tenore presencium committimus vices nostras, donee 
eas ad nos duxerimus revocandas. — lb., 13 March, 1379-80. 

Commission granted to ds. John Garyn, r. of VVhcrwell 
(vol. i, p. 109), to compel the parishioners to pay a procuration 
due for reconciling the graveyard. — lb., 17 April, 1380. 

[185 b.] John Lydezerde, pr., r. of Elvetham (vol. i, p. 58), 
licensed as confessor to prioress and nuns of Wintney. — lb., 
21 April. 

Mandate directed to official of archdeacon of Winchester 
for the vigil or eve of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 
(Sept. 8) to be kept holy, pursuant to bull of Urban VI : — 

Urbanus episcopus, servus servorum Dei, vencrabilibus fratri- 
bus Cantuar. et I'Lbor. archiepiscopis, eorumque suffraganeis, 
salutem et apostolicam bcnediccionem. Dudum pic mcmoric 
Gregorius papa XJ, predecessor nostcr, ad gloriosam virgincm 

3i6 Wykehaiu's Rcj^tstcr. 

Dei genetricem Mariam gerens cximic devocionis affectum, ct 
proinde advertens, quod sicut nativitas beati Johannis Baptiste, 
Domini precursoris, cum debita jejunii observancia celebratur, 
ita eciam dignum ct debitum reputans, ut dicte beate Marie 
virginis nativitas cum simili observacione a cunctis Christi 
fidelibus devocius vcnerarctur, ad omnipotentis Dei gloriam et 
jubilacionem, et catholice fidei exaltacionem, et ad exhortacionem 
devocionis Christi fidelium, auctoritate apostolica statuit ac 
eciam ordinavit ultra vigiliam Assumpcionis predicte gloriose 
virginis Marie hactenus institutam predictam Nativitatem ipsius 
gloriose virginis decetero habere vigiliam, eandemque vigiliam 
cum debita jejunii observancia ab eisdem Christi fidelibus 
perpetuis futuris temporibus devocione, qua convenit, venerari, 
prout in eisdem predecessoris inde confectis Uteris plenius 

Nos igitur, qui eciam ad eandem beatam Virginem devo- 
cione afficimur singular!, cupientes, quod huiusmodi statutum 
et ordinacio dicti predecessoris a cunctis fidelibus inviolabiliter 
observentur, fraternitati vestre per apostolica scripta committimus 
et mandamus, quatenus vos et vestrum singuli in vestris civita- 
tibus et diocesibus per vos vel alios statutum et ordinacionem 
huiusmodi publicetis et per vestros subditos mandetis et faciatis 
firmiter observari. 

Romae, ap. S. Petrum, xj Kal. Dec, pontificatus nostri anno 

A similar mandate was directed to the archdeacon of Surrey. 

[195b.] Another in similar terms, directed by Simon, bp. 
of London, on behalf of the primate, to the bp. of Winchester, 
is dated 20 July, 1382. 

[185 b.] Mandate directed to archdeacon of Winchester to 
cause prayers to be said throughout the archdeaconry for the 
king, the church, and the success of the expedition to France, 
pursuant to the following circular : — 

Simon, divina providencia Cantuariensis archiepiscopus, etc. 
. . Supremi prudencia Judicis mirabili potestate acies cunctarum 
dirigens nacionum, roborans animos, docens vianus ad proelium 
et digitos electorum ad bellum^ suam omnipotenciam manifestans, 
quos vult subigere, subigit, et, quibus vult, victoriam impertitur. 

Official Instruments. 317 

Hec siquidem considerantes, ct quod plus est, de superne 
virtutis assistencia quam de terren^ potencia confidendum, ac 
ponderantes eciam, quod dominus noster rex Anglie illustris pro 
conservacione, tuicione, et defensione regni et ecclesie anglicane 
ac juris sui regii, que Gallicorum, Scotorum, et aliorum ad- 
versariorum et inimicorum suorum pertinacia contra justiciam 
hostiliter nititur impugnare, ad partes Scotie, Hibernie, et 
Francie nonnullos proceres, magnates, ac gentes regni sui Anglie 
direxit, et in brevi diriget profecturos, ut apud Altissimum 
exercitum Domini, cuius imperio principes dominantur et cuncta 
queque gubernantur, ipsos proceres, magnates, et gentes in hiis 
justiciam dicti domini nostri regis prosequentes devotis ora- 
cionum suffragiis specialiter commendemus. 

Vestre igitur fraternitati committimus et mandamus, quatenus 
omnibus et singulis nostris fratribus et coepiscopis nostre 
Cantuariensis ecclesie suffraganeis vice et auctoritate nostra, 
cum ea celeritate qua poteritis, vestris literis harum seriem 
continentibus injungatis, quod ipsorum singuli in ecclesiis suis 
et aliis ecclesiis et locis insignibus suarum civitatum et diocesium 
diebus solempnibus et festivis subditos suos clericos ct laicos 
efficaciter moneant et inducant, monerive faciant et induci, quod 
pro salubri statu dicti domini nostri Regis in tenera etate jam 
constituti et ipsius felici ac regni sui et ecclesie Anglicane 
gubernacione, et ipsorum procerum, magnatum, ct aliorum 
fidelium dicti regni Anglie prosequencium supradicta graciosa 
expedicione, ac pro tranquillitate et pace ecclesie, regis, et regni 
Anglie predictorum cum omni cordis humilitatc processiones 
solempnes singulis ebdomadis in quartis et sextis feriis facere 
non omittant, etc. (grant of forty days' indulgence). — Lambeth, 
ii Id. Ap., 1380. 

[186 a.] Probate of will of Thomas Counthasthorpe, r. of 
Streatham (vol. i, pp. TJ, 106), granted to m. Thomas Cranlc, 
the elder. — Southwark, 2 May. 

[l86b.] Commission to mm. John Blaunchard and John 
Shyllyngfordc to install the prior - elect of Tandridgc — ad 
cognoscendum et procedcndum in quodam cleccionis ncgocio 
de religioso viro f. Ricardo Frcnssh, suppriore prioratus ecclesie 
convcntualis de Tanrugge, ordinis S. Augustini, nostre dioccsis, 

3i8 Wykehajfi's Rej^^ister, 

per cessioncm ct dimissionem f. Johannis de Mcrstham, ultimi 
prions eiusdem, factam, ct per nos admissam, vacantis facte, 
dicteque elcccionis circumstancias et merita audiendum et 
discuciendum, ac ipsum negocium elcccionis huiusmodi, cum 
suis emcrgcntibus, dependcntibus, et connexis, prout canonica 
dictaverint instituta, fine debito terminandum, ipsamque elec- 
cionem debite confirmandum, et in casu ct eventu, quo dictam 
eleccionem duxeritis, aut unus vestrum duxerit, confirmandum, 
eidem f. Ricardo de dicto prioratu canonice providendum, ac 
ipsum in corporalem possessionem dicti prioratus, juriumque et 
pertinencium suorum universorum, inducendum et installandum, 
inducive et installari mandandum, et faciendum juxta formam 
hactenus in ea parte usitatam, necnon dicti f Ricardi obedienciam 
canonicam nobis in ea parte debitam in forma juris recipiendum 
ab eodem, ceteraque omnia et singula faciendum, exercendum, 
et expediendum, que in huiusmodi elcccionis negocio necessaria 

fuerint seu eciam oportuna, vobis committimus, etc. — 

lb., 8 May, 1380. 

Commission granted to master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 
and others, to hear and determine a charge against certain 
scholars of Mildenhall of abducting one of the friars-preachers 
at Thetford :— 

Willelmus, etc., jurium et privilegium fratrum ordinis pre- 
dicatorum in Anglia conservator sub certa forma inter alios 
a sede apostolica deputatus, discretis viris mm. Johanni de 
Derlyngtone, legum doctori, venerabili in Christo patris et 
domini, domini episcopi Norwycensis officiali, ac Ade de Wyke- 
mere, custodi aule Trinitatis Cantabrigg., juris civilis bacallaureo, 
salutem in omnium Salvatore. 

Querelam nuper religiosorum virorum prions et conventCls 
ordinis supradicti Thetford, dicte Norwycensis diocesis, gravem 
recepimus, continentem, quod nonnulli viri, scolares de villa de 
Mildenhale, dicte Norwycensis diocesis, quorum nomina ignor- 
antur, quemdam fratrem Willelmum de Pykkeworth, de ordine 
memorato, violanter a suo socio ^ rapuerunt, et eum a debita 
obediencia sui ordinis abduxerunt, ipsumque sic raptum et 

1 "Sociati incedunto" — they shall walk two and two — one of the rules for Winchester 
scholars in their "Tabula Legum," is doubtless founded on a similar rule of the mendicant 
orders, who were sent out, like the seventy disciples, two and two {Luke x, i). 

Official Instruments. 319 

abductum detinuerunt et occultariint, detincnt et occultant, 
temere et injuste, in suarum o^rave pcriculum animarum, totius- 
que religionis predicte scandalum, prejudiciumque non modicum 
et jacturam ; super quibus iidcm prior et conventus sibi peticrunt 
per nos de juris remedio provideri. 

Nos igitur, volentes eisdem super hiis impcndere justicie 
complementum, ad inquirendum de nominibus et cognominibus 
omnium et singulorum huiusmodi scelus committencium ac 
delinquencium in hac parte, cognoscendumque et proccdendum, 
statuendum, et diffiniendum in causa seu causis quam vel quas 
prefati prior et conventus contra huiusmodi delinquentes in 
eventum occasione predicta movere intendunt, ac causam et 
causas predictas audiendum et fine debito terminandum cum 
suis emergentibus, dependentibus, incidentibus, et connexis, 
necnon ad exequendum sentencias vel decreta per nos vel 
utrumque vestrum in hac parte ferenda, vobis communiter et 
divisim tenore presencium committimus vices nostras, donee 
eas ad nos duxerimus revocandas. — Highclere, 28 May, 1380. 

Privy Seal directed to the bishop to speed payment of the 
tenth :— 

Reverent piere en Dieu. Come selonc ceo que acordez estoit 
en notre darein parlement eons ordenez denvoier hastivement 
vers les parties de Bretaigne en un viage affaire en notre service 
sur lexploit de notre guerre, et especialmcnt pur la salvation de 
notre royaume, un grant poair de gcntz darmes et archiers, de 
quel viage notre trescher uncle Thomas, conte de Bukyngham, 
serra chievetein ; ^ volons de lavys de notre conseil, et vous 
prions et chargeons fermement, que tous les deniers a nos duz 
en votre diocise de Wynccstrc de les disme et subside a nous 
dareincmcnt grantz par Ic clcrgic de notre royaume dAnglcterre, 
facez lever et coiller a notre oeps a toute le haste que fasse se 
purra, siqe tous les deniers avant ditz nous soient prestement et 
sans defaute paiez a la receyte de notre Eschequcr, selonc le 
porport du dit grant, pur lexploit du viage susdit. Et ceste 
chose prcignetz ensi a cuer, que pur cause de nonpaicment de 
ditz deniers mesmc le viage nc soit targcz ne dclaicz au damage 
de nous, et de notre dit royaume, si come vous amcz Icstat de 
nous et de vous et aussi de Icglise, et de tout notre royaume 

' Waliingham i, 434. 

320 Wykeham's Register, 

avant dit. Don souz notre prive seal a Westm. le xvj jour 
de Mai. 

[1873.-] Et incontinenti dominus episcopus scripsit per 
ipsius literas privatas collectoribus subsidii memorati per cum 
deputatis in archidiaconatibus Wynton. et Surr. pro celeri festin- 
acione solucionis eiusdem. 

Mandate directed to abbot of Hyde, reciting another privy 
seal to like effect : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio abbati monasterii de Hyda juxta 
Wynton., collectori subsidii regii in archidiaconatu Wynton. 
specialiter deputato, s. g. et b. Literas domini nostri regis sub 
ipsius privato sigillo vij° die instantis mensis Junii recepimus in 
hec verba : — 

Reverent piere eu Dieu, nous vous prions sicome autrefoitz 
vous avons priez, et vous chargeons tant come plus poons sur la 
foi et ligeance qe vous nous devez, et sicome nous noz fions de 
vous qe vous envoiez tantost a ceux, que vous avez deputez 
coillours en vestre diocise, a lever les disme et subside a nous 
grantez a notre darein parlement per la clergie de notre royaume 
et les facez haster le plus q'ils purront en monde queles ditz 
disme et subside soient levez et aportez a notre eschequer pur 
le paiement affaire a notre uncle de Bukyngham, et a noz autres 
foialx, ordenez daler en sa compaignie en le viage affaire devers 
les parties de France et de Bretaigne; attendu que notre dit uncle 
ne noz ditz autres foialx ne poent per nulle wie aler avant en dit 
viage, tanque ils soient serviz de certein paiement que leur faut 
uncore per mesme le viage, le quel paiement ne leur poet estre fait 
sanz avoir les deniers prevenantz des disme et subside avantditz. \ 

Don souz notre prive seal a Westm. le primer jour de Juyn. \ 

Quarum auctoritate literarum vobis committimus et man- 1 
damus, in virtute sancte obediencie firmiter injungentes, quatenus | 
dictum subsidium vos et archidiaconatum Wynton. concernens a 
retro existens in presenti juxta literarum predictarum exigenciam 
et tenorem omni festinacione possibili exigatis, colligatis, et 
levetis, etc. — lb., 7 June, 1380. 

A similar mandate of even date was directed to the abbot of 

Official Instnunents. 321 

Mandate to abbot of Quarr for a levy (arraiacio) of clergy in 
Isle of Wight, dated at Southvvark, 18 June, 13S0, pursuant to 
following writ : — 

Ricardus, etc., venerabili in Christo patri W., cadem gracia 
episcopo Wyntoniensi, salutem. Quia jam noviter accepimus, 
quod inimici nostri Francie, et alii sibi adherentes, infra insulam 
Vectam ad citius quo poterunt applicare, et eandem insulam pro 
viribus, nisi eorum malicie viriliter resistatur, destruere proponunt ; 
vobis mandamus, quod omnes et singulos viros ecclesiasticos 
eiusdem insule, cuiuscunque status seu condicionis fuerint, 
videlicet quemlibet juxta statum et facultates suas, armis 
competentibus muniri et armari faciatis, prout ante hec tempora 
armari et muniri consueverunt, ne, quod absit, ob vestri defectum 
periculum aliquod eidem insule per huiusmodi invasionem 
eveniat quovismodo. 

Tested at Westminster, 15 June, 3 Ric. II. 

[187 b.] License of non-residence for one year granted to 
Adam Portelewe, r. of Lingfield (vol. i, p. 100), in order to be 
in attendance on Lord Latymer. — Esher, 28 June, 1380. 

Certificate for exonerating churches of Hacche ^ and Yar- 
mouth from the subsidy — quod ecclesie de Hacche et Eremue, 
nostre diocesis, que dudum parochiales erant et curate, propter 
carenciam populi, cum vix sit qui inhabitet infra parochias 
earundem, ad tantam inopiam sunt patenter redacti, quod a 
multis retroactis temporibus non erant nee invcniuntur aliqui 
istis temporibus, qui ipsas ecclcsias propter exilitatem nimiam 
earundem volunt aliqualiter occupare. — Southwark, 4 July. 

Commission to sequestrate the goods of Thomas, late capel- 
laniis of Laverstoke, an intestate, granted to ds. Alexander, r. 
of Dean, 26 July, 1380, and administration two days later to 
rectors of Dean and Ash. — Highclere, 28 July. 

License to let the rectory of Stratficldsaye to ds. Robert 
Crouchcston, prebendary of Stratford in Sarum cathedral, fur 
one year, granted to m. John Wyltone (vol. i, p. 107). — Same 

* Sec p. 292. 


322 IVykdianis Register. 

[l88a.] Administration of the goods of John Cotelonde, 
of Southwark, an intestate, granted to Maud, his widow, and 
John de Kerketone, citizen of London. — Southwark, 29 Aug. 

Dispensation for m. John Irlande, r. of Limpsfield (vol, 1, 
p. 102), from the obh'gation of residence during two years, in 
order to enable him to pursue his studies at Cambridge. — Ib.^ 
31 Aug., 1380. 

Similar dispensation for Nicholas Mockynge (vol. i, p. 52), 
r. of S. Olave's, Southwark, until Easter. — Highclere, 19 Sept. 

Presentation of John de Waltone to church of Portland — 
Brightwell, 28 Oct. 

Commission to bp. of London to carry out exchange (vol. i, 
p. 109) of Ovington. — Blisworth, 9 Nov. 

M. John Harold and m. Robert Bradegare, examiners in the 
archbishop's court, commissioned to hear and determine a cause 
of divorce promoted by Katherine Botellere against William 
Hykeman alias Uptone. — Northampton, 12 Nov. 

[188 a.] Commission to absolve the bailiffs of Shrewsbury 
and others who had broken and entered the close of the Friars- 
Minors at Shrewsbury : — 

Willelmus, etc., fratrum ordinis minorum provincie Anglicane 
conservator sub certa forma inter alios a sede apostolica depu- 
tatus, dilectis nobis in Christo abbati Salopie et m. Griffino 
de Cherletone, canonico Herfordensi, salutem, etc. Ex parte 
religiosorum virorum gardimani {sic) et conventiis fratrum ordinis 
minorum Salopie nobis extitit intimatum, quod ballivi ville 
Salopie antedicte, et alii, quorum nomina ignorantur, clausum 
et loca fratrum predictorum absque voluntate seu licencia eorun- 
dem temere intraverunt, ac varias violencias et injurias eisdem 
et ecclesie sue nequiter intulerunt, maioris excommunicacionis 
sentenciam in hac parte dampnabiliter incurrendo. 

Subsequenter vero quidam de malefactoribus predictis, spiritu 
consilii sanioris moti, suffecti rubore verecundie, ad gremium 
sancte matris ecclesie, ut filii adoptivi, reniti cupientes, a sen- 
tencia, quam sic, ut premittitur, incurrebant, instanter petierunt 
se absolvi. 


Official lytstrujnents. 323 

Ad absolvendum igitiir nomine nostro in debita juris forma 
omnes et singulos malefactores prcdictos ipsorum conscios ct 
fautores, necnon eisdcm prebentes consilium, auxilium, vel 
favorem a dicta excommunicacionis sentcncia, quam, ut premit- 
titur, incurrebant occasione vilacionis i^sic) mcmoratc, ipsisque, 
et eorum cuilibet, penitencias pro suis huiusmodi commissis 

salutares injungendo vices nostras committimus, etc. — 

Northampton, 16 Nov., 1380. 

[l88b.] Mandate from official principal of Canterbury, 
enjoining the bishop to hear and determine a claim by William 
Byde, r. of St. Nicholas, Guildford, to the prebend of Bedewynde 
in Sarum cathedral, then held by Nicholas de Wykeham, canon 
of Sarum, or to cite Byde to appear before the official principal 
at St. Mary le Bow. The bishop returns that he assents to the 
cause being heard in the archbishop's court, and has cited Byde. 
— Esher, 26 Jan., 1 380-1. 

Discharge of executors of sir Thomas Cheyne, kt. — South- 
wark, 30 March, 1381. 

[189 a.] Dimissory for m. Nicholas de Alresforde to deacon's 
orders. — Same date. 

License of non - residence for one year granted to John 
Cheyne, r. of Streatham, in order to be in attendance on sir 
Hugh de Calverley.^ — Same date. 

1 Memorandum, that on Tuesday, 16 April, 1381, in the chapel 
at Farnham Castle, John Clere, of Crondall, did homage for 
b^ds held of the bishop — homagium suum gratis obtulit atque 
^ pi eidem reverendo patri modo et forma quibus homagium 
liusmodi fieri consuevit (see form, p. 252;/.) — in the presence of 
enry Esturmy, John attc Berwe, Thomas VVarblyntonc, John 
^cheborne, Robert Chcsenale of Guildford, Henry Zeucle, 
illiam Wyndford, Walter Hayvvode the younger, William 
artyn, John de Ketcnc, treasurer of Wolvescy, and others. 

nj Probate of will of John Dyschcrc, of Merwc (Merrow), 
la\anted to his brother John and Emma his relict, 17 October, 

nijiOne of the KL'norals of the exjxidilion of n«-nry. l>p. of Norwich, in 1383.— 
*2singham, ii, 85. 






324 Wyke/iam's Register. 

1 38 1, and they to exhibit an inventory on the 30th of the same 
month at Esher. 

Commission to hear and determine a cause of intrusion 
promoted against John de Lutone, r. of Compton, Surrey 
(vol. i, p. 123), /r^ salute aniyne — quod idem Johannes in dictam 
ecclesiam absque titulo et auctoritate sufficientibus temere se 
intrusit, ac fructus, redditus, et proventus dicte ecclesie percipit, 
dilapidat, et consumit, ac animas parochianorum dicte ecclesie 
decipit, in grave periculum animc sue et scandalum plurimorum. 
— Esher, 20 May, 1381. 

Dimissory for John Aleyn, of Stoke near Guildford, ad 
omnes minores et eciajn sacros ordines. — Ib.^ 6 June. 

Probate of will of William Aubrey (vol. i, pp. 38, 122), late 
r. of Shirbourne St. John, granted to m. John de Bannebury, 
John attc Beche, v. of Odiham, and Laurence Benett, the 
executors. — Farnham, 18 Aug. 

License of non-residence for three years granted to Richard 
Aumbresdene, r. of Stoke d'Abernon (vol. i, p. 78), in order to 
be in attendance on lady de Mohun. — /I?., 20 Aug. 

Dispensation for Thomas Ballard,^ r. of Shirbourne St. Joh*' 
from the obligation of proceeding to deacon's orders for t'g 
years, to study. — /^., i Sept. ^_ 

Letter from prior of Canterbury, touching the murder^ 
archbishop Sudbury ^i — .^ 

Venerabili in Christo fratri ac domino, domino Willelrl 
Dei gracia Londoniensi episcopo, Johannes, permissione divi 
priori ecclesie Christi Cantuariensis, et eiusdem loci capituluf 
sede vacante, omnimodam reverenciam cum honore. Paternitp' 
vestre noticiam latere non credimus, cum factum notori 
existat, quod dolentissime referimus, quo pallida facta est san 
matris ecclesie facies pro dolore, qualiter quidam malediccio 
alumpni, virus imbuti nequicia et furoris spiritu concitati, 
nee ecclesie aut sancte archiepiscopatus dignitati, qua fi 
ortodoxa cultu laciori discenditur, aliqualiter deferentes, palaci 

1 Otherwise Silvestre (see vol. i, pp. 122, 177). 2 Walsingkam, i, 460. 



Official I)islru))icnts. 335 

archiepiscopalc Cantuariense ac nonnulla mancria archicpisco- 
patus Cantuariensis et ad archiepiscopum Cantuariensem, qui est 
pro tempore, notorie spectancia, preter et contra voluntatem 
bone memorie Simonis de Sudburia, ultimi archiepiscopi Cantu- 
ariensis dum vixit, jam defuncti, et ministrorum suorum in eisdem 
existencium, ac deputatorum ad custodiam eorundem, violenter 
intrarunt, ac vinum dicti archiepiscopi in doleis in prefato palacio 
et maneriis existentibus consumpserunt et nequiter effuderunt, 
bonaque nonnulla eiusdem archiepiscopi in eisdem tunc exist- 
encia rapuerunt et abstulerunt, ac nonnulla mala et dampna 
eidem palacio et maneriis multipliciter intulerunt, carceremque 
archiepiscopalem in villa de Maydestone, Cantuariensis diocesis, 
situatum fregerunt, et carceratos in eodem ceperunt et abire com- 
pellebant,necnon chaceam archiepiscopalem vulgariter nominatam 
le Bniyll, Cicestrensis diocesis, et parcos eiusdem archiepiscopi 
adjacentes eidem fregerunt et feras bestias in eisdem existentes 
ceperunt, fugarunt et penitus quasi interfecerunt. 

Et hiis maleficiis non contenti, set eorum dampnacioni 
reprobe dediti, in ipsum reverendum in Christo patrem, etc., 
honorabile membrum ecclesie, et columpnam ac patrem eorum 
specialem et pugilem Crucifixi,^ in Turri Londoniensi tunc person- 
aliter existentem, manu hostili irruerunt, ac ipsum inhumaniter 

'^rtractarunt, verberarunt, vulnerarunt, ac perditorem regni 

^Tiglie ipsum fuisse et esse publice voce furibunda et instantis- 

"na dixerunt, et demum eum extra dictam Turrim duxerunt, 

prope ipsam Turrim cundem crudelissime decapitarunt, capud 

. oque eiusdem super unam hastam per vicos et plateas civitatis 
1 )ndoniensis publice deferendo et clamando Hie est capud 
^ roditoris^ ac capellum episcopale cum uno clavo, quod terribile 
j> est dictu, eidem capiti per cerebri medium affixerunt, et dictum 
capud honorabile in signum perdicionis super pontem Londoni- 
ensem dampnabiliter posuerunt ; quos omnes et singulos scelera 
huiusmodi malefica aut eorum aliquod tam crudeliter commit- 
tentes, ac eisdem prebentes in premissis, aut ipsorum aliquo, 
consilium, auxilium, vcl favorem publice vel occulte varias 
maiorum cxcommunicacionum sentcncias a Sanctis patribus rite 
latas non ambigitur ipso facto dampnabiliter incurrisse. 

Cumque premissa adeo sint notoria, publica, et famosa, quod 
nulla poterint tergiversacione celari, et debita execucio super 

1 Champion of Him Crucified. 

}26 I Vykchani 5 Register. 

tanta acerbitate delicti jam diu est commissi, quatenus forum 
concernunt ccclcsiasticum per nos apposita non extitit, ut 
deberct, ac considcrantes illud abhominabilc flagicium in totius 
cleri et universalis ccclesie libertatis dispendium redundare, 
volentes quod, prcmissa sicut ad nos notorie pertinet vindicare 
gladio spirituali, paternitati vestro revcrendc committimus et 
mandamus, etc. (excommunication denounced in common form). 
— London, 16 Sept., 1381. 

[189 b.] A preacher's license : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio f Johanni Borard, canonico 
Christi ecclesie de Twynham, nostre diocesis, sacre theologie 
professori, s. g. et b. Intencionem tuam laudabilem, quam ad 
animarum salutem jugiter procurandum per predicacionem 
assiduam verbi Dei habere dinosceris, dignis in Domino laudibus 
commendantes, ut in singulis ecclesiis ac locis aliis ad hoc 
congruis et honestis per nostram diocesim constitutis publice 
predicare valeas verbum Dei ad informacionem rudium et 
imbecillium confirmacionem eciam provectorum, proviso quod 
ad ea, per que scandala in clero aut populo quomodolibet oriri 
poterunt, laxes nullatenus linguam tuam, set ab hiis omnino te 
abstineas debite, prout decet, super quo tuam insuper conscien- 
ciam in districto Dei judicio artius oneramus, liberam tibi tenore 
presencium concedimus facultatem et licenciam specialem. 

Hiis quoque, qui predicacioni tue interfuerint, volentes per 
hoc te favore prosequi gracioso de peccatis suis vere contritis 
eciam et confessis indulgencias concedimus in talibus consuetas, 
omnibus et singulis ecclesiarum rectoribus et vicariis ac capel- 
lanis parochiarum civitatis et diocesis in virtute obediencie 
firmiter injungendo mandantes, quatenus cum accesseris ad 
eosdem ad premissa debite te admittant tibi in eisdem humiliter 
intendentes temporibus oportunis. — Date wanting. 

[190 a.] Dimissory for Edward de Chudham, of Southwick, 
acolyth, ad omnes. — Downton, 22 Sept. 

Commission to John de Lydeforde, canon of Oxford, Richard 
de Suttone, r. of Dean, and John de Campeden, canon of 
Southwell, to visit the priory of St Denys, and the church or 
preccntory of St. Mary, Southampton, on Saturday next after 
Michaelmas Day. — Highclere, 27 Sept. 



Official Instruments. 327 

Mandate to prior of Newark to impose penance on f. John 
Chaddesley, for adultery and other crimes, part of the penance 
to be seclusion — quatenus . . . septa claustri et ecclesie prioratiis 
vestri predicti decetero exeat nee cum aliquo seculari colloquium 
habeat decetero quovismodo, necessitatis causa dumtaxat ex- 
empta. — Esher, 20 October, 1381. 

Certificate for writs de excomnmnicato capiendo to issue 
against a number of beneficed men for non payment of the last 
tenth. — Southwark, 18 November. 

Dispensation for three years from the obligation of residence 
granted to Walter Phelipe, r. of Abbots Ann (vol. i, p. 123), to 
study. — Same date. 

[190 b.] Vicar of Woking admonished to provide for divine 
service in Pirford chapel (vol. i, p. 117): — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio, perpetuo vicario ecclesie paro- 
chialis de Wockynge, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. Nuper, videlicet 
XIX"*' die mensis Octobris ultimo jam elapsi, in prioratu de 
Novo Loco, nostre diocesis, in nostra et aliorum quamplurium 
fidedignorum presencia, tu personaliter constitutus palam, publice, 
atque sponte, ac ex certa tua sciencia recognoveras, affirmasti, 
et eciam fatebaris, quod fructus, redditus, et proventus vicarie 
predicte ac porcio eiusdem tibi et vicariis ibidem preteritis et 
futuris canonice assignata valebant eciam annuatim et valent 
modernis temporibus singulis oncribus vicarie predicte incum- 
bentibus debite supportare, ac valere solebant et solent, annis 
singulis, viginti libras sterlingorum, ac pro tanta pecunie summa 
fructus, et proventus predictos potuisti, sicut jam potes, ad 
firmam singulis annis dimisisse. 

Et licet ipsa porcio vicarie predicte ad subeundum debite 
onera eidem incumbencia sufficiens et congrua jam existat ; tu 
tamen, prout ex fama vulgari ac relacione didicimus fidedigna, 
unum capellanum in capella de Pirefordc, a prefata ecclesia de 
Wockynge depcndente, divina officia celebraturum, parochianis- 
que inhabitantibus ipsam hamelettam de Pircforde sacramenta 
ecclesiastica ministraturum tuis sumptibus et cxpensis, cuius 
quidem capellani onus invencionis ad tc ct vicariam tuam pre- 
dictam vigorc cuiusdam composicionis in hac parte facte pcrtinct 

328 Wyke ham's Register. 

ct inciimbit, absque caiisA racionabili sen lef^itima quacunquc 
diutino subtraxisti et subtrahis cciam in presenti nequiter et 
injustc, in tui et parochianorum dictorum grave periculum 
animarum. Indcmpnitati siquidcm vestrorum parochianorum et' 
subditorum nostrorum in hiis prospiccre et animarum periculis 
occurrere cupientes, tenorc presencium prim6, secund6, ac tercio 
pcremptoric te moncmus, tibique in virtute obediencie et sub 
pcna sequestracionis fructuum et proventuum predictorum 
firmiter injungcndo moncmus, quatcnus prefate capelle de 
Pirfordc ct parochianis prcdictis in divinis sacramentisque 
ecclesiasticis debite ministrandum juxta vim, formam, et effectum 
composicionis predicte per capellanum idoneum facias ex nunc 
congrue deserviri, alioquin contra te occasione premissa, quantum 
de jure poterimus, legitime procedemus. — /^., 22 Nov., 1381. 

M. John Bukyngham, John Lydeforde, the official, and others, 
commissioned to continue a visitation of Chertsey abbey, which 
the bishop had adjourned till the following Wednesday. — Esher, 
29 October. 

Note, that on that day the official attended and closed the 

Resignation by Nicholas de Wykeham (vol. i, p. 46), of the 
archdeaconry of Winchester. — Southwark, 29 November. 

Dimissory for Ralph Style, a scholar of the diocese, ad omnes. 
— lb., 21 January, 138 1-2. 

[191a.] Covenants for further assurance on an exchange of 
lands between the bishop and John Burle of Pagham, Sussex. 
The latter juravit ad sancta Dei evangelia per ipsum corporaliter 
tacta quod ipse Johannes citra festum pasche tunc proximo 
futurum, vel intra ipsum festum Pasche et festum Pentecostes 
proximo secuturum, cum per Thomam Warenner esset congrue 
premunitus, accederet personaliter ad reverendum patrem, etc., 
et de terris, tenementis, redditibus, et aliis, que idem, pater in 
parochia de Moene, Wyntoniensis diocesis, adquisivit de Johanne 
Burle predicto, tantam ac talem securitatem faceret, sicut dictus 
reverendus pater per ipsius consilium vellet ordinari. Et econ- 
verso dictus reverendus pater dicto Johanni Burle promisit bona 
fide se illam securitatem facturum pro terris et aliis que dictus 

Official I)istniinents. 329 

Johannes per ipsius consilium vellet eciam ordinari. — Southvvark, 
24 January, 138 1-2. 

. Will of sir John Scures, kt.,^ Englished : — 

Imprimis I bequeath my soul to God, and my body to be 
buried in the church of St. Nicholas, Wickham. I bequeath for 
three priests to say masses for my soul during one whole year, 
;^20 ; for the gathering (convocacio) of my friends on the day of 
my burial ;£"20 ; for a window on the south side of the said 
church, lOOs. ; for a tomb (una tumba) where I am buried in the 
said church, 10 marks ; to be distributed amongst the poor on 
the day of my burial, lOOs. ; for a trental for my soul, to be 
celebrated in divers places, 75^. ; to Richard Stake, my servant, 
45^-. ; to John Cook, my house-steward (dispensatorj, 26s. ^d. ; 
to Henry, my chaplain, 20s. ; to John Frie, my servant, 40J. ; to 
Michael King, 13^-. 4^. ; to William atte Kychene, my cook, 
20s. ; to Richard Prat, 10^. ; to John Bakere, ioj". ; to Thomas 
James, Henry atte Court, and John Scrifkyng, each 40J". ; to 
Alice Lommour, 40J. ; to her children, 7 marks ; to John 
Wythynge, 20s. ; to John Jon, lOOs. ; to William Blaunforde, 
40J. ; to Edward Mortone, canon of Southwick, 40J. ; to be 
distributed amongst my poor bond-tenants (nativos) at Wickham 
and Widley, 40J. ; and to John Couk, my secretary (clericus), 
100^. To my sister Sibil the bedstead in my chamber, with the 
sheets, napkins, and towels ; and to John Uvedale a silver cup, 
mounted (hernesiatum). Residue to be disposed of by executors 
for the good of my soul at their discretion. Also to repair 
fabric of Widley church, 40s. ; and to Thomas Glamorgan, 20s. 
Executors, his sister Sibil," John Uvedale, John Newe, and John 
Couke, his secretary. 

Dated at Bedhampton, i November, 1381, and proved on the 
23rd of same month before the bishop at Southvvark. 

[191b. J Foundation by John Newdigate and Laurencia 
atte Wode, of a chantry in Newark priory : — 

^ Son of sir John Scures, kt., lord of Wickham, who is said to have sent the bishop to 
school at Winchester; the John Scures for whose soul masses were ordered to be s;iid 
by the statutes of both the bishop's colleges. 

2 Heiress of the testator. Married in 138 1 John Uvedale, of Titsey, Surrey, sheriff of 
Hants. 1388— 1399, and had by him a daughter, Alice, who in 1396 mairied William 
Wykeham, the bishop's great-nephew. 

3 30 ^ Vykeha m 's Register. 

Sancte Catholicc matn's ecclcsle fiHis prcscntcs Uteras in- 
specturis Johannes Nudcgatc, filius ct heres Willelmi Nudegate, 
et Laurcncia, que fui uxor Petri atte Wode, salutem in omnium 
vero Salvatore. Cum predict! Petrus, Willelmus, Willelmus 
Tauk, et Robertus filius eiusdem Laurencie jam defuncti, et ego 
dicta Laurcncia nuper adquisivimus sumptibus et expensis 
prcdicti Petri sex libratas et quatuordecim solidatas annui 
redditus de priore et conventu de Stoke ex assensu abbatis et 
conventus de Bekeo in Normannia, quem quidem redditum iidem 
prior et conventus de Stoke percipere solebant de priore et 
conventu de Novo Loco, ordinis S. Augustini, Wynton. diocesis, 
habendum nobis ct heredibus eorundem Petri Willelmi et 
Willelmi imperpetuum ; cuius quidem redditus reversio post 
mortem predicte Laurencie michi prefato Johanni spectat, ut 
filio et heredi predicti Willelmi Nudegate, eo quod idem 
Willelmus Nudegate sepedictos Petrum et Willelmum Tauk 
supervixit : 

Et quia dictus Petrus pie desiderans (dum vixit) quandam 
cantariam perpetuam unius canonici sacerdotis in prioratu de 
Novo Loco erigere et stabilire pro salubri statu domini nostri 
regis Anglie et venerabilis patris Willelmi de Wykeham, 
Wyntoniensis episcopi, et ipsorum Petri et Laurencie, dum 
vixerunt, necnon pro animabus parentum et benefactorum ipso- 
rum Petri et Laurencie qui adtunc ab hac luce migraverunt, 
et pro animabus dictorum regis, episcopi, Petri, et Laurencie 
cum ex hoc mundo migraverunt perpetuo celebraturi, dict- 
umque annuum redditum ad sustentacionem cantarie antedicte 
impendere destinavit similiter et proposuit, et quia dictus 
^-^trus antequam propositum suum supradictum realiter valeret 

*'^plere morte extitit preventus : 

|s antedicti Johannes et Laurcncia, piam intencionem 

icti i^j.| supradictam effectum sortiri affectantes, ad honorem 

^^ ^\ le genetricis virginis Marie, ut huiusmodi cantaria pro 

uori s.^y dictorum regis et episcopi, dum vivunt, necnon 

P o animaug predicti Petri et ceteris supradictis, et animabus 

niurn ndijum defunctorum, ac animabus dictorum regis et 

. ^ ^^°pi) et m^i prefate Laurencie, cum ab hac vita migraverimus, 

"icto prioruu de Novo Loco modo et forma infrascriptis 

P rpetuo habea'-.ur, ad sustentacionem eiusdem cantarie assig- 


Official Instruments. 331 

namus, concedimus, et relaxamus prcdictis priori et conventui 
de Novo Loco, et eorum successoribus, dictas sex libratas et 
quatuordecim solidatas annui redditus imperpetuo. 

Ita quod nee nos dicti Johannes et Laurencia, nee heredes 
mei predicti Johannis, quicquid juris vel clamei decetero exigere 
vel vendicare poterimus in eisdem, set in usus infrascriptos pro 
dicte cantarie sustentacione convertantur. 

Imprimis igitur de consensu, voluntate, et assensu expressis 
prefati venerabilis patris, patroni dicti prioratus de Novo Loco, ac 
dictorum prions et conventus eiusdem loci volumus et ordinamus, 
quod die Sabbati cuiuslibet septimane futura post mortem mei, 
predicte Laurencie, unus canonicus dicte domus, in ordine 
sacerdotali constitutus, valens et dispositus ad celebrandum, 
ordinetur et intitletur in tabula ebdomadali canonicorum^ dicti 
prioratus ad celebrandum missam predictam cotidie per septi- 
manam illam, ad quam intitlatus fuerit in hac parte, et celebrabit 
idem capellanus illam missam in altari beate Marie in ecclesia 
prioratus predicti pro vivis et mortuis superius designatis, et in 
missa sua dicat specialem collectam que incipit, Omnipotens 
sempiterne Deus^ qui vivoruvi dominaris? 

Volumus insuperet ordinamus, quod incontinenti post mortem 
mei predicte Laurencie faciant dicti prior et conventus pro 
dictis vivis et defunctis inveniri sumptibus suis propriis omnia 
necessaria pro missis huiusmodi celebrandis, videlicet vestimenta, 
ornamenta, librum, lumen, panem, vinum, et calicem, superaltare 
et manutergium, cum toto apparatu alio necessario, ac unum 
clericum idoneum adjuvandum capellanum celebrantem missam 
predictam in officio eodem, et cetera omnia que ad huiusmodi 
officium fuerunt oportuna. 

Et volumus eciam, quod quilibet canonicus ad celebrandum 
huiusmodi missas per ebdomadam intitlatus, dumtamen eas 
fideliter celebret, vel si legitime impeditus fuerit, eas faciat 
celebrari, in recompensacionem et remuneracionem huiusmodi 
laboris sui habeat singulis septimanis imperpetuum septem 

1 Sec note p. 277. 
• Omnipolcns seinpilerne Deus, qui vivorum doniinaris siniul et niortuorum, omniumque 
misercris, quos tuos fide et opere futures esse prenoscis : te supplices exoramus, ut pro 
quibus effundere preces decrevimus, cjuosque vel prescns seculum adhuc in came retinet, 
vel futuruni jam exutos corpore subcepit, intcrcedcnlibus omnibus Sanctis tuis, pictatis tuc 
clemeniiA, omnium delictorum suorum vcnium consequanlur. I'er Dominum. 

332 WykehiDfis Register. 

dcnarios stcrHiiL^orum dc prcdicto rcdditii occasionc huiusmodi 
cantaric dictis priori et convcntui supcrius assignato, ipsis 
canonicis cclcbrantibus, per manus prioris aut alterius per 
eundem deputandi singulis cbdomadis fideliter persolvendos. 

Et si continorat, quod idem canonicus capellanus sic intitlatus 
fingat se infirmum, cum non fuerit, ut sic a cclcbracione cesset, 
et super hoc in capitulo convictus fuerit, super quo per presiden- 
tcm eiusdcm capituli inquiri volumus diligcnter, tunc presidens 
capituli facict ipsum pro singulis missis sic subtractis uno die, 
videlicet proxima quarta, sexta, vel sabbato, feriis in pane et 
aqua fideliter jejunare, quod jejunium canonicus sic deficiens 
vigore huiusmodi ordinacionis humiliter perficere teneatur. Sin 
autem juste in hac parte se excusaverit, huiusmodi canonicus ad 
cclebrandum intitlatus pena cessacionis celebracionis huiusmodi 
pro ilia vice cessabit quo ad ilium. 

Volumus nichilominus et ordinamus, quod si per infirmitatem 
canonici capellani huiusmodi vel alia justa causa et necessaria 
[192 a] non ficta aliquo tempore superiiis limitato a dicta 
celebracione cessatum fuerit, pro huiusmodi cessacione vel 
defectu unum alium canonicum capellanum in loco illo ubi 
huiusmodi defectus contigerit inveniri, et defectum huiusmodi 
in celebrando sic plenarie suplere teneatur canonicus sic de- 
ficiens aut infirmus ; vel si alium canonicum aut alium capellanum 
non invenerit, vel repperire non poterit, qui vice sua celebrare 
voluerit, volumus et ordinamus, quod idem canonicus sic, ut 
premittitur, ad celebrandum intitlatus et deficiens, pro qualibet 
missa sic substituta, illis eisdem diebus quibus defecerit, duos 
denarios pauperibus pro animabus predictis erogari fideliter 
teneatur et debeat tociens, quociens fieri hoc contingit. 

Et ut specialior memoria dictarum animarum inter ipsos 
priorem et conventum de Novo Loco imposterum habeatur, 
volumus et ordinamus, quod quolibet anno semel faciant idem 
prior et conventus solempne anniversarium et commemoracionem 
pro animabus predictis cum Exequiis mortuorum, Placebo, et 
Dirige in festo S. Scolastice virginis (10 February) in ecclesia 
prioratus predicti et in crastino ibidem unam missam pro 
animabus dictis et animabus omnium fidelium defunctorum de 
Requiem faciant eciam solempniter celebrari. 

Et si Humerus canonicorum per pestilenciam vel alio modo 

Official Instruments. 333 

forsan defeccrit in domo predicta, adeo quod non poterunt 
habere canonicum ad cantariam predictam celebrandum suffici- 
entem, tunc unum capellanum secularcm missas durante defectu 
predicto loco canonici huiusmodi deficientis in forma predicta in 
dicto prioratu celebraturum teneantur et debeant invenire. 

Et si capellanum secularem ad hoc idoneum invenire forsan 
non poterunt, tunc teneantur iidem prior et conventus de Novo 
Loco qualibet die defectus huiusmodi capellani contingentis 
distribuere ad portam prioratus predicti pauperibus venientibus 
et elemosinam petentibus vel aliis pauperibus ct egenis, si nulli 
ad portam veniant petituri, racione cuiuslibet misse sic non 
celebrate, tres denarios sterlingorum ad orandum specialiter pro 
salubri statu dicti domini regis, episcopi, et aliorum vivorum 
predictorum ac animabus mortuorum huiusmodi et animabus 
omnium fidelium defunctorum. 

Volumus eciam et ordinamus, quod prior de Novo Loco, qui 
nunc est, et quilibet ibidem de novo creandus seu preficiendus, 
statim post confirmacionem suam coram domino episcopo, qui 
pro tempore fuerit, qui ipsum confirmaverit, vel alio ipsum 
confirmante, ac omnes alii et singuli canonici professi dicti 
prioratus coram priore in capitulo statim post confirmacionem 
suam, coram priore in capitulo, statim post ipsius prioris 
confirmacionem et installacionem, tactis per eos sacrosanctis 
Dei evangeliis, corporale prestent singillatim juramentum, quan- 
tum quod in eis fuerit, procurabunt efficaciter, et jurabunt, quod 
dicta cantaria anniversarium et exequie juxta formam et modum 
presentis ordinacionis nostre imperpetuum debite et fideliter 
celebrentur, nee permittent, quantum in eis fuerit, dictam 
cantariam cessare, deficere, adnullari, aliterve cassari, quod 
fideliter consulent, procurabunt, et jurabunt, quod dicta can- 
taria cclebretur, manuteneatur, et sustentetur sub forma superius 

Item volumus et ordinamus, quod presens ordinacio nostra 
et singula contenta semel in adventu Domini et semel in quadra- 
gesima coram dictis priore et convcntu in domo sua capitulari 
perlegi faciant publico ct distincte quolibct anno perpctuis 
temporibus infuturum, et in suo martirilogio nomina dictorum 
vivorum et mortuorum procurent et faciant inseri et conscribi, 
ne canonici ipsius loci prescntes aut futuri huiusmodi ordinacionis 
nostre ignoranciam valeant racionabiliter allegare. 

334 Wyke/ttitns Register. 

Volumus insuper et ordinamus, quod annis singulis imper- 
petuum die anniversarii, ut prcmittitur, cclcbrando, de redditu 
predicto pro huiusmodi cantaria assignato percipiat et habeat 
prior dicti loci quatuordccim dcnarios sterlingorum et quilibet 
canonicus saccrdos illius loci percipiat cciam per manus prioris 
sui vel altcrius per euin deputandi scptem denarios sterlingorum 
pro habcnda retcnciore memoria animarum predictarum in rele- 
vamen laborum ipsorum in usum unius pietancie^ committendos. 

Et nos predicti prior et conventus de Novo Loco ex unanimi 
et spontaneo nostro consensu pariter et assensu pro nobis et 
successoribus, prioratu quoque et conventuali ecclesia nostra 
predictis, promittimus et solempniter profitemur, volumus, et 
concedimus expresse omnia onera, ordinaciones, et sustentaciones 
dicte cantarie in forma superiiis expressata nos et successores 
nostros communiter et divisim contingencia qualitercunque seu 
concernencia realiter et cum effectu agnoscere, subire et sup- 
portare, ac fideliter perficere et implere in omnibus suis articulis ; 
ad que omnia et singula perficienda et implenda firmiter 
obligamus nos, successores nostros, ecclesiam, et prioratum 
nostros predictos ac terras, tenementa, bonaque alia nostra 
districcioni et cohercioni cuiuscunque judicis nostri, ecclesias- 
tici vel secularis. Ad hec volumus, concedimus, statuimus, et 
ordinamus, quod quicunque in priorem dicti prioratus nostri 
imposterum eligendus et electus, infra tres dies post eius con- 
firmacionem, coram loci diocesano, aut alio ipsius patris nomine, 
eleccionem huiusmodi confirmante, prestet corporale juramentum, 
quod dictam ordinacionem super cantaria predicta celebranda et 
omnibus aliis articulis supradictis procurabit et faciet in omnibus 
observari, fieri, et efficaciter adimpleri. 

Et si contingat, quod absit, dictam cantariam absque 
legitimo impedimento per diem aut dies cessare et pecuniam 
causa huiusmodi cessacionis juxta formam dicte ordinacionis 
erogatam non esse, prior et conventus dicti prioratus nostri pro 
qualibet die cessacionis cantarie predicte duos solidos sterling- 
orum domino Wyntoniensi episcopo, qui pro tempore fuerit, 
solvere effectualiter teneantur, elemosine dicti domini episcopi 

1 "Pittance," or extra dish at dinner in the refectory. 


Official Instnnnents. 335 

Volumus insuper et concedimus, quod quilibet prior prioratOs 
predicti qui pro tempore erit, post confirmacionem et installa- 
cionem dc ipso factas, infra sex dies cxtunc continue sequentes 
faciat omnes et singulos canonicos eiusdem conventus in domo 
capitulari eiusdem conventus singulosque singiliatim sacramen- 
tum corporale prestare, videlicet quod eorum quilibet consulet, 
jurabit, et procurabit, quatenus poterit et in eo fuerit, quod dicta 
cantaria debite, fidcliter, et continue in forma ordinacionis pre- 
dicte celebrabitur, et quod non permittet nee consenciet, quantum 
in eo est aut erit, ipsam cantariam desinere, deperire, vel cessare 
quomodolibet in futurum, contra formam ordinacionis predicte. 

The remaining clauses are to the following effect : — 

The prior shall compe^ the canons to take the above- 
mentioned oath under pain of ecclesiastical censure. If the 
prior himself shall not take the oath within three days after 
confirmation, or impose it on the canons after his installation, 
he shall forfeit 2s. for every day of default to the bishop. If 
the bishop or his official or vicar-general, or the guardian of the 
spirituals when the see is vacant, shall at any visitation detect 
any disorder contrary to the tenor of this ordination, the prior 
and subprior shall have liberty to be heard thereon, with an 
opportunity of purgation by the oath of six credible persons 
(purgacionem cum sexta manu virorum fidedignorum). — Dated 
20 November, 1382. 

[194 a.] Ds. John Staunforde, a canon of St. Denys, 
appointed coadjutor to the prior, whom he afterwards succeeded 
(vol. i, p. 177). — Wolvesey, 14 March, 1381-2. 

License to enlarge graveyard of Friars-Minors at Southamp- 
ton by adding ground purchased under license in mortmain : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto nobis in Christo filiis gardiano et con- 
ventui ordinis fratrum minorum Southamptone, nostre diocesis, 
s. g. et b. Ad ea siquidem, que sacre religionis profectum, ac 
pietatis et caritatis opera rcspicere dinoscuntur, opem et operam, 
quantum cum Deo possumus, sinccris affectibus impertimur. 
Sane pro parte vestra extitit nuper nobis humiliter supplicatum, 
ut cum vos de speciali licencia illustrissimi principis, domini 
nostri regis Anglic, vobis et successoribus vcstris unam placeam 

seu aream manso vestro contiguam in Southamptonc predicta 
licite adquisivistis, prout in cart^ dicta domini regis et alia cart& 
vestrA hanc materiam conccrncnte vidimus contineri, placeam 
seu aream prcdictam vestro cimctcrio ibidem, ut asseruistis, con- 
tiguam ct conncxam in clargacioncm seu ampliacionem cimeterii 
vestri predicti, ut corpora cligcncium apud vos ecclesiasticam 
sepulturam, libcrius et largius in codem valcant sepeliri, ac 
processiones et devociones consuete et solite honestiiis fieri, 
dedicare et consecrare, seu dedicari et consecrari facere, ex nostro 
pontificali officio dignaremur : 

Nos igitur, peticionibus vestris tanquam pietati consonis 
annuentes, ut aream prcdictam pro sepultura mortuorum con- 
gruam, ut intelleximus, et honestam centum et viginti pedes ex 
orientali parte ecclesie vestre in villa predicta de Southamptone, 
usque ad murum super vicum regium eiusdem ville in longitu- 
dine continentem, et in latitudine a tenemento Johannis Baily, 
eiusdem ville, usque ad cimeterium vestrum predictum centum 
pedes eciam continentem et vestro cimeterio predicto coadjacen- 
tem per f. Thomam Dei gracia episcopum Achadensem aut alium 
quemcunque episcopum catholicum sedis apostolice gratum, et 
sui execucionem officii optinentem, consecrari et dedicari facere 
valeatis, huiusmodique episcopo hoc libere et licite faciendum, 
dumtamen in hac parte canonicum aliquod non obsistat, vobis 
et eidem plenam et liberam tenore presencium concedimus 
facultatem. — Romsey, — April, 1382. 

Mandate to official to hear a cause promoted by Maurice 
Bruyn against Ingeram Bruyn for exhuming the body of sir 
William Bruyn, kt, without a license ^ : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio nostro m. Johanni Lydeforde, 
r. ecclesie parochialis de Wonsington, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. 
Ad cognoscendum et procedendum in quadam causa injuste et 
temerarie pretensa exhumacionis, translacionis, et ammocionis 
corporis seu cadaveris cuiusdam nobilis viri, domini Willelmi 
Bruyn, militis, in cimeterio ecclesie parochialis de Rounore, 
dicte nostre diocesis, dudum tumulati et sepulti, in juris offensam 
et lesionem ecclesiastice libertatis, ut pretenditur, nuper facte, 
que in audiencia nostra aliquamdiu vertebatur et vertitur inter 

^ A body once buried could not be taken up or removed without license {Gibs. 1474), 
where the form of license is given. 


Official Ijistrumeyits. 337 

nobilem virum, dominum Mauricium Bruyn, partem promo- 
ventem pro interesse suo in hoc eciam ex parte una, et dominum 
Ingeramum Bruyn reum pretensum ex altera, ac quosdam alios 
nostros subditos occasione premissa, coram nobis ad judicium 
legitime evocatos, ac eandem causam cum omnibus suis emerg- 
enj'bus, dependentibus, et connexis fine debito terminandum, 
cum potestate exequendi que decreveritis in hac parte, eciam 
cum cuiuslibet cohercionis potestate, vobis, de cuius circumspec- 
cione et industria plenam in Domino fiduciam optinemus, 
committimus vices nostras, donee eas ad nos duxerimus revo- 
candas. — Esher, 28 April, 1382. 

[194 b.] Mandate directed to vicar of Odiham and others to 
inhibit Nicholas Hereforde ^ and others from preaching Wyclifs 
doctrines : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis domino Johanni, perpetuo 
vicario ecclesie parochialis de Odyham, nostre diocesis, necnon 
omnibus aliis capellanis divina celebrantibus in eadem, aliisque 
capellis eidem annexis, ac eciam quibuscunque aliis ministris 
ecclesiasticis ministrantibus in eisdem, salutem in Domino 
sempiternam. Kama publica referente et ex facto notorietate ad 
nostrum (quod dolenter referimus) nuper pervenit auditum, quod 
quidam Nicholas Hereforde, Johannes Asshetone, Robertus 
Alyntone, Laurencius Bedman de Cornubia, et alii ipsorum 
complices et sequaces, sectam Deo et fidei ecclesie Catholice 
detestabilem et horrendam inter se per mutua ipsorum illicita 
conventicula facientes, facies siquidem diversas habentes set 
caudas adinvicem colligatas,^ quia de diversis dampnatis error- 
ibus, ut nobis datur intelligi, conveniunt in idipsum, utputa de 
Sacramento corporis et sanguinis domini nostri Ihu Christi, 
baptismate, peccatorum confessione, et aliis ecclesiasticis sacra- 
mentis dicte nostre diocesis utriusque sexus subditos aliter 
sentire, et in ecclesia predicta de Odyham et aliis eiusdem 
nostre diocesis ecclcsiis publice docere et predicare non metuunt, 
nee venerantur que sacrosancta Romana ecclesia predicat et 
affirmat, in grave animarum dictorum nostrorum subditorum et 
suarum periculum, ac aliorum perniciosum exemplum. Et 

1 Walsingham, vol. ii, p. 56, alluding to the supporters of Wyclif in the University of 
Oxford, says: "Inter quos plus fuere notabiles, magister Nicholaus Herford, acerrimus 
sectator Johannis Wiclyf, et quidam canonicus Leycestrie (Philip Repyngdone). 

^ Judges XV, 4. 


338 Wykehafns Register. 

evidentcr in sacris canonibus est rcpertum, quod nullus, nisi qui 
mittitur, ^ debcat in ecclesi^ Dei vcl aliis locis publicis sibi 
predicacionis officium usurparc vcl illud publice exerccre. 

Vobis ct cuilibet vestrCim in virtute sancte obediencie, qua 
Deo et nobis teneamini, firmiter injungendo mandamus et ex- 
hortamur in Domino, quatenus nee dictos Nicholaum, JohannelTi^ 
Robcrtum et Laurcncium, nee quoscunque alios ipsorum complices 
et scquaces, ad predicandum publice vel docendum in dicti 
ecclesia de Odyham aut alibi infra dictam parochiam seu plateis 
ubicunque premissas aut alias oppiniones hereticales quinpocius 
expressam heresim sapientes quomodolibet admittatis vel admitti 
permittatis ; Inhibentes expresse vice et auctoritate nostra 
omnibus et singulis utriusque sexus parochianis vestris predictis, 
nccnon omnibus aliis et singulis nostre diocesis subditis et 
subjectis, ne in huiusmodi predicacionibus et sermonibus per eos, 
quod absit, imposterum fiendis, cum ex ipsis grave scandalum et 
animarum periculum, ut premittitur, generetur, ipsorum audien- 
ciam prebeant quovismodo, sub pena excommunicacionis maioris, 
quam in ipsos et eorum quemlibet, cuiuscunque status, gradus, 
aut condicionis extiterit, si inhibicionibus vestris, quin verius 
nostris, in hac parte contraveniunt et non puniunt cum efifectu, 
canonice intendimus fulminare. Et quid in premissis feceritis et 
invenietis nos citra festum Corporis Christi ubicunque in nostra 
fuerimus civitate vel diocesi certificetis, etc. — Southwark, 21 May, 

[196 a.] Doctrines of Wiclif condemned by Archbishop 
Courtenay as heretical or erroneous, and the preachers thereof 
silenced ^: — 

Willelmus, etc. Ecclesiarum prelati circa gregis Dominici 
sibi commissi custodiam eo vigilancius intendere debent quo 
lupos intrinsecus ovium vestimentis indutos ad rapiendum et dis- 
pergendum oves noverint fraudulencius circuire. Sane frequenti 
clamore ac divulgata fama, quod dolentes referimus, ad nostrum 
pervenit auditum, quod licet secundum canonicas sancciones 
nemo prohibitus vel non missus absque sedis apostolice vel 

1 " And how shall they preach, except they be sent? " — Rom. x, 15. 
' This circular was issued after the conference at Blackfriars, in June, 1382, on the day 
of the earthquake ( IVals. ii, 6), when the following "conclusions " drawn from Wiclif s 
published works were censured. They are set forth almost toiidem verbis by Wals. ii, 58, 
and see Fasciculi Zizaniorum, p. 493. 

Official InstruDients. 339 

episcopi auctoritate sibi predicacionis officium usurpare debeat 
publice vel occulte ; quidam tamen eterne dampnacionis filii in 
insaniam mentis perducti sub magne sanctitatis velaminc auctor- 
itatem sibi vendicant predicandi, ac nonnullas proposiciones et 
conclusiones infrascriptas hereticas, erroneas, atque falsas ab 
ecclesia Dei dampnatas et determinacionibus sancte ecclesie 
repugnantes, que statum totius ecclesie nostreque provincie 
Cantuariensis et tranquillitatem regni subvertere et enervare 
nituntur, tarn in ecclesiis quam plateis et quampluribus aliis 
locis prophanis dicte nostre provincie non verentur asserere, 
dogmatizare, et publice predicare, illis nonnullos Christi fideles 
inficientes et a fide catholica, sine qua non est salus, facientes 
flebiliter deviare. 

Nos itaquc attendentes, quod tarn perniciosum malum, quod 
in plurimos serpere poterit, eorum animas letali contagione 
necando, non dcbeamus, sicuti non debemus, sub dissimulacione 
transire, ne sanguis eorum de nostris manibus inquiratur, et 
illud, quantum nobis ex Alto permittatur, extirpare volentes, de 
quamplurium fratrum et suffraganeorum nostrorum consilio et 
assensu convocavimus plures sacre theologie doctores et juris 
canonici et civilis professores et alios clericos, quos famosiores 
et peritiores de regno credidimus, ut super dictis conclusionibus 
vota sua dicerent et sentire. 

Verum quia premissis conclusionibus et assercionibus in 
nostra et eorundem confratrum nostrorum ac dictorum convo- 
catorum presencia patenter expositis et diligenter examinatis 
finaliter est compertum, nostroque et eorum omnium convocato 
consilio declaratum, quasdam conclusionum illarum hereticas 
esse, quasdam ver6 erroneas, atque determinacionibus ecclesie 
repugnantes, prout inferiiis describuntur ; fraternitati vestre com- 
mittimus et mandamus in virtute sancte obcdicncie firmiter 
injungentes, quatenus omnibus et singulis confratribus nostris, 
coepiscopis nostris, et ecclesie nostre Cantuariensis suffraganeis, 
cum e4 celeritate qua poteritis injungatis, prout eis et eorum 
singulis ac vobis injungimus, ut ipsorum singuli in ecclesiis suis 
ct aliis suarum civitatum ct diocesis, vosque in vestra ct ceteris 
vestre civitatis et diocesis ecclesiis moneant et inhibeant, moneatis 
et inhibeatis, prout nos tenorc prcscncium moncmus prim6, 
secund6, et tercio ac districcius inhibcmus pro prima monicione 

X 2 

340 Wykeham's Register. 

unum diem, pro secunda alium diem, et pro terci^ monicione 
canonic^ ac peremptoriA unum alium diem assignando, ne quis 
decetcr6 cuiuscunque statCis aut condicionis existat hereses seu 
errores predictos vel eorum aliquem teneat, doceat, predicet, seu 
defendat aut aliquem prohibitum non missum vel alium de cuius 
potestate non constiterit, ad predicandum admittat, aut hereses 
seu errores huiusmodi vel eorum aliquem predicantem audiat 
vel auscultet seu ei faveat vel adhereat publice vel occulte, set 
statim tanquam serpentem venerium pestiferum emittentem 
fugiat et evitet, sub pena excommunicacionis maioris, quam in 
omnes et singulos in hac parte rebelles et nostris monicionibus 
non paventes lapsis ipsis tribus diebus pro monicione canonica 
assignatis, mora culpa et ofifensa suis precedentibus et id fieri 
merito exigentibus exnunc prout extunc ferimus in hiis scriptis, 
et per singulos confratres et suffraganeos nostros in suis civi- 
tatibus et diocesibus, ac per vos in vestra civitate et diocesi, 
quatenus ad eos et ad vos attinet, exhabundanti precipimus 
fulminari. Dictos insuper confratres nostros omnes et singulos 
nostra ex parte per vos hortari volumus ac mandamus per 
aspersionem sanguinis Ihu Christi, et similiter vos hortamur, 
quod cum juxta sacrorum canonum instituta quilibet eorundem 
in suis civitatibus et diocesibus heretice pravitatis inquisitor 
existat ac vos in vestris similiter existatis, de huiusmodi pre- 
sumptoribus solicite et diligenter inquirant et inquiratis, ac 
contra eos juxta officii sui debitum cum effectu procedant et 
similiter procedat ad laudem et honorem nominis Crucifixi et 
salvacionem fidei ortodoxe. 

Conclusiones heretice et determinaeionibus ecclesie repugnantes, de 
quibua supra fit mencio, in hec verba sequuntur. 

Quod substancia paiiis materialis et vini manet post consecracionem 
in Sacramento altaris. 

Item, quod accidencia non manent sine subject© post consecracionem 
in eodera Sacramento. 

Item, quod Christus non sit in Sacramento altaris ydempticfe, verfe, 
et realiter in propria presencia corporali. 

Item, quod si episcopus vel sacerdos existat in peccato mortali, non 
ordinat, conficit, nee baptizat. 

Item, quod si homo debits fuerit contritus, omnis confessio exterior 
est sibi superflua et inutilis. 

Official Instrtiments. 341 

Item, pertinaciter asaerere, non esse fundatum in evangelio, quod 
Christus missam ordinaverit. 

Item, quod Deus debet obedire diabolo. 

Item, quod si papa sit prescitus ac malus homo, ac, per consequens, 
quod membrum diaboli, non habet potestatem super fideles Christi ab 
aliquo sibi datam, nisi forte a Cesare. 

Item, quod post Urbanum sextum non est aliquis recipiendus in 
papam, set vivendum est more Grecorum sub legibus propriis. 

Item asserere, quod est contra sacram scripturam, quod viri 
ecclesiastici habeant possessiones temporales. 

Conclusiones erronee et determinacionibus ecclesie repugnantes, de 
quibus superius memoratis in hec verba sequuntur : — 

Quod nullus prelatus debet aliquem excommunicare, nisi prius 
ipsum sciat excommunicatum esse a Deo. 

Item, quod sic excommunicans, ex hoc sit hereticus vel excommuni- 

Item, quod prelatus excommunicans clerum, qui appellaverit ad 
regem et consilium regni, eo ipso traditor Dei est, regis, et regni. 

Item, quod illi qui dimittunt predicare seu audire verbum Dei, vel 
evangelium predicatum propter excommunicacionem hominum, sunt 
excommunicati, et in die Judicii traditores Dei habebuntur. 

Item asserere, quod liceat alicui, eciam diacono vel presbytero 
predicare verbum Dei absque auctoritate sedis apostolice vel episcopi 
catholici seu alia de qua sufficienter constet. 

Item asserere, quod nullus est dominus civilis, nullus est episcopus, 
nullus est prelatus, dum est in mortali peccato. 

Item, quod domini temporales possint ad arbitrium suum auferre 
bona temporalia ab ecclesiasticis habitualiter delinquentibus, et quod 
populares possint ad arbitrium eorum dominos delinquentes corrigere. 

Item, quod decime sunt pure elemosine, et quod parochiani possint 
propter peccata suorum curatorum eas detinere, et ad libitum aliis 

Item, quod speciales oraciones applicate uni persone per prelates vel 
religiosos non plus prosunt eidem persone, quam oraciones generales, 
ceteris paribus, eidem. 

Item, quod eo ipso quod aliquis ingreditur religionem privatam 
quamcunque redditur ineptior et inhabilior ad observanciam man- 
datorum Dei. 

Item, quod Sancti institucntes religioncs privatas quascunquc, tarn 
possessionatorum quam mendicancium, in sic instituendo peccaverunt. 

342 ]Vykchivns Register. 

Item, quod rcliijiosi viventcs in rcligionibiis privatis non sunt do 
religione Christiana. 

Item, quod fratrea teneantur per laborcm manuum, et non per 
mendicacionem, victum suum adquirere. 

Item, quod conferens elemosinam fratribus vol fratri predicanti est 
excommunicatus et recipiens. — Otford, May 30, 1382. 

[197 a.] Archbishop Courtenay's circular, denouncing ex- 
communication against Hereforde and Repyngdone: — 

Willelmus, etc. Cum nos m. Nicholao Hereforde ac Phi- 
h'ppo Reppyngdone, canonico rcgulari monasterii beate Marie 
Lcyccstrie, sacre theologie doctoribus, de heretica pravitate 
vehementer suspectis, post quasdam responsiones minus plenas 
et impcrtinentes, hereticas et erroneas per eosdem factas, ad 
nonnullas conclusiones hereticas et erroneas, in quampluribus 
locis dicte nostre provincie communiter et generaliter ac publice 
predicatas et doctas, coram nobis judicialiter comparentibus, 
prefiximus certos competentes diem et locum ad faciendum 
et recipiendum peremptorie in ea parte, quod ipsius negocii 
qualitas suaderet, ipsosque propter eorum contumaciam in non 
comparendo coram nobis eisdem die et loco judicialiter conten- 
tam excommunicavimus, justicia exigente : vobis committimus 
et mandamus, etc. Citation in usual form. — Otford, 30 July. 

[198 b.] The bishop dismisses charges of heresy against 
Bedman : — 

Universis sancte matris ecclesie filiis, ad quos presentes 
litere pervenerint, Willelmus, etc. Noverit universitas vestra, 
quod cum nos m. Laurencium Bedeman alias dictum Stephene, 
magistrum in artibus, super quibusdam articulis sive conclusion- 
ibus hereticis et erroneis, determinacioni ecclesie contrariis et 
per ipsum, ut dicebatur, in nostra Wyntoniensi diocese predicatis 
publice atque doctis, vehementer suspectum habuimus, ac ea 
occasione ad certos diem et locum coram nobis ad judicium 
fecimus evocari : quia auditis per nos nonnullosque alios sacre 
pagine professores legumque doctores nobis in hac parte 
tunc assidentes responsionibus dicti Laurencii ad conclusiones 
huiusmodi, invenimus ipsum virum catholicum, ac ecclesie 
determinacioni in eisdem debite conformem, recepto prius ab 
eodem ad sancta Dei evangelia per ipsum corporaliter tacta 


Official Instruments. 343 

juramento, quod ipsas conclusiones nunquam tcnuit, docuit, aut 
predicavit, nee quod eas tenebit, docebit, aut predicabit in 
futurum, quodque predicantibus aut docentibus easdem seu 
alias quascunque heresim sapientes verbo vel facto, publice vel 
occulte, consilio, auxilio, vel favore, minime adherebit in ea 
parte, seu se quomodolibet associabit, quinimmo contrarium 
earundem publice predicabit et docebit, cum per ad hoc fuerit 
requisitus, eundem Laurencium ab officio nostro contra eum 
premissorum occasione instituto et impeticione ultiori super 
eisdem absolvimus per presentes et dimittimus absolutum. — 
Southwark, 22 Oct., 1382. 

[197 b.] Copy of Act against preachers of heretical 

[194 b.] Appointment of John Mowbray, auditor of the 
Apostolic palace, William Lozyng, canon of Sarum, and m. 
Nicholas Stoket, to pay the bishop's triennial visit to Rome. — 
London, 4 June, and again 15 July. 

Letter acknowledging receipt from m. Thomas de Southam, 
archdeacon of Oxon, and collector and commissary-general to 
Cosmatus Gentilis of Sulmo,^ the nuncio to England, of a 
mandate directed to the bishop to publish sentence of excom- 
munication against certain of the clergy of whom first-fruits 
were claimed for the pope ex causa provisiotiis, and to sequestrate 
their benefices until payment. — Esher, 14 July, 1382. 

The benefices above referred to : — 
Godalming, on provision to James, Cardinal de Ursinis. 
Shalford, on provision to John Leomynstre. 

Wanborough, on provision to Robert Dyere and Nicholas Posseholc. 
Prebend lately held by one Wynewyk in collegiate church of Wilton, 
on provision to one Hugh. 

Archdeaconries of Winchester and Surrey, for Peter pence of 138L 

^ This is the " Act for the arresting and apprehension of erroneous and heretical 
preachers," 5 Kic. II, stat. 2, c. 5, of the statutes at large. It was annulled in the 
following year (1383) as having been made by the King and the I^ords without the 
consent of the Commons (see Coke 3 Inst. 41), yet it was expressly confnmed as an 
existing act by stat. 25 Hen. VIII, c. 14. It was re-enacted in substance 2 Hen. IV, c. 15, 
and see stat. 2 Hen. V, c. 27, " an Act for reformation of heresies and Lollardy. " 

' Cosmo Gentili, afterwards bp. of Bononia, became pope, as Innocent VII, on death 
of Boniface IX in October, 1404. 

344 IVyke ham's Register. 

Abbeys of Chortsey and Waverlcy, also priories of Breamore, West 
Shirbouriio, Andover, and Tandridge, for procurations of 1381. 

Houghton, on provision to William Passenham. 

Hanibledon, Hants on provision to William Welles {ante p. 309). 

Widley, on ])ruvision to William, r. of Wymering, a son of sir 
Thomas Batisforde, kt. 

North Stoneham, on provision to John Lavyngton and Nicholas 
Marnham (vol. i, pp. 98, 100). 

Prebend in Wherwell abbey lately held by Walter de Aldeby, on 
provision to Richard de Croxton. 

Netley abbey and Selborne priory, for procurations of 1380 and 1381. 

Tweford (sic), on union with St. Mary's abbey, Winchester. 

[202 a.] Letter addressed by said Thomas de Southam to 
the bishop, to enforce payment of first fruits due ex causd 
provisionis from Richard Yeventone, of Hayforde, r. of Houghton,^ 
Richard {sic) Welles, v. of Hambledon, Hants, William, son of 
sir Thomas Batisforde, kt., r. of Wetheleghe (Widley), and 
William Lozyng, prebendary of Torletone ; also of procurations 
due by abbot of Netley and priors of Winchester cathedral and 
Christchurch Twynham. 

Reply of the bishop, dated at Southwark, 30 October, 1383. 
He has sequestrated Hambledon and Widley and cited the 
incumbents : Torleton is not in his diocese, but in the diocese of 
Sarum. He has cited the abbot of Netley and prior of Selborne. 

[196 a.] Archbishop Courtenay's mandate for prayers for 
peace and fine weather, and against pestilence, dated Otford, 
30 May, and received by bp. of London 4 June, 1382. The 
following special prayers are enjoined : — 

Oracio. — Deus, qui imminentem inimicis interitum sola miseri- 
cordia removisti ; quibus ut misericors existeres commissionis, 
penitenciam prestitisti ; Respice, quesumus, populum tuum ante 
conspectum misericordie tue prostratum, ut ab hostium incursu 
liberemur, et quos Unigeniti tui sanguine redemisti, non patiaris 
propter misericordiam tuam subitanee mortis interire supplicio. 
Per Dominum. 

Secreia. — Ecclesie tue, quesumus, Omnipotens Deus, munus 
placatum intendere ; et misericordia nos pocius quam ira pre- 
veniat ; quia si iniquitates nostras observare volueris, nulla 

1 He had been dead four years (see vol. i, p. 102). 

Official Insiru)>ients. 345 

potcrit crcatura subsistere, set admirabili pietate, qua nos fecisti 
opera manuum tuarum, non sinas interire. Per Dominum. 

Post coniviiinio. — Omnipotens et misericors Deus, respice 
populum tuum magestati tue subjectum, et ne nos furor sevientis 
mortis inveniat, sacramentorum tuorum percepcio sancta proficiat. 
Per Dominum. 

Time enlarged for pilgrimage to Rome, on ground of poverty, 
where a man was under sentence of excommunication for a 
crime (striking a priest) for which the pope only could grant 
absolution : — 

Memorandum, quod vj*° die mensis Junii, anno Domini 
millesimo ccc™" Ixxxij'^*^, apud Esshere, comparens coram rever- 
endo in Christo patre, etc., Willelmus Osbern, qui manus injecit 
violentas in quemdam dominum Johannem Melan, presbyterum, 
propter quod ipsius absolucio a sede apostolica esset requirenda, 
allegavit rerum inopiam ac paupertatem nimiam, fide super hoc 
prestita. Unde dictus dominus secum dispensavit usque ad 
festum Omnium Sanctorum proxime futurum, ut interim dictam 
curiam Romanam minime teneatur adire pro sua absolucione 
predicta. Quo die adveniente, omni excusacione cessante, 
injunxit eidem, quatenus iterum arriperet versus curiam predic- 
tam, domini pape suscepturus mandatum juxta, etc., decetero, 
aliter quod revaderet in pristinam cxcommunicacionis summam 
et tanquam excommunicatus debeat evitari. 

[198 a.] In a similar case, one John Marescal who had slain 
a friar obtained a further extension of time for visiting Rome, 
on the ground of the danger of the journey through the seat of 
war in France. — Wargrave, 19 Sept., 1382. 

[197 b.] Mandate directed to abbot of Ouarr, archpriest of 
Barton, and r. of Arreton, to muster clergy of the Isle of 
Wight :— 

Willelmus, etc., religioso viro, abbati de Quarrera, archi- 
presbytero domOs nostre de Burtone, ac m. Roberto Lymyng- 
tone, r. ecclesie parochialis de Arretonc in Insula Vecta, nostre 
diocesis, salutem, etc. Cum vim vi rcpcllcrc jura omnia 
permittant, adhibito moderamine inculpate tutele, ac patriam 
dcfendcrc cuilibet sit licitum et concessum, per cuius defensionem 

346 IVykcIiatns Reikis ter. 

pater occidcndo filium cxcusatur : unde quia jam noviter 
didicimus, quod Gallici inimici nostri ct alii sibi adhercntes 
super costcris maritimis dicte insulc congregarunt, et festinant se 
parare ad citiiis quo poterunt invadcndum infra breve eandam 
ac populum dictam insulam inhabitantem dcbellandum, et pro 
viribus dcstruendum, et ecclesiam Anglicanam subvertendum. 

Xos igitur, volcntes salvacioni et defensioni ecclesie et insule 
predicte modis omnibus cum toto posse nostro, prout convenit, 
providere, cum ad resistendum dictis inimicis capitalibus pro 
salvacione ecclesie sancte prelatus quilibet ac eciam totus clerus 
manus tenentur apponere adjutrices ; vobis igitur injungimus et 
mandamus, quatenus, consideratis gravibus dampnis et periculis 
immincntibus per aggressus inimicorum predictorum, omnes 
abbates, priores, necnon et alias personas ecclesiasticas religiosas 
et seculares quascunque dicte insule, omni excusacione post- 
posita, armari et arraiari, et armis competentibus eorum, videlicet 
quemlibet inter etates sexaginta et sex decim annorum exist- 
entem, juxta statum et facultates suas, muniri infra diem certum 
prefigendum eisdem per vos breviorem, ac eos in millenis 
centenis et vicenis poni faciatis, ita quod ipsis sic, ut fertur, 
armatis, prompti sint et parati ad proficiscendum cum aliis 
incolis regis nostri fidelibus insule supradicte contra inimicos 
predictos, necnon ad ipsos cum Dei adjutorio debellandum et 
destruendum,ac ad maliciam et pertinaciam eorum propulsandum 
et conterendum. 

Ad que omnia facienda, etc. — Highclere, 22 August, 1382. 

[201a.] Another, pursuant to writ issued 26 June, 1383. — 
Farnham, 13 July, 1383. 

[198 a.] License for dedication by William, bp. of Nantes, 
of three altars and two altar tops (altaria portatilia seu super- 
altaria) in Merton priory church. — Esher, 9 June, 1382. 

Probate of will of m. John de Glastone, prebendary of 
Hussebourne (vol. i, p. 40), granted to the executors, Thomas 
Skeltone and John Kirkeman, v Id. Oct., 1382, and memorandum 
of discharge on 20th of same month. 

[198 b.] Dimissory for Richard Josep, a literate, u^ a quo- 
cunqiie episcopo^ etc., for first tonsure. — Oxford, 23 Oct., 1382. 

Official Instruinents. 347 

Publication of archbishop's mandate, dated Lambeth, 15 
Oct., 1382, summoning clergy to convocation at St. Frideswide's, 
Oxford, on Tuesday, 18 Nov., pursuant to writ dated 23 Sept. 
(in form as at p. 309). 

[199 a.] Mandate directed to archdeacon of Winchester to 
monish a number of beneficed men whose names on a scroll 
accompanied the mandate to pay pensions in arrear to treasurer 
of Wolvesey within 15 days. — Highclere, 4 December. 

[199 b.] Commission directed to abbot of St. Albans and 
priors of St. Mary Overy and St. Bartholomew's to try an 
issue referred by Urban VI, whether Maud, the alleged wife 
of Edmund Cresey, was or not already the wife of William 
Wottone. — Southwark, 11 March, 1382-3. 

Nomination by the bishop as conservator of the order of 
Friars-Minors in England jointly with the archbishop of York 
and bishop of London, any one of the three having power to act, 
of Adam, bp. of St. Davids, and John Wesbiche, abbot of Dore, 
as delegates for the protection of friars of the order in the diocese 
of St. David's — quatenus prefatis religiosis viris de quibuscunque 
molestiis, violenciis, injuriis, et dampnis contra tenorem privi- 
legiorum suorum in diocese Menevensi eisdem illatis, in hiis 
videlicet que judicialem requirunt indaginem, per viam judicii, 
in aliis vero, prout qualitas ipsorum exigerit, faciatis in forma 
nobis commissa justicie complementum, etc. — Ib.^ 24 February. 

[200a.] Administration of estate of sir Ralph de Nortone, 
kt., granted to Margaret his widow. — Southwark, i March, 

Publication of archbishop's mandate, dated Otford, 10 
April, 1383, for prayers for the expedition of Henry, bp. of 
Norwich.^ — Wickham, 16 April, 1383. 

^ In the year 1382 Urban VI issued a bull authorising the bishop of Norwich to act 
against the adherents of Clement the antipopc, and granting him privileges in reference 
\\\QxHo{Walsini^liam, ii, pp. 71, 79). The subject was discussed in the parliament held 
in Lent, 1383, and all opposition thereto being overcome, grants in aid were voted, and 
great preparation for the expedition made [ib., p. 84). The bishop crossed over to Calais, 
took Gravelincs and Dunkirk, and fought a battle with the French and their I-'lemish 
allies, in which the skill of the English archers prevailed (tanta erat dcnsitas sagittarum 
volancium ut aer tancjuain a nube nigr;l obscuraretur, ih., 92). The French fled, a 
storm of thunder and lightning contributed to the rout, and 12,000 on their side were 
slain, with a loss of only seven on the side of the English {ib., 93). The bishop then 
retired to Dunkirk and afterwards laid siege to Ypres and entered Picardy ; but the ardour 
of the Knglish cooled and the bishop returned to England, having lost the opportunity of 
humbling the French [tb., 104). 

348 Wykchatns Register. 

[200b.] Publication of archbishop's circular, dated Otford, 
18 May, 13S3, reciting bull to keep St. Anne's Day holy: — 

Urbanus episcopus, servus servorum Dei, venerabilibus 
fratribus universis archiepiscopis et episcopis in regno Anglie 
constitutis, salutem ct apostolicam benediccionem. Splendor 
paterne glorie, qui sua ineffabili mundum illuminat claritate, 
pia fidelium vota de ipsius clementissima maiestate sperancium 
bcnii^no tunc precipuc favore prosequitur, cum devota ipsorum 
humilitas sanctorum precibus et mcritis adjuvatur. Cum itaque 
nuper pro parte nonnullorum Christi fidelium in regno Anglie 
degencium fuerit expositum coram nobis, quod populus predict! 
regni ad beatam Annam genitricem gloriose Virginis Marie, 
matris Dei, eciam ob reverenciam eiusdem beate Marie virginis, 
singularem gerunt devocionis affectum ; et pro parte ipsorum 
Christi fidelium nobis fuit humiliter supplicatum, ut ipsius beate 
Anne festivitatem in dicto regno solempniter et decore celebrari 
a prelatis et aliis Christi fidelibus in ipso regno commorantibus 
mandaremus : Nos huiusmodi piam voluntatem et devocionis 
affectum predictorum populorum plurimum in Domino commen- 
dantes, et cupientes Christi fideles Domino reddere acceptabiles 
et bonorum operum sectatores, huiusmodi supplicacionibus 
inclinati, paternitati vestre presencium tenore districte precipi- 
endo mandamus, quatenus predictam festivitatem beate Anne 
annis singulis perpetuis futuris temporibus devote et solempniter 
celebretur, et in vestris civitatibus et diocesibus mandetis et 
faciatis per vestros subditos celebrari. 

Romae, apud S. Petrum, xj Kal. Jul. pontificatus nostri anno 

The bishop's return to the above mandate is dated at Farn- 
ham, 30 June. 

[201a.] Deputation of Henry Derneforde as bailiff] 
manor of Bishop's Sutton. — Ib.y 3 June. j ^ 

[201b.] Release by Thomas, son of Sir Thomas |as 
Lodelowe, kt, of all actions, claims, and demands against ^^ 
bishop.^ — Farnham, 14 December, 1383. 

1 This release was given when the young man came of age and ceased to be a war 
the bishop, of whom he held a knight's fee. 


Official Instruments. 349 

The rest of this page blank, with note in margin : " Inseratur 
hie commissio pro chacia de Crondale," 

[202 b.] Two canons of Southwick sworn to maintain the 
chantry founded by the bishop at Southwick priory for the souls 
of John and Sibil, his parents : — 

Memorandum quod xxij^* die mensis Augusti, anno domini 
millesimo ccc"''' Ixxxiij", in presencia reverendi patris et domini, 
domini W., Dei gracia episcopi Wyntoniensis, in camera sua 
infra manerium suum de Suthwaltham constituti personaliter 
fratres Thomas Gervays et Thomas le Warenner, canonici pro- 
fessi, ut asseruerunt, prioratus de Suthwyk, ordinis S. Augustini, 
Wyntoniensis diocesis, tactis per ipsos sacrosanctis evangeliis, 
corporale prestiterunt juramentum omnia et singula contenta in 
ordinacione cuiusdam cantarie in dicto prioratu pro animabus 
patris et matris dicti reverendi patris fundate per canonicos 
eiusdem domus perpetuis futuris temporibus celebrande, quatenus 
ipsos concernant vel concernere potuerint in futuro, pro viribus 
observare, et per alios quorum interest in hac parte procurare, ac 
facere firmiter ac fideliter observari ; presentibus in juramento 
predicto discreto viro f Edwardo de Mortone, canonico dicte 
domus ; magistris Johanne de Melton, Johanne Ware, Johanne 
de Swafham, et aliis testibus, etc. — Renewed 10 April, 1386, and 
19 November, 1394. 

Mandate directed to official of archdeacon of Winchester to 
enforce residence : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio officiali archidiaconi nostri 
Wyntoniensis, s. g. et b. Conditores sacrorum canonum proinde 
statuerunt, quod ecclesiarum parochialium curam animarum 
per se habencium rectores et vicarii teneantur perpetui in suis 
huiusmodi beneficiis personaliter residere, ac curam parochian- 

•m in divinis ofificiis et sacramentis ecclesiasticis eis, quociens 
agais fuerit, ministrando proficere et solicite adimplcre : ipsosque 
^*^*^[Dchianos verbo sacre doctrine instrucre pretcr ct exemplo, ne 
gren ipsorum absenciam voluntariam vel incuriam lupus rapax 
aiiieii'.iicum grcgcm invadat et pastores ignorent. 


siah"*?3a..] Cum igitur ecclesiarum parochialium nostre diocesis 
'■^j.^IjiW animarum per se habencium rectores et vicarii, quorum 

hun gg 

3 5 o I VykeJta m 's Register. 

et bcneficiorum suoriim nomina continet cedilla hiis annexa, non 
attcndentcs onus bcneficiorum suorum eis injunctum, ecclesias 
et bencficia sua huiusmodi sine quacunquc causa just^, vera, 
seu lei^itima, nostra super hoc libencia non obtenta, deseruerint 
et habeant pro derelictis, desertores milicie clericalis pro suis 
demeritis merito nuncupandi, non curantes de omnibus dominicis 
eis commissis, pro quibus tamen in districto examine tenentur 
veraciter reddere racionem. 

Nos, cuius cure et regimini omnis anima nostre diocesis 
principalitcr est commissa, nolentes gregcm Dominicum per 
defectum et absenciam huiusmodi curatorum suorum lupinis 
morsibus subjacere, vobis committimus et mandamus, firmiter 
injungentes, quatenus, etc. Non-residents to be publicly 
monished and cited to appear and show cause why they should 
not reside : — 

Deanery of Winchester : — 

Rectors of Morestead, Lainston, Headbourne Worthy, St. Michael's 
Jewry Street. 

Deanery of Southampton : — 
R. of St. Laurence. 

Deanery of Sombourn : — 

Robert, r. of Elledene (Eldon), John, r. of Mottisfont, Eliaa, r. of 
Puttelesworth (vol. i, p. 27). 

Richard Branketre, r. of Berghtone (Broughton). 

Deanery of Andover : — 
Maurice, r. of Tudeworthe. 
Ds. Walter, r. of Abbotysanne. 

Deanery of Basingstoke : — 

William, r. of Newenham. 

Nicholas, r. of Stratfieldsaye. 

John r. of Nateley Scures (ds. Robertus, capellanus et fit-marius 

Richard, r. of Southwarnborough (r. of Farnham, firmarius ibidem). 

William, r. of Cold Waltham (William Evelyn, firmarius ibidem). 

Deanery of Alton : — 

Walter, r. of Chawton. 

Ds. Thomas, r. of Farringdon. {^^^^ 

Ds. John, r. of Brembeshete (Bramshott). 

R. of East Tisted. 

Official Instruments. 3 5 1 

Deanery of Isle of Wight : — 

Nicholas, r. of Broke (Brook). 

Thomas Grys, r. of Calbourne. 

William, r. of Shalfleet. 

Thomas, r. of Gatcomb. 

(John Grym, firmarius ibidem). 

William, r. of Everlonde (Yaverland). 

A similar mandate to official of archdeacon of Surrey : — 

Deanery of Evvell : — 

John, r. of Lymenesfelde (Limpsfield). 

Richard, r. of Tycheseye (Titsey). 

Adam, r. of Blechynglegh. 

John, r. of Notfelde. 

John, V. of Gattone. 

Robert Browe, r. of Mikelham. 

John, r. of Lange Dittone. 

Robert, v. of Bansted. 

Robert, v. of Coveham (Cobham). 

Robert, r. of Asshestede. 

John, V. of Codyngtone. 

Edmund, v. of Bechesworthe. 

John, r. of Wodemenesthorne (Woodmansterne). 

John, V. of Sutton. 

Thomas, v. of Ocstede (Oxted). 

Deanery of Guildford : — 

Robert, v. of Shere. 
Thomas, r. of Wodetone (Wotton). 
Thomas, r. of Chidyngfolde. 
John, V. of Godalmyng. 

Farnham, 15 Dec, 1383. 
[203b.] Mandate directed to priors of Christchurch Twyn- 
ham and Mottisfont to collect in archdeaconry of Winchester 
the first moiety of the tenth granted in convocation, 2 December, 
1383, pursuant to writ dated 22nd of that month. ^ — Farnham, 
29 December, 1383. 

A similar mandate was directed to prior of Merton for 
archdeaconry of Surrey. 

^ In the parliament held at London on All Saints' Day, 1383, a moiety of a fifteenth 
was granted by the laity and a tenth by the clergy. A share of these grants was claimed 
by the lords of the northern parts on the ground of having to defend the reahn against the 
irruptions of the Scots ; but the demand was spoken against by the bishop of Winchester 
and negatived. — WaU., ii, 108. 

352 f Vykeha m 's Register, 

Return to Exchequer of above appointments. — Same date. 

Publication of archbishop's mandate, dated at Exeter, 22 
April, 1383, summoning prelates and clergy to convocation at 
Salisbury on the 31st of May, pursuant to writ dated 12 April. 
— Salisbury, 12 May, 1383. 

[204b.] Mandate to prior of Winchester Cathedral to 
collect in city and archdeaconry a moiety of the above tenth, 
pursuant to writ dated ist July. — Southwark, 26 July, 1383. 

Similar mandate to abbot of Chertsey for archdeaconry of 
Surrey. — Same date. 

[205 a.] Publication of archbishop's mandate, dated 20 
Oct., 1384, summoning prelates and clergy to convocation at 
St. Paul's on Thursday next after St. Martin, pursuant to writ 
[205 b.] dated at Westminster, 28 Sept. — Southwark, 28 Nov., 

[206 a.] John de Wallop, the patron of Over Wallop, 
having presented Adam de Allerthorpe (vol. i, p. 148), mandate 
to the official and archdeacon of Winchester to inquire whether 
the benefice be vacant or not, and who is the patron — quatenus 
tam super dicta ecclesia, videlicet an vacet, et si sic, ubi, quo- 
modo, et quando vacare incepit, quam eciam de jure presentantis 
nunc et ultimo ad eandem,quis est ipsius ecclesie verus patronus, 
et quis sit in possessione presentandi ; an dicta ecclesia sit 
litigiosa, pensionaria, vel porcionaria,^ et si sic, cui, vel quibus, 
et in quantum, ac ex qua causa ; Item super vita, moribus, 
conversacione, ac natalibus dicti presentati, et an in ordine 
clericali, et si sit, in quo vel in quibus fuerit constitutus, et an 
alibi, beneficiatus existat, et si sic, utrum unum vel plura habeat 
beneficia, et que ac qualia fuerint. 

Item, quia fama publica referente ac ex fidedignorum 
relacione accepimus, quod inter presentantem et presentatum 
predictos, seu inter medias personas eorum nomine, vel saltern 
in negocio presentacionis predicte, simoniaca pravitas intervenit, 
vobis, ut supra, committimus et mandamus, quatenus si aliqua 
huiusmodi simoniaca pravitas intervenerit in hac parte, et si sic, 
que et qualis, et inter quas personas contracta fuerit, ac super 

^ See vol. i, p. 23. 

Official Instruments. 353 

modo et forma et qualitate ac singulis circumstanciis eiusdem, 
necnon super aliis articulis in hac parte consuetis, in pleno loci 
capitulo ubi dicta consistit ecclesia per rectores et vicarios in 
eodem capitulo presentes et juratos premissorum noticiam melius 
optinentes non suspectos, vocatis legitime primitus omnibus qui 
fuerint evocandi, inquiratis diligencius veritatem. 

De diebus vero recepcionis, etc. — Esher, 8 Sept., 1383. 

Commission to inquire whether Allerthorpe's presentation was 
simoniacal : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis m. Johanni de Lydeforde, official! 
nostro Wyntoniensi, et Johanni de Bloxham, archidiacono 
nostro Wyntoniensi, s. g. et b. Fama publica referente, necnon 
ex insinuacione fidedignorum multorum nostris est auribus 
intimatum, quod inter Johannem de Wallop, presentantem, et 
quemdam Adam de Allerthorpe, ad ecclesiam parochialem de 
Ouere Wallope, nostre diocesis, presentatum, seu inter medias 
personas ipsorum nomine, vel saltem in negocio presentacionis 
predicte, ac circa ipsam, simoniaca pravitas, promissio, seu 
paccio illicita intervenit, quorum pretextu dictos Johannem 
presentantem et Adam presentatum super huiusmodi simoniaca 
pravitate, promissione, seu paccione illicita antedicta pretensa, 
si purgacionem ipsam vobis offerre voluerit, ceteraque faciendum 
et expediendum que in ea parte necessaria fuerint seu eciam 
oportuna, vobis communiter et divisim tenore presencium 
committimus vices nostras ; certificantes nos dicto expedite 
negocio de toto processu vestro super hiis coram vobis habendo 
per literas vestras patentcs harum seriem, et nomina compurga- 
torum dicti Ade, si se legitime purgaverit in hac parte, plenius 
continentes. — Southwark, 12 Sept. 

[206b.] Certiorari for a return of aliens beneficed in the 
diocese, and the annual value of their benefices : — 

Ricardus, etc., venerabili in Christo patri, etc., salutem. Quia 
quibusdam certis et urgentibus causis nos specialiter moventibus 
certiorari volumus, que et cuiusmodi beneficia infra diocesim 
vestram per alienigcnas occupata cxistunt, et de annuo vcro 
valore cuiuslibet eorundem beneficiorum, ac de nominibus, statu, 
gradu et condicionc cuiuslibet persone eorundem alienigenarum, 


354 ]Vykeham*s Re (lister. 

vobis mandamus, firmiter injungcntcs, quod nos inde in can- 
cellariri nostra sub sigillo vestro distincte et aperte citra festum 
S. Martini proximo futurum rcddatis ccrciores, hoc breve nobis 
remittentes. Teste meipso apud VVcstm., xx""** Sept., viij^° Ric. II. 

[213a.] Alias writ with like object, dated at Westminster, 
16 Jan., S Ric. II, and return, dated at Esher, i Feb., 1384-5. 

The return : — 

Priory of Carisbrooke, f. Thomas de Val Osoul, a monk of Lire, is 
prior; ann. val., 130 marks. 

Priory of Apuldercombe, Peter de Monster, a monk of St. Mary de 
Montisbiirg in Normandy, is prior ; ann. val. £45. 

Priory of Andover, Denys Chanon, a monk of St. Florent in Anjou, 
is prior ; ann. val., 80 marks. 

Church of Combe, prior of Okeborne, an alien monk, is rector ; 
ann. val., £10. 

Priory of West Shirbourne (Schireborne monachorum); Inguerand de 
Dinno, an alien monk of St. Vigor's in the diocese of Bayeux, is prior ; 
ann. val., £23. 3s. ^d. 

Priory of Andwell (Enedewelle), in the hands of Thomas DrifFelde 
and Elienora his wife ; ann. val., 20 marks. 

Priory of Hayling (Hailynge), John de Ousqueto, a monk of 
Jumieges in Normandy, is prior; ann. val., £110. 

[206 b.] Mandate directed to archdeacon of Winchester for 
prayers for peace to be said throughout the archdeaconry, with 
a grant of forty days indulgence, pursuant to writ below. — 
Esher, 27 Oct., 1384 : — 

Ricardus, etc., venerabili in Christo patri, etc., salutem. Ut 
previsa jacula minus ledant, et gravissimis nostri et nostrorum 
periculis salubrius obvietur, inimicorum fallaces insidias et 
malicias mortiferas satis expedit esse notas ; super quo vos 
scire volumus, quod ab annis teneris quibus, Deo volente, regni 
gubernacula suscepimus, semper in votis gessimus precipuis, 
ut subditi nostri, in quorum utique quiete quiescimus, in pace 
firma sub nostro regimine ponerentur. Et propterea tractatus 
per indite memorie dominum E. nuper regem Anglie, avum 
nostrum, cum tunc adversario suo Francie inchoatos continuare 
fecimus, facientes adversario nostro Francie jam presenti diversas 

Official Instruments. 355 

vias pacis multociens oflferri, cum detrimento non modico juris 
nostri ad finem, evitando subditorum nostrorum gravamina, 
ac justificando coram Rege regum, cui nichil est abscondi- 
tum, causam nostram ; et finaliter, ut nichil nobis deesset, quin 
pro dicta pace habenda poneremus ultimum posse nostrum, 
Johannem regem Castelle et Legionis, ducem Lancastrie, primo 
per se, et deinde ipsum et Thomam comitem Bukynghamie, 
patruos nostros carissimos, ad diversos tractatus pacis cum 
nonnullis aliis prelatis, proceribus, et consiliariis nostris cum 
potestate plenaria fccimus destinari^; set pars adversarii predict!, 
videns prefatos patruos nostros ad omnem pacem racionabilem, 
prout eis injunximus, inclinatos, dictum tractatum pacis et 
quamplures articulos, quibus antea consenserant, per cavillaciones 
et subterfugia declinarunt, et tanquam aspides surde obturantes 
aures suas, nolentes intelligere ut bene agerentur ea, que pacis 
erant audire, adeo contempserunt, quod patrui dicti adversarii, 
duces videlicet Biturie (Berry) et Burgundie, qui soli potestatem 
tractandi ab eodem receperant, cum prefatis patruis nostris in 
loco medio inter Calesiam et Boloniam, ubi partes extiterant, 
primitus convento et permisso, pro dicto tractatu, licet multo- 
ciens requisiti, convenire penitus recusabant, jactantes se, ut 
dicitur, nedum hereditatem nostram ultramarinam set regnum 
nostrum Anglie se velle hostiliter invadere, et nobis locum et 
gentem auferre, ac totam linguam Anglicanam absque con- 
sideracione status, etatis, sexus aut persone destruere, ipsumque 
regnum, quod absit, imbuere nov^ lingua. 

Set non placeat pietati divine, quod ea nobis accidant, que 
minantur. Unde merito dicere possumus, quod quesivimus 
pacem, et ecce turbacio ; et pro tanto dileccionem vestram 
attente requirimus et rogamus, quatenus prefatas inimicorum 
malicias induratas clcro et populo vestre diocesis, cxemptis et 
non excmptis, clarc intimari et inter eos publicari debite faciatis, 
ipsos quantum vobis ex Alto permittatur inducentes, ut ad 
propulsandum tantam inimicorum pertinaciam in causa regni 
communi et justissimum spiritum fortitudinis affirmcnt, ct pro 
nostri, nostrorumquc fidclium, totiusquc regni salvacione et 
tutela piis apud Dominum oracionum suffragiis intercedant. 

^ The duke of Lancaster went to France early in Aupfiist, 1384, and after spending 
there 50,000 marks, according to Walsinghani {II, p. 115), brought back a truce to last 
till May i in the following year. 


356 IVj'Mmw's Register. 

Teste me ipso apud Westm. xx"*" die Oct., anno regni 
nostri viij'''. 

[207 a.] Nuncupatory will of Sir William de Wyndesore, 
kt.,^ proved 19 September, 1384, before William de Cawode, 
vicar-general to John Bacon, archdeacon of Richmond, then in 
parts remote. The testator bequeathed his goods and chattels 
to Sir William de Meltone, Sir James de Pykeryng and Sir 
Walter de Stykland, kts., and John de Wyndesore, to the intent 
that they should pay his debts and compensate the church of 
Everesham (Earsham, Norfolk) for any wrong he might have 
done to it, and make some allowance to his servants over and 
above wages due, and provide in their discretion for his nephews 
John, Robert, Roger, William, Elias, and Peter, the sons of his 
deceased brother, John de Wyndesore. The three knights named 
above to be his executors jointly with John de Wyndesore, the 
elder, and to provide a year's masses for the repose of his soul. 

[207 b.] Probate of same will as regards assets in the 
diocese.^ — Southwark, 15 Nov., 1384. 

Nuncupatory will of John Legg, serjeant at arms, made 
31 May, 1384. Soul bequeathed to God, the Blessed Virgin, 
and all Saints, and body to be buried where it pleases God. 
After payment of just debts, ;^io to be distributed amongst the 
most deserving poor ; ;^20 to St. John Baptist's guild of tailors 
(fraternitati cissorum S. Johannis Baptiste) ; 40J. to dame Susan 
Belgrave, a nun at Rusper ; 20s. to the sisters and patients in 
St. Thomas the Martyr's Hospital, Southwark ; 40J. to the 
fabric of the church of Merrow ; 20s. for a fit chaplain to sing 
masses for his soul and the souls of his father and mother and 
brothers and sisters, and of all the faithful departed for whom he 
was bound to pray, during three years next after his death, in 
Merrow church ; £\o to his sister Emma ; his best silver cup 
with lid to William de Brantyngham ; residue to Brantyngham 
to dispose of at his pleasure, even as the testator himself would 
do in a similar case, for his soul's benefit. William de 
Brantyngham, John Kent, and Geoffrey de Newentone, ex- 

1 Husband of Alice Ferrers, mistress to Edward III. 
2 See p. 253 n. 

Official Instruments. 357 

[208 a.] M. John de Bukyngham, canon of York, and m. 
John de Lydforde, canon of Exeter, commissioned to grant 
probate of Legg's will ; and probate granted. — Southwark, 
8 December, 1384. 

Will of Robert Whitcherche, r. of Mapelderham (vol. i, 
p. 134), dated Wednesday, SS. Macarius and Marcellus (Jan. 16), 
1383-4, Englished:— 

I bequeath my soul to God and my body to be buried in 
the cloister of the chapel royal, Windsor. I bequeath to each 
canon attending my funeral, \2d.\ to each vicar, Zd.\ to each 
clerk, 4^. ; to each chorister, 3^. I bequeath to the church of 
Foughlestone ^ my book of sermons (unum librum compilatum 
de sermonibus). I bequeath to the fabric of the church of 
Whitchurch, 20s. ; to the church of Beknesfelde (Beacons- 
field), 20J'. ; to m. Thomas Butiller, my silver cup gilt 
within and without, my best surplice, my mazer, and my 
best shaving cloth ; to ds. John Boer, my sumpter horse, 
with saddle and bridle, and the choice of one of my gowns, also 
my silver cup with a lid ; to ds. John Chapman the new gown 
which I lately got (quam tardius habui) at Sarum, and 40.?., if 
he shall act as one of my executors ; to my sister Alice my 
bedstead with tester, of Winchester work, and a pair of sheets, 
also my cassock (supertunicla), and /\os. to divide amongst her 
children ; to my cousin Margaret my gown of the king's livery 
cloth issued last year (de liberatura regia anno vj), six silver 
spoons, and 20s. ; to Margaret, wife of Adam Caperon, 20s., and 
I forgive her the money which she owes me, on condition that 
she prays for my soul ; to my brother Thomas a pair of "platys,"- 
my pair of ponies, and a coat of mail (j jacke dcfcnsionis) ; to 
be distributed amongst the sick poor at Windsor, 50^-. ; to John 
Priour, my serving man, a coverlet, a tester, a pair of sheets, and 
40^., also my black horse with its saddle and bridle, and a 
scarlet gown and hood (j gowne de rubio cum capucio) ; to my 
serving man Nicholas, the couch on which I lie in the court- 
yard (in curia), and 40J. ; to Richard, my page (garcio), my 
russet gown with the white hood, and io.f. ; to refounding one 
of the bells at Sarum, in honour of the Holy Ghost, 20s. ; to 

' Fugglestone, near Salisbury. '^ Silver dishes. 

358 Wykc/iatns Rt^gister. 

my nephew Thomas, 20^. ; to his daughter Agnes, 255. And I 
will that the sum of ;^20 be expended in masses for the souls 
of ds. Thomas Enford and myself, I mean that lOOs. be given 
to the fabric of the abbey of St. Mary super Tarent, and the 
rest be expended in masses and devotions (pie placaciones) at 
the discretion of John Boer. And I bequeath to Edmund 
Penston, of Sarum, 20s. And I will that instantly after my 
death a thousand masses be said. Residue to be expended in 
masses and other works of piety, as my executors think best. 
Executors, Thomas Butiller, John Chapman, and John Boer, to 
whom I bequeath ioo.f. for his trouble. 

[208b.] Will proved by Chapman and Boer at Esher, 
27 October, 1384. 

Return by John de Lydeforde, the official, and John 
Ketene, treasurer of Wolvesey, commissioners appointed by 
the bishop at the instance of ds. William Salesbury, v. of 
Ashley (vol. i, p. 143), to ascertain the annual value of the 
appropriation and the burdens on the rectory and vicarage 
respectively — quod prefati religiosi viri, prior et conventus de 
Motesfonte, percipiunt de ecclesia predicta de Asshele annuatim 
unam porcionem decimarum maiorum [209 a] de terris dominicis 
ibidem proveniencium, que porcio singulis annis valere solet et 
valet communi estimacione, ut dicunt illi, per quos capta fuit 
huiusmodi inquisicio, de quorum nominibus statim dicetur, duas 
marcas. Item percipiunt a vicario predicto unam annuam 
pensionem duarum marcarum, abolim, tamen percipere con- 
sueverunt religiosi predicti a vicariis dicte ecclesie, qui pro 
tempore fuerunt, ut dicunt persone infrascripte, quatuor marcas, 
nomine annue pensionis, set porcio decimarum predicta succedit, 
ut dicunt, loco duarum marcarum ; que tamen porcio seu decime 
ipse omnes et singule ad vicarium dicte ecclesie pertinere 
consueverunt, et jam pertinere deberent, ut dicunt, vigore 
ordinacionis vicarie predicte dudum edite in hac parte. 

Porciones vero vicarii, quas percipit in ecclesia parochiali 
predicta, consistunt in omnibus aliis decimis maioribus eiusdem 
parochie, preter porcionem predictam, quam prefati religiosi viri 
percipiunt, ut prefertur ; et valet porcio vicarii in decimis 
supradictis annuatim communi estimacione ij marcas et 
dimidiam, et non plus, ut dicunt. 

Official Instruments. 359 

Item consistunt in decima sane totius parochic, que valet 
annuatim communi estimacione xxj., et non plus. 

Item terra seu gleba, pertinens ad dotem vicarie et ipsam 
vicariam, valet annuatim dimidium marce, et non amplius. 

Item decima silve cedue, et cuiuscunque alterius decimabilis, 
valet \\]s. \\\]d. 

Item in decima vitulorum, agnorum, et lacticinii cuiuscunque, 
necnon et porcellorum, aucarum, et ovorum, que modo predicto 
valet annuatim ixi*. viijV. 

Item in decima gardinorum, ortorum, pomorum, pirorum, et 
aliorum fructuum ac eciam canabi, que modo predicto valet 
annuatim vjV. Item in oblacionibus per anni circulum pro- 
venientibus, que se extendunt communibus annis ad decem 
solidos et non ultra, ut dicunt. Et sic summa porcionum 
predictarum ad dictum vicarium ibidem residentem spectancium 
se extend it ad quatuor li. \\]s. vd. {sic). 

Onera vero ordinaria et extraordinaria dictam ecclesiam 
de Asshele concernencia subire tenetur dictus vicarius atque 
subit, ut dicunt, solucione decime domino regi concesse, cum 
eadem levari contigerit et concedi, duntaxat excepta, que ad 
dictos religiosos viros pertinet, prout dicunt, et affirmant testes 
infrascripti super premissis omnibus et singulis diligenter exami- 
natis, quorum nomina sunt ista : — Ds. Johannes Coles, perpetuus 
vicarius de Sombourn : ds. Johannes Kyng, oriundus apud 
Sombourn, capcllanus : Henricus Emmot ; Johannes Golde : 
Johannes Mody : Johannes Yve : Johannes Bold : Galfridus 
Jacob : Willelmus Barlich : Henry Gardeiner : Henricus Yve 
et Johannes Smallberde, parochiani dicte ecclesie de Asshele 
— Winchester, 23 June, 1384. 

[209b.] Prior and convent monished to augment the 
vicarage of Ashley, which " adeo est tenuis et exilis, utputa 
valorem annuum iiij//. iijj. vd. non excedens, quod ad sustenta- 
cionem suam congruam, aliaque onera sibi incumbcncia, non 
sufficit hiis diebus, fitquc, quod idem vicarius jura episcopalia 
solvere et alia sibi et prcfatc vicarie sue incumbencia onera subire 
ncquit, ob cxilitatem reddituum." — Southwark, 2 Dec. 

Commission to John de Lydcfordc to proceed in the matter 
of the augmentation. — Eshcr, 12 Jan., 1384-5. 

3^0 IVykehatns Register. 

[210 a.] New endowment of the vicarage. The instrument 
recites Lydeforde's commission, and his return, which confirms 
the representation of the parishioners as to the annual value of 
the vicarage under the old endowment, which was sanctioned 
by bp. Audomar^ in the year 1254, when the church was appro- 
priated to the priory. [2lob.] It is now ordained that the 
vicar's portion shall be henceforth the tithes, great and small, 
and all legacies and obventions whatsoever. [2Iia.] The 
pension of two marks is reduced to los.^ payable at Easter. — 
Winchester, 9 Nov., 1384-5. 

[211b.] Deputation of William Wymbledone ^ as constable 
of Farnham : — 

William par la suffrance de dieu evesq de Wyncestre, a touz 
ses bienvoillantz et a touz ses tenantes qi cestes lettres verront 
ou orront, saluz en Dieu. Sachez nouz avoir fait ordeine et 
establi notre cher et bien ame William Wymbeldone conestable 
de nostre chastell de Farnham, a garder governer et serveor 
mesme le chastell ove les manoirs, seignories, terres, franchises, 
libertes, parkes, chaces, et warennes appurtenantes a icell, et 
auxint a tenir noz courtes, et a persuire, chalenger, clamer, et 
defendre toutes les droitures et franchises appendantes et appur- 
tenantes a nous et a nostre esglise de Wyncestre dedeinz sa 
dite baillie. 

Et pur ceo nous prions especialement a touz noz amys et 
bienvoillantz, et mandons a touz noz tenantz et subgitz, qa dit 
William Wymbeldone es choses susdites soient eidantz, con- 
seillantz, entendantz, et respoignantz en fesant toutes choses q a 
son dite office appartient en due manere. 

En tesmoignance de quelle chose nos lui avons fait faire 
cestes noz lettres patentes sealles de notre seall, adureres a 
notre volunte. — Esher, 20 October, 1385. 

[212a.] Mandate directed to abbess ^ of St. Mary's -for 
correction of disobedient nuns and censure of the abbess : — 

^ Otherwise Ethelmar. He was the fourth son of Queen Isabella, King John's widow, 
by her second husband Hugh, earl of March, and consequently a half-brother of Henry HI, 

3 He was escheator for Surrey, temp. Henry V. See his pedigree, Manning and 
Bray's History of Surrey, ii, 651. 

3 Alice de la Mare, vol. i, p. 153. ^*^ 

Official lustrionents. 36 1 

Willelmus, etc., dilecte in Christo filie, abbatissc monasterii 
beate Marie Wyntoniensis, ordinis S. Benedicti, s. g. et b. Fama 
publica referente ad nostrum pervenit auditum, quod moniales 
nonnulle monasterii predicti, non advertentes quod scribitur, 
quoniajn quasi peccatiDH ariolandi est repugnare et quasi see his 
idolatrie nolle adquiescere} vobis et decanis ac ceteris obedien- 
ciariis ^ per vos debite constitutis in hiis que observancias 
regulares concernunt parere seu eciam obedire non curant, set 
nee reverenciam debitam exhibere, quodque correpciones et 
correcciones a suis in ea parte superioribus pro suis demeritis ipsis 
inflictas non sustinent nee suscipiunt, set vituperantes sibi mutuo 
et invicem altercantes huiusmodi correccionibus nullatenus 
adquiescunt ; alie preterea moniales ipsius vestri monasterii 
detraccionibus, conspiracionibus, confederacionibus, compacci- 
onibus, obloquiis, opprobriis, vituperiis, et aliis insolenciis ac 
dissolucionibus, de quibus ex causa tacemus ad presens, nequiter 
intendentes, regulam S. Benedicti, cui se voto astrinxerunt 
sollempni, et alias observancias ipsius ordinis regulares soluto 
miserabiliter temperancie freno negligunt et omittunt, in suarum 
interitum animarum. 

Vos quoque, ad quam sub nobis immediate pertinet correccio 
premissorum, conniventibus oculis ipsa pertransistis jam diu est 
incorrecta, de quo vestram prudenciam non laudamus, in anime 
vestre grave periculum, perniciosum exemplum et scandalum 

Vobis igitur in virtute sancte obediencie, qua nobis tenemini, 
firmiter injungendo mandamus, quatenus negligenciam in hac 
parte a vobis penitus excuciendo, premissa omnia et singula, 
necnon excessus alios quoscunque quarumcunque monialium 
monasterii vestri predicti vobis juxta ordinis vestri observancias 
regulares, sicut et prout opus fuerit et videritis expcdire, debite 
corrigatis et canonice puniatis, vestrasque sorores et moniales 
predictas ad vestras observancias regulares huiusmodi obser- 
vandas animadversione condigna, discrecione prima, appellatis. 

De nominibus vero monialium rebellium seu incorrigibilium 
in hac parte inventis {sic) nos de tempore in tcmpus vcstris Uteris 

* z Sam. XV, 23. 

' Office henrers in religious houses were so called because of their vow of obedience to 
the head of the house. 

362 Wykt'hatfi's Rejrister. 

ccrtificarc ciirctis, ut nos contra pcrsonas huiusmodi nostri 
officii debitum exequi poterimus, sicut decet. — Southwark, 
23 Nov., 1384. 

Monition of nuns to obey deaconesses (decanas) and obedien- 
tiaries appointed by the abbess, under pain of excommunication : 

Sacra testatur scriptura, quod plus valet obediencia quam 
victima} Cum igitur obediencia sit vinum substanciale- pro- 
fessionis vestre, ad quod observandum voto vos astrinxistis 
sollcmpni, vobis omnibus et singulis in virtute obediencia ac sub 
maioris excommunicacionis summe pena firmiter injungendo man- 
damus, quatenus abbatisse vestre, decanis, et aliis obedienciariis 
vestris per ipsam debite constitutis et imposterum substituendis 
obedienciam et reverenciam debitam decetero exhibere curetis, 
correpciones et correcciones a vestris in ea parte superioribus, 
discrecione prima, vobis inflictas, suscipientes ac sustinentes humi- 
liter et devote, nulli propter hoc amodo vituperantes seu invicem 
altercantes, dicentes, vel eciam asserentes, istas vel illas male vel 
nimis juste correctas seu punitas esse, set absque murmure seu 
rebellione aliqua discrecioni et judicio abbatisse aliarumque obe- 
dienciariarum vestrarum cum mansuetudine debita in premissis, 
sicut decet sanctas, effectualiter obedire non tardetis ; decanas vel 
obedienciarias aliquas, cum eas per prefatam abbatissam substitui 
seu prefici contigerit, pacifice admittentes, etc. — Same date. 

Writ to appoint collectors of the tenth granted in 1384.^ 
Tested at Westminster, 11 Jan., 8 Ric. II. 

[212b.] Appointment of collectors: prior of Winchester 
cathedral, for archdeaconry of Winchester ; abbot of Chertsey, 
for archdeaconry of Surrey. 

Penitancers appointed : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio, r. ecclesie de Drokenesforde 
(Roger Briclesworthe, vol. i, p. 86), nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. 
Quia maiidata celestia tunc efficaciter gerimus, dum nostra cum 
aliis onera parciaimir^; de vestris igitur discrecione et circum- 

1 I Sam. XV, 22. 2 The essence. 

3 In the parHament held at Martinmas, 1384, " nichil dignum memorii fuit actum, 
preter illud, quod sedulo actitabatur extorcio, videlicet pecunie de clero et commimi 
plebe, ad sustentacionem inutilis werre regalis." — Wals. ii, 17. 

* Gal, vi, 2. 

Official Instruments. 363 

speccionis industria plenam in Domino fiduciam optinentes, ad 
audiendum confessiones quorumcunque subditorum nostrorum 
peccata sua vobis in foro penitenciali confitcri volencium, et 
huiusmodi confitentibus, prout secundum Deum expedire vide- 
ritis, penitencias imponendum salutares, atque absolucionis 
beneficium imponendum eisdem, eciam in casibus nobis a jure 
seu Constitucionibus reservatis, absolucione tamen corruptorum 
sanctimonialium, necnon injiciencium manus violentas in clericos 
usque ad sanguinis effusionem, ac violatorum et subtractorum 
jurium, libertatum, seu immunitatum ecclesie nostre Wyntonie 
nobis specialiter reservata, vobis tenore presencium committimus 
vices nostras, hinc ad festum Pentecostes proxime futurum 
tantummodo duraturum. — Farnham, 12 Feb., 1384-5. 

Other appointments : — F. Michael, canon of Merton and 
vicar of East Meon ; f. John Borard, canon of Christchurch 
Twynham and rector of Elvetham. Et ds. Ricardus, capellanus 
de Farneborough, habuit eciam literam consimilem, " excepto 
eciam vicio contra naturam." 

Dispensation super quarto affinitatis gradu granted to Henry 
Holte and wife ^ : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis Henrico Holtc et Eh'zabeth 
Heyghes, mulieri, s. g. et b. Literas ss. in Christo patris, etc., 
reccpimus, tenorem qui sequitur continentes : — 

Urbanus episcopus, servus servorum Dei, vencrabili fratri 
episcopo VVyntoniensi salutem et apostolicam bencdiccionem. 
Oblate nobis nuper pro parte dilccti filii Henrici Holte, laici, et 
dilecte in Christo filic Elizabeth Heyghes, mulieris, tue VVyn- 
tonicnsis diocesis, peticionis scries continebat, quod olim ipsi 
ignorantes aliquid impedimcntum inter eos existere, quominus 
inviccm possent matrimonialiter copulari, bannis non editis, 
testibus tamen adhibitis, matrimonium per verba legitime de 
prcsenti invicem contraxerunt, carnali inter eos copula subsecuta ; 
quodque postmodum ad eorum pcrvcnit noticiam, quod ipsi 
quarto affinitatis gradu inviccm conjuncti. 

1 Before 32 Hen. viii, c. 38, the act selling forth ihe degrees of marriage prohibited by 
God's laws, other prohibitions were recognised in England, the dispensation whereof the 
Roman Court always reserved to itself, as, for instance, in kindred and atlinity between 
cousin Germans, and so to the fourth degree. — 2 //;j/., p. 683. Fhill. Eccl. Law, 571. 

364 Wykehatn's Register. 

Cum autcm, sicut eadem peticio subjungebat, ipsi in huius- 
modi matrimonio sic contracto legitime remanere nequeant, 
dispensacione super hoc apostolica non obtenta, et si divorcium 
fieret inter eos, gravia exinde damna et scandala possent exoriri, 
pro parte ipsorum Henrici et Elizabeth fuit nobis humiliter 
supplicatum, ut providere eis super hoc de oportune dispensa- 
cionis gracia dignaremur. 

Nos igitur, qui libenter, quantum cum Deo possumus, 
fidelium damnis et scandalis obviamus, fraternitati tue, de qua 
in aliis specialem in domino fiduciam optinemus, per apostolica 
scripta committimus et mandamus, quatenus, si est ita, dictaque 
Elizabeth propter hoc rapta non fuerit, cum eisdem Henrico et 
Elizabeth, ut impcdimento, quod ex affinitate huiusmodi provenit, 
non obstante, in huiusmodi matrimonio sic contracto licite 
remanere valeant, auctoritate apostolica dispenses, prolem ex 
huiusmodi matrimonio susceptam et suscipiendam legitimam 
decernendo. Dat. Neapoli ^ apud maiorem ecclesiam Neapoli- 
tanensem, viij Kal. April, pontificatus nostri sexto. 

Post quarum recepcionem literarum, quia per inquisicionem 
diligentem super omnibus et singulis articulis in supradictis 
literis apostolicis contentis per nos factam, sugesta et narrata 
in eisdem, servatis in hac parte de jure servandis, comperimus 
veritate fulciri, quodque tu, dicta Elizabeth, propter hoc rapta 
non fueras, ut, impedimento non obstante predicto, in huiusmodi 
matrimonio sic contracto licite remanere valeatis, auctoritate 
apostolica supradicta tenore presencium dispensamus, prolem ex 
ipso matrimonio susceptam et suscipiendam eadem auctoritate 
legitimam decernentes. 

In quorum omnium testimonium has literas nostras patentes 
per notarios nostros infrascriptos scribi et publicari mandavimus, 
easque nostri sigilli appensione fecimus communiri. — Farnham, 
14 Feb., 1384-5. 

[213 a.] Presentation of Stephen Quyntyn, r. of Westbury, 
dio. Heref., to r. of Ivinghoe, on exch. with Richard de Medeforde. 
— Esher, 12 Jan. 

Grant by sir Bernard Brocas,^ John Chitterne, elk., Peter 
Goolde, William Hermite, and Henry Holte, to the prior 

1 The pope retired to Naples in 1383 — Wals. ii, 105. 2 See note, p. 280. 

Official Instruments. 365 

(Richard Nowell) and convent of Southwick, of five acres arable 
and three acres of meadow with the appurtenances in Southwick, 
together with the manors of Hoo and Havyngtone with their 
appurtenances, except the lands, tenements, suits, and services 
of their free tenants and bondmen in Prallingworth, and except 
William de Hoo and John Knappe, bondmen of the manor of 
Hoo, with their respective issue (sequele), to hold the said land 
and manors, except as above excepted, in free alms, on condition 
of finding a chaplain to say one mass daily at the altar of SS. 
Katherine and Mary Magdalen on the north side of the chancel 
of the priory church for King Richard and sir Bernard Brocas 
and Katherine his wife, so long as each of them should live, and 
for the soul of each of them after death ; and for the souls of 
[213b.] King Edward HI and Mary, sir Bernard's deceased 
wife, his brothers, sisters, and benefactors, and all the faithful 
departed ; and on condition of doing other works of piety, that 
is to say, the prior and his successors were to pay one penny to 
the canon who should say the mass, loos. for celebrating the 
obit of sir Bernard and his wife on the eve of the Annuncia- 
tion with placebo and dirige and bells tolled, and again on the 
eve of St. Michael the Archangel and the feast of St. Mary 
Magdalen, and ds. Zd. for distribution amongst the brethren on 
each of these three days. And the prior and convent bound 
themselves to the bishop in the penalty of £\o to perform 
the said conditions, and pledged themselves to sir Bernard to 
perform them, and that they should be read aloud every year 
on those three days at chapter meetings. 

Attested by sir Maurice Bruyn, kt., John de Uvedale, John 
Champflour, Richard Danvers, Andrew Dene, and others, at 
Southwick, I March, 1384-5. 

[213 b.] Publication of archbishop's mandate, dated at Ex- 
minster, 3 March, 1384-5, summoning clergy to convocation at 
St. Paul's on Thursday, the morrow of the Invention of the 
Holy Cross, pursuant [214a] to writ dated 24 Feb., 8 Ric. H. — 
Wickham, 24 March. 

[214b.] Return dated Farnham, 5 April, 1385. 

Commission directed to William Piers, chancellor of Exeter, 
to absolve William Burgcys from the penalty of the greater 

366 IVykehnfns Reg-ister. 

excommunication which he had incurred by administering the 
Holy Eucharist to a parishioner of Farringdon without the leave 
of the rector^ — quod ipse, tanquam simplex et juris ignarus, 
cuidam Johanni Catour, laico, parochiano pro tempore ecclesie 
parochialis de Farendonc, nostre diocesis, infra parochiam 
predictam absque liccncia rcctoris seu capellani parochialis 
ecclesie prcdicte sacramcntum eukaristie ministravit, maioris 
excommunicacionis summam in ea parte latam a canone in- 
currendo. Cum igitur, sicut asserit, idem canonicus ad sedem 
apostolicam pro absolucionis beneficio in hoc casu obtinendo 
propter viarum pericula et discrimina et alia impedimenta 
Icgitima accedcre non poterat de presenti, nobis humiliter suppli- 
cavit, quatenus sibi de oportuno remedio in hac parte providere 
debite curaremus : Ad audiendum dicti f. Willelmi impedimen- 
tum huiusmodi, et, si ipsa legitima inveneritis, juxta canonicas 
sancciones in hac parte editas absolvendum eundem, vobis. . . . 
vices nostras committimus. — Farnham, 10 April, 1385. 

[215 a.] Mandate directed by Cosmo Gentili, the nuncio, to 
the bishop to enforce payment of first fruits and procurations, 
namely : — 

Godalming, on provision to Cardinal James de Ursinis. 

Burstow, „ „ „ Walter Bradeweye. 

Widley, „ „ „ William, son of Sir Thos. Batisforde, kt. 

Sutton „ ,, „ Thomas Crundale. 

Tweford, on union with St. Mary's abbey. 

Hambledon, on provision to William Welles. 

Abbot of Waverley and prior of Selborne, for procurations of 1383-4. 

[215b.] Abbots of Chertsey and Quarr, and priors of St. Denys, 
South wyk, Selborne, Andover, and Tandridge, for procuration of 1384. 

Archdeacons of Winchester and Surrey for Peter pence of 1384. 

Abbot of Chertsey for an annual payment (census) of 1384. 

Mandate to archdeacon of Winchester to execute above 
commission. — Farnham, 14 April, 1385. 

[216 a.] Return, dated Esher, 12 May. Burstow is not in 
the bishop's diocese but a peculiar of the archbishop in the 
deanery of Croydon. There is no such church as Tweford in 

1 By archbp. Peckham's constitutions, a.d. 1281, no priest shall give the sacrament to 
one of another parish, unless in extreme danger. — Gibs., 385. 

Official Instruments. 367 

the diocese, as the nuncio has often been informed. There is a 
church called Twyford, but it has been time out of mind 
appropriated to St. Cross Hospital, and was never united to 
St. Mary's Abbey. The remaining benefices and dignities have 
been sequestrated, and the holders have been monished. 

[215b.] Mandate directed by Cosmo Gentili, the nuncio, 
to get in contributions towards the expenses of the crusade of 
Henry, bp. of Norwich, against the antipope (see p. 198). — 
London, 8 March, 1384-5. 

[216a.] Mandate for the sequestration of tithe in dispute 
between rectors of Fawley and Dibden, pending a trial of the 
right. — Southwark, 5 May, 1385. 

Monition directed to John Norton, chancellor of Sarum, to 
repair Greywell chapel : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio decano de Basyngestoke, nostra 
diocesis, s. g. et b. Querelam incolarum seu inhabitancium 
villatam de Greywelle infra parochiam de Odyham, dicte nostre 
diocesis, nostris auribus sepius inculcatam gravem recepimus, 
continentem, quod in villata predicta de Greywelle esse consuevit 
ab antiquo et est quedam capella rite et legitime dedicata, ac 
sufficienter dotata, insignia parochialia optinens, ab ecclesia 
matrice de Odyham predicta dependens, que ecclesia cum capella 
predicta et aliis ipsius ecclesie juribus et pertinenciis universis, 
ac omnibus eisdcm ecclesie et capelle incumbentibus, dignitati 
cancellarie cathedralis Sarum et cancellario eiusdem, qui pro 
tempore fuerit, dicitur fuisse et esse appropriata, unita, eciam et 
annexa, refeccioque et reparacio chori et cancelli capelle prcdicte 
in muris, fcnestris, ac coopertura eorundem chori et cancelli, 
quociens ncccssitas moncbat aut monct, ad cancellarios prcdictos, 
qui pro tempore fuerint, et ad magistrum Johanncm Nortone, 
dicte ecclesie cathedralis Sarum canccllarium modcrnum, tarn 
de jure quam de consuetudine antiqua legitime, ut asseritur, 
prcscripta, pertinerc consuevit et debet ; quodque prcfatus m. 
Johannes Nortone, canccllarius predictus, predictam capellam, 
cancellum, et chorum ad prescns multimodis reparacionibus circa 
premissa notoric indigcntes, in tantum quod nee misse nee alia 
divina officia potcrunt in cadcm capella aut choro eiusdem 

368 Wykeham's Register. 

debite, lit dcbcrcnt, cclcbrari, rcficcre, reparare, seu refici et 
reparari facerc non curavit ncc curat, set distulit et dififcrt, ac 
recusavit ac recusat minus juste, ad hoc tamcn faciendum per 
partem dictorum incolarum sepius congruis loco et tempore 
requisitus, super quo incolarum predictorum a nobis petiit eis 
de oportuno remcdio provideri. 

Vobis igitur firmiter injungendo mandamus, etc. — Same date. 

Mandate for sequestration of the church of Fetcham until 
the rector should clear himself on certain charges. — Esher, 
10 May, 1385. 

Mandate directed to dean of Guildford to sequestrate the 
tithe on a field known as Anneysdenne until a dispute as to 
the ownership of the tithe between the rectors of Shere and 
Abinger should be decided. — lb., 26 June. 

[217 a.] Appointment of collectors of the second moiety of 
the tenth granted 9 December, 1384 ; prior of Winchester 
Cathedral for archdeaconry of Winchester and abbot of Chertsey 
for archdeaconry of Surrey, at Southwark, 20 June, 1385, 
pursuant to writ dated 12 June ; and return of names of 
collectors to Exchequer, dated at Farnham, 19 July. 

Mandate directed to archdeacon of Surrey for prayers to be 
said for peace throughout the archdeaconry ; with a promise of 
forty days indulgence ^ : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto suo filio archidiacono, etc., s. g. et b. 

Terribilis super filios hominum Deus, cuius nutibus subduntur 
omnia, sue voluntatis imperio, quos diligit, arguit et castigat, 
variisque flagiciorum et tempestatum generibus quandoque 
punit temporaliter, ut eos eternaliter non condempnet. Et hoc 
siquidem regnum Anglie guerrarum discriminibus per ipsius 
substanciam diviciarum exhauriunt et consumunt, et aliis multis 
miseriis propter superbias et abusiones incolarum invalescentes 
plus solito, ac peccata eorum immania, multis temporibus tur- 
batum extitit ac afflictum, et per pestilencias ac diversa genera 
tempestatum, que jam diu in aliis regnis dolenter efTerbuerant, 

1 At this time the king of France was believed to be preparing to invade England. A 
rumour that six hundred ships were ready at Sluys caused no small stir in England, and 
led to the bishop of Hereford being sent to treat of peace. — Walsingham, ii, 127. 

Official Instruments, 369 

dubitatur deprimi, nisi misericors Dominus, ad fidelium partes 
conversus, iram contineat ac misericord ie recordetur. 

Quocirca vobis et cuilibet vestrum in virtute obediencie, ac 
sub maioris excommunicacionis summe pena, firmiter injungendo 
mandamus, quatenus omnibus et singulis abbatibus, prioribus, 
rectoribus, vicariis, et aliis ecclesiarum curatis archidiaconatus 
predicti sub pena excommunicacionis maioris, quam in non 
penitentes mandatis nostris presentibus intendimus fulminare, 
cum omni celeritate possibili, auctoritate nostra firmiter injun- 
gatis et efficaciter inducatis, ut ipsorum singuli suos subditos et 
parochianos inducant et moneant sollicite, quatenus universi piis 
oracionum suffragiis Altissimum interpellant, ipsique curati et 
alii in sacerdocio constituti missas celebrent, in quibus oraciones 
subscripte specialiter adiciant atque dicant, processionesque 
solempnes singulis quartis et sextis feriis faciant et fieri pro- 
curent, aliaque pie placacionis officia exerceant humiliter et 
devote, ut Deus noster Omnipotens, eorum [217b.] precibus 
complacatus, pacem nobis tribuat, populum Anglicanum de 
tribulacionibus huiusmodi eripiat, sueque gregis prestet auxilium 
sua ineffabili pietate. 

Et ut mentes fidelium ad premissa propensius excitentur, 
omnibus parochianis nostris de peccatis suis vere contritis et 
confessis, pro premissis missas celebrantibus ac processiones 
huiusmodi facientibus, aut ipsis processionibus vel missis devote 
interessentibus et orantibus, quadraginta dies indulgencie con- 
cedimus per presentes (for the special prayers, see p. 334). — 
Southwark, 10 June, 1385. 

Feast of the dedication of the church of Chilbolton, changed 
from 23 August to 4 October : — 

VVillelmus, etc., dilectis filiis rectori et parochianis ecclesie de 
Chilbaltone, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. Oblate nobis vestre 
peticionis series continebat, quod cum festum dcdicacionis 
ecclesie supradicte in vigilia festi S. Bartholomei, tempore vero 
messium notoric contingente, fuerit alias institutum, quo tempore 
propter occupaciones circa messes et alias res familiares varias 
tunc plurimum contingentcs, vos dictum festum non poteritis 
dcbitc cclebrarc, cjuin potius nonnuUa inter vos ex more dicto 
tempore improvidc committuntur, per que scandala et pericula 


370 IVyke/iam's Rt'j^sten 

proveniunt animariim, ipsum dcdicacionis festum in quartam 
diem mensis Octobris tunc proximo secuturi transferre ac in 
ipsa diequarta pcrpctuis futuris tcmporibus devociiis celebrandum 
instituerc dignaremur ; Nos igitur, vcstre devocionis precibus 
favorabilitcr inclinati, prcfatum dcdicacionis festum a vigili^ 
S. Bartholomei predicti in diem quartam mensis Octobris supra- 
dicti ex causis premissis, et ut ipsum festum comodius et 
festivius tunc valeat et convenit celebrari, transferimus presencium 
per tcnorem ; statuentes, ac firmiter injungentes, ut idem dcdica- 
cionis festum in ipsa die quarta mensis Octobris perpetuis futuris 
temporibus per rectorcs et parochianos ipsius ecclesie, qui pro 
tempore fuerint, festive ac sollempniter celebretur. Et ut mentes 
fidelium, etc. (promise of forty days indulgence). — Farnham, 
7 July, 1385. 

Monition of certain who burned Robert Chesenhale's boun- 
dary-fence — qui quandam sepem sive hayam terras suas in 
campis de Estyndone ^ jacentes claudentem, sive terras ipsas a 
terris alienis separantem, in casu a jure non proviso, igne 
suposito, combusserunt, et pro magna parte noctanter destrux- 
erunt, nequiter et injuste, in suarum periculum animarum, etc., 
on complaint of Robert Chesenhale of Guildford. — Id., i August. 

[218a.] Licenses of non-residence granted for one year to 
Robert Ede, r. of Ashstead (vol. i, p. 133), on condition of 
rebuilding the house, which had been destroyed by fire, out of 
the profits of the rectory, at instance of sir Baldwin Berforde, kt. ; 
and to Richard Branketre, r. of Broughton, at instance of sir 
John Sandes, kt. — Id., 28 April. 

Preacher's license granted to ds. Thomas Wymbeldone, chap- 
lain to sir John Sandes, kt. : — 

Willelmus, etc ad exercendum predicacionis officium, 

et proponendum verbum Dei in ecclesiis quibuscunque nostra 
diocesis, temporibus ad hoc congruis et consuetis, horis illis, 
in quibus ecclesiarum rectores et vicarii, ad quorum ecclesias 
te ex causa premissa contigerit declinare, predicare voluerint, 
dumtaxat exceptis, licenciam tibi concedimus tenore presencium 

1 Probably Ostend, on the border of Pirbright Common, It may be supposed that 
Chisenhale had enclosed a portion of the common contrary to the will of the commoners. 
See a similar case, p. 235. 

Official Instruments. 371 

specialem : inhibentes tamen tibi expressc, ne aliquas con- 
clusiones hereticas seu erroneas, que statum nostre ecclesie 
VVyntoniensis et tranquillitatem nostrorum subditorum sub- 
vertere poterunt asseras seu predices/ publicc vel occulte, prout 
ad hoc astringeris ex debito juramenti quovismodo ; presentibus 
per unum annum dumtaxat duraturis. — Southwark,28 April, 1385. 

Acquittance to prior of Reygate for 60^., being the pension 
due out of Dorking church for the years 1382-3-4. — lb., 14 June. 

Administration of the goods of Victor de Male, dyer, of 
Southwark, granted to William Weston his executor. — Esher, 
25 May, 1385. 

Rector of St. Michael's, Jewry Street, Winchester, sworn to 
get by heart the Creed, the Ten Commandments, and other 
things which a minister ought to know : — 

Memorandum, quod xxiiij^"die mensis Junii, A.D. MCCCLXXXV, 
Rogerus Dene (vol. i, p. 154), rector ecclesie S. Michaelis in 
civitate Wyntoniensi, juravit scire infra annum proxime sequen- 
tem articulos fidei, casus reservatos episcopo, decem precepta 
decolagi {sic) septem opera misericordie, septem mortalia peccata, 
sacramenta ecclesie, et formam ipsa ministrandi et conficiendi, 
ac eciam formam baptizandi, etc., prout continetur in constitu- 
cione Pecham - in hac parte edita, sub pena xU. elemosinarie 
domini applicandorum. 

Dene's oath recorded ; and oath to like effect of John Corbet, 
r. of Bradley (vol i, p. 154). 

License granted to Edmund Halstede to have mass said in 
the chapel within the graveyard of St. Thomas the Martyr's 
Hospital, Southwark, until the fifteen days of St. Michael. — 
Esher, 2 July, 1385. 

Henry de Popham, lord of Popham, licensed to choose his 
3wn confessor. — Farnham, i August, 1385. 

[218b.] Certificate of livery of seisin to John Ticheborne 
3n coming of age ^ : — 

' See p. 340, 
-' Archbishop Peckhain's Constitution /i^noratttiu sacerdottim A.D. 1279, — Gibs., p. 321. 
^ This young man's estate was held of the see of Winchester by the tenure of knight 
service, and had l)een in the hands of the bishop, as guardian in chivalry, during his 
minority. — Co. Lift. 97a. 

Z 2 

372 I Vykeha >n^s R egister, 

Xos, Willclmiis, etc. Notum facimus universis, quod dilectus 
in Christo filiiis Johannes Ticheborne, filius et heres domini 
Johannis Ticheborne, militis defuncti, per cuius mortem dicti 
Johannis maritagium ct custodia, necnon custodia omnium 
terrarum et tenementorum que prefatus Johannes Ticheborne, 
miles, dum vixit, de nobis tenuit in capite, racione minoris etatis 
dicti Johannis filii sui ad nos de jure ccclesie nostre Wyntoni- 
ensis pertinuit et pertinere deberet, in festo Epiphanie Domini 
ultimo jam preterito coram nobis, cuius spiritualiter interest in 
h^c parte, comparens personaliter, se vicesimum primum etatis 
sue annum finaliter complevisse testibus fidedignis probavit 
legitime atque rite. Unde nos omnia et singula, que ad manus 
nostras seu custodiam nostram racione minoris etatis ipsius 
Johannis devenerant, eidem Johanni fecimus dicto die inte- 
graliter liberari, cum suis juribus et pertinenciis universis. — 
Esher, 8 January, 8 Ric. II. 

Mandate directed to the archdeacon of Winchester for 
prayers to be said for the king's expedition to Scotland ^ pur- 
suant to the following circular from the Archbishop : — 

Willelmus, permissione divina archiepiscopus Cantuariensis, 
etc., venerabili fratri nostro domino Roberto, Dei gracia episcopo 
Londoniensi, salutem et fraternam in Domino caritatem. 

Inclinatum regnum Anglie, quod olim misericors Dominus 
gracie sue splendore cum pacis gaudio visitavit, procurante 
pacis emulo, sic jam undique per comminatas et paratas inimi- 
corum insidias guerrarum horroribus conturbari conspicimus, 
quod, nisi superne virtutis assistencia ultra terrenam potenciam 
succurratur eidem, de ipsius regni et ecclesie anglicane sub- 
versione verisimiliter est timendum. 

Cum itaque nobilissimus princeps et dominus noster dominus 
Ricardus, Dei gracia Rex Anglie illustris, pro conservacione et 
tuicione regni et ecclesie predictorum ac regii juris sui, que tarn 
Francorum quam Scotorum pertinacia nititur contra justiciam 
impugnare, versus partes Scocie, ubi magnus inimicorum exer- 
citus ad invadendum dictum regnum hostiliter congregatur, cum 
suis proceribus et gentibus direxerit gressus suos : 

Nos qui ac ceteri regnicole sui, eos precipue qui non 

1 He crossed the border in August. — Wals. ii, 131. 

Official Instruments. 373 

solum pro tocius regni salute, prospcritate, ct pace labores ct 
agones subeunt corporales, set et animas suas exhibent et 
exponunt, apud Altissimum devotis oracionum suffragiis com- 
mendare, ex caritatis vinculo sumus astricti, vestre fraternitati 
committimus et mandamus, quatenus omnibus et singulis fratri- 
bus et coepiscopis ecclesie nostre Cantuariensis suffraganeis cum 
ea celeritate qua poteritis injungatis, ut ipsi in suis et aliis 
suarum civitatum et diocesium ecclesiis subditos suos clericos 
et laicos moneant et inducant, quodque dicti domini nostri 
regis, eiusque exercitus felici expedicioni et paci ecclesie 
et regni, in missis, sermonibus, et processionibus ea de causa 
frequencius et fervencius, et potissime quibuslibet quartis et 
sextis feriis faciendo, Altissimo oracionibus devotis et assiduis 
interpellant ; vosque hec fieri in vestris civitate et diocesi faciatis. 
Et ut fidelium mentes ad tante devocionis opera propensius 
excitentur, etc. Dat. in castro nostro de Saltvvode, xij"° Julil. 

The bishop of London's circular is dated Hatcham, 20 July, 
and the bishop of Winchester's mandate to the archdeacon is 
dated Farnham, 7 Kal. Aug. 

[219 a.] Penance imposed on a priest for marrying two 
persons not of his parish ^ : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto in Christo filio decano nostro Suth- 
amptone, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. Cum nos domino Johanni 
Woderchall, presbytero, absolucionis beneficium a quibuscunque 
suspensionis et excommunicacionis summis, quas per canones 
papales nee non constituciones provinciales in hac parte proinde 
latas et debite promulgatas incurrebat pro eo, quod ipse matri- 
monium inter alios quam suos parochianos, videlicet Thomam 
Middeltone de parochia Sancte Crucis de Suthamptone pre- 
dicta et quandam Thomasinam, mulierem, de parochia Sancti 
Michaelis de eadem, nostros notoric subditos, de facto, ut 
dicitur, contractum, sine nostra aut alterius rectorum ecclesiarum 
predictarum licencia, edicione bannorum non premissa juxta 
juris formam in hac parte requisitam, clandestine infra noctis 
tenebras et alias multipliciter illicite solempnizarc presumpsit, 
impendi fecerimus, recepto primitus ab eodem Johanne de satis- 

^ Under archbp, Stratford's constitution Humana Concupiscentia, A.i). 1342, priests 
marrying any other than parishioners incurred the greater excommunication. — Gibi., 
p. 430. 

374 Wykekauis Register. 

facicndo partibus in hac parte gravatis pro injuria cis per eum 
allata, ac de fidclitcr pcraf^endo pcnitcnciam infrascriptam, 
juramcnto tactis per cum sacrosanctis evangeliis corporali, 
sibiquc injunxcrimus pro dclictis prcdictis pcnitenciam inter alia 
subscriptam citra fcstum S. Michaelis proxime futurum fideliter 
peragendum, videlicet, quod idem ds. Johannes suppcllicio 
superius indutus cum corona et tonsura ordini suo convenientibus 
et decentibus diebus quatuor dominicis seu aliis solempnibus et 
fcstivis a se distantibus, binis videlicet vicibus in utraque ecclesia 
predicta, procedet processiones ob banc causam in eisdem 
ecclesiis solempniter faciendas, gestando in manu sua unum 
cereum ponderc unius libre cere ; et cum ecclesiam huiusmodi 
fuerit ingressus, facta prius processione circa eandem, ut pre- 
fertur, ad fontem baptismalem in eadem, dum missa magna et 
alta in ea celebratur, dicet devote unum Nocturnum de psalterio, 
vel maius vel minus, prout tempus pacietur, donee legatur seu 
decantetur in eadem missa offertorium, quo facto seu decantato, 
idem ds. Johannes humiliter accedet ad ymaginem, in cuius 
honorem ipsa ecclesia fuerit dedicata, et dicta coram ipsa private 
quinquies prius Pater Noster et Salutacione Angelica per eundem, 
dictum cereum ofiferet ymagini supradicte : 

Vobis igitur committimus et mandamus, quatenus prefatum 
dominum Johannem publice vocetis, ut penitenciam peragat, ut 
prefertur, supradictam ; exponentes publice in ecclesiis predictis 
seu facientes exponi in vulgari causam quare sibi penitenciam 
imposuimus predictam. 

Et quid feceritis, etc. — Southwark, 21 August, 1385. 

Certificate of absolution in same matter. — Farnham, 9 Sept- 
ember, 1385. 

Appointment of visitors of New College, Oxford : — 
Willelmus, permissione divina Wyntoniensis episcopus, Col- 
legii Sancte Marie Wynton. in Oxonia fundator pariter et 
patronus, dilectis nobis in Christo venerabilibus viris, mm. 
Thome de Southam, archidiacono Oxon. in ecclesia Lincolni- 
ensi, ac Nicholao de Wykeham, archidiacono Wiltes in ecclesia 
Sarum, salutem in amplexibus Salvatoris. Relacione fidedig- 
norum audita, stupor non modicus invasit subito mentem 
nostram, dum in vineA nostra, quam plantavimus, deficientibus 

Official Insirtimenis. 3^5 

vinei's succrescant labrusce,^ palmitcs qiioque, quas spcrabamus 
fructiferas, amaricato germine, in spuria vitulamina convertantur. 
Accepimus namque tale inter scolares nostri Collegii supradicti, 
qui de nostra vivunt elemosina, corrupcionis piaculum irrepsisse, 
quod ipsi, sue condicionis et quictis proprie paulisper obliti, 
generis ad genus, nobilitatis ad ignobilitatem, sciencie ad scien- 
ciam, facultatis ad facultatem, patrie ad patriam, et alias 
comparaciones, que odiose sunt/-^ faciunt insolenter, contra 
doctrinam apostoli acceptores personarum efifecti ; alii quadam 
preterea supersticione prophana colla sua in sublime alterius 
erigentes, dum refeccionis gracia conveniunt, ad viensani sibi 
vendicafit loca prima^ preceptum Dominicum minime amplec- 
tentes, dicentis, Qui maior est i^iter vos^ fiat sicut junior^ et qui 
processor^ siait minister.^ Nonnulli quoque ipsorum insolenciis 
aliis quas memorare non decet, set nee committere licet, a vere 
virtutis tramite deviantes exhibent se frequenter, unde in ipso 
nostro Collegio inter scolares predictos dissensiones, contenciones, 
et scandala oriuntur, et, quod dolenter referimus, que nostre 
mentis intencio Dei paravit ad gloriam tendunt ad noxam. Ex 
quibus divina provocatur maiestas, dictumque nostrum Collegium, 
utpote in suis membris nequiter viciatum, grave patitur detri- 
mentum, in perniciosum exemplum et scandalum plurimorum. 

Nolentes itaque dictum nostrum Collegium tantis fedari 
maculis, quin potiias cupientes firmissime, ut omnis ab ipso elimi- 
netur spurcicia, quodque scolares predicti, viciorum sentibus 
extirpatis, virtutibus illustrentur, doctrinis sacris efficaciter ad- 
hereant, et milicie clericali ; ad inquirendum igitur tam in genere 
quam in specie de et super criminibus et excessibus omnium et 
singulorum scolarium nostri Collegii memorati, et quos in 

1 Wild grapes. Is. v, 4. 
2 "Comparisons are odious," a favourite saying of the bishop. This clause follows 
Rubric XV of his statutes for New College, entitled, Dt juramento scolarium admittetid- 
orum in Coliei^ium Oxon. ad annos probacionis, where a form of oath to be taken by 
probationer-fellows on admission is set forth, containing the following passage : — Item, 
quod non ero detractor, susurro, seu faciens obloquia, aut provocans odium, iram, discordias, 
invidiam, contumclias, rixas, vel jurgia, aut specialcs vel precellentcs prcrogativas 
nobilitatis, generis, scicnciarum, facultatum, aut diviciarum allegans, necnon inter socios 
eorundem Collegiorum, aut alios Univcrsitatis Oxonic scolares australes, aquilonares, seu 
boreales, aut scienciarum, ad sciencias, facultatum ad facultates, patrie ad patriam, generis 
ad genus, nobilitatis ad nobiliiatem vel ad ignobilitatem, seu alias qualitercuncjuc com- 
paraciones, que odiose sunt, in vcrbo, vel facto, caus;\ commovendi maliciosd; socios vel 
scolares, aut sciencias aliquas, faciam tacite vel expresso. Almost the same words occur 
in the form of oath to be taken by Winchester scholiu-s on attaining the age of fifteen years, 

3 Matt, xxiii, 6 ; Mark xii, 39 ; Luke xx, 46. * .\fark x, 43, 44, 

37^ Wykehavi^s Register. 

prcmissis, aut corum aliqiio, vcl aliis cxccssibus gravibus scu 
criminibus culpabiles rcperitis, ipsos cuiuscunque gradiis, status, 
vel condicionis existant, a dicto nostro Collegio pro perpetuo 
expcllendos, nisi de ipsorum corrcccionc celeri et morum in ea 
parte reformacione salubri spes fucrit a vobis signanter apparu- 
erit, tunc cnim exccssus huiusmodi ct crimina, sicut pro ipsius 
honore ac conservacionc status dicti Collegii videritis expedire, 
corrigendum et acrius punicndum : cetera insuper, que in ipso 
nostro Collegio reformacione indigent, debite reformandum, 
[219 b.] omniaque alia et singula, que in premissis et circa ea 
necessaria fuerint vel quomodolibet oportuna, cum eorum 
incidentibus, emergentibus, dependentibus, et connexis faciendum 
et eciam exercendum, vobis, de quorum fidelitate, consciencie 
puritate, ac circumspeccionis industria plene confidimus, tenore 
presencium committimus vices nostras, cum cohercionis et 
execucionis in hac parte debite potestate. — Farnham, 28 Sept., 


Ds. John Newman, pr., was charged with laying violent 
hands on ds. John Maundevill, pr. ; and William Fyfard, of 
Meonstoke, was charged with laying violent hands on f John 
Fyncham. Commission granted to Ralph Basyngge, a monk of 
Winchester cathedral, and m. Thomas Boys, provost of St. 
Elizabeth's college, "ad inquirendum de veritate premissorum, 
necnon de modo et forma ac qualitate sceleris perpetrati, 
violenciaque, ac aliis circumstanciis universis, et absolvendum 
eosdem in forma juris, examinata prius sceleris huiusmodi 
qualitate, si absolvendi potestatem ad nos in hoc casu de jure, 
noveritis pertinere seu alias, juxta capitulum Eos qui} factisque 
primitus per eosdem injuriantes partibus lesis sufficientibus 
emendis, ac injuncta eis pro modo culpe et enormitate delictorum 
penitencia salutari." — Farnham, 2 October. 

[220 a.] Publication of archbishop's mandate, dated at 
Maghfelde,^ 28 September, 1385, summoning clergy to convoca- 
tion at St. Paul's on Monday, 6 November, pursuant to writ 
dated 3 September, 9 Ric. II. — Ib.^ 13 October. 

[220 b.] Mandate directed to prior of Southwick, forbidding 
the sale of corrodies.^ 

1 Decretals, Sexti Book V, tit. xi, p. ccxxxvi. 

5 Mayfield in Sussex, where the archbishops had a palace, which is now a convent of 
the Sacred Heart. 

3 See p.s to this way of raising money, Obedientiary Rolls of St. Swithun's, Winchestert 
Introduction, p. 23. 

Official histruments. 377 

Willclmus, etc., dilecto in Christo filio priori prioratus de 
Suthvvyk, nostrorum patronatus et diocesis, s. g. et b. Quia 
nonnulli abbates ct priorcs cupiditatis ardorc, qui eorum corda 
vchemcnter inflammat, intervcniente prccio, plus pcrsonis propriis 
quam suis ecclesiis consulentes, ad certum tcmpus, scu ad vitam 
illorum, quibus fit concessio, jura, redditus, possessiones, liber- 
aciones, etcorrodia multociens vendiderunt ac eciam concesserunt, 
ex quibus evenit et evenire frequencius consuevit, ut in ecclesiis 
monasticis et prioratibus huiusmodi, per huiusmodi vendiciones et 
conccssiones gravatis, numerus eorum, qui ipsis ecclesiis in divinis 
servire deberent, ad quorum sustentacionem huiusmodi bona 
sunt ab ipsorum monasteriorum et prioratuum fundatoribus et 
aliis Christi fidelibus specialiter assignata, minuitur indebite, 
ac ecclesie monastice et prioratus huiusmodi serviciis debitis 
defraudantur, et mala quam gravia paciebantur, in ipsorum 
animarum periculum, dictorumque monasteriorum, prioratuum, 
et ecclesiarum grave prejudicium et scandalum manifestum. 

Ea propter sacrarum canonum conditores, et alii sancti patres, 
vendicionem et concessionem monasteriorum et prioratuum 
huiusmodi fecerant,^ et aliarum administracionum regularium 
dispendiis in hac parte occurrere, ac vicium supradictum 
extirpare provide cupientes, per diversa eorum statuta penalia 
districcius inhibuerunt, ne quis religiosus monasteriis, prioratibus, 
seu administracionibus quibuslibet presidentes jura, redditus, 
possessiones, libertates, et corrodia clericis vel laicis venderent, 
aut gratis concederent imperpetuum, vel ad tempus, nisi vigens 
necessitas hoc exposceret, et loci diocesani ad id prius consensus 
accederet et assensus ; contrarium vero facientibus, et contra id 
attemptata non revocantibus, penam suspensionis ab officio ipso 
jure infligentes. 

Nosque ecclesiam vestram et prioratum nupcr, prout nostro 
incumbebat officio pastorali, debitc visitantes, ut inter vos 
corrigenda reformaremus salubriter, ut tenemur, considerantes, 
quod plus timeri solet, quod specialiter injungitur, quam quod 
generaliter imperatur, quia inter alia reformanda predecessorum 
vos et predeccssores vestros in premissis delinquisse comperimus 
dictorum conditorum sacrorum canonum et aliorum sanctorum 
patrum statutis et constitucionibus in habendo omnes et omni- 
modas vendiciones et conccssiones huiusmodi jurium, reddituum, 

1 A word omitted here. 

378 iVykeham^s Register. 

possessionum, libcracionum, ct corrodiorum hiiiusmodi prioratus 
prcdicti, ut ipsiiis dispcndia caucius cvitcntur, vobis inhibuimus 
ore tciiiis ct intcrdiximus exprcssc, quod tamcn, ut intclleximus, 
canonum prcdictorum prcccpto atque nostro huiusmodi mandato 
contcmpto ct sprcto observarc actenus {sic) non curastis, set 
nobis in consultis contrarium facerc presumpsistis, notam con- 
temptus et inobediencie in hac parte temere incurrendo. 

Vobis igitur itcrato tenore prcscncium in virtute obcdiencie 
ac sub pcna juris prcdicti injungimus et mandamus, etc. — 
Farnham, 24 October, 1385. 

Probate of will of Sir Laurence St. Martin, kt, dated on the 
Sunday next after Holy Cross, 33 Ed. Ill, granted at Southwark, 
23 January, 1385-6 to the executors, Sir William de St. Martin, 
John Dekene, and Simon Berwyk. 

[221a.] Confessor's license granted to m. Thomas Boys, 
provost of St. Elizabeth's College. — Esher, 17 March, 1385-6. 

License granted to Alexander, r. of North Chardeforde 
(Charford), to confess Sir John Southe, kt, and dame Margaret 
his wife, and their tenants at South Charford, and to officiate in 
the chapel there, saving the rights of the parish church. — 
Bishop's Sutton, 4 April, 1386. 

[221b.] Indulgence sicper quarto affiniiaiis gradu in a case 
where the parties were marrying for family reasons : — 

Urbanus, etc., venerabili fratri episcopo Wyntoniensi s. g. et b. 
Oblate nobis pro parte dilecti filii, nobilis viri Philippi, dilecti 
filii nobilis viri Guidonis de Brien,^ Baronis de Layhame nati 
domicelli, et dilecte in Christo filie nobilis mulieris Johanne, 
dilecti filii nobilis viri Jacobi de Chiddeley, militis, nate domicelle, 
tue Wynton. et Exonien. diocesium, peticionis series continebat, 
quod ipsi Philippus et Johanna ad obviandum guerris et dissen- 
cionibus, que inter eorum parentes possent exoriri, necnon ad 
pacem et tranquillitatem, que inter huiusmodi eorum parentes 
vigeret, conservandum, desiderant invicem matrimonialiter copu- 
lari, set quia ipsi Philippus et Johanna quarto affinitatis gradu 
invicem sunt conjuncti, huiusmodi eorum desiderium adimplere 
nequeunt, dispensacione super hoc apostolica non obtenta. 

1 One of the commissioners who were sent to Rome in 1354 to obtain confirmation of a 
treaty for peace with the French, which was afterwards broken off.— Wals. i, 278. 

Official instruments. 3?9 

Quarc pro parte ipsorum Philippi et Johannc nobis fuit 
humilitcr supplicatum, ut providere eis super hoc de oportune 
dispensacionis gracia de benignitate apostolica dignarcmur. 

Nos igitur, qui cunctorum Christi fidclium quietem et pacem 
nostris desideriis affcctamus, ac guerris et dissencionibus, quantum 
cum Deo possumus, obviamus, huiusmodi supplicacionibus in- 
clinati, fraternitati tue, de qua in hiis et aliis specialem in Domino 
fiduciam obtinemus, per apostolica scripta committimus et 
mandamus, quatenus, si est ita, dictaque Johanna propter hoc 
rapta non fuerit, cum eisdem Philippo et Johanna, ut impcdi- 
mento quod ex huiusmodi affinitate provenit non obstante, 
matrimonium invicem contraherc, et in eo, postquam contractum 
fuerit, licite remanere valeant, apostolica auctoritate dispenses, 
prolem ex huiusmodi matrimonio suscipiendam legitimam nun- 
ciando. — Janue, xiij Kal. Feb., pontificatus nostri anno viij^°. 

Commission directed to m. Ralph Tregrese, dean of Exeter, 
and Henry VVhitefelde, archdeacon of Barnstaple, to grant the 
dispensation : — 

Willelmus, etc. Cum igitur premissorum expedicioni aliis 
arduis negociis propediti, ad presens personaliter intendere 
nequeamus, ad inquirendum, cognoscendum, et procedendum 
inde et super omnibus et singulis contentis in predictis literis 
apostolicis, cum omnibus suis emergentibus, incidentibus, depen- 
dentibus, et connexis ; necnon ad dispensandum inter Philippum 
et Johannam supradictos, si huiusmodi contenta in predictis 
literis apostolicis omnia et singula inveneritis esse vera, ac 
ulterius in hoc casu prolem ex huiusmodi matrimonio suscipi- 
endam legitimam nunciandum et decernendum, ceteraque omnia 
alia et singula, que in premissis seu circa ca nccessaria fuerint seu 
quomodolibet oportuna, faciendum, exercendum, et cxpcdiendum 
juxta vim, formam, et cffcctum litcrarum apostolicarum pre- 
dictarum vobis, etc., committimus per presentcs. — Wolvescy, 
20 April, 1386. 

[222 a.] Commission to v. of Boldre to impose penance on 
William Frebody, of the New Forest, eo quod ipse nupcr 
Johannem Jewel sua virilia amputari fecit et abscidi invitum ; the 
penance being that on a Sunday before Whitsunday then next 
he should walk at the head of the procession round the church 

380 Wyl-ehavis Registct'. 

of Boldrc, with head bare, carrying a wax candle of half a pound 
weight and offer it at the altar, after repeating the Hail Mary 
and Lord's Prayer five times on his knees. — Waltham, 8 April^ 

Mandate directed to prior of Christchurch Twynham to 
censure canons who disobey the claustral prior. Prior blamed 
for inaction : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto in Christo filio priori Christi ecclesie 
de Twynham, ordinis S. Augustini, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. 
Fama publica referente intelleximus, quod displicenter referimus, 
quod nonnulli ecclesie vestre canonici et confratres, spreto 
obediencie jugo, et gubernaculo discipline regularis contempto, 
contra suppriorem vestrum priorem claustralem, verticem et 
calcamen erigentes, non advertentes quod in canone scribitur 
quoniani quasi peccatum arriolandi est repugnare, et quasi sceliis 
ydolatrie nolle adquiescere^ ipsorum superioribus prepositis et 
prelatis, domine prior, in hiis que observancias regulares et 
statuta canonica concernunt, parere seu obedire non curant 
humiliter, ut deceret, set nee reverenciam debitam suppriori 
predicto exhibere, prout convenit ; quodque correpciones et 
correcciones a suppriore predicto, pro suis demeritis ipsis legitime 
interpositas et inflictas, non sustinent nee suscipiunt, ut tenentur, 
set vituperantes sibi mutuo, et invicem altercantes, huiusmodi 
correccionibus nullatenus adquiescunt, regulam S. Augustini, cui 
se voto astrinxerunt solempni, et alias observancias ipsius ordinis 
regulares, soluto miserabiliter temperancie freno, contempnunt, 
negligunt, et omittunt, in suarum interitum animarum, et vestram 
contumeliam in hac parte. 

Vos quoque, domine prior, ad quem sub nobis immediate 
pertinet correccio et punicio premissorum, conniventibus oculis 
ipsa pertransistis, dimisistis, jam diu est, ut didicimus, incorrecta, 
de quo vestram prudenciam non laudamus, in anime vestre grave 
periculum, perniciosum exemplum et scandalum plurimorum. 

Nos igitur attendentes, quod ubi gubernaculum discipline 
regularis contempnitur, religio penitus naufragatur ; ac volentes 
preterea tam temerariis ausibus dictorum canonicorum vestrorum 
paternis remediis obviare, vobis committimus et mandamus, in 
virtute obediencie firmiter injungentes, quatenus, etc. (Offenders 
to be canonically punished.) — Wolvesey, 27 April. 

Official Instruments. 381 

Suffragan's commission for Isle of Wight and deanery of 
Fordingbridge granted to Simon, bp. of Achonry, till Easter : — 

Reverendo in Christo patri ac domino, domino Simoni, Dei 
gracia episcopo Accadensi, Willelmus, etc., salutem ac sincere 
devocionis continuum incrcmentum. Quia nos ad Insulam Vec- 
tam, decanatum de Fordyngbrygge, et alias partes exteriores 
nostre diocesis, variis regiis et regni negociis multipliciter pro- 
pediti, declinare non potuimus a diu, nee valemus adhuc, pro 
exequendis hiis, que ad nostrum pertinent officium pastorale : — 

Ad predicandum igitur quibuscunque subditis locorum huius- 
modi verbum Dei, ad audiendum confessiones in foro anime 
quorumcunque subditorum nostrorum huiusmodi vobis confiteri 
volencium, penitenciasque salutares eisdem pro commissis injun- 
gendum, ac ipsos a peccatis suis, que vobis confitebuntur, eciam 
in casibus nobis a jure seu per Constituciones specialiter 
reservatis, debite absolvendum, casibus violacionis, exheredacionis 
jurium, libertatum, et immunitatum ecclesie nostre Wynton., 
infraccionisque parcorum et vvarennarum nostrorum dumtaxat 
exccptis, ac ecclesiis, cimeteriis, et altaribus certorum locorum, 
et reconciliacionis munus, quociens et prout opus fuerit, impen- 
dendum, vestimenta, calices, et alia ornamenta ecclesiastica 
benedicendum, sacramentum confirmacionis, necnon et primam 
tonsuram personis ad hec aptis, dumtamen eis nichil obviat de 
canonicis constitutis, eciam conferendum, procuraciones quoque 
pro prcmissis, sou aliquo premissorum, debitas pctcndum et 
recipiendum, debitorcsquc procuracionum huiusmodi ad solu- 
cionem ipsarum per censuras ecclcsiasticas quascunque canonice 
compellendum, omniaque alia et singula circa premissa ncces- 
saria vel oportuna faciendum, exercendum, et expcdiendum, 
vestre paternitati reverende, de cuius circumspeccionis industria 
et consciencie puritatc plene confidimus, tenorc prescncium 
committimus vices nostras, hinc ad quindcnam Pasche proximo 
futuram dumtaxat duraturas. — Southwark, 24 March, 1385-6. 

[222b.] Dispensation super quarto affinitatis gradu granted 
(Farnham, 5 May, 1386) upon condition of the parties going 
again through the ceremony of marriage, after living apart for a 
time, and the survivor not to marry again, pursuant to following 
bull :— 

382 IVjdy/iam's Reikis ter. 

Urbanus, etc., venerabili fratri epi'scopo Wyntoniensi salutem 
et apostoHcam bcncdiccionem. Oblate nobis pro parte Johannis 
Mey, laici, ct Agnetis Heighes, mulieris, tue diocesis, peticionis 
series continebat, quod olim ipsi non ignorantcs se quarto con- 
sanguinitatis gradu foreconjunctos, per verba legitime de present! 
matrimonium insimul contraxerunt, carnali inter eos copula 

Cum autem, sicut eadem peticio subjungebat, ipsi Johannes 
et Agnes in huiusmodi matrimonio sic contracto licite remanere 
nequeant, dispensacione super hoc apostolica non obtenta, pro 
parte ipsorum Johannis et Agnetis nobis fuerit humiliter suppli- 
catum, ut providere eis super hoc de absolucionis beneficio ab 
excommunicacionis summa, quam propter premissa incurrisse 
noscuntur, et de oportune dispensacionis gracia de benignitate 
apostolica dignaremur : 

Nos igitur, huiusmodi supplicacionibus inclinati, ex certis 
causis nobis expositis, fraternitati tue, de qua in hiis et aliis 
specialem in Domino fiduciam obtinemus, per apostolica scripta 
committimus et mandamus, quatenus, si est ita, eosdem Johannem 
et Agnetem a summa excommunicacionis huiusmodi in forma 
ecclesie consueta auctoritate nostra absolvas, injuncto inter alia 
sub virtute juramenti per eos prestandi, quod similia decetero 
non committant, nee facientibus prebeant auxilium, consilium, 
vel favorem, et pro modo culpe penitencia salutari, ac aliis, que 
de jure fuerint, injungendis, et deinde si dicta Agnes propter hoc 
rapta non fuerit, tibique expediens videatur, quod huiusmodi 
dispensacio concedatur, super quibus tuam conscienciam oner- 
amus, ipsis Johanni et Agneti separatis ad tempus de quo tibi 
videbitur expedire, cum eisdem Johanni et Agnete, ut impedi- 
mento quod ex huiusmodi consanguinitate pervenit non obstante, 
matrimonium insimul de novo libere contrahere, et in eo, post- 
quam contractum fuerit, licite remanere valeant, eadem auctoritate 
dispenses, prolem ex huiusmodi matrimonio susceptam et 
suscipiendam legitimam decernendo. 

Volumus autem, quod ille ex ipsis Johanne et Agnete, qui 
vite superstes fuerit, perpetuo remaneat innuptus. 

Neapoli, ix Kal. Ap., Pontificatus nostri anno sexto. 

Fellows of New College who are masters of Arts enjoined to 

Official Instrii ments. 383 

proceed in divinity or astronomy ; and all fellows of the colle^^e 
to wear academicals in the University : — 

Willelmus, permissione divina Wynton. episcopus, fundator et 
patronus collegii Sancte Marie Wyntoniensis in Oxonia, dilecto 
nobis in Christo custodi dicti nostri collegii salutem in omnium 
Salvatore. Relacione didicimus fidedigna, quod nonnulli dicti 
nostri collegii socii magistri artium, qui licet formam lecture in 
artium facultate in Universitate Oxonie statutam ac eciam 
requisitam compleverint, necnon per unum annum ultra formam 
eandem in facultate predicta lecturam continuaverint, ipsi tamen, 
contra ordinaciones nostras et statuta per nos edita et debite 
promulgata, necnon eisdem a multis retroactis temporibus 
sepius divulgata lecture huiusmodi continue intendentes, ad 
facultatem theologic seu astronomic juxta ordinaciones et statuta 
nostra predicta se convertere hactenus non curarunt ;^ quodque 
ipsi et alii socii nonnulli nostri collegii memorati, per vicos et 
plateas infra Universitatem publice incedentes, chimeris vel 
tabardis superius minime induuntur, contra ordinaciones et 
statuta superius memorata.- 

Cum igitur sic nostre intencionis existat, quod magistri 
artium dicti nostri collegii completi forma et anno predictis ad 
theologie seu astronomic facultatem illico se convertant, quodque 
ipsi et alii socii quicunque nostri collegii supradicti, cum extra 
dictum nostrum collegium infra Universitatem predictam, et 
eciam per spacium miliaris circum Universitatem eandem inces- 
serint, capis, chimeris, vel tabardis longis et talaribus, prout 
ipsorum gradibus et statibus congruunt, et non aliis vestibus, 
superiijs induantur ; vobis committimus et mandamus, quatcnus 
statim visis prcsentibus, absque more dispcndio, magistros artium 
quoscunque nostri collegii supradicti, qui formam et annum, de 
quibus prcmittitur, compleverunt, moneatis et cfficaciter inducatis 

1 Rubric xxvi of the Founder's Statutes, " De tempore assumendi gradus in qualibet 
facultate," enjoins "quod quilibet magister in artibus, postquain in e;\dcm H^cultate in 
dicti Universitate tribus annis integris rexerit, anno inceptionis sue, si post festum Pasche 
inceperit, minini('; coinputato, ad facultatem theologie vel astronomic seu medicine illiccS 
se convertere debeat, et etiam teneatur, proficiatcjuc, et gradus assumat in eadem. " 

2 Rubric xxiii, " De habitu sociorum et scolarium de CoUegio : et de armis non 
portandis," enjoins " fjuod custos, socii, et scolares universi nostri Collegii memorati, 
cum ad scolas vel alibi extra ipsum Collegium infra Universitatem predictam, et spacium 
unius milliaris circa Universitatem eandem, tam dicbus legibilibus cjuam aliis feriatis ire 
contigerit, capis, chimeris, tabardis longis et talaribus, vel mantcllis pro tempore inceptio- 
num, sicut et prout eorum gnidibus et statibus congruit, et non aliis vestibus, supcriiis 

384 Wyke ham's Register. 

quatenus a lectura et regiminc in artium facultatc statim sine 
mora cessent omnino, et ad theologie sen astronomie facultatcm 
absque more dispcndio effcctualitcr se committant et studeant, 
ac proficiant efficaciter in eadem : et quod ipsi quicunque socii 
supradicti, cum extra dictum nostrum collegium infra Universi- 
tatem et spacium supradicta incesserint, chimeris, capis, vel longis 
tabardis, prout eis congruit, superius induantur, nisi necessitate 
cogente aliud fuerit faciendum, juxta ordinaciones et statuta 
nostra predicta. 

Contradictores vero et rebelles, aut monicionibus vestris 
huiusmodi effectual iter non parentes, a dicto nostro collegio 
pcrpetuo expellatis ; certificantes nos infra quatuor dierum 
spacium a tempore recepcionis presencium, quid inveneritis et 
feceritis in premissis. — Southwark, 20 May, 1386. 

[223 a.] M. Thomas Baketone, archdeacon of London, 
commissioned by the bishop as one of the conservators of the 
order of Friars-Preachers to inquire into and redress wrongs 
done to f. John Kempestone by ds. William Ledecombe, v. of 
Marsworth, Bucks. — lb., 6 June. 

Grant of Hamble priory in commendam to Tideman,^ a 
monk of Netley. — Harwell, 15 August. 

[223 b.] Will of John Dene, r. of Wonston, Englished : — 
I bequeath my soul to God and my body to be buried in the 
church of St. Stephen, Bristol, with my father. I bequeath my 
best horse to my father, W^alter Derby .^ I bequeath to my 
serving man Nicholas, 40^-. and my bedstead ; ^ to my serving 
man Geoffrey, 6s. 2>d. ; to Isabel, wife of Robert Hentone, 6s. Zd. ; 
and the residue of my goods to John, son of Philip Haywarde, 
and John Blanket, my serving man. Executor, John Blanket. 

Will dated 28 July, 1386, and proved 27 August, before the 
bishop at Farnham. 

Letter to archdeacon of Surrey and r. of Stoke near Guild- 
ford, dated Southwark, 2 Sept., transmitting a privy seal calling 
the clergy to arms for the defence of the realm * : — 

Reverent piere en Dieu, porceo que meintenant nous sount 

1 Tideman de Wynchcombe, bp. of W^orcester, 1395-1401. 2 Qu. stepfather. 

' lectus : probably bedstead and bedding. ■* Walsingham, ii, 147. 

Official Instruments. 385 

venues certeines novellas, que notre adversairc do Frauncc se 
apparaile ouec graunt poair de vcnir ore sodcinement sur notre 
Royaume dengletere pur fai're le damage et grevance qil purra a 
nous, et a notre dit Royaume, et a touz noz liges dicel ; vous 
prioms enchargeaunt le plus cstroitement q nous pooms vous 
soiez prestz et arraiez voz et touz les gentz darmes et archiers 
que vous purrez avoir arraiez et montez pur la guerre ; et facez 
auxi tout votre clergie estre prestz et arraiez et montez pur la 
guerre, pour venir en votre persone, ou envoier voz ditz gentz et 
clergie devers nous eusi arraiez quen part que Dieu nous dourra 
avoir affaire, pour resister a noz ditz enemyes en salvacion et 
defense de noz ditz liges et royaume prestement et saunz targer 
quelle heure, et solonc ce que nous vous ferroms assavoir per noz 
prives lettres apres cestes. Et ce en nulle maner ne lessez, sour 
la foy et ligeance que vous nous deuez ; et sicome vous voulez 
la salvacion de notre honnour et estat et le votre, et acquiter 
votre devoir et loyaulte envers nous. Don souz notre prive seal 
a Westm. le xiiij jour daugust. 

Et vous prioms, que vous facez faire processions, et prier 
especialment per tout votre diocise pur le bon exploit et salva- 
cion de nous et de tout notre royaume au countre la malice de 
noz enemyes avantditz. Don come desus. 

[224a.] Citation of executors of Sir Thomas West, kt, quod 
compareant coram nobis in manerio nostro de Esshere viij" die 
juridico citacionem tuam huiusmodi immediate sequente dictum 
testamentum exhibituri et ilium legitime probaturi. — Southwark, 
5 October, 1386. 

Probate of nuncupative will of rector of Fordingbridge (vol i, 
p. 145), granted to John Sewell, John Fremyngham, and Henry 
Sevvell, at Southwark, 14 October. 

The will Englished : — Bequest of soul to God and body to 
be interred in the monastery at Stone. To his serving man 
Robert, 40 marks ; to his serving man Robert Catton, 20 marks, 
his bay horse, and his bed ; to Alice his serving woman, 10 
marks and his dun horse ; to Joan his maid (famule), ;£'20 ; to 
Thomas Wyte, 100^. ; to William Broun, \QOs. ; residue to the 
executors ad pios usiis^ 


386 IVykehnm's Register. 

William Ryngeborne^ appointed land steward (senescallus 
terrarum) of the bishopric estates. 

William, etc. Saches nous avoir fait et assignee notre 
trescher ct bicn amcc William Ryngebornc notre seneschal de 
toutz noz manoirs, terres, et scignorics, et toutz autres choses 
temporeles appurtenantes a notre evcschee, a faire et ordeiner 
en ycelles ceo q' attient al office de seneschal pur le temps qil 
plest a nous. 

Et pur ceo nous prions trescherment a toutz noz amys et bien 
voillantz, et mandouns et chargeons a toutz noz tcnantz et 
ministrcs qecunqes, qe es toutcs choses appurtenantz al office de 
seneschal susdit soietz a dit William aidantz, conseillantz, 
entendantz, et responantz en due manere. 

En tesmoignance, etc. — lb., 25 October, 1386. 

[224 b.] Composition between the abbots of Hyde and 
Waverley, touching the tithe of the manor of Netham ^ and the 
provision of a domestic chaplain (unum capellanum familie dicti 
manerii) following similar compositions in the time of bps. 
Henry de Blois and Peter de Rupibus. The abbot and convent 
of Waverley are to be free from the payment of tithe on their 
manor of Netham to the abbot and convent of Hyde or to the 
church of Alton or chapel of Binstead, and the abbot and 
convent of Hyde are not to exact or claim any such tithe, and 
are to be free from obligation to find a chaplain for the manor of 
[225 a.] Netham ; but the vicar of Alton for the time being 
is to send every year the chaplain who serves the chapel of 
Halybourne (Holybourne) to confess the household at Netham 
in Lent, as hath been the use in times past. And as a com- 
position for all tithes, first-fruits, pensions, portions, and customs 
due to the abbey of Hyde, the abbot and convent of Waverley 
are to pay yearly at Michaelmas two marks to the abbot and 
convent of Hyde, and 20s. to the church of Alton ; and if the 
said payments be one month in arrear the abbot and convent of 
Waverley are to pay to the abbot and convent of Hyde the 
further sum of 20s. by way of penalty. The compositions under 

1 Great-grandson of Alice the bishop's aunt. 
- Neatham is a hamlet two miles north-east of the town of Alton, giving its name to the 
hundred in which Alton is situate. The manor of Neatham was given to Waverley Abbey 
by King Stephen and added to by purchase on the part of the monks. 

Official Instruments. 387 

bps. Henry dc Blois and dc Rupibus arc confirmed, so far as 
they are not contrary to the above. — Farnham, 10 January, 


Acceptance of above composition by abbot and convent of 
Hyde. — No date. 

[225 b.] Mandate postponing the visitation of Winchester 
Cathedral until the Monday after S. Scolastica (Feb. 10). — 
Southwark, 7 Nov., 1386. 

Mandate to abbot of Hyde postponing visitation of the abbey 
till Thursday next after S. Scolastica. — lb., Nov. 21. 

Mandate to prior and chapter of Winchester Cathedral 
ordering thanksgivings and a Te Deum for the failure of the 
French King's expedition against England ^ : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis filiis priori et capitulo ecclesie nostre 
Wyntoniensis, s. g. et b. Inter cetera mundi regna per totam 
orbem terrarum diffusa, regnum Anglie, utpote quod honoris 
hactenus viguit prerogative et fidelium eiusdem intervenientibus 
precibus apud Altissimum in pacis pulcritudine pre ceteris 
conquievit, dominacionum Dominum in suis huiusmodi beneficiis 
in hympnis et canticis ac exultacionis vocibus merito collaudare 

Cum itaque idem dominatorum Dominus ultra ea, que 
hactenus tam magnifice quam misericorditer egit cum populo 
Anglicano, volens sue bonitatis immense misericordiam ampliare, 
dictumque populum suum proteccionis sue prerogative quodam- 
modo speciali tueri, secreciori usus consilio dictum populum 
suum a faucibus mortis, seu saltcm a variis angustiis et intoller- 
abilibus jam noviter liberavit, dum adversarios nostros de Francia 
inaudita multitudine ad dcpopulandum populum Anglicanum 
jam diu hostiliter congregatos absque hominis presidio sua pictate 
ineffabili fecerit rctroire, ipsum dominatorum Dominum, qui 
salvos facit sperantes in se, intensioribus partium instanciis et 
devocione siquidem altiori nos decet et convenit exaltare ac 
specialius collaudare meritoque poterimus predicare Non est 
nacio quam grattdis, que deos habeat appropinquantes sibi, sicut 
adest nobis Deus nosterr 

1 This expedition was delayed from the kalends of August until All Saints' eve by 
contrary winds, and soon after it s;ulcd the wind became contrary again. Some of the 
ships were lost, and the rest went bfick.— Wah. ii, 151. 

- Dcut. iv, 7. 


388 Wyke/tiDus Register. 

Proinde pro tot bcneficiorum collacionibus nobis impensis, et 
specialiter exuberant!* gracie sue dono, qua jam nos oriens ex 
alto misericorditer visitavit, cupientes divinam celsitudinem com- 
placari prccibus dcvotorum : vos in Domino exhortamur, vobis 
nichilominus in virtute obediencic firmiter injungcndo mandantes, 
quatenus absque more dispcndio, assistentibus vobiscum toto 
clero et populo civitatis nostre Wyntoniensis per ipsam civitatem 
unam processionem sollempnem cum psalmo Te Dejim laudarmis 
et una missa unoque sermone subsequentibus pro tante miseri- 
cordic sue affluencia specialiter, et deinde singulis quartis et 
sextis feriis in dicta ecclesia nostra processiones faciatis sol- 
lempnes Regi regum et Domino dominancium, qui fecit nobiscum 
misericordiam suam, in hympnis, psalmis, et canticis gracias 
refercntes, et apud eundem devocius exorantes, ut ecclesiam et 
rcgnum Anglie ab hostium incursu conservet, eisdemque pacem 
tribuat, foveat, et confirmet, ad ipsius gloriam et honorem. 

Et ut mentes fidelium, etc. (grant of forty days' indulgence). — 
lb., I Nov., 1386. 

Similar mandate to abbot of Hyde. — Same date. 

Monition of certain, who deserting their own parish churches 
of Odiham and Heckfield attend early mass at Rotherwick 
chapel : — 

Willelmus, etc. Dilectis filiis ecclesiarum parochialium de 
Odyham et Heghfelde perpetuis vicariis, ac capellano celebranti 
divina in capella de Retherwyke ab ipsa ecclesia de Odyham 
dependente, necnon omnibus et singulis rectoribus et vicariis ac 
eorum capellanis parochiarum per decanatum de Basynstok, 
nostre diocesis, constitutis, s. g. et b. Humane condicionis im- 
probitas novitates, que plerumque dispendia generant, insolerter 
exquirens, minus utilia ardencius appetit, quam que ad animarum 
salutem tendere dinoscuntur. 

Sane fama publica referente ad nostrum pervenit auditum, 
quod nonnulli ecclesiarum nostre diocesis parochiani, qui diebus 
dominicis et festivis divinis officiis et precipue alte misse in 
eorum ecclesiis parochialibus ex institucione canonica interesse 
tenentur, ad capellam de Rutherwyke {sic) predictam et alia loco 
foranea, contemptis eorum propriis presbyteris, diebus dominicis 
et festivis, quibus suorum ordinariorum mandata salubria, edici- 

official Instriunents. 389 

ones bannorum, jejuniorum indicciones, ct premunicioncs dicrum 
bolempnium et festorum ac proposicionem aliquociens verbi Dei 
ibidem audire deberent, confluunt impudenter, et audita inibi 
missa privata de mane, ad jentacula et potaciones, comessaciones, 
et ebrietates, ac alia lasciva et inhonesta extunc se conferunt 
indecenter, in animarum suarum grave periculum, perniciosum 
exemplum et scandalum plurimorum. 

Quocirca vobis comuniter et divisim in virtute obediencie ac 
sub excommunicacionis summe pena firmiter injungendo man- 
damus, quatenus in capella de Rethervvyke predicta et locis aliis, 
in quibus vobis videbitur expedire, diebus dominicis et festivis 
proxime sequuturis moneatis et moneri publice et in genere 
faciatis omnes et singulos parochianos huiusmodi, quod ipsi ad 
ipsorum parochiales ecclesias prefatas, precipue diebus dominicis 
et festivis, reverenter accedant, divina officia et presertim 
magnam missam et alia supradicta devocius audituri, nisi per 
absenciam necessariam vel alias legitime fuerint impediti, sub 
pena excommunicacionis maioris, quam in huiusmodi non peni- 
tentes, monicionibus vestris intendimus canonice fulminare : 

Inhibentes vobis expresse, sub pena excommunicacionis pre- 
dicta, ne aliquos parochianos alienos extra casus a jure permissos 
ad missas vel alia divina huiusmodi quovismodo scienter de 
cetero per vos vel alios admittere presumatis. 

Et quid feceritis, etc. — Ib.^ 6 Dec, 1386. 

[226 a.] Letter to the prior and convent of Winchester 
Cathedral touching the decrease in the number of brethren : — 

Salutem cum benediccione Dei et nostra, in Christo filii 
carissimi. Vestram non latet prudenciam, qualiter postquam 
ad episcopalis dignitatis apicem nos divina vocavit clemencia 
nostram Wyntonicnscm ecclcsiam et singulas personas eiusdem 
pcrsonalitcr visitavimus vicibus iteratis, et dum nostrc visitacionis 
officium exercuimus in cadem comperimus evidcnter, quod 
monachorum ecclesie nostrc predictc antiquus ct solitus numcrus 
adco jam dccrcvit,^ quod antiqui ct soliti numeri monachorum 
ipsorum vix remanent due partes in nostra ecclesiii supradicta. 

* The right number of monks in a Fiencdiclinc house was seventy. The highest 
number mentioned in this house was sixty-four in 132; ; the lowest twenty-nine in 1495-6 
[^Obedientiary Rolls of St. Swithrm'i, Winchester, Introd. p. 16). The number at the 
dale of this letter is not given. 

390 Wyke/iani's Krj^isfer. 

Inquirentes prctcrea dc tantc dcsolacionis ct diminucionis 
causa numcri predict!, ex gravi querela omnium confratrum 
ipsius ecclesie reccpimus, quod licet facultates, possessiones, et 
bona communia ecclesie nostre predicte, que fundatorum eiusdem 
et aliorum Christi fidelium manus munifica eidem ecclesie pia 
largicione contulit ad sustentacionem antiqui numeri mona- 
chorum in ipsa ecclesia ceteris oneribus eidem incumbentibus 
supportatis sufficiant hiis diebus, porcio tamen limitata pro 
sustentacione conventus ita tenuis et exilis existit, quod ipsa non 
sufficit ad modicum confratrum numerum jam existentem ibidem 
pro victu et vestitu ipsorum et aliis oneribus eisdem incumben- 
tibus, honestate servata, debite supportandis ; quodque eadem 
porcio absque augmentacione debita ad maiorem numerum 
sufficere non poterit quovismodo ; ac quod exilitas sive modicitas 
porcionis predicte causa est precisa diminucionis antiqui et 
soliti numeri monachorum in ecclesia nostra memorata. Cum 
igitur ad nostrum officium pastorale pertineat antiquum mona- 
chorum numerum in ecclesia nostra servare, nosque deceat tante 
dcsolacionis et diminucionis dispendium ab ecclesia nostra eo 
vigilancius ammovere, quo ipsa in diminucionem cultus divini et 
animarum periculum tendere conspicimus evidenter : 

Vobis consulimus, vestram prudenciam in Domino exhortantes, 
quatenus de facultatibus, possessionibus, et bonis communibus 
ecclesie nostre predicte inter vos ipsos citra instans festum 
Pasche porcionem congruam ordinare curetis, ex qua antiquus et 
solitus confratrum numerus in victu et vestitu honeste valeant 
sustentari aliaque sibi onera incumbencia debite supportari. 

Alioquin ad limitacionem et ordinacionem porcionis huius- 
modi et augmentacionem antiqui numeri supradicti, prout nobis 
possibile fuerit, legitime procedemus, ad divini cultus augmentum 
et sicut nobis incurrit ex officio pastorali. — /^., 6 Feb., 1386-7. 

Letter to abbot of Hyde, advising a compromise on the 
question whether the fruits of certain chapels appendant to the 
church of Micheldever belonged to the abbot ex-officio or to 
the convent at large : — 

Salutem cum benediccione Dei et nostra, in Christo, filii 
nobis dilecti. Nuper monasterium vestrum actualiter visitantes, 
graves admodum querelas pro parte conventus contra vos, fratrem 

Official Instruments, 391 

Johannem de Eynsham, jam abbatcm dicti monasterii, dcpositas 
recepimus displicenter, parte conventus firmiter asserente, quod 
vos certas capellas ab ecclcsia dc Micheldevere dependentes 
porcioni conventus eiusdem in supportacionem onerum eis 
incumbencium antiquitus assignatas, preter et contra voluntatem 
ipsius conventus detinetis injuste, necnon de fructibus capel- 
larum ipsarum disponitis pro vestro libito voluntatis, quorum 
pretextu prefatus conventus incumbencia sibi onera nequit debite 
supportare. Vobis vero, domino abbate e contrario affirmante, 
asserenteque capellas ipsas non porcioni conventus, ut pretenditur, 
assignatas, set ad porcionem vestram a porcione dicti conventus 
divisam pertinere, ac pertinere debere, pro incumbentibus vobis 
oneribus debite supportandis. 

Et licet super hiis et aliis nonnullis articulis in visitacione 
nostra predicta per inquisicionem sollempnem compertis, vos 
abbatem et conventum predictos concernentibus, nostris laudo et 
arbitrio in alto et in basso sub certa pena vos submisistis, sicut 
scitis ; vestris tamen in ea parte laboribus et expensis parcere 
cupientes vobis consulimus, vestram prudenciam in Domino 
exhortantes, quatenus super omnibus et singulis articulis huius- 
modi inter vos ipsos tractare ac mediante pacis Auctore super 
ipsis componere et concordare curetis, pro vestris comuni comodo 
et honore ; per hoc enim multa bonorum et rerum dispendia, 
scandala, et incommoda varia poteritis caucius evitare, que forsan 
alias non possetis comode supportare, si dicta negocia per 
alios contingeret pertractari. 

Alioquin si finem dicto negocio per modum huiusmodi per 
vos ipsos imponere non velitis, nos vigore submissionis predicte, 
vel alias nostra ordinaria potestate, finem super dictis articulis 
imponemus, prout de jure viderimus faciendum. Domino con- 
cedente. — lb., 7 Feb., 1386-7. 

[226 b.] Form of notice of impending visitation, with clause 
of interim inhibition : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio officiali archidiaconi nostri 
Surreiensis s. g. et b. Visitacionem nostram ordinariam nupcr in 
ecclesia nostra cathcdrali atque civitatc Wyntoniensi aliisquc 
locis archidiaconatus Wyntoniensis inchoatam ulterius continuare 
ac perficere cupientes, clcrum et populum archidiaconatCis 

39^ Wykehatns Register. 

Surrciensis, qui sine visitacione pastorali non modico tempore 
prostetenint, jure nostro ordinario visitare proponimus, Deo 

Nostram igitur visitacioncm huiusmodi vobis tenore presen- 
cium iiitimamus, ipsamque archidiacono Surreiensi, ac omnibus 
aliis decanis ct ministris vestris quibuscunque, per vos absque 
more dispendio intimari volumus et mandamus, vobis insuper 
inhibcntes, et per vos archidiacono Surreiensi, decanis et aliis 
ministris huiusmodi in virtute obediencie inhiberi mandantes, ne 
vos aut ipsi, seu quivis alii nomine vestro, pendente visitacione 
nostra huiusmodi, in archidiaconatu predicto, quicquam attemptet 
seu attemptent in prejudicium nostre visitacionis predicte, seu 
faciat aut faciant aliqualiter attemptari ; quodque ab omni 
exercicio jurisdiccionis archidiaconatus, prout moris est, super- 
sedeatur omnino, donee nostra visitacio huiusmodi plenaria 
fuerit completa. 

De diebus vero, etc. — Esher, 31 Dec, 1386. 

Receipt acknowledged by archdeacon's official at Guildford, 
5 Jan, 1386-7. 

Commission for the visitation of Newark priory. — South- 
wark, 19 Jan., 1386-7. 

Mandate for the citation of a number of persons to answer 
charges arising out of the above visitation. — /^., 7 Feb. 

Commission directed to official and another to conduct the 
visitation of Winchester Cathedral and Hyde Abbey. — Z^., 
8 Feb. 

[227a.] Official's letter certifying^ an excommunicate, John 
Devenish of South Charford, the respondent in a cause of 
subtraction of tithe, promoted by the prior of Breamore. — Win- 
chester, 8 February. 

[227 b.] Bishop's letter certifying Devenish. — Southwark, 
19 Feb. 

[227 a.] Delegation of m. Thomas Spert, chancellor of 
Wells, m. John Lydeforde, the official, Thomas Boys, provost of 
St. Elizabeth's college, and the rectors of St. Nicholas, Guildford, 

1 See note, p. 139. 

official Instruments. 393 

and Easton, to hear a cause of divorce or nullity promoted by 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Whytone, against Thomas Pauncefot. 
—lb., 18 Feb., 1387. 

William, chaplain of Breamore, appointed confessor to Sir 
William Southe, kt., and dame Margaret his wife and their 
household. — Same date. 

[227 b.] Will of Richard Brykeman, of the parish of S. Mary 
Magdalen, Bermondsey, dated Sunday next after Christmas Day, 
1386, Englished : — 

Bequeaths soul to God, the Blessed Virgin, and all Saints, 
and body to be buried in churchyard of S. Mary Magdalen. 
Bequeaths 20s. to provide a chalice for the use of that church 
and \os. for expenses on the day of his burying. Gives for the 
support of the light before the rood at that church half of one of 
his beehives (huve apum), and the rest of his beehives to his son 
John. To the convent of St. Saviour's, Bermondsey, 6s., and to 
William Clerc his brother, 6s. Zd. ; to Nicholas Brykeman the 
lease of the garden which the testator rented of the bishop of 
Winchester, and the livery gown which he wore as one of the 
bishop's men (quam habeo in huiusmodi servicio). Bequeaths 
to his wife all the goods which she endowed him with on 
their marriage, to wit, her clothing, ornaments, (jocalia), linen, 
woollen, and utensils, and of his own goods, a copper pot, a 
copper basin and ewer, a copper dish, and two bedsteads and 
bedding, at her election. Residue after payment of debts to be 
distributed equally amongst his children John, Alice, Joan, and 
Joan,^ to be kept for them by the executors until their coming 
of age. Executors, John White, tanner, Thomas Sandwyk, 
carpenter, and Agnes the widow. 

Proved before the bishop at Southwark, 11 January, 1386-7. 

Will of Edmund Tettisworth, serjeant-at-arms, dated 1386, 
no day or month, Englished : — 

Bequeaths soul to God, the Blessed Virgin, and All Saints, 
and body to be buried in church of St. Mary Overy, Southwark, 
before the image of St. Anne on the wall. To the prior and 
convent of St. Mary Overy, lOO marks to find board and clothes, 
prout decet gaitilem homincm, for his brother Thomas, and a 

' This leslalor had two daughters named Joan. The next testator had two named AUcc. 

394 Wykehums Rcgistey. 

chamber in the west gate of the convent for him to dwell in 
during the rest of his life ; also 26 marks for masses for the 
testator's soul during six years after his death, and 6s. Sd. yearly 
to the officiating priest. To the parish church of Tettisworth 
(Tetsworth, Oxon), ;£"20 ; to improve the highway there from 
Lob's corner to Postilcombe Hill, ;^40 ; to the abbot and 
convent of Thame for repairs of the abbey church, £40 ; to 
Roger Catour his serving man the £40 owing by William 
Multone ; to John and William Flour, his serving man, and 
Joan Couvyle, his serving woman, ten marks each ; to Simon 
Catour and wife, ten marks ; to John Smyth and Alice his 
wife, a daughter of the testator, ten marks ; to John Danvers 
and Marion his mother, ten marks ; to Thomas Dorant and 
Alice his wife, another daughter of the testator, settled in 
Buckinghamshire, ten marks ; to John Bryd and Isabel his wife, 
ten marks ; to Thomas Merton, a monk of Eynsham, ten marks ; 
to his son John Tettisworth the ^40 owing by William 
Blakemore on bond, to remain in Blakemore's hands till the 
son's coming of age, and if he die under age, to fall into the 
residue for the soul's health of the testator and his son. To 
the fabric of St Olave's church, ten marks ; to Thomas Wanstal, 
skinner [pe/lzpartus), ten marks. Residue to executors for pious 
uses. Executors, Roger and Thomas Tettisworth his brothers, 
Alice Mokkynge, William Blakemore serjeant-at-arms, Roger 
Longe of Tettisworth, and John Tettisworth, a cousin. 

[228 a.] Proved, as regards assets within the diocese, at 
Southwark, 4 March, 1386-7. 

V. of Heckfield licensed to officiate at Mattingley ^ : — 
Willelmus, etc., dilecto filio perpetuo vicario ecclesie paro- 
chialis de Heghfelde, nostre diocesis, s. g. et b. Dilecti nobis in 
Christo filii prioris monasterii de Mertone precibus favorabiliter 
inclinati, ut in quadam domo in villata de Mattinglye ad instar 
capelle fabricata, et infra parochiam eiusdem ecclesie de Hegh- 
felde, nostre diocesis, situata, missas et alia divina officia licite 
celebrare, ac eciam per alium capellanum ydoneum, quem ad 
hoc duxeris eligendum, facere valeas celebrari, parochianisque 
villatam de Mattynglye predictam inhabitantibus sacramenta et 
sacramentalia ecclesiastica in eadem domo per te vel capellanum 

1 A place four miles south-west of Heckfield. 

Official Instruments. 395 

huiusmodi ministrarc, tibi ac capcllano cidcm liccnciam tenorc 
presencium concedimus specialem a die date prcsencium usque 
ad proximam dominicam post festum Pasche proxime jam 
futurum inclusive tantummodo duraturam. 

Mandantes preterea, quatenus omnibus inhabitantibus villa- 
tam predictam parochianis ecclesie de Heghfelde predicta ne pro 
divinis audiendis aut sacramcntis vel sacramentalibus ecclesias- 
ticis recipiendis ad ecclesias alienas, nisi ex causa racionabili vel 
legitima, se transferant quovismodo, sub pena excommunicacionis 
maioris ; non permittentes aliquos alios capellanos, cuiuscunque 
ordinis, gradus, status, aut condicionis existant, in dicta domo 
quomodolibet celebrare, aut sacramenta vel aliqua sacramentalia 
ecclesiastica inibi ministrare, absque nostra licencia speciali. 
Inhibentes insuper omnibus parochianis ecclesiarum aliarum ad 
dictam domum pro divinis audiendis accedentibus, ne ibidem 
divina huiusmodi audiant vel sacramenta seu sacramentalia 
ecclesiastica inibi recipiant, casibus a jure permissis dumtaxat 
exceptis. — Southvvark, 9 March, 1386-7. 

Commission directed to prior of Winchester Cathedral and 
others to absolve Nicholas Fauconer, of Hurstbourne Priors, who 
was excommunicate for contumacy, and in custody by virtue of a 
writ of excovimnnicato capiendo ; and return dated at Winchester, 
15 March. 

[228 b.] Signification thereof to the king, to the intent 
that Fauconer may be discharged from custody ^ : — 

Excellentissimo in Christo principi, etc., Willelmus, etc., 
salutem in Eo, per quem reges regnant et principes dominantur. 
Cum nos dudum pro capcione Nicholai Fauconer de Husseborne 
Prioris, nostre diocesis, qui propter suas multiplicatas contu- 
macias pariter et ofifensas coram nobis contractas maioris 
excommunicacionis summa auctoritate nostra ordinaria legitime 
extitit innodatus, et in huiusmodi excommunicacionis summa in 
contemptum clavium ecclesie per quadraginta dies et ampliias 
perseveravit animo indurato, vestre regie scripscrimus maiestati, 
fuissetque et sic idem Nicholaus ad mandatum vestrum rcgium 
inde directum, ad ipsius rebellionem reprimendam, in castro 
vestro Wyntoniensi carccri mancipatus ; prefatus Nicholaus 

1 The statute regulating the writ dc excommunicato capiendo is now 5 KHz., c. 23, 

39^ Wykchanis RegisUf. 

careen's asperitatc a sue rebcllionis dcvio ad humilitatis semitam 
revoeatus, a prefata excommunicacionis summa in forma juris se 
absolvi humilitcr supplicavit. 

Nos igitur, attendentes quod ccclesia claudere non debeat 
gremium penitent!, misericordie oculos convertimus ad eundem, 
et ipsum a dicta excommunicacionis summa absolvi fecimus 
in forma ecclesie consueta. 

Que omnia vestre celsitudini regi tenore presencium inti- 
mamus, ut quem brachii secularis potestas a suis temerariis 
conatibus refrenavit, jam humilem et contritum a carceris vincula 
[sic) precipiat liberari. Vestram celsitudinem regiam diu con- 
servet Altissimus ad populi sui regimen per tempora feliciter 
duratura. — Farnham, 17 March, 1386-7. 

Act of regency, appointing archbishops of Canterbury and 
York, dukes of York and Gloucester, bishops of Winchester and 
Exeter, abbot of Waltham, Richard earl of Arundel, John lord 
Cobham, Richard Lescrop, and John Devereux, commissioners 
for the reform of the king's household and better government of 
the realm : — 

Richard, per la grace de Dieu Roy dengletere et de Fraunce, 
et seignour dirland, a toutz ceux qi cestes lettres verrount ou 
orront, salutz. Nous avoms certeinement contenz de la grevouse 
compleint de seignours et communes de nostre royalme en ce 
present parlement assemblez, que noz profitz, rentes, et revenues 
de notre royalme per singuler et nonsufficeant conseil et male 
governaile, sibien dascuns nadgairs noz grantz officers come de 
diverses autres persones esteantz entour notre persone, sont en 
tant sustretz, esloignez, donez, grantz, alienez, destruitz, et 
malement despenduz, que nous sumes tant empoverez, voides, 
et nues de tresor et davoir, et la substance de notre corone en 
tant amenuse et destru, que lestat de nous et de notre hostel ne 
poet honurablement estre sustenuz, comme affiert, ne les guerres 
qe oe abundent tout environ notre roialme de iour en autre 
meyntenuz ne governez, saunz tres grandes et outrageouses 
oppressions et importables charges de notre dit people ; et 
auxint que les bones leys, estatutz, et custumez de notre dit 
roialme, as queux nous sumes astrictz et obligez de tenir et 
garder, ne sount nount este duement tenuz ne executz, ne pleyne 

Official Instruments. 397 

justice ne droit faitz a notre dit peple, pont plusoures desheri- 
souns et autres tresgrandes mcschiefs ct damages sont avcnuz, 
si bien a nous, come a notre dit people, et a tout notre roialme. 

Et nous a lonur de Dieu et pur le bien de nous et de notre 
dit roialme et pur la quiete et relevation de notre dit people, 
qont este grandement chargez en plusours maneres devant ces 
heures, veullantz ove le grace de Dieu contre tieux meschiefs 
mettre bone et due remedie, si avoms de notre Tranche volunte, et 
al requestc des seignours et comunes susdites, ordeignez, fait, 
et assignez noz grantz officers, cest assavoir noz chaunceller, 
tresorer, et gardein de notre privc seal, tielx come nous tenons 
bons, loialx, et sufficeantz pur honour et profit de nous et de 
notre dit roialme. Et outre ce dc notre auctorite roiale, cer- 
teine science, bone gre, et franche volunte, et per avys et assent 
de prelatz, seignours, et comunes susditz en plein parlement en 
eide de bone governance de notre roialme et bone et due 
execution de noz dites leys, et en relevement del estat de nous 
et de notre people en temps avenir, confiantz pleinement del bon 
avisement, sen, et discretion de les honorables pieres en Dieu 
William, ercevesq de Cantebirs, Alisandre, ercevesq deverwyk, 
noz uncles Esmon, duk deverwyk,^ Thomas, duk de Glou- 
cestre ;- les honourables pieres en Dieu, William, evesq de 
Wyncestre, Thomas, evesq dexestre, et Nichol, abbe de Waltham ; 
nos chicrs et foialx Richard, counte darundall, John, sire de 
Cobham, Richard lescrop, et Johan Devereux, y ceux avons 
ordeignez, assignez, deputez, ordeignons, assignons, et deputons 
destre de notre grant et continuel conseil pur un an entier pros- 
chein apres la date dicestes, a survcier et examiner ovcsq noz 
grantz officers sibien lestat et govcrnailc dc notre hostel ct de 
toutes noz courtz, lieux, et places, come lestat et govcrnailc de tout 
notre roialme et de touz noz officers et ministres de queconque 
estat, degree, ou condition qils soicnt, sibien deinz notre hostel, 
come dehors, et denquere et de providrc information per toutes 
les voies qientz lour semblera de toutes les rentz, revenues, ct 
profitz qa nous apparticgnent ct sont dues, et deuisscnt appar- 
teigner et estre dues, sibien deinz notre roialme, come dehors, en 
queconque manerc ou condition dc toutes maneres de donns, 

» Edmund of L.ingley, Earl of Cambridge, made Duke of York in 1385. — Wals. ii, 140. 
' Thomas of Woodstock, ICarl of Huckinghatn, created Duke of Gloucester, same year. 
— lb., 140. 

3 98 I Vykeha m 's Register. 

grantz, alienacions et confirmations per nous faitz dc tcrrcs, 
tenementz, rentes, annuitees, profitz, revenues, gardes, mariages, 
eschetes, forfaitures, franchises, libertes, voidances de ercevesches, 
evesches, abbaties et priories, fermes, demesnes et possessions des 
aliens, et de toutes autres possessions, sommes de deniers, biens, 
et chateux, et dautres choses qucconques, et as queux persones 
et per quelle cause, et coment, et en quelle manere, et mesment 
de ceux persones que lont prys sanz desert ; et auxint des 
revenues ct profitz queconques, sibien de notre dit roialme, 
come de terres, seignories, citees, villes, chastelx, fortresses, et 
queconques noz autres possessions, sibien de cea la mir come de 
la ; et de profitz et emolumentz de noz monoies et billions, ct 
de la prise de prisoners, villes, et lieux, messes, carrakes, biens 
et ranceons de guerre per terre et per mier ; et de benefices et 
autres possessions de cardinalx rebealx, et toutz autres aliens, et 
auxint des apportes de monoie hors de notre roialme per lours 
collectours du pape, procuratours de cardinalx, Lumbardes, et 
autres persones queconque, sibien aliens come denzins, et des 
[229a.] emolumentz et profitz provenantz et sourdants de 
custumes et subsides de leynes, quirs et pealx lanutz, et de les 
petites custumes et autres subsides de draps, vyns, et toutes 
autres merchandices, et de dismes, quinzismes, et toutes autres 
subsides et charges grantez par la clergie et la comune ; et 
auxint de les resceites, profitz, et paiementz del hanaper de 
notre chauncelrie, et de queconqes noz autres resceites de temps 
de notre coronement tanq en cea, et de fees, gages, et rewardes 
des officers et ministres griendres et mendres, et auxint des 
annuitees et autres rewardes et donns grantez et faitz as ascunes 
persones per nous et per pier et aiel en fee, ou a terme de vie, ou 
en ascune autre manere, et si gree ou paiement lour ent soit fait; 
et per queux et en quelle manere, et combien ils ount relessez 
ou donez as officers et autres pur avoir lour paiementz, et as 
queux persones, coment, et in quelle manere, et de terres, tene- 
mentz, rentez, revenues et forfaitures, bargaynez et venduz a 
prejudice et damage de nous et de notre corone, et par queux, 
et as queux, et coment, et en quelle manere, et de vent ou 
bargayne de tallies et patentes pur singuler profit, sibien en 
temps notre dit aiel, come en notre temps, et coment, et per 
quelles persones, et eusement de toutz les joialx et biens que 

Official Instrinnents. 399 

furent a notre dit aid au temps de son moriant, et qucux, dc 
quelle prise ou value, et ou ils sont devenuz, ct coment, et en 
quelle manere ; et de toutes chevances ascunement faites a 
notre oeps per queconqes persones, et de toutes les perdes et 
damages que nous avoms eu et sustenu per idles, et per queux 
persones et coment, et en quelle manere ; ct de chartres de 
pardon generales et especiales, et auxint de les sommes et paie- 
mentz et manere de despenses, sibicn dc notre dit hostel, come 
pur la salvacion et defense de noz roialmc, tcrres, seignories, 
villes, chastdlx, fortresses, et autre lieu de cea la mier et de la, 
faitz et rescouz per queconqes persones, sibicn soldiers come 
autres, ct per queconquc voie, et coment, et en quelle manere ; 
et combien ils ont donez pur avoir lour paiementz ; et dc con- 
cdementz de noz droitures et profitz, et per qucux, coment, et 
en quelle manere ; et de meinteinours et empernours des quercles 
et dustres denquestes et dofficers et ministres faitz per brogage, 
et de lour brogours ; et de ceux qont pris Ic brogage, ct coment, 
et en quelle manere. 

Et de toutes les defautes et mesprisions faites, sibicn en notre 
dit hostel et noz autres courtz, places, et lieux susdites, come en 
toutz autres lieux deinz notre roialme per queconqes persones, 
pont les profitz de nous et de notre corone ont este empirez et 
amenusez, ou la comune ley destourbe ou delaye, ou autre 
damage a nous avenir. 

Donantz ct comettantz par ycestes de notre auctorite 
et per avys et assent desusditz a non ditz conseillers, et fys de 
eux a noz grantz officers avantditz, plcin poair et auctoritee 
generalc et cspcciale dcntrc notre dit hostel, ct toutz les offices 
dc yccllc, et touz noz autres courtz, places, ct lieux, a tant dc foitz 
come lour plerra, et dc faire vcnir dcvant eux, ou ct qant lour 
plcrra, roullcs, recordes, ct autres munimentz et evidences tioux 
come lour scmblcra, ct toutes les defautes, gastcs, ct excesses 
trovez en dit hostel, et auxint toutes autres defautes et mes- 
prisions trovez en les autres courtz, places, lieux, officers et 
ministres susditz, et en toutz les autres articles ct poyntz dcsus- 
nomez, et chcscun dcyccllcs, et auxint toutes autres defautes, 
mesprisions, excesses, fauxtines, desceites, extorsions, oppressions, 
damages, ct grevances faites au prejudice, damage et destres de 
nous et de notre corone, ct Icstat dc notre dit roialmc, en 

400 lVykeha)ns Ri\^ister. 

general ou en especialmcnt, cxprcssez nc specificz paravant, 
amendcr, corrlgcr, rcparer, rcdrcsscr, reformer, et mettre en bone 
et due estat et establissement. 

Et auxint doier et resceuire toutes maneres de pleyntes et 
quereles dc toutz noz lieges si vorront suir et se pleindre, sibien 
pur nous come pur lour mesmes, devant noz dits conseillers ct 
ofFiciers de toutes maneres de duresses, oppressions, injuries, 
tortz, ct mesprision.s, queux ne purront bonement estre amendez 
ne termincs per la cours de la comune ley de la terre avant usee, 
et de ent doner et faire bone et due rcmedie, et recovrir ; sibien 
pur nous come pur noz lieges susditz. 

Et a toutes Ics choses avantditz, et chescun de eux, pleine- 
ment discuter et finalment terminer, et de ent faire pleine 
execution, solonc ceo que lour semblera mentz, pur le honur et 
profit de nous et de notre estat et redyntegration de droitz et 
profitz de notre dit corone et meilliour governance de la paix 
et leys de notre terre, et relevement de notre dit people. 

Veullantz auxi, que si diversite ou variance dopinion sourde 
ou aveigne entre noz ditz conseillers et officers, que la juggement 
et opinion de la greindre partie eit force et tiegne bien. 

Commandantz et chargeantz a touz prelatz, dues, contes, 
barons, seneschall, tresorer, countreroullour, et touz autres 
officers de notre hostel, justices de lun bank, ou de lautre, et 
autres nos justices queconqes, barons, et chamberlaynes de 
leschequer, viscontz, eschetours, maiors, baillifs, et touz autres 
noz officers, ministres, et lieges queconqes, q a noz ditz conseillers 
et officers en la manere avantdite soient entendantz, obeiantz, 
conseillantz, et aidant, sisonent, et pur manere come noz ditz 
conseillers et officers lour ferront assavoir, de par nous. 

En tesmoignance de quelle chose nous avons fait cestes noz 
lettres patentes. Don souz notre grand seal a Westm. le xix 
iour de Novembre Ian de notre regne disme. 

[229 a.] Certificate to ground a writ de excommunicato 
capiendo against Geoffrey Bakere, of Woking, for contumacy. — 
Wolvesey, 9 April, 1387. 

Commission directed to Lydeforde the official and John' 
Ware to visit priories of Selbornc, Christchurch Twynham am 

Official Instruments, 401 

Breamore, and St. Mary's abbey, Winchester — ad inquirendum 
super quibuscunque criminibus, excessibus, et delictis quarum- 
libet personarum dictorum prioratuum et monasterii. — South- 
wark, 29 June, 1387. 

[229 b.] Commission to admit William Love to the arch- 
priestship of Barton oratory : — 

Willelmus, etc., dilectis in Christo filiis abbati monasterii de 
Quarrera in insula Vecta, necnon mm. Roberto Lymyntone, 
Johanni Laurens, et Ricardo Howey, juris perito, nostre diocesis, 
s. g. et b. Accedens ad nos Willelmus Love, asserens se 
capellanum et confratrem domus sancte Trinitatis de Burtone 
in insula Vecta, nostrorum patronatus et diocesis, et in ipsa dome 
expresse pro